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In a cold, windswept field on the outskirts of Edinburgh, lies the brutally mutilated body of a young woman. As DI Rob Brennan looks at the tangled mass of limbs and blood, he feels his heart freeze.Like Fiona Gow five years earlier, this girl has been strangled with her own stockings, sexually mutilated and her eyes have been gouged out. Is this the work of an Edinburgh RIn a cold, windswept field on the outskirts of Edinburgh, lies the brutally mutilated body of a young woman. As DI Rob Brennan looks at the tangled mass of limbs and blood, he feels his heart freeze.Like Fiona Gow five years earlier, this girl has been strangled with her own stockings, sexually mutilated and her eyes have been gouged out. Is this the work of an Edinburgh Ripper? The press certainly think so.Rob Brennan is determined to uncover the truth - however painful that might be. But truth is hard to come by in a world of police rivalries, media hysteria and copycat crime....

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Murder Mile Reviews

  • John Wiltshire
    2019-05-05 22:44

    I'm over 90% into this one yet wondering if I can be bothered to finish it. The first in the series didn't grip me at all and now this one is similarly tedious. It's not often that I don't get books: I usually love them, or dislike and don't finish, but these Rob Brennan I just can't decide why they are so flawed and dull when they have all the ingredients of being cracking thrillers. The main character is awful, to my mind. He's a loner. He's got nothing interesting in his backstory to justify his continual foul temper and downright hostility to everyone. He's extremely alienating to his family and colleagues and ultimately, therefore, to the reader. Edinburgh is hideous. Prostitutes, sleaze, corrupt police. Nothing to relieve the unremitting unpleasantness there. The minor characters have no depth at all. They are merely names on a page. The police work is plodding, rather than intuitive. If two girls from different local high schools were murdered a few years apart with the same MO, would the police ONLY focus on the girls and trying to discover if they had something in common (after-school clubs, for example), or might they think to investigate if the schools had something or someone in common...a teacher who relocated from one to the other... seriously, it's not rocket science. But, no, they find this obvious fact out only at the very end and totally by coincidence. I won't be reading another of these. Not sure I'll even finish this one.Yup, given up. Never done that so close to the end of a book, but I seriously don't care about any of these characters so don't need or want to know their ending...

  • Keith Nixon
    2019-05-13 20:44

    What a great book, only my 2nd Tony Black and he's already right up there on my list of all time favourites. His protagonist Rob Brennan is a troubled soul, wracked with issues but driven to solve a gruesome case. However this doesn't detract from the plot as I've found with other authors. I tend to shy away from edinburgh based stories because Ian Rankin is another of my unputdownables however this book is so good and so different I forgot all about Rebus - Tony Black really is that good in my opinion. As for the story it fairly rushed along, particularly the last 5 chapters or so. I really didn't want to finish it but found myself compelled to do so. Really good stuff. All the characters were well constructed, I struggle to find anything negative. Fortunately my local library has 2 more by Mr Black and I will be there next week pulling them off the shelves.

  • Stephen
    2019-05-13 18:49

    Enjoyed the first in this series but this one was a bit of a letdown.Didn't really develop the characters, no mention at all of the main character's girlfriend and the story was too unbelievable and one scene was practically a repeat of one from the first book.Showing the seedy side of Edinburgh was interesting in the first book but in this one, the putting down of my home city went just too far and began to irritate.Still an easy read so not a complete write-off but, for me, a big disappointment after the first in the series.

