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For Olivia Sullivan, love is more a four letter curse word than a sentiment. Growing up as the daughter of a small town mortician, guys didn’t warm to the fact there were dead people in her house. At thirty, taking over the family business and becoming the town Coroner helped to cement her undateable status. Of course her past sex history didn’t help matters either.AttemptFor Olivia Sullivan, love is more a four letter curse word than a sentiment. Growing up as the daughter of a small town mortician, guys didn’t warm to the fact there were dead people in her house. At thirty, taking over the family business and becoming the town Coroner helped to cement her undateable status. Of course her past sex history didn’t help matters either.Attempt number one with her first love ended barely before it got started with a horrific latex allergy hospitalization. Attempt number two had him coming and then going with an undiagnosed heart condition. For the past three years, Olivia has closed up shop for fear of what might happen next in the bedroom.After being forced to go single to her mother’s lingerie shower, Olivia stumbles into an out of town bar with one intention: find an able bodied stud to go home with to end her losing sex streak. Enter Holden Caulfield Mains aka Catcher, who earned his nickname not just from the book he was named for, but for the fact he was sure to catch the attention any woman who came within a five mile radius. Waking up after a night of the most mind blowing sex she could have ever imagined, a horrified Olivia runs away thinking she’s left Catcher behind.When Olivia’s small town is wracked by its first murder, she never could have imagined her one night stand would reappear in the form of the GBI’s lead investigator. To her mortification, Catcher isn’t ready to let go of their sizzling chemistry, and he doesn’t understand the meaning of no. As things start to heat up between them, the body count starts to rise, and they’re led on a wild goose chase from back woods mountain Nudist Colonies to altercations with the Dixie Mafia. Can Olivia and Catcher survive to solve the murder while also not succumbing to their explosive passion?...

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  • Jilly
    2019-04-25 20:26

    You know, just your typical romance trope of a coroner and cop who have a one-night stand, get into a bar fight in hicksville, and then try to solve the murder of a man with two penises which of course involves visiting a nudist colony. (oh, sorry, nudist resort). Happens all the time.Not one square in Trope Bingo is filled out in this book. That takes some doing!This book is probably up high on my list of all time weirdest things I've read. It should just be a smutty romance, but everything happening in the story was weird - hilariously weird. And, yet there was also waaaaaay more information than I wanted to know about morticians and funeral stuff. That is something that I want to stay behind the curtain. I understand dead bodies need to be handled, but I don't want to know. I want to close my eyes and ears while humming a happy song. It was squicky.this gif sums it up perfectly. Also, the main character guy was a little too crass for my tastes. He turned everything into a sexual innuendo, talked dirty, texted a dick pic, and burped out loud in front of the girl he was dating. I know - burped!! You all know many of my weird little eccentricities - hatred of lizards, love of chocolate and Mexican food, believing cats are the spawn of satan, and a willingness to kick the ass of misogynists or homophobes. But, here's another one: I hate guys who burp loudly as if they are proud of the noise that their bodies can produce. It makes me feel nauseous. I never let my sons do it, and my hubs doesn't. I train the men in my life well.Some things are worth the time invested...So, Catcher wasn't my cuppa, but I liked Olivia. She was super funny and I am willing to forgive many sins in order to laugh.Can I recommend this book? Only if you are okay with some down and dirty to split your sides laughing at the crazy shit going on. Then, you will have a lot of fun with this one.

  • Jo
    2019-04-21 21:17

    “If you had to put my love life into a genre, it would probably be horror. By the same token, I’m not even sure that the master of scary shit, Stephen King, could adequately express it on paper.” What a hilarious book!!!!Olivia Sullivan is her home town’s Coroner. She really hasn’t been lucky in the sex department. Her first attempt with her high school boyfriend ended quite badly when it became apparent he had a latex allergy and his penis ended up looking like a latex covered eggplant. Ouch. Then her second attempt six years later, things were going great, but then the guy ended up dying from a heart attack after bringing her and himself to orgasm.Now it is seven years later and after having to go single to her mother’s lingerie shower, she decides to find a sexy stud to break her losing sex streak. And Catcher Mains blows her mind and vagina cobwebs to smithereens. But the morning after five mind-blowing orgasms, Olivia is embarrassed by her actions, and runs out on Catcher before he wakes up, thinking she will never see him again.And it’s that pathetically sad relationship history that has led me to this very moment. Well, I guess you could say it was more like my man-starved vagina had led me to this moment, or better yet, led me to the man who got me involved in all this craziness.But fate and Catcher has other ideas, and just the next day her town has a murder which requires the investigation of the GBI. And who else than Holden “Catcher” Mains shows up at the scene. Catcher isn’t ready to let go of their sizzling attraction, and he’s not about to let Olivia go. As the body count grows, the heat between them grows as well, and Olivia and Catcher will have to solve the murders, while trying to figure out if they have a future. “There’s not just a spark between us. There’s a full-on raging inferno. Don’t put it out.”I can’t remember the last time I laughed so much while reading a book. I was thoroughly entertained from start to finish, and I loved it! I learned so much about what a mortician and coroner’s job entails, and some of it was disgusting but still very interesting.“I’m glad you’re good with just sticking with the basics.”“As long as I get to stick it in you, I’m good,” Catcher teased with a grin.“You’re impossible,” I muttered.“Impossibly well endowed.”I loved Olivia and Catcher. The entire book is from Olivia’s POV, and her thoughts were so funny :-D And Catcher was so sexy with his sometimes immature attitude, his dirty talk and naughty humor. I loved the chemistry between them, the sexy times were quite hot, especially because they can’t keep their hands off each other, and because I’m such a sucker for insta-attraction, I really enjoyed their romance. It was sweet and sizzling. The plot of the story was hilarious, and sometimes a bit ridiculous and OTT, but it just added to the humor and entertainment. I enjoyed all of it. Especially the nudist resort, the dead body with two penises, the naughty grandmother and the snake handler who thought he was immune to snake venom :-D This was my first book by this author, and I will definitely be reading more. If you’re looking for a hilarious and light rom-com, then this is the book for you!

