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Book Two Cloverleah Pack SeriesGriff Matthews knew he looked like trouble but for a wolf shifter mechanic he was fairly laid back most of the time. Pleased that his Alpha was finally settled with his new mate, Griff longs to meet the man of his dreams. Little did he know he would find it that same evening, when he was too drunk to realize that his good looking hook-up wasBook Two Cloverleah Pack SeriesGriff Matthews knew he looked like trouble but for a wolf shifter mechanic he was fairly laid back most of the time. Pleased that his Alpha was finally settled with his new mate, Griff longs to meet the man of his dreams. Little did he know he would find it that same evening, when he was too drunk to realize that his good looking hook-up was actually his mate. Problem is when he woke up sober his bed was empty.Derrick “Diablo” Franklin was just looking for a hook up with a like minded shifter. The sexy cat shifter was deep undercover for the FBI and although his case was coming to an end, he had hopes for his career that didn’t involve finding a mate. However after meeting Griff Diablo realized his plans might have to change.But nothing is easy for the two men as they battle the FBI, a crime lord from Baton Rouge and a host of contenders looking to take Diablo away from Griff. And just who is Angel Bandures?Please note this is book two of the CLoverleah Pack series. It can be read as a standalone, but you will learn more about the characters and story line if you read book one, The Reluctant Wolf as well.Warning: Some people may find the content of this book objectionable. Includes m/m, graphic sexual situations, a few BDSM elements (not related to actual sexual scenes), strong language and a wolf and a cat that are looking for their own happily ever after....

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the runaway cat Reviews

  • Ayanna
    2019-05-01 23:03

    The writing is bad. It's clunky, awkward, and missing quite a few commas that would have made reading so much easier. The story itself seemed to have potential to begin with, but that quickly fizzles out and we're left with a whole bunch of blah and meh. The characterization seems actually characterization-y at first, but quickly devolves into painful caricature. I completely lost interest about half-way through because really, nothing happens except passive plot, and I kept waiting for something to happen.Comment as I went, interspersed with a few holistic asides. *Honestly, the writing is shit. For a while, all I could really think to phrase it in terms of was a Simpsons reference (The writing was rough, the continuity was like bark. The punctuation was grrr.) Okay, the writing wasn't that bad. It was still pretty painful, though, I think because there was a glimmer of some potential there. It's consummate pulp, sure, but there's just a glimmer of something...I dunno, dark and meaningful and scary and powerful. For all that the prose is clunky, it does build up momentum pretty quickly. I kept glancing anxiously at the progress bar because HOLY SHIT I'M ONLY LIKE LESS THAN A QUARTER OF THE WAY THROUGH AND ALREADY EVERYTHING IS HAPPENING SO MUCH o_o. And srsly wtf, what's with all these "I ain't a bottom, yo" books I've encountered lately? Then again, I have been reading slightly older M/M romance stories lately, so maybe it's that?Eh, I dunno, actually. Maybe the bleakness comes from the pre-mass-LGBT-social-justice era...except wait a mo' this was published this year. O_o wtf? This sort of sheer subliminal sexuality-fueled despair feels more in keeping with, say, 10 years ago than it does today. Eh. It built up momentum quickly, but that momentum doesn't really go anywhere. These characters feel...unrealistic. Like they're more caricatures of gay men than actual people. Also, wtf, "on heat"? Wow, author shifter game clearly not pro enough *shakes head sadly*But wow, this book. It's actually kind of scary. There's something just dark and sad and self-loathing-filled about it allWhat the fuck went up with Asshole Kane? Like literally I glance away for a moment to add some more to this and everything just...180'd. At about less than half way through, it devolved into clunky bullshit. Much sadness; it had potential.Eh. The premise had potential. The story itself...Okay, personally, what I expected/hoped for/think probably would have worked helluva lot better (view spoiler)[is if the shifter thing had been The Thing, as opposed to the gay thing. It's pretty clear the handler was dirty pretty early on, but I half-expected/hoped that it would turn out he found out about the shifter thing and had been gearing up to sell Diablo to Gregorio as a pet. The gay thing made it a bit too thinly veiled allegory; Bad Homophobe is Bad. (hide spoiler)]It's at once painfully cynical and unrealistically (dare I say, childishly?) idealistic and reminds me uncomfortably of the mentality of abuse victims....oookay, actual abuse. I dunno. Maybe I've been spoiled with relative open-mindedness because of where I live and my relative age demographic?Maybe I'm trying too hard to be make allowances for this mentality.O_O HOLY SHIT WTF. Dude, Griff is like full-on abusive. Okay, this is not cute, cool, or awesome. holy shit holy shit holy shit O_O wtfHe totally disregarded Diablo's protests and steam-rolled over him and coerced him with sex. Okay, not sexy.I dunno, it all just falls apart. I'll be hard-pressed to exactly pin down what it is that's bothering me so much about this latter half, but I'm just alternately uninterested and very deeply disturbed by the proceedings. Eh. No I'm out. I'm done. That's it. DNF ~62%122pEdit:Hahaha awkward, look at this, it has a 4+ rating. Wow. That's almost enough to make me doubt myself (like O_o was I just too sleep-deprived and cantankerous to appreciate the poignant subtly of the underlying genius of the -yeah no more literary bullshit.) Srsly, though, probably not. It was potentially good-ish at one point, which is a massive bait and switch, but I still lost interest before the halfway point, so there's that. *shakes head* Look at all these other reviews. Sheesh, did I accidentally read the wrong book or something? (No, I don't think so, all the names are the same. O_o I must have tripped and fallen into the Twilight Zone)

