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A captivating rural romance featuring an indomitable young woman determined to save her family farm, and the city-boy who is not all he seems...Paige Quinn will let nothing and no one distract her from caring for her wheelchair-bound father, Connor, and fighting for her remote, drought-stricken property, Banora Downs. Least of all a surprise farm-stay guest named Tait CavaA captivating rural romance featuring an indomitable young woman determined to save her family farm, and the city-boy who is not all he seems...Paige Quinn will let nothing and no one distract her from caring for her wheelchair-bound father, Connor, and fighting for her remote, drought-stricken property, Banora Downs. Least of all a surprise farm-stay guest named Tait Cavanaugh, whose smooth words are as lethal as his movie-star smile. Except Paige can't help noticing that, for a city-boy, Tait seems unexpectedly at home on the land. And he does ask a lot of questions…It doesn't matter how much he helps out or how much laughter he brings into her life, she soon suspects he is harbouring a big secret – the real reason he has come to Banora Downs…...

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Beneath Outback Skies Reviews

  • Dale Harcombe
    2019-04-07 01:46

    Three and a half stars.Paige Quinn is managing Banora Downs, their property severely afflicted, as many others in the area are, by drought. At the same time she is trying to keep Connor, her wheelchair bound father, from finding out just how dire the situation is. Then Connor arranges for Tait Cavanaugh to come and stay. Paige is more than a little put out about this city boy as she refers to him coming to stay and cannot understand what has possessed her father. But there is far more to Tait’s stay than Paige knows. Tait meanwhile has his own secret reason for wanting to stay at Banora Downs. Having been severely hurt in the past by a guy from the city, Paige is in no hurry to make allowances for Tait. But he turns out to be not quite what she expects. The Australian outback and the devastation caused by drought is well portrayed, touching on the incidences of depression and suicide in drought stricken rural areas. The characters come across as real with that nosiness that always seems to inhabit small country communities. It also features the way people try to support others in hard times as well as good. I enjoyed reading about this community and the independent and spirited Paige. I also like Connor and the librarian Anne. And what would a rural community be without the town gossip? This role was filled by Mrs Jessop. No rural novel would be complete without at least one dog, in this case, a blue heeler called Dusty who is past his prime. An enjoyable read for anyone into romance and rural fiction.

  • Lauredhel
    2019-03-23 06:32

    This is a thoroughly enjoyable Australian rural romance, set in an iconic homestead deep in drought country. I loved it that the POV character, Paige, is a very ungirly-girl; she spends most of the book in torn jeans, covered in filth, and limping (when she's not conveniently having to strip off while Tait grabs an eyeful!)The sense of place is terrific, and the backstory and B plots are well-developed and all tie in together at the end. I particularly liked that it wasn't quite the usual insta-love; while things move fast compared to typical real life, there are genuine mixed feelings and a bit of a slow burn. Another point in favour is that not all the obstacles to the romances (yes, there's more than one) are borne of contrived implausible misunderstandings and the characters' own bad choices. In other words: this book mostly avoids my many romance-novel squicks and annoyances (which is kinda high praise coming from me!). Maybe one tiny one: there are an awful lot of occasions where Tait finds himself having to sweep Paige up into his arms and carry her around. And a couple of dubious-consent-ish moments, but better-handled and nowhere near as many as some more bodice-rippy books. And not once does Tait think of Paige as a "minx"...One thing I did notice however, and which is dealt with a bit better in some other books of this genre, was the lack of Aboriginal people in the town. This is rural Australia; why is everyone, in the background as well as the foreground, apparently white? Or did I miss something?Despite that, I spent every moment in the story, I found myself looking forward to picking up my book again and barracking for the characters, and I could see and smell Banora Downs and Glenalla. I could see a sequel happening, and I could see myself picking it up. In the absence of that, though, I'll keep an eye out for Callen's next book.Note to blurb-writers: this isn't the 19th century, and we don't refer to people as "crippled" anymore. Ordinarily I would have put this book straight down unread halfway into that second paragraph of the blurb. Please don't alienate your readers with disabilities in this way. Note to readers: the disability element is handled well in the book. Connor is just another character with all his own wishes and motivations who happens to have a disability, and he's not shoved into any of the Inspirational/Pitiable stereotype boxes.