  • Sybil aka Lala
    2019-05-15 02:36

    Olivia is the daughter of a small town mortician. Her quests into sexual awakening have all ended in disaster and she has resigned herself to living her life as town coroner and extending her family’s legacy by working as a mortician. But when her mother is set to get remarried while Olivia can’t even make it through to the next morning with a man unscathed, and she learns her grandmother has seen more action than she has in the last five years; she sets out to stick it to the fates and hopefully gets ‘sticked’ herself.Enter Cathcer Mains. GBI agent and knight in shining orgasms. After a night of playing ‘clear the cobwebs from my vagina’ with Cathcer, and luckily no incidents involving latex allergies or death, Olivia sneeks out of his room to go about life as normal. But then a pharmacist with a secret double life turns up dead and Catcher is called in to investigate, her hot one-night-stand wants round two (or six and seven).Catcher has a special way with words and his sexy rugged manliness is as big as his brain to mouth filter is small (well… it’s non-existent really), but she doesn’t need a whole lot of convincing to get back on the… horse. Now if only they can get it together amidst a mystery that only becomes weirder with each passing day and a feisty granny making a grab for Catcher’s junk!Katie Ashley killed it!! (heh heh) I was laughing out loud at the rate of several WTF’s per minute in this ridiculous slap-stick treat of a book. It is filled with completely unique and quirky characters, one ridiculous situation after an another, witty banter, hot and heavy interludes, a bunch of swollen penises and two hungry snakes! It all made for a hilarious and fast paced read that I absolutely devoured from the very first word.A word of warning though, you probably should not read this while surrounding by others – I’m pretty sure you won’t want to have to explain what exactly you’re laughing at!(ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review)

  • Catarina
    2019-05-13 23:22

    4,5 Sexy StarsOlivia just wants to finally find romance and a relationship. But being a mortician / coroner and having a quite…unusual love past doesn’t help her case. One night she decides to just go to a bar and have one night-stand, and she does just that, but it’s so out of character to her that she just runs away the next morning. But when a body appears the next day and she’s the official coroner for the case, the agent responsible for the investigation is Catcher, her one-night stand guy. And he’s determined that he wants more from her. So when more bodies start to appear and the investigation intensifies, Catcher is decided not only to get the killer, but the sexy coroner in the way as well. This book took me by surprise, I wasn’t expecting to like it this much. A hilarious, sexy and sweet reading about a sexy agent and a sassy girl, with a mysterious element that will keep your interest trough the story. I loved this book and my only complaint is that as it wasn’t very long, some aspects of the story felt a little rushed and I would like a bit more development and length. Other than that it was a great book. If you’re looking for a funny, low on angst and sexy romance, this is for you. Rating:4,5 Stars. Characters Development:I loved Olivia. She was sassy, sweet and she didn’t hide about herself and her “dating” condition. She was a little insecure at times, but it was easy to see where she was coming from. Cather was great as well, he was a strong and sexy hero, he knew what he wanted and he wasn’t afraid of going after it. Loved seeing them together as a couple. Steam:Hot. Sensible Subjects:(view spoiler)[ No.(hide spoiler)]Love Triangle:(view spoiler)[ No.(hide spoiler)]Cheating:(view spoiler)[ No.(hide spoiler)]HEA: (view spoiler)[ Yes.(hide spoiler)]["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Arianna✦❋SteamyReadsBlog❋✦
    2019-05-04 02:17

