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IT WAS THE PERFECT CRIME Unfortunately, it also led to the perfect punishment. When Jack Rankin gets busted for defacing a school desk with a huge wad of disgusting, watermelon bubble gum, the principal sentences him to three weeks of after-school gum cleanup for the chief custodian. The problem is, Jack's anger at the chief custodian was the reason for his gum project inIT WAS THE PERFECT CRIME Unfortunately, it also led to the perfect punishment. When Jack Rankin gets busted for defacing a school desk with a huge wad of disgusting, watermelon bubble gum, the principal sentences him to three weeks of after-school gum cleanup for the chief custodian. The problem is, Jack's anger at the chief custodian was the reason for his gum project in the first place. The chief custodian happens to be Jack's dad. But doing time in the school basement after hours reveals some pretty surprising things: about the school, about Jack's father, and about Jack himself....

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The Janitor's Boy Reviews

  • Chelsea D
    2019-05-15 02:58

    I think this book is good because he got busted from his Principal so he needs to take out gum from each table in his school, he needs to help the janitor. The janitor was his....... It was funny because he knows the janitor.

  • kwain
    2019-05-03 22:56

    This was a pretty cool book to read, I had to endure a few jokes from friends and family who saw me reading it. Any book that carries a positive message or has a valued lesson to be learn, is a book worth reading and this book made the cut. Granted its a kids book, and kids should read it. Most important, adults can benefit from the message as well.P.S. Dont sleep on kids book, you just might learn something.K's out peace...

  • Alvin
    2019-04-21 21:04

    The Janitor’s Boy is an amazing quick to read book that explores the mind of a 5th grader. In The Janitor’s Boy the main character Jack messes around in school experimenting on what is the smelliest gum; he gathers a bunch of watermelon gum and vandalizes a table in music. Then he is ordered to do community service, cleaning up gum, which isn’t as easy as you think it is – after all who likes to pick up someone else’s mess. He doesn’t really mind all of this; the problem at hand is his dad, also known as the head custodian at his school. Jack is a normal 5th grader who has a nose fit for a dog. He takes the bus to school instead of driving to school with his dad so he can avoid the kids at his school seeing them together. Sadly Jack constantly runs into his dad and Jack finds himself caught in the center of attention. Even though Jack admires his dad, and looks up to him he doesn’t like being made fun of - after all who likes being the center attention of the peanut gallery? The genre of this book is school related mysteries. Throughout the book Jack discovers secrets one by one within his dad that he never knew, and secrets of the school and its history also are revealed. The setting is set at the school Jack goes to, the vivid words that Andrew Clements helps the readers imagine pictures in their minds about Jack slowly discovering everything. The journey Jack takes make students also want to be brave and courageous; his brave guts guide him into wandering a secret room within the school. So if you’re interested about school mysteries, a kid’s journey, while dealing with being made fun of in school, then this book is right for you! The author of this book, Andrew Clements is awesome writer that usually writes about school and young kids. The author also wrote the book Frindle, the story of a boy challenging the English dictionary and his English Teacher by causing a phenomenon calling a pen a Frindle - which also talks about life as a child in school. Reading his books will make kids want to be more active within life and explore places within your reach. Andrew Clements books in a way show the daring side of students, showing what young students are capable of like causing everyone to use a different word, or exploring unknown places. Things can also be considered inspiration to some readers, inspiring readers to be courageous like the main character in the book. So, if you have time and want to read a quick book The Janitor’s Boy is a great book to read, the book about the student in a school with the head custodian as his dad. Readers throughout all ages will enjoy this book as much as I enjoyed this book. The book has a lot of mysteries about his dad and his past, as the book progresses secrets are revealed to the reader. What will Jack find out? Well you’re going to have to read the book to find out. Pick up a copy of The Janitor’s Boy, after all skools are always kool.

  • Ethan B
    2019-05-08 22:03

    I have just finished reading the book called The Janitors Boy by Andrew Clements. This boy is chewing up so much gum and makes a mess with it on the seat hiding behind a tall kid. He knows that the janitor will have to clean it up and every one calls him john the janitor but jack calls him dad. The author gives detail using descriptive words and makes it a very funny story. I would never chew gum in the school because were not allowed to so we could never do a crime as jack did and you would get in lots of unwanted trouble. As i said since i can't chew gum we i don't really connect with the story much.

