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Vampire Xan Marcelles and his band, Crooked Fang, have been sitting idle for almost two months when Xan's given a job offer he can't refuse. Only it is not a music gig -- it's a multiple hit in a Texas town called Bartlett. Given no details except six names and a location, Xan hits the road. He's always worked alone at this sort of job, but now there's no way but to have NVampire Xan Marcelles and his band, Crooked Fang, have been sitting idle for almost two months when Xan's given a job offer he can't refuse. Only it is not a music gig -- it's a multiple hit in a Texas town called Bartlett. Given no details except six names and a location, Xan hits the road. He's always worked alone at this sort of job, but now there's no way but to have Nin riding shotgun. Can Xan take out his marks and keep Nin out of trouble or have the years out of circulation blunted his edge?...

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  • Simon Dewar
    2019-05-09 01:58

    enerally speaking, I don’t *do* Urban Fantasy. With the possible exception of the Underworld movies and Blade movies because they were kinda badass. I don’t know whether its because Twilight and other sparkly vampire franchises ruined it for me, or maybe I’m just being obtuse. So, it was with some trepidation that I picked up the novella Traitors by Carrie Clevenger.Traitors, tells the story of Xan Marcelles, younger brother to the leader of his vampire family or clan who is tasked (ordered) by his elder brother Magnus to go after an unknown group of vampires hiding out in a backwater town in Texas. I havent read the other Crooked Fang stories, but I get the picture that when Xan Marcelles isn’t rocking out with his band Crooked Fang, he’s generally kicking vampire asses and taking names. With him travels Nin, a smoking hot vampire of a different clan who, in the past, had betrayed Xan so that there was a level of mistrust between the two characters.There is sneaking around, there is sexual tension, there are bar-storming fight scenes and psychotic car chases. With the exception of the first few pages which set the scene, this is an action packed ride from start to finish. I read it in a couple of hours and risked the wrath of wife because I didnt want to put the book down and come to bed until it was finished. Thats a pretty damn good sign that a book is a good read.Xan is a great character because he’s got the whole anti-hero thing happening and because he’s a fully fleshed out person. He’s a bad ass vampire that has all the urges to chomp neck as any other blood sucker, but he has affinity and a secret love of humans. He wants to escape the clutches his family bonds, yet he’s dragged back into the fold by a sense of duty to his brother and out of fear of what he learns about current events. (I wont spoil that one for you!). Nin, the other main character in this story, is also shown to progress from someone who in the past had betrayed Xan to someone now very much on his side and interesting and strong female character in her own right, able to lop heads with the best of them.Verdict: I figured, on a craft-level, the book would be a decent because Carrie Clevenger has been around for a while in the writing scene and this is one a few stories set within the same setting. Having an established world and mythos and character cast and a few books under her belt meant that she already had an advantage. To be frank, I was wrong. It wasn’t decent. It was very good – bordering on awesome. You see, for me to really get into this book (bearing in mind I’m a self professed urban fantasy-phobe and haven’t read any of Carrie’s other books) she needed to do a few things. She needed to capture my interest pretty early on. She had to make me give a shit about her characters. She needed to expose enough about Xan’s past and the general vampire mythos in her world without boring me. She had to then go on an tell an actual story that was interesting, exciting and progress her characters and develop them and bring the story to a satisfying conclusion. She did all of these things with flair and I found the pages turning quicker the further into the novella I got. With one exception: The end was not satisfying because it set the stage for another epic tale to follow and I don’t have that tale and I cant read it and waiting sucks.

