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Previously appeared in the e-book anthology Five Golden Rings.USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret revisits her Wallflower Wedding series with a delightful tale of friends-to-lovers, just in time for Christmas.Penelope Rutledge longs for passion, but only with the man of her dreams: the brilliant, dashing Ethan Weatherstone. If only her longtime neighbor would openPreviously appeared in the e-book anthology Five Golden Rings.USA Today bestselling author Vivienne Lorret revisits her Wallflower Wedding series with a delightful tale of friends-to-lovers, just in time for Christmas.Penelope Rutledge longs for passion, but only with the man of her dreams: the brilliant, dashing Ethan Weatherstone. If only her longtime neighbor would open his eyes and realize how much she loves him. If only they weren’t best friends with so much at stake. Penelope knows her future—and their friendship—is in her hands, but is she willing to take the biggest risk of all on the man she loves?If it were up to Ethan, life and love would be as predictable as the figures in his ledgers—certainly nothing like the adventures Penelope longs for. Yet his childhood friend has grown into a beautiful, feisty woman blissfully unaware of the danger she causes when near. Ethan knows he must save Penelope and her reputation … but can he save himself from the temptation of her lips?...

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Tempting Mr. Weatherstone Reviews

  • Dina
    2019-03-27 14:03

    3 1/2 stars (rounded down to 3 stars, because the spelling and editing errors were annoying and unacceptable considering this wasn't a self-pub book - see, dear Avon, I know the difference between accept and except!)

  • Carole (Carole's Random Life in Books)
    2019-04-09 20:16

    This review can also be found at Carole's Random LifeI received an advanced reader edition of the book from Avon via Edelweiss for the purpose of providing an honest review. 4 Stars!This was a wonderful little story that can easily be read in a single evening. I found this story to be quite enchanting and loved the fact that so much story was packed into just a few pages. Penelope and Ethan have known each other since they were children. Having both lost a parent during their childhood, they have been very close friends for a very long time. They live next to each other, see each other all the time, and have dinner together several times every week. Penelope is twenty five years old and has reached the point in her life where she is ready for something more. Ethan would like for things to stay just as they are - he is not a fan of change. I really enjoyed the characters in this story. Their bond with each other was so amazingly strong that I did wonder how Ethan was unable to see what was right in front of him. I love that Penelope decides that she is tired of waiting and decides to take action even if it is not the direction that she really wants to go. The parents obviously knew that they should be a couple but let the pair figure things out for themselves instead of pushing them together. I had a great time watching Ethan figure out that something had to change or he would lose Penelope.I think this novella is the perfect story to grab for any romance reading looking for a nice sweet read. I would recommend this story to all fans of historical romance. This is the first work by Vivienne Lorret that I have had a chance to read plan to look for her books in the future.

  • Izy
    2019-04-17 19:25

    ARC generously provided by the publisher via Edelwesis in exchange for an honest review.Rating: 4 starsPenelope Rutledge is restless, she wants more with her life than she has and now at the age of twenty-five she has decided to finally do something about it. She has been in love with her best friend and her neighbor Ethan Weatherstone for years and the man doesn’t seem inclined to be anything more than friend, she decides she has had enough!Ethan Weatherstone does not like change, in fact he hates it. Everything in his life has order and is based on logic. This is why he likes Pen, his best friend because they both dislike change or so he thinks… When his best friend starts to talk about going on a adventure, he becomes unnerved. He doesn’t what has gotten into her but does not want Pen to go away.This book is quite short but it works for this book especially since both the hero Ethan and heroine Penelope have known each other since they were children. A tragedy resulted in them changing their personalities and forming a bond between them when the were both children.I really liked Pen and wanted to bash something on Ethan’s head when couldn’t see what was right in front of his eyes, but I was very happy that he came to his senses and made Pen happy.Quibbles: The reason I did not give it 5 stars was because it was very short and I would have like an epilogue.What a sweet and lovely book this was! I really liked how Ethan and Pen were together, their behavior with each other was so much like an old married couple; bricking yet completely affectionate. They had been friends for such a long time that both know everything there is to know about each other apart from the obvious that have feelings for each other.Overall I really enjoyed the novella and I would definitely read more from the author and recommend this for a quick evening read. Happy Reading!

