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Ten sexy summer stories to turn up the heat from some of the hottest new voices and best selling authors! Nighttides tells the stories of lost loves, new loves, passion rekindled, and sparks of lust that light a new a path. Who needs the cabana boy when these 10 sizzling summer stories will melt your panties off... ...

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nighttides Reviews

  • Carol (StarAngel's Reviews) Allen
    2019-04-03 14:42

    Book – NighttidesAuthor – 10 Indie AuthorsPublication Date – August 5, 2014Type – AnthologyGenre – RomanceRating – Average 4 out of 5 StarsIf Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne - ****4 Vacation Wish Stars This is a cute but heart-breaking read – A vacation fling with a cocky businessman – only 1 rule that must be taken seriously – DON’T FALL.  Without even making it a week Emily has broken Ben’s cardinal rule and she has no idea how she will ever get over her few days with a sex god.One Summer by M.C. Cerny - ****4 Avocado StarsOh my….what a beautiful story of a summer away from the hustle and bustle of city life and working hard to be part of a law firm.  I loved the banter between Abs and Roman in the beginning of their relationship and how that frustration turned into a sexual and sensual heat between the two. Abby is away for the summer and taking a break from her boyfriend Lucas.  He chose work over her and Abby decides to take time for herself.  She meets Roman who is everywhere she turns around – he works at the bar, the restaurant, the post office, the B&B….you name it.  They grow closer and closer together while Lucas and her grow further apart….will this affair be just for a summer or does it have the possibility of being a “forever” romance.Love, Nick by Laura Dunaway - ***3 ½ Nannylicious Stars I enjoyed the story immensely but couldn’t get past the fact that she was the nanny.  I kept thinking of that thriller movie where the nanny tries to kill the mom in order to get the dad…but that’s just me being silly.  The book was cute and I loved how Liv worked with Miles on getting him to open up and the innocent flirting at first between her and Nick.Nick is newly divorced dad who is in need of a nanny for his two children for the summer.  Liv is a college student who is looking for work during the summer.  It’s instant attraction Liv feels for Nick and she gets the job.  Sara warms up to Liv but she has a problem with Miles and his hatred for everyone.  Slowly she gets him to warm up to her but is Nick also getting the hots for his children’s nanny?High Maintenance – Lia Fairchild - ****4 ½ Kittalicious Stars I absolutely loved this story and how it all fit perfectly in a short novella.  We get everything in this adorable story about love, loyalty, deception and second chances. Tate is helping his father with the maintenance issues at the apartment complex. Lexy’s apartment seems to have everything breaking down on her.  The more time she spends with Tate the more she questions her engagement to Julian.  The pipes burst, the knobs spin and the heat intensifies.Big Balls – Amalie Silver - *****5 You’re 'Out' Stars This was so funny and even had me choking up close to tears…wow….what a way to pull at my emotions and confuse me with my feelings!  As always Ms. Silver signs, seals and delivers a fabulous book.  Never have I read anything by her that disappointed me – she brings humor to the next level and leaves the reader with a sense of completion at the end!Jack is the catcher and captain of a college softball team and one day she meets Nolan.  They both pretend that the attraction is non-existent and can’t even be friends.  They banter and snark each other – Jack saying that she doesn’t date during the season and Nolan stating that he only likes “soft” women.  Follow these two through a relationship and find out if Jack can finally figure out what is important in life and love.Just Him – Nickie Nalley Seidler - ***3 ½ Murderous Stars This story has a little bit of everything in it….murder, mystery, second chances, heartache and so much more wrapped up in a novella.  There were times that I thought the story was rushed but understand why – when writing a short story with so much information, sometimes things need to be rushed in order to get everything in and get to the climax.Tori is home for her 10 year high school reunion and the first person she runs into is Dallas, her boyfriend throughout school.  As soon as they look into each other’s eyes, it like 10 years never happened but something is keeping Dallas from pursuing Tori further. Then we come to find out that Tori’s ‘so called’ best friend is now dating Dallas and things aren’t adding up…..something seems very fishy!An Unexpected Journey by Taryn Plendl - ****4 Second Chance Stars This was definitely a sweet story based on a second chance for love.  I found myself rooting for these two the entire read and almost choked up with the lost opportunities these two had throughout growing up.Jay and Abby have been friends since their childhood – it wasn’t until the end of their school years that the truth finally came out that they had more than just friendship feelings for each other but a misunderstanding tears the two apart for so many years.  It isn’t until  Abby is on a cruise ALONE that love may just be waiting for her around the deck somewhere.Captain by Katherine Rhodes - **** 4 “This is your Captain” Stars This story had me laughing my ass off with the heroine and her comebacks.  I loved the fact that when she decided enough was enough with Bill…it was over and she didn’t give a shit.Glenda is off on vacation with Bill but things just aren’t clicking anymore and Glenda decides to spend the rest of her vacation alone…In looking for an available room – she finds one but then realizes the room actually belongs to a man.  In comes Allen who needs this break from his ex-wife and comes up with a compromise of splitting the room.  Things heat up between these two and the rest is for you to read.Bad Summer Love by Phalla S. Rios – 3 ½ Not Good Enough For You StarsThis one was different – I did have a problem with Marcus and his poor treatment of Ellie.  It just seems off kilter that these are young adults but are acting like “old souls”.  It did grab my attention as soon as Marcus started treating Ellie right and came clean about some things.Ellie and Marcus are on vacation with their parents in Hawaii.  Ellie is in love with Marcus but he continues to treat her like shit…even though he doesn’t want her – he doesn’t want anyone to have her either…read on to find out why.Crashing with Beau by Brittainy C. Cherry – 4 ½ Geeky Meets the Hunk StarsI loved this story….not only the story but the characters – even the secondary characters flew out of the pages at me.  I absolutely LOVED the parents and their quirky ways…especially when Dad tries to be so hip but then gets upset about a boy.Kate is a geek who loves the library and burying her nose in a book – that is until a chance encounter in a dimly lit corner in the library.  Beau happens to live above the library and comes crashing into Kate’s reading time, but it seems that Kate can’t get Beau out of her thoughts.  Things escalate between these two and Kate is getting everything she hoped for ----- a summer fling to get rid of her virgin status before she leaves for school.My only complaint…I would have LOVED an epilogue to see what happened between these two!For more Reviews, Free E-books and Giveaways

