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A young girl visits her Grandma and ‘brightens her dreams’ whilst her little brother charms the nursing home residents with his playful antics.This is a joyful and poignant celebration of life and love with vibrant illustrations of present day and yesteryear. A delightful insight into the transforming power of children and love. All author royalties given to dementia reseaA young girl visits her Grandma and ‘brightens her dreams’ whilst her little brother charms the nursing home residents with his playful antics.This is a joyful and poignant celebration of life and love with vibrant illustrations of present day and yesteryear. A delightful insight into the transforming power of children and love. All author royalties given to dementia research and care fund....

Title : When I see Grandma
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ISBN : 9781921632594
Format Type : Hardcover
Number of Pages : 32 Pages
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When I see Grandma Reviews

  • Nola
    2019-04-29 00:46

    This is a sad, but beautiful book. A little girl goes to visit her grandma in the nursing home. Although it's never spelled out, Grandma is obviously quite ill and asleep most of the time. But the little girl always does something to bring light to grandma's life (e.g. sings to her or brushes her hair). The illustrations are beautiful and show lots of flashbacks to when grandma was younger (e.g. lying on a beach, singing). It's a book about holding onto the good memories and loving people even when it's hard for them to show that love back in return. The prose is also lovely (e.g. 'When I see Grandma I sing her a song for her dreams to dance on.')Because of the topic, it would probably be good for parents or teachers to read it through themselves first before reading it to a child. Although it's sad, it's ultimately a hopeful book that could help children deal with ageing and saying goodbye to loved ones.

  • Literary Classics Book Awards & Reviews
    2019-05-14 01:51

    Oh, what pure joy and delight we discovered within the pages of this lovely children's picture book. Fans of Love You Forever, make room for a new favorite... and while you're at it, grab a box of tissues, because you're going to need it. This book is beautifully written and the illustrations are a perfect addition to author Debra Tidball's telling of a little girl's visits to her ailing Grandmother. With the turn of each page, prepare to catch your breath as you see through the eyes of a beloved grandmother who may no longer be as full of life as she once was, but who is still very much alive in her dreams.This book will offer insight and encouragement to youngsters while helping teach compassion. When I See Grandma is a literary treasure that will be enjoyed by readers of all ages. This book comes highly recommended.

  •  Creative Kids Tales
    2019-05-10 18:35

    When a little girl and her baby brother go to visit their Grandma, not only do they help to brighten Grandma’s dreams, but they also bring joy to the other residents at the aged care hospital.My son and I read this book together. Not only was it a beautiful story of life, love and what happens when people get old, but it also opened the doors for us to talk about his great Grandma, who we used to visit in hospital, and hopefully helped to brighten her dreams as the children did in this story. Written from the point of view of the little girl, it truly is a beautiful book that children can relate to, understand and enjoy while also opening the lines of communication to help talk about your own family, memories and to help bring a smile from sadness. I loved it.All the royalties from this book also go to the ‘Hazel Hawke Alzheimer’s Research and Care Fund.’Reviewed for Creative Kids Tales by Kelly McDonald

  • Omega Writers
    2019-05-11 02:55

    Three reviews from our CALEB reviewers:(1)Author Debra Tidball and illustrator Leigh Hedstrom have combined to produce a colourful and delightful children's hardcover book: When I See Grandma.This little gem is designed to teach little ones to treasure and appreciate life in all its many stages – and that being old, frail and infirm is just as much a part of living as being young and vibrant. It also teaches children that they can have a positive influence on the lives of those they love and who love them.This would make an excellent gift from Grandma to her young grandchildren. It is designed for pre-school and early grade school children. DS(2)When I see Grandma is a delightful and poignant picture book about a little girl’s visits to see her Grandmother, who is living in a nursing home. Celebrating the life of her grandmother, the little girl demonstrates her love in practical ways that will appeal to young readers - and help them relate to the life (and inevitable loss) of a grandparent. It is a hard cover book with imaginative illustrations that will spark the curiosity of young readersEndorsed by Sue Pieters-Hawke, the author has donated all royalties to the Hazel Hawke Alzheimer’s Research and Care fund. KL(3)A very simple story, on the surface, of pure love lavished on a loved grandma who cannot reciprocate but must have memories of a loving family life. Grandma is in a nursing home and isn’t really up to taking any notice, but this doesn’t stop the little grand-daughter. She passes on all the good things she knows to Grandma when she visits; singing to her, brushing her hair, hugging her and reading to her. She knows Grandma will understand and dream about her past life. And when they say ‘goodbye’ Grandma goes to the One who Loves her the best. It’s a charming story beautifully written and illustrated. LS

  • Anne Hamilton
    2019-05-15 00:55

    Four and a half stars.It feels strange to describe a children's book as 'refined' but I've searched through a thesaurus and come up with no better word for this lovely book. It's sort-of elegant, sort-of rarefied but to paint it so would be to give entirely the wrong impression. Maybe unique works well. A young girl through the vibrancy of life she brings when visiting grandma reawakens memories of the past: the loves, romances and dancing delights of the past come alive.Even as grandma passes on, her memories linger.