  • Moonlite_Reader
    2019-05-14 02:00

    1.5 starsI don't know how this book got so many high reviews. I could not get into it. It did look promising in the beginning, I liked how it started but the pet names started and it was horrible. I fckin hate "honey" o "Hon" being used especially from men who are suppose to be ultra alpha. It just didn't fit. Among the other ones being used that I also didn't see fitting. The grammar felt off but Maybe it was just me. This had potential that I don't think it met and several issues that never really bother me, but I couldn't get past here.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-29 23:03

    A fun follow-up to the Reluctant Wolf. This book picks up right where the first leaves off. Griff is at Claude’s watching Kane and Shawn dance. He decides to cut loose and drink himself out of loneliness. Before he is done with his drinks he meets Diablo. Diablo is a cat shifter and works for the FBI. He has been on an undercover case for the past two years and finally has a weekend free, so he is looking for someone to keep him company for the night. These two have a wild night that ends with Diablo’s cat claiming Griff. Neither of them realized, when they met, that they were fated mates.The next morning, Diablo gets a call from his handler and he needs to go back to his assignment right away. He is distraught because he just found his mate and didn’t want to leave him. When Griff wakes up, he is disappointed that Diablo left, but while he was thinking about him he was shocked to find that they had a mate connection and could speak telepathically. Diablo promises Griff he will return in two weeks, so Griff goes back home and waits for his mate come back.Nothing is as it seems, and Griff and Diablo do everything they can to ensure the safety of their mate. These two characters are very sweet together. They are prefect for each other. You get a lot of information into Griff’s childhood. The whole pack is present in the book, but they do not play as big of a role like in the first book.This story was full of twists and turns. Much like the first book, the story starts off in one direction, then follows another plot, then ends with yet another mini plot. It can be frustrating at times, but overall it flowed somewhat smoothly. The book starts with bang, slows down a little, then picks back up and slows down again. The writing itself was okay. There were some parts that I just shook my head at the silliness of it, but this is fiction. We are reading about shifters and teleportation, so I didn’t take anything seriously. If you didn’t like the first book, then you would not enjoy this story. I was disappointed in how Kane welcomed Diablo into the pack. It was out of character for him. Overall, I did enjoy the book. It was a fun, easy, simple read. Great for a lazy afternoon. I would definitely continue reading the series.I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Karen (Au Boudoir Ecarlate)
    2019-05-09 21:20

    2e essai et toujours aussi bof plat et sans interet. Je reesaierai juste le tome 5 sur Dean parce son personnage me plait...

