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One sinful night…Dante D'Arezzo is the last person famous songwriter Justina Perry wants to see at her best friend's wedding. The wickedly sexy Italian is ruthless to the core. He broke her heart once; she won't surrender to his insatiable desire again. But what Dante wants…One very big scandal!Justina's pregnancy hits the front page and Dante knows he's the father. He'llOne sinful night…Dante D'Arezzo is the last person famous songwriter Justina Perry wants to see at her best friend's wedding. The wickedly sexy Italian is ruthless to the core. He broke her heart once; she won't surrender to his insatiable desire again. But what Dante wants…One very big scandal!Justina's pregnancy hits the front page and Dante knows he's the father. He'll make her pay for trying to keep his child from him. His Miss Independent is about to become completely dependent…on him!This Italian will claim his heir and—if he wants her—a wife!Plus a Sharon Kendrick reader-favorite: Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!...

Title : A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby / Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!
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ISBN : 9780373131280
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A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby / Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby! Reviews

  • Dee
    2019-05-07 16:31

    3/5 starsThe first story wasn't too bad but it could have been a lot better! Some may consider the Hero a cheater but I don't. The relationship was definitely declared over by both parties and they had been apart for a week when the heroine found him in bed with another woman. An insensitive pig idiot yes..but a cheater no!From what I can gather the second book was written a few years ago but because the man (I am not going to call him Hero as I don't think he is one!!) is the brother to the Hero in the first. In my honest opinion it should have been left out of the print as I don't think it will be well received by Harlequin readers and will pull the ratings down. I did struggle with the rating but chose to ignore the fact that it was there and had read it!Full review to follow closer to publication date. ARC kindly provided by Harlequin via Netgalley

