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In mystic Sleepy Hollow, succubus Lily Night put her prom date, Campbell Jones, into a coma after a night of wild, unbridled sex. She has steered clear of mortals ever since, afraid of damaging them or worse, not to mention the inconvenience of knocking out the power every time they have sex.Successful architect Campbell Jones has lived with strange powers and a sexy secreIn mystic Sleepy Hollow, succubus Lily Night put her prom date, Campbell Jones, into a coma after a night of wild, unbridled sex. She has steered clear of mortals ever since, afraid of damaging them or worse, not to mention the inconvenience of knocking out the power every time they have sex.Successful architect Campbell Jones has lived with strange powers and a sexy secret since that prom night. He’s buried himself in work to forget the woman who’d dumped him at the ER then vanished from his life without a trace.Neither Lily nor Campbell have forgotten that night or the love they’d shared. Will a 1 Night Stand help them bury their past?...

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  • Judy & Marianne from Long and Short Reviews
    2019-05-02 04:07

    Originally posted at: so great it leaves your lover comatose…Sounds like an enjoyable night to remember. However, for poor Lily, it left her feeling guilty and remorseful over hurting someone she cared deeply for. Lily may be a succubus, but she’s not the typical sex-crazed demon you’d expect. Her night with Campbell Jones made her realize how delicate mortal men can be and she vowed never to let that happen again. But things are a bit more complicated for Lily than that. You see, she needs sex to survive, and endless trysts with other demons just don’t cut it. Lily may have devoted her life since Campbell to education and achievement, but she’s never forgotten the way it felt to be in his arms.After an evening of mind-blowing sex, followed up by several weeks of unconsciousness at the hospital, Campbell has never been the same. Lily’s touch changed him in ways he can’t begin to understand. Part of him is angry at her for abandoning him—justifiably so, who wouldn’t be mad?—but the other part can’t deny that he longs to see and touch her once again, even if it kills him next time. Like Lily, he’s focused his pent up energy and frustration into a successful career. But money can’t buy everything. In Campbell’s case, it certainly hasn’t afforded him happiness. No, his time is spent contemplating how he will even the score if he ever meets up with Lily Night again.I tend to be a little over romantic in my taste of reading material. I swoon over love and mushy stuff—partnered with good sex scenes, of course—tending to lean toward books with a lot of character development and depth, where the sexual tension and heat has built to the point that I’m ready to come out of my own skin. Lighting by Taryn Kincaid, however, grabbed my attention with the first sentence. I must admit that sometimes my mind ventures to places that aren’t lady-like so when I read the first sentence, I had quite a vision in my head. Once I realized Ms. Kincaid wasn’t in the same mindset I was, I had to chuckle to myself. Her first impression was very cleverly executed. I also enjoyed her superb imagery. The examples she uses when Lily is describing her true nature were comical, to say the least, and I found myself laughing quite a bit. Ms. Kincaid employs this skill even further while detailing Lily’s succubus sisters, a couple of true sex-crazed demons.Lightning is a very fast-paced, easy to read story that doesn’t waste a lot of time getting to the good stuff. There is not a lot of deep character development, but the information presented by Ms. Kincaid is sufficient enough to develop an understanding and liking of both Lily and Campbell. I only noticed one editing error toward the beginning. If there were others, I was too engrossed to notice or care. I give this book two thumbs up and eagerly look forward to delving into another one of Taryn Kincaid’s stories.Warning, this book contains expertly penned scenes with saucy succubi, tool-toting hunks, and enough sexual tension to melt your computer screen. Read at your own risk—or at the very least, with a nice tall glass of cold lemonade and a small fan. Ms. Kincaid’s has reunited two lost lovers in a union that will leave you breathless and wanting more.