  • Nigel Bird
    2019-05-08 15:45

    Tony: The New BlackLast year I had the pleasure of being introduced to DI Rob Brennan, the new kid on the block for Scottish police fiction. I thoroughly enjoyed getting to know him and was left looking forward to the next time we’d meet.I bumped into Rob again earlier this week in the new book Murder Mile.He looked well, at least in the circumstances. Tough, dogged, passionate about the job and not about to suck up to anybody for any reason is how I found him – no change there.He’s working another case. That of a psychopath in Edinburgh. A real nutter who delights in mutilation of young women.Kicked out of the house by his wife, missing his daughter and having had to break the news of a new death to a young woman’s parents might be things he takes in his stride, but I think I know him well enough to see him buckling under the pressure no matter how philosophical he tries to be.And hell, I don’t envy the office politics in his place; I thought my school was bad, but it has nothing on the police station, not even close. Seems the economic crisis is hitting the boys in blue as much as everyone else. So I told him, get the best you can to do the job, the bean-counters can go and play with their chick peas while you set about solving the case.Now I happen to know that there’s a pimping ex-con with only the one prostitute in his team, and she’s past her sell-by-date even though she’s only a young-un. Drugs, you see. They’ll do that to some people. Anyway, this guy has some information on the killer and is thinking about earning a little money to pay off a loan-shark – which means he has to be pretty desperate if you ask me.I’d tell the DI, but I know he likes to work these things out for himself.All in all, it was a whirlwind of a meeting.Brennan’s nothing but stoical. He’s doing the usual thorough search and he’s not going to let it go. Dog with a bone that guy, with sharp teeth to go with it.I’m really glad that I caught up with him again. I reckon you’d like to meet him too. Will it matter that you didn’t get to know him on his last case? I don’t think so. I know him better now, but I would have loved him while he works the Murder Mile even if I’d never set eyes on him before. When he tells you stories, they stand alone with a lot of strength, so don’t worry on that score. If you’ve already been there, then you’re in for a similar treat. There might be a little of the ‘deja vu’, but that’s only because you’re like old friends already.I’m hoping we’ll get together again next year. Hard to guess whether he’ll have been thrown out of the force by then, or got sick of that politics or whether he’ll be on the way back from another ‘break’. Who knows? Only time will tell.Till then, DI, good luck with catching that lunatic. Make sure our kids our safe on the streets. Bless you for that, sir. Bless you.

  • Book Addict Shaun
    2019-04-25 21:05

    Move over Tom Thorne I think I have a new favourite detective in DI Rob Brennan. And I love Tom Thorne, so DI Brennan must be good. I read Truth Lies Bleeding in three sittings in one day so immediately knew I was onto something good with Tony Black and after finishing that I couldn't wait to start this second book in the series. My only disappointment is the wait for the next DI Brennan novel, of which there has to be one. I love his no nonsense attitude and the fact he completely ignores the politics of his job and his superiors, he's focused on solving the crime not playing things by the book.The story of this book was similar to the last book but that didn't bother me too much. It was an extremely readable book, crime fiction authors tend to have random chapters which (as a bad example) are meant to give information about various characters back stories or to add suspense but they usually just end up going over my head and complicating the story for me, this book is just straight to the point, no fancy fluff and just very easy to get lost in for a few hours.I must admit though I hated the new Chief Super and was disappointed that there were only one or two mentions of the previous Super from TLB, I thought she had potential as a character. I also enjoy the little double act with McGuire, and hope it can continue (view spoiler).Fans of crime fiction must read this book and Truth Lies Bleeding, both amazing reads especially for fans of Mark Billingham and Stuart MacBride. I hope the wait isn't too long for another DI Brennan novel.

  • Diane
    2019-04-21 23:55

    I was already a huge fan of Tony Black's Gus Dury, but with his second book featuring DI Rob Brennan, I think Gus has some serious competition. This is a classic murder mystery with a lot of twists. I don't want to say too much, it's easy to give things away when there is such a lot happening. I hate books that ramble on or drag along, Murder Mile does neither. Black has a refreshing, often scathingly funny outlook on even the most horrendous things and this not only keeps the story rushing along at full tilt, it adds to the realism. Scottish crime at it's very best. In fact, Tony Black is one of the best writers working anywhere now. It's about time the 'bestsellers' like the mind numbingly boring James Patterson got a good kick up the arse from newer and far better writers. That's the problem with bookshops, they play it safe by stocking up on known and best selling authors, no matter how utterly shite their books may be, thus denying the delights of Tony Black..and several others... to a much wider audience. They should be ashamed of themselves, the lot of them. Let me order for a bookshop for a month, you'll soon see the quality of what's on the shelves improve then! Good luck Mr. Black, you deserve to be huge.