  • Jo ★The Book Sloth★
    2019-03-21 14:51

    An average of 3,6 starsIf Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne ★★★★The story in this novella was a bit rushed, the whole I just met you and I love you too much. But I enjoy LS's writing and it was cute. It's a novella, sometimes it can't be helped. I also don't like the name Ben for a hero. It sounds so adorable that when I hear Ben I always imagine a chubby little kid.One Summer by M.C. Serry ★★★★★I loved the story and the descriptions in this one. The images the author created of the beach were beautiful. I will definitely be looking up the rest books in the series.Love, Nick by aura Dunaway ★★I didn't like this novella. Although the writing was decent I couldn't enjoy the story. I found the whole, "daddy does the nanny" kind of creepy, failed to see any connection between them other than their affection for the kids and I have a huge thing for big age diferences so I couldn't enjoy this.High Maintance by Lia Fairchild ★★★★Lovely story, nice writing, likable hero and heroine. The only reason I'm not giving it a five was that I got an air of depression out of it. I also enjoyed the fact that for once the heroine picked the broke guy over the loaded one.Big Balls by Amalie Silver ★★★★★This was a cute, fluffy, high-schoolish story. The hero was nice, the heroine a tomboy, the writing decent. What's not to love?Just Him by Nickie Seidler ★Yeah, I actually DNFed a novella. This was a silly story, with an idiotic heroine, vapid hero and too much in the way of plot for a short story. The author tried to jungle too much and failed.An Unecpected Journey by Taryn Fledl ★★★★A sweet story, without much in the drama department about a pair of childhood sweethearts that never got over each other. It was adorable.Captain by Katherine Rhodes ★★★★★This was hilarious. The heroine had a spanky, independant personality that made her funny as hell. The couple's interactions were enough to have you laughing your head of and full of silly innuendo. My only complant was that it was too short.Bad Summer Love by Phalla S. Rios ★Another one that missed the mark. There was a 50 Shades of Grey meets High School Romance and they have a drink with the Godfather vibe that was completely ridiculous. The heroine was ridiculous and the hero an ass. It isn't a stand-alone but I won't be reading the rest.Crashing with Beau by Brittainy C. Cherry ★★★★★This was the cutest story in the book. High School, geeky girl meets mysterious hot boy. Sex scene in a library, which must be every bookworm's wet dream. Funny, cute, no drama and a pair of parents completely and hilariously crazy.ARC generously gifted through Great Buddy Reads Focus Group by the author.