  • Dianna
    2019-05-22 16:41

    In ‘A Scandal, A Secret, A Baby’ ex-girl band member and current song writer Justina runs into her ex fiancé, rich Italian aristocrat Dante, at a friend’s wedding after several years of estrangement. They snipe at each other for a bit and then go back to Justina’s hotel room for sexy times. Justina ends up preggers.In ‘Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby’ movie star Jennifer runs into her estranged movie star husband Matteo at the premier of their film at Cannes. They snipe at each other for a bit and then have sexy times in a temporarily broken service elevator. Jennifer ends up preggers.These books are very similar. Dante and Matteo have both cheated on their respective heroines, and are angrily defensive about it. The cheating is grey area. Justina’s huge issue with Dante is that they have a big fight and break up, and then she comes to see him a couple of weeks later and finds another woman going down on him.Jennifer ended her marriage with Matteo when pictures surfaced of him kissing another woman. She initiated divorce proceedings, and the film premier is their first encounter in 6 months. Matteo admits that he did sleep with the other woman, but only after Jennifer filed for divorce.Both Dante and Matteo have the same essential claim: their heroines neglected to put their men first, and by doing so destroyed their love. Justina was too focussed on her music and kept going on tour. Jennifer had been a small time actress before she married Matteo, but rapidly became a star and got busy doing her own thing. Women should be available to their menfolk. Also, they shouldn’t go braless in music videos (Justina) or leverage their famous spouse’s success in their own careers (Jennifer). These transgressions are punishable by infidelity. Neglected men get angry, angry men issue ultimatums, angry men cheat, everyone suffers.So, both these books have the capacity to make a reader extremely cranky, because they do such a good job of pointing out why romance heroines are better off being housekeepers and personal assistants. Admittedly, housekeepers and personal assistants still get cheated on, but their heroes aren’t going to use their jobs as justification.Dante and Matteo start the book angry-horny. They are both ‘how dare she leave me, I’m not going to be anything more than barely civil, wow she looks hot, I think she needs an orgasm.’ Their post sexy-times ‘we made a baby’ attitude is also the same. Each accuses their heroine of using them as a stud. So these boys aren’t particularly blessed with engaging qualities beyond their looks and wallets. Sure, Dante’s some kind of aristocrat. But it doesn’t feature beyond a single mention in the opening pages of ‘A Scandal, A Secret.’ And yes, Matteo is the hottest Hollywood actor ever. But celebrity romances always sell this as more problem that drawcard, with intrusive media and lying ‘I bonked your man’ hussies.The heroes are the best sex their heroines have ever had, and vice versa. We’ll slide right past the fact that the heroines were virgins, and focus instead on how into the sex they both are. Justina pretends she’s been with heaps of men, but Jennifer doesn’t bother. I’m not pointing out that you have to have a basis of comparison to really identify the best sex of your life. You don’t. I am pointing out that not having sex with anyone else is used in both instances to make the heroes feel better. I guess we can only push the independent woman thing so far.The heroes turned into really supportive partners around their pregnant and later new mother heroines, and didn’t resort to threats to coerce their heroines into doing what they wanted. Matteo in particular acknowledged that Jennifer would do exactly what she wanted to anyway. I pondered for a moment as to whether or not this made him any less an alpha. Is being alpha always about being uncompromisingly furious up to that one time when the hero steps off his pedestal for five minutes of grovel at the heroine’s feet? Since I don’t know, I’m going to call them both alpha-lite.Justina and Jennifer are more distinctly different personalities … although sometimes the margin of differentiation is small. Neither have particularly good relationships with their mothers, but Justina’s mum edges out Jennifer’s as the worst. Justina’s mum was a professional mistress, and Justina learned to be fiercely independent. I liked Justina a little more, perhaps because I understood and was more interested in her defensiveness, and how she poured all her emotion and creativity into her song writing, and how she was scared about having a baby, and whether she could do it properly.Jennifer was a lot more in touch with her emotions. She at least informed her baby daddy as soon as she knew she was pregnant. She lost me a little because she was more ready to retire from her career, but I think this is only a noticeable distinction when it’s set against Justina, who wasn’t. If I was going to pick the more enjoyable outing in this plot, I’d go for ‘A Scandal, A Secret.’ In addition to liking Justina a little more, I really appreciated that Dante’s emotional journey included him recognising that his cheating was wrong, and that music was a part of what he loved about Justina. I didn’t get quite the same sense that Matteo was transformed into an awesome person, because Jennifer pre-empted him by compromising her career first.However, I could also make a case for ‘Marriage Scandal’ as the better book, because it had fewer digressions that didn’t make any sense. ‘A Scandal, A Secret’ opens oddly. Justina is at her ex bandmate’s wedding to a Duke. Have these two had a book? Why was this bandmate so close to Dante that she’d invite him to the wedding because he was so important to her, but not care enough to let Justina, who she had a close professional relationship with, know? And there were these hints that it hadn’t been a great split or something, and the other bandmate had gone off to America and got married to some rich guy and no one ever saw her again. Did she also have a book?And why was Justina in Singapore? And even more relevantly: dammit, you can’t tell me that the heroine is writing a musical and then not refer to this ever again. It’s just mean. I want to know more about that musical. I want there to be a book about that musical that is like the TV series ‘Smash.’Since ‘Smash’ was a musical about putting on a musical about Marilyn Monroe, I want this book to be a musical about putting on a musical about an iconic British woman. I want it to be about JK Rowling. I want that because musicals that are about musicals can be about people who were in musicals, but musicals as books should be about people who have something to do with books.I want the opening song to be JK Rowling coming up with Harry Potter on the train, and I want that song to be a bit like Journey’s ‘Don’t Stop Believing’ because it is impossible for that song to ever be overplayed and over referenced.I want the book romance to be between the director of the musical, and the heroine to be the young ingénue he chooses for the role of JK. I want that to play out like the start of ‘Smash,’ where you have an established blonde actress ready for her big break, and then suddenly there’s this mysterious newcomer. And because (although I really tried to like her) the Katherine McPhee character was so awful, I want the heroine to be the disgraced former member of a K-Pop band. I think disgraced former members of K-Pop bands have huge untapped potential in the romance genre.I want there to be numbers about JK Rowling pitching Harry Potter and getting told that no one reads boarding school books, and that she’ll have to add a scene where one of the characters ODs from sniffing solvents in a tenement stairwell. I want a song about when JK Rowling took that guy to court for copyright breach, and cried, and another about getting exposed as Robert Galbraith. And dance numbers! A dance number about being richer than the queen! But no weird stuff where she talks to the Potter characters, or blends real and fantasy worlds or some Harry Potter stuff happened to her when she was young, because I’m sick of that crap.

  • Kaycee ❤️
    2019-05-13 12:31

    Not Ms. Kendrick's best!

