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After his disownment, Matheus finds himself more confused than ever. He lashes out, losing Quin, the one constant presence in his new life. Alone, penniless, and clueless, Matheus is forced to carve out a new (un)life, amid the chaos of a hidden war. Friends and enemies, old and new, appear with secrets, betrayals, and a surprising revelations.Matheus will need all the helAfter his disownment, Matheus finds himself more confused than ever. He lashes out, losing Quin, the one constant presence in his new life. Alone, penniless, and clueless, Matheus is forced to carve out a new (un)life, amid the chaos of a hidden war. Friends and enemies, old and new, appear with secrets, betrayals, and a surprising revelations.Matheus will need all the help he can get, because he isn’t the only making new alliances. His father, insane and desperate, joins with Appollonia Parker, one of the creatures he’d sworn to annihilate. Appollonia doesn’t take being crossed lightly, and she sets out to exterminate Matheus and his newfound family.Matheus must risk it all to protect his loved ones, and save Quin, one way or another…...

Title : Real Vampires Do It in the Dark
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ISBN : 9781620077993
Format Type : Paperback
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Real Vampires Do It in the Dark Reviews

  • Kristen Burns
    2019-05-02 21:03

    4 StarsReview:I'm going to start this review by talking about the main, most important difference between this book and the first one---there was a lot less Quin and a lot more Alistair. I always find it an odd choice to temporarily remove the love interest in the second book in a series, especially since I absolutely adored the relationship between Quin and Matheus in the first book and wanted to see how it would progress. Also because I loved Quin. Quin was funny. But somehow removing him from the majority of the story didn't diminish my enjoyment.Matheus was still his quippy, sarcastic, klutzy self, and his humor seemed a lot less judgmental this time. Also, sometimes I swear Matheus is me in the most random of ways:- He's an introvert.- He hates nature.- He hates the crunching sound of bugs when you kill them so much that he has to leave the room.- As much as he hates bugs, he still felt bad when Quin killed a moth in Book 1 because he doesn't mind moths as long as they stay far enough away from him.- He covers his eyes when there are needles in movies.- He hates being around people but still cares about people and wants to be helpful to them.I actually could continue, but I think you might get bored, and that's probably enough to prove my point. It made him relatable at times. And again, even though the characters and the book in general are a bit exaggerated at times for the sake of humor and shouldn't be taken too seriously, Matheus did have some anxiety and real emotions about heavier things.Alistair also turned out to be an entertaining character. He was definitely clingy and a bit of a damsel-in-distress (flaws he admitted to having), but his perversion and flirtiness were oh-so-fun, and his people skills were admirable and impressive. So the two of them together made a fun duo to read about, just in a different way than Matheus and Quin, and I really enjoyed watching their relationship grow and change.And of course I should probably mention the plot, which had just enough action and mystery to keep me hooked, not wanting to put the book down.So overall, despite the fact that I missed Quin, this was a great second in series that had me cracking up and enjoying my time with the characters just as much as the first!Recommended For:Fans of Books 1 in Amy Fecteau's Real Vampires Don't Sparkle Series. M/M vampire book fans looking for something fun with sarcastic characters, slow burn romance, and some intensity mixed with their humor.Original Review @ Metaphors and Moonlight

  • Laurel
    2019-05-08 21:41

    Started this right after finishing book 1 so I was anticipating the build up of the romance between Quinn and Matheus. Instead Matheus sends Quinn away and the whole story is about Matheus learning to be on his own as a vamp and discovering his sexuality. Good enjoyable read -- but there Better be book 3 soon so i can see what develops between Matheus, Alistair, Freddie, Quinn & Heaven and the coven.

  • WhatAStrangeDuck
    2019-05-25 01:02

    Arrgh, this is driving me nuts. So, a lot of this book is highly enjoyable, okay? Like as I said about the first one in this series - there is a really good book buried in there. But if I were an editor, I would probably trim a hundred pages without blinking an eye. And I'm not a vampire, thank you very much. And in my sincere opinion - this is not the author's fault. Really, less is more, sometimes. Also, typos, missing words... This author deserves better which is why I'm still going to get the next part. The story is good and I really want to know how it ends but the books could be so much better. It takes a village, you know? Or, erm, some editing?As I said, I wanted to know how the story ends.Now I do.And it's a gigantic cliffhanger, so if you liked any of this stuff beforehand - cut to the chase, give in and just get the next one in the series before you finish this one.

  • F.
    2019-04-27 04:47

    An intriguing read with twists and about turns. Hard to put down - so onto bk 3..

