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Yasmin is a descendant of the Manticore. A creature of Persian mythology. A Legendary.But she doesn’t want to be. Unlike the Legendaries in The Red, Yasmin wants nothing more than an ordinary life. She tries to fool herself into believing that she doesn’t change into a beast every full moon and savagely kill innocent people.But when Yasmin starts hearing a voice in her heaYasmin is a descendant of the Manticore. A creature of Persian mythology. A Legendary.But she doesn’t want to be. Unlike the Legendaries in The Red, Yasmin wants nothing more than an ordinary life. She tries to fool herself into believing that she doesn’t change into a beast every full moon and savagely kill innocent people.But when Yasmin starts hearing a voice in her head and is drawn into dreams that aren’t her own, she is led to Fray—a girl who once saved Yasmin from hunters, who has shadowy memories that hint at her having Legendary magic—and Yasmin is catapulted into a life of Majick and malevolence.Despite the danger around her and Fray, Yasmin might finally have a chance at being a normal girl with a normal girlfriend. But with Legendaries being killed, a war between the Gods brewing, and the beast inside Yasmin becoming stronger each moon, her mundane life is little more than a dream....

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The Beast of Callaire Reviews

  • Inge
    2019-05-13 00:57

    The Beast of Callaire was a short, quick, and enjoyable read. We follow around a group of shapeshifters with divine powers, who actually have different names, but since I still hadn't gotten the hang of all the correct terms by the end of the book, I'm just going to call them shapeshifters. The world-building was quite nice, although a little complicated -- there was even a brief summary at the beginning of the book, explaining every type. I think the fact that you even have to add a summary, proves that it can get very confusing at times.Nevertheless, I did enjoy the novel, especially the fact that there was a gay relationship and even a transgender (although he's not mentioned very often, but thought I'd point it out anyway). Even though their love was destined to be powerful and written in the stars, they still fall for each other in a slow and sweet way, getting to know each other and becoming friends first. The story definitely gets bonus points for that.Even though it was confusing and uneventful at times, I think I would pick up the sequel, if only to learn more about Ran, an interesting character who arrived later on in the book. He sounds like he could be fun.Thank you NetGalley for providing me with a copy

  • Stephanie
    2019-05-03 22:53

    4.5How could you end it like that?! I NEED THE NEXT BOOK NOW.This has gods, mythology, crea (like manticores and other mythological creatures, they change during the full moon but it's not from a bite, it's inherited through ancestry), danger, action and a romance I ship so hard between the lesbian woc mc (that's also a manticore! and her mother is Venus, the Goddess) and a bisexual human girl who is awesome! They both are! The mc also has a trans boy for a friend. ALL OF IT is used ON THE PAGE.The characters are complex as well, getting to know the mc especially as it's told from her POV but getting to know the others as well. I really felt for her and understood her feelings at times on a personal level. It took me a little bit to get into the story but by the 1/2 way mark I was incredibly invested and didn't want to stop reading and now I need to go out and get the rest of the series, STAT, because REASONS.This was my 100th book of the year and as it's now New Year's Eve 2017 i'm sure the last book I finish this year too and I am so glad to end this year with an amazing book and number 100 at that! :DIt is currently FREE for kindle. I don't know if that's an always thing or just a now thing but as of writing this it's free for kindle!Edit: I wanted to add that while I am white and cis so I can't really comment on that rep I am bisexual and loved the bi rep. It wasn't a big deal, it was just a thing. I personally loved this book. It's much more than just a romance book. I know I mentioned that but the romance has me swooning so much I wanted to reiterate it. There is mythology that I loved learning, there is danger and action too. The Gods can be assholes, there is fighting, there is drama and conflicts. I just loved how it all wrapped up together.

  • Kate
    2019-05-19 00:07

    This book took a long time to get moving, but when it did, it was amazing. The magic system is new and imaginative, the characters diverse and interesting. The relationship between Yasmin and Fray progressed very realistically, with the uncertainties and bumps you’d expect of a romance, especially where both people aren’t sure what secrets to share. It doesn’t dominate the plot, which is well-balanced between Yasmin’s own issues and the growing danger facing the Legendaries. With an intriguing world, diverse and deep characters, and a F/F romance on the side, The Beast of Callaire deserves to be shelved with the best supernatural YA of the season.

