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Available for the first time in hardcover, preacher Jesse Custer begins his dark journey to find God, in this volume collecting PREACHER #1-12, plus pinups from PREACHER #50 and #66. After merging with a bizarre spiritual force called Genesis, Texan preacher Jesse Custer has become completely disillusioned with the beliefs to which he had dedicated his entire life. Now posAvailable for the first time in hardcover, preacher Jesse Custer begins his dark journey to find God, in this volume collecting PREACHER #1-12, plus pinups from PREACHER #50 and #66. After merging with a bizarre spiritual force called Genesis, Texan preacher Jesse Custer has become completely disillusioned with the beliefs to which he had dedicated his entire life. Now possessing the power of "the word," an ability to make people do whatever he utters, Custer begins a violent and riotous journey across the country. Joined by his gun-toting girlfriend Tulip and the hard-drinking Irish vampire Cassidy, Custer loses faith in both God and man as he witnesses dark atrocities and improbable calamities during his exploration of America. This new collected edition features an all-new introduction by series writer Garth Ennis....

Title : Preacher, Book 1
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Preacher, Book 1 Reviews

  • Anne
    2019-05-20 00:23

    Holy fuck, this was AMAZING!Ok. Whatever you do, do not let that dumbass tv show scare you away. Because from the 4 or 5 episodes I managed to sit through, it appears that they managed to stripped away everything cool about the comic and turn it into an unwatchable travesty. The characters have the same names, and there's a vague use of the overall idea that went with the graphic novel...but with an extra helping of stupid.Maybe it gets better...?If it does, let me know. Regardless, as is the usual case, the comic is far superior.And the thing is, when you try to explain what this is about it just ends up sounding like a horribly retarded idea. See, God is on the run from this ex-preacher dude, who suddenly got the ability to make anyone do anything because of this infantish entity that escaped from Heaven and jumped inside of him. Oh, and the woman the preacher ghosted years ago finds him in the rubble of his church while on the run from a mobster she shot at - riding with a vampire she tried to carjack. Meanwhile, some angels wake up this zombieish gunslinger who never misses and can't be killed to hunt down the preacher and steal back the whatever-it-is-entity.And I haven't even gotten around to Arseface!Or Jessie's grandmother...I know. I know. This sounds like the perfect recipe for a hot mess, but believe me when I say it is one of the most interesting things I've read in a long time. Highly Recommended!

  • Donovan
    2019-05-05 00:22

    [image error]Well I wish could go back in time and punch myself in the face. Because this book was awesome. And my head was clearly up my ass when I first read it a few years ago. Take it from me, sometimes one read is not enough for something that's really different. Preacher is this insane mix of western, supernatural horror, romance, and black comedy. One of those "impossible" genre combos but it seems to work, at least for me on a second read. It's dark, romantic, creepy, hilarious, exciting, crude, and horrifying. It can definitely be offensive to the religious, the animal lover, the southerner, the Texan, the police, the criminal, the teenager, pretty much everyone. But that's good, because we're all too serious and self-important anyway. "Christ, I think I'd grow old overnight if I lost you."Hidden under Garth Ennis' wild violence and profanity is a story of drama. Jesse Custer, our hero, suddenly has incredible power and finds himself in the company of an Irish vampire, Cassidy, and his ex-girlfriend Tulip. There's John Wayne, angels and demons, something called Genesis, and the Killer of Saints. But it's really Jesse's story of coming of age through absolute hell, and his arrival upon his well-deserved power and vengeance, that is the meat and potatoes of the book. And it's filled with brilliant writing like the quote above. Between Steve Dillon illustrating, one of my all time favorites Matt Hollingsworth coloring, and Glenn Fabry illustrating the covers, this is a fantastic looking book! It's basically the style that Image is going for these days, clean lines, deep colors, realistic but still cartoony. And it just works great. I really enjoyed looking at these images. And those covers are industry-topping. Like Brian Bolland-level. Read this!A Short Note on the Deluxe Edition...This edition is from 2009, so I'm not sure if Vertigo has since put out a new edition. But anyway. Not the most impressive version of this book. The dust jacket is well-designed but thin. The cover is durable but plain black paper over board. The glued binding is okay, some gutter loss, but the book does lay flat. Credit is due to the paper, though, which is pretty thick and high gloss, making up for the lackluster design elsewhere. I'm not surprised, no one can match Image quality. Overall it's better than a paperback, but not great for the retail price. Hardcore fans should look at the leather bound Absolute editions.

