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Meet Callie, a chubby-sexy nineteen-year-old girl who fears high heels, commitments, and has a love/hate relationship with her running shoes. Nine months of college down the drain and all she has to show for it is her freshman thirty. But alas, life has other crap plans for her--one that includes a strict regiment of "do this and do that" from her she-devil sister, all whiMeet Callie, a chubby-sexy nineteen-year-old girl who fears high heels, commitments, and has a love/hate relationship with her running shoes. Nine months of college down the drain and all she has to show for it is her freshman thirty. But alas, life has other crap plans for her--one that includes a strict regiment of "do this and do that" from her she-devil sister, all while trying to avoid the unavoidable. The unavoidable being Ky: the ex-best friend-turned-sex god who lives across the street. Meet Ky; a nineteen-year-old wanna be country music singer and a boy-turned-man who still wears a proverbial skateboard around his neck from wasted high school days. When Callie returns home, he realizes that she's exactly the muse he's been missing all this time. Now, if only she can stop running long enough to find out where their love could lead. Finding Her Way Back is a new adult novel about finding love while learning how to love yourself. For all the chubby-sexy girls who tend to feel invisible, this one's for you!...

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finding her way back Reviews

  • Paula M. of Her Book Thoughts!
    2019-04-03 02:49

    Final rating: 3.5You can also read my review HERE.I picked up Findig Her Way Back intending to read just a chapter or two in between other tasks, and ended up reading late into the night. I had to. Callie is such a well developed character and the secondary characters surrounding her were fabulous as well. The pacing was spot on.Callie is overweight, having problems with school and has troubles with her family. Especially her sister. Well, Callie is a refreshing character. It's nice to finally read a female character with a chubby physique AND LOVING HERSELF. "No. I wouldn't let her bring me down. Nobody could. I was a damn force- someone you definitely didn't want to mess with." In New Adult genre, that's kind of rare. We all read that oh why do i hate myself heroines so that's why Callie is such an admirable character. She's not only kick-ass but also caring. Oh man, you have no idea how I want to slap and choke her sister to death. I wouldn't say that Callie didn't have thoughts like that, she did some stupid stuff that she regretted too. And that's why she's well developed. She's flawed and character development was very much present.Anna really got through me, and not in a good way. I've never wanted to puncha and slap a character so bad. And yeah, that is good writing and evidence of an excellent character but I just can't take her.Ky is Callie's best friend from before who also has his own demons to face.  If this isn't an alpha male, I don't know what is. Ky's a typical NA guy but he's so much more. The layers that is coating his characters keeps surprising me until the book ended. He's a mix of douchebag and a gentleman.  And I'd be lying if I told you I didn't swoon because.. yeah, I DID. "I will endure every aspect you let me, Callie" Heather Van Fleet's writing is engaging and gripping. She made a book that is rich in unique details with enjoyable dialogue, three dimensional characters, and has an excellent mixture of light and sweet aspects, as well as dark and scary moments. I enjoyed watching the characters grow, letting their fears end and looking for people to help them endure in their troubles. This book really made it's way inside my heart.

  • Heather andrews
    2019-04-14 05:51

    Obviously Callie has feelings for Ky and sometimes his words affect her, "she' neighbor." My shoulders slumped. His neighbor. Huh. Why did those two, meaningless words sting a girl's pride so much?" Sometimes the boy doesn't even let her finish a sentence, "then kiss me, for real this time. None of that fake, let's see if it works, s***. Kiss me like you mean it." I barely got the words out before his mouth was on mine." We also got to see in Ky's head, "so you had what, just flings?" Her giggles were suddenly lost, replaced by the twitch of her jaw. Oh hell, he liked this jealous side of her." I liked this book and I loved that Callie wasn't stick skinny like other heroines we read about now and days.

  • Louisa
    2019-03-30 01:45

    I really enjoyed this book, it had a lot of heart and soul, and a great romance, it was so sweet, and well, swoon worthy! Really enjoyed it, can't wait for the next book!

