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Four Seduced Muses have banded together with Sassy Vixen Publishing to bring five erotic romance stories to life...Maya DeLeina’s "A Winter’s Ecstasy" (MF): During a blizzard, Noel finds refuge with Grayson at his cabin. As temptation builds her self-control begins to unravel. Grayson unleashes her passion, but one question plagues her. Why there are no mirrors in Grayson’Four Seduced Muses have banded together with Sassy Vixen Publishing to bring five erotic romance stories to life...Maya DeLeina’s "A Winter’s Ecstasy" (MF): During a blizzard, Noel finds refuge with Grayson at his cabin. As temptation builds her self-control begins to unravel. Grayson unleashes her passion, but one question plagues her. Why there are no mirrors in Grayson’s cabin?May Water’s "Ski Bunny Blues" (MM): Max is unhappy when his job transfers him to New Hampshire. When online dating fails him he meets Shawn who warms his cockles by the fire. Will Shawn be enough to keep Max with him, or will he walk away?Nicole Morgan’s "Christmases Past" (MF): After 12 years of marriage, Priscilla has decided to leave her workaholic husband. Refusing to give up, Max sets out to find her before it is too late. Will being stranded in a blizzard be enough to repair their broken relationship?Tammy Dennings Maggy’s "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" (MF): Coast Guard Steve Sanders is called to assist a sinking vessel. His pregnant wife Jolene waits for his return when the rescue mission has goes horribly wrong. Will a miracle bring him back to meet his wife under the mistletoe?Lia Michaels’s "Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas" (MFMM): Candice, Alexander and Gabriel own Candy Kisses, the place to be in Detroit. The business partners have kept their desires hidden. When a wealthy playboy extends an offer that allows them to indulge their wildest fantasies, they embark on a very naughty Christmas....

Title : tis the season for seduction
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tis the season for seduction Reviews

  • Stacie
    2019-04-19 03:24

    Tis The Season For Seduction:I was very excited to receive this book as an ARC from Tammy and I highly recommend it for anyone looking for a hot read to warm the cold nights of winter. I sat down and read this book in a night (I do read faster than most), but there is a reason. I couldn’t put it down! Fantastic read for someone who wants a little paranormal, a bit of sweet love story, and a whole lot of sexy men to warm you up. SPOILERS………….There are five stories in this anthology, each with their own twist on the happiness, and sexiness, of the holiday season. Maya DeLeina’s A Winter’s Ecstasy is hot enough to melt the snow right off the mountain! Set in the majestic Rockies, Maya weaves a tail about a gorgeous vampire struggling with inner demons, and a woman rediscovering her passion for the season. In the end, it is because of her magnificent savior that Noel is able to find her happily ever after, in the most unlikely of places. Ski Bunny Blues, by May Water, features Max and Shawn finding love, despite their differences. Max has been tasked with traveling to frigid climates, complete with piles of the white stuff he hates, to facilitate the purchase of a new business venture for his boss. He never intended to return once he settled in sunny California. Then, Shawn changes that. A member of the mountain rescue ski squad, Shawn lives his life for the snow and wouldn’t want to leave. This is a beautifully executed MM story. If you haven’t read them before, this would be a great one to start with, and I promise it won’t be your last!Christmases Past, by Nicole Morgan, was a little difficult for me to get into, but ended well. Max and Priscilla, from two different sides of the tracks, fell in love and married 12 years ago. Now, Max is a workaholic to keep his wife in the life to which she had been accustomed growing up. Priscilla is heartbroken over not being able to conceive a child, and between that pain and feeling neglected; she decides to leave her husband. This was a cute story, but it just didn’t hold water for me. I felt like her husband, who obviously adores her, would have noticed that she was unhappy and tried to do something to help her. Also, after being married 12 years myself, I don’t know that I would resort to a note, out of the blue, to leave my husband. I would have certainly given him some indication prior. Now, once I got past that piece, when Max arrives at the cabin and they begin to talk, it turns into a very sweet love story with steaminess added for good measure. It is only the first few pages that left me wanting, the rest was easy to read. Ever watched Deadliest Catch when there is some sort of at sea rescue that has to happen? That, my friends, is the US Coast Guard risking their lives to save those trapped at sea. Meet Me Under the Mistletoe, by Tammy Dennings Maggy, is a beautiful tale of a Christmas miracle that happens for a member of the Coast Guard and his pregnant wife. Sometimes it is easy for us to watch it on TV and forget there is a family waiting for their brave hero to make it home. Jolene is the one waiting for word that her husband, Petty Officer Steve Sanders, will be coming home after a daring rescue at see that left him stranded on a raft in the Bering Sea. We get to experience their years together through memories, joyful and painful, loving and sexy, as Steve awaits his own rescue. The way this beautiful love story ends will bring tears to your eyes, but they will be happy tears. Who doesn’t want to be whisked away by, not one, not two, but three gorgeous men to a beautiful sandy beach to have all manner of wicked things done to her? Candice certainly won’t be complaining when her two partners, Alexander and Gabriel, take her to an island getaway owned by a new potential partner, Darrin, in A Naughty, Naughty Christmas, by Lia Michaels. The level of ‘hotness’ in this story would max out the Scoville scale! It is hotter than the Ghost Chili Pepper, and much more fun than eating one! If this story doesn’t leave you fanning yourself, then you are probably dead – just saying. There is one flashback in the beginning, which seemed a little unnecessary to me, but it certainly paints a picture of how drawn together these people are. I also spent the first part of the story assuming Candice was younger as she acts a bit shy when discussing her fantasies, but she is actually significantly older than I assumed. None of that overshadowed the pure, raw, sexuality of these characters. I enjoyed watching Candice become protective of her men and the amazing things they do to her as thanks.