  • MarciaB - Book Muster Down Under
    2019-04-16 08:44

    The Blurb“A captivating rural romance featuring an indomitable young woman determined to save her family farm, and the city-boy who is not all he seems...Paige Quinn will let nothing and no one distract her from caring for her crippled father, Connor, and fighting for her remote, drought-stricken property, Banora Downs. Least of all a surprise farm-stay guest named Tait Cavanaugh, whose smooth words are as lethal as his movie-star smile. Except Paige can't help noticing that, for a city-boy, Tait seems unexpectedly at home on the land. And he does ask a lot of questions…It doesn't matter how much he helps out or how much laughter he brings into her life, she soon suspects he is harbouring a big secret – the real reason he has come to Banora Downs…”OverviewIt seems like everybody at Banora Downs is keeping secrets!Paige Quinn is desperately trying to keep their once iconic family farm, Banora Downs, up and running, but with an end to the 5 year drought nowhere in sight, this is beginning to prove difficult, what with trying to keep her father, Connor, none the wiser with regard to the dwindling numbers in cattle and the true state of their finances. So, when she arrives home absolutely exhausted after droving hungry cattle for a fortnight, her anger is sparked as Connor, wheelchair bound after a car accident, and whom she loves dearly, informs her that they are expecting a “paying guest” at Banora Downs.Unbeknownst to Paige, Connor is well aware of the burdens that she is carrying in trying to keep their farm going, and whilst he himself has requested Tait Cavanaugh’s presence at the farm in order to draw up a farm management plan, he also has a secret which he is holding on to, and that is, the promise he made to Paige’s mother before her death.Tait, a business owner from Sydney arrives on their doorstep and Paige, unable to see past his designer clothes, expensive aftershave and slicked back hair, begins to sum him up and labels him a wealthy city pretty-boy who she won’t be able to make much use of because he’ll think twice before getting his hands dirty. With her initial instant dislike of him still hanging in the air, she goes out of her way to prove that he’s not farm material whilst he surreptitiously obtains information from her with regard to her vision for a farm that was once lush lawns and cultivated flower beds with a thriving herd of cattle.Unfortunately, she’s got it all wrong, and if she thinks that caffeine-addicted Tait could be anything besides a shallow, spoilt city slicker, she’s in for the surprise of her life, when he sets out to prove to her that not all city boys can be cast in the same mould and his true identity is finally revealed.My ThoughtsTold from the perspectives of all three characters, I thoroughly enjoyed this novel and the insight the author gives into the uncertainties our farmers face in times of drought and which, for the most part, go unnoticed by us city people who have water at the turn of a lever.I personally found the three main characters to be original and well-developed, with the conflict and tension being believable, thus allowing me to create an emotional attachment to all of them, which is what I look for in a novel. Although the plot is quite typical of romance novels today, this doesn’t detract from the fact that Alissa Callen’s sense of place draws you in with her vivid descriptions of life on the land. The added intrigue of Connor’s motivation and Tait’s true identity not being revealed until the final chapters are an added bonus and leave you in no doubt that Ms Callen is more than capable of spinning a good yarn.With a fast pace, great humour, lots of secrets and romance, I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend this book and it therefore earns 5 stars from me. A Bit about the Author (taken from the author’s website)When Alissa Callen isn’t writing, she plays traffic controller to four children, three dogs, two horses and one renegade cow who really does believe the grass is greener on the other side of the fence.After a childhood spent chasing sheep on the family farm, Alissa has always been drawn to remote areas and small towns, even when residing overseas. Once a teacher and a counsellor, she remains interested in the life journeys that people take. She also is partial to historic homestead and country gardens and has been known to drive hours to see an open-garden.She currently lives on a small slice of rural Australia in central western New South Wales.Beneath Outback Skies is due for release on 1 February 2013 under Random House Australia's Random Romance digital first list and I wish to thank both the publisher and NetGalley for granting me the opportunity to be one of the first to read it.

  • Shelleyrae at Book'd Out
    2019-04-10 06:48

    Beneath Outback Skies is a winsome contemporary romance set in rural Australia by debut author Alissa Callen, published under Random House Australia's new digital imprint, Random Romance.Paige Quinn is determined that Banora Downs will not succumb to the drought forcing outback farmers from their properties, it is her home and despite the harsh conditions, she cannot imagine a life elsewhere. With resources stretched to breaking point, Paige is unimpressed when her father, Connor, announces he has approved for a paying guest to stay at the farm. In her experience, city-slickers are nothing but trouble and Tait Cavanaugh, with his charming smile and caffeine addiction, can't leave soon enough to satisfy her.Tait is looking forward to a break from the office, even though he still has work to do at Banora Downs. An agri business consultant, his role is to assess the future of the property, without tipping his hand to Paige, at the request of her father. That's not the only secret Tait is keeping though... he wasn't always a city boy.While I would have preferred a little more external conflict to enliven the plot, I enjoyed the storyline of Beneath Outback Skies. Though primarily a traditional romance, there is a touch of mystery surrounding Tait and I was intrigued by Connor's motivation to pair Paige with Tait, beyond his attempts at matchmaking.I liked Paige who is practical, independent and willful and I admired her determination to keep Banora Downs viable. I did wonder that she seemed almost friendless, even though it is explained, that as Banora Downs is an iconic station, she is desperate to hide the true extent of the farm's woes in order to support morale in the community.I grew quite fond of Tait as well who proved to be kind and considerate, willing to help out and quietly adding small luxuries to the lives of Paige and Connor without needing recognition.I though the pace of the romance between the Paige and Tait was well thought out, the physical attraction is obviously there to start with but the author gives the pair time to get to know each other, which i appreciate.The setting of Beneath Outback Skies is well developed. I was able to imagine Banora Downs as both the thriving property it once was and the dustbowl it has become. I especially liked the way the author explored the ravages of drought, not only on Paige's property, but also amongst the townspeople, touching on the high rate of depression and suicide in rural communities.I thought Beneath Outback Skies was an engaging and satisfying contemporary rural romance. I am especially pleased that Random Romance titles are available internationally and I believe that romance fans from all over the world will enjoy getting to know Paige and Tait at Banora Downs.

