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For three years, Kalera has been a model secretary to Duncan Royal, with only one hiccup in their otherwise perfect relationship: a one-night stand that should never have happened, and which both have tried to forget. Or so Kalera thought.But Duncan is haunted by their one night of unbelievable passion, and secretly longs for their relationship to develop after office hourFor three years, Kalera has been a model secretary to Duncan Royal, with only one hiccup in their otherwise perfect relationship: a one-night stand that should never have happened, and which both have tried to forget. Or so Kalera thought.But Duncan is haunted by their one night of unbelievable passion, and secretly longs for their relationship to develop after office hours. As a rule, he can have any woman he wants--so he's furious when Kalera announces her engagement to another man! Whatever it takes, Duncan intends to entice her into his bed once more--and this time it will be forever....

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In Bed with the Boss Reviews

  • MelissaB
    2019-04-05 03:27

    This book was kind of boring and strange so I gave up on it. Despite the hero wearing a velvet matador jacket and getting a dangling earring (maybe because of that since he thought that made him cool). I just don't like books where the heroine is with someone else during part of the book, plus the hero's personality was kind of rubbing me the wrong way. I think he was supposed to come off as some sort of rebel but he seemed more like a loud, dorky man trying to be cool who had a sense of style straight out of the 80's (this was written in 1999). I did not finish this book so any comment are based off of the first few chapters before I decided to DNF it. But below you can enjoy the funny quotes describing the jacket and earring.Description of the matador jacket the hero wore:"He was dressed head to toe in black, his sculpted silk velvet jacket cropped like a matador's, the wide lapels and cuffs stiff with flamboyant gold embroidery."THE EARRING (rawr):"'You're wearing an earring!' she gasped, sufficiently distracted to forget she was about to edge her chair away from his. 'Yes, do you like it?' He turned so that the elongated jet and chased gold teardrop swung against the tanned column of his neck, almost brushing the collar of his jacket. A stud or a ring was a fairly commonplace decoration of modern macho cool, but the wickedly frivolous elegance of that dangling earring made an entirely different statement. It was the exquisite piece of jewellery that a languid Elizabethan fop might have worn...or a modern rock-and-shock star!'I didn't even know you had your ear pierced' murmured Kalera faintly.'I didn't-until this afternoon,' he said ...'For some reason I had this sudden, compelling urge to go out and do something just for sheer hell of it, something satisfyingly primitive, and preferably masochistic'...'I know I shouldn't be wearing anything but a stud in it yet,' Duncan went on in his confiding tone, 'but you know me, Kalera, I like to experiment. If you stick to the rules all your life you end up never doing any real living.'"Holy crap there was so many funny things in those quotes that I just couldn't take this seriously. Modern macho cool? Rock-and-shock star? Dangly black and gold earring makes you such a bad boy Duncan! Rawr.

  • April Brookshire
    2019-03-21 10:04

    Gotta love a troublemaker hero with ADHD. Especially when he dresses like this: This book was published in '99, but I'm thinking that the author may have had a crush on Adam Ant back in the 80s. He was dressed from head to toe in black, his sculpted silk velvet jacket cropped like a matador's, the wide lapels and cuffs stiff with flamboyant gold embroidery. He turned so that the elongated jet and chased gold teardrop swung against the tanned column of his neck, almost brushing the collar of his jacket. A stud or ring was a fairlycommonplace declaration of modern macho cool, but the wickedly frivolous elegance of that dangling earring made an entirely different statement. It was the sort of exquisite piece of jewelry that a languid Elizabethan fop might have worn...or a modem rock-and-shock star!Later in the book, our rebel hero is wearing a pearl earring. Nice. This book was good, but the ending was way rushed and we never get to find out what happens between her ex-fiance and his ex-wife.

  • Amber
    2019-04-13 07:08

    Don't be daunted by the ridiculously dated cover. This is a good book, although I never really liked either the hero or heroine, I was invested in their relationship. It was interesting because the alternate love interests could actually be the hero/heroine of another Harlequin Presents (I wonder if they are, actually). This is a nitpick, but I found it annoying that the heroine kept using exclamation points throughout her internal dialogue! And this from a girl who proclaims herself to be steady and serene. It was distracting.