  • SandraValente
    2019-05-12 05:14

    My rating is 4.5 stars!Read all reviews at http://ssbookfanatics.blogspot.comeBook copy received in exchange for an honest reviewI was asked to review Traitors, and because it was a short story (78 pages) I started it late the same night I received it, and finished the rest the next morning over breakfast. Yeah, I always seem to pick just the right stories to read whilst eating! What irks me is the fact that I haven't read any of this author's previous work, so I'm seriously bummed out. Surely you can tell by that sentence alone that I thoroughly enjoyed this book. I've said this a few times, but there's nothing more fabulous than reading something by a completely new author and upon starting, I know I'm going to enjoy it. As I did with Traitors. Carrie Clevenger has a way of writing that immediately pulls you in. She also has a way of making her characters so interesting, you can't help but end up liking each and every one of them. The really bad guys, too. You also have to love the band's name, Crooked Fang, which just happens to be book one's title. I'll need to read this one somewhere along the line as there's obviously history I don't know about. There's also Blood and Fire. Honestly, have I been living under a rock? No, just been busy, but still. Traitors is edgy, on the money and this short story flows like water down a stream, never once stopping. The writing style is fabulous, at no point abruptly stopping but constantly moving from one scene to the next. Much like another author I absolutely enjoy (Emma Meade who also writes paranormal) although Carrie is a multi-genre writer, there is no extra anything to fill up pages. The story is told in a way that's exciting, entertaining and to the point. I love stories where I'm not left feeling like something was missing, but stories that by the end I know I want to read more about.Traitors was awesome. Xan Marcelles is super cool, and yummy. He's quirky and snarky too, and I adored him. I loved the fact that he's bummed he has to carry out a hit - well a few, but quickly reasons that sitting at Pale Rider doing nothing is boring, so what the heck. Besides, he doesn't really have a choice. What 'M' commands, he must obey. He might as well make the best of the situation he's been forced into. Nin who pretty much keeps the place looking pretty, is his 'friends with benefits' kind of friend, although he's constantly weary of Nin due to some history between them. She's a dark horse as far as I'm concerned. I like Nin, but I get this feeling that she's sometimes too quiet. I wouldn't exactly trust her fully, but she did have Xan's back. Xan ends up taking Nin with him, and they hit a few snags along the way. Besides the hits they need to carry out, feeding is a concern. What I liked with these vampires are the differences between them. Some have fangs that retract and are able to walk in sunlight, others like Xan have permanent fangs and the sun is no friend. Makes for an interesting dynamic.I can't really say more than I have, because then I'd give everything away. It ultimately ends with Xan accomplishing what he set out to do, with action scenes throughout the book delivering time and again. The story and Xan's character delivers on the humour, too. I'd hang around with him in a heartbeat! This story is by no means at an end. At least I know I want more. Carrie Clevenger is certainly an author I will be keeping my eye on. Loved!

  • Icy Sedgwick
    2019-05-10 22:58

    Narrated by sexy vampire bassist Xan Marcelles, Traitors picks up shortly after Crooked Fang. Xan is without a band, and bored in Pinecliffe, Colorado. The presence of Nin, a different breed of vampire, seems to give him something to muse about, but she's not especially trustworthy.A late night phone call from his shadowy kinsman, M, brings Xan's past right into his present, and he's forced to pick up the threads of his previous work as a hitman of sorts, cleaning up the messes left by others. In essence, he's pretty much The Wolf from Pulp Fiction, just more prone to violence and happy to shoot on sight. Nin invites herself along, and the pair head off to Traitors, by turns both bar and vampire nest in Texas.The thing I've always liked about Xan is, surprisingly, his humanity. He makes mistakes, and admits to them, and his fondness for humans makes him a likeable protagonist. He does stupid things, but when it comes down to it, he gets the job done, each time hoping that this time, he'll get left alone. Normally I don't like vampires due to their attitude problem but Xan's desire for peace and quiet makes him a lovable rogue. In Traitors, his time among humans has blunted his edge when required to fight, which makes Nin a useful addition to his life, and stops Xan from being one of those dull 'perfect' invincible heroes (*cough* Superman *cough*). He actually gets hurt, but he just keeps on swinging.This being Xan, his soft spot for the ladies means there's obvious chemistry between Xan and Nin, and while I have to admit I found it really difficult to warm to Nin, she's not one of those princess type characters who needs to be rescued by the big strong men. Nin's more than capable of kicking butt on her own terms, and for that alone I suppose I have to salute her.Traitors might only be a short work, but it's packed with action, and sets us up nicely for whatever the next instalment might be. Highly recommended!

  • Dylan
    2019-05-02 00:11

    The rock band Crooked Fang is in a state of hiatus, mainly due to their lead singer getting fried in a rather nasty house fire. Bass player and arrogant vampire Xan Marcelles has been sitting around doing nothing for the last month, and that suits him fine. But one phone call changes all that, and now he’s taking his unpredictable friend Nin with him to Texas to execute six vampires. Xan used to be good at his job; but that was then, and this is now, and now might be one job too far.Traitors, by Carrie Clevenger, is a novella, but it is in all essence the sequel to her popular novel, Crooked Fang. Once more we meet up with Xan Marcelles, bass player and self-confessed asshole, and to be honest it was a joy to be with him again. The book is written through Xan’s perspective, and this is what makes it such a brilliant read. His comments and musings are straight to the point, sometimes amusing, and the story flows easily through his mind. There’s so much more to this character than just an obnoxious bass-playing vamp.Plus Traitors has a whole bunch of good stuff in such a small package. There’s a great soundtrack, and you can almost hear in your head the songs that are mentioned. And at last there’s some great vampire on vampire sex, which was noticeably missing from the first book, and this particular scene was written extremely well. The climactic fight scene down in Texas is superb, loads of action, Xan’s good side along with his brutal side coming to the fore, and a good dose of gore, too. There’s also a gripping car chase, and one particular maneuver which will please Hollywood stunt men everywhere, but which gave me the one minor gripe I have with the book.I’ll look past it, though, way way way past it, because this story is so much more than one fleeting moment. Crooked Fang was awesome. Traitors is fantastic. All that does now is put pressure on Ms. Clevenger to produce something even better for the next book in the series.