  • Amalie Silver
    2019-03-27 19:43

  • Lisa Suzanne
    2019-03-31 16:34

    I have read three of the novellas in this collection so far (aside from my own), and I am honored to be working with such talented authors!

  • Barbie
    2019-04-11 11:38

    I received a copy of this in exchange for an Honest review. I give this four star's only because there was three books I wasn't to thrilled about. They had a pretty good plot going on, However I feel since it was a short story that they rushed it. There was some confusion one one of the Books, and it went through the whole book. Possibly could have been me up all night to read it lol.The other seven books had me Mad, sad, crying, and happy for the character's. I want more of these characters and hope the Author's plan on adding more of them. Please ; )If you are looking for something quick and happy to read This anthology is the right one for you. I recommend everyone over 18 read this, even if you just read one or two the books, you will not stop once your start. Each book had good character's development, good plots, and written well to brilliant.

  • Crystal
    2019-03-27 19:36

    This was a great anthology. I found all the stories to be very enjoyable. I have found a lot of new authors that I want to read more of. A couple of my favorites would be If Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne and Love, Nick by Laura Dunaway and I enjoyed the humor in Crashing with Beau by Brittany C. Cherry. There are stories that explore new love and some stories that explore the love that got away and still burns hot...very hot.There is one that is just the beginning of the story and that is Bad Summer Love by Phalla S. Rios. Can't wait to read more of Marcus and Ellie's story.I would recommend this to those that enjoy sweet romance with a little steam. I was not disappointed by any of the stories.