  • Char
    2019-05-06 22:13

    This graphic novel volume, (containing issues 1-12), was ultra-violent, irreverent, extremely funny and fascinating. I can't wait to read the next one!!My highest recommendation to fans of horror and graphic novels!

  • Maria (Big City Bookworm)
    2019-05-12 16:09

    “You gotta be one of the good guys son: ’cause there’s way too many of the bad.”Somehow, I had never heard of Preacher until AMC announced the television show adaptation. How that is even possible is beyond me. Preacher is so up my alley, it’s insane. I heard about the television show a little while back now and I had purchased Book One right away because I’m one of those people that likes to read whatever the television show or film is based on before I watch it. It was sitting on my shelf, waiting to be read, when all of the sudden it was the night of the television show premiere and I hadn’t read it yet! I decided to watch it anyway, and immediately after the episode ended I knew I needed to read it right away.I didn’t really know what I was getting myself into when I started reading Preacher. I figured it had religious elements with slightly darker undertones, but that was about as far as my knowledge of the series went. I didn’t know anything about any of the characters or any of the plot lines. I pretty much went into it blindly.Preacher tells the story of Jesse Custer, a Preacher in a small-town within Texas who has become fused with a mysterious entity known as Genesis that allows him to control people by making them obey his every command. In order to figure out what the hell is going on, he has to journey his way across America in search of answers while encountering quite the cast of characters.Let me tell you, I absolutely loved this first book. It started out a little slow, as most comic series do. It slowly introduced the main characters as well as a few minor side characters. Our three main protagonists are Jesse Custer, also known simply as Preacher. Jesse is the Preacher at a small congregation in Texas. We don’t know much about him, or how he became a Preacher as the story begins, but you can instantly tell that there is a lot more to learn about him. We then meet a young woman named Tulip who seems as though she has got herself mixed up into something bad. While on the run, she meets a strange Irishman named Cassidy who agrees to help her escape. As the story continues, we slowly learn how all three of these characters are intertwined.Keep in mind that I have only read Book One of Six so far and I can already tell you that these three characters alone are perfect. They are so well written and complex. My favourite of the three, by far, has to be Cassidy. There’s just something about him. He’s so cool and charismatic, and he definitely brings in a lot of comic relief. I hope to do a comic/television series comparison once the first season is finished, but I must say that the cast choice of Joe Gilgun for Cassidy is perfection. From what I’ve seen so far, he does a fantastic job and I absolutely loved him in Misfits and Pride!I thought it would take some time before we learned more about Jesse and his past, but no…this first book gets right into it and holy shit…was it ever insane. Jesse’s backstory gave me a whole new perspective on his character and why he is the way that he is. I mean, this was probably one of the most twisted backstories I have ever read. It was insane and I can only imagine what it was like for him to go through everything that he did. I’m sure this isn’t the last that we are going to see of Jesse and his past and I’m excited…and also kind of nervous, to see where his story will go.While Jesse and Cassidy have definitely made an impression on me, I can’t say the same for Tulip as of right now. Don’t get me wrong, I think she’s a total badass and a pretty awesome character, but I feel like I still need to learn more about her. Hell, I still need to learn more about Cassidy to for…reasons (I’m trying to avoid spoilers here), but I just haven’t really become attached to Tulip yet. However, she is a promising character and I really do hope I’ll get to learn more about her soon!On top of these three characters, we also meet an entire cast of smaller minor characters. Whether it’s the Adelphi and the Seraphi, the L’Angells or, hell, even Arseface…these side characters are just as intriguing as our main protagonists. I can’t wait to learn more about each and every one of these characters as I continue on with the series.Preacher is filled to the brim with violence and cursing and all kinds of other debauchery and I absolutely loved it. It contains everything that I love in a story, whether it be a graphic novel, book, television series or film. I can totally understand why it would be considered a cult favourite and I can already tell it’s going to become a personal all-time favourite of mine!--Initial post reading thoughts:Holy shit. This was so great. I loved it. This was right up my alley. I'm so glad I already own the second book so I can continue reading ASAP.

