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China Falun Gong is an interim text in the form of Qigong summarizing the cultivation and practice of Falun Gong , the most powerful cultivation system based on the supreme truth of the cosmos "Truthfulness-Compassion-Forbearance"....

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China Falun Gong = Reviews

  • Brett Featherstone-Price
    2019-05-18 04:44

    This book is the basic teachings of Mr. Li Hongzhi. It's about self-cultivation and contains explainations to ancient mysteries as well as current science. Every time I open it (and the next book, Zhuan Falun) I find it hard to put down. For anyone longing for the truth of the universe, you cannot overlook this. From supernatural abilities to dimensions and humankind to divinity, it is quick and easy and the content is so fresh: "It is a different discourse at different levels on the nature of the universe—to be True, Kind, and Tolerant—at different levels, what Daoists call “the Dao,” or what Buddhists call “the Law”Here is the prologue: ON BUDDHA LAWNothing is as profound as BUDDHA LAW. Of all teachings in the world it is the most wondrous and highest science. To open up this field, ordinary people have tofundamentally change their way of thinking. Failing that, the reality of the universe will forever remain something of a myth to humankind, and ordinary people will forever grope around inside the box created by their own ignorance.So just what exactly is BUDDHA LAW, then? Is it religion? Is it philosophy? That is just how the “cutting-edge” scholars of Buddhism see it. They merely study it on a theoretical level, subjecting it to criticism and so-called research, as if it were philosophy. The truth is, BUDDHA LAW is not limited to the little portion in scriptures, which is onlyBUDDHA LAW’s initial-level Law. Instead, there is nothing that BUDDHA LAW cannot explain—it penetrates all mysteries, from those of particles and molecules to those of the universe, from small things to great things. It is a different discourse at different levels on the nature of the universe—to be True, Kind, and Tolerant—at different levels, what Daoists call “the Dao,” or what Buddhists call “the Law.”No matter how advanced the science of today’s human race may be, it can only account for a portion of the universe’s mysteries. Once we mention specific phenomena of BUDDHA LAW, there is always someone who says, “We’re in the electronic age now, and science is so advanced. Spaceships have flown to other planets, and you still talk about those blind beliefs?” To tell it like it is, as advanced as computers may be, theycan’t compare to the human brain, which to this day is a mystery that baffles researchers.Regardless of how far spaceships may travel, they still cannot fly beyond this material dimension in which the human race exists. The knowledge that humankind has gained today is extremely shallow and nothing more than a small part of the whole—it isnowhere near a real understanding of the Truth of the universe. Some people don’t even dare to face up to, approach, or acknowledge the facts of phenomena that objectively exist, all because these people are too narrow-minded and are unwilling to change theirlongstanding way of thinking. Only one thing can completely unlock the mysteries of the universe, space-time, and the human body: BUDDHA LAW. It can truly distinguish virtue from vice, and good from evil, and it can put an end to wrong views while providing theright views...Li HongzhiJune 2, 1992Find it all at in many languages

  • Darren
    2019-05-18 21:47

    Very advanced spiritual teacher. A lot of people aren't going to understand what he is talking about and dismiss it as nonsense. Going to practice Falun Gong and try to understand what he is talking about.

  • Suryadi
    2019-05-04 00:01

    Penasaran sama netralitas yang disebut-sebut para praktisinya. Jadi baca aja deh bukunya, biar tahu apa sih isinya...

  • Soh-india
    2019-05-22 01:07

    Excellent Book.