  • Jess the Romanceaholic
    2019-05-06 08:17

    This one was a bit of a miss for me. I'm not a big fan of infidelity, and considering both titles in this book contained it, I ended up not actually finishing the second book (Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!). Not really the author's fault -- I just didn't realize both stories had a cheating hero before I picked them up..3/5, perhaps with a full review to follow.

  • Aarann
    2019-05-16 13:43

    3.5 stars for the first book only. I skipped the second book when, after two chapters, it looked like it was about to be exactly the same plot.Justina Perry and Dante D'Arrezo were once engaged to be married. Due to their mutual control issues, including his jealousy over her career and her refusal to compromise on the subject of her career, the two separated, then separated for good when Justina walked in on Dante a week later with another woman. For the record, I've seen a lot of reviewers tag this one as a "cheater" book because of how quickly Dante moved on physically. What he did was a chode thing to do, but I don't agree that it was cheating. I'm not a fan of the "We were on a break" excuse (and seriously, fuck you, Rachel Green, for introducing that vaguely worded catch-all into the lexicon of break-up language). You break up with someone and that person should be allowed to sleep with other people, whether it's a week later or an hour later. Sure, it's scuzzy, but that's what happens when you break up with someone. They pretty much get to do what (and who) they want.Anyway, rant over with. Justina and Dante meet up again years later at a mutual friend's wedding. They have a one-night-stand, ostensibly for closure and old-time's-sake and all those other silly little things people tell themselves, and oops, nine months later, Justina looks suspiciously like she's hiding something bigger than a breadbox under her dress. Dante sees the press coverage of her not-so-immaculate conception, somehow "knows" the baby is his through some seriously convoluted logic, even though she told him over and over that she'd had other lovers since him (she was lying to save her dignity, of course, because in HP romance novels, any woman who's had sex with a man not the hero and not a husband is a total ho-bag). But whatever, he knows because Plot! and the two of them are soon trying to figure out a co-parenting plan.The back of the book is a bit misleading. Dante actually steps up pretty decently and there isn't a whole lot of "I'll make her pay" machinations beyond the initial Weren't you going to tell me about my kid? confrontation. Beyond that and maybe a few angry moments, he's actually a fairly decent guy.All in all, not one that really stepped out of the pack of cookie-cutter HP (although I was impressed that the author laid the blame of their initial break-up squarely at both doors instead of trying to shift the blame too much on one side or another) but also not a bad way to spend a few hours on a Saturday. I don't know how much I'll re-read, but I'm not sorry I bought it.I may pick it back up someday to finish reading the second one (I read the first two chapters and didn't notice a huge difference between the overall plots of the two), which is loosely connected to the first because the hero is Dante's brother that was NEVER once mentioned in the first book. It looked like pretty much the same book, though possibly with actual cheater possibilities, and that sort of thing can be pretty cat-nippy to me because I like to see if the author can actually make me forgive the hero or if the heroine is just a spineless twit. So... maybe someday.

  • Siany
    2019-05-19 13:20

    Not a great read.I am sooo over big strong, viral italian men...i really hate male characters who cant seem to hack the women having a career rather than being dedicated to them.Things start off well until the pregnancy and these women suddenly lose their independence...and i cant help but think if they were willing to lose it in the first place, they should have just done in the beginning and save themselves the heartache...but then again there wouldn't be a book.If you like this formula in books then no doubt you will enjoy but for me was just predictable and not overally enjoyable BUT made for a relaxing read on a Sunday afternoon.Read and reviewed courtesy of Netgalley