  • Haven
    2019-05-17 21:59

    Personnel ResponseThis book could've been better but it was alright. I like books with more action in them. I don't think that this book is my type of book. It was easy to read and it taught a good lesson about being responsible for your actions.Plot The Janitor Boy is about a boy who gets into trouble putting gum under a desk. Now the principal says he has a three week clean up duty. He was mad at the chief custodian because he's the reason why he got into trouble and that he has clean up duty. He gets teased by the other kids at school because his dad is the janitor. During the time he spends with his dad he discovers that his dad does other stuff than just being a Janitor. Now that he knows that he dad does other stuff in the school besides being a Janitor he thinks he is cool and alright.CharactersThe main character is Jack Rankin, he is a boy with a very sensitive nose. He wants to find out what flavor of bubble gum has the worst smell. This gets him into trouble and he has to do community service to get out of it. Another character is Jack's dad, who happens to be the janitor at his school. Jack and his dad don't get along to well at school. He gets teased by the other kids because his dad works at the school.RecommendationI would recommend this book to middle school boys who would learn a lesson about how to behave in school. The book teaches you about responsibility. If you make a mess then it is your job to clean it up.

  • Jackie
    2019-05-21 00:54

    Sometimes the truth comes from odd places. Jack Rankin's dad is the janitor at his school. To say he is embarrassed by this is an understatement. And, it doesn't help that two popular bullies tease him about it endlessly. So, Jack is determined to get back at his dad. He deposits the biggest, messiest wad of gum underneath a music room desk, expecting that his dad will have to clean up the mess. Little does he know that the music teacher can identify who left the mess. Jack's punishment, issued by the vice-principal, is to clean gum off of the all the other desks in the school. Not only is he embarrassed now, he is humiliated, too. Jack tries to think of new ways to get back at his dad...but, by coming in contact with his dad's co-workers and friends, he comes to realize that his dad is one good-guy and has a heart of gold. He learns some things about his dad's relationship with his grandfather and his experience fighting in Vietnam. All of these life experiences make John Rankin a dad to be proud of. The Janitor's Boy is a novel of discovery and acceptance. Jack's dad is so much more than a janitor, or any job, for that matter. He is man of quiet strength, loyalty, and compassion...a perfect role model for Jack.

  • Lars Guthrie
    2019-05-16 18:49

    Andrew Clements is just the greatest. His books manage to convey the perspective of an adult and the viewpoint of a child. They always make me laugh, and usually make me cry. This one certainly did.The story of Jack Rankin's uneasy relationship with his father, a smart guy who somehow ended up as a school custodian, 'The Janitor's Boy' gently pushes its protagonist toward understanding and conciliation.At the same time, the novel has acridly witty criques of a sixth-grade bully festooned in logo-rich attire, and a teacher in a lime green pantsuit who resembles a "lizard getting ready to flip its tongue out to snap up a fly." No worries--Jack gets over on the both of them.Highly recommended.

  • Tilia
    2019-05-02 22:49

    Classic Clements. Not a great deal happens, but what does has profound reverberations, in a quiet and lasting way. Elementary school student Jack is embarrassed by his father, John the janitor, and attempts to sabotage his workplace with chewing gum. Things change when Jack is punished by having to work his dad's job--and gains unexpected insights into what kind of man he is. This works for both kids and adults. It's splendid.

  • Susan
    2019-05-06 22:06

    This book had one of those Angry Young Child characters which I loath. I almost gave up reading but the last third of the book was interesting and the character somewhat redeemed himself, but not enough to get a higher rating from me.

  • Suzanne
    2019-05-11 23:59

    Very sweet book that would appeal to girls or boys. Boy is embarrassed by having his dad as the janitor at his school until he comes to really know his dad. Emotions ring true and the story has enough plot to keep interest alive.

