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Box set of the first 3 full-length ARKANE thriller novels:1. Stone of Fire (previously Pentecost)2. Crypt of Bone (previously Prophecy)3. Ark of Blood (previously Exodus)Over 320 5 star reviews on for these individual booksSTONE OF FIRE, ARKANE Book1A power kept secret for 2000 years. A woman who stands to lose everything.India. When a nun is burned alive on theBox set of the first 3 full-length ARKANE thriller novels:1. Stone of Fire (previously Pentecost)2. Crypt of Bone (previously Prophecy)3. Ark of Blood (previously Exodus)Over 320 5 star reviews on for these individual booksSTONE OF FIRE, ARKANE Book1A power kept secret for 2000 years. A woman who stands to lose everything.India. When a nun is burned alive on the sacred ghats of Varanasi, and the stone she carried is stolen, an international hunt is triggered for the relics of the early church.Forged in the fire and blood of martyrs, the Pentecost stones have been handed down through generations of Keepers who kept their power and locations secret.Until now.The Keepers are being murdered, the stones stolen by those who would use them for evil in a world transformed by religious fundamentalism.Oxford University psychologist Morgan Sierra is forced into the search when her sister and niece are held hostage. She is helped by Jake Timber from the mysterious ARKANE, a British government agency specializing in paranormal and religious experience. Morgan must risk her own life to save her family, but will she ultimately be betrayed?From ancient Christian sites in Spain, Italy and Israel to the far reaches of Iran and Tunisia, Morgan and Jake must track down the stones through the myths of the early church in a race against time before a new Pentecost is summoned, this time powered by the fires of evil.The first in the ARKANE series, PENTECOST is a fast-paced thriller that explores the edges of faith against a backdrop of early Christian history, archaeology and psychology.CRYPT OF BONE, ARKANE Book 2The prophecy in Revelation declares that a quarter of the world must die and now a shadowy organization has the ability to fulfill these words. Can one woman stop the abomination before it's too late?ISRAEL. A victim of Jerusalem Syndrome jumps to his death from the top of the Western Wall, his body smashed on the ancient stones. Another disembowels himself under the scrawled figure of the Pale Horse of the Apocalypse with the chilling words, "God told me to do it."Dr Morgan Sierra, specialist in psychology of religion, travels to Israel to investigate the deaths and becomes embroiled in an international conspiracy that will use cutting-edge technology to carry an ancient curse to mankind.She joins agent Jake Timber at ARKANE, a secret government agency investigating the supernatural and together they hunt down the Devil's Bible, pursued all the way by the evil forces of Thanatos.From the catacombs of Paris to the skeletal ossuaries of Sicily and the Czech Republic, Morgan and Jake must find the Devil's Bible and stop the curse being released into the world before one in four are destroyed in the coming holocaust. Because in just seven days, the final curse will be spoken and the prophecy will be fulfilled.ARK OF BLOOD, ARKANE Book 3A desperate race to find the Ark of the Covenant - and save the world from a devastating Holy War. 
Cairo, Egypt. When the curator of the Museum of Antiquities is slaughtered in a horrific ritual by a group wearing the masks of Ancient Egyptian deities, local authorities ask for help from ARKANE, the agency tasked with investigating religious and paranormal events.Then, in Washington DC, a decapitated Arab body is discovered. The head is placed on the replica Ark of the Covenant along with a chilling message that warns of a terrifying escalation of violence in the Middle East.ARKANE agent, British-Israeli psychologist Dr Morgan Sierra, must race against time to uncover the real Ark - aware that her nemesis, the vicious mercenary Natasha, is also in the hunt and out for bloody revenge. Morgan travels across Egypt and Jordan, retracing the steps of the Biblical Exodus and following a trail of clues that takes her into the mists of history - and mortal danger...The third novel in the bestselling ARKANE series, EXODUS is a pulse-pounding thriller....

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arkane thriller boxset 1 stone of fire crypt of bone ark of blood Reviews

  • Eric Praschan
    2019-05-16 21:03

    J.F. Penn’s ARKANE Thriller Box-Set is a must-read for any serious thriller lover. With spine-tingling mystery, heart-thumping action scenes, and a strong emotional center, the ARKANE books will have you turning the pages at break-neck speed. If you enjoy Dan Brown and Clive Cussler, you need to devour these well-crafted thrillers with a mix of history, archaeology, and theology. Once you start reading, you won’t be able to stop! Check out these books, and see why J.F. Penn is a rising star in the thriller genre.

  • maria seilius
    2019-05-18 03:03

    Action packed series , Raiders of the lost Ark meets Da'Vinci Code springs to mind with these books . Well written with lots of historical and geographical detail plus the religious aspects make these books page turners . The violence is graphic though so may be not for the very squeamish . All in all an excellent trilogy .

  • Michelle Monkou
    2019-05-05 01:19

    Basically, I'm hooked on this series. J.F. Penn has definitely made my must-read list. Reading this as a boxed set allowed me the pleasure of going from one story to the next without pausing, which got my emotional investment. Morgan, the researcher, is smart, strong, and ready to take on the bad guys. The settings are something I look forward to reading because Penn's details and imagination take me on a wonderful journey. Another great job. Moving on to book 4.

  • Butch Anton
    2019-05-08 01:51

    I really enjoyed the first three books in the ARKANE series. They had tons of action, a very strong, educated female protagonist, and historically influenced plots that were very believable. Think Dan Brown with more action and sidekicks. :-)They’re real page turners and I had a hard time putting them down. Recommend!!!!!

