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Title : Moscow Women: Thirteen Interviews
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ISBN : 9780394523323
Format Type : Hardcover
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Moscow Women: Thirteen Interviews Reviews

  • Olga
    2019-04-19 23:50

    I've read this book several times and every time I not only find something new, but see the interviews from a completely different angle. The women chosen for the interviews are not a good and solid representation of Soviet women at all - after all, the interviews took place some time in the 1970s by two Swedish journalists, so the choice of interviewees was bound to be limited to people who a) had a chance to even meet these two foreign journalists, which behind the Iron Curtain was not something common at all, and b) agreed to be interviewed. However, the writing is great and the thirteen non-representational women come out very alive, very real and very different. It's like reading a memoir of very ordinary people who never really end up writing a memoir at all. I can't help wondering what their lives turned out like post-interview. Anyway, I highly recommend this to anyone interested in peeking into their neighbours' windows. If you read this out of interest in Soviet history, do take it with a grain of salt, though.

  • Amy Gowen
    2019-05-15 20:35

    An insightful snapshot into late Soviet Moscow. By interviewing 13 women all with differing social, financial and familial backgrounds Carola and Karin show a diverse range of responses surrounding women's issues. Alongside this there are some very poignant comments when comparing ideology of Eastern women compared to Western. Although at times the questions and responses can became repetitive it really drives home the ideology surrounding women and the family. This is combined with excellent analysis as a preface and postscript but the authors. I have already read a few books about Soviet feminist theory and this really helped consolidate my understanding and give a human face to what I already knew.

  • Lacin
    2019-05-19 20:48

    Nice collection on cases of women as both left alone and left to be tough and all-powerful. unfortunately alone...I found this book very useful to improve some answers to my questions about why Russia turned out the way it turned out post-90s period. A few weeks before I started reading this, I stumbled upon an interesting documentary on Russian street children -or more accurately, termed as thugs- after a Russian friend of mine and I chatted about orphan adoption in Russia. Those street children acted basically like 20something-year-old gang members in the bodies of 12 to 16-year-old kids. In the documentary, a mother, who tried to keep children with her without the father, could not even keep herself together. It was simply shocking. Then I found this book in the Russia collection of our library. Simply fascinated how interviews from 1983 tell about gendered roles, women's naive faith in life and world and everything except men, and how this entire book was itself seubject to censorship somehow...