  • Amy
    2019-04-26 20:49

    The Janitor's Boy, by Andrew Clements, designed by Steve Scott, published by Simon and Schuster Books for Young Readers, publication date: 2000.This is a great realistic fiction novel about a fifth grade boy. The fifth grade boy's name is Jack. Jack struggles at school to deal with the fact that his dad is the janitor. Jack does his best to hide this fact but soon everyone finds out when his dad says hi to him and they run into each other in the hall. Jack is boiling with rage and he aims it at his father. He goes to class and chews 13 pieces of gum and sticks underneath a desk in one of his classes. The gum consumes the underside of the desk and Jack feels like this is a great way to get back at his dad. He wants his dad to have to clean it up. What Jack does not realize is that the principal and teacher discover that Jack is responsible for this mess and they make Jack become a part-time janitor after school for three weeks. Jack begins to explore the janitor's shop and finds keys to every door in the school and he takes two of the keys. One of the keys leads to the tower and the other to the tunnel. He decides to explore and what he discovers leads Jack in the transition from a boy to more of a man. Jack explores the beauty of the tower and the secret of the tunnel. In the tunnel Jack discovers several names written on the wall and what looks like living space. Jack gets caught by his dad and learns that his dad and many others who were soldiers in the wars had a rough time when they came back home and this was a place that anyone could receive help. Jack learns how his dad struggled when he came home and that he took his job as a janitor as a favor to a friend and he discovered that he felt like he had a purpose in life again. The names on the wall are all the friends of Jack's dad and they are people who may have stayed in the tunnel for awhile. After this discovery, Jack has a new understanding for his dad and the life he has chosen as a janitor. This forms a bond between Jack and his dad and Jack forms a new respect for his dad and the life he has chosen. For my first activity, I would have the students create a storyboard and map out the important events that took place in the book. The students will need to share these with the class. The storyboard should have at least ten scenes and should have detailed descriptions. For my second activity, I would have the students choose a character from the book and describe how that character has changed throughout the course of the book. The students would need to include very detailed descriptions and talk about what caused the character to change. This book would really tie with the content area of social studies and could lead into the discussion of the different wars that people were involved in and why it was so hard on the soldiers. This could also lead to the conversations about how and why people choose the professions they choose.This book would really lead to students using their imaginations. The students would need to be able to picture the tower and the tunnel with the names written all over. This book could also spark further reading, research, and writing through the research of the various wars.

  • Danial
    2019-05-20 02:50

    Eh the story was okay also the stuff the character did was not very exciting

  • Oric
    2019-04-30 23:06

    “I smell some watermelon gum.”(pg10)The book I read is The Janitor’s Boy by Andrew Clements-best selling author of Frindle. The setting of this story is at a school called Hungtington Middle School, and the main character is Jack Rankin and some of the supporting characters are Helen Rankin, John Rankin, Lou Carswell, Eddie Wahlson, Mr. Ackerby, Jack’s teacher, and Lois Rankin.This story started when Jack came to the first day of school he was in 5th grade. After his first class Mr. Ackerby came and told Jack that he is in trouble for putting gum under the desks. Then Mr. Ackerby wrote a note for him to tell the janitor that he will be staying after school to clean all the desks. After he got the note he went and took the note to his dad which is a janitor. When he gave the note to his dad he just told jack to go to the janitor’s office and get the things he need. So Jack went to the office and got what he need right before he went out the office he saw a thing of keys Jack took two of the keys and left. When Jack was on his way to clean the desks he realized he had a key that went to the steam tunnel and the tower. After he cleaned some of the desks he went to the tower when he opened the lock to the tower he saw a window with a good peak. When the next day came after school he went to auiditoriam and saw a door to the steam tunnel when he got in the steam tunnel he saw a boy name Eddie Wahlson. Eddie told Jack that his dad lets him come in here to stay from his dad sometimes. After Eddie and Jack talked to each other Eddie showed Jack the way to get out the steam tunnel.When Jack caught his dad in the car his dad knew were jack was with both of the keys. So after him and Jack talked they went home and saw Helen and Lois Rankin.So now I hope would read the book The Janitor's Boy so you can read about a gummy adventure.