  • Hsiau Wei
    2019-05-06 09:18

    This book consists of two story; with a celebrity and a member from D’Arezzo of as its main character. In A scandal, a Secret, a Baby Justina met again with Dante at Justina’s ex group member wedding after five years being separated. Justina found herself still attracted to him and so is Dante. They spent a night then and as a result, she found herself pregnant. Seven months down the road, Justina found herself confronted by Dante. Dante is furious for her not telling him about his baby. He want to play a part in the upbringing of their child. There is issues between Justina and Dante which remained unresolved. Justina caught Dante with other women in bed few days after she called off their engagement and she is unable to forgive and forget Dante for it. Dante, on the other hand, is unable to control his possessiveness over Justina and his jealousy seems to played havoc in their relationship. In Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby!, it is a story of Jennifer and Matteo, both involved in the entertainment industry. They have been married but found themselves drifted apart as days passed. Jennifer have filed for divorce and Matteo, on rebound (seem like that to me), got involved with another women which infuriated Jennifer further. They met again after 6 months and as a result from the meeting, Jennifer is pregnant. She doesn’t want to deny Matteo’s right to know about the child and decided to tell him the truth. Their marriage have issues which both of them needed to tackle and with the baby on the way, it is the crucial time for them to do just that now.Both the books carries the issues of trust between the main characters and with the baby on the way, they were force in a way to tackle the issues. And it is worth noted that despite the separating between them, one would have been to see that they still loved each other very much

  • Goobledybook
    2019-05-15 08:19

    I found myself preferring the first book to the second novella although neither stories were great. The difference was sleeping with a woman shortly after breaking up or making out with a woman while married. For me the non-cheater will always win out. Neither were great reads for simple reasons. Reasons I'd like Harlequin writers to make note of. First, when a relationship fails, both parties are usually to blame. That is a poor excuse for cheating though. The woman always apologizes for her failings as a wife when the man apologizes for cheating. What year is this? Women are still being held responsible for cheating partners? Harlequin hasn't gotten the memo. The second reason these books weren't great were the men. There wasn't anything endearing about them. No life struggle to really account for their selfish, thoughtless behavior. The first book, the guy married a professional, touring musician, then became resentful when he didn't become the stay-at-home wife he wanted. The second book involved an actor, who never stopped working, blaming his wife for be a non-stop actress. In the end it was both men getting what they wanted. Again, what year is this? I started with 3-stars, then 2 halfway through the review, but now...1-star.

  • shms
    2019-05-07 12:42

    A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby(on re-reading)2.5* - Reading the other reviews, people hate reading about cheaters. me? not so much. I like a good cheating tale, well let me be clear, cheating by the hero. The good old double standard lives in me because I can't read about cheating heroines. Not sure why but I'm not here to explain my psyche. Technically it wasn't cheating as they were broken up, not even on a break. Was he a douche for moving on so quickly absolutely, the fact that it happened 5 years in the past does give some emotional distance to it. The tale started with a bang but kind of whimpered out after their one nighter. I didn't think the H ever got a handle on how much damage he did to the h or the issues she was dealing with. In the end, some words were spoken but that's the quick wrap up that supposed to make it all alright. Oh and as usual the h was in deep freeze while the H made merry.Marriage Scandal, Showbiz Baby! 2*Read the marriage scandal, showbiz baby. There was something quite raw about this and I loved how the cheating was handled. The h loosing her cool in the lift, great. Non of this stiff upper lip rubbish. It was short but engaging. (on re-reading)Another one, where the H this he DOES cheat as he is still married when he steps out on the h. Again the beginning was good a and pulled me in. the h's meltdown when faced with her husband after a 6 month separation was angsty goodness. If only that intensity had been sustained or some level of it through the rest of the book. It picks up towards the end again but too little too late.This couples' problems aren't really addressed.

  • H.L. Laffin
    2019-05-01 10:25

    This was one out of the many novels I have read by Sharon. And once again it was fabulously written with the characters miscommunication. This is something that happens all to often in reality. So when they break up and she comes back to see her ex sleeping with another, it makes her furious. To have this story carry on with a growing elephant in the room, makes for an interesting read. While they are still physically attracted to each other and underneath it all still in love. They must Master their communications first before moving forwards! Loved how the media was played in the story too. A great story to sit down by a fire with a hot cup of tea :)

  • Britta
    2019-04-23 16:18

    "Justina Perry was on top of the world five years ago: a member of a hot all-girl British pop band and dating the delectable Dante D’Arezzo. Now, she’s just another celebrant at the wedding of her friend and former band mate..."Read the rest of the review at my book blog.

  • Shannon83
    2019-05-19 12:26

    The book comes as a standard novel and a novella. The first book was okay, I could walk away from it and pick it back up later. The novella I completely stopped reading.

  • Alice M. Black
    2019-05-12 10:14

    interesante libro,

  • Debra Ashwood
    2019-05-14 10:34

    A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby: Marriage Scandal, Showbiz BabyBoth of the two stories revolve around famous celebrities and their private lives. Each one has the heroine ending up pregnant. While the hero's have been caught with other females. How each couple deal with the hurt is different. And each unique in the story lines.

