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A mystery set in Seattle, Washington. As Darcy and her fiance, Mick, are preparing for their wedding, their planning and their lives are interrupted when a good friend mysteriously disappears. Soon, Darcy finds herself in Seattle immersed in the world of domestic partners, alternative reproductive technology, and social bigotry. A shocking child abduction and two murders lA mystery set in Seattle, Washington. As Darcy and her fiance, Mick, are preparing for their wedding, their planning and their lives are interrupted when a good friend mysteriously disappears. Soon, Darcy finds herself in Seattle immersed in the world of domestic partners, alternative reproductive technology, and social bigotry. A shocking child abduction and two murders leave authorities with few clues, as Darcy tries to help and becomes a victim her self....

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Alternate Currents Reviews

  • Diane Rapp
    2019-05-06 21:53

    Universal themes that strike a chord.Arleen Alleman once again demonstrates her writing talent in a gripping novel filled with suspense and pathos. When spiteful and malicious motives spur a kidnapping, events rapidly spiral out of control. Darcy learns that her friend, Charlie, is kidnapped. Her natural instinct is to go help Charlie's domestic partner, Don, and their adopted 7-year old daughter, Penelope. The idea doesn't sit well with Darcy's fiancé, Mick. Based on past experience, he knows Darcy's habit of "helping" often places her in mortal danger. He's worried and rightly so. To complicate matters, Darcy and Nick are supposed to be planning a wedding of their own, but the stress of this situation could derail the nuptials.Don Freeburg, a freelance cartoonist, and Charlie Scott, a commercial realtor, live in an upscale Seattle neighborhood. Unfortunately their domestic partnership recently came under the scrutiny of a religious zealot with fanatical followers, a group of people who are eager to remove Penelope from their home. To complicate matters, Penelope's birth mother threatens to legally reverse the adoption. She claims she has a legal right to take custody of her daughter. Although Penelope never met her birth mother, could a judge rip the family apart due to a legal technicality?Ignoring her own personal problems, Darcy travels to Seattle to help and support her friends. As the police investigation into the kidnapping flounders, bodies start turning up. Darcy can't keep her promise to Mick and starts investigating on her own. It becomes clear that Penelope might have been the original target of the kidnapping, and Darcy fears for the girl's safety. Darcy gallantly risks her own life to protect her friends and solve the crime. There are so many twists and turns in the complicated plot that readers are taken on a wild ride. Greed, desire, guilt, and fanaticism embolden several treacherous villains, who lurk in the shadows waiting for the perfect moment to strike. Each culprit has a motive to kill but which one has gone on a killing spree? Can Darcy survive against the menacing culprits who stalk her friends? Will her own relationship with Mick crumble under the strain of a tempestuous separation? Will the wedding that Mick and Darcy planned ever take place? As Darcy learns more about her own character, she considers a new occupation, one that might place her in constant jeopardy. Will Mick support Darcy’s new career choice?Fans of the Darcy Farthing novels are sure to enjoy this new chapter in her saga. Darcy has become a friend that we enjoy welcoming into our home. We worry about her almost as much as Mick, but we eagerly wait for each new story to be revealed.

  • Marika Charalambous
    2019-05-04 23:40

    First reviewed on Currents is the 4th book in the Darcy Farthing mystery series by the author Arleen Alleman. This is the first book I’ve read in the series, which is quite unusual for me. However once I started reading it, I soon realized that it can be read as a standalone novel as well. There are just a few references to some earlier adventures Darcy and her boyfriend Mick went through on a cruise a few years back.The story in this particular installment happens around the time when Darcy and Mick are planning their wedding. She has recently reunited with her daughter and granddaughter, and the Darcy is quite happy with her life just now.That is right until she gets a call from a good friend of hers, Don, who is freaked out because his partner, Charlie, has disappeared. And it seems not of his own will.Darcy leaves everything behind to fly to Seattle to help his friend in any way she can. Mick is not overjoyed by this decision, hoping that Darcy would stick around to plan her wedding and the cruise following that (and let’s face it, he is not thrilled that Darcy makes company with a gay couple either, even though this very couple saved their lives a few years back during a cruise that went very bad). Once Darcy gets to Don, she realizes that there is much more to deal with than just a simple disappearance and decides to stick around for a while, something that makes Mick quite unhappy.The book is full of suspense and non-stop action. There are only a few pages where the pace is not hurried, which is something I love when reading books. The novel is not overly huge at about 300 pages or so, but there is so much happening that times I felt like I was reading a saga no less.I got to meet some wonderful characters, each with their flaws and bright spots as well. Don and Charlie are a fun couple who love their daughter Penelope, adopted from birth from Andrea, the surrogate mother. Mick, Darcy’s boyfriend seems initially a bit rough at the edges and not really open to Darcy’s quick temperament of running to help anyone who needs it, even if it puts her in dangerous situations. However soon we learn that Mick is a great character as well, who has his own reasons for this reservations based on his own past baggage.Now there are several evil characters in the book that are quite realistically described, you can actually see them in front of your eyes and feel their evil thoughts and schemings.I was actually surprised to see so many nasty people in one book, each with their own agenda that slightly overlapped at times as well. The book definitely kept on my toes!And yet, there is so much more to Alternate Currents than it being an action and adventure novel with a hint of psychological suspense. The author touches on some quite serious issues throughout the book including same sex marriage/domestic partnership, homophobia, birth surrogates, assisted reproductive technology, and the ties that bind people throughout their adventures together.