  • Mary Tatar
    2019-03-29 03:39

    Finding Her Way back by Heather Van Fleet was just short of NA perfection. This book may have been my first of Heather's, but definitely not my last. It was such a moving and exquisite story from beginning to end. I was instantly hooked on Callie and Ky. Their dynamic made me laugh and smile. I was immersed in a true connection between them both. To put it in simple terms, I loved this book and everything about it. Callie isn't your typical nineteen-year-old College student. She is home for Summer break, and plagued with everything and anything to do with her sister Anna's upcoming nuptials. Callie and her sister's relationship isn't a very sweet one. Anna is plain mean and criticizes her sister's appearance. Callie may not be skinny, but she is comfortable with herself. Callie and her family suffered a tragic event. They are still coping with a future that they haven't anticipated. It;s a sad struggle for everyone. Ky is Callie's best friend, well he used to be before she took off without a good-bye and left for college. Now she's in close proximity with Ky and all the things she missed while she was away quickly come to the surface. They end up reconnecting, and only with Ky's persistence. Callie soon realizes that her feelings for Ky have progressed to an undeniable attraction. Callie becomes ashamed of herself, and the ways she's acted. Ky has only ever been warm and loving. She decides it's time to return the favor. Ky and Callie enter an emotional relationship that surrounded by her tragic past. Will Ky and Callie be able to find peace and love with one another? Or will the past be too much to overcome for them both? My sum of my feelings for this book can only be described as fond and loving. The dynamic between Callie and Ky was one I was proud to be reading. This young couple were faced with a huge heartache that drew them together and tore them a part at the same time. I enjoyed watching them reconnect and find love. A much-needed reprieve from the past they were both avoiding. The little moments they shared were my favorite to read. They made the bad times so much better. If you are a fan of NA then this is definitely one you shouldn't miss. You will be blown of kilter by this amazing story. I was more than glad to spend time with Callie and Ky, and you will be too.

  • Jennifer
    2019-03-24 04:40

    PSYCHOCAT READS REVIEWIt took a fraction of a second reading the summary for FINDING HER WAY BACK for me to decide it needed to go on my TBR list. After all, I completely understand the trails of the freshman thirty. Hell, I'm in my 30's now, the battle with some varied number of pounds just never ends. I'm sure many of us can sympathize. So the idea of having a lead female that is more average as opposed to perfectly fit garnered definite interest. So, let's see if FINDING HER WAY BACK managed to find it's way onto Psychocat's good side.The Characters: I'll start with Callie. As promised, she is a very quirky character. Her personality, flaws and all, was evident throughout her POV in the book. Callie's emotional swings may at times seem a bit intense and extreme, but when you consider exactly what she's been through it all make sense. It didn't take too long to decide that Kylan is that guy that every girl needs, but only some are lucky enough to have. Yes, he has his share of isssues, but as Callie would says, in the end he is simply Ky-mazing! :)The Relationships: The relationships surrounding the primary romance in this book are the makings of an emotional tsunami. No wonder Callie has a few issues. Relationships in Callie's family are about three hundred steps beyond complicated, and that insanity makes everything between Callie and Ky that much better.Too Perfect or Perfectly Flawed: The whole girl falls for ex-best friend after being away from a while has the makings of being a far too perfect romance. In reality, their story is anything but perfect. If they are going to make things work they are going to have to overcome the people around them, a history that is impossible to forget, a metric fuckton of regrets and fear, and massive family drama that isn't for the faint of heart.Jen's Final Rating: 5 STARS! I expected this to be a lively read, but Heather delivered so much more than just humor and sexual tension between Callie and Kylan. She managed to cram serious heart and epic feels into FINDING HER WAY BACK. This one definitely goes on the recommended reading list.Psychocat's Final Rating: You know a character is somewhere beyond the normal depths of bitchiness when even Psychocat thinks she's extreme. Holy hopping hell-bunnies, Anna sure knows how to cross the line.