  • Monique Snyman
    2019-05-16 03:54

    If you've read Crooked Fang, then Traitors by Carrie Clevenger is a book you need to get a hold of. This novella is short, but has a lot of bite as far as vampires are concerned. With an intriguing start, some suspenseful scenes and then of course a well edited, pretty package to hold it all together, Traitors is one of those few novellas that gives the reader what they want, while making those readers that aren't familiar with Crooked Fang interested in the novel.Personally, I've never read the Crooked Fang novel by Carrie Clevenger, which led to me having to fill the blanks as best I could, but that doesn't mean that the story didn't get its hook into me. Somehow Clevenger was able to make me want more, to entice me into getting my hands on the novel and read the story from the beginning, and still gave away just enough to make Traitors a nice little novella that could have easily been a stand-alone. It's not easy to do that in my opinion, but Clevenger succeeded beautifully.Of course, I'm well aware of the fact that most readers are a bit tired of vampires at the moment, and even I have had my fair share of the usual zombies, vampires, general undead plot-lines, but don't let that deter you from getting your hands on Carrie Clevenger's work. She has a nice writing style, a witty sense of humour and a lot of talent, which should be noticed.So, all in all, I think it's a nice book to read this holiday season, but I would advise readers to maybe first get their hands on Crooked Fang so that it will be easier to get into Traitors. Definitely worth a read...(review originally posted on

  • Susan A.
    2019-05-12 22:12

    Got this last night ... just moments after I found out it was released early. The talented Carrie Clevengerhas done it again. Though this is not a full length book, it is a rather tasty Xan snack. That's a Scooby Snack but with a tall, dark, musically inclined, sexy as hell,bad ass vampire instead. In this tale, Nin has been installed at Pale Rider, and is "playing house" (sans some benefits)with Xan. He is called upon by his blood brother, M, and yanked back into the family business. He is to eliminate some outlaw vamps down in Texas at a little bar named Traitors. Of course we all know how fond his memories are from his last trip there. He and Nin run into a few snags ... one that results in a bullet hole in the back glass of the Camaro, and another that results in a broken windshield (this one was courtesy of a deer and the bad driving habits of a fleeing vamp). Xan also loses his Zippo lighter out the window of the Camaro as they are leaving Traitors. Interestingly enough, the bar went up in flames. Go figure ;)We are left with not a cliff hanger but perhaps a slippery slope, and hope that we will see more of this series SOON!I read it twice back to back just to soak it all in, needless to say I can't get enough of this series or Xan!!

  • Eva
    2019-04-29 20:50

    Xan is called out of retirement so to speak, to do a job in Texas that he is not able to refuse. Even though I am sure he would rather have a music gig, this is far from what he is offered. He ends up toting Nin along, whether he wants to or not. Of course, she gives him little choice in the matter. This short novella keeps the action moving and keeps you just on the edge. Even though I would loved to have seen more, any story with Xan wets the appetite. Xan is the bad boy that most mommas warn you about; but who all good girls should experience just once in their life. Nin is another story. The jury is still out with her. I don't really like her and I am not sure she is trustworthy. I will try to keep an open mind until we meet her again. I anxiously await the next installment to see what Xan gets himself into next. Lets hope he gets back with a band and he can do what he does best. Of course, if he doesn't get into some misadventure, there would be some very disappointed fans. I wish to thank the author for providing me a copy of the book for reading and reviewing purposes.

  • Shannon MacLeod
    2019-05-03 01:05

    Just got my badly needed Xan fix and life – is – good. Traitors is the newest (and eagerly awaited) installment of Crooked Fang from Carrie Clevenger. This novella doesn’t disappoint – by the time I hit the second chapter, I knew I wasn’t going to get anything else done until I had read every last word (and some parts twice). Clevenger has done it again – Xan is back in all his surly, bad boy glory and this time he has an unexpected partner in crime: the beautiful (and bad ass in her own right) Nin. It’s great seeing the relationship between these two complex characters evolve into an even more complicated… truce? Partnership? “My monster knew her monster.” Yowza. Whatever you call it, it rocks. Clevenger maintains a great balance of action and introspection, all while crafting a world that leaves you craving your next bite from everyone’s favorite vampire. Traitors grabs you, throws you in the shotgun seat and doesn’t give a rat’s ass if you buckle in or not. It’s a truly breathless ride from start to finish. More – must have more!

