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New York Times bestselling author JEFFERY DEAVER created the acclaimed blockbusters The Devil's Teardrop and The Coffin Dancer. Here he showcases his superb talent for "ticking-bomb suspense" (People) in this Edgar Award-nominated novel SHALLOW GRAVESLocation scouting is to the film business what Switzerland is to war. John Pellam had been in the trenches of filmmaking, wiNew York Times bestselling author JEFFERY DEAVER created the acclaimed blockbusters The Devil's Teardrop and The Coffin Dancer. Here he showcases his superb talent for "ticking-bomb suspense" (People) in this Edgar Award-nominated novel SHALLOW GRAVESLocation scouting is to the film business what Switzerland is to war. John Pellam had been in the trenches of filmmaking, with a promising Hollywood career -- until a tragedy sidetracked him. Now he's a location scout, who travels the country in search of shooting sites for films. When he rides down Main Street, locals usually clamor for their chance at fifteen minutes of fame. But in a small town in upstate New York, Pellam experiences a very different reception -- his illusionary world is shattered by a savage murder, and Pellam is suddenly center stage in an unfolding drama of violence, lust, and conspiracy, which have a stranglehold on this less-than-picture-perfect locale....

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Shallow Graves Reviews

  • Armin Hennig
    2019-05-17 00:22

    24/100Literarische Lehrlingsleistung mit entsprechend vielen handwerklichen Schnitzern und bezeichnenden Schwächen. Motivation war damals schon nicht gerade Deavers Stärke, Bösewichter waren auch schon im Frühwerk Schmutzfinken und Müllsammler, erste Ansätze zur nicht vorhersehbaren Wendung sind ebenfalls erkennbar, gerade beim Finale. Ansonsten typischer Thriller Ende 80er, frühe Neunziger, aber eben aus der Feder eines ziemlich ungeübten Autors.Keine schmerzhafte Leseerfahrung, auch wenn man immer wieder entsetzt zusammenzuckt, wenn der Anfänger, der anscheinend endlich die Kurve gekriegt hat, einen gelungenen Abschnitt durch eine besonders plumpe Wendung entwertet.

  • Jim
    2019-05-02 19:57

    John Pellam was a movie location scout along with his partner Marty as they rolled into Cleary, New York. However, things were bound to get out of hand and go sideways. Seems like in an instant Marty is killed when he's blown up by a car while trying to smoke crack. Pellam knows better that something is very fishy. Pellam soon discovers bullets holes in gas tank of Marty's car. Before Pellam can get very far a car barrels into him sending him to the hospital. The driver, Meg a local real estate agent and mostly housewife visits Pellam in hospital and they become fast friends. The plot spends the next several days investigating Pellam's quest for the truth about Marty's death. Poor Pellam goes from one harrowing situation to the next. I thought the plot was somewhat predictable, and did know how it was going to end far before conclusion. The characters were pretty well developed and the dialog was especially witty. Having never read a Jeffery Deaver book before I was anxious to try one out. I gave this 3 stars out of 5. When I had finished the book I was 50-50 as to whether or not I liked it. Not sure if I'm going back into another Deaver book at this point. It was an okay story. Did not really grab and hold me too well. I imagine Deaver fans enjoyed this more than I did.

  • David Thrale
    2019-04-21 22:13

    I like Deaver's thrillers. This is the first of his books that I have read based on John Pellam. Shorter and warmer in character than the Lincoln Rhyme series, I am used to reading. A thoroughly easy and enjoyable read.