  • Chitra *CJ*
    2019-04-06 02:20

    "In Bed with the Boss" is the story of Kalera and Duncan and...arghhh.Basically Duncan is the owner of a computer based company, and Kalera is his secretary. Theyve worked with each other for years, half of which Kalera was married for (and later widowed), and later they have an almost one night stand- which they desperately try to forget.But one random day Kalera hands over her resignation to Duncan, as she's marrying his business rival Stephan, and this triggers a sequence of events..Basically we have a heroine who's an irritating tease, a hero who's trying his best to pursue her but gets thwarted at every turn- initially by her husband, then her grief, then his business rival. He even tries to warn her against dangers, but she as usual doesnt listen to him.Soooo the whole book has the hero teasing and wooing a heroine who he's obviously infatuated with, and her basically pushing him away. She is very indecisive, and I did not like her at all.This one frustrated me, and I didnt want the H to end up with her.Unsafe1/5

  • Kiki
    2019-04-10 09:23

    Erm....with the description of velvet jacket and dangling earrings, this is all i could think of:soooo.......yeah. And then there was this really weird bromance going on between hero and heroine's dead husband. I mean really intense bromance! so yeah! I mean...

  • Janet
    2019-04-02 03:34

    This would be a 5 star read except for what happened at the end. What was with that ending? Jeez Louise, that's it? After all of Napier's generous prose, what a thud/let down at the abrupt end. Will I search out her books -- you betcha. Anyone have any ideas? The thing is though, Napier's writing is really a cut above -- this one was addictive and it's the opposite of schlock. I feel about this book like I do about so many of my keeper books -- once you've read the best, why muddy the waters with books that don't even come close? That's why I'm so appreciative of honest, detailed reviews, like this one by Jane Litte: There are some other Napier books reviewed at DA, but given that this is just about the first Harlequin that I've read based on the recommendations of others that hasn't disappointed me, I'll probably stick to B recs and up.Big props to first husband who was both adored and sexy, to her casual inclusion of a gay job candidate ... there were lots of little touches like that. Also liked how Duncan found the good in Kalera's parents. The heroine reminded me of Evangeline in Loving Evangeline by Linda Howard, just a little and in a good way. One thing you couldn't do was stampede Evangeline and the hero couldn't push Kalera until she was ready.

  • Tracie
    2019-03-20 08:29

    Boy I really didn't like this one. In fact it was almost a DNF (probably should have been). I just didn't get it. The "hero" is a spoiled tantrum throwing over grown bully who also happens to wear a velvet matador jacket and gets his ear pierced in a fit of temper. The heroine is another whole ball of messed up wax. (view spoiler)[The heroine's husband died 2 years ago. In present time she's engaged to her boss' rival/ex-best friend. Then there is a flashback to reveal that she knew her boss on an intimate level. Then out of nowhere and at the end of the book she sleeps with her boss who she is now in love with. Oh and she is still "technically" engaged to the other guy. That's it end of story. For further confusion it appears that her boss has been in love with her ever since she started working for him and while her husband was alive. But dead husband was such a great guy that he befriended the boss. (hide spoiler)]

  • Alexis-Morgan Roark
    2019-03-26 07:27

    I agree with another reviewer, Amber, who said she didn't really LIKE the couple but was nonetheless invested in their relationship. That about sums it up for me. Truth be told, I was slightly more interested in the Stephen/Terri story line and only towards the end.I think Harry (deceased spouse) was a supporting character in this book and still played a prominent role in the lives of the heroine, and we find out later the hero.It was kinda creepy to me that whole soul bearing thing the hero did about his relationship with the heroine's deceased spouse. I know of very few men who would tolerate another man's open longing for his wife with the same amount of "trust." Harry must have been a saint among men.

  • Carrie
    2019-03-20 02:06

    Ms Napier obviously picked up her heroine at the Boneless Chicken Ranch. Honestly! The woman couldn't stand up to either of the a-holes in her life. And why, please tell me, did those two even want her? The men were arrogant bullying cavemen and she was a nail-biting idiot. The plot wasn't any better. You really can't make the tension very believable when a 10 minute adult conversations would solve most of the problems.