  • David Schaafsma
    2019-05-21 19:02

    “I’m lookin’ for the Lord ‘cause I figure he deserted his creation. I aim to bring him to book for that little transgression: To confront him and to hear him answer to that charge. He has an obligation to do right by the world he’s made an’ the folks he’s peopled it with. He quits and runs, he ain’t facin’ up to his responsibilities.”—The Preacher.I read the first volume of this a few years ago pretty quickly and thought it was okay. But now I’ve read a lot more comics and have become either more jaded by my reading or more appreciative, not sure, but maybe I read this a little more slowly this time, because I was more into it. This comic is a project from the mid-nineties set in Texas involving The Reverend Jesse Custer, his ex-girlfriend Tulip and an Irish punk vampire named Cassidy. It is a mash-up of genres and influences: Pulp Fiction (but the next step in ultra-violence), southern gothic, and sweet romance! It has some supernatural elements connected to something called Genesis (a being part angel, part demon that I have to say I don’t still fully understand or appreciate) but it has demons and devils and angles and Grandma and some over-the-top brutality that it seems to both revel in and abhor on some level.Book 1 encompasses Issues # 1-12 and is basically a violent revenge fantasy with a few strong tablespoons of very black comedy mixed in. It’s quite a ride, clearly not for the squeamish. Bu underneath the seamy profane surface is the story of a preacher who has lost his faith in God based on some terrible stuff he has seen and been through. And it’s maybe also about redemption through love, in part. I make a connection in my reading of it to Moore’s Swamp Thing (and there are some references to Swampy in this) and the sort of national sweep of its scope of societal critique, as the trio go on a kind of rampage together. But it’s also meant to be funny, irreverent as hell. I liked it quite a bit this time, for sure. I'd say 4.5, but it is quite a start for the series.

  • L. McCoy
    2019-04-28 22:15

    So I’m about to read book two but before I do that I figured I’d review this fantastic and controversial book!What’s it about?A struggling pastor and his friends travel the country to find God... well, okay, not in a family Christian movie kinda way. More in a pastor gets possessed by a powerful half-angel, half-demon hybrid and teams up with his mass-murdering ex-girlfriend and an Irish vampire on an adventure where they find out God is missing kinda way. Seriously, who wouldn’t read a book with that storyline?Why it gets 5 stars:The story is obviously a cool and unique one! It’s also surprisingly emotional at times. I could just go on and on about how great this story is but I don’t want to give spoilers and I got other things to talk about in this review but anyways, the story is amazing and insane.The art is freaking awesome (RIP Steve Dillon).There’s lots of intense, fun and bloody action scenes throughout.With how crazy this book is it’s also unpredictable.The characters are super interesting and Ennis is great at making you really care about what happens. This cast of characters includes a pastor who is not the kind of person you’d expect to be a pastor, the murderous ex that was forced to be away from the man she loved, a heavy-drinking, snarky Irish vampire, an insane religious family, a teen who failed at killing himself and a crazy sheriff.The villains are great.I actually like the things Ennis implies about religion. If you follow me you probably know by now that I love God and Jesus but think that religion is a lie that God would probably hate. Though I did hear that there’s later some negative things about God in this series (I cannot really comment on that though because I haven’t got there), this volume mocks how bats*** crazy some religious folks are and I gotta say, Ennis ain’t wrong about that. There also seemed to be a subtle childfree thing in the same subplot which I thought was pretty cool.This book is often very funny. Yes, it has it’s reputation for gore and controversy but it does not stop this book from being very funny.Overall:This comic is wonderful. With the awesome action, the fantastic art, the unique story and great cast of characters, I don’t know why you wouldn’t read this! Highly recommend this book!5/5