  • Jen (That's What I'm Talking About)
    2019-05-07 04:22

    *NOTE: this is a duo review for two books...My Ratings: Lightning: 4 stars: Enjoyed - strongly recommend (A-)Thunder: 3.5 stars: Liked it - recommend (B+)Originally posted on 1/18 at: Lightning and Thunder are novella-length books in Decadent Publishing’s 1 Night Stand series. For those unfamiliar, the 1NS series is a set of loosely-tied, yet completely stand alone stories, written by several different authors, all based on a dating service run by the mysterious Madame Eve. Although we never meet her, Madame Eve’s name appears in every story, and she has a exemplary track record for making perfect matches for anyone and everyone - no matter how simple or complex.In Lightning, our heroine Lily Night is a celibate succubus, refusing to have sex with a mortal man for 10 years since she sent her first and only love to the emergency room and into a 6-week coma. Campbell Jones hasn't forgotten Lily or that night which changed his life forever. Now the pair are reunited thanks to Madame Eve, where they may find a second chance at love.I adored that this couple had a prior history and both still deeply cared for (and lusted after) the other. This history allowed me to feel a deeper connection with the couple right from the start, and the “I love you” didn't seem out of place after coming so quickly. Lily and Camp had great chemistry, although I’m not sure why Camp was instructed by 1NS to blindfold Lily for so long. That piece didn’t add to the story and was a little odd. Their uncertainty giving over to lust created a wonderful atmosphere for their reunion. Overall, Lightning is an enjoyable romantic and lusty novella.In Thunder, Ms. Kincaid’s second story from Sleepy Hollow, Camp's younger, playboy brother Sean fantasizes about the widow Veronica Hardwicke to the point that he is having performance issues with the models he normally dates. But since he is the construction foreman for the revisions of Veronica’s multi-million dollar mansion, he would never get involved with the boss, no matter how hot she is. Meanwhile, lonely Veronica dreams of Sean day and night. Having been celibate for the past 5 plus years, Veronica finally decides to give Madame Eve a try, signing up for the 1NS service after the referral from Camp. Of course, Madame Eve always knows the perfect match...Once again, Ms. Kincaid is extremely adept at creating just the right amount of backstory, creating a pre-existing history between the individuals, which makes this shorter length story more satisfying. While allowing for an emotional connection, this story is also full of heat, sex and fun. Although Thunder was slightly more erotic than Lightning, I felt some of the dialogue between Sean and Veronica was a little cheesy, which was mildly distracting. However, the story was another fun romp and a pleasurable read.Both stories are primarily contemporary with a slight paranormal edge. Each can be read independently, but since the Jones brothers are featured in both, it makes it a little more fun to read them together. Lightning and Thunder are both entertaining reads and fun quickies!

  • Andie K.
    2019-05-15 00:13

    4.5 stars!Warning: If you haven't read any 1NS book before, you might want to check out the Official 1 Night Stand series site to learn more about it. Thoughts:Loved it.Why, you may ask. Because it was a quick, fun and H-O-T read with a good plot.The beginning was a lot of fun, because we met Lily's succubus crazy sisters and this trio was absolutely hilarious. Big sisters are trying to take care of little sis.“Lil’s whiter than Edward Cullen and you’re talking about where her diploma should go? It’s like the blind leading the sexless.”And we also get to meet Campbell's brother. They're a joke bomb together too.“My spidey senses are tingling.”“Sure it’s not your cock, you asshole?”Yeah. crazy crew, I know!So when Lily and Campbell "accidently" meet in a bar for the first time in ten years, there's no holding back. Those scenes are hot, steamy yet tasteful. But yes, you should be expecting a "R" scene for sure!And they loooove to tease eachother. It's fun!Lily's full name was something that I DID NOT expect, haha. I think it was a bit risky to put that in, 'cause it could have been a really bad cliché and I don't know what exactly saved it, but I loved it.The thing that I love the most about these 1NS stories is that how the authors put the titles in the books. They're not just metaphorically refering to something, they are present in the books. And Lightning isn't an exception either. Although I don't really get what does a succubus have anything to do with this, 'cause usually the valkyrs are who do this orgasm-causing-lightning thing. I guess that is the only reason why I don't give this book 5 stars. I could have used a tiny explanation. But all together it was good.Honestly, I'm sorry that this was a short story. In my opinion It could have been a great novel.*I received a copy from the author for review purposes.Reviewed @ The Secret Sanctuary of Books