  • Lily (Night Owl Book Cafe)
    2019-03-31 12:08

    Penelope Rutledge has been in love with her long time neighbor and friend for a very long time. She wishes he would break free from his routine and sameness and give in to the passion she had been longing for. She wants something different in her life and is very tired of the fact that Ethan Weatherstone does not seem to return her feelings. Unable to marry anyone else when everyone else pales in comparison, Penelope wants to leave town and set out on her own adventure. Unless Ethan has a say in it first...Such a cute quick story. This was a great way for me to experiment with an author that is new to me. I stepped into this book gingerly testing the waters and boy was I happy with the results. Lorret's writing was interesting. I really liked following Penelope and Ethan as the two best friends stumbled their way through dealing with these feelings they have for each other. For Ethan, he doesn't want to lose Penelope, scared that his actions would only chase her away and why would he want that if he liked having her this close? Even if it means sacrificing his feelings. For Penelope, she wants nothing more than for Ethan to love her back and give her something different in her life.Best friends to lovers is one of my favorite tropes, so I was so excited about this short story and I did not come out of it disappointed. Short, but somehow it worked. Lorret did a great job in telling Penelope's and Ethan's story in this short novel.I got a copy of this book for free from the publisher in exchange of an honest review.

  • Els
    2019-03-25 15:02

    This was a very lovely short story.

  • Becca
    2019-04-04 13:00

    I was really intrigued by the blurb to this book and even though I really didn't like the other Lorret story I read, I decided to still give this novella a go. I can't even remember the character's names now. It wasn't that the story or the writing were poor. In fact, the story flowed well and the writing was good. I just didn't like it. The characters were up tight and at odds with each other until they suddenly just changed. While I understood what Lorret was striving to do (long time friends finally turn into lovers), I just didn't buy it or become emotionally invested.A lot of people really like this new author, but for a reason I cannot quite put my finger on, I just cannot get into her writing. Others may like her though, just not for me.

  • Miranda ❤️
    2019-04-09 20:20

    Originally posted @ Miranda's Book Blog(Will be published at the above link on 9/15/16)Kindly provided by the author and Tasty Book Tours in exchange for an honest review.One of my favorite tropes is friends to lovers. Inside this lovely novella you'll find exactly that. At 96 pages it's full of angst and romance, a combination I love in a Regency Romance!After Penelope loses her mother and Ethan lost his father they both find themselves bonded over their loss. After years of being best friends they both find themselves in love with one another without wanting to openly admit their feelings for one another. Ethan doesn't want to lose his best friend and Penelope doesn't know her feelings for Ethan are mutual.I really enjoyed Ethan's quirky habits. He has to have everything neat and orderly as well as a routine. Penelope is the exact opposite, she longs to escape the sameness of her life.This story is the perfect read if you are in the mood for a light historical romance. You really can't go wrong with picking up this cute, romantic novella!

  • Sam
    2019-04-01 12:13

    2.5Prefacing this by saying that I do read novellas with the expectation that the pacing is rushed and some things won't be illuminated as well as they could be in a full length novel. At any rate, I enjoyed the childhood friends to lovers trope, but wasn't invested enough to feel like I wanted to know more about Penelope and Ethan. The chemistry was too bland for me to buy in to the idea that they've been pining for each other for a while now (her staring at his gifted embroidery threads, him staring at his gifted embroidered handkerchiefs), and we're jumping in the middle of their story. Looking forward to trying out other books in this series, though!

