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Compromise for Christmas, a novella, first appeared in anthology, A Summons from His Grace. It later appeared in a compilation, Scots, Spies & Salacious Lies. It is the first of the Tenacious Trents. Lady Elizabeth craved excitement and adventure. Unwilling to endure further boring Seasons, she convinces her uncle, who has lived a more adventurous life than anyone elseCompromise for Christmas, a novella, first appeared in anthology, A Summons from His Grace. It later appeared in a compilation, Scots, Spies & Salacious Lies. It is the first of the Tenacious Trents. Lady Elizabeth craved excitement and adventure. Unwilling to endure further boring Seasons, she convinces her uncle, who has lived a more adventurous life than anyone else she knew, to let her work for him. A few years later Elizabeth was established in Tuileries Castle, a servant in Napoleon’s court known as Lisette Renard. John Phillip Trent has been working in the stables of Tuileries as Jean Pierre Bouvier for the past two years. His only English contact being Lisette Renard, a lovely blond lass, who he desired but kept at a professional arm’s length. When Lisette receives a summons to return home for Christmas, John learns that she is none other than the granddaughter of the Duke of Danby and she had named Jean Pierre as her husband. Their cover is compromised with the same letter and the two find themselves escaping the palace and France, knowing they could very well never see each other again and must face the truth of how they truly feel for the other....

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compromised for christmas Reviews

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-05-12 04:53

    This is the first book that I have read by Ms. Charles, and I thoroughly enjoyed this interesting tale. I will definitely be reading books by her again. Compromised for Christmas is a moving story and pulled on my heart strings. I also listened to the audio version, which I purchased for $1.99 since I also downloaded the book for FREE!Elizabeth Whitton receives a letter from her grandfather, the duke demanding her presence at Danby Castle for Christmas. Unfortunately, the letter is not in code, which is a big problem since she is a spy and living at Tuileries Palace as a servant. Knowing she can’t refuse the duke’s command puts her in a difficult position.Since her family believes she is living in France with her fictitious husband, she goes to Jean Pierre with her dilemma. He is as concerned as she over the letter. When their mission becomes compromised, they have no choice but the flee for their lives.Will this pair of spies, make out of France alive and arrive at Danby Castle in time for Christmas without giving into the overwhelming attraction between them?This is a very fast paced story, and I became engaged in the tale from the first page. The characters are surprisingly well developed for such a short novella, and the plot is compelling. There is a great suspense scene early on in the story that almost had me biting my nails!I do want to mention the narrator, Marian Hussey. She gives an excellent performance, reading with a great deal of emotion. She gives each character their own distinctive voice, making it easy to recognize who is speaking. I will definitely look for other recording by this talented narrator.If you are looking for a Christmas story with plenty of action and a good romance along the way, then you will enjoy Compromised for Christmas. I know I did. Happy reading!4 Gold Crowns

  • Elizabeth Bennet
    2019-05-01 02:49

    I like the spy aspect but usually what ends up happening is the romance suffers to support the spy activity. This being a novella I thought for sure it would be virtually hopeless but all things considered there was some balance. I won't say it was loaded with it but it had chemistry between the H/h. John Trent has worked with Elizabeth in the spy world. He definitely is not shy about admitting his interest in her but holds back because she is a granddaughter of a duke.**********SPOILER***********I know Elizabeth was supposed to be a spy and all but it did bother me that her statement to John before they made love was that she wanted him to be her first because someday her spy work could require her to use her body to get the job done. I didn't want to hear that come from the heroin. I like spunk but not trash. I just wasn't buying that she could be so willing to be able to give herself to anyone.********END OF SPOILER*********** I think what I'm learning with these novellas is you will not experience the details of scenery or personal feelings. You won't have very much angst as the story has a long way to go in a short period of time. This book I felt was too short to cram all the information in and it skipped along at an alarming rate but for a quick read the couple was nice.