  • Alexia
    2019-04-21 20:47

    Disclaimer: I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.Review: Within the first 50 or so pages,I was tempted to throw this book across the room. Not because it wasn't good but because the ultra-conservative pastor and his deplorable feelings on gay people. I was angry and rage-y. I was livid at the words I was reading on the page. I rarely get this rage-y while reading but I couldn't understand how this author managed to write such an asshole character. That was in addition to Darcy's fiancee Mick. Yet another homophobic character. Yes he did eventually become more accepting but my initial feeling about him was definitely not positive.Anywho, I loved both Don and Charlie. They were not the stereotypical gay couple which was great to see.Plus they clearly loved each other and their sweet little girl Penelope.When things went bad,they stayed supportive of each other and didn't allow the mystery surrounding Penelope's parentage to push them apart.Even when Penelope was abducted and the days with no answer as to her whereabouts went on,they stayed committed to each other.Darcy and Deanna were two awesome ladies who seemed to both kick ass and take names while doing it. I loved watching the friendship develop between them and how they both supported Don & Charlie through this whole thing.I knew that there was more to the whole surrogacy issue than met the eye. It was clear to me that Andrea had scammed a couple desperate to have a family. It was also clear that Charlie and Don had put far too much trust in both Andrea and the lawyer handling the case. I knew that the pastor was definitely involved somehow.Every single word that came out of his mouth just made me angry.Of course I can't leave out Leslie Lavender who was crazy about Don or just crazy in general. To the point that he was stalking him and making plans to get rid of Charlie & Penelope so that he and Don could be together. Never mind that Don had already shot him down repeatedly.I'm giving this book 4 stars. I would love to give this book 5 stars because it was an enjoyable mystery overall. However I just cannot get past what bigotry and hatred the pastor had spewed about gay people.I'm a little annoyed that this character was in this book because if the pastor had not been in the book,I probably could have overlooked both Mick & Leslie Lavender and their abhorrent behavior.

  • Allie
    2019-05-21 01:52

    “Alternate Currents” combines all of the mystery and suspense I have come to expect from Arleen Alleman. I enjoy the human complexities Alleman incorporates into her writing and the imperfect characters she creates. This book incorporates a level of social consciousness that I was not expecting by focusing the main storyline on a same-sex couple. I thought that was a bold move for Alleman considering some of her readers may still find the subject of same-sex partnerships a bit controversial. I really applaud her for incorporating this particular relationship and the complicated legalities surrounding it.Darcy and Mick are no longer at sea and instead are in Washington D.C. where they are planning their wedding. Though no longer aboard a cruise ship, Darcy finds herself once again navigating treacherous situations as she travels across the Country to help friends in need. Though Darcy never intentionally invites trouble it always seems to find her. That trouble usually comes from her well intentioned and selfless attempts to help those whom she cares about. When Darcy’s friend Charlie is kidnapped she sets out to assist his domestic partner, Don, and their adopted daughter, Penelope. Don and Charlie have their share of haters, but who could possibly dislike them so much that they would resort to deadly intent?“Alternate Currents” weaves social and legal issues surrounding same-sex partnerships into a suspenseful, intelligent and thrilling plot that will make you appreciate Alleman’s writing on an even greater level. As with all of her work, Alleman has clearly spent significant time and effort researching the locations, legalities, characters and plots of which she writes. Though fictional, this story could easily be taken as a twisted tale straight off True Crime TV as there is so much realism within the writing. As the story unfolds and the body count increases Darcy must navigate her friends and herself to safety though Mick in none too happy that Darcy is once again placing herself at risk. Mick proves his love and loyalty once again by collaborating with Darcy to catch a killer and save a family from further suffering.