  • Gina
    2019-04-23 23:10

    DNF 24%I couldn't get into it. It started promising enough, in fact, I really liked it. Then (view spoiler)[absurdly Griff is FBI's part time secret agent, acting as the Florida's the most fearful crime lord, Angel, interfere Diablo's case and rescue him.. (hide spoiler)] That set-up is too transparent and predictable from very early stage, not to mention its unconvincing distorting of FBI. Don't know, I might be to harsh, but this one is really not my cuppa.

  • Phil Harrison
    2019-04-24 03:55

    Nice interesting complex plot in a well put together book. Unlike a lot of books out there in this genre, it wasn't a sex scene or two sex scenes with some stuff thrown around them to make it look like a book.It kept my attention and is labeled for rereading instead of deleting.

  • Issa
    2019-04-29 01:11

    2.5-2.75 stars. This story begins right were the first one ends. Griff finds himself at the bar in a BDSM club with the key to one of the rooms and tries to get buzzed so he can find a warm body for the night. Diablo's an undercover FBI agent on break from his current assignment. Griff and Diablo meet and sparks fly despite Griff being a wolf and Diablo being a cat, and they hook up for the night with Griff's key. Things get intense, and Griff is still a bit drunk, but Diablo marks Griff as his mate. Not the best beginning because Griff didn't consent but before Diablo can explain his FBI handler drags him back into the case and into his role as the sub for Georgio, a scum bag in Baton Rouge. It's not all bad, the mating has opened the mind link and Diablo and Griff can talk and Griff finds out Diablo's all alone on this op with no back up so Griff contacts his own FBI handler and goes in after Diablo as his alter ego, Florida crime boss Angel. Rescue ensues and Griff takes Diablo back home to get to know his mate. But the FBI case goes sideways and Diablo learns how badly the FBI has betrayed him over the last seven years.I have to say I liked this story better than the first and the first third to half of the book is pretty decent. There was plenty to enjoy....Diablo mating with a drunk Griff (which Griff finds amusing), the case Diablo is working on, Diablo and Griff's chemistry, Griff's alter ego Angel (which was just that silly to be funny), and Diablo's other form (though how a Siberian tiger and a cougar beget a 400 panther I'll never know). I even liked Kane giving Diablo the evil eye because I do like Kane and he does the oddest things as alpha. I also appreciated how devastated Diablo became upon learning his handlers have used him and betrayed him. In fact my heart broke for him and Griff does everything he can to help.But the middle half is difficult to get through. It's over crammed with sex and contains awkward family drama that really doesn't add anything to the plot. The workable aspect is the FBI and the case all but gets dropped to spin around with more homophobic family members and that story line is getting old.The last third of the book had its moments. The case gears back up with a kidnapping, though the resolution to that is so short I wondered why it happened. And you have the Mating Challenge which has very bad ass Diablo, a sight I always like to see.As a whole, the story ran into the same problems the first one had. Too many tangents or plot turns that didn't add much to the story or just become awkward. Conversations drag on past where the point has been made. And too many Britishisms. The story needs tightening up.The potential was there and I enjoyed reading several parts of this story, it just fell apart in other places. I do come away though with a crush on the 400 pound little kitty cat. I received a copy of story as part of the M/M Group DBML program.