  • Tia
    2019-03-26 10:26

    I had expected so much more. The description of the book was pretty amazing however the book as a whole was kind of a let down. I enjoyed the storyline but it wasn't that expressive or exciting. Yes it was sad something and at other times it was happy but those are the basic emotions of the book and nothing bigger on a huger scale unless you count jealousy.

  • Ellie
    2019-04-10 07:07

    This was my first Harlequin Presents and I went into it with an open mind. I hadn't really ever read category romance before and DA recommended this one.The first word that comes to mind when I think of this book is "hillarible" (hilarious + terrible). It was like that movie on cable that you can't quite switch off but you're not entirely sure why you're watching it either. The basic premise is that our secretary heroine Kalera has put in notice with her boss, Duncan, the head of a major tech company in NZ. She is quitting because she is engaged to Duncan's biggest rival, Stephen, the head of another large tech company.I started laughing uncontrollably at about 71% when Duncan shows up at Kalera's house in crocodile ankle boots,white jeans, a multicolored woven vest, and a white collarless shirt. I'm not sure when this book was written but I'm having trouble remembering a time when that was a good look on a hero. I had several issues with this book aside from suspect clothing choices. It's never really explained why Kalera and Stephen are engaged. She tells Duncan that they met at a dinner and had pleasant conversation but that sounds pretty weak. We never find out anything they have in common or even that they have a significant attraction. It's very lukewarm between them.Also, Stephen has some serious issues with his ex-wife and small son and there is never any closure on this issue. Honestly, I felt like Stephen really needed to go to counseling for a number of issues and the fact that his storyline was left hanging really bothered me.Beyond that, this was a fun, silly read with a melodramatic ending but I did laugh a lot while reading.

  • Piab
    2019-04-16 03:09

    *WARNING: spoilers may be mentioned in character-focused review*One of my favorite themes: heroine loved someone else besides (or rather, before) the hero; I am sick of standard Harlequin plots where dopey h keeps pining for alpha-hole H and dismissing other far nicer guys. This is no calf-love-infatuation and H is my true-love cop-out. Here, she truly did love her late husband and this is made evident by the fact that not only was he described as easy-going and stodgy (again, apparent lack of atomic levels of virility so prevalent in the common Harlie H makes this so poignant), she actually had a fantastic sex life with him, and continues to miss him sexually and emotionally after his death. However, the H here is not the usual cold, reserved, ultra-possessive, I-am-too-cool-to-live alpha-hole (thankfully). He is extroverted, flamboyant, verbal about his feelings, crazy about the heroine from the very first moment but honorable enough to respect her marriage. One of the things that surprised me was the relationship-dynamics between the H and the late husband. Even though the latter knew about the H's feelings for his wife and that the H was better-looking, richer and more successful than him, there was no usual insecurity or jealousy on his part. He had trust in the h and was secure enough in the knowledge of her love for him. He befriended the H, and the H was man enough to acknowledge and appreciate this. I like stories with boss-bossee (!) plots but the characters in this Susan Napier made this a rare Harlie treat.

  • Kaycee ❤️
    2019-04-11 08:08

    After reading Gold Ring of Betrayal I've decided to read some of my old harlequin collections. I had fun reading this book. I enjoyed the teasing, witty banters and snappy remarks between the hero and heroine. Kalera Martin has been secretary to Duncan Royal for the past three years. He was a good employer and even her late husband liked him. Even from the start it was so obvious that Duncan was secretly in love with the heroine Kalera for years. *sigh* He's just waiting for her to recover and move on from the death of her husband before he made his move on her. But when Duncan learned the reason for her sudden resignation, all bets are off. He now decided to pursue her. And boy he did. He practically let Kalera all day just to prevent her from seeing her new fiancee. He also didn't let her forget the one passionate night they shared. And it was nice to know that even though he loves Kalera he admired and respected her late husband Harry. I loved Duncan. He was ruthless when comes to business but he was sweet, gentle and a total goner when it comes to Kalera. She's got Duncan wrapped around her fingers. He'd do anything for her. Plus his very unique and unusual style; wearing diffent earrings. Goodness!But I think the ending was rushed. I just wished it had been longer and that there's an epilogue. But nevertheless In Bed with the Boss was still a great read. Made me smile all the way through.