  • books are love
    2019-03-25 04:47

    This book leaves you on the fence on some things. anna is one of those things. She is so horrid and evil in this book. I mean she makes Elphalba the wicked witch of the west look like a total sweetheart. It isn't until the end you get a semblance of a explanation as to why she is the bride of chuckie and by than you just don't care she has lost her appeal for you. the way Callie is towards Ky and her waffling makes you wonder sometimes. Yes he is part of the past that causes you pain but to just walk away was a totally wrong thing to do. Callie as a character is good. Not as great as Ky but good. She is relatable and and dealing with a pain that she wants to forget and turns away from all that reminds her of it. She runs away and loses her away. Loses a piece of herself too. Her way of dealing with difficult things is to run and try to forget. she is strong in some ways as well. Her love of herself and her acceptance of her body that isn't what people think our bodies should look like is great to see in a new adult novel. This helps shows teens it is okay not to be what others think you should be just love yourself and that is all you need. It helps others see who you are. Ky is great in this respect as well. He loves Calli not for her body but for her. He was always her best friend and when she left and didn't contact him he was hurt. she does so much to keep him frustrated. No wonder there were times he was a douchecanoe. But overall he is kind and understanding. A total gentleman and so swoonworthy. Okay okay I swooned. He has demons to face as well but doesn't run away from them. He hopes to deal with them with his best friend Callie. The romance between them is a sweet slow and frustrating buildup. Too many things come up to affect it that you wonder if they will ever get a HEA. So glad this works ut they so belong together. the writing is engaging. Ky just has you cheering for him and Callie. All the struggles and family dynamics are complicated and draw you in and make you see why callie is as she is.A sweet and sometimes frustrating read because the characters don't do as they should in your mind that has you rooting for these two and hoping that things work out.

  • Once Upon a Twilight
    2019-03-31 02:49

    This book was really good from the beginning to the very end. I really felt sorry for the main character of this story. She was nineteen and chubby. She just started college and went home for the summer to catch her boyfriend cheating on her. This caused her to gained a lot of weight, and think about dropping out of college. Plus she was hiding a secret that ruined her family and she doesn't want to relive it or have to go back home and see her family. When Callie gets home for the summer she ends up getting called nasty names from her sister telling her she is really fat and ugly and she is going to look like a beach whale in her wedding. Callie is sad and just wants to break down and cry but she knows if she does then her sister will start picking on her again. Callie is coming home bringing stuff to help her sister with in the wedding when her dog attacks her and in swoops a handsome man that she notices as her hot next door neighbor that use to be all grungy and loved to skateboard. Boy he grew into his looks alright. Right then and there is when the book really takes off. You feel sorry for Callie throughout the whole book because sometimes you can relate to her in some ways. There is a lot of things that go on in this book but I really don't want to tell you about one thing that is the really important in the book because its all tied together some how in the book. I highly recommend it to anybody, but be careful because you might feel like you can relate to Callie some how in this book. - TiffanyReview link:

  • Broadway GirlBook Reviews (Beth Lattanzi)
    2019-03-30 09:49

    This is a story about letting go, forgetting about the past, forgiving yourself/others and learning to move forward with the life you have always wanted. Callie has returned home from college with no intent to go back. She has to be in her very demanding and condescending sister's wedding. Her sister is just plain mean to her and is constantly calling her fat. There is more that is going on though that we don't realize. Appearances are not always what they appear to be. I was confused for a good bit about everything that surrounded Callie's sister. I figured Callie would eventually just deck her but once secrets are revealed there is an understanding between them. I am not sure that there relationship will ever be perfect but it was moving in the right direction. Ky is the best friend from back home that Callie has pushed away when she went to college. He has loved Callie for a long time and calls her Calla Lily.... so sweet! Callie runs from Ky though.... continuously! He is linked to a painful memory of her past and she is reminded about it every time she is with him. When do you finally stop running from everyone and open up to those who love you and also open up to your past??Through the story I would get a little frustrated with Callie regarding the situations around Ky but I also saw how brave she was. She stood up to her sister and her dad. She confronted her past head on and accepted that sometimes accidents just happen. It was a great story and I would love to read some more about Callie and Ky in the future!