  • Jen
    2019-05-01 22:59

    Ok, here's the deal. I can somewhat forgive the author's use of Britishisms (like using bloody, pissed in the drunk sense, and barmy), and I could maybe get over the horrific grammar errors (run on sentences, missing or incorrect punctuation, etc), but the author is really falling down on writing a coherent story.The characters seem to change to fit the moment and don't feel cohesive or well-conceived, the author's view of American life shows a real lack of research (reminds me of how back in the 1980's everyone thought all Texans were like they saw on Dallas) and while I like the fact that she has two big guys coming together instead of the stereotypical big-guy-and-twink trope, I'm just not getting the feeling of emotional connection here. It feels more like a hook-up with lots of good sex. I couldn't even connect with Diablo's frustration at how he had been abused by his FBI handlers nor Griff's response to his mate's emotional pain - it just felt too one-dimensional and forced.Oh yeah - and I'd love to know how a cougar shifter and a tiger shifter in a cage "mated in cat form through the bars" and then the woman let the tiger out of his cage and he ran off. It's not like the man wasn't able to change to human form and let himself out, for pete's sakes. Plus how in the hell a cougar and a tiger produce a black panther cub is absolutely baffling to me.I don't know. I'm just not feeling this story at all, though the initial...perhaps 25%...of the story did pull me in and I liked it. But after the rescue...meh. I'm about halfway through now and am not sure I even care enough to finish the story.Edit: Okay, I did end up finishing the book. I'm keeping the rating the same, but I will say that the last quarter of the book was better than the middle 50%. I'd recommend reading up to the rescue and then skip to the last quarter of the book - you'll miss a bunch of worthless boring tripe in the middle and enjoy the story more. Ultimately, I'm left thinking that this author didn't do much, if any, research other than watching a few American TV dramas. IMO, she needs to invest in the services of a good proof-reader and editor and learn to do her research if she really wants to be successful long-term. People will put up with a few errors from a beginning author that shows promise (which she does if she can learn to sustain her characterizations throughout a book and not change willy-nilly) but they won't tolerate it in an established author, even a self-published one. I liked her first book in this series enough to read this one...and I'll likely read the 3rd book (I picked up all three at the same time) but that's as far as I'm going to go unless she really improves. She's got potential but I've got enough unread books by established authors not to miss this one if the quality of the writing (and editting) doesn't improve significantly in the third book.

  • Kat
    2019-04-23 04:11

    I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at Goodreads.Overall, I did enjoy the book when I finished it. I liked the characters and the plot (for the most part). But this second installment to the series has the same problems as the first book: asking yourself questions that never get answered, way too many sex scenes (for some that’s not a con), and large loop holes.This book is about Griff, the pack’s beta (but also has potential to be an alpha), and a panther shifter, Diablo, who is an undercover FBI agent. The have a drunken one night stand where Diablo mates and marks Griff... and then leaves him while the wolf is asleep. Not the best way to start a long-term relationship, but okay. Diablo has to leave because he is called in to go back to work and can’t wake the guy… cool.I thought that Diablo as an undercover agent was a neat character career. Diablo is a very good agent and is loyal to his job. But over the years he has been assigned certain cases because he is gay. And his handlers didn’t treat him with the best care either (not giving him a partner or team to back him up, leaving him on the case longer than needed, etc). And the case he has to return to isn’t any different.But that’s okay because we learn that Griff helps the Director of the FBI is his spare time. When that fact was introduced, I was thrown for a loop. Griff [and the pack] became essential for Diablo to finish his case and make it out alive. I don’t want to ruin the details for people who haven’t read the book, so I’m not going to write anything particular about the case. There were inaccuracies with the FBI and that bothered me a bit (but that’s just me). Like the first book, we start off with one plot, but then move to another storyline, but then suddenly we have a different plot, and then we come back to the original plot. It was confusing at times, but near the end of the book it all comes together.I was happy to read a little more about Shawn’s magical limits. I was so confused in the first book why Shawn couldn’t solve all of his own problems instantly.Also like the first book, our main characters are strong, big alphas in their own ways. I enjoy that Griff and Diablo are both stubborn to get what they want and want to protect each other (instead of one man always needing to be protected). The side-characters also have personalities and play a part in the storyline. In the end, I did enjoy the characters and the overall plot. There are details that made me grind my teeth and left me frustrated, but the book was simple enough to read through in one sitting. I am looking forward to the next installment and I really hope Troy and his mate are part of it.

