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Seventeen year-old, Skyla Messenger is wishing people would just stay dead.With Chloe back, Skyla finds it difficult to live under her tyranny and threats.A seemingly innocent misstep in Skyla’s past comes back to haunt her and could end up costing her relationship with Gage.About the author; Addison Moore is a graduate of the University of Southern California who enjoys wSeventeen year-old, Skyla Messenger is wishing people would just stay dead.With Chloe back, Skyla finds it difficult to live under her tyranny and threats.A seemingly innocent misstep in Skyla’s past comes back to haunt her and could end up costing her relationship with Gage.About the author; Addison Moore is a graduate of the University of Southern California who enjoys writing young adult paranormal romance. She often overdoses on chocolate and watches way too much reality TV.Other books in the Celestra Series:ETHEREAL (Celestra Series Book 1)TREMBLE (Celestra Series Book 2)BURN (Celestra Series Book 3)...

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wicked Reviews

  • Hannah-Linn
    2019-04-21 12:44

    So, wow. I've been waiting for this book for...what? a couple months? Yeah, and I'm kind of tired of the Celestra books now.I liked them at first, the books were good. But Skyla seems to be getting worse and worse in each book. She has three guys after her, but frankly she's kind of a bitch and she's always whining and moping about her sucky life (though it is pretty sucky), and shes ALWAYS hurting people. Strangling and stabbing and cutting and punching people all the time. And no one ever says anything in this book. True, people are always cutting and stabbing her too, but still, she has like psycho violent tendencies and after she hurts someone...Gage or Logan is always there to comfort her like she's done nothing wrong. Another thing I one dies in this book. I mean, there have been deaths...but the main Skyla mostly...they're always being cut and stabbed and impaled and all that kind of stuff, and they never die. I mean...Skyla got her arm cut off once...and her throat slit, and don't even get me started on all the crap that happens to Tad in this book. It just...confuses me.Then theres the fact that nothing is ever getting resolved...There is just problem after problem being layered on top of each problem and nothing is getting resolved. You know, there's Skyla getting Gage and Logan to go on killing rampages for her, but does that really count as a resolution? They keep seeing the faction war in their heads and in visions and there's always some problem with chloe or whatever...theres just all kinds of crap with Skyla's family and this DAMN LOVE SQUARE. THREE MEN??? THREEE??? IS THIS NECESSARY?? One is some creepy angelic pedophile, the other two are freaking obsessed with her. Gage is always having to save her from something because she can't save herself, and Logan just kind of stands there and tells her how much he loves her while she gets stitched up or whatever.I'm really just anxious to see how everythings going to play out in the end. That's the million dollar question right? ER....questions. There are too many. WILL SKYLA END UP WITH LOGAN, GAGE OR WITH SHE MARRY MARSHALL AND HAVE HIS BABY? *shudder* WILL SKYLA EVER HAVE SOME GIANT BLOWOUT WITH HER FAMILY? WILL THERE actually BE A FACTION WAR/ battle thing OR IS. IT. ALL. visions????? DOES THE WORLD REALLY REVOLVE AROUND SKYLA? WHO THE HELL REALLY WANTS TO KILL HER AND WHO WANTS TO HELP HER??? I'M CONFUSED!! WHAT'S GOING TO HAPPEN WITH CHLOE? WILL SOMEONE PLEASE, for the love of god, CALL THE COPS ON THESE KIDS? THEY ARE ALWAYS PARTYING AND SNEAKING OUT AND SNEAKING INTO PLACES AND GETTING THEMSELVES INTO ALL KINDS OF ILLEGAL TROUBLE FROM DRUGS AND POT-LACED BROWNIES TO KILLING PEOPLE AND COVERING THE MURDER!!! WILL SOMEONE PLEASE CALL THE COPS ON MARSHALL?? I THOUGHT HE WAS AN ANGEL!! and finally, WHAT THE HELL HAPPENED AT THE END OF THIS BOOK??Overall, I'm just ready to see what happens in the end. I also just want to see some peace or something, because these kids are pretty damn violent.

  • Jeanine
    2019-04-12 14:52

    This series is killing me, in a good way- let me explain. First off, I have never read a series where I couldn't figure out who the bad guys are versus who the good guys are. Throughout every book in this series I am screaming (mentally, of course), "No! Skyla, don't trust him! Don't trust her! Well, maybe you can trust him!" It is really on ongoing battle. And just when you think you've got things all figured out, Addison Moore throws you a curve ball and you're back to square one. I am really horrible at writing a summary of what the book entails so I am just going to jot down a few lines so that I make this review worthy of being read. Skyla doesn't know who she can trust. The one person she is positive will be a constant fixture in her life, Gage, has been black-mailed by her nemesis, Chloe, into ditching Skyla in favor of hanging out with her and being her personal chaufer. She is forced to accept help, yet again, from the Sector, Marshall, which could mean promising herself to him and eventually spawning his Celestial offspring. One thing is painfully obvious: someone Skyla is close to is working with Chloe and obviously doesn't care if she lives or dies. I have to say thank you to Addison Moore for not only creating a world that I love to live in, but being inhumanly fast at writing these awesome novels and publishing them for all of her fans to devour. I am not sure I could live with the anticipation Skyla's story creates if I had to wait too long to read the next :)

  • Nancy❤The❤Bookaholic
    2019-03-23 13:53

    Wickedly GoodThis was good. Skyla did get under my skin a bit with the back and forth between Logan and Gage. Overall good read.