  • Jasbr
    2019-04-30 21:00

    An dem Buch hat mich nicht als erstes gereizt, dass es in den USA spielt - das ist bei Thrillern ja nicht unbedingt was besonders. Interessant fand ich, dass es um Kinofilme geht. Wer jetzt aber an Hollywood denkt, liegt falsch, denn die Geschichte spielt in einem kleinen Provinznest und von einem Film bekommt man auch nur die Location-Scouts mit :DWas mir aber richtig gut gefallen hat, war die Atmosphäre in dem Buch: Nach außen ist alles Friede-Freude-Eierkuchen, aber hinter den Kulissen spielt sich eine Intrige nach der anderen ab, die dann schließlich auch zu einem Mord führt. Das war seeehr spannend und die Auflösung einfach der Hammer. Denn damit hätte wohl niemand gerechnet.John Pellam ist eine großartige Hauptfigur: Irgendwie zwar innerlich gebrochen, aber mit viel Verstand und vor allem Gerechtigkeitssinn. Auch wenn er also "nur" ein kleines Tier in einer großen Filmfirma ist, so steckt doch auf alle Fälle mehr dahinter.Der Schreibstil hat mir auch gefallen, die Spannung war da, auch wenn es an einigen Stellen einige Längen gab. Deswegen gibt es von mir auch "nur" 4 Sterne!

  • Jessica Warland
    2019-05-12 03:01

    3.5 stars for Shallow Graves by Jeffery Deaver. Deaver has such a captivating way of writing, however, his earlier works seem to be missing this and also missing his twists and turns he’s now known for. Nevertheless, I thought this novel was an easy and enjoyable read. I’ll definitely be finishing the trilogy.

  • Barbara
    2019-04-23 20:19

    John Pellam is in Cleary, New York to line up locations to film a Hollywood movie. Some residents are excited, hoping to land a part in the film. Other residents - for reasons of their own - want John and his partner Marty to go away forever. Harassment ensues and before long Marty is dead in suspicious circumstances. The town honchos expect John to pack up and leave but he insists on hanging around to investigate his partner's death. In the course of his investigation John meets a variety of people: a horny hippy, a pretty real estate agent and her family, a hostile mayor, a tough sheriff, some thugs, and so on. The story has a rather mundane "secrets in a small town" theme but it has some interesting twists. Just an okay book.

  • Michelle Bacon
    2019-05-11 02:08

    One of Jeffrey Deaver's earlier works about a location scout for Hollywood that goes into Cleary, New York and finds a little more than the perfect location for the film Shallow Graves. Pellham's partner winds up dead and Pellham doesn't believe the story he is given of how his partner died. This sends him on an investigation that could cost him his life and his job. A good book, but not Deaver's best. I enjoyed to action and mystery of the story.

  • James
    2019-05-15 20:21

    John Pellam works for a film (movie) maker as a location scout. He stumbles on a small town racket which puts him in harm's way. The characters are quite well developed and somewhat credible. The plot has some twists which keep the reader interested.

  • Tuesday's Child
    2019-04-24 00:16

    Deaver never disappoints.This is an older book, which i found by chance.Pellam is an interesting character, but not as compelling as Rhyme.Still, it is a solid read!

  • The Cats Mother
    2019-05-08 20:57

    I have a sometimes unfortunate compulsion to read everything (OK, almost everything – I can pass on Mills & Boon) that comes my way, and to read all series in order. The third book in the John Pellam series by William Jefferies – which is Jeffery Deaver in disguise – came to me from my book group, so I sourced the first two online and felt I should read them first. This has turned out to be a waste of time and money – when I have so many other books to read, and only limited time in which to read them. Sadly, not all books by good authors are good. This suffered from being extremely dated (it was published in 1992), having a weird and not particularly likeable hero, and an irritatingly wittery writing style.John Pellam is a location scout for Hollywood movies; arriving with his young colleague Marty in a small New England town that seems perfect for his current commission, most of the locals are excited and want a bit part, but someone is trying to scare them off, first by vandalising their Winnebago, then by murdering Marty and planting drugs at the scene. The local police seem disinclined to look too deeply into it, and Pellam, becoming more and more suspicious, gets involved with two of the local women as he tries to work out what’s being hidden.The story was okay, but nothing special, and the mystery no great surprise. 2.5 stars rounded down because this really shouldn’t be marketed as a Deaver book when it’s nowhere near as good as the rest.