  • Barry Graham
    2019-04-26 21:00

    I haven’t read everything by Tony Black, but I intend to. If you want to know why he’s talked about so much in the darker regions of the Scottish - and, more and more, American - crime fiction underground, read this grim police procedural. Its protagonist is so harmed and haunted that his criminal adversaries seem almost cosy in comparison.

  • Petra Bohackova
    2019-05-04 21:09

    Možná se mi knížka moc nelíbila, protože jsem ji četla po sérii knížek od Camily Lackberg. Nebo prostě proto, že příběh je povrchní, postavy nepropracované... Vůbec jsem nepochopila, proč se tam k příběhu vyšetřování vražd motá i osobní příběh o ztroskotaném manželství inspektora...

  • Brandon Nagel
    2019-04-27 17:48

    Fantastic. Picked up speed in the middle and the ending was fantastic. Looking forward to more DI Rob Brennan.

  • Plum-crazy
    2019-04-22 21:04

    Thought I'd enjoyed this author before but had got him mixed up with another Tony - this one I've given up on once!From the blurb this sounded right up my street but I hadn't got to the end of the prologue before I was picking fault (in this case, how far a guy walked from a car to take a pee irritated me! God knows why...) Things didn't improve with the introduction of the main characters. Nothing new here, characters & relationships we've seen so many times ie: DI & boss at loggerheads. This wouldn't have been a problem but I felt no engagement with the characters whatsoever. In particular Brennan's ponderings annoyed me with their air of pontificating & poor-little-me attitude. He wondered why he stayed in the job, yeah I wondered too as he wasn't half depressing me! As I found I was skimming rather than reading, I packed it in at the end of chapter 9, page 72. Well that maybe forty odd pages more than I managed with "Truth Lies Bleeding"but that's me done with this author.

  • Diane
    2019-04-23 16:08

    Pretty good book and not a bad series - unfortunately, I have a feeling that DI Rob Brennan won't be back which is too bad. It appears that Tony Black wants to keep his efforts focused on Gus Dury and that's a shame.The only problem with this book, was it got a bit repetitive which seems to be Tony Black's way of writing. The use of words that had me consulting a dictionary (which is a rarity) made the story lack in what could have been a straight forward description. Mr. Black kept using up all the big words he could find trying to make DI Rob Brennan a real sophisticate, when in actuality he was an experienced detective - nothing more, nothing less. DI Rob Brennan is a a very likable character and a good detective, a good cop who stands for the victims and justice.I gather from all the Tony Black books that I have read, that he has an aversion to Edinburgh, Scotland - for sure the Scotland Tourism Department won't be consulting or gleaning any of Mr. Black's descriptions for their next travel brochure!On the whole the book was okay - the story line was the catcher, well played! Would I recommend this book - yes - both books in this series are worth reading for those of us who enjoy a good murder mystery!

  • MeinKampfy
    2019-05-01 17:42

    show, not tell. this guy didn't get the memo.this book has the protagonist--and some completely minor characters--telling himself/readers for pages upon pages, how dark his life has gotten, how dark life is, and how dark everything is. the actual story is a by-the-numbers police procedural, and if you immediately guessed that it was Colonel Mustard in the Study with the Candlestick, then you were immediately right. and after the initial 50 pages, the author suddenly decides to pepper in weird GRE words (like, 'lacustral ooze'), though, strangely, the grammar is still wrong (incorrect use of the semi-colon, for instance), and everyone in the book speaks like they ran away from Edinburgh elementary school to get on a fishing boat. a very inconsistently consistent book.

  • Megan Jones
    2019-05-18 23:04

    When I read the plot of 'Murder Mile' I was really looking forward to reading it as it sounded like just the type of murder mystery I read. However I was to be sorely disappointed. The plot is a good plot and is gruesome and exciting, the characters are typical crime book characters, the damaged people and corrupt and damaged policeman. This book is unusual in that the reader knows all along who the murderer is and although this is interesting it did ruin any exciting twists and turns that there could have been towards the end. I also think that this ends rather abruptly and maybe could have continued for a bit longer to tidy everything up. 'Murder Mile' is good but it could have been so much better.