  • Chris McFarland
    2019-05-03 06:40

    The Trent book that started it all. Jean Pierre Bouvier has worked hard to secure his place and position inside Tuileries and court of Napoleon himself. Unfortunately he discovers a secret that puts himself and the beautiful maid Lisette Renard in mortal peril: Lisette's grandfather has just compromised them both.Forced to flee France and resume their actual identities, John Trent and Lady Elizabeth Whitton barely escape with their lives. But once they make land on British soil they learn that the danger is not over. They still have to answer they summons from Lady Elizabeth's grandfather, the terrifying Duke of Danby. This time they may not make it out alive...or at least unmarried.This was a fun, short story that introduced a wonderful world of intrigue and suspense. Not much is mentioned about John's family in this story, only that he is not thrilled by the idea of returning home, but what we learn about John himself lets us know that whatever family he belongs to cannot be boring.On the flip-side, this story IS included in an anthology about Elizabeth's family, and what we learn about the here (and in other stories) gives us a wonderful look at a delightfully imperfect family held together by the whims of one eccentric and overbearing Duke. This was the story that caused me to completely and utterly declare my allegiance to the Duke of Danby. Oh, to have a grandfather that grand!

  • Darlene Chisholm
    2019-05-17 02:33

    This was a nice read. It is good to see an historical romance with a strong woman who is working as a spy rather than another lady's companion. I thoroughly enjoyed it and want to read on to see what happens next. This book ended too quickly - I was looking forward to reading more on what was going to happen when it was revealed to the family what is really going on (or at least the version that they were going to tell).

  • Annette
    2019-05-06 04:52

    We have Lady Elizabeth working in Napoleon's palace as a spy for the British. In her persona in France, she is Lisette, a housemaid. Then there is Jean Pierre, who is actually a British spy, John Phillip Trent. He works in the stables for the palace.When Lisette is ordered home by her Grandfather, trouble begins. Lisette and Jean Pierre are compromised and must escape from France. When their planned escape route is ruined, they make it to a boat to cross the channel. I am a fan of Regency romance. I understand about putting reality aside as I read. I do recognize that not everyone who lived in Regency England was part of the nobility. But, in this story, putting reality aside became difficult for me.I do not want to ruin this story for anyone, so I will not go into specifics. Ms Charles is a talented author and she writes well. She goes from a sense of danger to attraction in a very well written manner. Her characters are likable people who are attractive to the reader. Lisette and Jean Pierre are obviously intelligent and have been able to maintain their positions in France for quite some time. I liked the humor and sense of adventure in this story.The plot is interesting. But, ignoring much of a sense of reality made me disappointed.This is a quick read, and it is enjoyable. For me, I had an issue, but overall I liked the book.

  • Kwilliams
    2019-05-06 02:41

    Adventure, action, romanceI truly enjoyed this novella! So much so that I finished it in one sitting. I look forward to reading other books by this author.

  • Patricia
    2019-05-13 03:52

    The Duke of Danby Strikes Again!This is a sweet story, with sultry overtones, similar to chocolate candy.A story with suspense added by threat of death. During the French revolution (as ever was the case) the English had spies inside various French stations of power. In this novella, one spy is a lovely young English woman, with a male compatriot close by. To keep her family from knowing where she is, she has told them she met a man in France, married him, and is living happily in southern France.When the French discover her, she flees, along with her partner. As they make their way back to England, they must share very close quarters. By the time they arrive at the Duke of Danby's, Elizabeth is quite thoroughly in love and compromised. The Duke of Danby orders a wedding, and the young lovers are on their way to wedded bliss.

  • Dee Deacon Foster
    2019-05-13 07:32

    What do Napoleon, a French groomsman, a French maid, a male & female spy for England, a pretend husband & the granddaughter of a Duke have in common? An amazing novella by Jane Charles!When their mission is compromised by a letter from Lady Elizabeth’s grandfather has her & her partner running back to England. The problems they incur along the way are minor compared to Elizabeth having to explain to her grandfather why her “husband” isn’t with her. John Phillip Trent knows he cannot travel with Elizabeth to her grandfather’s castle…he knows too many in the family & will be recognized. How will he explain without giving away their positions within the Home Office? So why does he show up claiming to be her French husband?An excellent beginning to the Tenacious Trents series! Ms. Charles writes with humor, action, tears & love. Excited to see where she goes from here!

