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A high-seas romantic adventure from a new author. Thinking Alexandra is his half-sister, pirate captain Nathaniel Kent takes her hostage on his ship to exact revenge on his cold-hearted father. But the pirate and the beautiful seamstress can barely contain their strong desire for each other....

Title : Of Noble Birth
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Of Noble Birth Reviews

  • liirogue
    2019-04-07 13:59

    I was really intrigued by the idea of a hero with one arm. The rest of the novel is fairly standard romance - a seamstress is mistaken for a noble woman, gets kidnapped by pirates, falls in love with pirate, and helps pirate exact his revenge. The one-armed hero should have really helped set this apart from others in the genre and given it a neat twist or flavor.But that doesn't happen, at all. It's as if Novak wrote the book, sent it to the publisher, and they came back and said "Hey, do something to make your hero stand out." Novak thought a bit, and went in and added random descriptions of a guy with one arm. Novak doesn't actually do anything with his disability, other than occasionally mention he's got one arm. How does he wear his clothes - does he pin the sleeve up or let it dangle in the wind? She describes him climbing rope ladders several times - how does he do it? Does he use his partial arm to help balance himself or wind it in the rope while he moves his good hand to another grip? When he gets into fistfights or knife fights (which happens several times), does he move like everyone else? Can he even use his partial arm at all or does it just hang there?And that is how this book failed - none of the issues above are ever addressed. He is literally just like every other pirate hero except he's a little easier to pick out in a crowd. Novak had a great opportunity and idea to set this book apart and give it a little depth, and she completely squanders it.

  • Julie
    2019-04-04 15:58

    I thought the story was very good. Lot's of excitement and suspense with drama throughout the whole story and it ended well. My favorite character was the beautiful Alexandra, she seem to be very heroic throughout the story even though she started out meek and feeble at the beginning of the story. Nathanial of course my other favorite, being able to be a brave and strong despite his past when he was born and was cast out by his father. The romance and suspense was good between the two characters. I liked the ending, but I thought it seemed to be rushed and could have had more detail as what happened to all the main characters as there lives continued. It's a stand alone novel and I highly recommend it. I've read one other novel of Brenda Novak's and it was also very good.

  • Kelly
    2019-04-12 18:54

    Another from the Kindle backlog. The story is draggy for reasons I can't put my finger on, and while the author keeps describing the chemistry between the hero and heroine, I'm not feeling it. Also, the hero was born without a hand on one arm yet it seems to work exactly like an arm with a hand about 90% of the time, except when someone is looking directly at it and remarking on the deformity. I think the author kept forgetting it was missing.

  • she_batts
    2019-04-10 13:17

    I had to DNF this, I'm bored to tears. When the H kisses his "supposed" sister on the lips to shut her up, that creeped me out. Gross!!!

  • Gator Girl
    2019-04-16 15:57

    ***Possible Spoilers....but I'm saving you some time.***Was interesting since the Hero of the story, Nathaniel, is born with a deformed arm. So....not your typical physical perfection from the Hero. But he's still very handsome and muscular and every thing else about him is typical romance novel perfection. When Nathaniel is born, his jerk of a father, tries to smother him since he is deformed. The father can't have a deformed son as an heir. The maid saves him and leaves....raising him the best she can. Our heroine, Alexandra, is being abused by a stepfather.....and is kidnapped by Nathaniel at a dress shop because she favors Nathaniel's half sister. Nathaniel is going to use his half sister as a way to get back one of his men, who his jerk father had captured....because Nathaniel had been pirating from his dad's shipping business. yeah....really involved plot to get these two together. And it's one of the reasons that this was just "ok" for me. The ending is just as involved. Ever watch one of those horror movies where the villain keeps popping up, over and over again. It's like, "Will you die already?" It happens in this story....we not only have jerk father, but we also acquire a jerk half-brother. The jerk half-brother loses a hand because of Nathaniel. Then Alexandra ends up working at the jerk father's home....and the jerk half-brother pursues her. Nathaniel ends up in jail. Alexandra at one point tries to get a job as a seamstress...and ends up drugged and being forced into prostitution. Don't worry....Nathaniel turns out to be her first client because he had been searching for her. How convenient....Like I said...just a whole bunch of convoluted story lines. Felt like the author should have simplified it a little bit. Just too much going on....Finally....we don't even get to read about these two going all the way. You get real close a few times and then you know that they had to of consummated the relationship because a child is born.If you have some extra isn't too bad of a read. It was ok. I do like the fact that our Hero has a physical flaw...and he thrives. He doesn't have a bad attitude about it at all and that makes it a good read because it's difficult when the Hero or the Heroine are whiny and complaining throughout the book.