  • Zia Marie
    2019-04-14 12:47

    The thing I love about Addison Moore is that she does whatever the f**k she wants in her books. She always takes the most ridiculously awesome turns and I always have to stop and say, "This woman has the most amazing imagination ever." It's crazy, it's unexpected, it's absolutely perfect because it ALWAYS works. Writing should be about risks and Addison should be championed for that. Wicked is not my favorite Celestra book, but that says nothing about it as an enjoyable book. Story Progression and Development: I'll tell you why it's not my favorite book: We got a lot of important information in the last book, and it was made to feel like a big deal. While there was tension since Skyla is now in possession of the knowledge she has, I never really felt like anything was immediate because of that information. (I'm being super vague because I don't want to spoil LOL). A lot of it was anti-climactic. Still, I understand that she is telling a story over several books, and I have never seen the necessity in having sub-plot finality in each book.My fear (and love) of Chloe and what she had under her maniacal little sleeve kept me clenched for much of the book. I am Team Chloe because of her puppet master ways. She is the Queen B. It's her world, and we're just lucky enough to get Day Passes.Character Development: Skyla really hasn't grown as a person since Ethereal and for some reason it works. She's still kind of bratty, fiesty, torn, loving, funny, bitchy and kind of crazy. Maybe I just felt this way, but I really like that Skyla seems to be leaning toward one boy. Or is that just my hope? I struggled with her situation with Marshall because I never really understood it to begin with. I can't tell if this is completely intentional on Addison's part or if it just comes off that way, but Skyla is really sociopathic sometimes. Self-preservation is one thing, but not reacting when doing really, really bad things (even if it's done to bad people)or when really, really bad things happen is another. Verisimilitude of the Ending Given the Story as a Whole: After I read the ending, I let it simmer for a bit. It took a long time to get here, but I do think it's something we've been building up to for a long time. I think it's the only way that it could've ended really. Yikes! Can't wait to see how Addison works through this mess we're in! Excited for Vex! Keep up the good work, Addison!

  • Chrissy
    2019-03-23 19:33

    First off, let me say that I always feel bad giving a review that isn't good. I am NOT a big fan of hurting people's feelings. However, I needed to vent and give a clue as to why the low rating.I read this book since I was already three books invested in this series, even though I didn't care for the third book.Skyla is ridiculous! I am at a loss as to why three guys, let alone one guy, would be interested or in love with her. Her character is somewhat vapid, conceited, moody, and violent. She's like this in all the books, and yet somehow gets worse in each book. I keep on waiting for her to rise above and gain something from her trials to no avail. I have yet to see anything special about Skyla to make her this supposed chosen one, or whatever it is the author is trying to portray her as. She just seems like a complete cluster f#$% of a teen with a low IQ and extreme violent tendencies. I mean, what teen kills people, or salivate over killing certain people, without any care in the world, like “Meh, they deserved it.” Psycho’s do, that’s who. I'm not saying these people don't deserve it, it just saddens me that no one seems to care one iota about killing. Is that what this world is coming to? Where people believe they are doing what is acceptable because of the circumstances and even feeling gratified by it??I also find when I read this series I become irritable. It's like the stupidity and aggression from these characters pollutes me. As for Chloe? She's. Completely. Insane. You know what? I think they all are and this is really a journal of a lunatic's hallucinations while in a psych ward.At this point, I think I'm done with this series and will just read the reviews with spoilers for the coming books if I'm still curious as to the outcome.

  • Kyrsten
    2019-04-05 12:53

    WICKED held my attention from the very first page. You start right where the third book leaves off, at Skyla's birthday party and the big reveal of Chloe (in all her demonic glory). I was a little shocked at how fast the action aspect of the book started, but it wasn't a disappointing surprise.After the party, things started taking off pretty quickly as far as the pace of the story. Gage and Skyla are together, but it's clear that Gage is Chloe's number one priority. She manages to hold a secret over their heads that puts puppet strings on Gage and leaves him no choice but to do what she says, when she says it. It causes a lot of strain in Skyla's relationship with him, especially since she's kept out of the loop about what the secret is for a good portion of the book; however, that isn't the only thing causing Skyla stress in regards to relationships. Logan is still there, still in love with her, and still trying to prove himself to her. We also can't forget dear, sweet Marshall when talking Skyla and relationships. I don't think she harbors any real feelings for him, and it's even stated in the book that if she did they'd be miles behind both Gage and Logan, but you do see a different side of him in WICKED. It's hard for me to make a solid decision on my opinion of Marshall because I simply can't tell if he cares about Skyla, or just her ability to produce a bunch of little Marshall super-minions to roam the earth.As far as the plot is concerned in WICKED, I think it took the series in a good direction. It opened up more to secondary characters and let you get to know the primary ones better, too. If you liked the previous books, I think you'll definitely like this one. Forewarning, though, you need to read the others first or this book will make you scratch your head in confusion every other page!**By the way, be prepared for a GIANT cliff hanger at the end of this book. I've always been rooting for Logan, and the ending had me going, "B-b-but...!" I just hope Logan has some clever plan set up, and will pull the proverbial rabbit from his hat in the beginning of the next book.**Now that I've finished WICKED, I'm on the edge of my seat waiting for VEX! I have to say that despite Gage's oh-so-sweet attitude, and Marshall's mysterious demeanor, I'm definitely a Logan and Skyla fan. I feel like their love is woven beneath their skin and that they just belong together. My heart aches for how strained things have gotten for them. So as what to expect out of the next book, I have no idea, but I really hope something will spark for them again. Either way, Addison Moore will not disappoint. She has a fabulous style of writing, and one that keeps my heart either fluttering or thudding through all her books. =) I'm glad to be able to read such a wonderful series!

