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Emma's not sure that LA's for her, but when she accompanies her sister Bex to an audition, a chance meeting with a teen TV star starts to change her new sunshine lifestyle for the better... But what about Oscar, so far her only friend in LA, who's turning out NOT to be the idiot she thought he was?Soon Emma begins to find herself torn between two boys and reconsidering herEmma's not sure that LA's for her, but when she accompanies her sister Bex to an audition, a chance meeting with a teen TV star starts to change her new sunshine lifestyle for the better... But what about Oscar, so far her only friend in LA, who's turning out NOT to be the idiot she thought he was?Soon Emma begins to find herself torn between two boys and reconsidering her entire future.Maybe LA's not that bad after all.Sunshine, romance and Hollywood dreams make for a gorgeous, glam beach read from Stainton. (Bookseller)...

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Emma Hearts LA Reviews

  • Emma
    2019-05-23 01:48

    There is so much more to this book than the synopsis suggests. Emma moves to LA with her mother and sister following her parents break-up. Her mother has the most fantastic job offer that cant be turned down, no ordinary job mind you, Emma's mother is an astro-physicist. The detail and research Keris has put into astro-physics really shone through the narrative adding depth and detail to the story.The comparison of life in Britain to life in LA was thought provoking, I think I may now want to go and live in LA [ : D ] Not only for the weather but for the way of life and the believe that anything is possible, oh and the food.Emma is having a hard time adjusting to her parents break-up and her father being in a new relationship. The move to LA gives Emma the opportunity for a lot of soul searching and developing self-awareness not only of herself but also understanding her reactions to events and criticism. It was lovely to follow. Keris has the unnerving knack of writing in exactly the way I think, which makes her characters so relatable to me. Emma is surprisingly mature for her age, she works her way logically through her problems, she is self-aware and open minded, a loyal friend and a terrific sister. I loved the close relationship she had with her family.Emma's move to LA was like watching the pieces of a jigsaw puzzle slot into place, everything just fit perfectly. Proving that life can take a completely different route to the one you were expecting but these changes may in fact be the best thing that could happen to you. The way in which the breakdown of a marriage can be viewed as 'for the best' was profoundly portrayed; it is better to be happy and apart than together and miserable. The way parents emotions are reflected by their children was insightful, if you're happy their happy type of thing.I cannot tell you how much I adored Oscar, he is such a quirky character. Geeky but totally comfortable in his own skin, love love love him. The inclusion of Jessie from Jessie Hearts NYC (review HERE) really added to the story, it was nice to have the updates on the relationships from that book included in this one. The portrayal of fame and how scary it can be to have the paparazzi follow you everywhere, making relationships difficult really made me think about how lonely it must be not having an opportunity to relax and just be yourself. The decision to seek fame is something that needs careful consideration as it isn't just about the talent but how much of normalcy you are willing to give up in order to achieve it. The behind the scenes look at the 'industry' was insightful. I have to say that Keris has done it again, she brings wonderfully evolved characters and their settings to life while producing warm fuzzy feelings at the end of it. This book should be on a list of the perfect books to read on holiday.

  • Serendipity Reviews
    2019-04-29 21:42

    I may ban Keris Stainton from writing any more books set in America. Every time she writes a new one, I find myself yearning to travel to another state. I hadn't really even heard of Venice Beach in Los Angeles before reading this book, now I am constantly searching the internet for information about it, begging my husband to take me there. I really loved this book! I love the way the author captures the essence of a destination through the eyes of a Brit! You feel the same excitement that Emma and Bex do, on exploring the sights of L.A. Keris has a way of making the book feel as though it is happening right now. The story has references to famous people who presently feature in the news and you feel like you are swapping holiday stories with your gal pal from the last month.As soon as Emma arrives in LA, her life begins to make sense. It seems that for some time she has been drifting, unsure of the path her future should take. Yet something about LA, changes the way Emma views her life and she begins to realise what she wants from her future. I think Keris really captured the difficulties faced by many teenagers leaving school, who really don't know what they want to do with their future. Keris shows teenagers that it is OK to take your time thinking about your future. Keris Stainton just gets teenagers! I know a lot of bloggers fell in love with Oscar, the geeky love interest, but I have to admit to having a soft spot for Alex! *ducks as everyone throws pillows* I can't help it I love the hot looking actor types!!! I don't do dorky guys! I felt quite sorry for Alex, as he was still coming to terms with the negative aspects of his fame. You could tell he wanted to be able to just hang out and chill like Emma and her friends too. I loved that Jessie made an appearance in this book. I really enjoyed reading Jessie Hearts NY last year, and it was fantastic to meet up with such a lovely character again and find out how life in New York is treating her. It really gave her story closure. I did get extremely excited when I realised their was a minor character mentioned called Vivienne! That is so rare. I have only ever seen Vivian's and Vivien's in fiction. So I was as happy as a kitten to see my name there. I'm sad I know!The story is a simple but beautiful love story, set in a fairy tale setting which left me sighing with happiness. Definitely a beach read to escort the summer to our front door. My daughters are desperate to read it now and there may just be a fight in my house!