  • Jane
    2019-05-10 23:44

    Actual rating 4.5 stars.I really liked the second book in the series as well and it kept me up till 2 AM BUT I have to say that there was too little Quin. I wanted more of Quin and Matheus. I wanted a bit less of Alistair and Matheus, and I cannot believe I'm saying this but I actually didn't mind this love triangle as much because (for the first time ever) it even made kind of sense to me. There are so many things happening that it is literally nigh impossible to fall asleep on this. Talking from experience here ... There are moments full of action and when there is a slightly slower moment, the characters fill it with humour that makes one crack up and lose the tiniest amount of sleepiness simply because one is laughing so hard.There are plenty of funny moments because Matheus exists in this world. His comments are simply priceless and I adore the hell out of this klutzy vampire. His existence as a vampire was not planned (at least not by him), but he seems to embrace his vampire-self more and more and I really like it because he doesn't lose his inner self. He's still his sarcastic, funny self that everyone's grown to love."Anyway, some people think scars are sexy.” Alistair raised his eyebrows. “Quin has scars,” said Matheus. Alistair’s eyebrows went higher. “Not that I find Quin sexy,” Matheus said. “Of course not,” Alistair said, the hints of smile hiding on his lips.I wasn't a big fan of Alistair in the previous book. One might even say that I disliked him, but I actually grew to really, really like him in this one and when some things didn't go his way, I felt really bad for him. Who knew he could be so likeable?! I think that's why I didn't mind the triangle so much, because I grew to really like Alistair. He was sweet, funny and, at times, simply adorable.But the ending!? Why the hell did Fecteau end the book like that? It's like she doesn't want me to read anything else ...The Book Challengers blog // The Book Challengers Instagram // The Book Challengers Twitter

  • Dana
    2019-05-15 01:05

    I also listened to this book, though the audio version is not showing up on goodreads. The narrator can create some strange voices for certain characters, but I thought it was great that he made sure to use different accents and tones for the individual characters to set them apart. In this beginning of this book, Mattheus is pitching one of his, all-too-common, fits. He tells Quin to leave him alone, that he never wants to see him, and Quin grants him his request. I'd say he could have done it because he was tired of the constant whining, but I think Quin cared for and respected Mattheus enough that he wanted to do what he asked. So for most of the rest of the story, he is not present in this book. Instead Mattheus ends up on his own, trying to figure out the vampire lifestyle while avoiding those that still want him dead. When he begins to run into some of the other vamps and supernatural beings that he met through Quin, he feels a little bit better until the one he is closest to turns out to be his betrayer. Still his group grows. He gets particularly close to a vamp he couldn't stand, but they need each other to survive. They are joined by a adolescent succubus, a werewolf, and a coven of vamps looking at Mattheus to be their leader. There is much for them to work towards, like shelter, and helping each other from being killed by a crazed vampire leader and a scientific organization that has a cure for their vampirism but leaves them mindless shadows of their former selves. This book also has a lot of humor, I missed Quin but enjoyed seeing Mattheus step up to the plate when it counted He is still a bit whiny and stubborn. He still reacts impulsively too, but he changes a lot. I was happy they found Quin but not as one of the mindless. And when Mattheus changes him back, we are left with more of a cliffhanger this time. Which I can handle. Some people don't like them and won't read a series with them until it's complete. I urge people to take the chance anyway, but I am looking forward to the next book asap. I'm a little bit peeved that there isn't a lot of info on when it is publishing. 4.5 stars

  • Lisa
    2019-04-29 21:46

    This book picks up right where book 1 leaves off.Looking for shelter, Mattheus and Quin end up in a cemetery. Following an argument where Mattheus tells Quin to go away, he does and for most of the remaining book there is no sign of Quin.This book focuses therefore on Mattheus and Alistair and their adopted covern.The snarky remarks are there like before and I loved the cast of secondary characters and yes, there was a bit more sex in this book. However, as there was no sex at all in book 1, that's not really saying a lot.Don't even start me on the ending. My God, there better be a book 3 on the horizon as the boys can't be left as they are.

  • Priscilla Robinson
    2019-04-28 04:05

    Another Cliff hanger This one was not nearly as good as the first. I kept reading waiting for Quinn to come back and then book the book is done. And it doesn't look like the next installment is out yet. Still I do like the characters I just hate having to wait to find out what's next.

    2019-05-11 21:09

    Truly Disappointed I really had a hard time with the first book but persevered and kept going , hated the ending and hoped for a sequel, got my wish only to have thrown off a cliff to the rocks below with the severe ending, I don't care if there is a third book, won't be reading it, author, keep your day job.

  • Ronisha
    2019-04-28 02:48

    My thoughts at the end of this second book was 'that was mean'. I have a theory of what will happen next but I will still like a book 3. To see what will happen next. But Amy if you see this plz publish book 3.

