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Three people died simultaneously in different parts of India, seemingly unrelated but as the investigation progressed the investigators started finding evidences which ultimately not only related these incidents but opened doors to an investigation which was a much larger conspiracy, beyond anyone’s imagination. Tapas had a good job, a bright future and was about to marryThree people died simultaneously in different parts of India, seemingly unrelated but as the investigation progressed the investigators started finding evidences which ultimately not only related these incidents but opened doors to an investigation which was a much larger conspiracy, beyond anyone’s imagination. Tapas had a good job, a bright future and was about to marry the girl he loved but fate suddenly turned against him. That’s when he met a spiritual Guru who taught him Pranayama, meditation, and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Soon, he started taking classes of Pranayama, meditation and started giving Gita pravachan for a small fee. With this modest beginning, he went on to having the largest ashram in India at Puri, Odisha and many ashrams in various countries around the world. An MLA, an American and an Ayurvedic doctor, were instrumental in his rise. Everything was going well for everyone until there was a murder in the ashram. What was really going on?Was the ashram really, what it was supposed to be?...

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Guruji's Ashram Reviews

  • Mani Khanna
    2019-05-12 22:09

    Plot:The story began with three simultaneous deaths in different part of India which on investigation seemed related. In the backdrop of a small town Rourkela, arises the protagonist of the story Tapas. Leading a simple life in Bhubaneswar as a government employee, he was in love with a girl, Rashmi, as simple as him and was about to reveal his love for her in front of his family when his life takes a sudden twist. His fate takes a bad turn again and the darkness of his life takes him to a Guru from whom he starts taking Meditation and Pranayaam lessons. From being a student, he himself start taking those sessions and ultimately turns into one of the well-known Spiritual Gurus of Orissa.What converts Tapas from a government employee into a Guru?Who is behind the three deaths that took place simultaneously in different parts of the country?Is Tapas a true-spiritual teacher or a criminal mind resides behind the white dress he wears?Read this thrilling murder mystery to uncover the answers that are hidden under the covers of this book.My OpinionPositives:A perfect plot has been thought of and I appreciate the style of writing Sunil had maintained throughout creating a thrilling ambience till the very end. Language is simple and narration is perfect. Title suits well with the story. Though the book cover is not that bad but still he could have worked more on it.Readers will not get bored in any part of the book and being a 300+ page book, it will still keep its readers hooked due to the pinch of mystery. The book has no age specific target audience as it will be loved by people of all age groups especially those who love reading suspense and murder mysteries.The Shlokas from Geeta, knowledge of Yoga, Meditation, Pranayaam and the medical terms, drug-world-descriptions along with cancer treatment procedures described in the book shows author's deep knowledge of different fields and the amount of research he has done for the book which is again commendable.All characters are properly defined and well penned. His writing has also created a visual appeal that makes the book interesting. Proper justification is given to all the characters and ending too is well penned.Negatives:Repetition of same sentences has created a bad impact which could have been avoided. The intimate scenes mentioned in the book are exaggerated much more than necessary since this diverting a mysterious thriller towards eroticism. A few typos were found in the end chapters, they could be avoided.My take on the book:The book gives rise to an important issue which is that why humans can’t control their desires and greed. Picturing our ‘greed’ as our ‘needs’ has brought this phase in human life.What more I have concluded after reading this book is that, it was not only the story which he want his readers to read, there were multiple hidden aspects that he wanted to give light to with this book.The main motives of Human existence, importance of Meditation, Pranayaam, Yoga in our lives, the teaching of Geeta mentioned in some parts of the book in the form of Shlokas, the truth behind the “Baba/ Guruji” and other such people are may the aspects that were described in the shadow of this murder-baba-mystery.One more thing I would like to highlight is the statement “Legal or Illegal is a political matter, whenever politicians decide to make something legal, they make it legal and whenever they please they make same things illegal. Why have they not banned cigarettes and alcohol? Don’t they know how many people get cancer because of smoking cigarettes? How many lives have been ruined because of drinking alcohol? Why are these not made illegal?" ------------------------------I too have been thinking this very thing from a very long time and still not got someone who could give me a suitable answer to this. (In a hope that one day all such questions will be answered, I’ll leave it as a question for my readers) -----------------------------Read Tapas' journey of transformation from a common man to a world famous Spritual Guru and in between enjoy a thrilling murder mystery to learn some harsh realities of this world and the hidden aspects of different worlds altogether.Final Rating:Book Cover and Title: 3.75/5 Plot, language and Literature: 4/5 Character Justification: 4.5/5 Final Rating: 4/5