  • Patty
    2019-04-20 04:56

    **Originally posted on Bookish Wanderlove.**3 starsOpening Lines“You need to lose weight. Pronto. I mean, look at how massive your hips have gotten, Callie. Freshman fifteen my ass…I’d say freshman thirty is more like it.”Finding Her Way Back was an interesting and eye opening read. I really enjoyed Callie's character, I found her to be realistic and someone readers could actually relate to. My heart broke for her and all the things she had to go through. And then we have Anna, I never like using the word hate but I really REALLY disliked her. Even though we find out later on why she acts the way she does I couldn't find myself 100% sympathetic. And Callie and Anna's parents...they didn't seem realistic to me. I really didn't like the way they treated Callie.At times I found Finding Her Way Back to be a little bit repetitive but I still managed to enjoy the story. As much as I really liked Callie and Kylan's characters I found it hard to connect with them. There was so much going on that I felt it took away from really focusing on Callie and Ky's relationship. I found myself constantly trying to keep up with all the different events happening that kept interfering with their relationship. Overall, Finding Her Way Back was an interesting read! I'm really curious to see if we'll get more Callie and Kylan in the future.

  • Jennifer B
    2019-04-01 05:49

    Finding Her Way Back was a good book. I enjoyed this authors writing ability to bring life to her characters. Most of the time it was like I could feel the emotions coming right off the pages and sucking me in. The story line flowed well and while you will feel a bit lost and you will be kept wondering what in the hell happened to make Callie the way she is, just be patient you will find out. I am not a patient person and I was chomping at the bit to understand why the characters acted like they did.Callie is a woman trying to run and forget the past but you can never really forget and it never helps to run, as she finds out. Her, her family and her friends have been through a recent tragedy and something else happens as well that is quite unexpected. Same as in real life, some people handle things differently than others. Some people do more harm to themselves emotionally because of this as well.Her old friend Ky loves her and has loved her for a long time. He is there to help her heal, help her realize some things are beyond your control an no fault of your own. He in essence protects her from her emotional wrecked self . But will she get close enough to let him? Will she come to terms with what happened and get through the near future with him by her side? Can she find her way back to the carefree and loving teenager she used to be?

  • Ashley
    2019-04-02 09:53

    This book was brutally close to things that have really happened in my life. While it just hinted at most of these things through out the book the end truly hit me hard and as I finished it late at night I wound up crying myself to sleep as the words truly hit me. Callie was struggling with events of her past and didn't want to admit her feelings for Kylan. Now that she is home she is faced with even more struggles when she learns that her sister is most likely dying. Kylan has had struggles of his own and with Callie home he is starting to feel more at peace with things again. But can Kylan help Callie find her way back. I guess you will just have to read the book to find out.I really loved this book and will definitely read it again, no matter how hard it was for me to get through it. The plot was good however I felt that the characters, especially Callie, to be in need of some work. I would love to read more about the characters however. This is a must read.4.5 tear shedding stars

  • Philomena Callan Cheekypee
    2019-03-22 05:53

    This was a really great. Another first read for me from a wonderful author. Looking forward to reading more from Claire. I so love Callie and let's not forget Kylan. The connection between these two is great. Kylan loves Callie but will she let go of the past and allow herself happiness? This storyline just flows and I ended up reading this in a day. The characters jumped out as real which I loved. Great read.

  • Mari
    2019-03-27 03:41

    This was an emotional story. Calla Lilly(Callie) Has so much going on in her life. She came back from college to prepare for her sisters wedding. Calla Lilly ran in to her best friend(Ky) and he doesn't look the same at all.She is struggling with her feelings being back home, so many bad memories. I cried and laughed with this book. My heart broke for everyone in this story. This is a must read. I will be recommending this book to my friends.

  • Kathleen
    2019-04-18 01:39

    I am not a romance reader... at all, but I enjoyed this book! I love good characters and this book had them. Callie is one sassy girl and her story kept me interested. I cheered for her the entire time! So cute. And for the romance lovers... it gets a little steamy.

  • Peggy
    2019-03-23 07:40

    ~~~RECEIVED FOR HONEST REVIEW~~~A great story of learning to love yourself as you try to find yourself. How to manage yourself before loving someone else. First time reading from this author and was not a disappointment! Great read if you haven't yet!