  • Mara
    2019-05-20 21:26

    Even everyone's favorite droog, wee little Alex, would be hard up to deny that when you ride alongside Preacher you're in for a bit of the good old ultraviolence. So, before I even attempt to capture just a smidgen of this caustic cataclysm, I'll tell you straight off that this is not for little eyes or the faint of heart.Garth Ennis actually had me laughing aloud from the start with his "sugar-coated" introduction to the collection, which is rife with "cloying sentimentality" (spoiler alert: that's sarcasm). Having never before read a graphic novel that featured neither a superhero nor Archie and his gang (leave me alone- I was nine), I had no idea what to expect- just that a cast of talented, twisted minds had written reviews suggesting that even their sick psyches had been on overload with this one. Obviously, I wanted in.So what's brought on all this insanity? Well, the big man upstairs seems to be on the lam and the Adelphi aren't exaggerating when they proclaim that, well...Our lovable cast of characters (featuring our preacher, Jesse, his ex, Tulip, and Cassius, a vampire who most definitely does not sparkle in the sunlight) down on earth aren't doing so hot either. Among other things, the Saint of Killers is on the loose and (Harry Dresden, take note) this is one dude who knows how to rock a duster.The writing and the art combine in awesome synergy, creating an explosive story line rife with, as promised, that good old ultraviolence.While it's by no means fit for the squeamish, it does have that certain something (often seen in Tarantino's work) that makes it somehow palatable in its popping extremes.Meanwhile, there are images in this one that will give me nightmares for months- but those have nothing to do with guts and gore. I'm tempted to give you a peek, but as I assemble my unworthy commentary, I'm realizing that reading this in full is just so much better than catching glimpses.Extra credit:The background characters in every scene are worth closely examining as the art is just meticulously amazing. In one instance, I found a fellow who looks strikingly similar to Mama June of Honey Boo Boo fame (I've never seen the show, but it's hard to forget the sight of someone who looks like a human thumb).

  • Roxanne
    2019-05-12 22:22

    I mean it's pretty fucking crackers to be fair, and i don't know what drugs you gotta take to dream this shit up, but it makes for pretty interesting reading. I'm really loving the tv show as well, and that is equally nuts and they're quite different i would say you can read this without spoiling the show or vice versa. The comic does jump around a lot they're never really in the same place for more than five minutes, a lot of shit goes down very quickly sometimes you have to read over panels to take on board everything that is going down. If you're not a fan of having a shit ton of information throw at you at once then i don't think you'd get on well with this, for twelve issues it's a pretty hectic read and you just gotta go with it. There's not a dull character here, even the minor characters all up their crazy game, you're immediately interested and very wary of any new people being introduced by the end of this. Still not sure whether i'm ever gonna get over meeting Jesse's grandmother, just an absolute horror show. Plus there's still a shit ton of questions you're left with to keep you reading. Definitely worth picking up and totally worth its hype, i should have read it way before now. Plus watch the show because that is just my fave lately!

  • Cheese
    2019-05-17 17:11

    Still the best comic series out there.