  • María
    2019-04-18 09:08

    I like it but the end was so abrupt that it seems incomplete: one moment she was engaged with Stephen, a jealous man who was still in love with his ex wife and the next she was trapped in his boss mansion, and he declared his feeling for her, and she admitted that she loved him too.Duncan Royas was a typical male character bu I love that he was so irreverent: he had a software company but he were an earing and was like a natural force in the office. I like nerd boys, my boyfriend is oe of them but my secret fantasies are about this handsome and dynamics men.

  • Nikki
    2019-03-23 09:17

    A whole lot of nothing happened in this book. The hero just chasing a clueless heroine. A dumpy villain who didn't do anything in the story. Ended very abruptly and no actual sex a lot of foreplay and descriptors but no actual sex which make the book feel like a tease.

  • thadine
    2019-04-15 06:27

    Kalera has been a widow for two years. Her boss, Duncan Royal, has been in love with her for a long time but knows that she hasn't been ready for a new relationship. Suddenly, Kalera announces her engagement to his business rival whom she has been secretly dating. Can Duncan persuade her that Stephen is not the man for her?The blurb for this book is completely misleading, making it seem like some sleazy rich man and his mistress secretary type of deal. It's not. This is actually a really sweet book with likeable characters. Kalera is a very normal woman. I don't know how else to describe it. She's trying to get on with her life. She has no deep seated hang-ups or insecurities. Six months after the death of her husband, on what would have been their sixth wedding anniversary, Kalera ends up turning to Duncan in her grief and sleeping with him. Knowing that she is still grieving and was merely using him as a substitute, Duncan suggests they pretend the night never happened, and they get on with their lives. Kalera continues to wear her wedding and engagement rings, so Duncan accepts that she still isn't ready to move on.We find out at the end that Duncan was already in love with Kalera when she was married, and that her husband, Harry, knew about it. Apparently he trusted Kalera's love to such a degree that he knew Duncan never had a chance, and became his friend out of pity. Seems somewhat far-fetched to me, but I like that Duncan never tried to steal Kalera away from Harry, and even after Harry passed away, he didn't try to move in on her. It really shows his character and genuine love for her. On Kalera's side, she is obviously attracted to Duncan but finds him too strong and alive. She chooses Stephen because he is "safe". I think it's clear that she still wasn't really ready to move on from Harry yet, and wanted someone who wouldn't challenge her heart or stir up her passion and make her feel guilty for being alive. Indeed, she continues to wear her wedding and engagement rings until Stephen proposes to her. Unfortunately, Stephen turns out to be psychotically jealous and controlling. I guess this is to make it really obvious that he's the wrong man for Kalera, and so the reader doesn't feel bad about them breaking up so she can be with Duncan at the end, but I found it a little convenient. Kalera had a great marriage, so why would she choose so badly the second time around? She says things like, "He'll be different once we're married". Those are words I expect to hear from someone young, inexperienced and needy, not from someone who is confident and was happily married for almost six years.My main complaint about this book was the ending which I feel really let it down. Throughout the book you see Duncan's attempts at both getting Kalera to see himself as more than a friend, and also to see Stephen's true character, whilst not wanting to hurt her. He is tender and passionate, and Kalera's tension and confusion builds steadily. Eventually she sees the truth about Stephen, and the next thing you know she is jumping into bed with Duncan and confessing her love for him. It's just so sudden and abrupt. You never really get the feeling that she really fell in love with him at any stage, although she obviously wants him physically. The ending was very rushed. It would have been more believable and less jarring if she had thought about it and come to the conclusion that she was in love with Duncan. Instead, she gets mad at him one day, realises he's got an erection, jumps him and confesses her love. If you can overlook the ending, this is still an enjoyable book but not one of Susan Napier's best efforts.