  • Nancy (The Avid Reader)
    2019-05-12 06:25

    The following review is my opinion and not a paid review. I was given a free copy of Lightning from the author for an honest review.Ten years ago on prom night Lily Night a succubus put her date Campbell Jones in a coma after a night of hot and steamy sex. Ever since that night Lily has stayed a way from humans. She is afraid that she will hurt them or worse not to mention the fact that every time she has sex with a human the power goes out. In ten years Lily has not had hardly any kind of sex with anyone even Succubi.Lily's sisters are not like her they will and are always looking for someone to have fun with. Her sisters tease her a lot about not always wanting to have sex like they do. They are very worried about her so they set her up with Madame Eve's online dating service, 1Night Stand. They promise to stop teasing her if she will give the online dating service a chance. Lily agrees and checks out the website. Madame Eve sets her up with a date that she believes is more than compatible.Campbell the dude she put in a coma ten years ago is the guy Madame Eve sets her up with. Neither Lily nor Campbell know this at the time. Campbell and Lily have cared a torch for one another since that night long ago. They meet in a bar but end up under the stars for another night of wild and crazy sex like the night ten years ago at the prom. The only thing different about that night is that Campbell is stronger and can handle Lily now.Lightning is the first book in the 1Night Stand series that I have read. I am glad that I gave it a chance it was a very hot read. When I first agreed to reading it I wasn't sure how I would feel about it. I have not read a lot of books in the erotic romance genre. But I love reading about supernatural or mythical creatures. I am looking forward to reading more of the 1Night Stand series and of Taryn Kincaid's novels as well. I am being to think that everybody should throw in a little erotic into their reading world once in a while.

  • Jean
    2019-05-13 05:21

    A One Night Stand Agency?- Book 1 LightningLily, the female lead, is a succubus who has decided to be celibate after a tragic event.Her sisters are concerned about her so they set up a Madame Evangeline's web site 1 Night Stand account for Lily.Her mystery date blindfolds her however, his voice sounds familiar. Will Lily be upset or happy to find out the identity of her mystery date?- Book 2 ThunderVeronica, the female lead, is remodeling her mansion and has help from Sean, the male lead. Veronica is a lonely widow who also signed up for Madame Evangeline's 1 Night Stand services She demands that he comes up to her place on the Fourth of July weekend where there is definite sparks flying.- Book 3 FrostDagney, the female lead, is an art gallery owner and decides to use Madame Evangeline 1 Night Services now enters Raine, the male lead, an the events take off.- Book 4 Heat WaveZena, the female lead, has ignored the Queen's summons, so the Queen send Bhyrne to "retrieve" her at any cost. - Book 5 BlizzardMandy, the female lead, is at a convention, however, a terrible storm has hit and she is anxious to get home and see her husband.She has to stop and pull over at a gas station due to the weather, where she meets a stranger..Audrey Lusk did well with the narration.Note:"This audio book was provided by the author, narrator, or publisher at no cost in exchange for an unbiased review."

  • Amy
    2019-05-09 00:14

    There's something to be said for a short, sexy little novella that knocks you off your feet like this one. This is the first that I have read in the Madame Evangeline 1NS series, but I am really looking forward to reading the rest. Especially the ones written by Taryn! I can't wait to read more about Lily's sisters!This is the second book I've read by Taryn and I liked it even better than the first!Lilith is a succubus, and when she was new in her power she nearly killed the love of her life-her prom date Campbell. This scared her enough to swear off her succubus ways and she has stopped having sex with humans entirely ever since THAT night.Pestered to death by her fellow Succubi sisters Dagney and Zena (who we get to meet in later 1NS stories) Lily gives in and lets them sign her up for Madame Evageline's 1NS dating service. Campbell has never forgotten the night he shared with Lily in high school, or the fact that when he woke up from a coma 6 weeks later she had disappeared from his life. He's filled his life since with his job and meaningless sex when he needs it, but nothing compares to his fantasies of Lily. After urging from his brother he signs up for a date with the 1NS dating service.I am so amazed that in only 40 pages, Taryn is able to develop these characters so well and still fit in earth shattering sex. Loved it! I'm sure you will too!!