  • Anna
    2019-05-02 23:39

    Dear Readers,I have been reading a book called'The Janitor's Boy'. A boy named 'Jack' was playing with a lot of chewed gum that he chewed. Oneday, in music class Jack brought his chewed gum in a plastic bag. During the music time he was making those shapes made out of his chewed gum. Then the next day, the school principle knew what he was doing during the class. So the principle called Jack to talk with him. Jack and principle was talking about his behavior. Principle decided to send his parents a note that he can't do any activities in the school. He had to clean all the messes up under his desk where he usually put his chewed gum, and everywhere so that not anygums are left. He was not aloud to bring any gums to school again. When his parents saw the note, his father who is a janitor was a little upset but he didn't got mad at Jack also his mom didn't got mad either. So after school, Jack had to stay left and he had to clean the messes up. Then he thinks that he is a janitor like his dad. So he got the keys which only janitors can keep. So Jack keeps the keys but one key doesn't fit anywhere. But oneday, he founds a secret door. Then he lost one key. So he decides not to keep keys. After days, Jack was done cleaning his chewed gum stuffs. Then principle said he could to his after school activity. After that he never chewed gum during the class.Character Traits That Describe Him:Gross: He spat the chewed gum into a sandwich bag he had brought from home.doesn't concerntrate: He was doing nothing when he was suppose to sing and learn new songs with other kids.Proud: Jack said, "I want to be a janitor when I grow up". (His dad is a janitor, so he is proud of his dad.Anna

  • Ryan Lum
    2019-05-23 01:54

    So this book really isnt that good but i remember loving it when I was a child. The fiction book is based on this kid named Jack Rankin. The first chapters talk about how this kid comes up with this scheme to basically defile this desk. He spends a whole day chewing the stickest gum he could find and then when he couldnt chew any more and the gum was finally choking him, he spits it on a desk. The next day he gets caught though because apparently there was cameras in the class room, When asked why, he wanted to get back at his dad. His dad was a janitor and he always embarassed Jack. He is then force to weeks of cleaning gum in school.Jack is mad but makes some interesting discoveries.Jack's dad reveals that before his days as a janitor, he worked for his father. He tells Jack that his grandfather would never let him have his own car and he stole a car.In the hospital, John's father told him that he could forget about college.Jack was amzed at what his fater went through considering he never went to college because of his dad but then still must clean gum , and while cleaning the auditorium he discovers the access door to the steam tunnel. Jack ends up locking himself in the tunne but then gets out. As he reaches the final crossroads, he finds that a tiny livable apartment space available. Jack then finds that a boy named Eddie is currently staying there, while his father tries to recover from the Vietnam War. Leaving the little space, Jack manages to catch a ride home with his dad, who explains to him that the little living area beneath the town was set up to give people a place to go. Jack is moved and then forgives his father for being kind of a dork but feels bad at the same time

  • Steven R. McEvoy
    2019-04-21 21:03

    I am very thankful that I discovered Andrew Clement's books this year. They are great for reading with my children. The stories are so entertaining that I really enjoy then. And each of them that I have read so far have amazing lessons. The message in this book is deeper than some of the others that I have read by Clements. Jack Rankins hates that his dad is the janitor at his school. SO he has a plan, a plan to make a horrendous mess for his father to need to clean up. But his plan for the prefect crime did not take into account the detective skills of Mr. Ackerby. Soon Jack has 3 weeks of punishment cleaning first his original target, and then what ever the head custodian wants him to clean. Jack reports to his father for duty.But being in school after hours has some interesting benefits. Jack finds a key cabinet, discovers some secrets and learns a lot. He learns about who he really is, he learns about who his father is and some of the stuff he has been through. And he grows a lot. One of the best things about Clement's books is that they teach incredible lessons but in in a big showy way. The lessons are subtle, and the stories very realistic. These down to earth books a great for the whole family, currently in our house from ages 5-45 all enjoy these reads. This is one of the best in-between book I have ever read. It is not early readers and it is not yet young adult. This is an excellent book and I highly recommend it.Read the review on my blog Book Reviews and More and reviews of other books by ANdrew Clements.

  • Annie Xu
    2019-05-12 00:45

    The Janitor's Boy is a realistic fiction narrative of a fifth grade boy who vandalizes a desk with a wad of Bubbalicious watermelon gum to punish a particular someone in his life. However, as perfect of a crime it was there were flaws. He was caught with the crime and sentenced to gum duty after school where he had to report to the chief custodian, the one man he didn't wish to see was also his father. During his time as a part-time janitor cleaning the gums off of tables and chairs he discovers a safe to all the keys in the school. Two keys stuck out to him and he sets to go explore the school to find the room and door to those two keys. He adventurously explores and unexpectedly meets and learns about how great of a person his dad was. This narrative is a good realistic fiction because readers can connect with Jack Rankin and understand the same experiences he goes through. Readers can feel and experience embarrassment, bullying, worry, and adventurous. Readers can form a parasocial relationship with Jack, experiencing what he is experiencing and seeing his journey of why he committed the crime to how he ends up looking up to his dad.