  • Blindzider
    2019-05-21 17:23

    Well, I didn't hate it! From the various reviews and comments I've heard and read, this series can be very polarizing so I was hesitant to jump in, but glad I did. Yes, there's quite a bit of profanity and graphic violence, know that up front. There's also some biting wit and sarcasm which I enjoy. The last few issues of this volume sealed the deal for me when you find out the "origin" of the main character and basically go through his rite of passage. Ennis invoked some real emotions in the characters and played off them nicely. The mix of violence, profanity, and just plain craziness that happens reminds me of the film Pulp Fiction (which I love immensely) and should give a nice comparison if you are still unsure about reading this series.I've never been a huge fan of Dillon's art, always seeming to be a bit simplistic. While this is older, there's a bit more detail than I'm used to seeing from him and the inking adds to a slightly rough, darker tone for the series (which it needs). His panel composition and storytelling are excellent though. These are two things you don't even think about until they are terrible. A good artist will make these natural and seamless and Dillon does just that.I've already purchased V2 and plan to go ahead and buy the rest.

  • K
    2019-05-11 21:07

    One hell of a ride. Uzivala sam uz svih 12 brojeva. Jedva cekam da zapocnem drugi book!

  • Kate
    2019-05-11 20:13


  • Paz R.M.
    2019-05-05 22:20

    4 Stars.Preacher, book one collects issues #1-12. Written by Garth Ennis and illustrated by Steve Dillon, Preacher was first published in 1995. From the artwork to the dialogues, this graphic novel screams 90s, but it is still to this day one of the most acclaimed and beloved comic book franchise, so of course, it was about damn time I picked this up.What's Preacher about? In a world where God had left and abandoned heaven and all creation, a celestial being, Genesis, the spawn of an angel and a demon is being hunted by angels. Genesis has a power capable of matching God's, so he escapes possessing Reverend Jesse Custer, an alcoholic pastor from a small town church. Now Jesse, with a new celestial power, is on the run trying to find answers. This is an ''epic'' tale of a man, literally, trying to find God. It is a story about friendship, just not your typical friendship, of love, except that the lovers have been through hell since they last saw each other, and about family, what a creepy, scary and fucked up family. It is a story about religion, but what a blasphemy this book is. It's also a road trip story in Texas and this location sets the tone so well, from the ambience to the accents, to the desolation and the hell hole of towns we meet.Preacher is a black comedy, full with obscenities, ultraviolence, chaos and destruction. It's blasphemous and unapologetic. Irreverent and strangely compelling.Personally, the beginning was tough. I struggled to care, after all, I've seen the story before, but this comic is 20 years old so I can't complain much about it. However, when I got around issue #5 I was once again interested and I started to enjoy this comic completely. The characters were growing on me, especially Cassidy, I was slowly investing myself not only in the story, but in the relationships as well. Yes, it was a slow start, but I'm telling you it does pan out and now I'm excited to keep reading.If you're looking for a violent and irreverent adventure, if you want to feel shocked and entertained, this is the one for you.

  • Michael Benavidez
    2019-05-09 22:30

    This is a balls to the wall biblical, southern explosion of destruction. and it rocks! The art is fantastic. Panel by panel, the art is amazing. I love it. The dialogue is what sells this though. The ways the characters speak is so natural, so completely real, it draws you in. hell I even started speaking with a southern accent after reading this.

  • Lindsey Lynn
    2019-05-03 18:26

    So I want to start by saying, I really enjoyed this graphic novel but PLEASE be open minded if you read this. This book is definitely rated R. I loved the detailed story line and twists. If you do decide to read this, have fun and enjoy the ride!