  • Tamara Philip
    2019-04-24 02:44

    The Beast of Callaire is a LGBT YA novel about a Persian mythlogical were-manticore girl named Yasmin who is such a huge loner because she wants to be seperate from the world that she belongs that's filled with magic and mythology.It took me awhile to connect to Yasmin because I didn't really understand her motives for being the way she was, I thought she was a bit of an ingrate to be honest but that's neither here nor there. I blame that on the fact that I'm now a cranky adult who now has the gift of hindsight. However I can't fault the author's depth of imagination or her skillful storyline. I mean a manticore??? there's not enough books about other creatures outside of the usual suspects, so I applaud the author for that. There's so much more mythology out there to be explored and I think Saruuh Kelsey will be at the forefront of the writers exploring that. This book is a definite must read especially for someone looking for something DIFFERENT and diverse in the YA genre. I loved the slowburning romance between Yasmin and Fray. It was a refreshing change of pace especially as it was foretold that they would be an intense, deep love but it wasn't rushed or forced. In the end I fell for those two love ladies as they were falling in love with each other

  • casey
    2019-05-16 21:56

    Two stars for the diversity - lesbian woc mc, bisexual love interest, and a trans boy. All words are used, which is more than I can say for most books. Sadly, this didn't even feel like a real book. The mythology was either too dense for me to understand or just not explained well or both. I don't know which. There were no transitions in the story - we were at one place, then at another. I wish I liked this more, especially since I thought Yasmin and Fray were cute, but then they literally fell in love right away it ended up being boring.

  • Elisha
    2019-05-09 20:09

    First of all, I would recommend this book to anyone based purely on the diversity of the characters. Up until I read this, I think I'd only ever read one book with a black protagonist and one with a gay protagonist. The Beast of Callaire has a black protagonist who is also a lesbian and features a relationship between her and a bisexual girl. THEN there are also ethnic side characters as well as a transgender character! This book alone has more diversity than the majority of the YA genre put together and Saruuh Kelsey deserves some applause for that. If you're looking for good LGBT YA or YA with ethnic diversity, this is probably perfect for you.However, I recognise that you can't give a book a good review purely based on the diversity of its characters, so although I love and applaud the diverse aspects of this book, I feel like a few other things need pointing out. Overall this was a decent read. It's a short book with some excellent mythology, good romance and great characters. Also, although a lot of the characters are diverse, that isn't the defining feature of their character. There are hints at Yasmin being a lesbian all the way through, but it isn't fully confirmed until about halfway through and the same applies to Fray being bisexual. I liked that because it meant that first and foremost Yasmin was a strong protagonist, a Manticore and Fray's friend and protector. This novel may feature a lesbian relationship, but it's more than just a story about lesbians and I appreciated that. I also thought that the transgender character was handled extremely well. However, as I said, this wasn't an overall perfect book. Some parts of it were a little bit slow or a little bit rushed and sometimes I struggled to understand the mythological terminology being used (which isn't so much of a problem because by the end of the book you grow used to it all). Part of me would have liked this to have been a little bit longer so that there was more chance for development too. However, as this is the opener to a planned trilogy I don't mind that so much because there'll be development later on.In conclusion, this was mostly good. There are areas for improvement, but I think most of them will be sorted as the series continues. Characterisation was great and the overall story being told was very unique and intriguing. It may not have been perfect, but it was a good opener to a series and it's certainly peaked my interest for more. Saruuh Kelsey shows a lot of promise as an author and I look forward to reading more from her, both in this series and also in her Lux Guardians series. To sum up, a very promising opening to a very interesting series.