  • Erica Anderson
    2019-04-11 02:06

    This is my first Harlequin Presents ever. It might be my first category ever. I'd always assumed that I wouldn't like categories, since titles like The Billionaire Sheik's Inexperienced Virgin Mistress made me snort my coffee. The title In Bed with the Boss didn't seem much better, but given the flap at Dear Author over the similarities between the self-published Working Arrangements by Ellen Wolf and the earlier book In Bed by Susan Napier, I figured that the best way to support an author who may or may not have been plagiarized was the buy her book. So I did. And I zipped through it in a single day. It does seem a bit dated in terms of clothing and technology, but no so much that it prevented me from enjoying the book, primarily because Napier does a great job at describing emotional states. Virtually the entire book is told from the heroine's POV, and her hurt, confusion, and frustration really rang true. She's also quite unflappable, given the hero's outrageous behavior. I was surprised at how much I sympathized with Duncan, who wages a no-holds-barred attempt to woo Kalera, who has just announced that she's getting married. Duncan missed out on his first chance with her, and now he sees his second and last chance slipping away. So he goes all out. The reader knows before Kalera that she's in love with Duncan; it's also obvious to everyone (except Kalera) that her fiance is a poor choice for a husband. So Napier sets up the reader to root for the hero when he invites himself to a romantic dinner with the engaged couple, crashes their engagement party, and generally makes a nuisance of himself. I'm happy to say that my reading horizons have once again been broadened and I'll be giving categories much more than a glance and a snort in the future.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-03-20 05:31

    The Dear Author blog has started a daily deal feature, and it’s just killing me. That is I’m hitting that download button a few too many times, but here’s another example of why it’s worth it. This is a category book from Harlequin Presents circa 1999 reissued on digital. It was a quick read and well done story. Even though you know you’ll get a happy ending eventually, the author did a good job of keeping you guessing. The first several chapters each ended with a bit of a surprise. There are aspects of the story that are over the top including the set-up, both the hero Duncan and the “villain” are the owners of rival software companies. Our heroine, Kalera, is a widow. Her husband died in a mass shooting as a “national hero.” This is not that surprising given this line of the category, however. At the beginning of the story adjectives, adverbs, and long sentences are overused, but either it slowed down as the story progressed or I got used to it. Despite these minor flaws, it was a great example of what a category should be. Although the characters and the settings are beyond the ordinary, the romance is believable and interesting. The author’s writing style reflects a good light sense of humor without trying too hard. (I’d provide more detail regarding the story but once again failed to write the review right away after reading the book . . .) Definitely worth a reread in the future.

  • Xiao_nie7
    2019-04-09 10:10

    Susan Napier seems to get more hits than misses, and this book is no exception.There are a bunch of reasons why I liked this book, the most prominent ones being:1. It was so obvious that he was smitten with her from the beginning. 2. Duncan was such a refreshing change from the "cruel,cold, ruthless, tycoon" variety. He was impulsive and spontaneous.3. Duncan managed to be an alfa without being mean to the heroine, unlike so many other books.The only things I'd want changed in the books is something everyone else is mentioning in their reviews as well.There's the ending of course, it was just too abrupt, almost as if the author ran out of time. Also, not to forget, Duncan's rather unfortunate choice of clothing in that particular scene, the velvet matador jacket and the earring. Luckily, since I'd already read other reviews before reading rthe novel, I was prepared for it. And managed to imagine something else in my head while I read that part :)I'd totally recommend this book.

  • Jen
    2019-03-22 07:29

    Steamy read, with a lot of great little touches -- such as: the inclusion of a lesbian candidate for an office job, the hero's flamboyant dress, the fact that the heroine clearly adored her late husband AND had a satisfying sex life with him (this is very rare for an HP romance!), the fact that the rival for the Heroine's affections is an a-hole, but still relatable given his history... I could go on. The sex between the two mains is believable and steamy -- esp the part at the end when he rips the engagement ring off her finger. Hot!The only downer was the sometimes flowery language and the ending ... it was so rushed, as many others have said. Regardless, Napier's prose is lush and the little touches mentioned above made this a keeper.

  • Roub
    2019-04-18 07:31

    both the hero n the heroine were quite ridiculous! going 2 such extremes! they were obviously very much in love. while duncan had been besotted wid her 4 a very long time, kalera has been in guilty denial bcoz she had one night thrown herself into duncan's bed! my heart broke 4 duncan, he had been in love wid her 4 so long. he met her when she was already married. she was happy n unaware of him as a man. she had eyes only 4 harry but dat did not stop duncan falling 4 her. neway i really wanted stephen 2 have his own book. he's also a very interesting character n makes a hot couple wid betty but not kalera. the book was a huge fun ride, it's a must read! it lost 2 stars along the way bcoz the characters behaved absurdly!