  • Jenny - Book Sojourner
    2019-04-01 09:51

    Overall: 1.5 to 2 Stars.I just finished it and I wish I could say I liked this one, but I really didn't. I was excited to read a book with a "chubby" girl. But by the 15% mark, I hadn't connected with any of the characters. I set the book aside for a week, then picked it back up to see if I had better luck. Nope. I skimmed/speed-read the remainder of the book. I've tried to pinpoint my issues with this book. Because it has many of the plot grabbers that should appeal to me. We've got the "chubby" girl with the boy best friend who has grown into a hunk. We've got the sad, dramatic recent issues that the girl is trying to deal with. We've got two people realizing they love each other. All good stuff here, right? But then there's all the stuff that didn't work. So this one just didn't do it for me, and here's why: 1) The writing style was just blah. It was repetitive. The characters went on and on about the same things. What is supposed to be a 248 page book felt like 1000 pages. And I was skimming. I think I could have done without the dual POV in this one. I think it added to the redundancy. Since we get Ky's POV, we see how truly stupid Cal is, and it made the reading more annoying.2) I didn't like any of the characters. Not one. Which can be okay if I wasn't meant to like them. But I think I was. The boy should be super dreamy, right? But he felt like such a girl. And the girl I had such a hard time with. I know she's been through a lot, but she was such a frustrating and annoying character that I had a hard time feeling much for her. 3) The "love story" was drawn out endlessly. These two were ridiculous, especially the girl. And if he called her "Calla Lily" one more time, I was going to pull my hair out. I love a friends-to-more romance, and this one had such great potential, but then I didn't care because I just wanted them to get over themselves already (Cal specifically). 4) Cal's family is full of losers. Their issues with Ky were beyond stupid. Why so much hate for skaters? It made no sense whatsoever. And the sister with the head case was awful regardless of her medical issues. Cal's brother's story is lost amongst all the stupidity of her family. I would have wanted to be more sympathetic about him, because I think he was the best person in the family. But this family was just lame. Even in the epilogue I still didn't like them. So I got through the whole thing, and didn't DNF it like I wanted to at 15%, though in retrospect I should have gone with my gut. This one just wasn't for me. Maybe I just caught it at the wrong time. I don't know. Maybe you'd be better suited for it, and I hope you enjoy it more than I did.

  • Kayla
    2019-04-13 04:02

    I adored this novel. I have really enjoyed everything that Heather has written thus far. The characters! Ahh! I adore Ky. He was absolutely fabulous. I wanted him in every scene. Callie - I loved her spunk BUT she did get on my nerves a handful of times. Her personality was a bit much here and there - especially when she would flip flop her emotions. Now Callie's sister... eh... She was a mess. I disliked her. But I think I was supposed to dislike her. LOL And then in the end, you hurt for her. And Callie's mom and dad... :( They broke my heart. I loved them and was annoyed with them all at the same time. The plot - Loved! I really enjoyed where this story took me. Again... Ky... Sigh... Love him. The excerpt above... Yes... That. It was probably one of my favorite parts of the novel! LOVEDDDD it! I can't even begin to understand how Callie's family feels with the tragedy that they've lived through. It breaks my heart & Callie breaking down over her brother's room... gosh... that hurt my heart. HURTTTTT. The ending... Oh gosh. I want more Ky & Callie after the ending. At the end of this novel I wanted to turn around and go back to page one and go through it all over again. Overall rating: Definitely a huge 4 stars for me.

  • Melody Winter
    2019-04-20 09:56

    ‘Finding her way back’ has been on my ‘to be read’ list for what seems like ages (along with many others) but it was the first book I headed for when I went on holiday. My first poolside read for 4 years was an absolute joy!Heather drew me in straight away with her flawless writing and her easy to read style. The characters all came alive for me, weaving and ducking throughout the story as they all grew in different ways.The story had me in tears at times and laughing manically at others. (Yes, I did get a few stares from fellow sunbathers) At times Callie’s inner ramblings irked me slightly, and I just wanted to shake her and tell her to snap out of it, but she had a LOT to deal with. I loved the slow reveal of what had actually happened and how everyone’s lives crossed over each others. And Ky? Let’s just say that I’ve found another book boyfriend! The relationship between Ky and Callie was beautiful and I was rooting for them from the very beginning.Overall a beautiful, but heart-wrenching read. It will not be the last book I read by Heather. Her others are lined up on my kindle.A shiny 5 stars from me!