    3.5 Stars!!'Drop Dead Sexy' was…well sexy, but also funny as hell and ohh so very sassy. Katie Ashley delivered a very entertaining story that made me laugh out loud and fell in love with our two main characters from the moment I met them. While I didn’t fully loved this one, I can totally say that I enjoyed this author’s writing and sense of humor and I’m looking forward to try her other upcoming books. “I wasn’t just desperate to be boned. I was even more desperate to have someone to call my own.”Olivia is the daughter of a small town mortician. After her father’s death she took over the family business becoming the town coroner. She loves her job, but lately not so much since it seems to affect her love life. Not every man would be so brave to date a woman who has dead people in her house, so needless to say Olivia is not very lucky in her relationships with the opposite sex. When she unfortunately realizes her mother and her grandma have much action in the bedroom than her, she’s ready to dust off some cobwebs. “As he slid the condom down his impressive length, I couldn’t help licking my lips. He was like the Goldilocks of Cocks…not too skinny, not to wide, not too short, and not too long. He was just right.”Olivia meets Holden and she decides he will be her one night stand. Holden seems to be a pu$$y whisperer so after a hot night together filled with numerous orgasms Olivia is ready to forget about the mysterious man and go back to her normal life.Holden is a GBI agent and fortunately for him, since he can’t forget the sexy bombshell who left him alone in the hotel room, would work with Olivia in a murder case until they catch the killer. Our heroine is not very happy that for the upcoming days or weeks, or more will work with the sexy investigator, especially since he seems to know very well what he wants, her. Using my index finger, I tapped the bobbing erection. “You’re going to have to be patient and let me get cleaned up before I show you any more attention.” Then when I realized what I had just done, I swept my hand over my eyes. “Oh my God, you’ve got me talking to your dick.”I really enjoyed this one! It was one hell of entertaining read! At times was sexy, at times sweet and most of the time hilarious. While the suspense element wasn’t exactly the main element of the story I think it was a little too much. Personally I would have preferred the author to focus more on the two main characters’ relationship development. That being said, overall I found the story-line to be pretty great. “Ready to see me unveiled in all my glory?” I laughed. “Yes. I am.” “I promise I’ll live up to the fantasy in your mind.” With a roll of my eyes, I brought my hands to loosen his tie. “If you’re not careful, we won’t be able to fit that big head of yours in this room.”The two main characters were fun and quirky, individually and together, well portrayed and perfect for each other, because yeah…they complemented each other pretty great. Olivia was an awesome heroine and being in her head (only in her head since the entire story is told from her POV) was really fun. I enjoyed these characters banter and their sexual innuendos and I found Olivia’s inner dialogue to be delightful.What I didn’t like…at all was the insta-, well….everything in some way between them. Overall I liked these two together, but at times everything between them felt a little rushed. Also, some of their interactions were a little cheesy for my liking. Overall, an enjoyable, humorous read!“And my vagina? That greedy little bitch had found the best piece in the candy store and definitely wanted another lick, suck, and swallow.”

  • Elizabeth
    2019-05-18 00:34

    Growing up as the daughter of a small town morticianSOLD!!!!!!Attempt number one with her first love ended barely before it got started with a horrific latex allergy hospitalizationAttempt number two had him coming and then going with an undiagnosed heart condition.As things start to heat up between them, the body count starts to rise, and they’re led on a wild goose chase from back woods mountain Nudist Colonies to altercations with the Dixie MafiaI'm in love with this book already!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • Viviana
    2019-05-07 01:35

    Sexy,funny, crazy, unexpected story!!! I love Katie Ashley! So very much! I loved the characters! Sexy smart! Yes they are one of my faves!!! But the story was not 100% my kind of story. Yes I laughed a lot, yes I liked how fast the love story developed but it wasn't one of my favorites. I will not reread this book. :/ I do love the proposition, I've read it several times since.

  • Eve Recinella (Between The Bookends)
    2019-04-23 22:08

    OMG this book was frigging FUNNY... "My raging libido instantly shriveled at the sight of what had to be the reunion crew of Deliverance. Instantly the tune of Dueling Banjos started to play in my head.""“First rule of Funeral Home Fight Club: No one talks about Funeral Home Fight Club.”"Given what happened next, I guess Wes had been Jan Brady’d one too many times in his life""After all, it had been six years since it had seen penetration of the penis kind. You can claim someone as legally dead at seven years, so my vagina was just a few months shy of being legally dead." This was just a fun lighthearted read. I adored the heroine, and Catcher with his overblown ego and one liners was hilarious. Add in nudists, a man with two penises, and a delightfully crazy family, and you have a very enjoyable way to spend a few hours.

  • Julia's Book Haven
    2019-05-15 20:36

    *3.5 stars* but I rounded up because god damn that cover deserves that half star. Probably more then a half star even, its so freaking gorgeous. This one was a light, humour filled book with lots and lots of steam! Like off the charts hot. Really enjoyed it, some of it was a bit cheesy but still I was laughing out loud while reading and I really needed that. Also if Katie Ashley has like a movie sized poster of this cover I will pay good money for that lol *****************************************Feb 20/16*So this one has an actual release date now in March, does anyone know if its legit though? I don't want to get my hopes up, its been on my tbr for awhile..

  • Michelle
    2019-05-20 00:33

    ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest reviewKatie Ashley drops a sexy, fun, smart, and sassy romantic comedy!!!! Ms. Ashley will have readers rolling in laughter as we tag along Olivia Sullivan as she tries to remove the cobwebs of her lady bits with the help of a drop dead gorgeous investigator who is quite the catch.“As he slid the condom down his impressive length, I couldn’t help licking my lips. He was like the Goldilocks of Cocks…not too skinny, not to wide, not too short, and not too long. He was just right.”Olivia Sullivan sees dead people. Well she doesn’t see dead people roaming around the halls talking to her, but she definitely does see dead people. Literally. Olivia Sullivan is the beloved daughter of a mortician. And as most people aspire to become doctors, lawyers and what not, Olivia took it upon herself to carry on the family business as a mortician. And as you can imagine, what men would want to date a mortician knowing that there are dead people in the house. So Olivia’s love life is practically DEAD as she has no luck in the relationship department. Case in point her last sexual relationship was deadly. So when Olivia decided to dust off the cobwebs, she meets Holden Caulfield Mains. Yes, if you are familiar with famous American literature then you probably would recognized the name Holden Caulfield. And so you would understand as to why Olivia had to give Holden the moniker Catcher. Well after two shots of tequila, Olivia was ready for whatever Catcher had in store and that included five orgasms.“There’s not just a spark between us. There’s a full-on raging inferno.”Well the one night of hot sexual bliss was not enough for Holden as he finagles his way to be part of an investigative death case that Olivia is working on. As these two try to solve the murder investigation, Olivia and Catcher finds themselves tangled up in the sheets with plenty of orgasms. As their sexual tryst continues, will they be able to solve the case before it becomes deadly? And will this blooming love affair with Catcher be the fairy-tale romance that Olivia has been searching for?“And my vagina? That greedy little bitch had found the best piece in the candy store and definitely wanted another lick, suck, and swallow.”All there is left to say if you are looking for a fun, entertaining, sexy romance that weaves humor, plenty of orgasms, mystery and a chock full of sass then I would suggest you give Drop Dead Sexy a try. Review can also be found on Four Chicks Flipping Pages: http://fourchicksflippingpages.weebly...Katie Ashley

  • Lana
    2019-05-06 22:30

    When is this book going to be available?!?!?!First i was like ....... ......Author keeps changing the release date so now I'm like..Please.