  • Synde
    2019-05-04 05:06

    Xan Marcelles is a magnet for trouble! it absolutely loves him. Traitors is no exception. This time Xan has been given a job to wipe out some suspicious characters. Can he do it? You gotta read the book to find out. One of the reasons I love Carrie Clevengers writing style, is that she is a no frills writer. She gets to the point and gives you a unique look inside the male mind.Xan has a co-pilot this time with nesferata Nin, a woman and vampire of mysterious origins. It's no secret that I'm a fan of Xan Marcelles, and this novella just made me a bigger fan.Twists and turns, car chases and sexual tension make this guy the Steve McQueen of the vampire world..A fun read.

  • Alyssa Breck
    2019-05-21 05:00

    Fantastic follow up to Crooked Fang. Once again, Clevenger pulls us into the world of vampire bass player, Xan Marcelles. While his band is on a sort of hiatus, we get to see a side of Xan that's only been alluded to before. The vampire assassin side and it's fabulous. We're dragged along with him and fellow vampire, Nin, as they embark on a journey to take out a small group of bloodsuckers. The chemistry between Xan is Nin is hot as hell and funny at times. This story takes off running from the first page and leaves you breathless on the last page. You don't want to miss this.

  • Nerine Dorman
    2019-05-06 23:09

    Of course I bloody loved this story! What's not to love for all the Xan Marcelles fans out there? We get to see a little more of the past Xan thought he left behind and also, yes, the small "problem" of Nin. At the end of the day here's a bite of vampire-stomping fun, booze, women and fast cars. I can't say any more lest I spoil the fun.

  • Suz
    2019-05-21 22:11

    I blazed through this novella, enjoyed at the least as much as I enjoyed the first book in the series if not more (probably more) and then promptly neglected to write the review. I'm sorry Carrie, you deserve better!This was a great story! It gave us a bit better glimpse into Xan's past and made me wonder more about his history as a vamp. By the time I finished with the story I realized that Xan spends a bit of time avoiding himself when he's confronted with emotions and situations he doesn't want to deal with. He doesn't look too closely at them and because of that we don't get to see too closely either. Still, Clevenger adeptly gives us a peek into what Xan isn't dealing with without giving away all the goods and leaves us wanting more of Xan so we can be there when he deals.Xan is a very likeable vampire, but he's not fluffy by a long shot. I'm starting to warm up to Nin, too, and that surprises me a bit.It was a good taste of the Crooked Fang world that brought it all back, made the questions I had from book 1 jump to the front of my mind again, and left me hoping for the next installment in the series so I can see where it all goes.That's what these novellas between books is for, right? Mission accomplished!

  • Zoe
    2019-05-03 02:55

    Crooked Fang was one of my favorite books this year, so I was excited to be getting back to Xan Marcelles and his complicated life. This outing however is very straightforward, and I feel a little let down. Traitors is not a bad story, but compared to the many twist and turns of the first book, it plays out pretty straightforward without any surprises. Xan is contacted about killing a group of vampires, and he does, and that's the story. Coming along on this bloody road trip is Nin, a vampire from the first book, who provides a bit of balance to Xan's rough character. She's an interesting lady, and I think she makes a fine partner for Xan. But I do admit, all throughout this book, I kept wondering, what happened to Tabitha? She's briefly mentioned near the end, so I know she's okay. But I rather liked her in the first book, and I was holding out hope that she might make an appearance this time around. Alas, no such luck.The ending sets up the premise for the next book, a mission that Xan has no choice but to accept. I hope Nin will still be along for the ride in the next book, and I hope to see Tabitha again.I give Traitors 4 stars, and I'd suggest it and Crooked Fang to fans of vampire fiction.

  • Jackie Uhrmacher
    2019-04-30 22:14

    Xan Marcelles isn’t your typical vampire. He has the big fangs and the big attitude, but he’s far from the sparkly, eternally young, vapid rich guy we’ve come to associate with blood-drinkers. Think Peter Steele before drugs started taking their toll.In Traitors, the newest novella in the Crooked Fang series by Carrie Clevenger, Xan finds himself on a road trip to Texas to hunt down and dispatch a group of vampires. No questions asked. Along for the ride is Nin, the nesferata, and the strange but inevitable pull of their pseudo-relationship. The other members of Crooked Fang are absent for this short as is, for the majority, Pale Rider itself. Instead we’re treated with watching Xan squirm under Nin’s flirtation and the burgeoning hope of happiness for our wayward vamp.The action is light in Traitors with the main focus being Xan’s ties to an ancient vamp who still pulls his strings. The inevitable fight scene was much tamer than I expected but it concluded the story nicely. Xan had to come to terms with the fact that he’s no longer the complete Billy Badass he once was and that his time serving his bloodline is far from over.

  • Barb (Boxermommyreads)
    2019-04-23 02:04

    Great novella follow up to Crooked Fang. I think this story was a vast improvement on the first installment. I love Nin and Xan together. However, I am now wondering if I missed something major in the first book as there is still a murder unsolved...did I overlook something? Guess I will have to wait for the next installment.

  • Carrie Clevenger
    2019-05-19 21:13