  • Soccerplayah07
    2019-05-14 01:50

    Jack feels so humiliated by the fact that his father is the school janitor that he decides to get revenge by smearing a desk with gum. When he's caught, his punishment is to scrape gum off desks for three weeks after school, leading to discoveries about his dad's past. By fifth grade, Jack has learned to be embarrassed by his father's profession--janitor. When Jack begins class in the building where his dad, John, is head custodian, Jack's worst nightmare comes true. The other kids find out, in an especially humiliating way, what his father does for a living. Blaming his father, he decides to get revenge. He determines what is the stickiest and smelliest gum (Bubblicious watermelon flavor), chews up thirteen pieces, and smears them all over the bottom of a desk and onto the seat, knowing full well who will have to clean it up.But he is caught, and his punishment is to spend three weeks after school helping out his father by scraping gum off desks, starting with the one he so efficiently ruined. This begins a voyage of discovery for Jack into the hidden recesses of the school and of his father's past.

  • Kate
    2019-05-14 22:47

    When Jack is caught smearing a lap desk with bubble gum during music class, his teachers are surprised. Jack's always been a nice boy with nothing out of the ordinary on his permanent record. Nothing's changed... except his school building. Now that fifth and sixth grades have taken over the old high school, the janitor is Jack's dad. And he's embarrassed - and maybe a little angry. Jack's punishment of scraping gum off desks under his father's tutelage leads to self-discovery and a new understanding of his father.Really, really enjoyed this one. This is only the second Andrew Clements book I've read (the other being Frindle), and I liked this one better due to the family relationships and the slightly better character development. Some technology references are dated, but kids should still enjoy this one.

  • Salsabrarian
    2019-04-30 20:03

    Narrated by B.D. Wong. *Some SPOILERS* Jack Rankin's dad works as a janitor at his middle school. None of his classmates know it until he comes to clean up a student's vomit and he says "Hi, son," to Jack. As revenge, Jack vandalizes a desk with a mess of bubble gum, expecting that his father will be the one to clean it up. But the vice principal figures out Jack did it and Jack's punishment is to stay after school for three weeks scraping gum off desks and chairs. In the janitor's office, Jack discovers keys to the steam tunnel and the tower which he takes with him to go exploring. In his exploration he finds an underground room where a boy is staying for safety, thanks to Jack's dad. Jack learns more about his dad's life as a soldier in the Vietnam War and how his job as a janitor after the war saved his life and his sanity.

  • Vincent Liu
    2019-05-05 18:50

    The book starts with a boy named Jack, who plans to demolish a folding desk in music room with a wad of smelliest gum. The reason why he does that is because he doesn't like his dad, John the janitor, and he wants to get him in trouble. He is then made to clean up all of the gum everywhere in the whole school as his dad does. During his cleaning sessions, he finds some keys to some crazy places, namely the steam tunnel and bell tower. Then soon he begins his expedition there and finds beautiful sights from the bell tower and a room in the steam tunnel. After his adventures, his dad tells him something about his own past about the place Jack goes and Jack starts to understand his dad and what kind of a person his dad is. After reading the book, I learned a lesson that one should make sure to know someone well before judging him or her.

  • Jose Reyes
    2019-05-02 02:02

    The book Jannitor's boy was a very exciting book to read. It was about a kid named Jack Rankin who gets busted for violating a school desk and has to become the janitors assistant for a whole 2 weeks but jacks dad is the janitor at Jacks school. This book seems realistic to me because Jack is a real boy that goes to a real school with real friends but the reason that it is not entirely REAL to me is because he finds this room in the back of the stage in his cafeteria that leads to a sewer. I mean,what school has a room that leads to a sewer that's just disgusting. The reason that I gave this book a 4 star rating was because the order of events was well organized and laid out. I have also read the book Frindle which is also written by Andrew Clements. the reason that I read all of Andrews books is because he puts like the mysterious genre in all of his books.