  • Saruuh Kelsey
    2019-05-03 23:44

    This book is now FREE on B&N, iBooks, Smashwords etc. so if you've been waiting to read it, get it now! The sequel comes out in 11 days so it's the perfect time.……/the-beast-...…

  • Kels Fidler
    2019-05-12 22:11

    This review and many others can be found on my blog:

  • Angie
    2019-05-15 22:51

    The Beast of Callaire is an interesting mix of many things. Yasmin is Anglo-African, living in Yorkshire, she's a lesbian, and the daughter of the goddess Venus and a Manticor. She's also the last Manticor and the only one of her kind who is both Crea and Dei, meaning she has two types of magic: her ability to shift and telepathy. Yasmin just wants to be normal, but that doesn't look like it's going to happen any time soon, especially since she can't control her beast and has human hunters after her, and she keeps getting swept into a strange girl's dreams.I really liked the world of The Beast of Callaire. It's nice to get out of the US for a change when it comes to Urban Fantasy. There's a kind of safe house set up in Callaire for the children of Legendaries who aren't wanted by their deity parents. There they learn how to control their powers as well as to be discreet so that humans don't learn about the existence of creatures from myth. I also liked all of the variation in magical abilities; not everyone has the same kind even if they come from the same family line. Then there's Fray, the girl from Yasmin's dreams. She's human, but something more, and Yasmin is destined to protect her. And to love her.The romance in The Beast of Callaire is cute. It's not insta-love either! Yasmin does break into Fray's home at one point, but it's not seen as romantic. Fray is freaked out, but she knows she needs Yasmin to answer her questions. The two get to know each other as Yasmin tries to help Fray figure out what she is, and then it grows into something more. I really loved the scene when Yasmin's friend not-so-subtly hooks them up! Too funny! I also really liked how this wasn't a story about coming out or accepting ones sexual identity. Yasmin just happens to be gay and that's that. She has bigger things to worry about than who she's attracted to.I really liked The Beast of Callaire. It was just missing a sense of urgency for me. Like, I never felt like anyone was in any imminent danger even though there was someone draining magic from Legendaries and another someone is after Fray and her special abilities. It was fun to read, but I never fully felt the excitement of what was happening.Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • Chiara
    2019-05-22 03:53

    A copy of this novel was provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.Saruuh Kelsey is becoming one of my favourite indie authors. I absolutely love the tone of her novels, as well as the characters, and the plots. As soon as I started The Beast of Callaire, I was sucked in. I liked it from the moment it began.Yasmin isn’t your run of the mill paranormal novel heroine. She’s not ready and willing to take on the world at the slightest push. She’s not the bravest or strongest in all the land (as heroines often are). She’s just pretty normal. Yasmin is afraid of things, and she sometimes wants to run. Just like anyone would in her situation.But her strength, however, is Fray. How much she cares for the other girl is heart-warming. Her protectiveness and attraction to her are all squishy, if that makes sense. You know when something is so cute and adorable that it’s squishy? Yasmin and Fray are squishy.One thing I really liked about The Beast of Callaire was the flow. The chapters and the sections within the chapters are quite short, but they’re short in that they are succinct. There aren’t 100 pages of lead up to an event, and then another 100 pages of the main characters working through the aftermath of the event. The progression of time through The Beast of Callaire is really believable, and I liked it very much.The one downfall I think was the names. There are a lot of terms thrown around in the novel, and sometimes it was hard keeping track of who was who and what was what. I think perhaps a glossary in the front or the back of the novel could really help the reader understand what the characters are talking about when they mention these terms, and what the difference is, for example, between Numen and Numina.I devoured this book because of the easy way that Saruuh has with words. She weaves an incredibly interesting story and definitely leaves you wanting for more. I know I am waiting for the second book in The Legend Mirror series!© 2014, Chiara @ Books for a Delicate Eternity. All rights reserved.