  • Lana *Lifeinwordsandlyricscom*
    2019-05-15 18:20

    3.8! starsIt started out very fun. I had great expectations, it just fell a little short.So, Liv. Poor lady didn't have the best of luck in the sex department. First try - guy ends up in the hospital with severe latex allergy. Second try - guy ends up dead on top of her. Yikes! Add to that her being raised in the funeral home and you see how she could be not the most dateable person in town. Also she's a coroner, so yeah.If you had to put my love life into a genre, it would probably be horror. By the same token, I'm not even sure that the master of scary shit, Stephen King, could adequately express it on paper.I would be very cautious if I was her. And she was too, I mean she had like 6 years between every sexcapade. Poor poor girl. It's no wonder she was ready to get a squeeze of anyone she found on her sex prawl.Anyway, being out of practice doesn't mean you should stay uninformed in all things sex. "How in the world does one have sex with two dicks?"Didn't she watch porn like normal people do? And don't give me that nonsense that not everyone does it. Puhlease! But I'm getting ahead of myself. She's not having sex with the guy who has two dicks, we'll leave that for another genre alltogether. No, our girl ends up finding a candy in a shitstore. Aka Catcher Mains, aka Mr.Drop-dead-sexy, aka dirty mouth. And they hit it off right away.And in that bright and shining moment, my poor, male-neglected vagina, wich for so long had been flat lining on life-support, coughed and sputtered back to life.The one night stand with him turns into a joined investigation of murder of the said guy with two dicks. Naturally Catcher is the FBI agent that gets asigned to the case. The case itself is something out of this world weird, with nudist colony (sorry, resort), snake pastors and old witches. Of course our Agent Mains doesn't want to end things with Liv with just one night stand and talks her into giving them a shot at dating for reals. That inspires groping and some sexy action in the crime scenes and lots of dirty talk. Sometimes it got a little out of hand."Would you like a paddle to help you up Shit Creek in your douchecanoe?"Exactly my reaction to some of his speeches.But, seeing as he was practically perfect in all other areas, our girl gave him a break on that one and even learned to love his dirty talk. If I had someone eating cupcakes off of my body, I'd be pretty forgiving myself. Oh man, I will never look at cupcakes the same way again.The story was tied up with a pretty little bow and I don't think there should be a continuation, never mind the series. It was good as it was.Over and out.

  • edge of bubble
    2019-05-07 22:34

    This book had juvenile humour in spades. Crazy shit hits the fan and it never stops throughout the book. Do you know what else it had? A plot! I know, I was surprised too! It wasn't the best plot out there, but still it was good.Speaking of miracles ,while I can't call it unique, heroines plight of getting the cobwebs cleared down there was quite funny. She didn't give the pathetic poor me vibes. I genuinely felt for her and wanted her to have her miracle.Other than the romance and diddling, there is a murder investigation going on. It is as bizarre as the rest of the book. The victim was the best one I've seen in a murder novel so far.Our victim, Randy Dickinson, mild-mannered pharmacist, civic volunteer, and bass in the church choir had two penises. Or was it peni? He was packing two schlongs, two meats and four veg, double dongs, a duo of dicks, a couple of cocks, twin trouser snakes, two tallywackers. I shook my head to try and get a hold of myself.That sums up the experience that is this book.

  • Mandy
    2019-05-22 18:16

    4.5Laugh out loud funny, steamy and suspenseful - I really enjoyed this one!

  • Susan (susayq ~)
    2019-05-18 01:20

    This was laugh out loud funny! There were several places where I thanked God I was sitting on my sofa reading this because I laughed so hard I had tears in my eyes. My family understands me and my books, the general public, not so much LOLSeriously, I think this was my first by Katie Ashley even though she's on my TBR multiple times and I already owned a few of these. I don't know what I was waiting for. She infused humor and mystery into this romance.What started out as a one stand between Olivia and Catcher quickly became more when he wouldn't let her say no to giving them a chance when he shows up to help with a murder investigation. Catcher was HOT. He has one of the dirtiest mouth's I've read in a LONG time. I love that! But he was sweet at the same time. And he wanted to take Liv on a date and feed her *swoon* Liv totally had her reasons for being hesitant. Hilarious reasons, but justified since they happened to her. When she realized he was serious, and she thought she would never see him again, she knew she loved him.This was a great way to be introduced to Katie Ashley's writing. Now, I need to go find her other stuff on my shelves :)

  • Ann
    2019-04-24 18:18

    3.5- 4.0 stars. Fun light read with lots of laughs. Some formatting errors. There were several mostly empty pages pages that contained only a few paragraphs and lot of blank space and several dropped words along the way. Overall a cute, sexy story.