  • Elizabeth Neff
    2019-04-14 09:41

    I received this book as an ARC from Maya and I am ever so thankful that I did because I have some new author's to get caught up on.Now for my review after that brief confessional, because these are five short stories contained in a book called Tis' the Season of Seduction I plan to review all five stories separately. I fell that is the only way to do them justice, I will not give away the stories but I do want to give you all a taste. Maya DeLeina - A Winter's Ecstasy: Noel is a girl with a plan to get away for the holiday and she just wants to enjoy some peace and quiet on a mountain in a cabin with nothing but her self to think of. Until she meets Grayson, a mysterious man who saves her in more ways then one, he becomes her first love but will he be her only one? I absolutely love everything Maya DeLeina writes; you can tell she really puts her heart into it. Her books are meant for an audience who is comfortable with sex written out in graphic, exotic detail and dear me it leaves you needing a shower, very cold or with your lover. I will say I could go on and on about this short story but I refuse to spoil it. It is however a great way for someone to pop their cherry on her books. If you think what I just said was to much, stop don't read her books you won't be able to take it.May Water - Ski Bunny Blues: This short story contains MM relations (SEX), I will admit I never thought this was my thing but I was shocked at how much seeing it written down turn me on. Love is hot and this story is no exception. Max is a man with a plan, originally from the east coast and relocated to Cali he find himself forced to move back home for his job, he is not wanting to go but finds himself in a proposition he can't refuse. Thankfully for him he goes, he wants to get in and out and back to Cali, but while in New Hampshire he decide to try his hand a dating just to make his BF happy. First online date goes terrible and he swears it off but then he meets Shawn and well... Read it yourself. Hot, Hot and Hot!Nicole Morgan -Christmases Past: Priscilla Blackwood and her Husband Max find themselves in a mess. Cilla decide their relationship has changed and not for the better. She goes to the Cabin they own up in the Mountains to get a fresh start after some much needed crying. She informs Max in a letter that she wants a divorce. Max is not having it and decides to chase her down to win back her heart. Will he be able to or as he screwed things up one to many times. Things get crazy; there is an accident a confession and a whole lot of... Nope not giving it away no matter how much you beg. It's good I promise you that and there is most definitely a... nope won't tell you that either. Another story you just need to read it will not disappoint.Tammy Dennings Maggy - Meet Me Under the Mistletoe: Jolene is nurse in Kodiak Alaska and her husband is a rescue swimmer for the Coast Guard. These two couldn't be more madly in love. There is no typical drama in this story at least not the kind you're expecting. The drama involves being lost at sea, miscarriages. In this story you are holding on for them and fighting for them to finally get what they both deserve and desire. Will it happen? Will they get their HEA? Come on really did you want me to spoil it? I won't but it is a great Hot and steamy love story and you won't be disappointed in the sex or the story in any way. Lia Michaels (aka Tammy Dennings Maggy) - Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas: Alter Ego? Yes Tammy definetly has an Alter Ego... This Story is hot, Hot, and HOT! She has guy on guy, guy on girl, guy on girl on guy and guy on guy on girl on guy. Candy Kisses may be the name of their business but their business is far from confections it’s a sweet tooth craving you never new you had or even wanted. Candice and her two Marine business partners run a catering company in Detroit, they want to expand the business but find themselves in a road block. That road block is the sexy with too much money for his good and too much sex appeal for anyone’s good Darrin Bryant. Alex learns of Bryant’s plan and wants everyone to be open to new things all around. If it wasn't for Alex, Gabriel would never have tried to entice his business partner Candi into a Ménage with him and Alex. Just think how stale their business could have gotten with all that sexual tension building and no release. Well they are releasing now. WOW!!!