  • Terri
    2019-03-24 19:58

    Enjoyed it. Wasn't an all-time fav, but enjoyable enough. Lots of angst...and lots of sexual tension building, without allowing the reader the payoff of seeing the consumation, which left me a little let-down. Intricate plot, leads readers on quite a ride. Likeable characters...though I was often perplexed by how much this one-armed main character could do. I have a one-armed friend, who is amazing with as much as he can do, but still, I think it unlikely that he could tie up an unwilling captive - or two - alone with one hand. Growing up with a handicapped parent as I did, I love that this author didn't use this character's handicape to define him, but in showing how capable he was, I think she sometimes forgot that the very nature of having a handicap does sometimes leave one with some deficits. Anyway, it was a free offering from Amazon, and one of the better ones, for sure. I would probably give this author a try again.

  • Kim B
    2019-04-15 18:00

    Please tell me there will be a sequel!!! "Of Nobel Birth" by Brenda Novak, had everything a good romance should have, action, adventure and attraction.An engaging tale, where a babe of Nobel birth, born less than perfect , is rescued from an attempt on his life by his very own father, the Duke of Greystone. Much to the displeasure of the Duke, he lives to become a pirate, scoundrel to some, yet an honorable man, Capt. Nathaniel Kent of the ship the ROYAL VENGEANCE. I loved the strength of this unlikely hero who is not perfect in body but of his soul, who won me with his charm.Alexandra Cogsworth, a seamstress, a young lady, abused by the cruelty and greed of her own father, was a perfect character to turn Nathaniel's world upside down. She is a strong female lead, but she doesn't know that yet, I love where we get to watch her grow into herself as a woman.A kidnapping, a mistaken identity, bold decisions to change a life's path, go awry, sets the stage for a sequence of events that challenge them as individuals and draws them together, in spite of themselves. Nathaniel thinks he has kidnapped his half-sister, Anne, to trade for a friend his father has captured. He is puzzled as to why he is drawn to his half-sister Anne of whom he has never met. But it is not Anne, but Alexandra, who too finds herself drawn to him, which adds to the tension. Fearing her fate if he learns the truth of her real identity, she fights the attraction, and plans her escape. What Alexandra doesn't realize is that Nathaniel highly suspects is that she is not his sister, but keeps the pretense to keep her safe from his pirate crew.At a point, Ok, I got worried as to where this book was going to go, as I am not into the incest thing. Cautiously I did continue to read and found it does not go in that direction, how Novak directed her hero, Nathaniel in this situation only, made me love him more.Brenda Novak's supporting cast of characters, her vivid descriptions of the landscape of where the story takes place, enriched this exciting tale. Novak's romantic twists of the attraction, the fighting of the characters within themselves as they battle with their dreams of what LOVE, and family mean to them, were realistic.Some complained that it was not romantic enough and that it had TOO much adventure. This was a perfect romance for me, as romance is not just being hot in bed, with graphic details(none here), IT IS ABOUT THE DANCE "BEFORE" you get there. Overall I found myself trapped, delightfully so, within this fast moving novel, with no errors in the editing, spelling and grammar of this heartwarming romantic tale.5 stars *****

  • Angie
    2019-04-06 18:55

    Of Noble Birth was a fun and exciting read! Captain Nathaniel Kent is the unacknowledged son of a duke, since he was born with only one arm. Raised by his father's ex-housekeeper, he grew into a life of piracy. But he only targets his father's ships! Then one night, one of Nathaniel's men is kidnapped by his father, so he sets out to kidnap his half-sister for ransom. Well, he winds up with Alexandra, who looks like his sister, but is really just a seamstress who was trying to hide from her abusive step-father. Oops.I love tales of mistaken identity and Of Noble Birth was a great one! Alexandra had been fixing a dress for the duke's daughter, when her father whom she's running from arrives. She dons the dress and slips past him, only to get taken aboard a pirate ship! She tries to explain who she is, but Nathaniel thinks she's just trying to escape. But then...there's feelings! Nathaniel is attracted to his sister who's maybe not his sister! He doesn't know! He's so conflicted, especially when Alexandra starts saying she is his sister (for her own protection, of course)! This was all too funny! Obviously the truth has to come out soon enough when the duke doesn't pay up for his precious "daughter."While Of Noble Birth has a fast paced, action packed, and engaging plot (there's a lot more to come after the initial kidnapping), I wish there had been more romance! I loved the beginning with Nathaniel struggling with his attraction to his sister, who's not really his sister, but after that the romance aspect kind of fades. Alexandra and Nathaniel spend a lot of the book apart because of reasons, but they're always pining for the other. I wanted more kissing! They do get their happily ever after as is the norm for Historical Romance, but I wish it had been explored more earlier on.I really enjoyed Of Noble Birth. It was nice to see different kinds of characters in the lead roles: a one armed pirate and a lowly seamstress. The plot was really well developed, although there were a few jumpy transitions that had me momentarily confused. All in all, it was a great read, though don't expect much in the way of quivering thighs and heaving bosoms.Read more of my reviews at Pinkindle Reads & Reviews.