  • Kayls
    2019-04-10 16:52

    OKay so I LOVED Wicked and (SPOILERS AHEAD) here are some thoughts:-Am i the only one who wanted to rip Mia's head off 7 ways from sunday? I just wanted Skyla to stab her in the face a gazillion times. she's such an awful person ugh! However i was REALLY pissed skyla didnt at last threaten to hurt her when she kept bringing up that damn baby thing-i love chloe for being such a bitch. but she has got to go.-i surprisingly really loved Marshall-Logan. oh Logan. Love him and hate him just like with Gage(although i mostly love Gage except when he's with chloe at first.) But when i read that cliff hanger i wasnt freaking out because there's no way in hell he is going to do anything to skyla like what the end suggested. Because A) skyla doesn't die obviously if she is narrating more book and B) if he does try and hurt her i refuse to read it anymore (okay so thats not true, this series is WAY too good not to finish, but i will put my kindle in a time out!)anyways Addison Moore is freaking amazing and i hope she writes a lot more books for this series because they are making their way to the top spot on my favorite books list.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-13 16:30

    Addison Moore gets better with each book that I complete in the Celestra series. Her details are a little richer and her story lines flow a bit better with each book. This book kept my attention the entire time I read. The chapters are short, and they usually end with a bit of a cliff hanger, keeping me reading to see what happens next. I felt like I am always a bit off balance as I read this book because I was always expecting some sort of plot twist which would totally obliterate any preconceived notions I may have made originally. I felt as if I couldn't trust who was good and who was bad.In this installment of the Celestra series Skyla is trying to work through her new knowledge of who exactly was a Count among her family and acquaintances. Her biggest difficulty was in coming to terms with Logan being a Count. My feelings about Logan throughout this series has been like a pendulum, constantly moving between liking him a lot and mistrusting him or disliking him. After the shock of the ending of book two, I wasn't sure what I thought about him. I was waiting for this book. In this book Skyla has decided to completely remove herself from Logan. She doesn't trust him, but she has a hard time truly hating him. As the book progresses Skyla finds that she is trusting Logan more and more. It seems as if he is unfairly being lumped into the Count world. He may have the blood of a Count, but does that necessarily make him a bad guy? As I read further my feeling was that he was not a bad guy. I actually began to feel sorry for him. I wanted Skyla to trust him and form a relationship with him. I was not as enamored with Gage this time around. He still seemed to be a super nice guy, but then his interactions with Chloe were absolutely annoying. I guess I understood the motivation he had, but why on earth could he not tell Skyla his reasons from the very beginning? I cannot understand all of the secrecy in this little town. I don't understand why everyone is so hesitant to let Skyla know what is going on when she seems to be the key to winning whatever war is eventually going to be fought. It seems as if she is owed an explanation. Yet no one offers her one -- not any of her friends or family. It just seems bizarre. But back to Gage -- I am not sure why I feel this way, but during this book I was not rooting for Gage. Maybe he seemed a bit too nice. He seems to be the one character in the book who hasn't been revealed as something other than who he appears to be. In a series like this I find that to be suspicious. I find it suspicious that Gage explains his future life with Skyla to her, but he is the only one who sees this. How am I to believe this? Skyla obviously does, but should she? I'm just waiting for the other shoe to drop on this and find out that Gage is really the really, really bad guy.Marshall is still around, and he throws me into confusion constantly. I cannot figure out his true motivations in this story at all. Is he simply selfish? Sometimes I think, yes, but then he will do something that seems entirely unselfish. And what sort of community is this where a high school teacher can have such interactions with his students outside of class and no one question it?And then there is Skyla's "family." What a horrible, horrible group of people. I think that of all of them Skyla's mother irritates me the most. How can she sit by and let her new husband make such hurtful and horrible comments about Skyla and not say anything? I know that they are all supposedly Counts, but they don't know that Skyla knows that, so they should at least attempt to be somewhat friendly. In the first book I thought that Skyla was a whiny little brat in her interactions with these people, but as the series progresses and they are revealed to be worse and worse, I have to say that I can understand why she would react the way she does to them.And the ending -- what can I say without giving anything away? First of all, I am convinced that it is not what it appears to be. I have my theories, and I guess if I were to examine why I form these theories, it would have to be because I cannot give up my belief that Logan is a good guy. I just feel as if he will turn out okay in the end. Maybe I am being just as blind as Skyla in this case. We'll see. It is a cliff hanger of an ending, and it keeps me excited to see how things will turn out in the next book in the series.The main villains in this town are pretty hard core villains. There really don't seem to be any redeeming qualities in these people. They are just plain mean and vindictive. In a way I think that the books would be strengthened in this series if the villains had a bit more layer to their personalities. This may be just my personal opinion, but I prefer reading about villains who are not completely evil. I think that it makes them more real as characters, and it creates an interest in them that makes me question exactly how a person becomes as evil as they do. In this book it is just so black and white with the villains that all I am able to do is check them off as bad and have confidence that when they enter a scene bad things will occur. It just seems to be an over-simplified view of this world to have those bad guys/girls be so bad without any layers. If I had to choose the one thing in these books that prevent me from giving them a higher rating, it would have to be the main character, Skyla. She is the narrator in the first person narration of these stories. I will admit that she grows on me a bit each book. In the first book I absolutely could not stand the girl, but in this latest book I will just say that I found her mildly annoying. I understand that her world is completely wacky, so she should be allowed a certain amount of angst, but urg! there were times I just wanted for her to be quiet and stop complaining. She lacks a certain level of maturity that I hope for in the heroines of the books I read. She really seemed to be in need of a good parental unit. Her father fits the bill, but he only participates once in a while as Skyla light travels back to see him. The biggest parental influence seems to be Logan in these books. He seems the most level headed of the entire group of kids and adults. Who knows what this means after that ending? I just wish that there would be some more substantial growth in Skyla as a character. Maybe then I could put my full endorsement behind these books. As it is I am not ready to do that, but I do enjoy them enough to continue reading in this series. They are ebooks, so they cost less than average, and for that price they are well worth purchasing. I look forward to book five in the series sometime soon!