  • mah1
    2019-05-04 03:56

    I received a free copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.First I'd like to state that I have not read the first part of this series, and maybe that is something I should do someday, buy a copy and read that one first and then give this one another chance. The very beginning did grab my attention and I was cursing the fact that I'd not read the first book, since by then my expectations were high. I like'd the initial meeting of the MCs and the tention between them. First sign that I wasn't going to be so into this book was the fact that I started to think about how intriguing it would've been to read about Angel and Ramon (the hooker Grif took as his slave when he went to resque Diablo). The part about Diablo seducing all his marks and never having anla sex with them sounded very strange to me. All I can think is that he must have some serious bj skills if he kept all those criminals happy. By any stretch I can't say that this book was bad. The way Kane and Shawn were a part of this story didn't feel too much like pimping them to the readers, as sometimes is the case. The writing was nice and it's always a treta to have two strong-willed guys as the main couple. Maybe it's just a case of me not being in the mood for this kind of book. I always feel like I should try and sey something really smart and constructive when writing reviews and even more so when the author has been kind enough to offer their book for free. Unfortunately, I'm a very objective reader and most of what I do and don't like or feel so-so about, is due to these abstract things. If I were to name two of my pet peeves so to speak that were present in this book, Iäd have to go with the poor-mother-who's-not-homophobic-just-afraid-of-her-husband-thing. Just once I'd like to read about abusive/violent mothers and wives. The other one is two dimentional bad guys. If a story is short I don't need every character to be complex and thought out, but I still don't like it becomes automatic that someone with deep prejudice is automatically a thoroughly evil person. So, final conclusion, I see the charm of this book and why it has such high reviews, it just wasn't a hit for me. So two and ahalf stars, that I'm rounding up for three. My thanks to the autor as well as the DBML program for the chance to read this book.

  • Nico
    2019-05-01 21:06

    This book was provided for free by the author in exchange for an honest review, as part of Goodreads M/M Romance Group's 'Don't Buy My Love' event.I have always loved me a good shifter romance, because of the rich bouquet of imagination and fantasies the subgenre makes possible. 'The Runaway Cat' by Lisa Oliver certainly lives up to that requirement, in my opinion.It is the second book in the 'Cloverleah Pack' series, and tells the story of Griff, the pack beta, who has a drunken tryst with Diablo, a feline shifter (a panther, in fact) he picks up in a bar. During their sexcounter, Diablo loses control over his inner animal and inadvertedly gives Griff a mating bite. To say that he is surprised would be an understatement, as cat shifters are usually loners who rarely take true mates. But just as he comes to grips with his unexpected mating to the now-passed out wolf, he is called away to complete his mission.Oh yeah, did I forget to mention that Diablo works as an undercover agent for the FBI? When Griff wakes up and discovers the mating bite on his shoulder, he is simultaneously delighted to have found his mate, chagrined that he was so drunk that he didn't recognize that Diablo was his mate, and hurt that his mate has left. That is the point at which the plot takes off, and I leave it to the readers to pick up the story. It is an interesting and engaging mixture of danger, emotional turmoil, violence, intrigue and lots and lots of hot sex - all of which I thoroughly enjoyed. The story contains several surprises, which should keep readers fully engaged, with handsome and well-developed characters who do some pretty naughty things to each other. That last bit is always a plus in any good shifter story. Both characters are typical alpha males, which leads to all kinds of interesting clashes of personality and some surprising twists, with just a hint of light domination-submission dynamics.Overall, I feel that Ms Oliver did a decent job at writing a book I wouldn't mind reading again at some point, and I am happy to recommend this book to readers who enjoy a good m/m paranormal romance.