  • Sophie
    2019-05-01 03:00

    Keris Stainton’s novels are always fun, romantic and leave me with a smile on my face and Emma Hearts LA did all of that and more.One of the first things that I noticed about Emma Hearts LA was how current and completely up to date it is. Keris managed to get a reference to the Ryan Gosling ‘Hey Girl...’ Tumblrs into the novel which actually made me laugh. There’s something about the internet being out in the real world that always jolts me, in a good way, of course! There were also mentions to The Big Bang Theory and How I Met Your Mother which everyone seems to love at the moment, and which I haven’t yet seen any of...I loved Emma as a heroine. She’s cool and confident and funny but still has the tentative approach to boys and relationships and a very endearing vulnerability of most teenage girls that made her instantly likable and relatable. She was also unclear of her feelings and when she did work out what they are she didn’t quite know what t do with them which I instantly connected with.Emma isn’t the only awesome character in Emma Hearts LA, however. There is a cameo from Jessie and her mum, Natalie, which was brilliant as I always love having the chance to catch up with characters from earlier books. There’s the extremely gorgeous Alex who turns Emma’s legs to jelly and pretty much a dream guy, and then there’s Oscar. Oscar who has a strange fashion sense, an obsession with space, talks to ducks and is completely adorable. He’s smart, funny and beyond cute and I feel head over heels for him.As well as the aww-inducing love story, Emma Hearts LA broaches the repercussions of a divorce and the blame lain of each parent and the change in the parent-child relationships in a subtle and sensitive way. I also loved the way Keris presented the relationship between Emma and Bex – it’s the type of relationship that me and my sister can only manage when I’m at university 150 miles away. When we’re together we drive each other insane so I loved that Emma and Bex are friends.I loved Emma Hearts LA – it’s by far my favourite of Keris’s novels so far – and I can’t wait to read whatever she delivers next. Preferably soon?

  • Beth Kemp
    2019-04-25 19:47

    There are so many great things about this book, I'm not sure I can capture them all in one review. Most importantly, it's a hugely enjoyable read, as evidenced by it being the first book my jaded 13 yr old has finished in weeks.Emma's witty narration is a joy, making it so easy to engage with and root for her. Other characters are also brilliantly realised. I especially like the astrophysicist Mum, loving but also deeply caught up in her work, and even the acting sister Bex has depth as a person (it would be so easy - but ultimately unsatisfying - to slip into stereotypes of scattiness for such a character). Oscar, her old and geeky friend from home is a gem with his tomato-red hair and general nerdiness.The romance plot is ultimately important, but it is not 'all there is' to this book by a long stretch. Emma struggles with her parents' divorce, with the move to another country, and with some identity issues, all while noticing boys around her and figuring out what she wants. Her responses to all these things are believable and genuine, and tackled with a gentle humour.What I really appreciate is that this book is a fun and light read without being 'lightweight' in the negative sense at all. It offers glamorous romantic escapism for teen girls whilst avoiding the reinforcement of rather dubious behaviour that you sometimes see offered to this age group (romanticised controlling boys and passive girls for example). I hope that doesn't make it sound dull and 'worthy' - it's anything but, and my point is that Keris proves that you don't have to promote unhealthy relationships to produce a book that feels light and enjoyable.I'd strongly recommend this to fans of contemporary YA.

  • Dalimar
    2019-05-08 21:52

    Ni modo,no puedo comenzar una serie y no leer el libro siguiente.Aunque el primero no me haya gustado mucho.Ya dire como me va con este...Bueno...ya finalizado el libro puedo decir que Stainton no pasara a la historia como una de mis escritoras preferidas.En realidad es que los argumentos de sus libros comienzan bien,pero luego tienen un final un tanto abrupto.Al menos en este libro,los personajes eran normales,contrario al anterior con padre gay,madre enamorada de un hombre que podria ser su hijo y un protagonista que brillo por su ausencia en la mayor parte de su historia.Eso si,el personaje de Oscar fue muy lindo.Me gusto,Emma es una chica madura para su edad.Pero me parece que aqui es donde tenemos el problema con la autora.Es que quiere traer un gran problema donde no lo hay y mas para las edades de los protagonistas que lo representan.Ademas una gran parte del libro tenia como "problema" la atraccion que Emma siente hacia su mejor amigo desde la infancia y la estrella juvenil del momento y asi de golpe elimina a Alex y sigue el libro como si nada...Lo que si tienen encanto en la pluma de Keris Stainton,es la manera de describir los lugares donde estan sus personajes.Lo describe de una manera maravillosa,que nos transporta al sitio como si en relidad los estuvieramos viendo.Al parecer su idea de publicar un libro sobre tematica gay con Bex la hermana de Emma fue rechazado por la editorial,de lo contrario me veria en la obligacion de leerlo tambien.Ya que sufro de un sindrome el cual no me permite dejar de leer una Saga,por peor que sea esta.Jajaja

  • Beth Bonini
    2019-05-02 23:59

    This engaging YA novel has a good measure of fairy tale in it -- a move from Manchester to a somewhat idealised Venice Beach, CA, and not one but two love interests -- but with some interesting "darker" bits to ground it. Emma, the protagonist, is a character that many will identify with. She's not overly confident; she doesn't like change; and she still hasn't forgiven her father from leaving their family for a new partner. Emma has also has a snarky, sarcastic side that will readily identify her as English. The dialogue is very good; the author has an assured writing style that is very readable. The characters are well-developed for this genre of novel and the character of Oscar was particularly charming and loveable. Highly recommended for readers who want something enjoyable and "feel good" to read. YA tends to be pretty dark and intense these days, and there is definitely a place for Stainton's lighter (but not fluffy) storylines.

  • Danielle Nichol
    2019-05-11 21:51

    This is one of the best 'chick flick' books I have read in a long time. I love the story line and the different aspects all linked in together. I also think it had great character development and I can't wait to read more of Keris' books!