  • A. Bookzilla.
    2019-04-17 01:28

    I read and loved the previous novel by this author, and I have to say that I liked Beneath Outback Skies more. Alissa Callen paints a wonderful picture that is Banora Downs, she creates great characters and there's a mystery that keeps you turning the pages.Paige and Tait are opposites, a country girl and a city boy.She's a tomboy, doesn't care much about luxuries and appearances, and her farm, that is her life, is completely broke. She takes an instant dislike to Tait for everything he represents because she's been hurt in the past by his type. And not to mention she has bigger issues to deal with than catering to some spoiled city boy.She is also extremely vulnerable, and wary of trusting strangers - especially Tait. He's a rich CEO, running away from the city to get some peace from all the vultures that surround him. Oh, and he has secrets. He drives a sleek, fancy car, doesn't think twice about spending money but it's not because he likes to flaunt it - he actually likes sharing what he has. I loved his girly moments, too, fixing up her hair, picking her a dress, and it was all very masculine at the same time.The two of them also have more in common than they think at first, but it takes them a while to look past their prejudices.The romance is slow-building, low key, and there is great chemistry between Tait and Paige, but they both fight it because they have more important things to deal with. It takes them a while to come together, but when they do you can see it means something to both of them.It's written in alternate POV, but there's also a third POV character, Paige's disabled father, Connor, who is in on the secret and he is basically the gives you the clues to figure it out, although Paige and Tait also played a good part of it. I did figure it out pretty early on (view spoiler)[although, for one dreadful moment I thought I was wrong and these two are actually siblings (hide spoiler)], but I was still interested in how everything plays out and what the full story is.I also want to say that Connor's disability was dealt with in a respectful way.There are no graphic sex scenes in this, it's all fade-to black.Overall, I liked this more than the other book I read by Alissa Callen. There was better character development, the pace was perfect, the conflict was believable and I loved the setting. I definitely recommend it.**Free copy of this book provided by the publisher via NetGalley.

  • Brenda
    2019-04-13 05:48

    When Tait Cavanaugh arrived on Banora Downs, Paige was at first astounded, then angry! She was trying to keep their drought ridden property on its feet, and she didn’t have time to babysit some city-boy who had come for a weekend of fun! She didn’t have the money or resources to let him have three showers a day either! And when Paige’s wheelchair bound father, Connor, said he’d agreed to Tait coming on a Bed & Breakfast arrangement, with Tait paying his way, she immediately told Tait that whatever price he had agreed to with her father, he could double it! He agreed immediately, much to Paige’s surprise. Paige had major problems with trust, and with her having been hurt in the past by another city-boy, she decided she would just keep out of Tait's way for the two days of the weekend that he would be staying. But imagine her shock when he informed her he was not staying for two days, but two weeks! Tait had secrets he couldn’t tell Paige, and Connor also had a secret, which was causing him to feel a lot of guilt. Connor’s wife, Molly, had passed away a few years ago, and Connor was trying to do his best for Paige, but at what cost? The electricity between Tait and Paige was immediate, but both of them, for reasons of their own, fought against it. Tait helped Paige around the property, as much as she would let him! And the whole while they were together, Tait was asking her questions… why was he so curious? Or was there more to him than met the eye? Was there a deeper, darker reason for his visit to Banora Downs? Paige couldn’t work him out!This Australian rural romance was a light and entertaining read. I felt the storyline was similar to others I have read, but there was an element of mystery to it, and I definitely enjoyed it. I received this ARC copy of Beneath Outback Skies from Random House Australia via Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. The publication date is 1st February 2013.

  • TashNz
    2019-03-21 07:47

    Beneath Outback Skies a 2013 Random Romance release and full length novel by Australian Author Alissa Callen is such a stunningly wonderful, well crafted book that I was completely swept away to the beautiful Australian Outback; only coming up for breath on the very last page. Paige is trying to save her drought-stricken family farm, Banora Downs. It's the the worst drought ever and affecting everyone in her rural town. Times are bad and slowly everyone is selling off their farms to try and financially survive. Paige is determined to keep her farm, her sheer hard work and determination drives her to battle hard to look after her farm and her invalid Father, Connor. Last thing she needs is city-boy Tait turning up as a farm-stay but they need the money and he's agreed to pay triple, she's pretty much lumped with it. There's instant attraction but Paige doesn't have time or the desire to have a two week fling. It's clear Tait is not exactly who he says he is and his character is so well written the pages were literally flying for me while I learned about long buried family secrets that have a ripple effect on the whole town.I really liked Paige; she's such an open-book character, she works hard, loves her family and her town, and even though she has the world on her shoulders she soldiers on. She accepts Tait's part of her life for a couple of weeks and puts him to good use around the farm. She's the last person to expect "city-boy" would be the one to put the light in her day.And then we have Tait, wow! I would share my campfire and marshmallows with him any-day! He's a strong, good looking, hard-working, caring, level headed knight in shining armour in disguise lol. At first glance he's a good looking "city-boy" who rides into town to escape the city grind. Before long his friendly approachable nature along with some good-deeds earns him the respect of the townsfolk. Tait has a lot seemingly random of questions for Paige and it's through his points of view you learn there's more to him than meets the eye, and what a delicious view that is by the way.There are a few other important side characters, mainly Connor, Paige's father who also has points of view which are vital to the story and Ann, Paige's deceased Mum's best friend. Connor and Ann along with various other townsfolk add to the mystery and intrigue of the story and enhanced my reading journey.Beneath Outback Skies is a winner for me because it has everything! It has solid, lovable characters. It has a fascinating and thoroughly enjoyable story-line with just enough mystery and intrigue to keep curiosity high. It has a believable backdrop and likable townsfolk. It's filled to the brim with drama, comedy, and of course good old-fashioned love and romance. The writing is so descriptive and the imagery so powerful that I was standing right next to Paige as she was camping out roasting marshmallows by the fire, in town getting supplies or laughing with her while she struggled with her "hook-thingy". I heard the screeching cockatoo's Paige and Tait camped under and I could see and feel the coldness of the water-hole they swam in.I feel that not one word was wasted. The story flawlessly flowed and I was so completely immersed and I couldn't put it down.I give Beneath Outback Skies 5 stars because it was genuine, warm, and above all a thoroughly enjoyable read so well written that it's going to be a keeper on my shelf and I will be recommending it to everyone!5 Stars!