  • Amanda
    2019-05-18 01:12

    I received my copy of this book for free from the author in exchange for an honest review through the "Don't Buy My Love" event hosted by the M/M Romance Group on Goodreads.Quick Note: I have not read the first book in the series at the time of this review.Rating: 3.5 starsPlot: I almost felt as though there were two plots to this book. The first dealt with Diablo's FBI case and the second dealt with the pack politics/mating ceremony. I'm not sure the two plots really meshed. Maybe if one of the plots had been the main focus, with the other plot adding a few scenes for support/development, it would have flowed better for me. But it felt more like the author couldn't decide where to focus with the characters.Main Characters: Diablo and Griff were an interesting pair. Both of them certainly have their dominant traits, but it doesn't become an issue between them. (view spoiler)[Griff working for the FBI felt a little too convenient to me, but it worked well enough for the story. Angel, Flordia crime lord, was an interesting cover, though not sure I believe Angel being married to Derrick, even if it will give Diablo the cover he needs to work with Griff in the future. I'm also a little confused about Diablo's real name being involved in his undercover work. That is makes no sense to me, as the point of being undercover is to hide who you really are. (hide spoiler)]Side/Secondary Characters: I like Kane and Shawn, even if Kane was a bit of a jerk at times. I wish the rest of the pack had more of a presence in the story, the little bit that they appeared in the story made me want to know more. I feel like I need a family tree to keep Kane and Griff's family straight. I'm definitely going to be reading the books 1 and 3.

  • KellyJo
    2019-04-26 04:11

    I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at Goodreads.This is the second book in a series and definitely recommend reading in order. This book picks up right where the first one leaves off and has lots of different twists and plots to keep reader hooked. I enjoyed the fact that like in the first book we have two strong, alpha type main characters. Each who are stubborn and determined to protect each other. This was a nice change from one strong alpha and one weaker mate who is always in need of protection. Also enjoyed getting to see the side characters / packs again and the rolls they play in the storyline. Loved seeing these characters fleshed out more and being set up for books of there own.The story has a mix of danger, turmoil, violence, and sex, but a no time did it feel overwhelming or heavy. That along with the storyline twists keep me entertained throughout the whole book. The only negative I have is the overuse of terms of endearment. (Hon, etc). I just don't think alpha men go around saying it all the time to each other. If I set that aside, overall I found the story to be a fun and easy read. Great for a palate cleanser and I will be looking for the next in the series.

  • Roger - president of NBR United -
    2019-05-01 01:02

    I got this book for free in exchange for an honest review through the DBML program of the M/M Romance group at Goodreads.Hot shifter love between an Alpha Wolf and an Alpha Black Panther. The love and lust from these two in the second of the Cloverleah pack books is combustible. you know that when the only thing that you complain about is the formatting of the book and the misuse of British term when the character are American and in the US, you have read a great book. I enjoyed in spite of the formatting which looks like it was formatted with out having margins and then justified. The mating challenge before the ritual had Griff (wolf) and Diablo (panther) and the pack (minus Dean, an Omega) plus 4 temporary members fighting of 60 challengers because as a non wolf there is a rule that any wolf who thought he could fight better than Griff and the pack could challenge for the right to mate with Diablo. this rule was in place for most of the non wolf shifters were non combatant who couldn't protect themselves and wanted to make sure they weren't a drain on the pack. even with the flaws mentioned this is a five star book.

  • Kara
    2019-05-09 00:59

    I received this book free in exchange for an honest review from Inked Rainbow Reads.This book was a awesome addition to this series! Okay I have to say I love cat shifters almost as much as I love reading about wolf shifters which is a lot so when I get to read about both of my favorite shifters mating in a book that was this good.. Let me just say I loved it!!! Griff who is the second in command in his best friends Kane's pack goes to a club with his friends which is where he meets Diablo. Diablo is a undercover FBI agent who is a cat shifter.These two together fit so well with each other. Because you get the protectiveness these two feel towards each other, then the steam which was off the charts hot and the action too. I was on the edge of my seat and could not put this book down until the end it was just so good! You see a lot of the characters from the first book in this series which I loved and got to see them grow as mates as well. So all together I 100% loved this book! I would recommend this book!