  • Layton
    2019-05-10 21:10

    Before I ever read novels, I read comics.Comics were my life.I probably have over a thousand comics and over a hundred graphic novels in my closet at home.In recent years, I have moved on from my comic-reading habits. While I've always loved comics and look back on my early childhood love of them frequently, I couldn't see myself reading them again. Not because I'm too old for them or because I considered them "childish", but because I felt I wasn't accustomed to the medium any longer.This all changed after I recently watched few episodes of Preacher on AMC. I quite liked it and saw some of the positive reviews the comics the television series was based on were getting, and I thought "Hell, I'll try it out." I'm so glad I did. This graphic novel was a blast. It reminded me of why I have always loved comics and the ways that graphic novels can sometimes tell stories even better than normal novels. The storylines are brilliant, the characters are incredibly funny, lovable, and interesting, and become even more so in subsequent volumes. Here is one of my favorite illustrations from this volume:Five hooerin' Stars

  • Aldo Haegemans
    2019-04-30 17:07

    I like the tv show! So having the comic exited me. But this was Just insane. The most crazy storyline’s I have read in comics were the walking dead. This whole angelville storyline might have Just topped this. The hate for those 3 is real and very satisfying to see the demise of them. Now Bring me more preacher!!!!!

  • Stephen Collins
    2019-05-05 23:22

    I was surprised when I heard a TV series of The Preacher had been made.I have not seen it but Looks bad.The graphic novels are one best series I have read.But It won't work as TV because its too blasphemous

  • Anthony
    2019-05-17 00:28

    Wow! I need more of this. Like right now. Coming into this after starting the TV show, it's interesting to see the differences and similarities. It looks like the TV show is going to do its own thing, while still taking things from the book. But this is really good. I'm not usually one for graphic content and violence but like...some of the stuff in here is insane. It's kind of amazing how this got green lit to a TV show.

  • C. Varn
    2019-04-24 16:02

    This does not feel possible to make nowGarth Ennis' gonzo Southern Gothic story feels different 20 years out, but it still feels transgressive as an adult like it did when I was find individual issues in my teens. Ennis' transgression is hyperbolic and feels like the work of a young writer trying to figure out exactly the limits of what he could get away with. Yet there is a lot of real, raw genius here and the character of Jesse and madcap world he lives in still works. It does seem like Ennis is throwing everything and the kitchen sink to the concepts in this comic, but I get the feeling it solidifies as the comic progresses.

  • Charles
    2019-05-01 16:13

    I'm going to say three and a half stars. I was on my way to giving it a three but the ending lifted it a bit. I'll say that one strong point is the dialogue. It generally rang very true to my ears. I didn't particularly like any of the characters or form any connection with any of them. Probably my favorite was Cassidy. Early on, I was quite disappointed with the "Preacher" himself. He isn't a strong or capable character. And until the very end of the book, the only "power" he has is that which is given him by something else. At the end, though, we did see him rise to the occasion and stand on his own two feet. I liked that a lot. That arc might have been the intent of the creators, although it certainly took quite a while to get there if so. The power itself wasn't terribly interesting, although I sure would like to have it. It's the ability to make others do what you tell them by just compelling them mentally. Once that ability manifests itself, you have to then come up with folks who can't be compelled for some reason or another or you don't have a story. As I was looking through the reviews I saw a number of people mention the graphic violence and the blasphemous content. I guess it shows what I'm normally used to reading because my first thought on reading such comments was, "what violence?" I didn't think it was particularly violent. I can see, however, why someone who has strong religious beliefs might find the story blasphemous. It does to the Christian supernatural what the Greeks did with their gods, that is, make the divine utterly human except for having greater powers. Will I read the next in the series? Not right now. Maybe down the line. I'm glad to have had this introduction to Preacher, who I see a lot of comics fans holding up as a very fine example of the field. Time for me to sample something else though. I also just learned there's a TV series based on it. I don't have any plans to see it. I have watched the new TV series "Lucifer," which I like pretty well and which has some interesting parallels to Preacher. Not sure if there is any connection.

