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A werewolf with a taste for the forbidden, Erik encounters the ultimate temptation while traveling. The daughter of a powerful rival, Bera is as dangerous as she is alluring. How long can their feral attraction be hidden?Short story of 1300 words or about 5 pages. Also contains a sample chapter of Broods of Fenrir ~3300 words....

Title : feral attraction
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ISBN : 13350813
Format Type : Kindle Edition
Number of Pages : 17 Pages
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feral attraction Reviews

  • Jennifer Rainey
    2019-04-27 20:09

    As I was quite fond of Coral Moore’s recent novel, Broods of Fenrir, I knew I had to download this short which takes place in the same universe the moment I saw it. I had high hopes going in, and I was not disappointed.This delicious story deepens the relationship between two of my favorite characters in the novel, Erik and Bera and leaves the reader wanting more in all the right ways. It’s very indicative of Moore’s style of writing, and if you’re unsure of whether or not you want to purchase and read Broods of Fenrir, definitely check this story out (though trust me, you DO want to purchase and read Broods of Fenrir). The file also includes the first chapter of the novel.The story is very short, but its length didn’t bother me in the least. It’s still a complete one-shot. However, while I’ve had over a decade of reading fan fiction—which is often even shorter and much more incomplete—and was not troubled by the length of the piece, I can see where some might be.Definitely give this story a look if you’re looking for something quick, steamy and decidedly well-written!

  • Justine
    2019-05-17 20:51

    Ok so when I read reviews and people were saying this was short I didn't realize that it was this short. The bonus material for the next book is longer then this story haha. I did enjoy this story but I found it to jump around and not give veryuch info. One minute Bera is rubbig against him then all of a sudden they appear in his room and are going to do it. It's too jumpy but the real book might be okay

  • Timeforme
    2019-05-18 03:01

    Main Characters:Erik - A werewolfBera - Werewolf daughter of one of the brood leadersSynopsis:A werewolf with a taste for the forbidden, Erik encounters the ultimate temptation while traveling. The daughter of a powerful rival, Bera is as dangerous as she is alluring. How long can their feral attraction be hidden?My Thoughts:I haven't read any of the books in the Broods of Fenrir series but I did enjoy this short story and will considering buying the first book in the series.

  • Sam
    2019-05-22 00:58

    This was shorter then I thought it was going to be. The description made it sound like there was going to be a lot more going on but there wasn't. I wasn't given a chance to get to know any of the characters. There was really no world building and nothing seemed completely thought out. It was well written though, just too incomplete.

  • Amanda
    2019-04-27 00:51

    very very short. wasnt even a story just a preview to the book (which i didnt know it was). it gave you the preview of the 1st chapter. from what i read it wasnt enough to entice me to buy the book. i needed a little more maybe one more chapter to see if i would. ah well maybe i will read it in the future maybe not...

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-19 21:52

    A very short story giving a glimpse into the werewolf world of fenrir two star crossed lovers yearn to be together will love conquer all. I may like this series but I'm not in a rush to get it.

  • Angela
    2019-05-19 20:55

    Short and boringA book this short is not worth the time. Even for a free book....not worth it. . . . .

  • Shannon Ables
    2019-05-20 19:56

    Good bookReally really really really really good book. I recommend this book to my greatest friend in the whole world, Jack.

  • Jen
    2019-05-10 01:54

    Very very short sweet story

  • Naomi
    2019-05-11 01:53

    This was a VERY short & sweet story but it was ok.

  • Prone to Crushes on Boys in Books
    2019-04-22 22:54

    Too short to discuss!!

  • Sónia Tigol
    2019-04-24 22:12

    Another freebie from Amazon. I would like to read more of this story because this was really short.

  • Mel Auslan Osborne
    2019-05-20 23:11

    What a waste if time.... The story told me nothing and dud not make me want to read the series..... Sorry I do NOT recommend this book it was no help

  • Michi
    2019-05-05 23:06

    Completely and utterly forgettable.

  • Carolyn F.
    2019-05-03 22:54

    Short story. I would like to read more of this story. It's ending is incomplete. But what I read I enjoyed.

  • Steph
    2019-05-17 23:46

    I liked where this story was going..I don't typically read were books..but I liked where this could go...recommend.