  • C.J. Burright
    2019-04-07 01:45

    I’m not a huge contemporary romance fan, but when I read the blurb for Finding Her Way Back by Heather Van Fleet, I knew I had to check it out. Sure, it might have had something to do with the concrete, er, appendage mentioned there. Add in a chubby protagonist, and my attention was duly snagged.I loved Callie. She’s sassy and her inner dialogue is hilarious! At the outset of the story, her failed relationship with her sister is heartbreaking as is her estrangement with her ex-best friend, Ky. But Ky…oh, sweet Ky. He’s not willing to give up on Callie despite her tendency to run away from him. I get her reasons for shutting herself off from Ky, and I love Ky all that much more because he gets it too. And he refuses to let her go, which eventually gives Callie the courage to face her devastating past. This story is both side-splitting funny and hold the tears back heart-wrenching. The characters are real and fabulous and flawed. Loved every second of Callie's and Ky's adventure back to each other.

  • T.A. Brock
    2019-04-11 04:41

    Finding Her Way Back was full of wonderful, you guys. I mean, I pretty much devoured it like it was a chocolate cupcake with double frosting. First, you have a spunky, authentic heroine, who makes mistakes, and has past regrets. Then you have a realistic blue-collar hero, who is sweet and understanding and so, so swoon worthy. Add a strong and diverse supporting cast, and you have a winner winner tear-jerker dinner-- er, story.When I say this story is a tear jerker, I ain't lyin'. From the halfway point to the end, every other page I was basically a used Kleenex.There are some tough scenes in this one, but they are written with grace and class. The character's reactions are authentic. Finding Her Way Back will definitely have your feels twisted up like a pretzel. Which is just how I like mine after a reading a good book.FIVE TEAR-JERKING STARS

  • Meredith Tate
    2019-04-05 08:34

    Holy dysfunctional family Batman. I loved the voice in this book. Callie felt so real and genuine to me that it was easy to forget she isn't real. In fact, all the characters were flawed and very well-developed. I love Van Fleet's writing style. While most of the book is told from Callie's POV, we also get a few peeks into Ky's POV, which I enjoyed. Also, LOVED that Callie is a sex-positive, confident, plus-sized heroine who doesn't care about losing weight and is comfortable in her own skin! YAY! I also loved watching the relationship develop and progress between Callie and her sister. The end of this book basically trampled all over my heart, but I won't give any spoilers. I look forward to more of Heather's books!

  • Angela McPherson
    2019-04-18 01:54

    Finding Her Way Back took me by surprise. I laughed several times, and wanted to toss my dang Kindle at the wall, too. I loved Callie and the way Fleet wrote her character was brilliant! Callie is a regular chick with normal problems a young college girl would go through. Ky was the perfect guy next door. I fell hard for this guy, and he was so super sweet... to a fault at times. While I understood what was going on in Callie's head, I wanted to shake some sense into her when she pushed Ky away again and again. But that's what made me love this story so much! The angst and separation and hoping Callie and Ky found their HEA. *sigh* Yup, great read.

  • United Indie Book Blog
    2019-04-14 01:33

    The book description does not prepare you for what is to come in this book. There are so many layers to this story that you do not expect. It is not just a story about a girl returning home and falling in love with the boy next door. I found it to be a rollercoaster of emotions with a lot of tissue worthy moments. Callie and Ky have an amazing dynamic and chemistry. You can feel their history and friendship in all their interactions. I had a hard time putting this book down and highly recommend it.Reviewed by: Cathy

  • Katheryn
    2019-04-14 03:59

    I don't want to rate it, because it doesn't seem fair. I wanted to read this because it's written by a friend of mine, but I found it's just not for me. But hey, I gave it my best shot. I supported Heather by buying it, and I'll always support. :) So this is a DNF and well...yeah. Sorry. Writing was great. Just not my kind of story.

  • Angela Caldwell
    2019-03-29 08:41

    I had never read an NA novel before Finding Her Way Back. My first NA was a fun read and the author made it a real experience for me as she brought the characters to life on the page. I'm excited to read more by Heather Van Fleet.