  • Michelle
    2019-03-22 19:28

    ARC provided by author in exchange of honest review If Wishes Came True : ☆☆☆ 3 Wishing Stars ☆☆☆If Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne was a definitely fast paced novella. After coming off a break off, Emily heads to California with her best friend for a little R&R and wishes she could mend her broken heart and the best way to get over her ex and move on, is to find a stranger and have hot sex no strings attached. Well luckily for Emily, she meets Ben. Two Strangers. One week. No strings attached. Whatever happens in California stays in California. And the most important thing, don’t fall in love. What happens when one week is not enough and intense feelings for one another begins to develop? Overall, this short story was definitely a quick read. A bit rushed for my liking since the main characters had this instant love after barely two nights together. A cute story with a very predictable HEA that I did enjoy. One Summer: ☆☆☆☆4 Hot Summer Lovin’ Stars☆☆☆☆One Summer by M.C. Cerney was absolutely adorable and a great read. Such a fun quick read full of banter and hot romance. Abigail Holiday took one summer vacation off before she started her full-time job as lawyer. This summer vacation was suppose to be for her and her fiance, Lucas. But Lucas didn’t want to go on the trip since he always put his career before Abby. He suggest this one summer vacation is a great way for them to take a break. Little did Abby know that this summer vacation away from Lucas and California was the best thing for her. Abby found herself always running into Roman Winters. He and Abby have this heated sexual chemistry and tension brewing between them. When Abby finally sees Lucas’ true colors, is it too late for Abby and Roman? How will one summer change Abby’s life?Love Nick: ☆☆☆☆4 Love Nick Stars☆☆☆☆Love, Nick was a cute and lovely story of a single divorced dad of two young children looking for a summer nanny. Nick, a busy attorney needs a live-in nanny to watch his kids while his ex-wife is abroad for work. Liv needs a summer job and luckily for her Nick likes Liv and thinks she would be a great fit since she has experienced working with children. As Liv spends time with the kids, the growing attraction between Nick and Liv begins to heat up. Will the lines from boss and employee be crossed?High Maintenance: ☆☆☆3 Kitten Stars ☆☆☆In this novella, we had it all from deception, friendship, second chances, and new beginnings. Lexy, a do it yourself kind of girl likes her independence and take charge attitude. So when the son’s maintenance comes and offers his service, a friendship blooms. So will Lexy ditch her lying fiance for the boy next door? Big Balls: ☆☆☆☆☆5 Grand Slam Stars☆☆☆☆☆ Big Balls by Amalie Silver was a homerun! This novella had it all from sweet romance and sexy book boyfriend material. The storyline flowed at such a great pace that it didn’t felt rushed. So when a softball star falls in love with her umpire boyfriend, will this be a strike or a grand slam romance?Just Him: ☆☆☆☆☆4.5 First Love Stars☆☆☆☆☆Just Him by Nickie Nalley Seidler was a sweet first love romance. Ten years has passed and two high school sweethearts finally reconnect. Is this their second chance at love when both are back for their 10 year high school reunion? Or will old high school jealousy from a supposed friend tear this couple from rekindling an old romance?An Unexpected Journey: ☆☆☆☆4.5-5 Fated Stars ☆☆☆☆Where do I begin...An Unexpected Journey by Taryn Plendl was an absolute sweet second chance romance of two people who couldn’t forget their first love. Life is indeed a journey full of ups and downs and a few surprises. So when Jay saw an opportunity to win back his first and only love, Abby, he will do anything even if it means surprising her on a cruise ship. So will Jay set sail to a HEA with his first love, Abby? Or will his plans be a sinking disaster? Captain:☆☆☆☆☆5 "Captain" Stars ☆☆☆☆☆ Ready for take off….Captain by Katherine Rhodes was a laugh out loud gem of a novella. This book had sass, humor, wit and sexiness all neatly tied up in a bow. Ditching her loser boyfriend, Glenda found herself sharing a suite with a hot single dad, Allen aka the Captain. All I can say is that Glenda found herself flying high because the Captain definitely took her on an unforgettable sexual journey. Will Glenda be boarding a new relationship with the Captain or will she be flying on standby? Katherine RhodesBad Summer Love: ☆☆☆☆4.5 Summer Love☆☆☆☆He needs to see me at my hottest.He needs to feel how I’m feeling.He will be affected by me….First Love...first heartbreak. For Ellie, she loved only one man, Marcus Conti. He was her childhood best friend turned boyfriend. But when Marcus broke up with her, she was devastated. He was the one that owned her heart. When Ellie went on vacation with her family to Hawaii, the one person she tried to escape from is there. As much as Ellie wanted to stay away from him, she was drawn to Marcus and vice versa. When Marcus and Ellie finally found themselves rekindling their love, new revelations are revealed. Is this second chance romance worth the fight?Bad Summer Love hooked me. I wanted more Ellie and Marcus. I couldn’t get enough of these two rekindling their love… I can’t wait to see what Ms. Rios has in store for them. Phalla S. RiosCrashing with Beau: ☆☆☆☆☆5 "Jawsome" Stars ☆☆☆☆☆Crashing with Beau by Brittainy C. Cherry was flat out a "cute, pretty, stunning, beautiful" novella. Loved it. It was fun, quirky, and sweet. This book was about living it.. carpe diem! For Kate, living it up was spending her days in the library. Well the library got a little more interesting and cool, when Kate meets Beau. Following the advice of her parents to seize the day and enjoy her youth, Kate did just that before she heads off to college.

  • IndieSage PR
    2019-03-22 16:49

    We can't wait for this one! Teaser by IndieSage PR

  • M.C. Cerny
    2019-04-15 17:49

    I had the opportunity to collaborate on Nighttides with nine other fabulous authors. I got to read the other stories (aside from my own, One Summer) and I must say each one is unique, fun, sexy and a great read. If you're looking for variety and steamy stories this is the book to pick up this summer.