  • Roxanne
    2019-05-03 20:43

    The Beast of Callaire surprised me. I forgot the synopsis before starting it and I went into it thinking it would be a cheap wlw werewolf book. It wasn't. The characters in this novel are are mythical creatures of some kind, found in myths and legends from all around the world. It's kind of a "if-all-the-stories-were-true" book. The cast of characters is diverse, and it was so refreshing to see diversity without the stereotypes for each group. The characters had real, human qualities to them that made you feel like you knew them. From early on in the novel I found myself laughing to Vic and Minnie's jokes and rooting for Guy. There was also something wonderful with their relationship to eachother. The way they all cared so much without always saying so explicitly. The only character I found somewhat bland was Fray... her characterization was a little more vague and I hope we see more of who she is in the next book.I also loved the point of view. In plotlines like this, the narrator is often the newcomer and in this story, it would have been Fray. Having Yasmin as protagonist gave us inside information and it was interesting to see how she was reluctant to tell the truth to Fray. It showed us internal struggles we would of missed otherwise. It was also nice to have that "human finds she ain't human and joins group of supernaturals" type story with POC, trans characters and characters with different sexualities without their "differences" being a problem or a part of the problem. It was a twist on a trope and I really enjoyed it!Overall I really enjoyed this light but gripping story. It was easy to read and I'm looking forward to starting the sequel!

  • Crocus
    2019-05-20 00:57

    I think the actual rating would be 4.5/5, but I rounded up as there are no half-star options. I was enthralled by this book. It had its confusing points: as other reviewers have mentioned, the names and mythology surrounding Yasmin and her fellow Legendaries could get hard to follow at times, but the plot was enticing, and the characters were vivid in themselves and in their interactions with one another. There were several times when I found myself grinning maniacally at the book (when Vic introduced his girlfriend to Fray and Yasmin, for example). The setting was very vivid in my mind as well, and I was very much absorbed into the story, and got to a point where I actually cared strongly about what happened to the characters, which for me is the most important part of reading a book. If I'm not invested in the characters it doesn't matter how good the writing is. The Beast of Callaire was a great read, despite the sometimes-confusing mythology. I would definitely recommend it! I am going to purchase another copy for a friend's birthday, that's how much I liked it. I look forward to the next installment!

  • Cucumber
    2019-04-29 04:01

    It was a fun read and I hope there's going to be a sequel because I need to know... all the things.I really liked how diverse the characters were and I hope we'll see more of Yasmin's friends. The mythology and origins of the supernatural beings sounded well-thought-out to me. It's probably easier to read it in one go since the first half is a bit cluttered with all the different plot lines but the writing itself has a good flow and is entertaining. (Also the characters are giant dorks when they're not in life threatening situations so the dialogue is pretty funny as well.) As I've said, I need a sequel because it ends with a cliffhanger and I need answers, I just need to KNOW what's going on, OK?

  • Vonia Adams
    2019-04-28 23:54

    This book was awesome the only thing that could have made this book better was if it was longer. I enjoyed the characters big time. Iran I don't think that I have ever read a YA novel where the main character was black. On top of that she was a lesbian dating a bisexual and friends with a transgender boy. The other characters were other races as well, and I loved this. Though part of the book is a romance novel,this is definitely not the focus, which is that someone is going around stealing others' majick.I honestly cannot wait to read the second book. I would also recommend this book to any and everyone who likes YA novels.

  • Rachel Cotterill
    2019-04-24 23:52

    An enjoyable YA fantasy with an interesting premise, where Majick-wielding Legendaries are the descendants of gods and mythical beasts, trying to keep their powers hidden from the mainstream human world. Yasmin is one such, the daughter of Venus and a Manticore, who changes into her beast form once a month. Major credit for diversity: there's a central lesbian romance, ethnic diversity, and a transgender secondary character. The only thing that lets it down is the abruptness of the ending: this feels more like half a book.

  • Kiran
    2019-05-09 19:55

    Great readLoved the fantasy elements and the relationship build-up. Perfect afternoon book to curl up with. If you've been looking for a mythology based f/f romance, this is it.

  • Mocha Haven
    2019-05-05 01:50

    This grabbed me almost immediately. Then, it abruptly dropped me panting for more at the end when I realized, "There's no sequel, yet."