  • Fiona M
    2019-05-18 21:40

    One word for this book: CCCUUUUTTTEEEEE!!Adorable and fluffy, a brilliant chill out summer read that I was totally in the mood for.I loved that Emma was from Bramhall (so am I!) and all the little references to Manchester made me happy. This book makes me want to take a trip to L.A., see all the sights and eat all the food.And lastly I really enjoyed the romance. I wasn't sure at first with both Oscar and Alex in the picture but I like how it was all resolved by the end (And how much growing the characters did too)

  • Amanda G. (Nellie and Co.
    2019-05-09 00:53

    Everybody comes to a time in their life when you've read enough vampires to make you protective of your neck, and where you've read enough sad stories to have you drinking gallons of water just to replenish your water levels, but we never ever get tired of chick-lit, and that's exactly what this book is. It may not be Shakespeare, and it's certainly not the best piece if work I've ever read, but as chick-lit goes, this light-hearted, quick read, escape away is exactly what I was looking for. This book delivered.I had read a previous book by Stainton, Jessie Hearts NYC, and I was over the moon to find out that the Emma in that story is the exact same Emma in this one; we didn't really get to grips with Emma's character much in Jessie's story, so I knew that when I was the right mood, this book would be wonderful, and I was right. To start with, Emma's character is much funnier in this edition in comparison to the first; whether that's down to the fact that she has the spotlight here, or whether Stainton hadn't developed Emma's character much in the beginning, who knows; I loved her. I found her sense of humour and characteristics to be fantastic and I felt that she really brought a sarcastic flare to the world of 'Hollywood'. As the book continued, Emma constantly grew as a character and she became much more confident in herself, her feelings and what she's passionate at, drawing. I could really relate and connect with Emma through her art, because I used to draw and sketch a lot when I was 16 too; I understood how much the pressure can get to you, and I understood why she stopped.The 'love triangle' implied in the synopsis though isn't much of a love triangle at all, and I actually preferred that; I would have hated a full out of brawl between the two guys involved because they were both honest, considerate and genuinely cared for Emma as a person, which really makes a change in young adult books, rather than having an obvious bad guy and an obvious good guy and I appreciated this. I also appreciated that Stainton was able to write a romance in a different direction to that of Jessie's story; where in Jessie's story, she met Finn in New York, Emma and Oscar met in England and found each other again in LA when circumstances brought them together. I found myself instantly comfortable with Oscar as a character, I found him full of humour, intelligence and charisma that is sometimes missing in other characters in young adult; he was a breath of fresh air. I did have a problem with the fact that Stainton appears to focus on divorce as her basis for divided parents rather than other subjects such as death or abandonment, however, she did make the parents aspect different in this story than with Jessie Hearts NYC, which I appreciated; a different parent was involved, different jobs and circumstances where also lovely, and it was lovely to find that Jessie joined the characters in this story within the last quarter because it really brought Emma out of herself, made her more confident and finally brought Emma and Oscar together.In comparison to Jessie Hearts NYC, I was able to focus and pick up on the scenes and surroundings better which I found fantastic; it really made the whole experience much better for me as a reader because I was never lost or confused, I actually want to visit LA now, just because of this book. Stainton also puts a lot of effort into her books, you can tell just by reading the scenes of the states these books are set in, she really takes her time and makes sure that you can appreciate and enjoy the story just as much as the characters do, and it was a lovely reading experience. I did find the problems with Emma and her father to be a little repetitive, but once again, I could easily relate to those problems, and I could understand how her relationship with her father affected other areas of her life; I feel like I learnt a large number of lessons while reading this book.I loved Staintons easy writing style once again, which again, isn't the strongest I've seen, and found myself speeding through this book, laughing out loud and generally smiling like a gorm, so I can't fault her on that. I loved how she developed her characters and gave me a romance I could really root for, much more realistic than in Jessie Hearts NYC and much more subtle and caring. I appreciated that Stainton also wanted to address a different message in this book; the message that we're all stars in our own right, that we all shine differently, that we shouldn't let someone try to put out our shine, and that we should follow our dreams. Yes, this book is cheesy, and yes, this book could be seriously be slated by some people because it's not 'strong or mind-blowing', but sometimes, just like everyone, I like myself a bit of predictable, happy and positive chick-lit, and that's exactly what this book is. I think I've found myself a turn to author in Keris Stainton.3.5 Stars.

  • Stephanie (Stepping out of the Page)
    2019-05-09 03:51

    I'm not quite sure why, but I never did get around to reading Della Says OMG or Jessie Hearts NYC, even though I purchased them both and they're sitting on my bookshelves (somewhere!), but I know I've made a silly decision to neglect them for so long. After reading Keris Stainton's latest, Emma Hearts LA, I only find myself wanting to read more of her books - as soon as possible!As soon as I read a couple of pages of this book, I knew that I would enjoy it and that is just such a good feeling! I instantly loved Stainton's writing - it was simple, pleasant to read and it flowed really well. I loved the whole idea behind the book - Emma and her family moving to LA and trying to move forward with their lives. It didn't try to be anything 'deep' and it wasn't full of action and drama - it was just a lovely story about Emma and her adaptation to a new city and home. Quite simply, it is a perfect, relaxing read - just what what you need for summer! I absolutely loved all of the characters that we were introduced to in this book. Our main character, Emma, just seems so real and felt like a friend that I would love to have. I absolutely loved her personality and, in particular, her slightly-snarky but fun attitude. It was great to see her interact with her family, seeing how their past family life was affecting her. I thought her relationship with her sister was especially lovely to read about. Although, as aforementioned, I haven't yet read Jessie Hearts NYC, I loved hearing the connections that Emma has to Jessie, her best friend. Their friendship was genuine and their banter was great. I am definitely looking forward to visiting NYC with them both and discovering more about Jessie and her life. For me, the real star of this book was Oscar. Oscar is geeky. Oscar wears Harry Potter shirts and pretended to live in the 'cupboard under the stairs' when he was younger. Oscar has bright red hair. Oscar, most importantly, is extremely caring and such a fantastic fan. Oscar is, in a nutshell, is basically my perfect guy. There is a sort-of love triangle when Emma meets a famous, obviously gorgeous, actor, but to be honest, I think there is only one way that this book will turn out and it's blindingly obvious to most people (apart from Emma) and I am totally glad about that. You always seem to know where this book is going, but for me that wasn't a problem. Keris seems to be very up to date and knows what teenagers/young adults want. There are a few great references to popular culture within this story and it seems authentic - unfortunately, I find a lot of authors try to be too 'cool' (or insist in putting what they think is cool with teenagers into their books), but Keris doesn't have to do this and yet is able to make a connection which really pays off. I learnt so much about Emma's new environment in Los Angeles through her experiences and thoughts, rather than having to sit through overly-descriptive scenes, which I was really grateful for. To be honest, I can't really fault this book. There isn't really anything 'shocking' that happens, or any big twists or turns, which I'm usually a big fan of. However, it was just nice to sit back and see what did happen, happen. It was really nice to, for once, have a feel-good book and a nice happy ending. For those of you who haven't already sorted out their summer reading, be sure to put this one on the list!