  • Donna Driver
    2019-04-12 07:41

    It's a rare book that can hold my attention as this one did. Loved everything about it -- the story, the characters, the writing. All of it. Well done, Alissa Callen, I say!

  • Hazel *Craves the Angst Reviews*
    2019-04-20 02:28

    Find This and Other Reviews At Craves The Angst. 3.5 Pretty Stars!Beneath Outback Skies is an Australian Contemporary Romance written by Alissa Callen. I received this ARC in exchange for an honest review by Random House Australia through NetGalley.The Review:I was pleasantly surprised by this little gem. Impressed with the simplistic writing style, interesting characters and the sweet romance, I was able to lose myself in the stark imagery and enjoy this fun read.Story, Characters and Plotting…Taking place in the dry and scenic outback’s of Australia, I could easily imagine and feel the struggle of the community, the people and specifically, Banora Downs, as it was left barren by drought and transformed from a thriving freehold to the desolate and parched dustbowl we now see. I empathized with the desperate farmers as they waited for a rain that seems to have abandoned them. Paige Quinn is determined to keep her homestead, Banora Downs, from the fate of surrounding farms where farmers are forced to sell or abandon their properties which have surrendered to drought. She’s also resolute in caring for her disabled father and keeping him from realizing just how severe the drought has affected their farm and declining livestock. Suffering the effects of a past relationship gone wrong, her trust is hard to earn and she’s built walls to keep her heart safe. Her struggle and determination can be easily misunderstood as detachment but in reality, she feels under pressure to pull them out of a never ending work load before they lose everything. I really liked her character. She feels Banora Downs and her father are her sole responsibility as she tries to keep the promise she made to her mother. Her strength and spirit was admirable.Not as oblivious as she think, her father, Conner, has other plans. Seeing the strain and all consuming life of the farm weighing his daughter down, he decides it’s time to step in and take action. Announcing he’s invited a paid guest to stay on their farm, he introduced her to Tait Cavanaugh.Instantly disliking the city-boy, Paige tries everything she can do dissuade Tait from staying. But little does she know, he’s part of her father’s plan and he’s not going anywhere.Tait has personal business to attend while he’s at Banora Downs and getting close the Paige is just one of the benefits. I really enjoyed Tait. He was hard working, gentle and caring. Coming from the city, he saw firsthand the problems facing this community and he stepped in and tried to help in any way he could.Paige and Tait weren’t to terribly complicated and there was a bit of intrigue in the middle of the romance. I liked the fact there was an instant attraction but they didn’t immediately fall into bed with one another. There was a slow build with conflict and tension. But, though this was a sweet story, I would have liked a bit more of a push-pull to enrich the plot and more romance to ignite the spark and chemistry between the characters. The Wrap Up:The story was well told and I loved all the unfamiliar references to things specific to Australia. This was a sweet and enjoyable read and my first time reading this author. I will definitely keep an eye out for future works from Alissa Callen.