  • Cynthia
    2019-05-10 00:50

    (Find the original review at Jellyfish Reads.)**Thanks to the author Saruuh Kelsey for providing me with a free review copy! This in no way affects my opinion of the book.**Actual rating: one and a half starsI really, really wanted to like this book. My first thought upon seeing this book somewhere on the Internet was, "A PoC on the cover!" Then I read the blurb. Yay, the female MC likes girls! I thought it sounded pretty awesome, although I was a little sceptical about the word Majick. I still can't take that word seriously. The spelling just seems so ridiculous and kind of... juvenile? I thought it might've been better if the author had picked just another word entirely, maybe a Latin word to go with all the other Latin words she uses in this book, or even just stuck with the ordinary spelling of the word magic, which would have been adequate.Anyway, my point is: the cover and the blurb together made me really excited about this book. A YA fantasy series with a lesbian PoC protagonist! And she can change into a manticore, which is a pretty original idea. It seemed like a book where a lot of cool things might happen.Unfortunately, I just couldn't warm to this book no matter how hard I tried.First off, let's talk about the romance, which I was really looking forward to. Admittedly, Fray is an interesting character. She's brave and inquisitive and instead of being frightened by Yasmin and all that she might mean, she does all this research into mythology to find out more about her and her kind. But god, if only the romance had been more well-written.Yasmin and Fray's relationship develops so slowly, but it's not like there's actually any kind of slow burn feel to it. At some point, a character comments on Yasmin and Fray's sexual tension. What sexual tension? I don't experience any of it as a reader. Though the book is narrated from Yasmin's POV, we don't really see her think about how hot Fray is, at all; she never even thinks about wanting to kiss Fray until after the sexual tension has been commented upon. Surely this should have come before. The only time we really get much description of Fray, it's just vague flowery prose:Fray is a ray of sunlight made human. Her eyes are lucent, the gold vines of her irises brought out by yellow eye shadow, and her face glitters.It's pretty, but it's just... not very sexual tension-y. Yasmin just thinks of Fray as pretty all the time. There are plenty of people I think are pretty, but I don't want to make out with them. You know how I can feel the sexual tension between characters as a reader? When I want them to kiss – and then, once the characters have finally kissed, I should feel a sense of triumph and relief and satisfaction. That's when I know the sexual tension has been there and the relationship is well-written. When Yasmin and Fray finally kissed, I didn't feel much of anything at all.One thing I can say though is that the kisses got better, and Yasmin and Fray's relationship was definitely a lot more enjoyable to read about once they'd actually got together. The author just isn't very good at writing the initial build-up, I think.Yasmin and Fray's relationship isn't the only thing that moves slowly. The plot crawls. The book isn't long – fewer than 200 pages. But hardly anything happens at all. I kept reading because I hoped it would pick up. There were some intriguing moments at the beginning of the book, after all, even though the prophecies regarding Yasmin's fate that were dropped at the start were just a tad over-the-top and somewhat clichéd (their love is going to be so powerful! Yasmin is going to fall! someone is going to die!). I wanted to find out how everything would be resolved.But very little actually happens until the last 30 pages of the book or so, where some mysterious thing happens and then there's a very rushed battle scene, and then we get a cliffhanger and it turns out most of what I was looking forward to finding out, all the promises of what might happen – apparently I'll have to wait until the next book for all of that. And I'm just not sure whether I care enough to read the next book.Plus all these terms were used: Legendary, Crea, Dei, etc. etc. that weren't really fully explained until halfway through the book. It was confusing, and even though the meanings of these terms could kind of be guessed earlier on, I would have appreciated it if the explanations didn't come so late. By that time I was almost expecting them never to be explained.The writing was more tell than show. So many times I was just really frustrated at how the book spent so much time telling me things when it could have spent more time showing me these things.The Classicist in me bristled at some of the mistakes I found: Yasmin, as a descendant of Venus, is often called Yasmin ex Venere, which is fine, since Venere is the correct ablative form of Venus and the ablative case is what you need after the preposition 'ex', but Minnie, descendant of Apollo, was called Minnie ex Apolle. The ablative of Apollo isn't Apolle, it's Apolline. (I don't know whether this has been corrected since the ARC though.)Some mythological details also struck me as wrong, such as Mavers, a descendant of Mars, collecting bows because they're apparently a symbol of Mars? No. Bows are the symbol of Apollo!But hey, I'm being nitpicky, I guess, and these things probably would go unnoticed by other people. It's just that when the story is so entrenched in mythology, and when the author has decided that she wants to use Latin phrases and words, I would appreciate it if more care was paid to the accuracy of these little things. Otherwise these mistakes really throw me off, as a Classicist.I did like a few of the side characters. There's Guy, Yasmin's brother. Their relationship is a pretty prickly one which gradually improves over the course of the book, and Guy's dialogue was refreshing and funny.Then there's Yasmin's friend, Minnie. I wish we could have got more of her backstory and more of a sense of the history of her friendship with Yasmin. (I feel like I'm always talking about the history of friendships in my reviews, but trust me: the books where I get the most profound sense of the history of the characters' friendships are usually my favourite books, and vice versa – that can really make or break a book for me.) Minnie was also pretty funny and competent, a good friend to Yasmin.Finally, I was intrigued by Ran, a character who appears fairly late in the book. He's very flirtatious and rebellious and just super duper interesting, and we definitely did not see enough of him. His interactions with Minnie were great. I almost wish the book was about them instead, because I feel like their relationship would probably be a lot more fiery than Yasmin and Fray's.(And dammit, because now I've kind of talked myself into wanting to read the next book just to find out more about what happens with Ran and Minnie.)I just. I'm so disappointed, because I really did think that this book could have been awesome. But the pace was entirely too slow. I'm convinced that half of this book could have been cut out and whatever takes place in the next book could definitely be put into this book. That might have made for a much thrilling ride than what this book ended up being.(But hey, if you like the sound of the blurb, you should give the book a go anyway! It might work out much better for you.)