  • Manugw
    2019-05-14 03:14

    GRIPPINGThe tale begins when John Pellam a location scout, arrives in Cleary, upstate New York looking for the scenery of a future movie and meets a hostile town, then some awful things begin to happen to him and to his companion Marty with no apparent reason and instead of leaving town he is determined to stay, look for clues and face everything, these facts set up the mistery. I enjoyed this book, because this colorful story is so well written, that you can feel the tension and hostility against Pellam every step of the way and dont know what is coming up next, that is what I would call, suspense !, but what I liked the most is the great character drawing, and the dialogues, with just a few words when facing each other, they tell you all, how they actually are, their intentions, how they really feel and what you could expect of them, concocted with many dimensions, they looked like they were ready to jump off the book and sit right next to you. Also, I have another compliment for the twists in the story, this is a resource widely used by Mr Deaver in all his books, they were not many but those few under his sleeve were masterfully used at the right time, rocking my chair. Finally tough the ending leaves room for many sequels, the engrossing plot, worth reading, is what really counted.

  • Aries
    2019-04-29 03:20

    Il secondo thriller di Deaver senza i protagonisti storici (Rhyme & Sachs) che posso dire di aver gradito fino in fondo.La storia è abbastanza semplice, almeno nelle premesse: il location scout John Pellam si trova nella classica cittadina di periferia americana come se ne vedono in tanti film... e come in tanti film non è il benvenuto; partito semplicemente alla ricerca di luoghi per un film si ritrova ad affrontare una situazione in cui cominciano a capitare troppi strani incidenti per essere pura casualità.Molti se ne andrebbero di corsa, ma Pellam si ritrova con un motivo per rimanere ed ha le capacità e la volontà per scoprire chi c'è dietro tutto quel che gli sta capitando.Un thriller sicuramente inferiore a quelli del ciclo di Lincoln Rhyme, ma indubbiamente intrigante ed avvincente: il personaggio è più interessante di altri creati da Deaver e la trama è riuscita a superare il mio astio per i romanzi sulla "provincia americana".Nota a margine: questo sembra essere il primo romanzo di un ciclo dedicato a Pellam che verrà pubblicato (in ritardo) in Italia... vedremo se le premesse verranno mantenute, nel frattempo mi sento di consigliarne la lettura a chi vuole leggere un Deaver un po' diverso dal solito.

  • Marianne
    2019-04-28 03:01

    Shallow Graves is the first of Jeffrey Deaver’s Location Scout novels. John Pellam is the location scout in question, and his job is to scout for suitable locations at which to shoot movies. He is doing just that in the small upstate New York town of Cleary when he is injured as a pedestrian and his assistant, researching a different location, dies when the gas tank of his hire car explodes. The speed of the “investigation” and the hasty disposal of the burnt car wreck cause Pellam to suspect foul play. The presence of bullet holes in the car body near the gas tank firm these suspicions. In the course of his own investigation, Pellam encounters a hippy, an attractive real estate agent, a pharmaceutical manufacturer, an apple fair, a junkyard, a jealous land developer, guns, drugs and quite a few fists at close range. Plenty of plot twists keep it exciting to the very end.

  • Barbra
    2019-05-12 22:07

    I love Jeffery Deaver's books and this is the first in a new sries for me. Really enjoyable.Back Cover Blurb:John Pellam had been in the trenches of filmmaking with a promising career - until tragedy sidetracked him. Now he's a location scout, travelling the country in search of shooting sites for films. When he rides down Main Street, locals usually clamour for their chance at fifteen minutes of fame.But in a small town in upstate New York, Pellam experiences a very different reception. His illusionary world is shatterd by a savage murder, and Pellam is suddenly centre stage in an unfolding drama of violence, lust and conspiracy in this less-than-picture-perfect locale.