  • Sam Still Reading
    2019-03-22 02:28

    I’ve got a confession to make. I haven’t really read that many books set in Aussie farming communities. Why? Well, I used to live in one and I Know All About It. I know about the lack of privacy, the isolation and gossiping. What I have forgotten over the years is the good things about the country – safety, community and the beauty. Alissa Callen’s debut novel brings both the good and bad about the Australian bush to the fore.One of the worst things about farming is drought. Unfortunately, our main character Paige who runs Banora Downs (a cattle property that sounds like it’s in Western New South Wales) is in the middle of one. She’s fighting a losing battle against the elements. Then city boy Tait comes to stay at the invitation of Paige’s father Connor – but what’s his agenda? Connor thinks it’s to write him a business plan and Paige thinks it’s for a rest, but neither of them knows the full story…Tait is a city boy through and through – he has the mobile phone, the Jaguar (or Jaaaaaaaaaag as Jeremy Clarkson would say) and the fancy suits. But underneath the exterior, Tait is hiding a lot of pain and guilt, which is revealed in layers throughout the story. Tait also integrates himself into country life, whether it’s winding up the local gossips or assisting with sponsorship for the local ball. All this makes Paige think that she could be mistaken about Tait being a ‘love ‘em and leave ‘em’ kind of guy,The story started off a little bit slowly for me – establishing the scene and the instant dislike Paige takes to Tait. Tait is incredibly patient with Paige, who flares up at any suspected slight! Once Tait was established at Banora Downs, I found the story grow increasingly more enjoyable as more characters were brought in and we learned more about Banora Downs’ history. Callen creates a rich history for the once grand property with a beautiful Victorian homestead to match that you can feel Paige’s pain at it crumbling away.I also liked that the plot had multiple threads and simply didn’t stop and end with the romance. The romance in this book is just that – it’s romance, focusing on the build-up, the tiffs and talking rather than the sex. If you’re after detailed sex scenes, you won’t find them here. I feel it’s important to bring to attention the stress that continued drought brings (farm foreclosures, bankruptcy and suicides in addition to large companies buying up several farms, losing the community aspect of small country towns) and Callen has done that splendidly. Tait’s mystery was well hidden – I didn’t actually see it coming and it kept me interested as it was revealed in small parts. The supporting characters, such as Anne and Connor, were sensitively portrayed and I felt I got to know them as well as Paige and Tait.The more I read of this book, the more I enjoyed it and realised that I quite enjoy Aussie bush romance. I’d definitely read more by Alissa Callen and more in this genre.Thanks to Random House for providing me with an ARC of this book.

  • Beth
    2019-03-25 08:36

    Paige Quinn has the weight of the world on her shoulders. Returning home to care for an injured father, Paige has taken on full responsibility for the family farm. That is no small task but it is compounded by a severe drought. Paige’s father decides that he’s tired of watching his daughter suffer and secretly employees Tait Cavanaugh (farm consultant). Tait arrives under the ruse of a paying lodger on vacation.The chemistry between Tait and Paige is almost immediate, but Paige has serious “city boy issues” and Tait has secrets. While Tait devises a plan for Banora Downs, Paige’s family farm, he is secretly investigating into his own past. If his secret is revealed it might destroy any chance he has to full fill his mother’s last wish.Beneath Outback Skies is a wonderfully sweet slow building romance novel. I was fascinated with the story and this totally new culture (way of life) that is completely new to me. Alissa Callen pulled me into this fabulous story, letting me watch, getting emotionally involved, while it grew into this beautiful tale. Don’t miss this sweet, home town romance! 4 stars.This ARC copy of Beneath Outback Skies was given to me by Netgalley and Random House Australia in exchange for an honest review. Publish Date February 1, 2013.

  • Roz ~ My Written Romance
    2019-04-13 08:26

    This review and others can be found at my blog, My Written Romance. Just click here.I like that, despite the instant and obvious chemistry, Paige and Tait took their time. Both have past and present issues that need to be dealt with before they feel they're ready for a relationship.Paige has the weight of the world on her shoulders, looking after her father (disabled in a farming accident) and trying to keep Banora Downs afloat. She's also been let down by a lot of people and finds it very difficult to place trust in others. Particularly men.Tait might outwardly appear to be a fancy pants, luxury car driving rich boy. He's not. Tait has a gentle, caring side and hey, any man who willingly would fix their lady's hair gets my vote. However, he does have secrets, and one in particular may just push Paige out of his reach.In regard to this secret of Tait's, I appreciated that once Paige found out his real reason for being at Banora Downs, she didn't flounce off and become a victim. Sure, she may have been shocked but she took the time to listen to his story before making her mind up.All in all, this was a great read with lovely characters and a uniquely Australian setting.My rating: 4 out of 5

  • Chanpreet
    2019-04-13 03:37

    Paige Quinn has too much on her hands taking care of her father and the farm to worry about pandering to some pretty city boy, no matter how much she thinks he's hot. Tait Cavanaugh, the city boy in question, does ask a lot of relevant farm related questions that put Paige on edge and his familiarity with the farm work is strikingly at odds with his city boy persona.While the attraction between Paige and Tait is instantaneous, the build to romance and a relationship is slow between the two, and well developed. Paige is doing her darnedest to stay out of Tait's way, but finds that he not as useless as she initially thought. Although I enjoyed the romance between Paige and Tait, the intrigue surrounded why Tait was visiting Banora Downs was also fleshed out well. My initial predictions were incorrect, which is always a good thing. And keeping the majority of the intrigue for the later half of the story is a brilliant idea. It gave me time to become emotionally invested with all of the characters. I will admit to sniffling at times while reading this book.If you love books that pull you in emotionally, are well developed, and have many different elements, then this book is one you should check out!

  • Nancy
    2019-04-02 02:32

    Paige is an only child who is dealing with keeping her family farm alive during one long drought. She is a country girl who was once burned by a city boy and has no intentions of getting involved again with one. Along comes Tait (city boy), who has reservations to stay at the property. The mysteries and white lies begin with his arrival. Paige knows the property is no longer listed for staying customers. As she is trying to figure out how he found a listing, she realizes he is not like the last city boy and her emotional rollercoaster begins.Paige's widowed father and her mom's best friend have ideas of their own for Paige, Tait and the property, while trying to honor her mom's dying thoughts.I enjoyed the love Paige and her dad shared and the love of her mom's best friend in their life.