  • Midnight
    2019-04-30 17:41

    As I'd thoroughly enjoyed the first DI Rob Brennan story Truth Lies Bleeding, I was delighted to receive a pre-publication copy of Murder Mile.Based In Edinburgh, readers can expect a breath taking narrative as DI Rob Brennan investigates the murder of a young girl whose mutilated body has been found in a field. The case has strong similarities to a five year old cold case.Very well written, the characters are well drawn and the whole story flows.I found myself holding my breath as I raced through the final chapters and if I was able to allocate more than five stars, I certainly would!An excellent tale; I cannot recommend this highly enough and hope there are more DI Brennan exploits in the pipeline.

  • Sandra
    2019-04-25 20:59

    I remembered 'Truth lies bleeding' with some pleasure (and am surprised I did not write a review for it) so was glad to pick this one up. First impressions were good - the character of DI Rob Brennan well-drawn and his introspections interesting, and the original setting up of the scene excellent, but by halfway through I got the impresion there was more than a bit of padding going on, to extend the word count, while at the same time some scenes would have benefited from more character detail (Angela for example) and Henderson too seemed thinly drawn.Time, I think, to seek out Gus Durie.

  • Duncan Wilson
    2019-05-21 21:08

    Even more downbeat than “Truth Lies Bleeding”. Time has passed since the events of the first book and Di Brennan's affair has now been discovered by his wife and is causing friction between the two of them whilst he also has to deal with a potentials serial killer and police bureaucracy.This has a strange sense of finality about it. It would seem that the author himself has had enough of Edinburgh and voices his concerns through Brennan’s thoughts. I hope that this isn’t the end of the line already for DI Brennan but I look forward to whatever Tony Black does next.

  • Nisha D'lima
    2019-04-26 18:49

    Language a bit too unnecessarily foul, but once filtered out (trust me you'll get used to it:-)))) its quite a nice read. Background a bit tried and tested, cop having a difficult personal life and having to contend with a serial murder, a nice twist at the end although not entirely unexpected, I really liked the over smart exchanges with the arrogant boss.

  • Andy
    2019-04-30 20:02

    Another 5 stars from me for another awesome book by the genius who is Tony Black.I can`t get enough of this authors work whether it be Gus Dury or DI Brennan and co.If you have not read any of Mr. Black`s work I highly suggest you do.He is very quickly becoming my favourite crime writer, everything he writes in my opinion is first class.Check out some of is work, you wont be dissapointed.

  • Kimmy
    2019-05-17 19:57

    DI Brennan's home life has already crashed and burned, now the grisly murder of a young woman--with no evidence, and no suspects--is threatening to unravel his career. Murder Mile expertly delves into the seedy underworld of addicts and prostitution, the politics of police procedures, and the mind of a deranged serial killer.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-26 20:42

    I thoroughly enjoyed my first Tony Black read, and thought I found a new series. Therefore I was disappointed to read that this will likely be last in this series and for his other series. So Murder Mile will likely be my first and last Tony Black novel.

  • Andrew
    2019-04-27 18:53

    A great, pacey crime thriller. Characters were well fleshed out and believable and there was a sense of gritty realism in reading the book. Dialogue was excellently written. Would definitely read any other works by Tony Black.

  • Rachel Nowakowski
    2019-04-21 21:55

    Not one of my favourites. Too gritty for me in some ways, and normally I'm a sucker for gory moiders! I certainly didn't think he deserved the blurb on the front. I felt there was not enough rounded edge to the book to even it out.

  • John Murphy
    2019-05-20 17:51

    Bog standard procedural that adds nothing to the genre. The lead character was a moaning cunt who starts becoming tiresome after about 30 pages. Avoid.

  • Trev Twinem
    2019-05-10 16:05

    A great and complex is Rob Brennan but ultimately this story is let down by a somewhat rushed and unsatisfactory conclusion..ah well I look forward to D I Brennan's next outing....