  • The BookChick
    2019-04-27 04:17

    My Rating: ❤❤❤❤½ VERY GOOD: The characteristics of a heart book include: a great story; I loved the characters; and there was an interesting plot and unique story elements; there may have been a few odd things kept the story from being amazing. I would read it again and I would recommend it to a friend.My Thoughts:I generally enjoy all of the books in the 1NS and Taryn Kincaid's "Lightning" was no exception. The book had equal amounts of steamy and sexy. I love how Madame Eve always provided the protagonists with just what they need. Lily Night was a succubus who was mostly celibate because of an almost deadly sexual experience with her high school sweetheart, Campbell Jones. On prom night, Lily and Camp had a night of passion that left him in a lengthy coma and caused her to flee. But Lily left Camp with a little something special from their encounter. That "something" coupled with "the-girl-that-got-away" longing left Camp's life in pseudo state of limbo. But all was not lost and Madame Eve came to the rescue, uniting the couple in a most deliciously sexy manner. This book was a quick read but a total winner that left me wanting more...and longer.

  • Tee loves Kyle Jacobson
    2019-05-17 05:23

    I have to say I LOVE LOVE absolutely LOVE the 1Night Stand Series! Man oh man these short Novellas tell us so much. I have found that the few I have read left me wanting more and more. The idea of a one night stand is scary but at the same time sexy.Lily is with Campbell Jones the all star football player and all american dream boyfriend. They are at senior prom and Lily is going to give Campbell her most prized possession but what happens when she gives him that is not what anyone expected. After having one night full of passion Camp gets hurt and Lily flees leaving Camp to wonder if he did something wrong to her. Ten years later and he is still stuck on Lily just like she is stuck on Camp. Lily has never forgotten her one and only true love Campbell and thinks about him everyday. When she is forced into a one night stand at Madame Evangeline's choosing she is nervous but what she gets in return is totally EPIC! Lily and Campbell are about to be reunited and what happens to them is a love story at it's fullest.This is a novella so it is short but what is packed into those 44 pages is pure love and hot smokey sex that will leave you wanting more!Is 1Night enough for true lovers?????????

  • Lily at Bookluvrs Haven
    2019-05-01 22:28

    Review originally featured on Bookluvrs HavenFeel like a quick, erotic read to warm up your insides on a cold winter night? (wink) This short story is definitely for you then.I have read full length novels involving succubi before, and they are definitely really interesting, however they were mostly YA, so I have yet to read the full scope of what a succubus can do. This short story takes you all the way in this adult read. And... it's scorching hot! Have your man nearby (or whatever you would like nearby LOL) because this story is high up on the heat meter.As to actual plot and character development... well, you get enough to get a feeling of who our main characters are, but you won't find a deep story here, no pun intended. This short novella is all about two characters that are completely drawn to each other, and share an amazing night together. Oh yes, there is a romance aspect to it. Lots of 'lovey doveyness' to satisfy us romantic types. But it is most certainly an erotic tale, and a very juicy one at that.*I received a eBook copy of this book for free to review from the author; this in no way influenced my review, all opinions are 100% honest and my own.*

  • Christi Snow
    2019-04-22 06:31

    My ReviewTen years ago, Lily and Campbell had the most amazing prom night ever. Unfortunately, it left him in a coma for two months, something succubus, Lily, has never forgotten. Since then she’s a bit gunshy about her sexuality and never considers sleeping with mortals anymore. Despite the fact that her practically celibate nature is killing her, she’s sure this is the best route. Finally her sisters convince her to use Madame Eve’s services.Campbell was irrevocably changed that prom night and even though it left him in a coma for two months, he’s never forgotten Lily. He still wants her and wonders what happened to her because after that night she completely disappeared.I loved this story. This was definitely a love rediscovered story. It had such an interesting twist with the succubus aspect to it. I loved the creativity of it and the fact that both these characters continued to yearn secretly after the other, even all these years later. It was a very natural feeling story even with the paranormal side. It was also incredibly sexy. I could feel the tension between the two leap off the page. I truly enjoyed it and can’t wait to read the others in this series about the succubus sisters by Taryn Kincaid.