  • Shirley Marie Bradby
    2019-05-19 02:15

    September, 2011prefer to pass judgement AFTER I have finished reading this book and not before! : )) So stay tuned! :))01 Nov 2013My goodness! So much time has passed..... I just discovered that I never came back to complete my review! Well, I must say that I enjoyed the book! It was very well-written, with a pace that was fast but I must say that it was a good read! :))

  • Matteo Pellegrini
    2019-05-14 21:11

    Abituato ai libri di Lincoln e Amelia in questo ci si allontana molto dal classico modo di narrare di DeaverIl personaggio di Pellam è comunque coinvolgente e ti porta all'interno dell'azione facendotela vivere in prima personaResto curioso ora di leggere gli altri 2 libri con protagonista questo personaggio per vederne gli sviluppi e la crescita

  • Marti
    2019-05-12 20:10

    This was interesting in that it told what a film scout would do. There was quite a lot of violence, not to mention the use of drugs by a 10 year old boy, however inadvertently. Apparently, Jeffery Deaver is planning to use the character John Pellam in a subsequent book, since this one is designated John Pellam, #1. e-book

  • Janai Symons
    2019-05-08 03:04

    This was a fun mystery thriller about a small New York town in which the protagonist wants to film a Hollywood movie. Dangerous things keep happening to him and the people around him. It is clearly early in Deaver's work and not as strong as the later books, but it is fun and well worth the read for thriller aficionados.

  • Kristy
    2019-05-01 21:08

    I only gave it three stars because in the beginning I kept thinking how cliche the storyline was: Movie location scout from LA goes to a small town and the locals try to run him out of town. It ends up taking some twists and turns, and the second half of the book is much more exciting than the first half. Plus, one of the characters is a chemist :)

  • Mai-ana
    2019-05-18 20:12

    A nice easy read to read in the car on my short breaks. Not as twisty turny as some of his other stories, although the twist was there.

  • Tim
    2019-05-09 04:19

    It took a long time to get going and I figured out who the mastermind was early on. Not one of Deaver's best efforts.

  • Susan
    2019-05-15 23:12

    I have this one as an E Book and it seemed to ramble on where the paragraphs and situations should of ended. Poor editing on this made it hard to enjoy the story line.

  • Erik
    2019-04-23 22:10

    It was nice to read yet another Deaver book. His books are easy to read, interesting, and well plotted. This was no exception.

  • Ruth Hill
    2019-04-29 01:09

    It was a slow start and seemed to be somewhat disjointed, but by the end it really pulled me in.

  • Mary
    2019-05-01 20:55

    This was written by Jeffery Deaver under the pseudonym of William Jefferies and published in 1992. Shallow Graves or Shallow Graves John Pellam #1. I wasn't sure what to expect in this series of 3 books after covering all of the Lincoln Rhyme and Kathryn Dance stories. John Pellam is a totally different character and type of story line involving film making. He's in a small town to search for sites that will be featured in a film. The locals are wanting to be in this film. Then tragedy strikes what had been his carefree task and puts him in danger for his life. He stands up to the task of finding the truth behind who and why he is not wanted to make a film there. My being used to the fast pace and hold your breath story lines from the previous characters I had read, this was a slow walk in the country. I liked the change of pace and John Pellam.

  • Andreas Schmidt
    2019-05-12 03:04

    Un libro che mi ha sinceramente sopreso. Parte in maniera lenta, la storia si sviluppa in mille riflessioni dei personaggi, e parlo di un "inizio" che si può dire duri 150 pagine. Al di là dello shock iniziale dei dialoghi messi tra apici (""), cosa a cui non sono quasi più abituato, e al di là dello shock di leggere anche i pensieri dei personaggi, si può dire che dalla seconda metà in poi il libro decolla, si fa interessante e veloce, ho divorato 250 pagine in circa 2 ore. Il giudizio era inizialmente negativo, poi mi ha sorpreso, per un finale soprattutto non scontato per questa specie di giallo anticonformista, anzi l'originalità del citazionismo del finale mi ha sorpreso e mi ha deliziato. Penso che cercherò altri romanzi di questo autore.