  • April
    2019-03-30 05:31

    Disclosure: This ebook was provided to me free of charge through NetGalley for the sole purpose of an honest review. All thoughts, comments, and ratings are my own.Really interesting tale that had my attention the whole time. The pace was wonderful and the characters engaging. Great dynamic in the relationship that made it very believable. Beautiful storytelling that entertained the whole time!It had really great flow and did the job of making me think at times. I love a book that taps into my emotions. I am a real sucker for a sexy romance!! I laugh, I cry and I wish the hero were real so he could be mine! LOLI would love to see more from this author! Definitely one to watch in the future.

  • Lily Mulholland
    2019-03-25 04:34

    This was a wonderful rural romance! Set in outback NSW, at a station suffering from one of the worst droughts in living memory, Paige is just barely holding things together. Her delightful and occasionally devious father worries for her future and arranges for city slicker Tait Cavanagh to come and stay for two weeks. Sparks fly and what unfolds is a compelling and entirely pleasurable story of love, honesty and Aussie resilience.I really enjoyed this book and will definitely read more by Alissa Callen.I did feel the Random House Romance cover design lets this book down. It's a great read - better than many series releases I've read lately. The cover doesn't give you an insight into the quality that lies within. I think this book is good enough to warrant a bespoke cover design.

  • Bec
    2019-03-23 09:33

    Another great book by Alissa. This one tells the story of Paige who is slogging it out trying to save the family farm from going under during the drought, as well as look after her father who was injuried in a tractor accident but her father decides to try and lighten her load, as well as bring her some happiness by inviting a "City boy" to come and do a farm plan but Tait has his own secrets but will lies, the drought and small country town life bring them together or drive them apart? This story reminds me a bit of modern day country Pride & Prejudice (think Darcy in wrangler jeans) - a very enjoyable read - can't wait for Alissa's next book

  • Bettina
    2019-03-23 06:26

    I love a book that has a bit of mystery in it, so I found myself staying up late at night reading this book dying to know what happened next instead of going to bed. It became pretty obvious half way through the story though what the mystery was. Enjoyed this book and can't wait to read more stories by this author.

  • Nancy Goldberg
    2019-04-08 03:38

    I loved this book because of the characters (hero and heroine, as well as secondaries) and the depiction of life in the outback. I love "travelling" to other countries in a book. Paige and Tait were perfect for each other, and I'm glad they finally realized it. I loved Anne, and even Mrs. Jessop was good for comic relief.I'm looking forward to reading other books by the author.

  • Michele
    2019-04-11 06:31

    Actual rating: 4.5 starsSee my review at:

  • Bree T
    2019-04-03 09:33

    Paige Quinn is desperately trying to keep the family property, Banora Downs, alive. She is the sole worker these days, taking care of the land and cattle and looking after her father, who was crippled some years ago in an accident. Paige hasn’t told her father just how few cattle there are left now – it’s a hard struggle and backbreaking work but Paige doesn’t know or want anything else. Banora Downs is home and so she keeps drought proofing, keeps limping along, awaiting the end of the drought that will help re-establish the property and bring to life all the dreams she has for it. But the drought has gone on for a long time and things are getting desperate.That’s why Paige is in no mood to tolerate city boy Tait Cavanaugh. They used to advertise on the web as a homestay location and but Paige pulled all those adverts down some time ago. City people don’t understand just how bad things are out here – they eat all their food and take all their water using long showers. There’s no denying that for a city boy, Tait knows his way around the land. And he’s unfailingly generous. But Paige just isn’t interested in someone like Tait, who’s going to be taking himself back off to where he came from soon. Even though Tait asks a lot of questions about Banora Downs and the plans she has for its future and finds her obviously attractive, Paige isn’t going to go there. Not again. She has been with a boy from the city before and he proved that when it came down to it, there’s no way he was cut out for life on the land and for Paige, the land and the farm always come first.Tait can’t help but feel guilty because he’s hiding a secret – the real reason he has come to Banora Downs. He wants to tell Paige why he’s here but things between them are finally starting to get somewhere that isn’t hostility or arguing. His plans are almost complete but will Paige and the community still be behind him?Beneath Outback Skies is one of the launch titles for Random Romance, the new romance-based digital imprint of Random House Australia. There are five launch titles and this is a full length rural romance novel about life on the land and finding the courage to love again.There’s no denying that Banora Downs is in trouble. The drought has gone on so long that it looks like never ending and they’ve been forced to sell off a lot of their cattle to survive, keeping only a few breeders. They hadn’t had a crop in a while and the beautiful gardens that once surrounded the grand homestead are nothing but a dustbowl. She’s busy dawn until dusk, being the only worker on the farm these days and she makes no attempt to disguise her displeasure at her father allowing Tait Cavanaugh to holiday on the property. Paige has no time for boys and their toys, regarding Tait’s V12 car with disdain. Tait however, tags along after her everywhere, trying to get her to relax, or have a coffee or sit down and have a meal or go to this dance and this kind of bothered me a bit. I think it’s supposed to be sweet in an “ohhh, he’s looking after her”, type of way but Tait was so forceful (and often manipulative) that it came across as bossy, controlling and in a “the little woman doesn’t know what’s good for her, but lucky I do”, smug sort of way. Whilst I liked Paige and her tough, never-say-die attitude and her devotion to not only the family property but also her crippled father, I didn’t much like Tait unfortunately. He’s hiding a huge secret, the real reason that he’s out at Banora Downs but in the end, I didn’t even really understand the need for such secrecy. I can’t say too much without spoiling it (and I believe readers will discern for themselves very quickly who Tait is and why he’s actually there) but there’s a lot of build up about Tait fearing things getting out, avoiding telling Paige things, etc and likewise, Paige’s father goes to a lot of trouble to conceal things too, but it just doesn’t seem necessary? It seemed that everyone just majorly overreacted about things being revealed and when everything was revealed, it was sort of a letdown because Paige barely blinked. It was an awful lot of build up that didn’t particularly pay off and for someone who is quite smart, Tait fails to pick up on something very obvious, the owner of a company that he’s trying to find a contact name for. Paige basically gives him the information he needs on a platter and he doesn’t even put it together.I love stories about living on the land and they’re very popular right now but I think that the wide variety of ones available are also making me a bit choosy. I know what I like and what works for me and I know exactly what’s out there and it makes me a bit of a hard taskmaster I think. This novel did have some strong ideas – loved Paige, loved her dad and I liked the community. I liked the fact that things weren’t perfect for them, they were really struggling which I felt was pretty accurate. I’d have loved more about trying to get the farm back on its feet and what that would involve. But unfortunately, Tait as a character didn’t work for me. I found him overbearing and that meant I just couldn’t really get into their romance. Whilst the characterisation was quite strong, the chemistry was underdeveloped.