  • Bonnie Lacy
    2019-05-17 22:14

    JF Penn’s books are more than thrillers They are a travel tour, a fantastic research treasure AND a page-turning thriller! Her main character is one I will continue to follow in the next box set.

  • Mavis
    2019-05-26 22:03

    An exceptionally well researched and written series. Edge of the seat late night page turner. Read set 1-3 now for the rest.

  • Donna Thompson
    2019-04-27 22:03

    J.F. Penn has created a wonderful world with the ARKANE novels. These books encompass everything you could wish for in a suspenseful action thriller. ARKANE is the shadowy organization that winds its threads around the world. With rare antiquities, high-speed chases, shadowy alleyways, exotic locales, mysterious journals and amazingly researched detail, these are books you will not want to miss. Each of these alone are well worth the price of admission, but to get the first three entries in the series in one beautiful boxed set is a rare treat indeed.Comparisons will be made to Indiana Jones, Sydney Bristow and Alex Archer’s “Rogue Angel” series; however, nothing can really prepare you for the exquisite experience these novels will bring to you. The amount of research is staggering, but it is interwoven with the fast-paced plot in a way that it never becomes overwhelming or burdensome. The characterizations are a bit deeper than you might expect from these types of stories since the author gives a bit of background history to each of the main players and this helps bring them into focus much more clearly and clarifies their motivations.This boxed set contains “Stone of Fire” (Pentecost), “Crypt of Bone” (Prophecy) and “Ark of Blood” (Exodus). As each novel unfolds, you’re drawn further and further into this mysterious labyrinth of mazes, puzzles and truly arcane treasures. Blame it on Nancy Drew as my first foray into the pleasures of reading, but my stories must have mystery, adventure, hidden doorways and secret clues. This series of books by J.F. Penn has all this and more. I couldn’t have conjured up a more satisfying or perfect series of books if I had custom-ordered them myself.**I was given a free copy of this set by the author in exchange for an honest review**

  • Angela
    2019-05-18 00:04

    Having only read the first of the ARKANE series, Stone of Fire, This review is on that book alone. I have read many books in this genre (action thriller with historical/archaeological elements as foundation of basic premise), as it is by far my favorite genre. Therefore, I can't help but do some comparisons to other works in the same vein. Readers who will enjoy this book will invariably enjoy exotic location settings, obscure historical and archaeological details and exciting action involving those. Penn's writing adds an interesting emphasis on religious aspects as well. What I feel the book lacked was more narrative between the action sequences that would have fleshed out the characters a bit more. By the end of the book, I felt I sort of had an idea who Morgan, the main character was, and an even less idea who Jake was. There were moments in the story, I wanted more and was disappointed. For example, the climactic sequence would have benefited from a more thorough examination of the thought processes and emotional chaos that the writing only hinted at: you knew it was there but you didn't feel a part of it. Also, it would have been fun to have these characters get caught up in the tremendous emotional onslaught that was going on between them while in the middle of the climactic action. What ironic tension it would have added! Having them both be able to shove emotions aside with only a nod, left me feeling cool towards them and wasted a prime moment to reveal their humanity and move the reader. Having said that, I did enjoy the book. I am not sure I enjoyed it enough to pick up the next one in the series though.

  • Betty
    2019-05-11 21:19

    These books are wonderful. They're extremely well written with intense pacing, and complex plots. Dr. Morgan Sierra is a gifted academic and an accomplished warrior who doesn't hesitate to kill when the need arises. There's no indecisiveness with Morgan! Her family is threatened and she's prepared to do whatever it takes to safeguard them. As you are swept along in Morgan's adventures, you are also learning a bit of history and it's painless, even for those who are not history buffs. Full disclosure: I received an advance copy of this book from the author in exchange for an unbiased review.

  • CG
    2019-05-14 05:13

    Great series! I'm not always into thrillers but the religious aspect of these intrigued me. Joanne does a great job in researching her subject matter and thoughtfully includes links so readers can do their own extended reading of the facts behind the fiction. Please see my individual reviews for books 1 through 3 as I did not realize the box set was on the list. I received a copy of the set in exchange for an honest opinion.

  • Dan Gunn
    2019-05-26 23:55

    I enjoy reading books that have lots of action as well as story lines that take me to places that that have a lot of history that relates to the plot. Each of the three books contained lots of thrilling action in various historic areas of the world. The stories also flowed from one to the next in a contentious flow. I look forward to reading the remaining books in the series.

  • dennis barron
    2019-04-30 02:52

    Stone of fireAbsolutely thrilling mystery...Suspense, Intrigue ..Penn is a master in the art of writing! Once I started I couldn't stop reading! She has the ability to make you feel you are standing along side the primary character! Fantastic book!!

  • James
    2019-05-24 04:00

    I absolutely loved the arkane books I have read them all. the characters are brilliant and I felt an emotional connection to them all especially Morgan. The conspiracy elements of Christianity are brilliant thanks Joanna keep them coming please

  • John Zeivel
    2019-05-23 03:07

    Very good read! Action, and history.Very good read! Lots of history, action, culture and geography. Nice that there are more books to read. You do not have to wait to see what is next.

  • Laura Martone
    2019-04-26 00:49

    I absolutely loved this series - in particular, I found the MC (Dr. Morgan Sierra) complex and engaging, and I hope that Penn will write a slew of other stories focused on her.

  • Amy
    2019-04-28 21:00

    Extremely fun, and a great read if you need something to keep you on the edge of your seat. While I was reading it I never wanted to put it down, and now I can't wait to read the next set!