  • Stephanie
    2019-03-30 19:32

    Wicked was one of those books that i stupidly allowed myself to get all hyped up about. Usually, that a big no-no for me because I almost always end up being let down in the end. Wicked, however, was one of the very few exceptions to that rule! This book was entrancing in so many ways! Firstly, let me just say that i think Mrs. Moore is getting better with every installment. She never fails to deliver those twists and turns that leave kind of scratching your head while you have to figure it out for a moment. I'm also learning she's the Queen of the cliffhanger ending. Honestly, those ttypes of endings irritate me to no end and i usually feel like it's just a ploy to get me to continue a series, but not with the Celestra books. I'm usually left salivating a little while scratching my head and yelling at my Kindle. Okay, back to the book. At the end of Burn poor Skyla was 'gifted' the resurrection of Chloe, along with the knowledge that her whole family, (including Logan and her friend Brielle) were Counts. Wicked pretty much picked up in the same place Burn left off-Skyla's party at the bowling alley. So anyway, Logan doesn't even try to deny he has Count blood, (yay points for Logan) but he does admit that he knew and didn't tell her, (boo, give me those points back buddy!). And Skyla grows very confused as to whether she can trust him or not. Then there's Gage who also knew about Logan, (okay but i can't take points from him cuz he's just so darn sweet)and promises Skyla that he was going to tell her the next night. I believe him, i just have to. When Ellis suggests something seemingly funny, Skyla takes it to heart and all sorts of drama ensues. Cue the good parts. So Logan in this book was like Gage in Burn. It was all about him professing his love to Skyla, and how he wouldn't hurt her and you know how it goes. The thing that irks me about that is the fact that he was the one who wanted Skyla to be Gage's fake girlfriend in the first place! What did he think was going to happn making her spend all that time with someone like Gage? Especially after the vision of Gage and Skyla's wedding?That brings up my next subject...Gage. I really wish i could've slapped him for most parts in this book. Was it just me or did the whole thing cause a bad case of deja-vu? Gage/Chloe=Logan/Michelle? right? I seriously loved Gage but this time, he had me leaning towards Marshall. There isn't much to say about Marshall though, not really. He's pretty much the same...except for that ending. I knew it! I knew it! I knew hye wouldn't do it! And Brielle, oh crap. And drake? And then add Chloe and the Bitch Squad, plus Nat and Pierce? T-R-O-U-B-L-E! (Not that Chloe isn't enough by herself because honestly i just wish Skyla would kill her already). And oh yeah, Chloe was bribing Gage, but what she was bribing him with? Well now, that was just Skyla's own fault wasn't it? I mean he did warn her not to tell anyone, and she did. So, that'll teach her to go blabbing to dead girls. Anyway, now I'm back to that damn ending. It was another one of those ones where i pressed the next button on the Kiondle and see it's a blank page and I sit there and stare st it for a minutes. I honestly thought there for a second that my Kindle was having issue because that couldn't be the end! Oh but it was. I shook my head and put it down with only slightly too much force and then stomped away, knowing i wouldn't know any answers until at least November. I'm really pissed though about that ending. I NEED to know what the hell he was doing there with them! Now the bestie, i can totally see that one because she's kind of shady like that anyway. But him? Um, no. So, Wicked was a very amusing read that I will definitely re-reread before November. I think VEX will be even better.and i just can't wait for my answers!

  • Erica
    2019-04-03 18:57

    This review originally appears on What Am I Reading?Rate: 2Character I like the most: As of this book, the character I like the most is Marshall Dudley. Unlike all the other characters in this series, Marshall is the only character whose intentions are clear: He doesn’t want to be controlled by Counts and he wants Skyla to be his wife. That’s it. He’s neither good nor bad. He doesn’t say one thing and mean another. He’s just himself. Skyla may not like him and she may interpret his clues incorrectly, but Marshall isn’t a pain in the butt like most of the other characters.Character I like the least: Before I reveal which character I like the least, let me explain why I don’t simply say character that I hate. There’s a difference between liking the least and hating. It’s clear in the story that we’re supposed to hate Chloe, the antagonist. If we didn’t hate her, that would mean that either we aren’t reading the story correctly or we’re siding with the “bad” guy. Though it does seem like Mia is trying to rise through the ranks and become the hated character of the story. Anyway, I only went on this tangent to show that even though I dislike this character, the only reason I’m not saying that I hate her is because I’m supposed to hate someone else and I do utterly despise Chloe. The character I like the least is Skyla. Skyla isn’t the strong female protagonist that I need her to be. She’s reckless, focuses on trivial matters, and has others fighting and killing in the war she’s supposed to be a part of while she imagines killing Chloe. Skyla could be a bit more proactive instead of being so reactive. I’d prefer if she went out and tried to figure out how to make her life better instead of waiting for some guy to come along and fix it for her.I don’t mind if she asks for help as long as she attempts to solve her own “problems” first.Scene changes: Unlike the three books before it, Wicked has the most abrupt scene changes. Like one minute Skyla would be in the forest and the next she’d be at the Transfer. That the scene has changed is obvious so you’re not confused about where characters are, but you are confused about how they got there. I just wish there were smoother transitions between place A and place B. If Skyla fell through a hole and ended up somewhere else, then why can’t Moore just say that? Don’t have me confused over why Skyla is one place when I remember her being somewhere else a sentence or a paragraph ago.Plot: What was the point of Wicked? If someone knows, enlighten me. I could follow all the events and Skyla’s complaints, but I couldn’t figure out the point of this book. Usually in a story there is a clear problem and resolution, but in this book, I couldn’t figure it out. I could identify all of Skyla’s “problems”, which are different from the book’s focus, but I couldn’t figure out the book’s purpose. In comparison to the three previous books in the series, Wicked can be seen as fluff because it didn’t seem to contribute to the progression of the series other than to say that Chloe is back and Skyla’s upset by that, which we could have guessed from the last book.In sum, this book was a disappointment. I was so sure I needed to continue the series, but it let me down. At this point, the only reason I’m continuing with the Celestra series is because I want to know who Skyla winds up with in the end or if she just ends up dead. If this book was good at anything, it was that this series might not end the way it alludes to ending (with Skyla marrying Gage). Then again, I could think a big twist is going to occur and then the series as a whole just disappoints me. I’m not too sure I’m ready to find out which it is.