  • Jilly
    2019-04-02 16:12

    Just because a book is free (with good ratings) doesn't mean it is actually worth reading. Sadly, I discovered this. I downloaded this from Amazon as a Free Kindle book. It sounded promising... not spectacular. And I would say that is what I got. The story kept me mostly interesting though everything that happened was highly convenient and Nathaniel's missing hand didn't even trouble him when he had to tie ropes!Alexandra was a very stereotypical heroine with her easily succumbing to Nathaniel's charm and good looks though surprisingly enough these characters waited until getting married before consummating their relationship.I don't hold much hope for Novak's writing as this book seemed to twist and turn and toss stuff into the story just to make page count.Even free it isn't really worth recommending.

  • Judith
    2019-04-06 15:58

    This is one of those rare reading experiences that will engage every level of the reader's brain. The romantic factor is certainly central, but the family situation for both Alexandra and Nathaniel are critical to the story's development; the politics of the time--the imminent nature of the Crimean War is very much present; the almost sociopathic nature of the evil that drives Nathaniel's father and brother are an over-arching canopy to the story's character and context. Just a wonderfully well-thought-out story that is not an easy or simplistic read, but one that will keep the reader's interest from start to finish. Beautifully constructed as a first novel that is only now finding its rightful place among the portfolio of an author who has gifted readers with many great pieces of writing. Historical romance fans really don't want to miss this one!!

  • Amanda
    2019-04-12 14:17

    What can I say, for my first book by Brenda Novak I couldn’t have been happier. I didn’t realize until afterwords, that this was Brenda’s first novel. I have read alot of debut ficton over the years and this is one book that did not read like a debut. It was engaging from the get go, I liked that neither the hero or the heroine were perfect.Of Noble Birth will take you on a voyage and one that I do not think will disappoint anyone. Our hero is Nathaniel ( I love this name by the way), he is a pirate captain who is bent on getting vengeance on his father, the Duke of Greystone. His father denies Nathaniel as his son and heir, as he was born with a deformity. On the night of his birth, his father tried to kill him, he survived only through the actions of the housekeeper.Nathaniel has been attacking his fathers ships at sea and taking his cargo aided by someone in his father’s household. But on one meeting to gather information, they are ambushed and his best friend is captured. Wanting to have something to have bargaining power with, he embarks on a mission to kidnap his half-sister and use her as leverage.Meet our Heroine Alexandra, she is a spunky female with a desire to live and is being smothered and exploited by her step father Willy. Alexandra knows she needs to get away from Willy soon or it will be too late. She comes up with a plan to sweet talk her way into getting payment for a job Willy would normally collect on, but this is fiction and nothing ever goes to plan as our hero and heroine would like. While delivering the goods, Alexandra has to step in and help the establishment out. Who should the client be, only Nathaniel’s half-sister and so ensues a moment of mistaken identity as Alexandra looks identical to Nathaniel’s sister, she is kidnapped in her place.Nathaniel must now be in close quarters with his ‘half-sister’ and is disturbed by his attraction to her. Alexandra also feels the attraction to Nathaniel but knows that she is safer as long as he and his men believe she is his half-sister.Soon the truth will come out and how will all parties involved deal with the truth? Well, to get the answer you will have to read it yourself and find out.This may be my first book that I have read by Brenda, but she is an author that has been on my radar for the past thee years due to the fantastic work that she does in raising money for the Diabetes cause, and she is a woman who I have a lot of admiration and respect for.Of Noble Birth will not be my last book by this author and with so many to choose from, my biggest problem will be which to choose!