  • Amber Easton
    2019-03-21 06:31

    DISCLAIMER: Goodreads lists me as an author of this book. I am NOT. I was the editor, however. I rarely write a review unless I truly like the book. This review was unsolicited by the authors and is my fair and unbiased opinion. Thank you. (The review is below!) Tis the Season for Seduction is one of those "must read" books for all erotica lovers! Whatever your heart desires, this anthology delivers times ten! Sexy vampires? Yep, it has that. Heroic Coast Guard Rescue Swimmers? Oh, yeah, definitely has that. Hilarious ski bums? Check that off the list, too. You want ex-marines who know exactly what to do with honey and hot fudge? Definitely has that. One word of warning: don't read this in public because it may encourage "special alone time." The authors May Water, Lia Michaels, Maya DeLeina, Nicole Morgan, and Tammy Dennings Maggy--aka The Four Seduced Muses--are the perfect balance for one another. May Water's story, 'Ski Bunny Blues', will have you laughing at one minute and teary eyed the next. It's a fun M/M love story where I personally fell in love with Max, which figures because he's gay and I am a straight white woman. I rooted for this character to find his Mr. Right while he suffers through a lot of trial and error. Oh…Max…so sweet. Maya DeLeina is famous for her vampires and 'A Winter's Ecstasy' leaves no doubt as to why she's earned her fame. Her characters enchant from the moment they appear on the page and intoxicate you until the very end. Riveting is the best word I can use to describe 'A Winter's Ecstasy.' Nicole Morgan delivers a heart warming love story in 'Christmases Past'. This is a story about a couple on the verge of divorce…will they be able to repair the damage done while stranded in remote cabin during a snowstorm? It's written from the heart that reinforces what love is all about…forgiveness, communication, and hope. Lia Michaels…wow. Steamy. "Have a Naughty, Naughty Christmas' is exactly that…naughty! This is a M/F/M/M story. Yep, a foursome! Hot ex-marines plus a billionaire plus a sexy candy store owner/caterer…not only did I get hungry while reading this, I also needed a cold shower. Is it cold outside, baby? If you read this story, you'll think in you're in the tropics! Then there's the story that made me cry by Tammy Dennings Maggy... "Meet Me Under the Mistletoe" about a Coast Guard Rescue Swimmer and his touching love story with his wife. This is one of those stories where the characters stay with you long after you read "the end." Some people think erotica is all about the sex--and there's definitely a lot of it between the pages of 'Tis the Season for Seduction--but these authors prove that great characters paired with creative story lines break free of stereotypes. I highly recommend this anthology and give it five steamy kisses…I mean STARS. :)

  • Keirakelly
    2019-03-31 06:24

    What I liked about this book: Loved the variety. This collection has it all from vampires to marines! It's sizzling hot. Under the Mistletoe made me teary, the vampire story (can't recall the title right off the top of my head) made me horny, and the Ski Bunny story made me laugh! What I didn't like: There's one story in the book that lacks originality. It's in the middle. Christmases Past (or something like that). It simply falls flat. In the middle of very good, emotional, quick reads, it all sort of comes to a halt with this one story. It doesn't seem to fit. Overall, I recommend this book for all fans of erotica. It really does have a great variety of stories and authors, most I'd never heard of but I saw a tweet and followed through. I will definitely be checking them out further.

  • CJ - Sensuous Reviews
    2019-04-02 09:31

    SOMETHING FOR EVERYONE'Tis the Season for Seduction is a collection of five stories which truly offer the reader a little bit of all genres out there. From food play, to vampires, to heart wrenching love stories and some hot male on male action, there wasn't much left to be desired when finishing each of the stories. While each of the stories are short, the authors do not leave you hanging with unfinished plots. The only real complaint I have was that I wanted more. I read that this was the first collaboration from these authors. I hope it won't be a last. A definite top read! I received an ARC of this book via my Sensuous Reviews siteFull review can be read here:

  • Dakota Skye
    2019-04-18 02:47

    This anthology has got it all! I really enjoyed everything about it. Whether you're into M/F, M/M, MMFM (or whatever)…vampires, Marines, ski patrol guys…seriously, this anthology has you covered! I know it's past Christmas, which is the central theme to this book, but I read it this week (January) and found the stories as relevant now as they would have been in December. Don't let the seasonal sentiment dissuade you! This is one that should certainly be on your "must read" shelf.

  • Sarah Lazowski
    2019-04-08 03:19

    I received this book as an ARC from Maya and I am very happy and thankful that I did. Not only did I love this book, but I also read some new authors that I have now been added to my TBR list!There are 5 steamy, sensual and oh yes very seductive stories in this delicious book. I could not and did not want to put my kindle down until I was down reading it. Of course when I was done I had to take a very long shower afterwards because it was just that good!! I highly recommend this book!!

  • Madison
    2019-04-08 01:41

    Review in progress!!

  • Cheryl Graham Petit
    2019-04-16 04:25

    The five stories in "Tis the Season for Seduction are steamy, sensual and HOT! I highly recommend this book. This book should definitely be added to your "must read" shelf.

  • Maya DeLeina
    2019-03-20 07:30

  • Maya DeLeina
    2019-03-27 05:47

  • Tammy Maggy
    2019-03-28 02:25

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    2019-04-15 08:26