  • Katherine
    2019-04-28 03:58

    I received this book in exchange for an honest review. Wow. I really like this series. I'm glad I read book #1 first, so I had some background information on Kane and Shawn and all of the other packs. Diablo was my favorite character. A black panther shifter and undercover FBI agent. He was really lonely until he met Griff, his mate. And I love that they are both very Alpha. Not the typical Alpha/helpless little guy formula that you see in so many shifter stories. Overall, it was great and I can wait to read the next book. Scott and Damien's story.There is only one thing that bothered me...the European slang. Bloody hell, bonnet instead of hood, nutters instead of crazy. These are bad ass, motorcycle riding, leather wearing, alpha wolves(cat), in America. They don't want to lay you across the bonnet and bugger you. It took me out of the story a few times. But, other than that, good. 3.5 stars.

  • Marsha Spence
    2019-05-02 05:20

    I actually really enjoyed the story itself however it needs some serious editing. It could've been made more cohesive with a good editor and things like "bought" being used instead of "brought" every single time wouldn't have happened. It drove me nuts, I'm afraid. Also, "my lover" was used and that is a personal squick for me. Just can't stand it. I did try book 2 as well and it was the same issue. If some of this could be cleaned up and edited, I think this could be a very enjoyable series but I won't be reading the next books in the series.

  • Jane A
    2019-05-22 22:56

    So as I mentioned in the review for the previous book, I gave this one a shot, but no. This one was written if not as bad as the first one, worse. I feel like a real amature has written these books. Not to be rude or anything, but seriously, if you can't write dialogue, don't write books. Everyone knows that if you have a dialogue continuing in the next paragraph, you don't close it off. I've had to go back to see who really said something a bunch of times just so I wouldn't get confused, but now I've given up. I can't enjoy the story anymore.

  • Tammy
    2019-05-02 23:10

    This is the second in this new addicting wolf/shifters series for me that I've already started the 3rd one as well so this tells you how much I enjoy this series!! Another perk about this series also is that this is no 100 page read each book so far as been well over 350 pages!! Can't wait to continue 3rd book. :-)

  • Andrea
    2019-05-07 22:17

    My opinion only - This was a fine story but you had to skim through the sex to find it. Much more than 50% of the book was devoted to rather repetitive and boring sex scenes. If you like a lot of sex and not much story, you'll love this. I don't.

  • Lila Hunter
    2019-05-19 02:11

    4.5 out of 5I liked this book better than the first. I like the fresh take on shifters and how the characters carried from the previous book. Diablo was a great mate for Griff and the plot moved smoothly. I just wanted a little more, but overall a good read.

  • F.
    2019-04-28 00:04

    Loved it as much if not more than book one. Yeah, so there are holes in the story ie a panther from a mating of a cheetah and a tiger but this is a fantasy so just let it go and enjoy the story. Straight into bk 3, in the mood for light fluff.4.5 stars

  • Candice
    2019-05-23 04:00

    Griff and Diablo. Interesting...

  • Claudia
    2019-04-26 03:01

    It was fun to read the struggles of Griff and Diablo while both of them were trying to prove they could protect and take care of the other. I love this serie.

  • Daniel
    2019-05-09 04:08

    The second book in the series, this book has an entirely different feel from the first as Lisa Oliver shows great imagination when creating characters. She doesn't seem to have a set personality that she recycles from book to book which is quite refreshing. In a funny way you get to see what happens when a shifter may have one too many drinks and sleeps with the first hottie that comes his way; followed by the trials it takes to keep a relationship working when one of the partners is an undercover agent who's job makes you do things that puts your life and relationship on the line.Regardless of the negative opinions from this point on in the review, I highly recommend you read this book as it is a fast and amazing read that will still leave you wanting more.This book kept me hooked just like the first one. However, like the first one, Lisa Oliver is let down by her publisher in the fact that she has shown us the reader that she doesn't know how to utilize the word 'brought;' something sinister happened to this book because the r has been abandoned and 'bought' is utilized incorrectly instead throughout the entire book. I truly wish I could say I was being overly dramatic, but sadly I am not; it was exceedingly annoying to keep finding. Also on a personal note, I became tired of all of the sex scenes (I understand what I am writing and what genre this book falls under) as they became redundant and seemed to halt the story-line instead of pushing it along.