  • Sharon Keans
    2019-04-18 04:22

    Love this book

  • Diana McVicker
    2019-04-10 07:48

    Great book! Good story line. Believable characters. Would recommend.

  • Gypsylcm
    2019-03-20 08:34

    A new to me author, enjoyed the book looking forward to reading more books by this author.

  • Tash
    2019-03-25 01:41

    Reviewed for Confessions From RomaholicsTo see review at ConfessionsWarning – There is a teensy little spoiler about who Tait really is …Paige Quinn has only one thing on her mind … keeping the farm running, making sure that Banora Downs earns enough to keep them in the black and not to let her father know as she promised her mother before she died. Her father Connor is disabled and she is the only surviving child and is determined to keep the place in her family as it has been for generations on her mother’s side and she’s determined the family farm is not going to become one of the stats of the worst drought in years.Needless to say, her father does know what is going on but he has his own plan as he is worried that his daughter is spreading herself thin and will lose the place to the bank. Connor goes behind her back and hires Tait. Tait is on a mission. He will pose as a guest, as the place used to take guests as a way to make money but gave up after one particular disaster. In reality, he owns a successful agriculture consulting firm and has been employed by Connor to form a plan to save the family home. However he has reservations as Paige is running the place and he questions her motives. She is livid when she finds out and soon ups the prices of his stay. As we continue to read, we discover Tait is getting away from something else that is alluded to from the start.I’m Aussie, but I don’t know about the damage the drought has caused and Callen paints a vivid story that highlights the struggles that rural areas went through.Tait wants to help and soon discovers that Paige is not the typical girly-girl and she really cares about the property. He is soon trying to force his way into her life by buying things he sees her secretly looking at in the supermarket, food in order to make her life easier. However, will Paige let him into her life permanently or will he just be an annoying guest? She is happy to see him go at the end of his stay.This book blurb plays down the story, there is alot more to it than the blurb and you need to read this book to unravel the whole story that has been waiting to be told in this character driven book. It is something that has been hidden for years and it’s a mystery until the arrival of Tait and the determination of Paige not to let Banora Downs become another drought ravaged statistic.

  • Emma Tingay
    2019-03-23 07:29

    Headstrong Paige Quinn is keeping her family’s farm “Banora Downs” afloat almost single-handedly. With her father in a wheelchair, she is responsible for maintaining the farm and its animals in the middle of what seems like an interminable draught. They are lucky though, as “Banora Downs” is one of the few farms that have managed to survive the draught that is gripping outback New South Wales, Australia.In the midst of this comes city pretty-boy Tait Cavanaugh, who is guarding some big secrets. He is the CEO of the consultancy firm AgriViz, and is hired by Paige’s father, Connor, to draw up a business plan for the farm. Tait stays at the farm under the pretence that he needs a break from his city life. At the same time he is trying to uncover some family secrets of his own. Little by little, feelings between Paige and Tait begin to form. He is quite the gentleman, and goes out of his way to help on the farm, and make Paige’s life a little easier. Paige, however, is used to looking after things on her own and isn’t readily going to let any caffeine-addicted city-slicker take control. She has also been burnt by a previous relationship with a city boy and she is determined not to let that happen again. For a romance novel, I thought it was very slow to get going. Although both Paige and Tait were both strong characters, it wasn’t until half-way through that I felt any chemistry between them. For me, the second half of the novel was much stronger than the first, and for this reason I think perhaps the story may have worked better as a novella. I also got frustrated at the number of times we were told Tait was hiding secrets. I couldn’t really understand why Tait felt he had to keep everything about his past a secret.On the plus side, I enjoyed the rural setting – the old-fashioned ball, swimming in the dam, campfires and toasting marshmallows and, of course, the relief when the rain finally arrives and the draught has broken. I also thought that Callen highlighted the difficulties faced by farmers during severe drought really well.