  • Autumn Dickinson
    2019-03-24 18:29

    I've been a big fan of the Celestra Series since the beginning, and it doesn't stop with Wicked. Fast paced, drama-filled, love engulfed pages of pure delight pretty much sum it up. So why only four stars when the previous three books I had given five? Well, I have to be completely honest when I say some parts of the book had my brain tangled. I felt like some of the book was rushed and hopped up on too much caffeine. It was a whirlwind of drama and action that was sometimes difficult to keep up with. I was pleased that Skyla seemed to finally make a choice between her three suitors. The whole Chloe situation makes you want to rip her pretty dark hair right from the scalp. The now undead Chloe wields something over Gage and Skyla's head that lasts throughout the entire book while she plays marionette and Gage is her little puppet. When dealing with a series, a tad bit of a refresher should be given when you throw a character's name out that isn't a lead or even a secondary. I had to take a second to try to remember exactly who one or two people were and exactly what the situation was that they were in the last we heard of them in Burn. A few brief sentences would be enough to clue in the reader with ease, but there isn't any of that type of recap. The ending was good--not the cliffhanger I was expecting, but nonetheless good. Ms. Moore's creativity is what landed this book four stars. Some of the situations and metaphors that are used are simply brilliant and make you wonder just how she thought of some of the stuff she did. She has an eloquent way with describing things, a way to make you fall in love with the characters, and that is worthy of high praise. I do look forward to Vex, and hope that Skyla will be able to keep me on the same page and not scratching my head.

  • Amber J.
    2019-03-24 12:56

    Okay, I just finished WICKED, and don't quite know how to explain why I feel so NUMB.(Maybe it's because like all the other books in the Celestra series, WICKED is un-put-downable, so I've only gotten 6 hours of sleep in the last two days lol.)Maybe it's because the speed readers that finished it within hours of its release declared that the ending was like so shocking and horrifying that I expected to want to throw this book at the wall in frustration as soon as I finished. That never happened. In fact my reaction was more like "Oh, that's it. OK. What happens next?"Maybe I've just become immune to cliffhangers: The ending of A. Moore's books always drop me in a deep hole, but I never panic, because I know I will be able to climb out using the knowledge I gain from the following book.WICKED does start exactly where things left off at Skyla's birthday party, and things go crazy from there. As usual, A. Moore gives us the twists and turns and dips that we've come to expect from this series, but she also throws in some gravity-defying leaps as well (*winking at Skyla lol*)Here are some other things to look forward to (tidbits, not spoilers lol):- Gage's behavior in the first half is just WTF?! But there's a motive and of involves Chloe- Holden Kragger's ghost is still wreaking havoc in Skyla's life, and she is forced to make a promise to him that she better keep- We learn who and what Skyla's mother really is- Emily goes from being a peripheral character to having a more important role for a very spooky reasonI will say this book is ONLY for people who are already enthralled with this series; DON'T START with this book if you haven't already read at least 2 of the others.

  • Danielle
    2019-03-24 16:48

    I enjoyed this series from the start but as the story progressed from book to book I have lost interest. I used to like the main character, Skyla but I find that her personality has changed and is not so different from her enemy, Chloe. Chloe wants the same things that Skyla wants and they both do everything they can to get it; same agenda, same story, just two separate people so naturally they go against each other but that does not make either or better than the other. Another part that bothered me about this book is, Skyla wants it all (boys, attention, etc.) and at the same time she claims to be head over heals for her boyfriend, Gage but never thinks beyond herself and what might make him happy so in my opinion that is not true love. It is disheartening to read how she treats those around her and I would be happy to jump in the book and slap some sense into her myself.I will read the final and 5th book that comes out in November, but only because at this point I've come this far so I'm curious to find out how it ends. My only hope is that it concludes well and some of this nonsense from this book is put to an end.

  • Lori
    2019-04-03 17:47

    I really liked this series and had high hopes for this book. I think the author has a great concept. However, as we delve further into the series, the plot gets more and more complicated and difficult to follow. There is just way too much going on in this book. I had to frequently stop and reread parts of the book to catch all the plot twists amd because the story just jumped to a different scene without any transition. With that being said, I am looking forward to the next book.

  • Shelly
    2019-03-29 14:45

    These books are always so thrilling from beginning to end! It's no wonder we are all so addicted to them. Addison knows how to keep you wanting more......I'm counting down the days till the next one :-) Still love Gage but I like that we saw a different side to Logan this time. Loving the evil that is Chloe & often Marshal, although his is more of a naughty evil & her's is slightly more sinister!

  • Stefanie
    2019-03-26 17:51

    I don't know why I keep reading this series. It's painful-but I HAVE to know what happens! The overall plot is really cool, but the characters are terrible. It's like a crack addiction-the first book took you in and it goes downhill after that but you just can't stop reading, hoping to find out what happens...