  • Mona
    2019-04-29 16:14

    Not the most sympathetic of charactersI disliked both male antagonists. Dante in particular seems stiff and unlikable. I enjoy a man being a man, but the man appears to be misogynistic. Wouldn't recommend unless you like cruelty.

  • Aisha Oaktree
    2019-05-10 16:31

    Originally Posted on By The BroomstickI'm a huge murder`mystery paranormal & erotic romance lover. I love reading book that get your adrenaline kicking, heart racing, and your mind engaged, but every once in a while i need to gear down and read something simple, for that I read simple romance like these, they are little bites that aren't too deep, too drastic or too overwhelming It's like sniffing coffee beans after smelling lots of perfumes, it just cleanses the palate.I liked this book, it's simple and it's actually two books in one. I believe the male characters are related they both have the same last name anyway, but there was no real mention in the second book of relatives. so I can't be sure. Each book is about famous people and the rigors of that fame. Personally it did kind of make me feel sorry for those in the spotlight but then I thought about it, you choose that life. The first story really pulled me in because these were two headstrong people who just didn't know the meaning of the word "compromise". The situation that they found themselves in could have been prevented if they talked about it, but you know hindsight being what it is, they never realized how much they had until it was gone. Dante' believed women should have their lives then marry and then their lives become their husbands and their children, Justina is a woman who grew up with a broken mother who found herself through the men she snagged from their wives, so Justina swung the other way trying not to be like that AT ALL. Control became her savior and her success kept her together. I get why she was like that, I understand her fear, but I just don't understand Dante' hard line, like did you not grow up in the 21st century?? I get it your old school but umm my man, no, just no. As for the second book??? Once a cheater always a cheater, I don't care how or why you cheated. You made the decision to step out on your partner, that makes you the bad guy. As for Jennifer, she wanted to prove that she wasn't just there because of her husband's fame, and she then took her great relationship and threw it away. Just because other women are idiots and disrespect your marriage doesn't mean you have to blame your partner, he choose you, and he's here with you, so what if the waitress is giving him the eye balls?? Stop being an idiot. I love these books because they are small and quick to read, but because they also remind of what the heck not to do. Both of these women had me rolling my eyes at their stupidity then sympathizing because let's be real, how many of us have done the same thing?? *raises hand* I'm not sure if I like Matteo, he was a bit of an ass, but i did like Dante' because he really strives to change when he realized he lost the woman he loved because he was archaic in his views, Matteo?? he cheated I'm not sure I can forgive that. Although his panic at the end?? Yeah I totally liked him a little better since he wasn't so damn sure of himself.I do however give mean O_o to the mothers of both the women in the story, lets just say broken women raise broken children. Get your stuff together and stop passing that crap on. Grrr also one to Dante's mother too but for being such a know it all.So there you have it, I liked the book, it's a check it out when you have a chance, and if you love little romance books that are quick reads; then this is perfect.Happy Reading