  • Ginette
    2019-05-05 19:15

    Really enjoyed this one! Excellent characters, loved them all. Definitely quite a few LOL moments. If you're looking for something with humor & HEA.....I would recommend

  • Anas AtticBook Blog
    2019-05-18 20:22

    Drop Dead Sexy by Katie AshleyRomantic Comedy StandaloneWhat a fun read! I have always really loved Katie Ashley's writing. The perfect combination of sweet and sexy that I read with a smile on my face. Well Drop Dead Sexy is all that plus super funny! And it's certainly unique. I mean how many times have you read about a female mortician? If you have read the Janet Evanovich books, these remind me a little of them, just a whole lot sexier and more southern.Olivia Sullivan grew up with dead people. Literally, her house was filled with them. They lived in the same house that her father used for his funeral home. If that's not enough to keep the guys away, her only two sexual experiences were disasters. I mean TRUE disasters. Now she has taken over dad's business and become the county coroner. That, plus her past sexual history has caused cobwebs to grow in her vajayjay."You can claim someone as legally dead at seven years, so my vagina was just a few months shy of being legally dead."After eating a ball piece of the penis cake at her mom's wedding shower, Olivia decided she needed to clear the "cooter cobwebs" and just pick up a random guy and go for it. And boy, she found a live one! YUM. Holden Caulfield Mains aka Catcher, an agent with the GBI (Georgia FBI) and a straightforward, tell-it-like-it-is, dirty talking, sexy guy! Catcher wasn't afraid or put off by Olivia's profession, in fact, I think it turned him on even more.“As he slid the condom down his impressive length, I couldn’t help licking my lips. He was like the Goldilocks of Cocks…not too skinny, not to wide, not too short, and not too long. He was just right.”When Holden is called in to investigate the first murder in years in Olivia's small southern town, because she is the coroner, they get to work together. What follows is zany fun, featuring dual dicks, nudists, grabbing grandmas, snake handlers, goatfucking and more! And in between the investigating fun was the sexy fun ;-)He dipped his head closer to mine. “Stop thinking so much. Let me and your body make the decisions."Holden was able to turn anything into an innuendo. Since I am exactly like that, I loved him. He was alpha, funny, sexy, and carried a gun, yummy. And Olivia was a riot. I loved her inner dialogue and I would totally want to hang out with her.There was a lot of peen in this novel. In fact... Likes:•I laughed out loud.•Unique storyline.•Loved both characters.•Zany and suspenseful.•Dirty talker.•Hot sex.•Funny Grandma.•The dog.•Standalone.Dislikes:•Sometimes it may have felt like she was trying a bit too hard to be funny by going over the top. But that may just be because I know her other books so well.•I wouldn't have minded a little more romance once the investigation began.The Down & Dirty: Katie Ashley's first true romantic comedy was a hit for me. I read it in one sitting and absolutely loved it. It was sexy, silly, funny and crazy and I really had an awesome day reading it. It was the first time I read a full-length book in one day in a really long time, I was just having so much fun I couldn't stop! I loved both characters, and the over-the-top situations they found themselves in. I knew having a woman as a mortician/coroner would be funny, but I didn't expect it to be so much fun! While I don't usually like to compare books, in this case, I can't help it, it had a similar feel to the Stephanie Plum books by Janet Evanovich (which I loved) but sexier and funnier. I hope Katie writes more like this!Rating: 4.5 stars (maybe 4.75), 4 Heat.Purchase Drop Dead Sexy by Katie Ashley Amazon | | iBooks 

  • Siv30
    2019-04-29 23:29

    ספר חמוד ומשעשע ביחוד בחלק הראשון שלו.אוליביה סאליבן מנהלת בית לוויות וחוקרת מקרי מוות. בגיל 30 היו לה מספר מערכות יחסים בוסריות והניסיון המיני שלה כמעט אפסי: הגבר הראשון שאיתו קיימה יחסים חטף אלרגיה ללטקס והגבר השני גמר תרתי משמע כשהתפגר אחרי סקס.אחרי מסיבת רווקות לאמא שלה שעומדת להינשא בפעם השניה, אוליביה המתוסכלת יוצאת לשבור את היובש ובפאב מקומי פוגשת את קאצ'ר.בבוקר למחרת היא נמלטת במבוכה רק כדי לפגוש אותו שוב בצהרים כשרצח מתרחש בעיירה.החלק של תעלומת הרצח חלש ובנוי רופף. אבל החלק של היחסים בין אוליביה לקאצ'ר בנוי משעשע ומפצה על החורים בעלילה.ספר קולח שמעביר מספר שעות הנאה.