  • Stephanie Ward
    2019-04-26 20:41

    In this touching and heart-warming picture book, Debra Tidball creates joy in the most difficult of situations. Mixing scenes of past and present, When I see Grandma celebrates the happiness that a young girl and boy bring to their ailing grandmother (and the rest of the residents) in an aged care home. This poignant book brought both tears and smiles, often together, as the children's sweet attempts at entertaining their grandma evoked lovely memories of her happy life. The charming illustrations worked so well with the thoughtful text connecting the past and present seamlessly. Though the concept of death is a difficult subject, most especially in children's books, the author handled it delicately and with true beauty. A lovely read.Also worth noting, 100% of royalties from the book are donated to the Hazel Hawke Alzheimer's Research and Care fund.

  • Julie Raymond
    2019-05-17 18:42

    'When I See Grandma' is unique, positive and sensitive in its presentation of ageing and death. I love the way the story is told from the young grand-daughter's viewpoint, drawing parallels between her and her grandmother's life. The text and illustrations gently lead the child to the inevitability of saying good bye to the grandmother. Highly recommended for families dealing with ageing parents. Beware, the book may bring a tear to your eye.

  • Nella
    2019-05-10 22:37

    Poignant story of a young girl visiting her semi-comatose grandmother in a nursing home yet seeing her real grandmother and the full and joyful life grandmother lived previously

  • Penny Morrison
    2019-04-25 18:44

    Beautiful treatment of a sensitive topic.

  • My Little
    2019-05-01 20:51

    Debra Tidball’s ‘When I see Grandma’ is a beautiful, poignant story of life, love, family and compassion. It will make you smile. It will make you teary. It will touch your heart in many ways. So thoughtfully and delicately illustrated by Leigh Hedstrom, the images evoke an array of emotions, and tie in magically with Debra’s gentle phrasing.When the children visit their sick and elderly grandmother in the aged care home, it is their glowing presence that elicits grandma’s fond memories of her past.”I’m sometimes sad to see her but I’m always glad that I can brighten her dreams.”The little girl and her brother bring joy to the elderly through elements of music, ”for her dreams to dance on”, through their laughter and their youthful innocence. She nurtures her grandmother with a little pampering and cuddling, which strengthens the love in her heart. The story ends with a kiss for Daddy until he returns from work, and a kiss for Grandma, to say goodbye. The final image of the family sharing grandma’s old photos, which can be viewed in the endpapers, give the book the perfect uplifting conclusion.Wombat Books 2014.

  • Patricia Macgregor
    2019-04-25 21:32

    This is, indeed, a clever approach to a difficult subject. Debra has converted her harrowing experiences during her mother’s downslide into dementia with compassion, sensitivity and a dash of humour and she does this in simple language easily understood by pre-schoolage children. The two young children in the story who visit their ill grandmother bring with them memories of love, laughter and music. The illustrations are simple and colourful and add humour to the story. The words used to describe the visits are ones that describe colour and sound. All in all, this happy little book would be suitable for any young mum to use to assist young children in understanding a beloved grandmother’s decline, Well, done Debra and Leigh.

  • Billyjean
    2019-05-18 00:33

    I received this book from Goodreads to review. Having two young kids as well as grandparents/older parents whose health is starting to fail, the book was quite pertinent to our situation. A very sensitive story that explains some of the more tricky topics that kids at times have to come to terms with. A great book which is an excellent tool to help kids understand about getting older and the end of life. I am a huge fan of using books to help kids learn about difficult topics, and this one's a winner! Thanks Goodreads for the opportunity to receive and review this book.

  • Renee Price
    2019-04-29 18:40

    Congratulations, Debra Tidball and Leigh Hedstrom. 'When I See Grandma' is a beautifully written love-story, between grandmother and granddaughter. The special relationship they share, and the life and love shown through each gorgeous illustration is endearing. I smiled. I giggled. I reminisced. I cried. One of the most emotional picture books I've read! Thank you for sharing it with the world.

  • Shallowreader VaVeros
    2019-05-02 23:30

    Heart breakingly beautiful book. Grandchildren visiting a dying grandparent. Stories and memories show the grandmother in her youth. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I wept reading it.

  • Lilian
    2019-04-27 00:44

    *I have won this book from Goodreads First Reads*I am just waiting for the book to arrive so I can read it then review it.

  • Brydie Wright
    2019-05-17 21:58

    Sensitively explores the loss of a beloved grandparent in a child's life. Love the way it humanises grandma by providing insights into her young life - her most cherished memories. My four year old has not experienced this type of loss but he understood what was going on and stayed glued to the story. Nicely done. Lovely illustrations.

  • Susan Barnes
    2019-05-13 22:38

    When I see Grandma by Debra Tidball is the story of a young girl who visits her grandma in a nursing home. It's clear from the illustrations that she is no longer able to communicate and spends much of her time asleep. However her granddaughter remembers when her grandma was more able and she endeavours to brighten up her day by doing the things she use to enjoy singing, dancing, brushing her hair, cuddling, reading and playing music. The granddaughter is able to connect to her grandmother and think about her good memories. It is quite a moving portrayal of their relationship.The illustrations in the book provide positive images of the nursing home where the grandma is always smiling. While this is idealistic, it works well in a children's book. The illustrations enhances the written text and the background characters adds depth to the story. Overall a helpful book for children with aging grandparents.