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For years the Vikings had raided their lands and killed her people. Now the enemy lay in her bed...Rescuing a Viking pirate from the ocean after his ship wrecked on the shores of Pictland was bound to bring Ilisa trouble. After all, she knew well of the savagery of the Vikings--she had experienced it first-hand. But her heart would not allow her to abandon someone in need.For years the Vikings had raided their lands and killed her people. Now the enemy lay in her bed...Rescuing a Viking pirate from the ocean after his ship wrecked on the shores of Pictland was bound to bring Ilisa trouble. After all, she knew well of the savagery of the Vikings--she had experienced it first-hand. But her heart would not allow her to abandon someone in need. Unfortunately, nursing him back to health rouses a part of her she didn't know existed and soon she's the one in need.Alrek's well aware of his own need when he awakens in this beautiful Pict's home. With his plans to venture to new lands on hold, he resolves to thank Ilisa for her help in any way he can--but not in the way he longs to the most. He must prove not all Vikings are the same. But his own savage past threatens to destroy any progress he makes and her people soon make it clear he will never be accepted.Can they bridge the gap between two cultures or will their differences--and the dangers they bring--forever keep them apart?...

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alrek Reviews

  • Kat Desi
    2019-04-07 13:08

    What a lovely story of love blossoming between a Pict and a Viking. Highly recommended if you want a short yet romantic and compelling read.

  • Andrea (Catsos Person) is a Compulsive eBook Hoarder
    2019-04-06 14:15

    BeautifulA story of two people thrown together from opposing cultures who fall in love.A lovely, lovely read!I highly recommend this to anyone who enjoys historical romance.My only complaint is that the author couldn't make this into a full-length novel!

  • Blondie
    2019-04-01 16:07

    This is such a cute short story with just the right amount of angst to make the book interesting. With wonderful dialogue and strong characters this is a great quick read.Ilisa is looking for firewood after the night's storms finds Alrek a large Viking shipwrecked and unconscious floating by the shore where Ilisa farms. Going against her better judgment she decides to save Alrek knowing his people killed her husband and her brother in an earlier raid. Samantha Holt is a wonderful story teller and I highly recommend this book to historical romance fans.

  • Bridgett
    2019-03-28 12:53

    Alrek - He caught my attention in the beginning of the book, but quickly lost his hold on me. His character was two dimensional, and didn't really grab at my heart. I could see the potential there, but the author needs to improve on character development. Maybe, show more, and tell less? Let the character prove his worth through actions instead of dialogue. It is a short book, but seems to be that he had very little on his mind, only the desire for sex.He went to rescue his damsel in distress without the ax, sword and dagger that typical Vikings would not have left a doorway without carrying, especially if they felt in danger. Ilisa - In the beginning I thought she would have a spirited personality, but she too was a bit flat. Typical character, nothing substantial about her. Plot - The plot had many holes in it. It felt forced almost, instead of unfolding naturally. I could easily predict what would happen next, and it felt like the author was following a typical outline to write this novel. I would like to have seen more action in it, and had the characters lives a little more tangled in other things, instead of just each other. This would make them more believable and real. There were times that the characters spoke in the correct era that the book was intended, but other times they spoke with modern word usage. Very little romance, and not memorable. I probably won't read another book by this author. The effort was there, but it fell short to impress me. Full of cliches.The ending - okay. He kissed her nose. LOL

  • Megan
    2019-03-30 12:11

    I love Samantha Holt and when I heard she was doing a viking story I was super excited. I mean, vikings. C'mon.I actually had the chance to read this on the beach in Cape May. I must say that this is an excellent beach read. It's set on the coastline of Scotland (or Pictland) and the beach and the ocean scenery was described quite beautifully. If you are going on a trip to the beach I totally recommend bringing Alrek along. This was a quick read at only 87 pages. Ilisa lived by herself in a cottage in Pictland. One of the men of the nearby village, Galan, wanted to marry her for her land, but Ilisa was having none of that. One day she found a viking washed up on shore and nursed him back to health. Classic story of how they both discovered that the stereotypes they held for each other's people might have been wrong. Alrek and Ilisa get together in the end, but not without some trials and judgment from their peers. I did enjoy Alrek (Vikings, hello). I love Holt's writing style. She put beautiful details in her work that made you feel like you were really there. Her characters were strong and amazing. But I found the story to be predictable. Something that had been done before a million times before. If you are hankering for a quick read that features a some hot viking love... Alrek is definitely your book.

  • Whitney Cannavina
    2019-04-02 16:51

    I received an ARC for an honest review.Review by The Club.Finding a Viking near death was not on her agenda. Being by herself she cannot trust that a Viking won't harm her. They've been known to raid and kill many innocent people including her husband and brother. But she can't just leave him to die so she takes him in and cares for him but he is not as he seems. He is different with her and the more he is near the more she cant help but want him more than she probably should.Being cared for by a pict was not what he expected to wake up to. Her fiery mouth and tempting body has him wanting to bed her the moment he opened his eyes but she fears him and his kind understandably. But the longer he is with her the less he cares about how wrong being with her would be and just how right it feels to him.I love the old world vibe of hate between two kind and seeing a man and woman overcome these obstacles. Even with all she had endured she managed to see him as more than the monster Vikings are known for and more as the man he is even if he wasn't always that way. And the fact that he has realized what savages Vikings can be but is still proud of his heritage is endearing. The characters banter was fun and the caring nature between the two was sweet. I enjoy a good strong man and woman and both characters have this.5 stars