  • Letty(Cover to Cover Book Blog Reviewer)
    2019-03-31 11:49

    I’ve been able to read If Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne and Big Balls by Amalie Silver so far. I can say I loved them both. There are several authors in this anthology that I’ve heard about before and a few new ones. The two stories that I’ve read make this anthology so worth getting!If Wishes Came True is the story of Emily and Ben. The passion between them is amazing and I felt myself drawn into their love affair. Big Balls is the story of Jack (Jacqueline) and Nolan. This is the second story I read by Amalie Silver and true to the style I’ve seen, this one had me laughing a lot! Jack is a softball player and the game is her life. The transformation she goes through after meeting Nolan is great to see. The banter between her and Nolan is just as fantastic as the intimate scenes are HOT!

  • Lia Fairchild
    2019-04-09 14:45

  • Jennifer
    2019-04-15 12:50

    I received an ARC of Love, Nick by Laura Dunaway in return for an honest review. Love, Nick is a short, sweet and sexy read about a nanny, Liv, hired by a divorced dad of two for the summer. Nick leaves Liv a note each morning before he leaves for work, and his signature slowly get's more personal, hence the title of the novella. Their feelings for each other progress quickly, but the payoff at the end is worth it ;) Definitely a must read in the Nighttides Anthology!

  • Jaime
    2019-03-22 17:40

    I've only read one novella in this collection so far (High Maintenance by Lia Fairchild) but it was really great! I loved the humor in the story and the pacing was great. I really connected with the characters. Highly recommend!

  • Todd D. Gehring
    2019-04-20 13:32

    JAWESOME!JAWESOME!I want full length books of all the stories. Inroduced to so many great authors. Highly recommend Nighttides!Great read!

  • Lorrie
    2019-04-18 13:27

    Arc provided in exchange for an honest review.3.50 overall rating. Let me be honest and start off by saying that I'm not a huge fan of novellas, but a book of novellas actually worked out pretty well. It was easy and convenient to pick up and read one or two in a sitting. The majority of the short stories were funny, witty, and sexy. My favorites were Crashing With Beau, Captain, Big Balls, and If Wishes Came True. Crashing With Beau was my absolute favorite, and was the only novella that I gave a 5 star rating. There were a few that I didn't care for all that much, but overall I enjoyed Nighttides.

  • Rebeka Duran
    2019-03-30 15:34

    Read a couple of stories already and enjoying!!!Phalla's book was fabulous. Of course I was excited when I hear about a prologue for Marcus and Ellie. There is still this mysterious side to Marcus ...which I love!! Ellie is new to us but what I've read of her I like already. The chemistry between these two was super hot and sexy!! Definitely made my kindle catch on fire!!! Definitely looking forward to more Ellie and Marcus!