  • Vivien Tsang
    2019-05-07 22:56

    Not so great which was a disappointment. I love page turner books and this isn't one of them.

  • Carol
    2019-05-13 22:52

    Shallow Graves by Jeffery Deaver writing as William JefferiesA Pocket Star Book published byPocket Books, a division of Simon & Shuster, Inc.Copyright 1992 by Jeffery Wilds DeaverJeffery Deaver is a new author for me and Shallow Graves did not disappoint. This is a very fast paced story and right from the beginning it had an earie feeling about it (you know those movies you watch that have you feeling like there is something terrifying just around the corner).There were two main characters in Shallow Graves who are location scouts for a movie studio, John Pellam and his side kick Marty Jacobs. Pellam once made his living by being a stunt man until an accident that left him not able to do stunts any longer now as a location scout he is still able to be around people in the film industry and participate somewhat in a career that he once loved. John and Marty find themselves in Cleary; a small town home to a cemetery that they believe will be perfect for the movie they are scouting locations for. Some of the town’s people are put off by the idea of a film being made in their town, too many strangers and too many chances for secrets to come to light.When warnings are sent to the pair of newcomers they are quickly ignored which starts off a domino effect of more serious incidents for John and Marty. But just how serious can these incidents become? As Pellam and his faithful sidekick find out, they can become much more serious, possibly even deadly.As I said at the beginning, Shallow Graves by Jeffery Deaver writing as William Jefferies is a fast paced murder mystery. Enjoyable and hard to put down, from the very start I had a funny earie feeling while reading. I would recommend this book to anyone who loves a great mystery and will definitely read more books by this author.

  • CarolMacInnis
    2019-05-07 01:06

    John Pellam was once a Hollywood Stuntman, but when his best friend at 31 years old died of an apparent heart attack from a drug overdose, John was charged with possession of the drug and supplying his friend with the lethal dosage. After John's marriage crumbled, he decided on a new career path and became a location scout with Big Mountain Studios. As John and his assistant, Marty Jacobs went to the small town of Cleary, New York, to scout locations for the film 'To Sleep in a Shallow Grave', it became apparent that the locals in Cleary did not want them in their town. Twice they had the vehicle vandalized with the one word message 'Goodbye'. One day when Pellam and Jacobs went their separate ways to search for the 'perfect location', Pellam was hit by a car which landed him in the hospital. While Pellam recuperated, there was a horrible explosion which was their vehicle gas tank on fire and Jacobs' body was found at the scene with cocaine as well. Pellam new that Jacobs death was a set up and he promised to find the truth behind his good friend's death. What he didn't know was that in so doing, Pellam was also in danger of his own life.As a huge fan of Jeffery Deaver, I was somewhat disappointed in the story. I just felt it didn't give me that 'WOW' factor.

  • Lilanthi
    2019-05-19 22:57

    John Pellam, location scout, finds a town, ideal to shoot “Sleeping in shallow graves”. Although the town folk are happy and eager to get a part, there is a strong unseen force that doesn’t want a film to be made and most of all, wants to get rid of them.First there are warning signs and vandalism, next John’s partner falls victim to a horrific “accident” which is covered up and cleared out, in lightning speed, which is totally uncanny for a sleepy little town such as Cleary.John chooses not to head the warning signs and decides to stay on, to find out who was behind the death of his friend. At great risk to his own life, he discovered dark secrets of the town.I am a big fan of all Jeffery Deaver’s books. This is a refreshing change from the detailed analytical sleuthing of Lincoln Rhymes. More close to real life, with touching relationships and scenes.A wonderful quote I came accross…and will always treasure..."A relationship is like a fire,.You get a few months of flame, a year of embers and the rest is smoke."