  • NMmomof4
    2019-04-27 01:22

    3 StarsOverall Opinion:This started out excellent, but once it started focusing on the investigation more than the relationship -- it lost me. I have issues with suspenseful romances for this exact reason. I really liked their banter and overall chemistry on their first night together, but after they started working together I felt like it fizzled out. Even their feelings turning into love I didn't feel or get (other than the fact they had hot sex) very well likely is my own personal issue, because I often have issues with these types of books when the romance is second fiddle to the suspense -- and that along with the instalove (that I always have issues with), the I'm going with a rating right in the middle.Brief Summary of the Storyline:This is Olivia and Catcher's story. Olivia has bad luck with sex. She is the town mortician and coroner, and she's gone 6 years without any type of relationship. She decides enough is enough, and when she's out of town (where no one knows her profession) she goes to the bar to find a man. This is where she meets Catcher, and things heat up pretty fast for their one night together. The next day (and after she snuck out on him), Olivia doesn't expect to see Catcher when he is assigned to a murder case in her home town. They work together on the investigation, have some sexy times, a few funny moments, and eventually get their HEA ending.POV: This was told in Olivia's POV.Overall Pace of Story:Ok. I had issues with the abrupt ending, and I skimmed a little when the parts about the investigation felt a little tedious (which is my norm with suspenseful books).Instalove: Yes. There wasn't much basis on their feelings IMO.H rating: 3.5 stars. Catcher. I liked him, but his constant need to bring innuendo into the conversation got a little old...or young if you're like me and it makes you think of an immature guy constantly talking about sex!h rating: 4 stars. Olivia. I liked her wittiness and her inner dialogue was pretty funny.Sadness level: Low. No tissues required.Heat level: Moderate. The have some good chemistry and scenes.Descriptive sex: Yes.Safe sex: Yes, mentions of both condom use and birth control.OW/OM drama: No (view spoiler)[ Closest thing is h mistakes H's sister as OW and gets jealous (hide spoiler)]Sex scene with OW or OM: NoCheating:NoPossible Triggers: Mild(view spoiler)[ Brief mentions of H being a manwhore before the h, violence - murders (hide spoiler)]Closure: After an abrupt ending, there was some good closure with a HEA ending.How I got it: This was part of my scribed subscription.Safety: Safe (view spoiler)[- Does Not have cheating- Does Not have a descriptive sex scene with OW/OM-Does Not have the H/h pushing away-Does Not have a separation between the h and H-Does Not have abuse-Does Not have OTT sad parts- Doeshave a HEA ending. (hide spoiler)]

  • Angelika
    2019-05-14 23:16

    *An eARC was kindly provided by author in exchange for an honest review.*“Call me kinky, but I’ve always wanted a man to tie me up”The quirky blurb has been up for three years. The tempting cover was revealed two years ago. So it's safe to say Drop Dead Sexy is a really, really long awaited book. I've been looking forward to reading it too and luckily I'm not disappointed at all. “Olivia, if you don't stop being a prude, you're never going to get rid of those cooter cobwebs of yours.”I think there's no need too much details about the plot because the synopsis pretty much lays it out. What is more important that the writing is flawless and the pace of story is excellent. This entertaining romantic comedy is perfect blend of lighthearted fun and mouth-wateringly delicious hot love scenes surrounded by a murder mystery which turns out to be a real penis-palooza. Aham, it has the right amount of over the top craziness - like a dead guy with two dicks, nudists, snake handlers & witches - and there are defiantly some surprising twists and turns.“Trust me babe. It’ll be on like Donkey Kong the minute I have you alone again.”“Did you honestly just compare our sex life to a video game?”The county mortician and coroner, Liv, was our narrator throughout the book and I enjoyed her fascinating voice. I liked that she was strong, smart and sassy, a very passionate woman despite her disastrous sex experiences. Also our sinfully handsome hero, Catcher, just sweept me off my feet with his dirty talking and smart-ass personality. Together these two were wonderful plus the chemistry between them was volcanic. In addition I adored the background, a small southern town packed full of a little nuts but phenomenal citizens (Grandmother Pease was the best!).“I had finally found the one. The one who completed me and all that jazz.”It was freakin' hilarious, I couldn’t put it down. It made me swooning, laughing and giggling all the way through. Do yourself a favor and don’t miss out this standalone awesomeness!PS. This novel is very different from author's other books.My favorite line:“Although it wasn’t in the Ten Commandments, I’m pretty sure ’Thou shalt not sext in the house of God’ was pretty high up there on the list of no-nos.”My rating: ✚ My blogpost in hungarian.

  • Libby Harrison
    2019-05-14 00:18

    https://romanticcynicblog.wordpress.c...Beware of Spoilers!Star Ratings:Heroine (Olivia): 30yrs - 4/5Hero (Catcher): 35yrs - 3/5Plot: 4/5Grovel: noneCheating: none HEA: yesTriggers: noneAverage score: 4/5Best Lines: a few funny lines in this one! But this one summed up my feelings about romance heroes:h: “You know, you were kind of a Neanderthal back there, which is terribly unattractive to a feminist like me.” When he started to protest, I put my finger over his lips. “But by the same token, I’ve never had a man who cared enough about me to be so aggressively possessive. And God help me, I liked it. I liked it a lot.”Worst Lines: H: “Fucking feminists.” – just because she wanted to take her own carPersonal Review:This was an enjoyable and funny romance between a Coroner and a GBI special agent.This is a must read for lovers of Sophie Kinselli, Rachel Gibson and Jennifer Crusie.Random Ramblings:The H was immature-funny but I loved the h’s sense of humour. It was more my style.The book cover makes me cringe slightlyOverall Feeling:

  • Polly
    2019-05-14 23:16

    This one kind of reminded me of the Stephanie Plum books back in the day. Without the stupid dragging love triangle. Very funny and very steamy!