  • Kelly
    2019-05-11 04:19

    A very fun, very sexy little read featuring a succubus who's not all that keen on using her ability to seduce and arouse mortals after injuring her first love in an unbridled display of youthful sexual exuberance. Lily's locked down so tight it's amazing she hasn't shattered. Campbell, sadly, is in much the same predicament. Although it's been 10 years since their explosive coming together (and I can only assume they did both come together given what happened to poor Campbell), they're both holding a torch for the other. Enter Madame Eve and 1 Night Stand to get these two love birds back on the road to perpetual happiness. Or at least a long night of boning.Despite the length of the story, we're given some really interesting characters who have plenty of back story and who generate the type of heat that causes the sky to crackle. The secondary characters -- Lily's sisters and Campbell's brother -- are fun (and often naughty). I'm sure they'll all get their chance at a 1 Night Stand down the road. At least I can only hope they all do.-Kelly @ Reading the Paranormal

  • JoAnne Kenrick
    2019-04-20 06:17

    Lightning by Taryn Kincaid had me right from the opening sentence, and I was pulled into Taryn's world of Sleepy hollow all over again; just like I was in Sleepy Hollow Dreams.Oh. MY. GOSH! This story is hilarious. It's smoking hot. And a most excellent addition to the 1Night Stand series.I loved the cooky twilight references.“Lil’s whiter than Edward Cullen and you’re talking about where her diploma should go? It’s like the blind leading the sexless.” And Lily's interaction with her succubi sisters is so natural and snarky. And their sexual antics had me laughing so hard!Dag. Hate to feast and run, but something’s just come up.Mortals. Bleh.But it's not all about the laughs. Oh no. Campbell is delicious.“I am your date, baby.” His sensual whisper blazed through her like a jolt of electricity, doing tantalizing things to her heart and mind. “Last chance to back out. If you want to.” Lily and Campbell together are HAWT! Readers who love second chances and High School reunion paranormal stories will just LOVE this. I can't wait to read THUNDER!

  • A.R. Von
    2019-04-27 02:14

    I've read quite a few Madame Evangeline’s 1NS stories and each one is just as entertaining and original as the last. Taryn Kincaid wrote us a quick and satisfying short that feeds the need for a speedy fix and now notably my favorite of all the 1NS stories I've read to date. Any paranormal erotic and romance reader will enjoy the quick escape into Lightning.Lily is a succubus that’s a different type altogether compared to others out there, including her sisters. After her first intimate experience, leaving the guy in a coma, she’s refrained from sex with human’s altogether and barely gets or looks for it elsewhere. One day her sisters step in and introduce her to 1NS and promise to leave her alone if she gives it a try. She goes through with it more just to get her sisters off her back and leave her be than the curiosity that has peeked. What she gets when the night comes is more than she could dream of and ever thought possible.This story is fun, funny, sexy and touching and an amazing and engrossing read that will leave you wanting more of both the story itself and of Taryn’s vivid and creative writing :)

  • Tishia (Paperback Opinion)
    2019-05-14 02:01

    Lightning by Taryn Kincaid is part of the 1Night Stand series put out by Decadent Publishing. All the books in this series are by different authors, and have a one night stand theme with a matchmaking agency called 1Night Stand. In this story, we have Lily – who is a succubus. On the night of her prom, she had sex with her date Campbell and ended up putting him in a coma. She leaves town, and this book comes into play 10 years later. They are both lonely, so they individually contact the matchmaking service and end up getting together.Needless to say, they are very surprised to see each other. They have a very sexy reunion that comes with an R rating. It was an extremely quick read – only approximately 40 pages. On the bright side, the author did a good job of catching the reader up to speed with the past events. On the down side – it's too short. With short books, everything just has to happen so fast... so for me it's hard to feel the sparks that go into relationships that take a little more time to build. The story is steamy and well written, I'm just beginning to decide that short stories really aren't my thing.

  • Crystal
    2019-04-29 23:08

    I really love these 1Night Stand Series. Each book has just a little touch of magic and sometimes they have more.Lily Night is a succubus and she didn't know how to channel her powers in high school. That turned out bad for Campbell Jones. After so many pleasures that night lightning strikes and Campbell is put in a coma. Lily take him to the ER and disappears. She thinks about him for ten years and knows she can never be with another mortal ever again.Campbell has become a great architect and after his night with Lily and he came out of his coma after two months, he found out that he had some special powers. He has vowed to never tell Lily's secret. He can't stop thinking about her and still wants her.Both of them are set up on a blind date with the 1Night Stand and boy are they both surprised when they find out who their dates are. Needless to say you will be seeing Lightning tonight.