  • M
    2019-05-03 20:09

    "I have too many identities, too many puzzle pieces to fit into one person. I have all the makings of a Pure- the Anglo-African heritage of my father, the quick temper of my mother, the kindness of Mavers- but I have Dei qualities- my Majick- and Crea qualities- my curse of Changing- and somewhere amongst is what the Manticore means- to be a mindless animal with the desire only to kill and tear flesh. How am I supposed to resolve that into one person, one Yasmin?"I feel like this quote summarizes quite well this book. The world-building around the mythology is a very complicated thing and it took me some time to understand all the different species and everything. Fortunately, there is a nice glossary in the beginning that explains it better with all the details you'll need. The Beast of Callaire was a nice surprise that people recommended me through tumblr, I'm very glad to have found this little gem. The story is really original and nothing like what I've read in YA supernatural so far.A lot can be said about this book but what really made it such a good read for me was the diversity in the characters. It's so rare to find authors who are not afraid to go all in and really make their characters from different ethnicities, sexualities and genders and just... be open about it in the text.The main romance is so well done and it made me feel all warm inside to see Fray and Yasmin falling in love. It's full of cliches and cute scenes and I'm absolutely enamored by their relationship. I feel like this is probably how straight people feel when they read every YA romance out there, and now I could really understand the appeal when it's not another boring white/straight couple.This is a fast read that I recommend to anyone wanting to read some cute lgbt YA with a bunch of supernatural goodies with intense plot and mythology.

  • Tainá
    2019-05-12 21:54

    This was a really great read. It had amazing (if a bit complicated) world building + intriguing plot, a nice and diverse cast of characters and a sweet slowburn romance. I easily read it in one sitting.Yasmin is a great main character, she has a little more power than she knows what to do with, is a bit of a outcast even with her own kind, has a tense relationship with her brother and her friend keeps having less than great reading of her future. The poor girl just wants to go to work and be normal.Fray is a bit more of a mystery. We know she's is kind, brave and curious, but not much more and a lot of the plot has to do with finding out. They meet when a hunter shoots Yasmin when she's turned and Fray brings her back home, dresses her wounds and is really surprised the next morning when she finds a very naked girl instead of the 'winged lion' she saved.I was afraid it was going to feel rushed and forced, (view spoiler)[specially because of the soulmate thing (hide spoiler)] but this was not the case at all. They start as friends and grown into more as they get to know each other. They were really cute together and I loved it very much.All the other characters were really great as well. Sometimes when there are a lot of side characters I have trouble keeping them straight but again it was not the case here, each of them were really likable and unique in their own way.The mythology feels nice and refreshing (view spoiler)[even thought it involves the typical gods fighting and their kids getting dragged into it with a dose of magical destiny (hide spoiler)] and it was incredible the amount of world building Kelsey managed to fit in such a short book. I'm looking forward to reading the next one.