  • Barbara
    2019-04-07 16:10

    When the Duke of Greystone’s heir is born with a deformed arm, he tries to kill the baby, but his housekeeper manages to take his son and get away. Since the Duchess dies shortly after the birth, he reports that the baby died with his mother, remarries and has a son and daughter by his new wife. The housekeeper raises Nathaniel as her own child and though he has a hard life, he hasn’t his the handicap hinder him, although he hates his father and wants nothing more than to cause him trouble. To this end, he becomes a pirate captain and goes after his father’s ships and steals their cargo, justifying this as property that should come to him as the heir anyway. When one of his men, Richard, is captured by the Duke, Nathaniel kidnaps Alexandra, who has been mistaken for his half sister Anne, thinking that he can trade her for Richard. The story follows the adventures of Alexandra and Nathaniel as they fight his half brother and the Duke through sea battles, imprisonment, and treachery to try to reach a place where they can be happy and free to live their lives in peace. There were times I thought this couple would never get a break, they went through so much, but the conclusion was very satisfying and I enjoyed the story.

  • R.E. Butler
    2019-03-31 15:07

    I'm not one for historical romances but I couldn't help getting this book. Wronged hero, heroine in the wrong place at the wrong time...and it grabbed me right from the start. What a sweet story this turned out to be! I'm so glad I ignored the few poor reviews on amazon and picked this book up. Brenda's got a great writing style and she's piqued my interest in her other stories. I'd very much to like to be mistaken for a scoundrel's half sister if Alexandra's story is the result!

  • Katie(babs)
    2019-04-18 15:20

    DNF by page 80. The lower class clang was hard to follow and the story didn't really pick up at all.

  • Lady Delacour
    2019-04-03 14:15

    DNFStory was just not for me.

  • Michele Salls
    2019-04-16 18:11

    I am a fan of historical novels. I really enjoyed the story of Nathaniel and Alexandra. The conflict, the deceit and the support received. The last line of the book actually made me tear up. If Greystone could just have accepted in-perfection, he could have had so much more.

  • Patrice
    2019-04-03 16:20

    This is a historical romance. The Duke of Greystone’s son is born with a deformity, the lower part of one of his arms never developed. When told of this, the Duke attempted to suffocate the newborn and his housekeeper intervened, and took the child to raise on her own. Twenty plus years later Nathaniel, as the child was named, decided to take matters into his own hands, since he is not allowed to claim his name and inheritance, he “pirates” his father’s ships and takes their cargoes and sells them. Then his friend is captured by the duke and they decide to kidnap his daughter so that the duke might exchange his daughter for their friend. Alexandra’s mother passed away when she was 11 and is now “employed” by her step- father, Willy, and several other women, as seamstresses. Willy wasn’t her biological father and since her mother had died, Willy would get drunk most nights and abuse Alexandra by hitting her or tormenting her and locking her in a chest. Do to all this she is claustrophobic. She decides, with the help of the other lady seamstresses that she has to get away from Willy. She recently had a letter from her Aunt saying they were going to India, so Alexandra plans to get away from Willy and leave with her Aunt for India. Unfortunately, while carrying out the plan, Alexandra is waylaid at one of the stops and she hears Willy and is afraid of what he would do if he catches up with her. She puts on a ladies gown and walks out to her carriage and is abducted because they believe she is Lady Anne, the one whose dress she has on. Thus begins the entwined tale of Nathaniel and Alexandra…. Alexandra is taken away by Nathaniel and his crew to his ship the Vengeance believing she is Lady Anne, the daughter of the Duke of Greystone and Nathaniel’s half-sister, hoping to exchange her for their friend Richard. So Alexandra pretends to be Lady Anne, afraid that if they believe her to only be a seamstress she doesn’t know what they would do to her. Nathaniel must take Alexandra on his ship and to accommodate her, she must stay in his cabin with him as there is no other place on the ship for her to stay. Being in close proximity, they begin to care for each other and Nathaniel tries to fight the strange feelings he is beginning to have for his “sister”. Through a series of events and happenstance, piracy, capture, treason, prison, and a hanging occur before the conclusion of this story. Very well written, it keeps you wanting to read until you come to the end and then you want to learn more. A very enjoyable story.