  • Kayla
    2019-04-07 11:42

    Started reading this today and I couldn't put it down till I finished it. Definitely one of my favorite series now. I cannot wait for the next one!!!!! Holy mother of cliffhangers!!! I can't stop thinking about it! November can't come quick enough!!!

  • Acdunn
    2019-04-21 19:31

    What I love about Addison writing is the non stop action and romance. There is never a dull second. Once again at the end of this book I am left wanting more. I can't wait for November!Thank you Addison.

  • Sarah
    2019-03-31 16:57

    OMG CANNOT WAIT<3 I absolutely adored Ethereal and Tremble and Burn. Cannot wait for this one [':

  • Sherry
    2019-04-04 13:48

    A lot of emmotions wanting to come out. I hate Chloe at the same time I think Skyla is so naive. Love this book. Next one please... :)

  • Angie Parish
    2019-04-20 12:30

    love love love all of them :)

  • Darla
    2019-03-30 17:47

    L O V E it!!!!! I tried to pace myself, but it didn't work. Can't wait for Vex!!You are the Cliffhanger Queen!

  • SW
    2019-03-29 17:50

    Review to come, uhhh need sleep

  • Marcia
    2019-04-17 18:46

    Gah. I want to love this book, but I just can't. So much repetition about 'safety in this guy or that guy's arms' and feeling 'right' in the arms of THREE different men .... The love quadrangle ...oh sweet mother of all that is literature. Why? This series could have had so much to offer if she would just pick ONE finally. And honestly, there's very little about Skyla that would have three men drooling all over her like they are. -She has others fight her battles & kill at her behest without her lifting a finger, putting everyone else into danger. -She wants to wipe out an entire species as her first step, instead of maybe trying to talk to someone? Yet she's surrounded by all these counts and they aren't in her crosshairs but all the random strangers who've done nothing to her are. -She has this frustrating inability to listen to ANYONE until it's too late and you would think by book FOUR, she would have perhaps realized this is a horrible habit of hers and GROWN as a character. But no, let's rush in guns blazing even though everyone's warned you against it. Then we have the same plot from the previous book .... Lets pretend Gage is with Chloe so that Skyla stays safe ... didn't we just go through this with Logan ... to keep Skyla safe? Let me guess, in the next book she'll pretend not to be with Marshall to keep Skyla safe. For a chick who hasn't had sex yet she gets around more than anyone else in the last four books. This book frustrated me on so many levels. The only person who I surprisingly still love is Marshall. He's always been up front, never faltered, and doesn't act like a lovesick dope. If it benefits HIM, he does it, but he knows the boundaries, he has rules and honestly could do better than Skyla. Chloe is an obsessive freak, but even this all-powerful, super awesome Skyla with all these crazy abilities cuz she's so PURE, couldn't take her on alone and needed the help of Logan+Gage to beat her at her own game. I have yet to see anything that shows that it matters that Sklya is a pure celestra ... I think I might be done with this series which is sad because it had so much potential.

  • Sandy S
    2019-04-12 17:31

    WICKED (Celestra #4) by Addison MooreWICKED is the 4th instalment in Addison Moore’s Celestra series. Now that Skyla Messenger has meddled in the lives of every one including the recently deceased, the past continues to haunt her—every step of the way. On that note-the pace is fast: there is NO lull in the adventures: and my anxiety level is beyond my grasp.Thanks to her own stupidity, Skyla must now face the ramifications of her actions. Thinking she was doing a ‘friend’ a favor, Skyla’s angel-blood has infused a resurrected Chloe from the dead, but now she must face the consequences. Chloe is beyond pissed. All the secrets that Skyla and Chloe have shared through the Light Travel have come back with a vengeance. Sklya is now targeted by a much stronger and newly-alive Chloe. Revenge is a bitch and her name is Chloe. Chloe will stop at nothing to rid the world of Skyla Messenger.Logan Oliver continues to profess his love for Skyla, but trust is a major issue. Knowing that he was keeping secrets and only revealing on a ‘need to know basis’, Skyla withdraws deep into herself to hide her feelings for Logan Oliver. Now that Skyla is aware that most of the population (including her immediate family) of Paragon Island is somehow connected by blood to the Countenance, it is now necessary to be mindful of everyone. But Skyla refuses to heed the warning from both Logan and Gage, and continues to seek answers to her questions-without thinking ahead. Death and destruction follow Skyla wherever she goes. But it is the betrayal by the one who professes an enduring love-that will send Skyla over the edge.Gage Oliver, who also professes his love for Skyla, has secrets as well. As the former ‘boyfriend’ of Chloe, Gage appears to be continuing where the couple left off, prior to Chloe’s murder. But Skyla is beyond exasperated and confronts Gage. His only response-is he has to do this-for Skyla. Gage and Skyla’s relationship was developing-one of mutual respect and love-but Chloe’s presence has Gage by the proverbial ‘hairs’ and he must do what he can to protect Skyla.Marshall Dudley, once again, continues to seek out Skyla at every opportunity. Professing his love for the 17 year old, gives the word pervert another face. As a high school teacher, he is all over the female population, but his sights are set on Skyla-alone. His propensity for getting ‘caught’ in mind-altering situations, makes you wonder-just how powerful is Marshall the Sector. Still, we are not sure if Marshall is truly evil or good. He is battling his own demons-they are riding hard-but at what point, will we meet the ‘real’ Marshall Dudley. And to further complicate the issue, Skyla does have feelings for Marshall-although we are not sure if they are real or imagined. But Skyla needs Marshall almost as much as he needs her. His ability to ‘show’ Skyla glimpses into the future, propel Skyla into some situations that have been caught by those hoping to blackmail Skyla into silence.Skyla’s Light-travel into the past offers a glimpse into life with her father. Skyla’s true heritage comes to light, when her father reveals that her ‘real’ mother is a ‘Caelestis’-a most powerful council Angel. But at this stage, nothing is revealed about the circumstances of how she became part of the Messenger/Landon family. Hopefully, Addison will expose the reality of the situation. We do see glimpses of what may have occurred-perhaps Tad Landon is well aware of Skyla’s true identity- but at this point, Tad is more of a comedic prop in the parenthood department. But it is her ‘sisters’ that seem to be the cause of much heartache for Skyla. Blackmail is hard, when it involves your own family, especially when it is by someone you thought you once loved.Skyla’s group of frenemies continue to attack at random. Michelle’s spiral into demon-haunted nightmares results in a crazed young woman with a propensity to cut her hair at strange angles and intervals. Ellis, as a young Count, has yet to reach into his powerful heritage, but something tells me, he may be one of Skyla’s only hopes for rescue. Pierce and Nat’s relationship takes a stumble, when Skyla is attacked at every opportunity by Pierce, hoping for angel-infused blood and Brielle, her latent BFF, is now pregnant with her brother’s child-what better way to build up the next generation of the Countenance. And Holden’s disembodied spirit keeps Skyla on edge, because revenge is a nasty word, even by a ghost.But it is the amount of blood shed, near death experiences, random attacks and the numerous killing rampages by these ‘teens’, that have me wondering…if not for the age of the characters…could you really call this series….Young Adult? I have said on many occasions-Young Adult fiction is not for the young any more- there are just as many adults reading YA fiction as there are teens. The content is violent and graphic. A high school teacher having sex with young teenage girls is unethical immorally and technically illegal-although he is a paranormal supernatural being-I am not sure where to draw the line. But this is NOT the first time that in Young Adult fiction, where a person in a position of authority, has been caught in a compromising position with a young female student.see all of my reviews at :