  • Jujubee
    2019-04-18 14:10

    This is a reread for me. I first read this story in Dec. 2014 in the anthology Five Golden Rings. Always love period romances during my holidays! The author was new to me then and I remembered I quite enjoyed the anthology and this particular story. VL has a way with projecting that longing and unspoken desire in her characters perfectly fitting for the time and social customs of the era. Deliciously repressed? Yes please, with a side of quiet sighes and dollop of skipped heartbeats. I came back for the reread because I just finished another Christmas anthology, All I Want Is A Duke (5 stars IMHO), where VL offered the story, The Duke's Christmas Wish. Why did I wait soooo long to revisit this world? I am totally entranced by the character's verbal banter, inner dialog musings, and inevitable desperate actions that surprise even them to get to their HEA. Maybe I am just more "romantic" during the winter months? Tempting Mr. Weatherspoon still holds up for me two years later. My fav quote paraphrased is Penelope asking our hero over yet another long standing neighborly dinner, "...tell me, Ethan, after years and years of eating soup first aren't you curious to eat dessert first? He shudders...dessert first? He can't even consider it." Love how the MCs are brought to life through everyday moments...keeps me totally engaged ;) And when Ethan is pushed out of his comfort zone? Total swoonworthiness!

  • Andrea
    2019-04-12 12:04

    "I know you fear that a single action or alteration on your part will put everything you have with Penelope at risk. What you don’t see is that by doing nothing, you risk even more,” she said simply, then lifted her palms, weighing her words with one, then the other. “All you have to do is decide if what you have now is worth risking for the chance at greater happiness.” “I could lose her,” he said before he could stop the words from tumbling out. His mother blinked up at him, surprised by his admission, but pleased. She gave him a watery smile. “Or you could gain so much more.”I enjoy Vivienne Lorret's work, so I had good expectations for this novella. My expectations were met, and exceeded. This is a heartwarming friends-to-lovers story, one that left me misty-eyed and smiling.

  • Melanie
    2019-04-10 13:15

    I read this short story four years ago and it was the first time I read this author. This is actually the prequel to the Wallflower Weddings series, and a good one at that. Trope of childhood friends falling in love is one that I always liked and I thought this story was very well done. It packed a lot for a short story!I found the characters in this story to be sweet, fun and entertaining. The chemistry was good, the pace fast and the dialogue witty.This is a perfect story for any season, but Christmas especially. Try it! It's only 99 cents and it really is worth it :)Melanie for b2bComplimentary copy provided by the publisher

  • Lisa Filipe
    2019-04-13 13:25

    Don't think less of me but...I CRIED...from the first page my chest started to squeeze, and it just built and built, and then...yep...the tears just came and came...I don't think a novella length romance had ever made me cry before, but Vivienne did it with TEMPTING MR. WEATHERSTONE, which is the Prequel Romance to the Wallflower Weddings Series, which is actually one of my favorite Historical Series, has that same magic that I found with Kleypas' Wallflowers Series. Lorrett captured my attention from page one with her emotional friends-to-lovers romance and I just adored every word. The novella was the perfect amount of feisty heroine, stubborn hero (he was too stinkin cute), and adorable secondary cast that were all just waiting for these two to figure it all out!Loved I have the rest of the series! A Holiday MUST READ!!

  • The Book Junkie Reads . . .
    2019-04-12 18:03

    This wallflower had the eye and the heart of the one of the most eligible bachelors the ton could ever have. Penelope had loved Ethan for a long time but the friendship they had was more to her the deepest desire of her heart. But sometimes you have to take a chance to have that grand adventure. For Ethan Weatherstone life was predictable and orderly, with the exception of his dear friends Penelope. She was feisty, headstrong, and adventurous. In his attempts to keep her out of trouble/danger/bad reputation, Mr. Weatherstone stepped beyond his neat and orderly life and found more than he could have expected.This was a short read and I found to be a good introduction to the Wallflower Weddings series. I love spinsters and I love it even more when they get their own happily ever after.

  • Codi Gary
    2019-04-11 18:02

    I originally read this story in the Five Golden Rings Anthology and LOVED IT! :-)

  • Amanda
    2019-03-21 16:13

    Cute, but not overly memorable.