  • Gabrielle (
    2019-04-04 03:57

    Book Tour: Finding Her Way Back by Heather Van Fleet: Reviewed by Leigh-Ann Brodber

  • Nicky
    2019-03-28 08:38

    The only one I save in this story is Ky.It was too much and I couldn't stand the heroine.

  • Lisa
    2019-04-06 09:57

    I received a copy of this story for an honest review on The Reading Room Blog.Calla has hit a wall. Home for the summer from a disastrous first year of college, she would love to embrace her chubby girl curves but she knows they're hiding something much more than the freshman 15 (or 30 in her case). She's a young woman whose façade is failing and it becomes no more apparent than when she runs into her ex-BFF Kylan.Kylan was heart broken when his best friend and secret crush Calla left for college and cut off all contact. The moment he sees her the connection is instant, intense and sparks his inspiration for several country music songs. Kylan loves Calla's new curves but he can't ignore the sadness in her eyes. He knows the reason for that sadness and will do what it takes to make her happy again if only he can get her to stop running... What I Loved: There is a sweet connection between Ky and Calla that translates well. Ky's music helps sell his devotion to Calla and how much she inspires him.What I Didn't Love: The sheer volume of difficulties Calla and Ky face kept me from fully connecting to the characters. I felt I was focusing on the new bad thing that happened instead of how Calla and Ky's relationship was developing. I also had an extremely difficult time with Calla's sister Anna. Readers are eventually given an explanation for Anna's vicious words and behavior but by the end of the story I had no sympathy left for her.Favorite Quotes:"I was the girl who screamed loved and popular on the outside - with my gazillion friends and uber busy social calendar. But on the inside, I was screaming for something I would never again obtain. A purpose.""Break out the baby carriages - I'd have his biker-skater kidlets for being so damn awesome.""Screw my muffin top. The more skin for his hands, the better."If you're a fan of best friend romance and loads of angst, Finding Her Way Back may be the story for you.Happy reading.

  • Jaime Lester
    2019-03-31 02:34

    Yay for me! Stepping outside of my comfort zone yet again! And this time, it is the dreaded romance novel. But I learned something with Finding Her Way Back. Romance isn't always dreaded. Sometimes, it can draw you in and hold you tight just as much as any other genre. The author just has to be that good, and you just have to give it a chance. The author, Heather Van Fleet, was just that good! Cheers for the chubby girls out there. I have been there, and I have felt the ire of someone like Callie's awful, horrible "perfect" sister. But the difference, I never embraced it and the fact that Callie embraces herself, Miss Lane Bryant model (!), made me immediately like our MC. Her sister, on the other hand, I really wanted to whoop her arse! That changed (slightly) over the course of the book. We learn some secrets that were always hinted at, but other things were going on that kind of distracted me. And that other thing was Ky. Ah, Ky. Good gravy, how I enjoyed Ky! Best friend skater boy who is like a brother turned "what the heck happened to you" hot boy! Ky was her rock through every thing until she left for college. He calls her Calla Lily! But she runs from him, because she is scared. I really enjoyed this book, a lot. Callie did tend to get on my nerves on occasion, and the pacing was, for me, a bit slow at times. I did enjoy watching Callie grow throughout the novel, and by the end she no longer got on my nerves in the least. I was proud of her. Romance may not be something that I will read all of the time, but thanks to FInding Her Way Back it will definitely not be off the table. And if there ever comes a time when we get more Callie and Ky, I am all in! Thanks so much to YA Bound Book Tours and Heather Van Fleet for choosing me to be part of the tour! I enjoyed it every step of the way!

  • Gretchen
    2019-04-07 02:01

    I gave this book one star. I couldn't even finish it because it was so wretched. First of all, let's talk about the language. I'm definitely no prude, but the protagonist, Callie, seems to use an F word or an S word in every sentence. If I wanted to hear girls talk like that, I could go down to the local college hangout for a while. Secondly, even though I've only read 30 pages, I've already found three spelling mistakes.Honestly, any 12-year-old could write a book better than this one. I don't care about what happens to Callie. She's very unlikable and somewhat of a whiner.