  • Rebecca
    2019-03-23 06:33

    This book is a bit dated, even though it was written in 1999. The hero is quite the Alpha, really overbearing and I just couldn't stand him. Why the heroine doesn't smack him upside the head I'll never understand. I would have rated this a 2.5, but I really like that the deceased husband is a nice guy in this book and that his widow feels conflicted about her sensuality after his death. The ending is very abrupt, however. Really, the book needed about 1-2 chapters more to resolve the issues surrounding the fiance and his ex-wife and the hero/heroine's relationship. Can't recommend this one, and frankly I wish I'd just got it out of the library instead of purchasing it.

  • Jacqueline
    2019-04-03 06:14

    There was a lot of goofiness in this book. I'm thinking the author didn't really understand how to write a bad boy convincingly. So there was some clothing silliness. I liked the book though for the unrequited love element. It was especially fun to find out that the heroine's dead husband had been friends with the hero because the husband knew that the hero was in love with his wife and he felt sorry for him. The heroine was kind of stupid for deciding to get engaged to the hero's enemy though. The other man was OTT jealous but it turns out that he is not that jealous of the heroine but is still in love with his ex wife. I thought that he was straight out of a Lynda Chance novel:-)

  • Booked
    2019-04-16 02:15

    descriptionFrom model secretary...For three years, Kalera has been a model secretary to Duncan Royal, with only one hiccup in their otherwise perfect relationship: a one-night stand that should never have happened, and which both have tried to forget. Or so Kalera the boss's mistress?But Duncan is haunted by their one night of unbelievable passion, and secretly longs for their relationship to develop after office hours. As a rule, he can have any woman he wants -- so he's furious when Kalera announces her engagement to another man! Whatever it takes, Duncan intends to entice her into his bed once more -- and this time it will be forever.

  • Vintage
    2019-03-23 03:25

    This was a charmer. I can't recall the reviewer that posted the pic of Adam Ant, but the image is spot on.This is a story that is made by the hero. I can't add much that hasn't already been said, but Duncan's over the top personality and hidden crush/love is very entertaining. For quite a while, Kalera looked like she was going to be a disappointing heroine as Duncan deserves a good one. However, back story that involves her dead husband and her parents helps explain her buttoned down emotions.I should probably give it a three stars as there are some threads that are left to unravel, but the primary story and the hero are too lovable and charming.

  • E_bookpushers
    2019-03-26 02:15

    Probably a 3.5. Got this one due to DA. I really liked it and then the book ended and I went back several pages to see what I had missed and I didn't miss anything. I got the feeling that an entire section of the book was missing because I wanted the confrontation with Stephan, his ex-wife, etc. I think what got me was this was IMO must better then most Presents but she ran out of word count :(. I would have loved the full length novel because so many threads were left dangling.

  • Joss
    2019-04-04 06:33

    DNFI liked the premise of the book, a man falls in love with his secretary and longs for her after they share a one-night stand but this book was just ridiculous. The way Duncan was described made me cringe. He wore a velvet matador's jacket and a dangly earring for heaven's sake. Overall it was really cheesy and not something I could finish.

  • Anna
    2019-04-10 09:04

    I liked the premise. But it just didn't work for me. I was willing to suspend my disbelief for about what I thought was half the book and then all the sudden, they're together and it's over and there's all these loose ends that aren't resolved. I wouldn't recommend this to anyone really. It was promising, but it didn't resonate with me at all.

  • Carmen
    2019-03-31 10:33

    I enjoyed the romance between the widowed secretary and her brash, flamboyant boss. The story was immensely engaging with witty dialogue and a madcap office setting. I perhaps would have traded some of the witty dialogue for a bit more HP heat but then again maybe not. . .

  • Li
    2019-03-23 05:30

    My curiosity was piqued after a DA discussion around the hero wearing an earring, IIRC - don’t quite remember the context now, unfortunately! This M&B is on the angsty side - I liked that it didn’t go too far down the route of the Big Misunderstanding, but not really a standout.