  • Kim
    2019-05-03 20:09

    4.5 starsOlivia's life is a little unique. She's a young mortician and coroner. She deals with crazy families on daily basis. Her love life has been a disaster of epic proportions. And she has now decided that her sexual dry spell needs to end. Olivia is capable, smart, pretty, and outspoken, but unaware of her true attractiveness. She tends to feel awkward especially in social situations and with men.In a bar in the boonies, she meets the sexy, cocky, unfiltered Catcher Mains. He has charisma and a rugged charm, but he also spells trouble. Little did she know how it would affect her life. All she wanted was a night of really good sex without issues, but she got more than she expected. It was the hottest night of her life and she actually liked Catcher, But one-night-stands don't usually turn into relationships and this girl knows when to stop when she is ahead, so she did the proactive walk of shame and left him in her dust.But a murder in her neck of the woods, brings in the GBI and Agent Catcher Mains right to her doorstep. Thrown together by the investigation, Olivia can't escape Catcher's company, charm, or advances. But they are about to find more trouble than they bargained for.Liv and Catcher find themselves on various surprising adventures as they investigate this case, and at times they cannot ignore their chemistry that seems to simmer even in inappropriate settings. They are combustible, have a fun rapport, and have a mutual understanding of each other's jobs and commitments. Liv has been longing to feel sexually satisfied, but also safe and protected. And she brings out the possessive, protective alpha in Catcher. Their banter is flirty, sexy, witty, and sometimes downright dirty. The situation they find themselves in seems to facilitate the intensity of their chemistry and feelings fairly quickly, but I believed in their connection. Catcher is a take control kind of guy and knows what he wants, and I found that sexy and endearing. He manages to make Liv feel more intelligent and beautiful, despite her tendency to be a bit klutzy or end up in awkward situations. They seemed to bring out the best in each other and accept each other quirks and all.The side characters added more drama, fun, and some laugh-out-loud moments especially her outspoken Grandmother Pease. Many of the unusual characters surrounding the case added to the mystery and suspense, but also provided some of the surprises too. This story definitely goes in some unexpected directions at times.This is a fast-paced, humorous, quirky romantic comedy with a side of mystery, danger, and suspense. It is a bit more slapstick at times, but I found myself grinning and laughing at the crazy adventures these two find themselves in. I might have even yelled "holy crap!" out loud a few times. This was a bit different than other Katie Ashley books, but still had her likable characters and engaging sense of humor even if it was a bit more daring, crass, and tongue-in-cheek. There were some definite twists and surprises, and it was not predictable. I thought it was funny, sweet, sexy, and romantic. I really liked their personalities and loved this couple together. And I liked the whole whodunnit aspect of the plot as well.ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-29 00:22

    * A review copy was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review *~ 5 Catcher and Liv Bug Star ~ What an amazingly funny and sexy read!! This book was so different from other Katie Ashley books, but still had what we love about a Katie Ashley book.This book had a little bit of everything in it. There was humor, love, sex, mystery and suspense and also a totally swoony Hero. What more could you ask for from a 5 star read. This is Katie Ashley's debut into the Romantic Comedy style book and she NAILED it!!! This is probably my favorite book of hers. I thought the flow and pace of the story was excellent. Although I do want to give a heads up to readers who aren’t a fan of insta love. This book is most definitely an insta love, because the relationship between Catcher and Olivia happens in just a week’s worth of time. So if this isn’t your cup of tea, then you might want to pass on this book. I personally loved the speed Katie took with this couple.Drop Dead Sexy is a standalone novel told from Olivia’s POV. We are introduced to Holden (Catcher) and Olivia. Olivia is a woman who hasn’t had the best luck with past romantic hook-ups. So she is bound and determined to change that. Her meeting Catcher was totally by chance. She went to a bar and he happened to be there. They hit it off right away and get to know each other….kind of ;) Olivia is a small town mortician and coroner and Catcher is a GBI agent. When Olivia meets Catcher she is set on having a one night stand with him, so color her surprised when she sees him again in her hometown when the town pharmacist is found murderer. Catcher is called in to run the investigation, but he is also after Olivia!!! He is determined to win her over. Will these two break down their walls and let love in?? You need to read this book to find out. So while we follow the journey of Catcher and Olivia, Katie also created a storyline that is a mystery that needs to be solved. I loved the suspenseful aspect of the story. It was so captivating I couldn’t turn the pages fast enough. Built into that though we also got some great banter between all of the characters in this story, that I was laughing out loud many times.If you are looking for a book that has it all, but overall is a fun and sexy read, then you won’t want to miss this book!! Definitely a favorite of mine of 2016.Follow Us at :: Book Bitches Blog | Facebook | Twitter

  • Brenda
    2019-05-18 23:18

    Olivia is a mortician and coroner county in a small town. Olivia hasn't a good luck with men in a longa time and now with 30 years she tries break some cowebs.... Girl go to a bar see a guy - good looking and bang bang.The book has some hilarious parts first with suspicious and mysterious death of the farmacitian of the town who (view spoiler)[has two penis (hide spoiler)] ok. The suspense was good and the investigation surprise and the medics terms too that was a bit desnecessary. The author made a good in that part. I kinda thought would be some twist.But of course this a contemporary romance so nope!! I find all the romance totally too much. They are hooked with each other since the beggining and Catcher wants more and is her boyfriend after days. Yep, the h had this expression but she acepted too easily and his mind reading of her was boring and gross. How listen her, man?? And they just make out and was true love, I have mortage and I want two kids, maybe three. And add that to her final speech of how he help be herself and be proud and blah blah blah.YOU ARE YOURSELF WITHOUT HE SAYS OR NOT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I did not belive in anything and their "flirt" I don't what this was did nothing for me as the characters. I like her mama and Pease, maybe Allen but he appears only two time.This was my first try but I will read her other book but I don't recommend this one.["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>["br"]>