  • Kathleen
    2019-05-01 21:51

    I was on a bit of an Andrew Clements bender this year, since one of my classroom teacher associates had a nice collection just sitting there, and I enjoyed all of it, to varying degrees. This was one of my more favored tomes. I liked the kid; I appreciated his motivation; I admired his really disgusting plan; and I enjoyed the Clementsian twist (I just made up that term, can you tell?) that brings about the morally satisfying and humorous ending. The Landry News is probably still my favorite, and Frindle makes me laugh aloud every time, but this one will go on my list of recommended titles.

  • Alyssa Dempsey
    2019-05-06 02:59

    This book is really good!!! It is about a boy whose father is the chief custodian. This boy's name is Jack and he allways chews gum in class and does not know where to put it when he is done with it. So guess where he puts it? he puts it under his desk. When the teacher finds out what he has been doing, he tells him he has to clean all the gum up from the desks instead of his father the chief custodian. One day after school his dad asked Jack if he could mop the theater room of the school because his dad had to do something else. He said agreed and his dad gave him all the keys to all the rooms and places in the school. When he gets to the theater room, he finds another door. He tries out all the keys and finally opened the door which let to a case of stairs. The stairs were going downstairs and there was a room... read this book to find out the rest.

  • Nina
    2019-05-01 21:49

    This is a good story, and touching as well. Jack was ashamed of his father’s occupation and he was mad at him. Jack served detention every day after he was caught vandalizing a school property. Jack started to admire his father and he found his own joy exploring the school. He realized he didn’t know much about his kind father. Meanwhile Jack’s father had his own story. Being a janitor saved him from the trauma right after he’d done serving the army. It was memorable for me when he told the readers that the moment an old janitor gave him a broom was the moment he was saved.

  • Christian
    2019-04-23 20:53

    The confusing part in this book was when Jack was stuck under the stage. He saw someone yelling and flashing a light at him. But then he finds another way out. I think that the author is like a detective because this person likes mystery. This book made me feel like there was more to tell because when I was almost done with this book, Jack said "Eddie Wahlson had helped me get out." I was trying to figure out who Eddie Wahlson was so I read that part again and come to find out it was a firefighter.

  • Morgan
    2019-05-03 00:40

    When Jack Rankin gets busted for defacing a school desk with a huge wad of disgusting, watermelon bubble gum, the principal sentences him to three weeks of after-school gum cleanup for the chief custodian. The problem is, Jack's anger at the chief custodian was the reason for his gum project in the first place. The chief custodian happens to be Jack's dad. But doing time in the school basement after hours reveals some pretty surprising things: about the school, about Jack's father, and about Jack himself.

  • Sarah Stafford
    2019-04-27 23:03

    Watermelon bubble gum, perfect stickiness and smelliness. Unfortunately with every action is a equal and opposite reaction. Jack a fifth grader at a growing towns junior high,who stuck the water melon gum under the desk. He was sentenced to cleaning gum from under tables for the next three weeks everyday after school. He also does it with the chief custodian... his dad. In those three weeks Jack learned a lot. He finds something mystery's in the school, and even discovers things about himself.

  • Tsia Gibson
    2019-05-05 00:48

    I like this book because it shows how the main character named Jack gets a job as a junior custodian because he puts lots of gum on a chair. Jack puts the gum on the chair because he is mad at his dad. Jack's dad is chef custodian so when Jack gets gum patrol because of putting the gum on the chair Jack has to ride home with his dad. Jack and his dad don't love each other very much. Jack and his dad don't have a very good relationship but Jack has lots of adventures and they end up coming very understanding about each other. In the end Jack and his dad love each other.

  • Clair Jackson
    2019-05-13 20:38

    Chapter BookThe Janitor's Boy is about a boy named Jack who wants to be nothing like his father, a janitor. His loathing of his father causes him to learn about kindness and compassion. Some of the characters mentioned in the book were once service men whom came on hard times after the war. Clements himself may have known people with these experiences. This book could be used in the classroom several ways. One example would be to have students write about their parents' jobs and if they would like to one day work them.