  • Jenni
    2019-03-25 09:27

    The first romance books I ever read were written by Australian author Lucy Walker so when I was contacted by Random House Australia to ask if I’d be interested in reading any of the inaugural titles from their new digital-first list Random Romance I jumped at the chance. I chose to read Beneath Outback Skies because of its outback setting, the blurb reminded me a lot of the Lucy Walker stories I’d read as a teen which were often set in the outback.There was something very nice about reading a book set in hot sunny Australia whilst the snow was falling over the UK, though the drought conditions did make me think about how the grass is always greener! The book is set on a remote property, Banora Downs, part of a small, very rural community. I liked the sense of community within the book, whilst Banora Downs is a way out of the town its happenings are known by everyone in the town – something I can identify with a little.The main thing you want from a romance novel is for the romantic leads to be great characters, and for you to really believe in the relationship. Beneath Outback Skies really doesn’t disappoint, whilst this book doesn’t fall into the insta-love trope that many romances use there is a definite sizzle from the first time Paige and Tait meet. I really liked the way their relationship evolved over the course of the book, it felt natural and very believable.I was a little concerned when it became clear that part of the plot hinged on a secret that Tait was keeping from Paige, I’ve read books where this isn’t handled well – I normally end up a bit of a nervous wreck by the end of the book. I didn’t need to have worried though, it’s handled really well.I thoroughly enjoyed this book, it’s one of the better romances I’ve read in the last couple of years. I shall definitely be keeping an eye on the other books brought out on the Random Romance list.

  • Sue
    2019-03-26 08:30

    Paige Quinn runs the family farm in the Australian Outback. She comes across as a bit of a tomboy, certainly not one to ask for help for anything. She also comes across as a tough cookie - one would have to be to survive in that sort of job in that kind of terrain.Her father is worried about her though. He is confined to a wheelchair after a tractor accident several years earlier, so he is unable to do any of the physical stuff. He can, however, do the paperwork and he knows that Banora Downs, the name of the family farm, is in poor financial health. Once upon a time Banora Downs used to take in paying guests, but that has not happened so much recently. Paige's father has a plan though.Cue Tait Cavanaugh. He turns up at the farm looking for a place to stay for a little while. Paige is pretty bewildered by his arrival as it has been sometime since Banora Downs has had paying guests. She demands to know how Tait found out about the farm, but he is pretty evasive about how he discovered the farm, blaming his secretary for looking the place up online.Paige does not really believe his story, but she cannot be certain the farm does not still have a web presence. Tait claims he wants to spend some time out of touch with everyone he knows, and he also wants to experience life in the outback.Paige is amused by this, Tait has arrived in a very expensive car and has the markings of a wealthy man, a man more suited to the boardroom, not the wilderness of the Australian outback. She agrees to show Tait what life is like, but she does not trust that he is being totally honest with her about his motives for being in the outback.The story follows the pair as they grow closer and secrets are revealed. It is an easy narrative to follow and a pretty pleasant read. I enjoyed reading this book and can recommend it to lovers of this genre.**** 4 stars.

  • Sally906
    2019-04-17 09:19

    BENEATH OUTBACK SKIES is an Australian rural romance and author, Alissa Callen, writes about what she knows as she is an outback girl herself. A light and easy read the story moves along at a fast pace. Whilst it is a romance, there was an element of mystery behind it – just who is Tait and why is he really there? Speaking of Tait, I really didn’t warm to him for a long time as he came over as being superior, as if he knew what Paige needed better than she did. OK, so maybe he did, but he didn’t have to come over that way! The attraction between Tait and Paige was immediate but they both fought against it, they still had obstacles to overcome, and lessons to learn before the happy every after could envelop them. There are no graphic sex scenes, it is all very discrete as someone off book shouts “Cut!” and the filming stops and switches to the next day. The story is told from the perspective of three main characters; Tait, Paige and her father Connor. There is a secondary love interest as well that gets sorted to the relief of this reader just before Paige and Tait do. The setting is excellent, drought and floods are two of the biggest problems that face our farmers – not the only ones of course. In BENEATH OUTBACK SKIES the ravages of drought is the backdrop for the story, how drought affects not only Paige’s property but the other properties in the district, and the local businesses in the small rural towns that serve the properties. Callen also touches on the high rates of alcoholism, depression and suicide found in rural communities; but balances this with how far the community supports each other and lends a helping hand even while they are struggling themselves. Overall I recommend this book if you are looking for a romantic read.

  • Kelly Dawson
    2019-03-22 06:25

    Loved it! I've just found another favourite author!I loved the great plot underlying this love story, and the setting was great.Tait was a spunky alpha male hero and I couldn't get enough of him. I'll definitely be looking for the next book in this series.