  • Jessica (Jess Hearts Books)
    2019-05-13 00:49

    I loved Jessie Hearts NYC so when I heard that Keris was writing a companion novel featuring Jessie’s best friend Emma I was beyond excited. Keris is one of the loveliest authors and always makes time to talk to her fans on Twitter, her books are fun, romantic, quick reads that make perfect summer stories. I read Emma Hearts LA on a sunny Sunday afternoon in one sitting and closed the book with the cheesiest grin on my face, Emma Hearts LA is total feel good reading and left me in a cheerful mood for the rest of the day.I have to say that as much as I loved Jessie Hearts NYC I loved Emma even more! It’s funny because I’ve always considered myself to be a New York kinda gal ( I LOVE big cities!) but Emma Hearts LA was just so much more me and I connected to the story more because of that. Emma was a really great protagonist, unlike her little sister who dreams of becoming the next big Hollywood teen star, Emma is less than thrilled at the prospect of living in LA when her mum decides to move them out there. Emma feels like she’ll have nothing in common with the stars and wannabes who live there and she’s sad to be leaving her old life behind even if it does mean being in the same country as her BFF Jessie. Her mum and dad have recently split up and Emma’s relationship with her dad is messy because of it and moving across the world from him is sure to only increase that tension. Reluctantly Emma moves with her family to LA and leaves behind life as she knew it, well, almost, because waiting in LA is old family friend Michael and his teenage son Oscar her geeky childhood friend. Except Oscar’s kinda grown into his geekyness and owns it making him kind of hot to Emma’s surprise. As Oscar shows Emma that life in LA isn’t all that bad Emma starts to fall in love with this way of life. But when the latest Hollywood heartthrob Alex shows an interest in her Emma will have to decide which boy will win over her heart.One of the main things I love about Keris’s books is that she has this way of writing which really makes you feel like you’re there. Like in Jessie Hearts NYC where I got to experience New York through Jessie in this book I got to experience LA through Emma. Emma’s house on the canal sounded absolutely beautiful and the ocean front walk would totally be my local hangout. I closed this book feeling like I’d been on a trip to LA myself and I love the total escapism you get with Keris’s books.Once again I loved the characters in this book, Emma, Bex, Alex and Emma’s mum were all great characters and I loved that Jessie was in this book too and that we got to catch up with her. But my ultimate favourite character had to be Oscar. Oscar is the kind of guy I personally go for. He’s dorky, not afraid to be different, is comfortable in his own skin, caring and has a big heart of gold. I love stories where childhood friends blossom into something more so Keris really ticked all the right boxes with Oscar and he quickly became my latest book boy crush.Overall I loved everything about Emma Hearts LA. If you like books that completely sweep you away to somewhere sunny and exotic, have sweet summer romances, and swoony book boys this is the book for you. Emma Hearts LA is like the perfect holiday, fun filled, care free, hot and romantic, and over too soon. This is summer reading at its best.

  • Donna {Book Passion for Life}
    2019-05-18 04:04

    Emma Hearts LA is my first book by author Keris Stainton, yep you heard me, I haven’t even read Keris’s other book Jessie Hearts LA. So, I went into Emma Hearts LA not really knowing what to expect but let me tell you, this is the ideal summer read. This story follows a teenage girl named Emma, who is moving to LA where her mother has been offered a new job. However Emma doesn’t really want to go but will give it a go for her mother and sister. When she arrives in LA, Emma reunites a friendship with an old childhood friend named Oscar and it's then she sees everything LA has to offer her – and possibly a relationship with Oscar. But when her sister gets an audition and Emma has the luxury of companying her – it is there she meets a famous TV star, and soon she has to choose between the two boys….along with what she wants from the future.I really enjoyed this book. It was a fun and lovable story – one that is actually more complex than I would have thought. I loved Emma as a character and because we see her trying to get over her parent’s divorce, it gave a lot more insight to her as a character. It’s not easy for her but she deals with it the best she can. Not only that but we see the relationship she has with her mother and sister and there such a close family, it’s lovely to read about. Now both of the love interests we’re fantastic and honestly, it was a hard choice but I have to say, I’m totally Team Oscar. He’s a total geek but you know what, geek’s are totally in now and Oscar was portrayed brilliantly. He’s sweet, interesting and loving and he’s just so much fun. He's definitely the perfect choice for Emma, in my opinion. Overall, Emma Hearts LA was a very enjoyable, captivating and fun-loving book. I'd probably suggest you to read Jessie Hearts NYC first, if you are to pick up this authors work but definately one not to miss. A huge thank you to Hachette UK for giving me the opportunity to review this book.Don't forget to stop by the blog; on July 15th for a guest post from the author.