  • Lorrie
    2019-04-04 15:10

    A blossoming love story between two enemies. Could a Viking fall for this Pictish female that saved him from the sea?I really loved this book! I consumed it in two mornings of reading. It was well-written, perfectly timed, and captivating!Alrek is washed ashore at the base of a Pictish village. A Pictish widow battles herself on whether to save him or leave him to die. He is, after all, the enemy. Her Christian roots decide for her and she takes him to her cottage.. The story unravels from there depicting a world of difference between the two but yet, they find peace and a blossoming respect for one another. I'll leave my description there so I spoil nothing for another reader. At one point near the end I wanted to scream, "Noooo no no!" I glanced down to see I was at 81% through the book. I looked at the clock. I normally quit at this time. That's right, I snuggled against a pillow and decided to finish the book. Life could surely wait a bit longer. Once I finished, a thought crossed my mind...... if an enemy from each side could find peace as these two did, why couldn't it happen today? There's always hope.It's an really really great read, don't hesitate. I loved this book so much I've already downloaded another from this author.

  • D.B.
    2019-03-31 11:48

    I was swept away to lands of old in this story straight out of a Viking saga. Alrek the bold becomes Alrek the smitten when he finds himself shipwrecked and washed ashore on the land of his enemy, the Picts. Fiercely independent young Pictish widow Ilisa knows the danger in rescuing a mortal enemy, but when she finds Alrek helpless and unconscious on the beach, compassion moves her to take him in. As mutual distrust and disdain give way to understanding, compassion, and an undeniable attraction, Alrek and Ilisa must decide if love is worth the risks - from Ilisa's jilted suitor and villagers who remember well the horrid Viking raids, from Alrek's warrior companions, and from their own prejudices.This was a quick and delightful read. I enjoyed the historical setting so much, it inspired me to do some research of my own about the Picts and their way of life. I also enjoy a read with a healthy dose of angst and heart mixed in with the steam, and this story delivers. Definitely recommend!

  • Maria
    2019-03-24 12:04

    Nice Short ReadSamantha Holt delivers a wonderfully hot and sexy short Viking tale. This was a quick read at 87 pages. Ilisa is a widowed Pict, who lives alone in a dilapidated cottage that leaks. She heads down to the beach to get firewood and she finds a washed up handsome Viking. She is terrified because Vikings have hurt her people before. She is such a good woman, that she cannot leave him to die.Alreck is a Viking Warrior who is done with raiding and fighting. He wants a wife, children and his own land to farm. He wants a simple life and so does his crew. He sets out to accomplish his goals but comes upon a storm that devastate s them all. He awakes in a very poor cottage and sees a woman.These two characters were very in tuned to one another. Take this short journey with them, it will tug at your heart. I only wish the author would have made the story much longer and I wanted an epilogue too.

  • Nicole Laverdure
    2019-03-26 14:03

    I just finished reading a cute and romantic Viking adventure! Samantha Holt, is a very descriptive writer, so, her novella ALREK, was fun to read. The story begins as Elisa, a Pict, is walking along the beach and soon discovers a wounded Viking named Alrek. As she tries to heal him, her fascination grew for him, and soon, sparks flare between the two. But, will she betray her own people or follow her heart? It's a short love story between a Pict and a Viking. I recommend ALREK!

  • Aurrora James
    2019-04-14 16:10

    A tender love storyA tender love storyI very much enjoyed Ilisa and Alrek's story from the moment she dragged him out of the sea. My only issue with the book was the editing should be better. There were quite a few dropped or misspelled words. Enough to be noticeable but not so many that I couldn't finish or enjoy the tale.

  • Tina
    2019-04-08 15:47

    AlrekI enjoyed the story overall, but there were some issues with it. I felt like the way that Alrek spoke at times was not the way that Vikings spoke in that time. I like how protective he is of Ilisa and his new view on life. Ilisa is quietly strong with a bit of fire in her. I'm looking forward to more from this author.

  • Sam Spencer
    2019-04-13 13:15

    A touching tale of perceived enemies finding love in each other's arms.I can go on and on about the steamy bits alone.However, seemingly in the excitement at some points words that are NOT compound words were formed i.e. a word and a character name being joined.At one point the female main character's name was actually changed.Even considering this I found the story enjoyable.

  • Sally Hannoush
    2019-03-29 18:13

    There was a lot of tension between characters that added enjoyment to the reading. Although it was a short read it felt complete but could also have been a section in a longer story. After much conflict between two cultures there is a happy ever after with a third possibility to secure love.

  • Deanne
    2019-04-09 19:47

    Booked Dropped at the moment Tried to re- read this book but so far I have lost interest in it right now, may read it again in the future depending on my mood, but this will be one of the last few books I will pick up again in my TBR pile so far

  • Jessica
    2019-04-05 17:04

    A short book...Wish the book were longer and had more background to really make the characters more then what they were. It was a short and sweet book, just wish it were MORE

  • Sheri
    2019-04-13 12:58

    Nice, short story of two people from different cultures, finding love.

  • Kelly
    2019-03-21 19:50

    OkayThis was an okay book. Too short but lots of exciting things happening & lots of action. I did enjoy this short story.

  • Sandra R
    2019-03-29 12:49

    Who doesn't love a Viking !!!