  • A.M.
    2019-05-20 09:29

    Justina was part of a girl band years ago when she dated Dante D’Arezzo. After they broke up, they haven’t seen each for five years.He moves the table placings and puts himself next to her at an old band member’s wedding. They have a one night fling.With consequences.***I subscribed to a Harlequin romance website and got a pile of free books. This was one of them.I can honestly say that I am almost embarrassed to see this title and this cover in my currently reading list… it’s sooo full-on hardcore old school romance. You know?And the story? Full of ancient things and tropes: she has to be pregnant before thirty, she can’t have a career and a pregnancy, he hated that she worked while they dated and left him to go on tour (she’s a musician), she’s still in love with the first guy she had sex with, you can’t have sex when you’re pregnant, illegitimacy is bad for a child… it goes on and on.And it annoys me because the mc is supposed to be independent with a great career. She comes across as a train-wreck.She can’t trust him because the week after they broke up, she went to his place unexpectedly and caught him in bed with a woman. Bit fast, I’ll give her that but it’s not cheating. They had broken up and that was how he dealt with it.This is a big issue for her, and it does seem silly. He never even looks at another woman when he’s with her, and plenty of them look at him. But I can see lots of reviews that freak because he was ‘cheating’.She wears a silk sheath dress when she’s breastfeeding? bwahaha no.They’re having unprotected sex again… he takes her home to Tuscany (he’s some kind of Italian duke) and he asks her to marry him. She says no, but she still wants to have sex and have an ‘amicable relationship’. She cannot work out why he is upset about this. Really, girl? Swap that offer about and let’s see if you’d accept that?Second story:Jennifer Warren, the film star leaves her husband Matteo D’Arezzo after a series of miscommunication. Awkwardly, they filmed a movie together and now both have to be at the publicity for it.Wait up… this is the same story line. Fighting over her career, they split, he kisses a woman and photos leak of it… exactly the damn same.He does seem to be unrelated to Dante, too. Matteo grew up in a tenement in NY, Dante in a palace in Tuscany. Why the same name?They get trapped in the service lift together.…he saw that the front of her silk dress was dark with the stain of love juice.Aaah… what did I just read? I’m torn between ewwing and laughing out loud.Women were made weak and vulnerable by the act of love.Ugh… more of those ancient ideas.None of the Italian guys I know like their names being shortened. Matteo is not Matt. No.She’s pregnant? Ffs it IS the same story.Omg her mother says EXACTLY the same line as the last mother.But it’s okay, they get a HEA because she will give up her career.Grrr…They really should not have put these two together. It’s made me mark them down.Editing. In one book D’Arezzo is with a capital D in the second it’s lowercase. It head jumps a bit.Romance shouldn’t be this repetitive.2 stars

  • Camy
    2019-04-25 09:41

    There was a full-length novel and a reprint of a novella in this book. I thought it was a nice way to reprint the author's novella, especially for her fans, so they wouldn't have to track down the old anthology to read the story. Although I don't remember the hero of the novella in the novel, the last name was the same so I'm assuming he was a cousin of the hero from the novel.Both stories were about men who had cheated on their wives, which I'm not normally very fond of, but both heroes were sorry for their actions and the loss of trust was a good romantic conflict issue that the couples had to deal with.The first book, A Scandal, a Secret, a Baby, was a good read. The heroine is extremely independent, which is understandable considering her upbringing, and makes her admirable for her strength in rising above her circumstances. At points the emotion was strong. However, there were also times when I thought the heroine was a little illogical, which made it hard to sympathize with her at those few points. The ending was emotional, and if it was a little unrealistic, well, this is fantasy, and I liked the happy ending for everyone.I liked the characters in the novella even better than in the novel. The heroine was a bit more sensible than in the first book, and the characters had good communication that made me yearn for them to have their happily ever after. I ended the book feeling happy.Overall, a good Presents novel from a consistently good writer.I received this e-ARC from Harlequin and Netgalley in return for an honest review.

  • Kalyee
    2019-05-20 13:33

    Both books are very similar. In each the H/h are famous, they each break up because of poor communication and (it's implied) the h career choices, there's an unplanned pregnancy and they get back together, resolve issues and HEA. I'd rate the 1st book a three stars, and the second a two. I'm not a big fan of books about pop stars/Hollywood actors, and i dislike books where the h being career oriented is shown as a negitive thing(which happens in both of these books).. I liked the 1st story more, I just felt it had more depth and character development and I'd say that one is worth a read.I've noticed a lot of reviews mention cheating... I really get annoyed when people review a book, put their own interpretation on it and couch it as if it's a fact,not their opinion. Both books have a Ross/Rachel scenario in which the H/h break up, and during the break the H has sex with someone else. Now, the definition of cheating ... Cheating - to be sexually unfaithfulSo, I can understand why people are upset with the H moving on so quickly ( I was upset too!) and sure you can say it felt like he was cheating,, buuuut but definition you can't be unfaithful to someone if you are no longer together. As you can guess, I'm team Ross ..They were on a break! :)

  • SaraHarlequinJunkie
    2019-05-15 10:20

    Reviewed at HarlequinJunkie.comA Scandal, A Secret, A Baby by Sharon Kendrick is an enchanting gem that is sure to touch your heart!Music composer Justina Perry and business man Dante D' Arezzo ended their relationship on a sour note five years ago. When they unexpectedly run in to one another at a mutual friends wedding sparks begin to fly between the two. Unable to resist their lust for one another they end up in bed together in a one night stand. Not long after Justina finds herself pregnant and alone. She doesn’t want Dante to know that the child that she is carrying is his, but when the tabloids run reports of her pregnancy it proves impossible to keep it hidden from him. Read More