  • Lea Vanderlei
    2019-04-07 14:37

    Epic Greatness!!! This is one of the best books/series I have read. I read A LOT of books too. At least two or three books a week.

  • *Lily's*
    2019-04-02 13:42

    These are all of my updates, its easier to write a reviews using them, that way everything is fresh in my head.I always knew you couldn't trust Logan, he was always so secretive, him and Gage. And of course Skyla had to be Skyla. You would think ' hey this bitch of a girl got my dad killed, tried to kill me, and now is trying to take my boyfriend, hey I should stay away from that bitch, or atleast fight her, but no not Skyla.She goes and has dinner at Chloe's, agrees to a walk in a dark forest, and is letting Chloe basically take Gage away from her. And Gage is going along with it, and won't tell Skyla the reason why, of course more secrets, no Gage not you too :( wouldn't you be pissed, what the hell, I would demand an explanation but no Skyla just clings to him like she knows she's going to lose him, maybe he does like Chloe.Here we go again, Skyla gets invited to a party for Chloe, and of course she goes, her excuse is to go and beat her up, nothing ever goes Skyla's way. So she goes, Chloe takes Gage away from her, she takes Mitchell's demon necklace, and follows Chloe to a dark creepy cellar, where they start to fight, and ends with Skyla swallowing the necklace, of course and getting her face cut.Okay it got a little funny :) what do you get when Michelle, Pierce, Nat, Marshall, and Chloe are all together inside a church? Michelle outing the demon necklace that was in Skyla, inside her mouth, Piece threatening Skyla by showing his fangs, Nat giving Skyla the finger, Marshall... Well he's in a freaken church lol Chloe well being Chloe, jealous and glaring all the time.Gage is basically doing the same thing Logan was doing. Logan was pretending to be with different girls so the counts wouldn't notice Skyla, so now Skyla and Logan aren't together. Gage is now Chloes bitch, pretending he doesn't care about her. Once Logan and Gage were Chloes friends now they act like that never happened. I don't believe them.So Skyla goes all crazy again lol starts beating up Lexy and Michelle, and cuts Chloe trout, doesn't her but scares her.Brielle house started shaking cus of Holden, everyone gets scared, Skyla chases Chloe through the forest cuts her up with the magical sword and takes the necklace off of Chloe. But of course the guys don't want Skyla to kill Chloe so they let her live, what the hell.Skyla thinks has everything under her control cus she got Gage back and the necklace that was protecting Chloe. But that doesn't stop Chloe, she basically says out loud in class that she knows Marshall is a Sector, shes not suppose to know. So Marshall takes Skyla to the forest, tells her to run cus he's guy a bow and arrows. She hides for a while. And finds a group of counts getting ready for a sacrifice, Logan, Brielle, and Chloe are there. Logan sees her hiding and pulls her towards the group, Chloe takes the necklace back. And that's when Demetri comes out, Demetri is the count that had Chloe's dad killed.I guess we'll see who he really is, I have my suspicion. So many discoveries were made, like who is Ethan or Nathan Landon, I forgot his name. Also Skyla learns about her real mom, who she is.I am just torturing my self with this books, I don't know if I like them or are annoyed by them. Something is always happening that's what I like, but man Skyla gets me frustrated. I guess this book was better then I expected.