  • Nene
    2019-05-02 21:59

    OkayThis was a okay read the story was interesting, this is my second read by this Author. It kept my interests , and the way it ended I hope it's not a long wait until the next book. I need to know what happens next.

  • Haizle The Princess
    2019-05-22 20:44

    I hated how this book ended. I got no closure whatsoever. I would suggest waiting until the next book comes out (if there's supposed to be one) so you canread it immediately after you finish this.

  • Steph ☀️
    2019-05-16 21:45

    🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟Warning: Adulting will not happen while reading this book.What a fu*king cliffhanger!!!!!! First off this book is so much better than the first book in that it kept me entertained from start to finish. Seriously, all my adulting was put on hold for this. I am enjoying the development of all these characters and the world that the author has created. Amy Fecteau is slowly introducing new characters/paranormals to the story, which is opening up the world she has developed and expanding the storyline. There's just so much going on with Matheus and his struggle to finally let the walls down and figure out more about himself; it's really beautiful and I'm beyond excited! I swear, while reading this story I felt like my emotions were a ping pong game. One minute I am rooting for what might be possibly blooming between Alastair and Matheus. Then after a moment I seem to hold out hope that Matheus and Quin will end up together but at the same time wanting Alastair to find his happiness. Regardless, only the author knows the end game and I do have to say she is doing an excellent job keeping me in the dark. This book still has plenty of sarcasm, wit and somewhat dry humor. Amy once again does a stellar job with the delivery of information to the reader. By the end of the book we learn more about Matheus's past, Juliet's role in all of this and of course we are introduced to even more characters, both good and bad; each with their own agenda. With everything possibly coming to an end with the next book, I have to say I have conflicted feelings. On one hand I am excited to see what happens next. However, on the other hand I really don't want this to end. At the very least can't their be another protagonist or possibly a spin off? Call me selfish, but I really don't want this to end.

  • Carrie
    2019-05-09 23:55

    I really enjoyed the first book of this series, so much so that it got one of my coveted 5 star ratings. This book does not feel as good as the first one, but it’s still not that bad. You definitely need to start with book 1, and maybe I did myself a disservice by having such a long time between reading that one and this book.We join Matheus right after Quin gives up on him. He leaves him in a cemetery where he proceeds to whine and mope for way too long a time. While he is floundering in his new vampire life, he ends up being confronted by some old frenemies who turn into much more and some old friends who end up surprising him in really horrible ways. Somehow, Matheus ends up becoming a player in the supernatural game without even trying (and sometimes trying to avoid it). The big bad in this story (aside from Matheus’s crappy attitude) is Appollonia, who is the current ruler of the vampire world. I guess Matheus should have probably tried to avoid pissing her off, but he has a special aptitude for being a pain. I felt like this book was definitely leading somewhere and setting up future books rather than really being a standalone. I’ll definitely see where this is headed, but wish we could have avoided just a little bit of the whining.

  • Amber
    2019-05-14 22:44

    I'm really not sure if this is a three star or four. This book took a strange twist in that Quin isn't in it for most of the book. (view spoiler)[Instead Alistair ends up getting in Matheus pants and they have a relationship that at time feels like what Quin and Matheus had. For me those two falling into bed just seemed odd. The departure of Quin also left me hanging. I was expecting find out more about why Quin claimed Matheus and the bond that they shared but for most of the book we're left in the dark(hide spoiler)]What I did really enjoy was some of the new characters that come filtering in. Haven and her group add some colorful additions to the story. I also loved finding out Juliet's connection to Matheus and Leyna makes a cute if worrisome new character. This book takes a lot of twists and turns that I just didn't see coming and the series keeps surprising me if nothing else.

  • Alhena Rouge
    2019-05-18 20:53

    Well, I'm definitely a fan of this series. It's fun and intense and kind of awesome.I can't believe the author made me love a whiny, annoying character. But she did. Oh I liked Matthew, even though I wanted to smack him in the face more than one time. He's whiny, annoying but he's sarcastic and socially weird and a bit crazy. He sounds like me haha. And I can't believe the author made me love the love interests in this series. But she did. I'm usually not a fan when the love interests are all over the place or when there is a triangle. But it's not like that in here. It's better. It's good. It's very well made. Quin was absent almost the entire book but I loved this book nonetheless. And Alistair is kind of amazing. He's funny, and loyal and charming and awesome. I really can't wait to see what will happen next.

  • Mike
    2019-05-25 04:48

    Deliciously funny and captivating, you can't help but want to devour this book! Although I must say that ( without any spoilers) it does lack a little of the sparkle from the first book. What can I say I miss the early chemistry of Quin and Matheus. But still this is a wonderfully engaging book and I cannot wait to read he third!