  • Cris Conquers
    2019-03-28 13:17

    After spending some time with her younger, married sister and her nephew, Penelope Rutledge begins to question her decision to never marry, and maintain her regimented, adventure-free existence. The only spark in her day-to-day life comes from her interactions with her best friend and neighbor, Ethan Weatherstone, who knows her like the back of his hand. But the frustrating man refuses to deviate from his orderly, unchanging habits and acknowledge the deeper, steamier feelings between them. Terrified by the prospect of spending the rest of her life doing needlepoint by the fire and having weekly dinners with Ethan and his mother but never having more, Penelope gets the urge to hop on the next mail coach in search of adventure.After having lost his father at a very young age and meeting and connecting with Penelope who had shared a similar loss, Ethan has found a routine that he enjoys—dinners with the Ruthledges and morning chats with his best friend, Penelope. She knows him better than anyone else and he can always predict her response in turn. But her foolish talk of running off in search of a thrill and her questioning her decision to forgo having her own children leaves him worried that his orderly life is about to be turned upside down. Add to the mix his ever more frequent thoughts of kissing Pen and his fear that their friendship would be irrevocably damaged and Ethan's structured existence becomes a lot more complicated.When two long-time friends who fear risks finally take the plunge, you get a story that's sweet, amusing and entirely engrossing. I'm a huge fan of the Friends-to-Lovers trope in romance and think that Penelope and Ethan made a wonderful transition, filled with the perfect amount of frustrating push-and-pull and banter to keep things lively.I absolutely loved the main characters and felt a strong connection with them. I lost my own father when I was just 9 years old and have struggled with the same maddening combination of fear and restlessness as Clio for quite a while. It's hard to create such a strong bond between the reader and the characters in a short novella but Vivienne Lorret did a fantastic job of fleshing out the characters and really making you understand their quirky relationship.Even though I would have loved a longer, more drawn out story about Penelope and Ethan (because I genuinely enjoyed the characters), I think the novella was perfectly paced and a great addition to the Wallflower Wedding Series. If you're a fan of historical romances and wallflowers this short read is not to be missed. I can't wait to see what Ms. Lorret has in store for us in her next series! Disclaimer: As an Avon Addict, I received this book free from the publisher in exchange for my honest review. All thoughts and opinions shared are my own.

  • ChuCha
    2019-04-06 17:23

    Review Originally Posted at: Book FreakPURCHASE IT ►►► AMAZONRating: 4.5 StarsPenelope Rutledge wanted something different from her usual mundane life. Her sister had been married and on her way to having a family – and her at five and twenty, she just wanted to experience other things besides what she does every day. Unfortunately, one of her dreams involves a man but Ethan Weatherstone seemed to be oblivious to her wants and desires. They had been friends for a long time and have enjoyed each other’s company for a while – but would they every be MORE than friends?Ethan Weatherstone, on the other hand loves predictability. He likes his routine and wants his life that way. What he didn’t expect was for his childhood and long-time friend Penelope to dream for an adventure. He didn’t realize that his friend turned out to be a beautiful, fearless woman who seemed set to conquer and travel the world. Would he allow her to go or would he finally make a move to make her stay?Anyone of them needs a good shove to the right direction. Someone has to make a move, and knowing Ethan and how he likes the usual ways, it would take eons before the two finally get together. It was wait-and-see type of thing. When a move was finally made, I thought they were getting some progressed, but Ethan’s OC ways made him a little bit skeptic of the sudden turn in their relationship. It took one decision from Penelope for him to finally realize he couldn’t live without her.I love how the two of them got together, how their relationship developed since it started with friendship and gradually evolved into something else.This one is short, sweet, filled with passion, not to mention, a great-read!•Complimentary Copy was given in exchange for an honest review.•More of my reviews at