  • Amber
    2019-05-06 02:02

    I knew I would love this book as soon as I saw it. Firstly, Keris Stainton's other books 'Della Says: OMG!' and 'Jessie Hearts NYC' are both fabulous and I thoroughly enjoyed them. Plus, I have always loved LA - I've never been, but it just sounds like an amazing place and now I've read this book, I want to go there even more!In this story, teenage girl Emma moves to LA when her mum gets offered a new job. Emma doesn't really want to go, but gives it a try for her mum and sister's sake. When she arrives in LA, she is reunited with childhood friend Oscar, and he shows her everything the area has to offer. But then she has to accompany her sister Bex to a casting for a TV show, and she meets Alex - a famous TV actor - and she has to choose what she really wants from life.This is an ideal summer read, perfect to take with you on holiday! It's such a fun and exciting story.Emma was also in Jessie Hearts NYC, so it was nice to catch up with her and find out what has been going on in her life in this book. It was a bit like catching up with an old friend. It's lovely to read about the close relationship she has with her mother and younger sister. Emma's witty narration made it easier to relate to her, and I loved drama-queen sister Bex - she was so determined to get what she wanted it was inspiring, and she had real depth as a character.Both love interests were awesome, but I'm definitely more a fan of Oscar. He's funny, interesting, loveable and a total geek! I didn't really like Alex that much. It was nice that he offered to help Emma's sister Bex learn her lines etc, but it seemed all he wanted from Emma was the publicity - 'Who's the new girl, Alex?'.I read Emma Hearts LA the day I got it, and it left me feeling cheerful and sad. Cheerful, because it's an amazing book, but sad because I really didn't want it to end! It's a very fun book to read, but I recommend you read Jessie Hearts NYC before starting on this one. I think all readers aged 12+ would enjoy this. 5/5!

  • Kirsty
    2019-05-14 20:46

    This is less a review and more a fan girl waffle on about why I loved this book.I loved Emma. I knew I liked Emma when I read Jessie but I really really loved Emma in this book. She is the sort of girl I would have loved to have as a best friend when I was a teenager. She's cool and funny without being bitchy and nasty or to the completely other extreme without being completely useless. I love that she is a cracking role model to girls of that age.I loved Oscar and his quirky geeky ways. Again he is totally the boy I wanted to fall for at age 15 and therefore had I read this book when I was a young adult I know for a fact I would have fallen completely in love with him after a page or two.I loved the relationship that was built up between him and Emma.I loved the view this book had on celebrities. I liked seeing what fame did to the life of an ordinary person and how it changed their whole world and how that change was completely out of their control to the point where they couldn't simply pop out for coffee without being followed. Again I loved the message this book had when Emma had to make a decision between the two boys.What I also love about this book is that Emma and her sister, to all intents and purposes, are just normal kids. You often see books where teenagers from divorced families are awful spoiled and attention seeking brats whereas in reality I think this is often far from the truth. I liked seeing how Emma just got on with her life (albeit with a bit of a chip on her shoulder about her father) but that it didn't give her an excuse to be horrible to people.The feel of this book is perfect for a summery read lying on the beach especially when you get the LA vibe as Emma first visits the place.All in all a book I really enjoyed. I can't put my finger on one thing that make it fantastic but trust me it is. It'll leave you with a warm and gorgeous feeling inside (a lovely YA contemp glow if you will) and keep you hooked from the first to the last page.

  • SJH (A Dream of Books)
    2019-05-13 03:09

    Leaving behind the bright lights and buzz of New York City, Keris Stainton's latest offering is set in the sunnier climes of Los Angeles, home of the stars. When Emma's mother gets a fabulous job offer, Emma and her younger sister Bex move with her to start a new life in LA. Once there, she reconnects with her childhood friend Oscar who has undergone quite a lot of growing up since she saw him last. However, with handsome movie stars around every corner, Emma has to make a big decision about who and what she wants. While I was reading this book I couldn't help but feel envious of Emma getting the opportunity to start fresh with a completely new beginning. Although she's more dubious about moving to the other side of the world than Bex, who throws herself wholeheartedly into a new lifestyle, she gradually finds herself embracing the new and learns to open herself up to exciting, new experiences.I loved the idea of being able to reach for your dreams, however impossible they may seem and having the courage to follow your heart. Yes, you may fail at times but until you try you'll never know. One of my own dreams is to one day visit New York but after finishing this book I'm adding Los Angeles to the list too!I thought that Keris Stainton perfectly captured everything about Emma's new home, from the awesome food to the sights and sounds of the city, such as Grauman's Theatre and the Hollywood Walk of Fame. There were so many amazing places and they were all so wonderfully described that I really felt I was living vicariously through Emma. As well as Emma, there are lots of other fab characters in the story, including the adorable Oscar, who is the perfect mix of cute and nerdy (the latter in a good way!) and Emma's sister Bex who she has a very close relationship with. 'Emma Hearts LA' is an amazing book and the perfect light, summery, fun read. It's a book with a heart of gold and a wonderful read.