  • Soobie can't sleep at night
    2019-05-07 22:49

    It took me more than a month to finish this book. I really couldn't get into the world created by the author, sigh!I bought it because it was dealing with a sort of were-girl falling in love with a human (??) girl. Yasmin can actually transform into a Manticore, a creature from the Persian mythology. But there's no description of what it really means to be a Manticore for the poor girl. All she says is that she feels the beast inside her. Duh!I also didn't like the world-building. I wasn't the sharpest chicken in the nest but I couldn't understand the difference between Crea and the other mythological creatures. And what about the Numen/Numina?! Why did they need a "they" pronoun?I like the diversity in the book but the romance between Yasmin and Fray was just a sort of bad insta-love. I wasn't really interested in their love stories since it seemed a bit too rushed.The writing was OK even if this was one of the few examples where the first person present narration did bother me a little bit. Don't know why the author spelled Majick, too.I'm sorry but I won't be continuing the series.

  • Tracey
    2019-04-22 04:04

    I wanted to like this book way more than I did but I'll take it foot what it is. I liked how the author set up the world of the shifters. I actually not sure what they'd be considered but I found the lore around them interesting. Yasmin and Fray make a great couple. I loved seeing some bisexual representation with Fray. It's not often you see that in YA fiction. Is either gay or straight. This book was free on Amazon, and unfortunately the other books are not. I did enjoy this one but not enough to buy any more books in the series.

  • René Saucier
    2019-05-20 01:10

    Definitely funI really enjoyed the book. Definitely young adult fantasy, complete with mythical creatures, mystery, and romance. I would totally recommend this book.

  • Annie (iliveandbreathewords)
    2019-04-28 04:05

    I absolutely loved this book. The characters and the world are amazing. I also love the racial diversity and the lgbt representation. I can't wait to read the next book and see what happens.

  • Gee(Fiera)
    2019-05-18 03:01

    Real rating- 3.5 stars.This book isn't horrible. It didn't make me want to stop reading at any point, mainly because I was curious about the world. However, not much happens in it. Sure, we meet some people, Yasmin gets a girlfriend, but the main portion of the book feels disjointed. The author is obviously trying to build tension, but it falls flat as not enough attention is payed to these moments. The final battle, about 90% through the book, picks up a little, but it's told in such a matter-of-fact way, with no excitement or tension, that it's disappointing. The final scenes are told in a way that it seems very simple and almost choreographed.Characters. I don't like Yasmin much. I'd probably get along with her if she were a real person, but I didn't connect much with her. Fray was all right, but flat and didn't do much besides be a love interest for Yasmin. Minnie, along with some other members of the "Red" I found to be annoying and once again, flat. I liked Guy, Yasmin's brother, and Ran; both were interesting and captured my attention. However, for the most part, characters were props more than people. The romance between Fray and Yasmin was all right, but felt rushed - Yasmin protects her because it's destiny, really?The world built was very dense, and little of it was explained. I didn't understand it until more than halfway through the book, though I did enjoy it.I will say that I can see why people enjoy this book, but it could have been executed much better.