  • Red Cheeks Reads
    2019-04-29 19:31

    “There’s not a spark between us. There is a full-on raging inferno.”I LOVE romantic comedy and I am a fan of Katie Ashley’s other books so I was very excited to get a chance to read this book. Unfortunately, for me this story fell a little flat and left me with a slight sour taste in my mouth. The premise is great but the execution had me wanting more and curious why the book took certain directions.‘Can’t do this now. Talk 2 u later I furiously typed. Fine. But wear a skirt. I wanna finger-bang you on the road.’First off I want to mention that the phrase “finger bang” just makes me shudder. I just don’t find it sexy or fun.My main issue was that the humor was over the top juvenile for my opinion. What had the potential to be a light and fun love story about a female mortician and a sexy FBI agent working together to solve a strange crime, took turns involving (without giving anything away) situations that I personally found, for lack of a better word, icky. I did not initially like Catcher but I can admit that as the book progressed he grew on me. However in the beginning of the book he came off as way too over the top and somewhat of an asshole. This made it hard to feel a connection between him and Olivia (who I very much did like.)“Did you just get goosed in the ass by a dead guy?” “It’ not funny.” “Actually, it kind of is.”Drop Dead Sexy is well written and is full of funny moments. I am 99% sure that my main issues with the book stem from a case of “it’s not you, it’s me.” The style of humor was just not one that I personally find very funny and the plot was just too out there. However if you enjoy humorous book that lean more towards a slapstick form of comedy I urge you to give this one a shot, it might just be your kind of book!~miranda

  • Christie«SHBBblogger»
    2019-04-21 18:31

    This sounds really good. Anyone got a release date? I'm not seeing it.

  • Shayna
    2019-04-22 22:14

    I loved this book to DEATH! Katie Ashley gives us the perfect blend of sexy and hilarity in her latest romantic comedy, DROP DEAD SEXY. With tons of laugh out loud moments and scorching hot love scenes, this author, once again, delivers a love story every romance fanatic will fall in love with. OMG! These characters were EVERYTHING! But I have to say, our heroine, Olivia Sullivan, STOLE THE SHOW! Some of the things she says is exactly what I say in my head every single day! She was so kick ass and had such witty comments, I was just blown away by how much I liked her. I kept saying to myself, I want to be just like her when I grow up! Then I think to myself, well, except the whole job description she has going on. HEHE! And let's not forget about Catcher Mains! HOLY HELL BATMAN! The filthy mouth on this man was just so damn yummy! First of all, let's take a moment and admire his full name: Holden Caulfield Mains aka Catcher Mains. Can't you just picture the sexy package that comes with that name? I mean DAMN Katie! NICE CHOICE! Let me give you a little taste of what comes out of this man's mouth:"Oh, I'm sorry. Is it one of those 'if you told me you'd have to kill me' kinda things?""Maybe. And I sure don't want to kill you. Especially before I got to fuck you and make you scream my name."My mouth gaped open at him once again being so brazen. "Um, okay," I replied."Don't play the prude with me, Olivia. We both know that you came in here on a search mission for cock."LOL! I freaking LOVE that man! That was on hell of a first meeting, wouldn't you say? DROP DEAD SEXY was so hilarious and so unique and SO DAMN SEXY! On top of that, there is a fair amount of suspense in the mix. All throughout reading this, I had the television show, BONES in my mind. It's one of my favorite shows and the chemistry between Olivia and Catcher somewhat mirrored the chemistry between Bones and Agent Booth. THAT was a FANTASTIC surprise for me! To top off this review I would like to leave you with a little more of Catcher banter! You can thank me later! "Oh come on, Liv. Be a big girl and admit that you diddled yourself back in the day. Buttering your biscuit as a teenager is nothing to be ashamed of. I was twelve the first time I spanked the monkey."*Gifted copy provided by the author in exchange for an honest review*

  • Emma
    2019-05-16 02:12

    I already thought Drop Dead Sexy would be something different due to Olivia's occupation. It's not every day you come across a female protagonist whose career choice involves dead bodies. What I didn't expect was to be casually eating my lunch as I started to read the story only to end up choking on laughter within the first few pages. Good times were sure to ensue.The synopsis pretty much lays out the plot, but the details will having you screaming with both laughter and shuddering in revulsion. Eggplants are going to hold uncomfortable visuals from me from now on. With two disastrous attempts at intimacy it is no wonder Olivia is a little traumatized. If it were me I would probably have given up all hope and resigned myself to spinsterhood. Olivia not only has to deal with her own insecurities, she is pretty much labeled as cursed within her small town, making her a dating pariah. Kudos to Olivia for embarking on a daring quest in the backwoods to end her drought only to find the man of her dreams. Although the situation is less than desirable the chemistry between Olivia and Catcher is volcanic. Catcher aka Holden is a dirty talking smart-ass of epic proportions yet you can't help but love him even when he is in full douche mode. Seriously dude bragging about your abilities with other women is not a turn on. His ability for innuendo is unparalleled.While Olivia is convinced the encounter is that of a one night stand, fate has other ideas in store, throwing Oliva and Catcher together in the form of a murder investigation. Although I have the feeling Catcher would have hunted Olivia down if fate hadn't stepped in. Catcher recognises the ease and comfort as well as the chemistry they share is something special and he isn't afraid to admit it. GO DUDE. The situations and *ahem* interesting people they come across during their investigation does nothing to dampen their passion, not even the morgue!!!!Drop Dead Sexy is full on fun, equal parts sexy and romantic.Just a little side note - I totally want to be as inappropriate as Olivia's grandmother Pease when I'm her age ;)