  • Becky
    2019-05-23 00:40

    Emma's just arrived in Los Angeles, a million miles awya from all her friends, and any chance of a boyfriend. Unless you count the geeky Oscar- which she doesn't. Not at first, anyway.Teen heartthrob ALex might have potential too. If she can get him away from the eyes of the paparazzi, that is. I picked this book up from the libary after hearing amazing things about it. I am so gald I did.At first I wasn't sure what to think of it as it seemed to have the typical teen romance plot: girl moves away from home where she meets a boy. I'm gald I carried on reading it.Emma's a character you can relate and sympathise with straight away. I mean, who would like to move a million miles away from their home?And Oscar.... Who doesn't like him? Although he's a bit geeky (not that I can say much! I have a badge to prove it!) he is a character you just have to love. I love how Keris Stainton makes Emma's memories of him really geeky and shy! (view spoiler)[ I would probably break everything in my room if they hadn't got together.(hide spoiler)]Bex had to be my favourite charcter though. She's like a bundle of energy and reminds me of my seven year old neighbour!I would recommend this book to anyone looking for a contempory romance.5/5

  • Luna
    2019-05-18 19:52

    4.5 starsI was only going to read a couple of chapters when I started but couldn’t put the book down. Emma Hearts LA is fun, interesting and sweet.I liked Emma in Jessie Hearts NYC (she was actually my favourite character) and was really happy she got her own story. Much like Emma I imagined LA to be very plastic but Venice sounded really cool. I actually want to go there now, provided I can travel in an air-conditioned bubble.All the characters are good. I was particularly impressed by Bex and her determination of following her dream. She’s actually pretty inspiring and I’ll admit it I did grow rather fond of Oscar. Geeky-boys so much more interesting than the dreamboats and I was routing for him from the start.Emma comes across as someone who’s got her head screwed on right (even when she gets it wrong) and it was nice to see her learning that while she’s good at dishing out the advice it’s not that easy to follow it herself. I also love the sarcasm.Emma Hearts LA is a really entertaining read, crammed full of humour, interesting characters and current event commentary. Plus any books that mentions Blackpool and/or Lytham gets a bonus point because there is something really cool about reading about your home town. (That might just be me though…)

  • Alice
    2019-04-23 20:58

    Another gorgeous book from Keris Stainton. I really can't get enough of her dialogue - it was great in her last two books, but it's absolutely brilliant in this one. It's just so natural. I very rarely laugh out loud at books but I found myself giggling away to myself during Emma's conversations with her friend Oscar. There were so many hilarious moments, as well as all the sweet and charming ones.Oh and I've gone from having zero interest in LA to now wanting to live there.Loved it. More please!

  • Laura
    2019-04-28 20:01

    I enjoyed Emma Hearts LA. Such a lovely summer read and I'm such a sucker for a romance. I haven't read Jessie Hearts NYC and I imagine if I would have read that first that I would have understood a little more of the backstory. (I plan on reading this soon!). I really liked the characters Emma and Oscar. Who doesn't love a nerd? ;-) Especially a Harry Potter and Space nerd?! I'm definitely going to read more by Keris Stainton.

  • Marilou Go
    2019-04-21 19:55

    This book is a fast read book. It's fun and yet easy to read.The story is very realistic and very easy to relate to.The only fallback of this book is that some part of it are left untold.What happen to Bex's career?How about Alex Hall?Their Dad?Well, it's okay because aside from that everything is way too okay.The setting? It's very wonderful!I can actually picture the place base from the author's point of view.Very Nice!!!

  • Sophia
    2019-05-09 03:09

    I read this book on holiday and I loved it so much. Although it is quite a short read it is completely worth reading. I loved the characters and Oscar has to be one of my favourite characters EVER! He is just so sweet and nerdy. Much like a guy I know so maybe that's why I like him so much! But the romance in this little book is so cute and heart-warming and I really cannot wait to read any other books by this author!

  • Lucy
    2019-05-14 01:54

    Another great novel from Keris Stainton, I loved the further development of Emma, Oscar and reading about LA. It made me so want to visit! Full review and Q&A to come shortly!

  • Halyna
    2019-05-17 23:53

    Excellent summer read - light, sweet and easy to read book - a perfect choice for relaxing reading!

  • Stella
    2019-04-24 02:49

    Sweet, lovely, funny young adult fiction set in LA. I loved it.

  • Bella (Cheezyfeet Books)
    2019-04-28 00:55

    IT WAS SO GOOD :D Review to come :)

  • casirose
    2019-05-20 20:09

    perfect start to 2013!absolutely loved it!