  • A Book Vacation
    2019-04-07 19:58

    To see my full review: be told, I tend to flock to the YA section of the bookstore, so Novak’s novel, Of Noble Birth wasn’t even on my radar until a review request piqued my interest, and I am very glad for it. Sometimes I miss out on gems like this historical romance because of my gravitation towards YA, and it takes books like this one to remind me to expand my horizons.Novak’s novel is awesome. It’s not too hot and heavy, which is great for a prudish reader like me, but it does have just enough romance and steamy kisses/smoldering glances to really make it a romantic adult novel, and as one of my first in this category, I have to admit that I really enjoyed it. The story itself is extremely interesting from the very beginning, as readers learn of Nathan’s birth, his missing arm, and his father’s murderous intent due to the “imperfection,” as he deems it. The novel then jumps ahead about twenty years, presenting readers with the now grown Nathan and a new character we quickly fall in love with, Alexandra.A seamstress, Alexandra gets more than she bargained for when she dons a proper ladies dress in hopes of escaping the notice of her drunken step-father. Unfortunately, she finds herself in the wrong place at the wrong time, and Nathan, now a rogue pirate intent on harming his estranged nobleman father as much as possible, mistakes Alexandra for his half-sister. As events unfold, and the mistaken identity plays itself out, both of these main characters, intent on a better life, find themselves suddenly falling for one another, a revelation that neither of them can admit, and their snarky retorts and slow dance around one another is incredibly well-written.I loved being whisked away on the high seas, and I really enjoyed getting to know the characters as well—though a little gruff and unforgiving, they really do work their way into the readers heart. While a little repetitive at times, and a tad long, the case of mistaken identity was humorous and an enjoyable aspect of the novel—one I liked very much. If you’re like me and usually stick to YA or NA novels, I highly suggest giving this one a go; it’s unique and much fun, especially as Nathan comes to realize his mistake and everything comes crashing down upon him. Spanning multiple years, with up and downs on all fronts, Novak really engages her readers; this is not one to miss.

  • Lover of Romance
    2019-03-30 12:15

    Alexandra, is desperate to escape her cruel stepfather who beats her, she finds a way to escape with a disguise never expecting to be kidnapped and taken aboard a pirate's ship. Only they think she is a daughter of a lord so they can ransom her, but no matter how much she protests they don't believe her to be a seamstress. Nathaniel, is very bitter toward his father, but when one of his closest friends gets captured he goes out to capture his father daughter, and his step sister....only he never expected that he would be so attracted to a relation, but something nags at him, that she is not at all who she appears to be and that she is hiding something, and that this increasing desire that he has for her might just inflame them both...This is the first book that I have read by Brenda Novak and I just fell in love with this book, and I want to read more by this author....the synopsis and the cover are what drew me to open the pages, but once I really got into the story I could barely put it down and found entranced by the amazingly written love story of two people that come from different situations in life however they share one thing... a common love and desire for each other. Of Noble Birth is of the Georgian Time period and is packed with excitement, adventure, passion, and a intense love story that will leave you with delight.

  • Linda
    2019-04-04 15:59

    This was an excellent book. The story was well written.Born with a deformed arm, Nathaniel Kent was almost smothered by his father until the housekeeper rescued him. She loved him and raised him until his father, the Duke, killed her. Vowing revenge, Nathaniel became a pirate and preyed on his father’s ships looting them of their cargo. When one of his crew was taken by the Duke, Nathaniel kidnapped his half-sister, only to find that the lady was not his sister but a humble seamstress named Alexandra Cogsworth. Nathaniel and Alexandra fought their attraction to each other since Alexandra wanted a home and family and Nathaniel was a wanted man. Alexandra saved Nathaniel from the prison ship that his father had him sentenced to and saved him again when his half-brother tried to kill him. With his first mate, Nathaniel got the proof of his half-brother's gun running to England's enemies to get him convicted of treason. Finally, he got revenge on his father but it was not as comforting as Nathaniel thought.Nathaniel and Alexandra married in England and sailed to America to begin their life together.

  • Nubia Sanchez
    2019-04-19 13:51

    Just finish reading this wonderful story. It really show that disabled people can do anything to survive in this world. Nathaniel is an amazing character because he shows true strength in his ability to survive to prove his father, The Duke of Greyhouse, that even as cripple with only one good arm, he is a man not to be mess with at all and make his father' miserable. He defended those he loves and fight against his father and his half brother, Clifton. Alexandra is a seamstress who was running away from his stepfather's mistreatment and was kidnapped by this mysterious pirate captain (Nathaniel) who confuse her with his half sister. But through their journey she was falling in love with him that she even protect Nathaniel from any harm. Also, she help to find Nathaniel when he was captured even if risking her life being inside the Duke Greyhouse's home to save him. It was simply the best. The ending was sad and happy in which make us reflective that never judge a person whether they are cripple, they still show they are just the same as any normal people.