  • Mike Clooney
    2019-04-25 00:01

    I'm very rarely offended. You can be racist, homophobic, foul-mouthed, whatever brand of politically incorrect you want... I don't waste my time getting riled up about other people's hang-ups. You should probably have the same mindset if you're gonna read PREACHER. It's a modern comics masterpiece, but it's definitely not for everyone.In this first gorgeously-packaged hardcover alone, we have F-bombs galore, N-bombs galore, buckets of gore, a gay S&M party, family in-breeding, half a dozen references to cum, an angel doing the nasty with a demon, and The Lord Your God as the arch-villain of the story... and that's just the tip of the iceberg as the series goes rolling along. If we're being honest, it's all pretty gratuitous, and my only real objection to PREACHER was that writer Garth Ennis sometimes seemed to be trying harder to see how many people he could shock/alienate/offend than to tell a compelling story.That said, it IS a compelling story, replete with memorable characters and inspired dialogue. It's a take on the old saw about a fallen man of faith trying to find God... the twist being that he's *literally* trying to find the big G, who's deserted his post in Heaven and gone to ground on Earth. The first few issues are a rocky read, struggling to establish the series' tone early on, but it starts to find itself around issue 5 or 6 and it's in the forthcoming volumes that the series establishes itself as a classic. Ennis has always been a hit-or-miss writer for me, but this is undoubtedly his best work, and Steve Dillon's masterfully understated art is a perfect buffer for the over-the-top mayhem of the plot.PREACHER is well worth a read, but as the Duke would say... you better wear your big boy pants to this dance, Pilgrim. It's not for sissies.

  • Selwa
    2019-05-09 21:15

    I started cursing in sixth grade. There wasn't anything particularly stressful in my life ... my parents weren't divorced, I wasn't wearing braces (yet), and though I wasn't popular, I still had friends. But, ya know, other kids were cursing and I wanted to give it a go, to fit in. But every time I did, my friends would laugh at me, saying it sounded forced.I was reminded of this time in my life during/after reading Preacher. The language and violence were overdone to the point of feeling forced. Yes, yes, I realize this is a story about a preacher who is on a mission to kick God's ass, accompanied by his ex (and her gun) and a vampire, but still. It felt like an adolescent need for attention. For the record, I'm not squeamish about such things ... they just need to make sense. Hell, the Kill Bill movies were a major bonding point with someone who is now one of my best friends. ANYWAY.All that being said, as I continued reading, I found myself getting more and more invested in the actual story. At first, I wasn't entirely sure I'd finish the book! Now that I've finished it, I want to keep reading. I want to know what everyone is up to these days (or at least the days following Book One), and I'm curious about back story. OH. I also liked how I found characters became more likeable over the course of the story. Based on synopses and reviews I read before getting to the book, I was under the impression Jesse Custer was just kind of a dick. But as I read on he seemed like a dude who wasn't too bad, especially considering childhood events.So, to sum up, I'd give this a firm 3 1/2 stars, but my policy is to round up. Would I like to keep reading? Yes. Am I willing to part with money and precious shelf space? Not really. NYPL, here I come!

  • Perry Gough
    2019-05-07 22:06

    Amazing graphic novel, love the characters and the entire idea.Different from the show but the humour is still there.Cassidy is arguably my fav vampire of all time steals the show in every scene.Must read for graphic novel fans but obviously this is by Garth Ennis so not suitable for anyone under 18.

  • CassieR. (cassie-loves-reading)
    2019-04-23 19:07

    What in the hell did I just read? That was supremely messed up. I've heard there's a tv show so I'm a little curious about that now. I think I might pick up the next book of this too but wow that was brutal. Everyone is going to hell in this story.

  • Tom Mathews
    2019-05-10 20:18

    As Entertainment Weekly says, Preacher "features more blood and blasphemy than any mainstream comic in memory". It is a seriously twisted thrill ride is, as advertised, 'heartfelt, caustic and unapologetically profane'. Definitely not for the kiddies or the faint of heart.

  • Deysha
    2019-04-30 18:04

    4.5 stars. I freaking loved this book and I'm so pumped to read more.