  • Rebecca Pates
    2019-05-16 21:50

    Originally posted on: won this book in a giveaway hosted by Jess from Jess Hearts Books (Thank You!) where I won a triple of books set in the past, present and future. This was the book I received for the present.I have to admit I was always just intrigued about Keris Stainton's writing after seeing various reviews for her books around the blogosphere. I was interesting in her books but I never wanted to actually buy the book (again my weird thing with buying books I'm not sure I'll enjoy...). So it's probably a good thing I won this.After being in the magical, intense world of The Night Circus (review), I needed a light relief. Something to bring me back to the present and away from a world of magicians, dreams and plot twists. This seemed like a good choice to satisfy that.Synopsis: When Emma is told by her mother that they will be moving to LA, Emma isn't too keen. However after Emma accompanies her younger sister, Bex on an audition, makes a chance meeting with teenage TV star, Alex Hall (think Justin Bieber) and is reunited with her childhood friend, Oscar, the LA lifestyle seems to be appealing to Emma. However, soon Emma is caught in a mix between two guys - old and new - and she needs to reconsider her future life in Los Angeles.Review: This is the third YA book by Keris Stainton and a sort of sequel to Jess Hearts NYC. The link? Jess and Emma are best friends and a year before Emma moves to LA, Jess moved to New York. Jess' story is mentioned in this book but it is explained, making it unnecessary to have read Jess Hearts NYC, which is good. Jess does appear in this book, and vice versa. The next book in the series I have heard is Rebecca Hearts Paris - which I'm guessing is going to be about Emma's sister who has that name.So I opened Emma Hearts LA, not really caring whether this was going to good or not. And actually I was quite pulled into the narrative.I have to admit, this book is no Charles Dickens or Jane Austen, but it has some delightful moments and a narrative you don't have to think about in depth too much. I can see this as a perfect summer read, especially if you were in America. Or one to snuggle down with on a winter's day and forget about the rain for a while. I devoured this book within a few days (which is a slight record for me).The characters I both liked and hated, especially Emma. Emma came across very whiny and snobby. Although, I can understand her reluctance. However, once they arrived in LA, Emma improved for me. I think she handles the situations well throughout the novel and her ultimate choice is rational and totally what I would have gone for.I loved Oscar the most, as many people have agreed in other reviews. I loved his quirkiness, his comments and just overall, what he added to the story. He seems like someone I would get on with because of his cute dorkiness. I also liked Bex's determination and drive to get what she wanted even at such a young age.Apart from those characters, the other main characters didn't really do much for me. I found some of the characters very fake at times as well as saying things that I was cringing at. This is one of those books where exclamation marks are USED. But that's what made it a fun read. I didn't have to think too hard!The whole Alex/Oscar thing was probably the thing that left me reading to the end. I wanted to see Alex reveal himself as a total jerk and lovely little Oscar come out on top (yeah, I liked him okay...). For me, Emma handled the situation well, and not so well. I did feel for her, I have to admit.One reason for me wanting to read this novel was because the setting was Los Angeles. I went to LA last year with a friend after finishing my GCSEs so I remember LA well. I could have done with some more detail into the iconic landmarks they visited as well as just more places that people that have visited LA would know.Regardless, it was lovely to get Emma's view of Venice Beach (a place I disliked). The description of the changes from each end of the beach - weightlifting to henna stalls in a few steps - really worked and reminded me myself of when I visited there. There is also mentioned of Hollywood Boulevard and Santa Monica. This book will leave you either wanting to go back to LA or to visit there for the first time - whatever, I had serious nostalgia for LA reading this, making me want to jump of the next plane there.Although this book had some parts which I disliked, I did enjoy reading this book. It kept me engrossed in the story and this is the perfect book for a flight (to LA perhaps?), sitting in on a rainy afternoon or just to read in the summer when going on your holidays. I flipped through the pages and the ending is quite lovely for those that liked a certain person in this book...Altogether a great little book where you don't have to think about much that left me wanting to get a plane to LA. Like, erm, now? *looks at rain outside*I give this a 4 out of 5

  • Kai
    2019-05-13 00:10

    Review posted at Amaterasu ReadsIf you loved Emma in Jessie Hearts LA, then you'll be delighted with this novel. Emma gets her own story, and it's just as sweet and romantic. Now that Jessie's in New York, Emma gets the shock of her life when she finds out her mother, freshly out of a divorce, is moving in L.A. and she's taking Emma and her sister Bex with her. But Emma wasn't so sure if she will love L.A. What about her friends? Her life back home? But L.A. is bringing along changes in Emma's life she couldn't have thought of. Her friendship with a childhood friend, Oscar, is rekindled and there might be a potential love interest in the wings, in the form of a hot, young celebrity. Now who says L.A. is boring?No one likes change, and knowing this, I understand Emma. Starting over in a place far away from home is never easy. But sometimes taking a chance in an unfamiliar place can bring about unexpected surprises and Emma is about to find out how L.A. can change her. Funny, outgoing, quirky and definitely lovable, these are the qualities that makes Emma a sure hit to the readers. Despite her reservations for L.A., which is a natural reaction, Emma finds herself enjoying life in a new place when she gave it a chance. A fresh start, a chance of starting over led Emma to contemplate how she will go about with her life. She just can't be half-hearted about living her life, not when she's in L.A., not when she's getting a fresh perspective in a new place. Who would have thought that a place can change a person? Emma found the answers she was looking for in Manchester and with her stay in L.A., she grew to be more mature and decisive.For the first time in a long while, I found myself rooting for the best friend and not the hot, popular guy. Keris Stainton worked her magic on Oscar, and readers will be extremely fond of his geeky self. What makes him more attractive than being the red-haired childhood friend of Emma is his personality, his lovely singing voice, his steadfast belief that Emma can be who she wants to be if she just wants to try. I loved all of the Big Bang Theory and Star Wars references! Sometimes you just need to discover the inner geek in you, and Oscar, with his own amazing qualities that can make anyone laugh, is just so adorable and charming! There's something bittersweet about the way he was holding out his feelings for Emma for so long. With Alex, we see that sometimes, being a celebrity is not what it's cut out to be. Choosing to be in the limelight and constantly being watched is not something Emma wanted but she was also in a complicated situation where being long-time friends doesn't seem enough and being more than that is scary. I was more attracted with the concept of being friends and then lovers that being with a celebrity. Keris' gave both boys a chance, and like Emma, it's up to the readers to think if she chose right!Keris' vivid description of L.A. makes it such an interesting place to visit especially for those who have not. It makes one realize that there's so much to see in the world, that being confined in one place all your life might not as good as it sounds. Emma had a once in a lifetime opportunity to be in a different place and have a clean slate, and look at what it brought? Emma Hearts LA is a whirlwind tale of friendship and the ever thin line between friends and lovers, a complicated romance with very sweet moments and those hard truths about love and what it might mean to a family who has broken up. There's just so much to learn in Emma Hearts L.A., because it's not just a tale of Emma moving to a new place, but a story about a girl who faces her life when big changes arrive one after another and how she copes with it. Keris crafted a good, solid set of characters and a light, funny story that readers will like. If you're looking for an easy, appealing, lovely read, Emma Hearts L.A. is for you! All the things that I enjoyed when I've read Jessie Hearts New York is with Emma! It's the perfect follow up and is just as captivating as the first one!