  • Jackie
    2019-04-11 18:42

    Addison Moore's Celestra books aren't the top of my list. I don't know what is about it that i don't like. Perhaps it's her writing style? or maybe not. When i first read the first book, Ethereal, i thought it was weird in which how Moore had managed to set the story but also her choice of writing did not interest me. It seems as though it's very immature. Something about Moore's style of writing annoys me. But Addison Moore's story is very well decent. The positives about this book, that it got more interesting than the previous installments. I liked the idea about having different type of nephilims. Yet also how the characters manipulate each other.Now let's get on with story. So this takes off in the event where Skyla's having her Birthday and suddenly Chloe manages to come and disrupts the party. With Chloe back in town, things get messy and Skyla finds it hard to live with the snob, Chloe around who seems to be blackmailing Gage. Logan goes in a murdering spree to prove Skyla his love for her. However, these things aren't seem as it to be. Skyla questions her, who can she really trust? Can Logan be trusted? Will Logan save her from the sacrifice? Does Marshall love her or using her? With all the cliffhanger at the end, i have absolutely no clue what will happen. These books may not be my favourite series, but i'm curious to find out how this books end.Skyla, Skyla, Skyla. She annoyes me, her personality puts me off. She's as bad as Chloe but you can say much better than Chloe is. She's always moody, violent and snobbish. It seems as though the world revolves around her. She's so ridculous that she doesn't even know who to trust, what to do with her problems especially with Chloe and Marshall. I always wanted her to develop better into a better person, but it doesn't come. Gage, Brielle, Chloe and Marhsall and the minor characters does not please me. Even after reading the previous installments, i don't see any improvements. These people are all insane. I don't know if 'm motivated enough to finish reading the series. But like i said, i'm curious to how it ends.Logan out of all was my favourite character is he still is. As mysterious as he sounds, and as bad or evil may he be. He's still has my interest. Though we do not know if Logan is bad or not. He confesses Skyla that he loves her and would protect her not matter what. But with the cliff hanger at the end of the book, it seems as though no one will know his true self. I'm very eager to find out and hope Logan doesn't disappoint me. Not an all good book or crap one. But an OK one. Three stars :)Edit: From what i read about the 5th book from the spoilers, i don't think i will be reading it and finishing the book. I still can't believe the sequels does not improve and how Skylar is such as stubborn liar and slut. I was never a fan of this series and i wont read anymore. Such a disappointment.

  • BookHookup
    2019-03-24 13:41

    Celeste’s Review: This series has been so much fun. I really and truly do love it. I actually held off reading this book, Wicked, until Vex came out so I could jump from book 4 to 5 and read them back to back (at the time I thought book 5 was the final book, but I was wrong!). While I wanted to be able to give this book 5 stars, I just can’t. I really, really, really struggled through 1/3 to 1/2 of the book trying to remember secondary characters and back stories. This is not a stand alone novel. At. All. For those of you who have read these books you know our heroine, Skyla Messenger, does not lead a boring life. You might almost have whiplash it is so fast paced (but on the other hand I love that it moves right along!) If the book had just had a few refresher lines in the beginning it would have made a world of difference. I felt really frustrated. Ok, that truly was my only gripe!! I enjoyed the story itself, I just have a bad memory and read so many books in between that it was tough for me. On to the rest of the review :)Ahhh, the love triangle. Well, not so much in this book. I am rooting for Logan but Skyla is committed to Gage in this book. Or is she? As much as she seems to truly love the dark haired, cerulean eyed, dimpled, swoonworthy Oliver, there still seems to be quite a bit of chemistry with Logan. I am holding out for them to end up together. Of course we can’t forget about Marshall, the sector either. He is extremely gorgeous and I still can’t figure him out. I don’t seem him as bad, but clearly he is a force to be reckoned with. I would like to see Skyla spend even more time with him.I still love to hate a lot of the secondary characters: Tad, Lizbeth (Skyla’s mother), her sisters, Chloe, Brielle…..the list goes on! I was glad there was a little headway on Skyla’s part to see many of them for who they were.All in all this book continued the wild journey of Skyla and her constant adventures with no dull moments what so ever. The ending, however, even shocked me with a cliff hanger I didn’t see coming even after the wild ride so far!! For me, the ending scored a lot of points.

  • Celeste
    2019-04-02 13:40

    This series has been so much fun. I really and truly do love it. I actually held off reading this book, Wicked, until Vex came out so I could jump from book 4 to 5 and read them back to back (at the time I thought book 5 was the final book, but I was wrong!). While I wanted to be able to give this book 5 stars, I just can’t. I really, really, really struggled through 1/3 to 1/2 of the book trying to remember secondary characters and back stories. This is not a stand alone novel. At. All. For those of you who have read these books you know our heroine, Skyla Messenger, does not lead a boring life. You might almost have whiplash it is so fast paced (but on the other hand I love that it moves right along!) If the book had just had a few refresher lines in the beginning it would have made a world of difference. I felt really frustrated. Ok, that truly was my only gripe!! I enjoyed the story itself, I just have a bad memory and read so many books in between that it was tough for me. On to the rest of the review :)Ahhh, the love triangle. Well, not so much in this book. I am rooting for Logan but Skyla is committed to Gage in this book. Or is she? As much as she seems to truly love the dark haired, cerulean eyed, dimpled, swoonworthy Oliver, there still seems to be quite a bit of chemistry with Logan. I am holding out for them to end up together. Of course we can’t forget about Marshall, the sector either. He is extremely gorgeous and I still can’t figure him out. I don’t seem him as bad, but clearly he is a force to be reckoned with. I would like to see Skyla spend even more time with him.I still love to hate a lot of the secondary characters: Tad, Lizbeth (Skyla’s mother), her sisters, Chloe, Brielle…..the list goes on! I was glad there was a little headway on Skyla’s part to see many of them for who they were.All in all this book continued the wild journey of Skyla and her constant adventures with no dull moments what so ever. The ending, however, even shocked me with a cliff hanger I didn’t see coming even after the wild ride so far!! For me, the ending scored a lot of points.