  • Jack Bumby
    2019-05-17 22:24

    "I'll love you until the end of the world."'Preacher' has something. Yes it's funny, violent, over the top, and has some truly wonderful heroes and villains. But there is a element to it that I just can't put my finger on. It is it's own thing and I've never read anything like it.Before I read it I had an idea what it would be; a violent, alternative, edgy comic for people who are too cool for normal comic books. But it's not like that. It is violent but it backs up it's "edgy" feel with a lot of heart and really sympathetic characters.The man character is Jesse Custer, the Preacher of the title. Very early on he ends up with a mysterious religious power inside of him that lets him make people do anything he says. We find out more about his childhood and his family as the comics go on, and Jesse remains very, very cool and likable. There is a Western feel to Jesse, the cool way he smokes his cigarettes or the way he talks. He also sees the ghost(?) of John Wayne throughout this volume as he was a massive fan of the Duke when he was little and this is his way of coping with the horrible trauma he's suffered. At least that's how it feels so far.The other main characters are his friends Tulip and Cassidy, both with their own sets of problems. Tulip is a cool take-no-shit kind of girl and holds her own despite having no powers. Tulip and Jesse used to be a couple before something happened. They were two crazy kids just roaring across the desert, drinking beer and having sex. They are madly in love with one another and this is the crucial relationship in 'Preacher' for me.Cassidy is awesome and I'm not surprised one bit that he is a lot of people's favourite character. He's a foul-mouthed Irish vampire who quickly takes a shine to Tulip and Jesse, sticking around to help them out. Most of the jokes come from him, and his bromance with Jesse is endearing.This volume does establish an overarching plot for the series; Jesse's search for God, who has quit his job in heaven. There are also a few smaller plots in there too. They deal with Arseface and his scumbag Sheriff father, stop a serial killer and eventually meet Jesse's family. They are all woven together so it works as one big story. I'm wondering where the comic will go from here, but if it does keep this up with smaller stories every few issues, it'll still be a hell of a lot of fun. Every smaller plot is memorable. Garth Ennis does an excellent job of quickly establishing these different characters and giving them weird quirks. The art is gorgeous throughout. The late Steve Dillon spent a lot of time capturing the facial expressions and the emotion of the characters, so it feels real and not exaggerated. Tulip and Jesse really look like they're in love, or they look like they're scared for they're lives. Combined with the story by Ennis, I can't remember the last time I felt so connected to a group of characters. He captures the creepy backwater hillbilly feel of Angelville as well as the grandeur of the big city, the art enhances the feel of this road trip between friends, as they make they're way out of Texas. Overall I loved it. It is unique and feels original from every other comic I've read. These first 12 issues do a great job establishing the world if Jesse Custer, and also the heavenly world he's fighting against. The themes of love and friendship make it a surprisingly human story, and the theological questions make it denser than you'd expect. I can't wait to read volume 2.

  • Alicia
    2019-04-27 16:26

    I would definitely place Preacher at number one in my top graphic novels list. It's not for you if you can't stand any gore or much violence, as there's much of both included. It's full of action, but the action doesn't overweigh on the story line. The story and it's characters, and their backstories are all built up extremely well. It's difficult to take a break as you're pushed to read on. It's only that I don't yet have book 2 in my possession that I have managed to stop and write this review. As well as all that there's room for Ennis's great humour which is at times laugh out loud. Reading it now, as I read the first 6 issues a long time ago, it reminds me of several other pieces of literature and pop culture, while at the same time being very original. Preacher is yet to become a cult legend methinks. I look forward to carrying on, and am very interested to see the tv series it has become.

  • Aron
    2019-04-25 22:21

    Fantastic! After reading the synopsis this didn't sound like a story I would get into because the subject matter didn't sound very interesting to me. I was wrong. This is a great story that's extremely well written & illustrated. I think this is a good example of how interesting characters make a story. The three main good guy characters are all so likeable that I was immediately captivated by their plight. Already have Book 2 & I'm gonna start on it immediately. Great book & I highly recommend it to anyone that likes graphic novels.