  • Evie
    2019-05-01 22:00

    ***Originally posted to: Bookish Book Blog |YA and Adult Book Reviews, Author Interviews, Guest Posts, Giveaways and news! ^___^Emma Hearts LA was an adorable, quick read. A perfect little treat for long summer afternoons on the beach. While it's not exactly a book that will change your life, it's most definitely an enjoyable, charming book with a simple but solid plot line, and characters that you'll adore. I honestly did not expect to like it that much, heck - I did not expect to like it all! - but I couldn't help falling under its charm. In the end, this book proved do be really fun and entertaining, and although I did have a few problems with it, they were small and easy to overlook thanks to this book's undeniable sweetness and readability.If you had a chance to read Keris Stainton's previous book, Jessie Hearts NYC, you probably remember Emma, Jessie's best friend. You'll be pleased to know that Emma now gets her very own story, and what a story it is! The book kicks off with Emma arriving in Los Angeles, where her brilliant astro-physicist mom was offered a new job. Emma's not very thrilled about the move overseas (reluctant to leave her friends and father behind), but there isn't much she can do about it, the decision has been made. Shortly after arriving in the US, Emma realizes that LA isn't as bad as she thought. In fact, it's every teenage girl's dream destination - filled with sunny beaches, celebrities, vibrant night life, hot guys, beautiful tourist attractions and plenty of new possibilities. Reunited with her nerdy childhood friend, Oscar, Emma quickly adapts to the new surroundings. She's also very pleased to see that Oscar is no longer the awkward, annoying kid he used be. He's a blush-worthy, attractive, confident young man, and one that seems to be interested in Emma in a romantic way. And he's not the only one! There's also the hot and famous TV show star, Alex, and he, too, seems to be very fond of our pretty, English girl. Is it just me, or is it suddenly getting very hot in here? ;)As much as I enjoyed this book, I can't say that I instantly fell in love with it. In fact, it took me about 100 pages to actually get into it. It was mainly due to the fact that the first 100 pages or so act as nothing more but a set up for the love triangle that comes later, and, for a book that is only 250 pages long, it's a very long set up. That is not to say that the first part of the book is totally meaningless and unnecessary. Yes, it could be a bit shorter, and yes, I would certainly like to get to the point a bit faster, but the part about Emma moving to LA, and Bex getting invited to a movie casting and learning the ins and outs of show business, was very interesting to read about, too. I guess what I'm trying to say is: Try to keep an open mind, enjoy the ride, and don't give up on this book too early. It's a book worth sticking with all the way to the end. The second part of the book makes up for the first, slower one, and if you push through and keep on reading, you'll be rewarded with a cute, sigh-worthy love story, funny dialogues and perfectly satisfying ending.While it's clearly a spin-off of Jessie Hearts NYC, it's also a book that stands entirely on its own. You do not need to read about Jessie's adventurous to be able to enjoy reading about Emma's. Both books are stand-alones, and although they share some of the same characters and ideas, there is nothing that could prevent you from enjoying one without knowing the other.Overall, this was a great, quick read that kept me pretty entertained all the way through. I enjoyed the funny dialogues and thought that Keris Stainton did a great job depicting teenage relationship's, with all their angst, idiosyncrasies, and occasional awkwardness. She made me believe in these teenagers and care for them. And although the romance part was missing steam and chemistry, I most certainly appreciated the humour and lightness of it. It's a drama-free book, and I wouldn't have it any other way. I recommend this book for a quick, summer read!

  • Laura
    2019-05-06 20:59

    Emma has a problem. For most girls (like her sister Bex who dreams of stardom and her own TV show on the Disney Channel) it wouldn't be a problem but a dream come true. Emma's mum is moving her and her sister to LA where she's been given a new job. It'll be a fresh start for the 3 of them after Emma's dad left the family home for a new woman and Emma's BBF Jessie moving to NYC she's pretty lonely in the UK. The ray of sunshine is that LA is meant to be pretty cool and she won't be totally alone when she gets to LA because her childhood friend Oscar lives near by and has been volunteered to show the two girls around the town. This could be another nightmare seeing as Emma and Oscar haven't seen each other since they were kids and now his dad and her mum will be working together at the UCLA's Physic department. LA is going to be a journey of misadventures and good food.I have to say mega thanks and hugs to Keris because she knows how much I just adore her and her books and she sent me and Raimy at Readaraptor a copy to get our thoughts. I think we were the first non editors to even read it and I got it on a Sunday evening if I remember righty and read it straight away till 2am and then finished it before work on Monday. It was worth the tired day! Emma Hearts LA is a follow up of sorts from Keris Stainton's Jessie Hearts NYC and as with the last book I just adore how Keris has that magically ability to make me fall in love with a city as well as a character. I've never been to LA but I felt like I was right there with Emma as she explored this new place and finds herself as well as some really good noodle dishes. Emma's a bit lost and broken at the start of the story with the break up of her family and now the shift halfway across the world to live she doesn't know where she fits in. In steps Oscar who is the most adorable geek with bright red hair who knows exactly what he's aiming for in life and it takes his influence to make Emma see that she might be missing out but just sailing along aimlessly. I LOVE YOU OSCAR!!! *huggles Oscar even though he's a fictional character*If I'm being honest (I was with Keris so I will be with everyone else) I think I like Emma Hearts LA more than Jessie Hearts NYC. There were small differences that just appealed to me more. For starters I love me a geek boy; when you have the any lad against the geek boy in the love triangle the geek gets my vote. EVERY DARN TIME! Keris made me believe in her characters like they were friends she had literally quoted on the page. Emma seemed a more complex character too and this made me feel a stronger affinity to her. She is bold and funny but at the same time she has so many issues with her dad that are holding her back. You bond with Emma and want her to get past her troubles.The book is sprinkled with glittery gems of popular culture references and opens your eyes to the world of LA from the tourist hot spots and hidden hide-aways that make it beautiful. As in Jessie Hearts NYC Keris has made LA a character in her story and it's not just the backdrop for the story but part of it. Emma Hearts LA is smart and cute that I read in less than a day just because I couldn't wait to read the whole book!