  • Mary
    2019-04-22 00:47

    I reread this short novella as part of the anthology "A Summons From the Duke of Danby." The duke has a stack of special licenses, and he wants his grandchildren married before Christmas. He summons them all home in various ways and does his darnedest to get them together with just the right mate.Elizabeth Whitton just happens to be a spy in the household of Napoleon when she receives a letter from her grandfather calling her home. He also expects her to bring her French husband (a fiction she created). With her cover blown, Elizabeth and the fake husband (John Phillip Trent) have to get out of France and make up a believable story that will allow them to keep spying after this whole episode is over.There is action, romance, and humor as they make their way back to England and deal with the Duke of Danby.

  • Becca
    2019-05-20 23:33

    This novella had a strong start but a weak finish. Elizabeth and John are titled spies for the English. They had infiltrated Napoleon's court and had been passing along information for years when Elizabeth's grandfather carelessly sent an uncoded message forcing them to flee ( I was angry when it was revealed why he did it). This was a fast paced section that I enjoyed. However, it quickly fizzled with the characters making stupid decisions and cowering before the duke. Smart people that had lived abroad as spies should have been able to come up with a story and stuck to their guns. How they let Danby dictate to them what they would do made them weak and out of character.There were also some typos in the second half that further weakened this story.

  • Mainer207
    2019-04-21 06:38

    Cute short story. I don't usually read novellas but since this was Book 1 of the series I wanted to start at the beginning. And I've never read this author before; a good way to sample her work. It was okay. For entertainment value it was quite good - adventure, fear, romance, family (always good for some tension.). The ending was a little quick but it WAS a short story. I look forward to the next book in the series.

  • Tracey
    2019-05-08 07:44

    another good short story to read. both hero and heroine were spies in France. heroine's grandfather summon her home to England for Christmas while she is still on a mission. she had to lie to her family that she was married to a french man during her years of absent. now that she had to go home, no one ignores the grandfather the Duke...

  • Wendy Tavenner
    2019-05-09 03:35

    Great first book with John and Elizabeth as spies in France. She is summoned home by her grandfather the Duke of Danby. When the letter comes both John and Elizabeth fear there cover has been found out and the barely escape and traipse through France with soldiers on there tails!!! A great beginning to the Trent saga!!!

  • Sally Hannoush
    2019-05-05 02:54

    This was a cute short story. It had left me smiling and inventing other parts of the book had it been longer. The novella flowed well for the length. It had action, adventure, drama and love. The grandfather was my favorite character and I saw him as a puppet-master and had many puppets. This is just an act in the epic story.

  • Keri
    2019-05-05 01:51

    Compromised for ChristmasA cute little story, although I wish we could have met John's family and have the wedding. I also like the epilogues at the end of stories. All in all,cute read for and hour or so!

  • Leiza McArter
    2019-04-28 05:43

    Loved this book! I just wished it was longer, but the pace was good enough that it didn't need anything else, unless you added in more spy adventures and more love tension between Elizabeth and John. But, overall, loved it!

  • Jill
    2019-04-30 01:25

    haha just trying to meet my goal for this year, but this one was well worth the money I paid ($0). I probably would have spent .99 on it if it were longer. I got it for free from amazon in case this sounds like I got this illegally :)

  • Marcella
    2019-05-06 02:25

    This novella was entertaining, but I'm not convinced of the love between hero and heroine. Maybe their love already grew in the two years they knew each other before the start of this story, but I didn't feel it.

  • Jessica
    2019-05-14 05:45

    Great read...but too short!I am not normally a fan of novellas, unless they are a part of a series. This novellas was well written. Full of intrigue, spies, and the ever dominating Duke of Danby. My only wish is that it could have been longer.

  • Lorri French
    2019-05-14 04:48

    I highly recommend this e book I enjoyed this very much and hated for it to end. I loved the story and characters John and Elizabeth. I hope they appear in further books in the series.

  • Jessica
    2019-04-27 01:37

    Romance novellas have little to no sex, so I'm finding I'm enjoying them more than standard romance. Good spy plot!

  • Patricia Wissore
    2019-04-21 04:52

    Loved the read!

  • Nicole
    2019-05-15 01:48

    Loved the book. However, it is a teaser leaving you wanting more..... I will be reading all of the series!(I am a little frustrated with the grammatical errors in my ebooks lately.)