  • Henna
    2019-05-19 22:00

    Can I have more if I ask really nicely, adding some begging there?I'm not sure if I'm coherent enough to say anything intelligent about The Beast of Callaire - even though I finished it yesterday. I'll try and start with things that made me want to read it. Firstly, it's Saruuh Kelsey and even though it was enough for me it wasn't the only reason. The diversity in this book is truly amazing: lesbian main character who's dark skinned and yes, there was even transgendered person. Kelsey truly did it, something that young adult authors are so careful with and dare I say, scared. What's best: it didn't feel forced, no, it felt like real life where's different kind of people all around.Characters were good and they felt real with their flaws, and they all had their own characteristic quirks. Truthfully, I fell for Fray and Guy. Fray was lively, a little bit capricious, determined and I really liked her and she wasn't tedious at all. Guy was perfect with all his imperfections, his flaws that made him real because he was no beyond jealous but it didn't define who he was. There was lovely character developement on Guy. If we talk about character developement, then Yasmin needs to be mentioned because she grew up during the book. She was pretty self-assertive from the start but I loved to follow how she learned new things and changed along the story. It was delightful to read.Mythology part was intriguing, although I was familiar with all of it, it didn't felt tedious at all. Kelsey's writing style kept it lively and interesting, and I'm glad it was about Roman and Persian myths that aren't as well known as the Greek myths.At some points it felt like there was too many prophecy's and readings because it was losing its charm but otherwise I truly loved Beast and it lived up all my expectations. Wonderful, intriguing characters, plot that was not boring and mythology that wasn't ordinary. What more I can ask for a book? Not much.Yeah, the ending. I need more, okay? That's all I have to say about it.

  • RM
    2019-04-24 22:56

    The Beast of Callaire throws you into the hidden world of myth and magic in modern day England from the perspective of Yasmin, a young, independent Manticore. Once a month she and others like her transform into creatures of legend and roam the woods near the Red Academy, where Yasmin once lived with others like her.Written in first person, The Beast requires patience and persistence from readers, as the narrator knows a great deal about her world that she is reluctant to share or do more than hint at. The text measures out her explanations but doesn't hesitate to use her people's jargon, an approach that might frustrate anyone that skipped the author's notes and isn't willing to wade around in the dark for however many chapters before Yasmin attempts to explain these things to a newcomer.What The Beast has in its favor is a lesbian woman of color as its loner Chosen One protagonist and a sapphic romance (that both isn't overwrought and claims the label soulmates) without the YA genre's love triangle trope at its center. Her best friend is a trans man, her love interest is a stated bisexual, and these identities are a non-issue compared to their in/human status.If you like contemporary fantasy and YA and want more diversity among the characters, this is likely a good book for you. If you want a quick and easy read, you might want to give The Beast a pass. Read more at: Cherry-picked Reviews

  • RaShae Brown
    2019-05-02 04:05

    First off, I would definitely recommend this book for anyone who's looking for a supernatural book with a lesbian black girl main character. It's also free on amazon so if you don't like it, no money wasted.This is a 4.5 for me. I'll definitely be continuing the series. It was awesome to read a book about a black girl that's a lesbian. Yasmin was definitely very real. Her fears and doubts were all understandable. I do feel like she didn't really try that much to fight off falling for Fray considering what she'd been told. My only thing I noticed is that she tended to explain things or realize things in the middle of important times. Like in an action scene she started thinking about her brother and their relationship and there's another scene I can't specifically remember. *************SPOILER************* I also feel like someone else should've betrayed them. The one who did was so random and barely around so I didn't really feel anything when they were revealed. In fact, I had to remind myself who they were.

  • Nashaly
    2019-05-08 01:50

    I was expecting not to love this book from the beginning, but I wanted to be proven wrong.My biggest problem with The Beast of Callaire was the world-building. Even with a guide, it was extremely confusing, but it ended up feeling like a simple, non-threatening world. While a world like this one should have been complex, it ended up taking the backseat when the romance was introduced.That's my other problem with this book–the dialogues and interactions (particularly between Yasmin and Fray) felt unrealistic. There was a big case of insta-love as well. By their second or third meeting, Yasmin was already head over heels with Fray, despite not knowing her at all. The way she described Fray was off-putting, because she was describing her as so many wonderful things when the reader hadn't gotten to see any of that.Overall, I think this story had an interesting concept but the execution failed big time.

  • Elevetha
    2019-04-24 19:44

    Distracted by "Persian mythology" and not reading the full description of this on Netgalley (a mistake that will never occur again), I did not realize that this was LGBT. So even though I feel so foolish for not paying closer attention, I'll be giving this one a pass.And the writing didn't impress me, what little I did read.