  • Gaele
    2019-04-15 18:08

    I love this series where ‘lingering on the shelf’ women are finally united with the love of their life, and this story brings all of the heart from other installments in a wonderfully created novella that works perfectly as a stand-alone, or gives more impetus to read the other titles in the series. Lorret takes her time in developing this relationship: Penelope and Ethan have a solid friendship, their families are close, they know everything about each other in that ‘no secrets’ way. What is astonishing is that neither had ventured into what if territory, even as both are scratching at the confines of their lives. Penelope is tired of doing the ‘expected’ and wants an adventure, her best friend Ethan thinks it is a horrible and terrible idea, and he realizes that leaving his ordered and comfortable life to keep Pen safe may be his only choice. Ethan is a wonderfully “dull” hero – he loves his ledgers and his Momma, and Pen, and is the solid stand-up sort of man who needs a touch of adventure and some ‘new’ in his life to keep him from being old before his time. Pen is just the opposite, she rails against doing what is expected, even though her sense of obligation has her following through. She’s exuberant, loves life, Ethan and the excitement that comes from change and new. Watching these two come to realize their own feelings for one another, with minimal conflict that is all because Ethan is so comfortable in his ‘place’ that he is near clueless as to what could be. They are masters at getting in their own way, whether because the idea never occurred, or they fear losing one another. A perfectly delightful friends to lovers story with a wonderful happy ending. I received an eArc copy of the title from the publisher via Edelweiss for purpose of honest review. I was not compensated for this review: all conclusions are my own responsibility.

  • Roses R Blue
    2019-04-02 16:18

    As children, Penelope Rutledge and Ethan Weatherstone became fast friends. They each lost a parent, and that shared bond was the beginning of a solid and strong relationship. Over the years, they grew to know each other very well and felt totally comfortable in each other's home. During those years, Ethan has become more and more exacting and controlled. He doesn't like surprises, and he is happy without things changing. Penelope, however, has now had several seasons. While she has received proposals, she's refused them because no one measures up to Ethan in her eyes. She sees her younger sister marry and have children, and decides that life is passing her by.Penelope knows that Ethan loves her as a friend, but she accepts that his feelings for her won't change into the love of a man for a woman. So, she decides she needs an adventure. This scares Ethan to death. He doesn't want Penelope to leave, he needs her in his life and next door, as she's always been. Unbeknown to Penelope, Ethan has been looking at her through the eyes of a lover, but he won't make any move to change their status. He's content as long as she's just there. However, when Penelope announces that she is going to go live with her younger sister to help with her children, Ethan knows he can't let that happen.This is a wonderful short story. Both characters are very sympathetic, likeable and well drawn. Their points of view are so well written that you understand their motivation, even as you feel compelled to urge each of them to take a risk, and reach out. The journey to their happy ever after is a real delight, and I look forward to reading more from Vivienne Lorret.****4 Stars from Blue

  • Katie Michaels
    2019-03-21 18:13

    One of my biggest peeves about most novellas is that usually the build to the HEA happens too fast for me to believe in it. But here Vivienne Lorret manages to sidestep that pitfall and give me a satisfying friends to lovers story in just about 60 pages.Penelope and Ethan have been the very best of friends for the past 10 years. Their families are close. They know everything about each other. Somehow, though, neither has truly realized that there could ever be more to their relationship. As the story begins, Pen is restless. She is ready to break out of the monotony of her life with a new and exciting adventure. Ethan thinks that is a terrible idea. His life is ruled by order; he is comforted by the familiar. It becomes quickly apparent, however, that things are going to change with or without his blessing. The only question is, does he have the courage to change with Penelope or will she move forward with her life, without him in it?I really enjoyed watching these two realize the true nature of their feelings for one another. Ethan is a straight and narrow good guy and it was a refreshing change to have a hero who wasn’t a rake or a duke or something over the top. He loves his ledgers and his mother –and Penelope. Meanwhile, our heroine is exuberant and fun and she genuinely values Ethan. The conflict is minimal, just them getting in their own way. But I liked it. It was just the right combination of sweet and sexy with some believable emotions.It’s part of the Wallflower Weddings series, but works completely as a standalone. I would recommend.Rating: B+*ARC Provided by Avon