  • SarahBeth
    2019-05-15 21:08

    I have no clue why I continue to torture myself by continuing this series, I mean it has it's moment but still.With that said, in this book and the first one I am beyond annoyed at the fact the characters scream bloody when they are upset... aren't they AMERICAN!!! we do not say bloody come the fck on. Why don't you say s*it, f*ck, god dammit just not bloody. Next, how do you 'pour yourself into clothing'... this was the first time I had ever read a sentence like that and it's what stuck with me to the end.... that's just sadAlso it's brought NOT bought, please get an editor or a better one Then, there was too much sex.I just said that... Normally I am all for the sex scenes but this book (grrr) there's a limit to how many sex scenes you can cram into a book without it overflowing and with this book you made a river... It was a boring river too.And if I have to read my lover, hon, or honey one more time I'm going to throw my tablet...Then I believe the story should have stopped after the rescue it would have saved me a lot of yawning and skimming. The whole fighting for the right to be with your mate thing really didn't tickle my fancy. It felt awkward and like filler chapters. The author should have skipped that and went straight to the mating ritual.Although this book, like the first, had potential, the execution was sadly lacking...So 2 stars and that is being generous.

  • Jessica James
    2019-05-09 04:17

    4.5 STARS

  • Deanna Against Censorship
    2019-04-29 00:21

    I enjoyed the first book. I liked this one more. Fun. Sexy.

  • Zee♥
    2019-05-21 04:00

    This book was just suspend all belief and logic and just enjoy the ride fun. I liked Griff and Diablo and I enjoyed their story. There were some things that bugged me, like the fact that Diablo, an alpha cat shifter who is bigger and badder than everyone around him, put up with a job that exploited him for so long and all the British terms that did not make sense because neither of the characters were British. Fortunately, the other issues with the plot that stood out, did not ruin the overall story for me.

  • Colleen B
    2019-05-06 20:59

    I have to start by saying this book is SO much better than that cover... and really SO much better than the book blurb. Truly so much better.I didn't read book 1 of the series, but I had absolutely no trouble following this book. It can definitely be read as a standalone. But... I like the book so much that I'm dying to read book 1... where I'm sure we get the entire story about Kane (the Cloverleah pack Alpha) and his mate, Shawn... as well as the initial story about Kane and Griff leaving their fathers' pack (Kane & Griff are cousins). So... if you haven't read the first book... then I'd suggest starting there. I'm also dying a little with having to wait for the next book in the series.The Runaway Cat could easily have been split up, at least into parts within the book. There were multiple times where there would be a closing, or end of some sort, and I would realize I was only at 23% or so into the kindle. That's not to say I thought this was too long. It was just a very full story. I kept finding myself thinking it would be an amazing series (for HBO or Showtime... because, ahem, TOO HOT for anything else). There were perfect spots that an episode could leave off until the next week. (Does that make sense?) Of course... it would kill me for an episode to end and I would suffer until the following week (I do much better with cable series when I can just binge watch them on Netflix or wherever). BUT... that's exactly how I felt about this book. Like it was an amazing addicting series that I would need to binge on. I really loved this book. The character and relationship development was well done. The FBI undercover story line had me on the edge of my seat rushing through reading. There were parts that had me laugh out loud. There were parts that would have had me blushing if anyone had been reading over my shoulder. And there were parts that were just full of sweetness and love. And oh, my, goodness... Diablo being a "wolf pup chew toy"? Possible the cutest cuddliest sexiest shifter thing EVER.So. Cover and blurb.... meh. Characters and story.... yes please.