  • April
    2019-05-03 10:29

    Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge through NetGalley for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.Really interesting tale that had my attention the whole time. The pace was wonderful and the characters engaging. Great dynamic in the relationship that made it very believable. Beautiful storytelling that entertained the whole time!It had really great flow and did the job of making me think at times. I love a book that taps into my emotions. I am a real sucker for a sexy romance!! I laugh, I cry and I wish the hero were real so he could be mine! LOLI would love to see more from this author! Definitely one to watch in the future.

  • ❤Sana❤
    2019-05-12 13:39

    The first book was a good read. I don't see Dante as a cheater but wow!! He could easily move on and have it his way just after a week of their break-up "that's so fast by the way".. Well It's not something I would want to experience but he is a good guy anyway; he did his best to persuade Juss to marry him and kept fighting intil he got her.Second book !!! Ok I'm really Still hesitating and I don't know if I will read it or not after the reviews I read. I wished Sharon had mentioned Matteo in A scandal, a secret, a Baby to prepare us for his story.. I still don't know what's with the D'arezzos and the cheating thing :)

  • Aldy
    2019-04-22 13:24

    Me gustó mucho! una lectura liviana pero entretenida, jamás se estanca y ambos personajes mantienen su caracter. Ella es una cantante profesional que valora mucho poder vivir de su trabajo y no se deja mantener por su ex-prometido jamás, incluso embarazada.Él le dice que no la quiere y la maltrata pero a pesar de ello es el primero en cuidarla siempre y no permitir que alguien la desprecie.Me gustó que tampoco se dejase pisar y seducir, él la quería como esposa y cuando ella no quiere ello, él corta por lo sano distanciándose ambos como adultos pero siempre cuidando al bebé, incluso cuando nació él estuvo presente (el bebé nace más o menos a la mitad del libro).

  • Jess F. (From Me to You ... Book Reviews)
    2019-05-02 08:20

    "For the full book, I give it 3.625 out of 5 stars! Both novels revolve around couples who have broken up in some way, the ladies finding out not long after the break up that their men have then slept with another woman, then months or years later they unintentionally reconnect and being left with a "pleasant surprise" that forces them to rethink about their relationships."Read more of my review and two teasers here:

  • Linda Walters
    2019-04-26 14:21

    Both stories were okay. Anger, miscommunications, lack of speaking the truth, pride and fear ruled in both. Oh, and the men in both were Italians, hot, attention getting men. Men who were wealthy and had women throwing themselves at them all the time. I guess I would say that I liked the first story just a little bit better than the second. The second book was quite a bit shorter, although it did manage to draw you into what was going on fairly quickly.

  • Yui
    2019-04-25 16:43

    I don't hate cheating heroes story(much). I even look for this specifically sometimes just to get the grovelling alpha scene. but A scandal, a secret, a baby make it seem like forgiveness is compulsory and not giving it makes you heartless and selfish. There are probably alot of morality issues why this shouldn't be the case but honestly for my guilty pleasure reads the most important why of no compulsory forgiveness is it ruins the grovelling alpha image.

  • Diah Didi
    2019-04-24 09:18

    As always, Sharon Kendrick was successfully make me feel a strong emotions toward the hero and heroine in a good and bad way. Although there were certain things I despised from the four of them (there were two stories inside, so there were two couples), the feelings were very intense.More review will come.Copy provided by Harlequin via Net Galley.

  • TashNz
    2019-04-28 10:32

    free download for signing up to Harlequin newsletter. fantastic read. exactly how these books ued to be written. loved the characters and i even got a bit emotional in the lead up to the finish. 5 stars from me for sure!

  • Devika Fernando
    2019-05-07 10:30

    The romance as such appealed to me, with hunky heroes, exotic settings, lots of sizzle and steam, and heroines who were strong and passionate rather than meek - but I wasn't overly fond of the cheating theme.

  • Crystal
    2019-05-21 08:37

    Loved this book. I just wanted to see Justina give Dante a taste of his own medicine. I loved how the story played out and it kept my attention until the very last page.