  • Haley Whitehall
    2019-04-28 02:30

    I enjoyed this short very hot read. It is another novella in the One Night Stand Line. Lily is a succubus with lightening powers, and after accidentally putting her boyfriend Campbell Jones in a coma on prom night she's sworn off mortals. Her sisters intervene saying she's wasting away without male attention and arrange a one night stand through Madame Eve's service for her high school reunion. She never expected her One Night Stand to be the same Campbell Jones. Can they renew their love?Wow, this wad electric. Did I say it was a hot read? I do have two complaints. I didn't think that the succubus part was explained very well to Campbell. I just didn't find that part believable, and I also found the ending a little surprising. After all they haven't seen each other since high school.

  • Buffy Kennedy
    2019-05-01 00:03

    This novella was just plain funny! Very witty, it’ll have you laughing out loud on occasion. The world created is fun and interesting, though I wish we got a little more insight into it, such as why does the lightning come along with sex for a succubus or incubus. The chemistry between the main characters is sizzling. Almost literally, it’s like barely harnessed power.The moment they realize who their date is was laughable and awkwardly fun. They proceed on their date, and there’s lot of foreplay, but I feel like the rest of the night was a little rushed. That being said it had a very sweet ending. I look forward to more from this author!Hot, fun, and sweet, Lightning is sure to get your blood pumping and laugh rolling with its bold characters. Recommended!

  • Kim Carmichael
    2019-05-06 22:01

    I received this story in exchange for an honest review. I loved the fact that this short didn't feel like a short at all. This came complete with two very well fleshed out characters, a great story with conflict and lots of steamy goodness. The story itself was a sweet reunion that left this reader feeling very satisfied. I also liked the author's use of the male point of view, it was very believable. All in all a great, fast, steamy read. I can hardly wait to get my hands on the rest of her stories.

  • Catherine
    2019-04-22 01:29

    LOVED. I absolutely ADORE Taryn's writing, and Lightning is no exception. In a few (like, 50) pages, she gives us a fantastic heroine and a sexy hero to root for, a great backstory, and some scintillating romance. I'm anxious to get my grubby little hands on Thunder. And anything else Taryn writes.

  • Crystal McCabe
    2019-04-20 02:10

    Another great romance/erotic read from Taryn Kincaid. Like "Thunder", this book is a quick read that is well worth the time. If you are interested in a story about "getting to the good stuff" quickly, you'd love Ms. Kincaid's style and I imagine most of the other 1Night Stand reads as well. I recommend it if you like the genre and have a little spare time to get a good read in.

  • Jessica Subject
    2019-05-11 22:09

    This is such a sexy story and one of my favorite 1Night Stand stories that I've read. I really enjoyed visiting Sleepy Hollow in Sleepy Hollow Dreams, and enjoyed revisiting the town in Lightning. The history between the two main characters is established well. And when they are reunited thanks to Madame Eve, a smokin' hot night awaits them. I highly recommend Lightning by Taryn Kincaid.

  • OrchardBookClub
    2019-05-02 05:30

    Another great romance/erotic read from Taryn Kincaid. Like "Thunder", this book is a quick read that is well worth the time. If you are interested in a story about "getting to the good stuff" quickly, you'd love Ms. Kincaid's style and I imagine most of the other 1Night Stand reads as well. I recommend it if you like the genre and have a little spare time to get a good read in.~ Crystal

  • April
    2019-05-11 00:22

    I love me a story of list lovers reunited!!! And this one does not disappoint. Super hot scenes and the dynamic between the two is awesome. I won this book in a blog hop an wasn't sure what to expect. Now I need to go and purchase the next one! I hope we get stories for Lily's sisters!!!

  • Tia
    2019-05-10 00:30

    It was effed up and we didn't really get the whole picture of the story since it starts off so quickly. It was only okay for me.

  • Angela Hunter
    2019-05-15 23:21

    You will LOVE this series! Great read, funny and sexy!

  • Lola Karns
    2019-05-11 03:08

    Very hot paranormal short. Madame Eve works her magic (again) as a Succubus takes on a mortal.

  • S.J.
    2019-05-06 04:25

    This might be a quick read, but it's packed full with interesting characters and a heart felt story. I'm looking forward to reading the other books in this series. Definitely not a series to miss.

  • Beckey
    2019-05-04 22:13

    See my review on Sleep Hollow which has all shorts in the series neatly packaged in one book...