  • Kaye
    2019-03-28 14:00

    I love the friends-to-lovers trope in romance, whether historical or contemporary. One of the reasons I enjoy it so much is that there seems to be a lot more relationship development that happens with this trope---in other words, authors who use it don’t dive straight into the “throbbing members” and “wet-down-there” scenes of insta-lust. They take the time to establish the existing friendship first (even if there is an unrequited attraction on one side or the other) then show it developing into attraction/love.While the characters here are a little too starkly and simply drawn (hero Ethan Weatherstone is too set in his ways, too rigid, too anti-change to be truly believable), in this case, it works pretty well, since it’s a novella and there isn’t a lot of room for too much nuance in the characterization. Lorret does a good job of establishing her H/H’s characterization and motivations early and then sticking to those throughout. I keep wanting to use the descriptor “sweet” as I’m writing this, but for me, that term has a specific meaning when it comes to romance---that it’s “clean” (i.e., no explicit sex scenes). While the tone of this is sweet in the general meaning, it’s got some sensuality in it, too, which was well placed and didn’t overwhelm the narrative of the story by taking up too much of the word count.This is a great introduction both to this author (for me) and to this series, which is now on my radar to be read in the future.

  • Farrah
    2019-04-08 16:02

    A delightfully sweet, absolutely adorable romance, Tempting Mr. Weatherstone was a wonderful historical romance novella. It was simply lovely and I really liked it.Penelope and Ethan were both likable. They were both creatures of habit and that predictability made them both happy. For Penelope, though, the stasis that her relationship with Ethan had fallen into made her restless and encouraged her to be more assertive in what she wanted. Ethan was very sweet. He obviously cared about Penelope more than anything, but was terrified that, in trying to change their relationship, he would lose her. I thought both characters were great.The romance was a delight. Penelope and Ethan clearly loved each other. It was just a matter of finding the courage to take the first step. I thought they were perfect together.The plot moved quickly and kept me engaged all the way through. For such a little novella, there was a surprising depth to the characters and the emotion. I really enjoyed the story and the ending was perfect.Tempting Mr. Weatherstone was a fantastic historical romance novella that I truly loved. Romance lovers, if you want a quick and lovely read, this you'll definitely want to pick this book up.*I received a complimentary copy from the publisher in exchange for an honest review

  • JoDeen
    2019-03-29 20:16

    Loved this book !!Tempting  Mr Weatherstone Is my very first book by  Vivienne Lorret. I have heard such amazing things  about this  author  so when I got the chance to read a book  by  her I dived into the  story as soon as I possibly  could and I absolutely loved it  . Tempting  Mr  Weatherstone  was an excellent  novella  and was a fantastic start  to The Wallflower  Wedding series . In this book we follow  Ethan and Penelope . I love these two  characters so very much Penelope has loved Ethan  for so very long and but after some time of thinking that this was a case of  unrequited  love she wants to go off on her own away from him and her family  and  venture out  to hopefullly find happiness . Ethan on the other loves the predicatbility of his live he  is attracted to  Penelope but really doesnt  act on it until she decides that she going to go . Every moment that these two shared  weither it was  a sexy , a sweet  or  emotional  made me more and more invested in this couple  watching there relationship  go from friends to lovers over the course of this novella  was  just lovely. I loved every minute of it .Tempting Mr Weatherstone was  sexy , sweet , heartwarming historical romance . I cannot wait to start the next book in the Wallflower wedding series .If love all these things in yours books I suggest you pick up a copy .

  • Miriam
    2019-04-01 17:25

    I was pleasantly amused and intrigued throughout this entire story. Penelope's an amazing heroine, and Ethan... Well, he's Ethan.Penelope wants change. She wants something more to do with her life than what she's currently doing, which is nothing. She has no suitors, no marriage proposals. What she does have is Ethan, her best friend and the man she's loved for years.Ethan is, well, Ethan. Not to sound redundant (because who likes that, right?) but he is. He doesn't like change, whether to his schedule, his walk, his drive. Unfortunately for him, change is coming and it's coming in the form of his best friend Penelope.This was a great story about doing whatever was necessary to make that one person see you as more than a part of their routine. It really drives home how change is a good thing, how it can bring the greatest pleasure imaginable, how change happens regardless of what you want as an individual. Laughter and frustration might happen on the journey from A to B, but Penelope's resolve to hang in there was commendable. In the end, she brought change to Ethan's life and it was good. He discovered love for his best friend while she got the man of her dreams.3.5****Received from Edelweiss via Tasty Book Tours for an honest review***

