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Title : Texas Girl
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ISBN : 9781927335383
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 232 Pages
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Texas Girl Reviews

  • Sara
    2019-05-07 01:58

    “I didn’t believe in fate. I didn’t believe in ‘it will happen when it is supposed to happen.’ . . . I didn’t believe in anything but the drive.” (139) Robin Silbergleid’s memoir of pursuing single motherhood in her late twenties is, in fact, all about the drive – about wanting something fiercely, with a an irreducible purity of purpose. Consciously uninterested in WHY a 27-year old single woman would want to have a baby (after all – what married, heterosexual woman would ever have to explain to anyone WHY she wanted a child?), the memoir instead charts the shape and force of the desire itself. As such, Silbergleid’s work clears out narrative space for anyone whose libido didn’t take them hurtling in the direction of an opposite sex partner, 2.5 kids, and a white picket fence. An expert in hearing and believing her own desires, Silbergleid ably produces for us sharp prose portraits of the alternate relationships, unexpected pitfalls and new rituals that go with wanting what very few people want. How do you pick out a sperm donor? And should you wear lipstick? What is the most effective gift for the nurse who assists in your insemination? And what words explain the cathexis that inevitably takes place between you and the medical doctor who conducts you toward what you want the most? Silbergleid writes in a feminist tradition that seeks to restore subjectivity to mothers – to present them as thinking agents of their own experience, rather than as madonnas on pedestals or all-devouring natural forces. Likewise, the press that publishes her book, Demeter Press, is committed to publishing all manner of works, creative and scholarly, on motherhood. But in departing from over-worn narratives about mothers, Silbergleid covers a lot of ground important to those of us who don’t think much about maternity at all. The book is a stunning document on the under-explored territory of adult friendship. Silbergleid provides an elegant catalog of the barely perceptible symptoms involved in the slow dying of a longterm friendship, and proves an equally acute observer of the friendships that do survive the wreckage of our non-normative desires. This is a memoir that will challenge you to consider the things you really want the most and maybe make it a little easier to say them out loud, in words that can be made into stories. It’s also a memoir that, like any story about drives and driving, goes fast and doesn’t let you off. I pulled my copy out of my mailbox at 5 PM and only became aware of the real world around 2 AM, when I’d finally turned the last page. It is a great read.