  • Cecilia (rather barefoot than bookless)
    2019-04-17 19:57

    I know the cover is a bit cheesy but this book was actually really good! I had no problem staying interested in this one. It was not the typical historical romance. It had some suspense and they did not end up in bed every ten pages like some romance novels. It was close a few times but no more than than that and I find that some how refreshing. Sometimes less is more.I like the characters a lot. especially Nathaniel! He has such a big heart and he is courageous. He has only one arm and even though society think of him as a cripple that is not how he live his life. I love that he is able to walk his own path even though he has a little hang up on his father. Alexandra is also a very courageous woman. She is scared yes but she has courage! And she does not willingly go with her kidnappers, she puts up a fight!It was a great read, one I had trouble to put down. So if you are a fan of historical romance. This is a book for you.

  • Pamela(AllHoney)
    2019-03-30 20:13

    Alexandra Cogsworth is a simple seamstress hoping to escape her abusive step-father when she is mistaken for the daughter of a duke and kidnapped by the pirate Nathaniel Kent. Nathaniel is the first son of the Duke of Greystone but because of his deformity (born without one arm) he was rejected and the Duke attempted to murder him. Now he lives to get vengeance on the man who fathered him. I love Brenda Novak's Romantic Suspense. In fact she is one of my most favorite writers when it comes to RS. Unfortunately, I didn't enjoy the historical romance as much as I'd hoped. It wasn't bad but I didn't have the same feelings as I got when reading the RS.

  • Vikki Vaught
    2019-03-22 17:08

    Ms. Novak's writing style is fluid and smooth, and marvelously descriptive. I found myself sitting on the edge of my seat waiting find out what happened next. Talk about building sexual tension, at that, Ms. Novak is superb. Unfortunately, the story is filling with plot holes. They kept pulling me away from the story. They drove from Bristol to London in a carriage in two day? I think not. How did Nathaniel manage to do the things he did? At one point, the villains have his hand tied, to what? Nonetheless, even with these glaring issues, I could not stop reading. I will read more from this talented author. I'm sure that she has grown in her talent since writing this book.

  • Literati Literature Lovers
    2019-04-03 13:03

    Not Bad Just not Riveting If you have kindle unlimited and want to kill a few hours then your could listen to the audiobook as part of your subscription. The book isn't bad, it just isn't memorable. It's kinda like a Hershey kiss not the greatest chocolate but will still satisfy the need for a sweet treat. Then ending was a head scratcher and Brenda Novack contemporary books are a lot better. I listened to the audiobook and the performance was okay, the character voices varied from scene to scene, so they weren't consistent.

  • Kris
    2019-04-03 20:02

    I loved this book. You immediately felt sorry for Alexandra and wanted something better for her. You also wanted to see Nathaniel get revenge on his disgusting father. The story has twists and turns in it that make it a bit of a mystery on top of the attraction that Nathaniel and Alexandra have for each other. There was definitely action in the book as well. Once I picked it up, I couldn't put it down, much like all of the other Brenda Novak novels that I have read.

  • Caity
    2019-04-01 19:04

    I received this book for free from Goodreads first reads program.This is a fun and exciting read. I was expecting more romance and less action when I first read the back cover of the book but was delighted to find the book packed full of adventure while still retaining plenty of romance. The main characters were likeable and interesting, I really liked the loyal pirate crew. This is a great fun book to read for a nice escape.

  • JaNeen
    2019-04-06 13:16

    It wasn't totally a clean read, but it was a very captivating story and kept me wanting to read more. My favorite part was that Nathaniel wasn't 'perfect'. It was refreshing that he had imperfections. I didn't give it 5 stars because it wasn't a totally clean book.

  • Molly
    2019-04-09 20:05

    This book had an actual bodice-ripping scene. The first half of the book had my complete attention, in that perfect enthralling escapism way. The second half dragged immensely. There were too many details and not enough to keep my invested in the story.

  • Mermarie
    2019-04-18 12:18

    Free again today. 11/21/2012"He grins at her and warns her to be more ladylike, because "even though she's his half-sister, he's no eunuch."