  • Gayle Pace
    2019-05-12 20:51

    REVIEWMs. Alleman uses her talent as a writer and doesn't disappoint. The book is full of suspense. When Darcy learns that Charlie, her friend has been kidnapped she just couldn't believe it. Who would be so mean and why Charlie? Her next thoughts were on Don , Charlie's partner and their adopted daughter, Penelope, 7 years old.Darcy has a habit of "helping" without thinking of her own well being. Darcy's fiance, Mick knows all too well what happens when Darcy "helps". He's not thrilled with her idea and is worried. Darcy and Mick are planning their wedding. What's going to happen to their plans now that Charlie is missing.? Don and Charlie have recently been noted by a religious preacher and his fanatics. They are intent on seeing that the daughter is taken away from Don and Charlie. On top of that Penelope's mother is thinking of having the adoption reversed. Does she have the legal authority to take back the daughter that has never met her mother? Darcy starts investing the kidnapping by herself, even though Mick objects. As the investigation with the police, bodies start to appear. Not live ones, dead ones. Could it be that Charlie wasn't the one they wanted to kidnap? The author has definitely woven a web of greed, desire, guilt and fanaticism. She embeds a lesson on the kind of evil people out there lurking, waiting to pounce for their own vengeance. It appears that a motive to kill has gone way beyond just one victim. Could it be a serial killer? What will happen to the wedding? Will Mick forgive Darcy for breaking her promise to him? The author wrote on a subject which to some is rather touchy, even in today's world. She did it in a very well written plot that is a good suspense, mystery story.Pick up a copy and see what Darcy is up to.I would give this book 4 STARS.I received a complimentary copy of ALTERNATE CURRENTS from the author, Arleen Alleman for my unbiased review.

  • My Book Addiction and More MBA
    2019-05-06 20:46

    ALTERNATE CURRENTS by Arleen Alleman is an exciting Mystery set in Seattle, Washington. #4 "Darcy Farthing Mystery" but can be read as a stand alone. This was my first time reading this author's story but will not be my last. Fast paced and filled with not only emotional turmoil but with mystery, murder, cruise ship,child abduction,domestic partnerships/same sex marriage, birth surrogates and a vicious killer. Follow, Darcy Farthing,an author, her fiancé, Mick Clayton on what they had hoped to be a romantic cruise until.....Darcy receives an urgent phone call from her good friend, than everything changes....Darcy flies to help her friend and is thrown into a world of domestic partnerships, birth surrogates,assisted reproductive technology,murder,kidnappings, and so much more. A thrill ride for which the author, carries off not only a psychological thriller but a mystery with aplomb and grace. Brilliantly written with both political and legal topics. I was not only in awe of all the emotions that run through " Alternate Currents" but also marveled at the way this author wrote on the challenges of today's world. She has written a well developed story on many of today's issues with same sex marriage, adoption, the assisted reproductive technology and birth surrogates. Well done! If you enjoy mystery, emotional turmoil, characters who are enduring as well as intriguing and a great story, than don't miss picking up "Alternate Currents". Received for an honest review from the author.RATING: 4HEAT RATING: MILDREVIEWED BY: AprilR, courtesy of My Book Addiction and More

  • Maria
    2019-05-22 21:43

    I have not read any other books to this series, but it doesn’t matter that much while reading. The story briefly mentions a crime that took place while on a cruise. However, this isn’t part of the focus for this story. This story addresses several things. First, it focuses on gay rights and society. Being a hot topic in today’s society and the passing of gay marriages, this book shows the different views and/or stereotypes associated with it. Second, it addresses complexities of surrogate and other types of conception/adoptions among couples. Third, it deals with crimes, because after all, this is a mystery novel. I think all three were well written in the book. I like the fact that you had the two radical sides represented in the story but also the everyday people in it – for both the gay rights and surrogacy. I have not read that many books with these topics, so it is interesting to read a mystery about them.Two things that slightly bothered me in the book: Mick’s initial reaction and change in that reaction seems to happen very suddenly. Perhaps, I have missed something from one of the other books with this personality? Also, I don’t want to reveal any spoilers in this review so I’ll state say it like this: two parts of the mystery are solved a little too neatly. It is like a happy coincidence than figuring things out a harder way – which I know can happen in life but I usually expect differently with books.Overall it is a nice mystery book.

  • Doreen
    2019-05-05 04:00

    In her fourth Darcy Farthing mystery, Ms. Alleman keeps her readers on land and takes on the challenge of scripting a story involving several current legal and political hot topics – she carries it off brilliantly.ALTERNATE CURRENTS was an exceptional read for me on several levels. The story’s intellectual grasp of the issues surrounding domestic partnerships/same sex marriage, birth surrogates and assisted reproductive technology is cleverly constructed into an intricate, poignant story. My favorite kind of mystery is when the story is rife with subterfuge – the author scripted this superbly. Even as the malicious motives and psychological obsessions of various characters are subtly revealed, the reason for the kidnapping of first, Charlie, and then his daughter, Penelope, remains elusive until the final chapters.It is the psychological depth in the portrayal of her characters that richly added so much heart to my read. Despite Mick’s reticence, Darcy flies to Seattle, Washington, when Don’s domestic partner, Charlie, disappears. Her decision is the catalyst for introspection in both Darcy and Mick as relates to their marriage and career plans – these passages of introspection moved me deeply. Throughout my read of ALTERNATE CURRENTS, I marveled at the author’s ability to portray her characters and their varied emotions/points of view so realistically. I was often torn between wanting to find out ‘who-done-it’ and not wanting the story to end.

  • Arleen Alleman
    2019-04-21 21:06

  • Arleen Alleman
    2019-05-11 00:54