  • Phalla Rios
    2019-03-26 17:49

  • Lisa Avila
    2019-04-05 15:47

    AFTER READING ALL 10: Four Worth Reading - Six Not So MuchThis was a pretty good box of ten novellas which I've given a four-star average. Unlike many of the reviewers - I've read all TEN!I'm not a huge fan of novellas, but I expect the basic three-act plot structure, multi-dimensional main characters, interesting secondary characters, and a sub-plot or backstory - albeit in an abbreviated form. I realize that the characters won't be fully developed and the sub-plot may be weak - no problem.Probably the biggest issue I have with a couple of the stories is that they end abruptly - no denouement to finish gracefully - so they come off more like short stories than novellas. Two stories actually end with "to be continued..." so fair warning - some stories are incomplete.1) If Wishes Came True by Lisa Suzanne - Two StarsMeh...I just didn't "get" the connection between Emily & Ben. Told in first person by Emily. The ending was weak, but at least it wasn't a completely abrupt stop.2) One Summer by M.C. Cerny - Four starsTold in first person, alternating between Abby & Roman this story ended rather quickly and left the reader hanging with an unresolved sub-plot - not exactly a cliffhanger, but to be continued... That said, I liked the banter between the two and enjoyed the story so far...enough that I would love to read the rest of it, as long as it was reasonably priced.3) Love, Nick by Laura Dunaway - Two starsLiv and Nick are one-dimensional characters that get their cheesy HEA. The End. This was an okay short story - not nearly a "novella".4) High Maintenance by Lia Fairchild - Four & a Half StarsI'm a big fan of this author, which is why I picked up this anthology, and the story of Lexy and Tate does not disappoint. Involves a little bit of mystery and well-developed characters, and once again, witty banter always makes for a good read. Highly recommend (and try "Emma vs The Tech Guy" if you like this story).5) Big Balls by Amalie Silver - Four StarsAnother excellent novella - I enjoyed reading about Jacky & Nolan set in a sports environment. I thought a few scenes were a bit awkward or forced (Chastising/threatening your team members moments before a big game? Where did this wise Wanda suddenly appear from?) But a nice story and would look for this author again.6) Just Him by Nickie Nalley Seidler - Two & a Half StarsIf you like angst, the story of Victoria & Dallas returning to each other is for you. I personally don't like assumptions, lack of communication, or insecurity in my H or h. An interesting subplot - a mystery/thriller of sorts, which earned this story its half-star.7) An Unexpected Journey by Taryn Plendl - Three starsAnother story full of angst, and another return of an old flame, but the story of Abby & Jay was cute and I enjoyed it better than the previous story. Abby has a dark secret from the past, and I thought after it was revealed that the whole topic was unrealistically glossed over - I would think that it would be a bigger emotional issue to overcome. Told in the first person, alternating between the H and h.8) Captain by Katherine Rhodes - Three & a Half StarsEnjoyed this story about Glenda and Allen - funny dialogue and steamy "romance" in a vacation setting. Cute (if slightly predictable) ending. Would read this author again.9) Bad Summer Love by Phalla S. Rios - One & a Half StarsUgh. This short story about nothing had me wanting to slap some sense into Ellie and kick Marcus in the balls. Story weak, no ending: "To Be Continued", if I cared, which I don't. Perhaps this is teen fiction and they are into graphic sex scenes now?10) Crashing with Beau by Brittainy C. Cherry - Five Stars!!!I love this novella about Kate and Beau - and all the other quirky characters in this town! The mini-sub-plot of her girlfriend, Susie, is a bit weak, but I can live with it. Fans of Jessica Park would like this story, too. Will definitely look up this author for more stories like this.Overall, this is a pretty good deal, considering that half of the proceeds are going to the Animal Ark Charity (read this elsewhere), if you consider 99 cents each for the four worth reading and discovering a few potential new favorite authors.There are very few typos, misspellings, and grammatical mistakes, and the table of contents works relatively well, so this comes off as a very professional set.