  • Vicki
    2019-05-18 21:02

    2nd verse same as the first. 10 stars!!! ;) Except, this one ended with a cliffhanger. Oh, I am soooo glad book 3 is already out or I would be screaming.

  • Alysa H.
    2019-04-25 23:01

    Funny, slick, edgy, and... too long by half. I enjoyed this book, but beyond a handful of scenes, not much really happens in it besides witty banter. So, that’s awesome, but can get a little much.

  • Andrea
    2019-05-25 20:50


  • Libbsmm
    2019-05-19 02:58

    F'ing cliffhangers....

  • Spuffed
    2019-05-26 21:06

    DNF around 70%. Because I enjoyed the first book and wanted to know what happened, I used an audible credit for this second book which is the conclusion to the series. It wasn't awful but I tried and tried to finish and I just couldn't. Several times I just got so bored that I fell asleep. Other times I just ended up tuning out and thinking about things like laundry. I tried probably about 7 times to finish this book and just couldn't stick with it anymore.Plot: The pacing was a lot slower than the first book. It was made clear in the book that the main Dude had intentions of doing something with no knowledge nor skill but the problem was that that is exactly what happened. Need to find someone? Boom, they just happened to show up on your doorstep. Again, it was literally made into a joke in the book but many times, these things were what moved the plot along but it still never really moved anywhere except onto another seemingly impossible thing. There is some advancement of a sexual nature for the main Dude but I was unhappy with the choices that were made in that regards-- and not by the homosexual nature, but how that evolved. Of course, that was up until about the 70% mark so keep that in mind.Characterization: There were some surprises to many of the characters which was enjoyable and the only thing that saved the plot itself for me. Unfortunately, the one character that I loved the most was completely absent up to the point that I read so again, another reason I just completely lost interest.Narration: As in the first book it was great.Overall: I kind of still want to know what happens but I just couldn't finish despite trying many times. And I am aware that I could have ended up loving this book if I had been able to get through just 5% more but alas, I could not.

  • Renee Price
    2019-05-27 04:55

    I'm seriously like crying right now because I hate the ending, and the emotional rollercoaster I went threw reading this book. I can explain how much I love, and hate this book right now. I ship Quinteaus so hard it's not even funny. Then you HAD to throw this curve ball in.........QUIN LEFT BECAUSE OF A STUPID LITTLE FIGHT THEN MAT WENT, AND RISKED IT ALL FOR HIS LOVER TO WHAT? NOT HAVE HIS LOVER. AMY FECTEAU THIS ISN'T COOL I'M EXTREMELY UPSET. I HAVE TOO MANY OPEN ENDINGS. THERE SHOULD BE A BOOK 3 HEADED OUR WAY MA'AM. It was a great book otherwise great twists, and turns. Mat should have developed more as a character in the book other than the "I can live without them" kind of type of thing. The war thing was kinda ehhh..... But how it tied in was good. I'm still extremely upset because of the bond Quinteau have, and how SO MUCH POTENTIAL their love had. I mean versus the whole Alistair& Mat thing wasn't really cutting it. Also it wasn't really that good because Alistair&Mat was just "having sex" while Quin&Mat would have been making love. All in all, a good book. It will rip out your heart, and stomp on it, hand it back, then take it, and eat it leaving you breathless wanting more.

  • Cat
    2019-05-16 21:42

    The first in the series was a home run for me with unusual characters inserted into the usual angst and horror and erotica of vampire literary lore. The huge amount of snark and humor made it so fun. The second (this one) started a little rough but then delivered-but be warned it was a cliff hanger and no information on a third book. So read and review the first two so that there will be a third because I am dying (hee hee) to know how it all comes out in the end.

  • Tammy
    2019-05-21 04:45

    The story was okay. The MC Matheus is just as sarcastic and funny as in the first book. There are 2 main problems with the book. One - MC Quinn (and love interest?) from book one is absent for almost the entire book. Two - the ending is the type of cliffhanger I loathe. The book simply stops in the middle of a scene.

  • David
    2019-05-22 01:44

    Good enjoyable readIt was a good and enjoyable read. But it left in what I thought was the middle of the story. It wasn't the ending I was expecting even though I can't say what that was. Perhaps there will be a sequel. If so, I'll read it and l expect I'll enjoy it just as wee as the first two.

  • Olga
    2019-05-14 23:00

    I do not hope I have to wait another year the third book.... :'(

  • J
    2019-05-07 02:06

    Worthy follow up full of angst. I feel sorry for the little blonde. And the baby succubus adds more humour. Leaves with a cliff hanger.

  • Enid
    2019-04-29 22:59

    I like this series, the sarcasm, the somewhat unconventional love angles... what I don't like are the stupid cliffhangers... /rant. XD