  • Cynthia Gail
    2019-03-27 20:11

    Tempting Mr. Weatherstone is the perfect short-story prequel to the Wallflower Wedding series, just in time for Christmas.Penelope and Ethan have been neighbors and best friends since they were children. Such close friends, they can finish each other’s sentences and almost read each other’s minds. Good thing it’s almost, because somewhere between the age of fifteen and twenty-five, Penelope fell in love with Ethan. But can’t risk telling him.Ethan’s life is organized, to say the least. His ledgers are impeccable, his life is predictable. His best friend and her father have dinner with him and his mother several nights a week. He knows his responsibilities and revels in the normalcy and stability of his structured environment. Until a spontaneous waltz opens his eyes to the most unexpected realization of all.Fear of change, the unknown, the what-if ...Can two people, who are so perfect for each other, risk a life-long friendship by revealing their true feelings?

  • Brooke Bumgardner (Brooke Blogs)
    2019-03-22 13:18

    Review originally appeared on Brooke Blogs.Tempting Mr. Weatherstone by Vivienne Lorret is a really wonderful novella. I was swept up in the characters of Ethan and Penelope right away. I was rooting for them the whole time and couldn’t wait to see how their story would unfold. Pen and Ethan have been neighbors and family friends for years. They have a quiet understanding with each other, a ‘sameness’ that keeps them both sane. But one day, Penelope realizes that the ‘sameness’ isn’t enough for her anymore. She needs something more in her life.This is a delightful novella with a touch of Christmas. The story really had my emotions going a couple of times. I was happy and sad, nervous and touched. The author does a great job of telling a complete story in less than 100 pages. This is well worth the read!I received an eARC from Edelweiss for review purposes, but this did not influence my review.

  • Tobi Forget the Housework, I'm Reading...
    2019-04-20 13:03

    Ethan likes order and no change in his life. So, when his closest friend, Penelope comes to him telling him she's going to run off he's determined to show her sameness is best. Penelope wants some sort of adventure. She's been in love with Ethan most of her life and she can't sit back and watch him anymore. Penelope is fun. I love that she's determined to show Ethan that change can be good. Ethan is portrayed as imperfect in his looks and I love that. It's different and doesn't happen often. Ethan and Penelope are so similar but yet different enough to keep you interested in the perfectly flowing story. For fear of giving too much of the novella away I will end my review saying, that if you enjoy historical romance of any kind I highly recommend reading Tempting Mr. Weatherstone.

  • Marianne
    2019-04-16 17:17

    There were some sweet moments and I liked the background of the characters and the parents. I had trouble with Ethan's actions upon catching up with Pen at the mail coach and then how he mentally dealt with what they had done/what he had done. It just didn't make sense to me given their previous dealings. I also thought that the epilogue was abrupt as well. I don't know if the book would have worked better for me as a full length novel or if certain scenes had been either cut or expanded upon. It was just missing something.

  • Arshia
    2019-03-22 18:16

    Review copy provided by Edelweiss. Penelope's frustration with the "sameness" of her life was so palpable that I was beginning to get riled up on her behalf. To get such an emotional response in a short story is amazing. I loved this novella in the anthology too. Ethan and Penelope are perfect for each other, they have loved each other since a very young age but each is so set in their ways that they are unwilling to upset the balance. That is until Penelope wants more... more from life, more adventures, and hopefully more of Ethan.

  • Daisy
    2019-04-01 18:01

    So this was an ok read, it didn't have the sparks that I expect when I pick up one of Vivienne Lorret's books, but I liked how Penelope stood her ground and was determined to not just go along with everything. I wasn't really feeling Ethan all that much, he's just SO afraid to change anything that he almost lost out on love and it was just an immobilizing fear that I didn't really understand, which could also be partly because it's a novella and all the deeper workings might need more pages to explain? But they worked together in the end, so I'm good with this.My rating: 3 stars