  • Katie Harder-schauer
    2019-03-30 19:33

    Overall I give this book 4 stars. There were several spelling and grammatical errors, some novellas were worse than others. In no instance did they completely interfere with the story line, but they were a bit excessive, so that is why I detracted one star. I really enjoyed this anthology for the most part. (I received an advance review copy and changes in spelling and grammar may have been changed.) I will not post short reviews of each of the novella's.If Wishes Came True - Lisa Suzanne4.5 stars. I loved this story. The passion between Emily and Ben was great and I really felt like I was in Emily's shoes throughout the story. I would also love to see what happens next for these characters. Emily kind of got on my nerves though, so I detracted half a star.One Summer - M.C. Cerny3 stars. This story had several spelling and grammatical errors. Also, the fighting between the characters just seemed ridiculous to me and that made the whole story fall flat. I think if it were able to be longer (I'm aware that there were length constraints for this anthology) the author would have been better able to develop the characters and their animosity towards one another. I did like the idea behind this story, but there is just too much needed for it to work really well as a novella. I would love to see a novel sized version of it though.Love Nick - Laura Dunaway5 stars. This tale of forbidden romance fits perfectly as a novella, although I certainly wouldn't have complained about getting it as a longer novel. You can't help but to root for Liv and Nick to get together and for Miles to thaw a little.High Maintenance - Lia Fairchild5 stars. I really felt like I was in Lexy's shoes. The characters were fairly well developed and I was just as clueless as Lexy until the end. I would definitely read more from this author.Big Balls - Amalie Silver5 stars. This novella cracked me up and these characters are great. You can really see the transformation in Jack (Jacqueline). I will definitely be reading more from Amalie Silver.Just Him - Nickie Nalley Seidler3 stars. This was another novella with several spelling and grammatical errors. While it had potential, for me it just feel flat. The drama felt overly manufactured and the main character just annoyed me. This is another case where I think a full length novel would have been very beneficial to the build up of the story, and I would be thrilled to get a chance to read that.An Unexpected Journey - Taryn Plendl4.5 stars. This is a sweet second chance romance and I just loved Mellie. I got a little annoyed by Abby though.Captain - Katherine Rhodes4 stars. This was another novella with several spelling and grammatical errors. If it weren't for those, this would have gotten 5 stars. I loved all the movie and book quotes the characters kept throwing at each other.Bad Summer Love - Phalla S. Rios3 stars. This novella had way too many grammatical errors and there was too much pertinent information for this to really work as a single novella, and I really dislike serial novellas. Beyond that, the characters seemed flat but bi-polar, switching from hot to cold at the snap of a finger. If the whole story for this novella were housed in a single novel or collection, I'm pretty sure I would enjoy it much more.Crashing with Beau - Brittainy C. Cherry5 stars. This is the dream. A hot guy that likes to read? Sign me up! This whole story had me laughing and I will definitely be reading more from this author.

  • Sharyn Hock
    2019-03-22 16:32

    I got this sent to me and asked to read right away and leave a review. Well with my busy life it took a little longer to read the over 500 pages but it was well worth it. I really enjoyed reading all the different summer related stories. I like when there is more of a storyline than just the sex part. I can't wait to continue the story with most of these characters I just met. Each had a unique storyline...great job

  • Aleisha
    2019-04-20 15:32

    I enjoyed the 10 stories but really lovely he summer holiday themed ones especially one summer and captain. Made be realise that short stories kind of annoy me though because just as I started to get into them they finished!!

  • SB Morales
    2019-04-12 13:37

    I hadn't read any of these authors before, so this set was perfect! I got to read all new authors. 10 hot reads to fill up your nights! If you like erotica you don't want to miss out on this set.

  • Kayla Melser
    2019-04-21 17:45

    Love Nick is a short story written by Laura Dunaway for the Nighttides Anthology. The story revolves around Nick Walters and Liv Porter. It is very sweet, short and to the point. It is very well written. I really like Laura’s writing style, she has a very good flow. Liv is a college student who is looking for a summer job and sees a posting for a nanny. Ultimately she gets the job and spends her summer taking care of the kids while their mother is out of the country for the summer due to her job. Nick is a recently divorced father of two who is a lawyer and because his ex-wife’s job transferred her out of the country for the summer he needs someone to help take care of the children during the day. Neither of them are looking for anything except to be employee and employer, however they both end up with something much more amazing than that.

  • Mary Fazzi
    2019-04-09 13:32

    I have only read Love, Nick by Laura Dunaway. Wow, the feelings are crazy. Nick a newly divorce man trying to find a nanny to help take care of his two kids for the summer. Liv a college student finds the ad and right away instant attraction for her. She falls head over heals for Sarabeth a 4 yr girl who is super sweet and Miles an 8 yr old boy who is angry about everything. But slowly let's Liv in a lil and starts to not give her a hard time. Then Nick starts slowly asking for Liv to join in their time together and have a late night meeting in the kitchen and get to talk a bit even tho she has a lil buzz going enjoys their talk. Lil by lil Nick starts to open up. A great short read that I truly enjoyed.

  • Laylaw
    2019-04-11 15:34

    review to come

  • Lucy
    2019-04-02 13:37

    *arc provided in exchange for an honest review*Review to come.......