  • Abhishek
    2019-04-27 22:12

    I would like to thank the author for sending me a copy of the book in exchange for an honest review. What got me intrigued was the blurb at the back of the book which told about the rise of a godman and then hints at his possible downfall. Coming at a time when the cases of godmen doing illegal and immoral acts were splashed all across the news, the book promised to be an interesting read and relevant to the times.The story begins with three "seemingly unrelated" deaths in different parts of the country and these kick off an investigation which not only relates these deaths but also help uncover a much larger conspiracy which nobody could have even imagined in the beginning.The reader is then introduced to Tapas, an ordinary middle class person who has just landed a job as a government employee. His life takes sudden twists and he loses his loved ones which lands him into depression. A chance meeting with a friend changes his life when he gets introduced to a Guru from whom he learns meditation and pranayam. There he meets Minakshi and together they start on a path which leads to Tapas becoming one of the most famous godmen in India. Tapas is then introduced to various characters who help him in one way or the other to spread his name in various parts of the world. But this attracts some unscrupulous elements as well who plan to do their illegal deeds using Tapas and his ashram as a shield. What happens thereafter makes for an interesting read.Coming to the positives of the book, the language (and not the content, this will be explained later) of the book ensures that this book can be enjoyed by all. The language is simple and never hinders the flow of the story. Many first time writers fall in the trap of using difficult words to make their book look glamorous but this often hampers the flow of the story by making the reader look for the meanings of the words in the dictionary. But the author of this book has nicely avoided this.The author has also explained the philosophies of the Gita in a very beautiful manner. Though these explanations slow down the pace a bit, still they won't bore the reader and these form the spiritual core of GURUJI'S ashram.The author also describes the various places like the ashram and the medicine factory quite beautifully and one feels as if he himself is taking a tour of these places. The characters are sketched beautifully. I liked the character of Minakshi the most. She overcame grave personal issues to not only trigger the rise of Tapas but also act as his pillar of support whenever required. The author also managed to convey the sincerity of Tapas' character through his various plans for the upliftment of the marginalized sections of the society.But there are some places where I felt the author could have done better.The detailed descriptions like that of the treatment of cancer and history of the drug trade in America, though informative, break the flow of the story. These have been described in monologues and could have been described in a better way so as to not hinder the flow of the story. The details of the various asanas could also have been pruned down a bit. The rise of Tapas is bit too rushed. His achievements though laudable are a bit far fetched given the short span of time in which they occur. Also the author discloses the entire plot much before the end. It would have been better if the author would have implicated some more characters to maintain the element of surprise till the end.But one thing which I hated in this book was the repitition of the sex scenes and the way in which they were described (the reason why the content mayn't be suitable for all, as I told earlier). The scenes were described in a very crude way and give the first part of the book a feel of a cheap porno novel. But if this is ignored, the rest of the book is a good read with a topic pretty much relevant to our times.All in all, this a good book and surely worth the time. The ending of the book is what every Indian wants, that the persons with surplus invest in the future of the country so that a new chapter in the history of India can be written.

  • Pankaj Goyal
    2019-05-14 03:29

    ‘Guruji’s Ashram’ by Sunil Sinha is a well-written multi-layered thriller. One of the basic ingredients of a good thriller is to serve the readers with some action in the beginning itself. This not only helps in captivating the readers, but also forces them to keep turning the pages. The book under review fulfills this criterion and keeps the attention of the readers from the first page itself. In addition to a good beginning, dull moments in a thriller can lose an audience and, therefore, the authors writing thriller should be careful about such dry moments in the book. I am happy to say that the story in ‘Guruji’s Ashram’ is woven in such a way that it does not bore you even a single time. You find yourself engrossed in the story from the very start to the very end.With a beautifully crafted storyline, the book is filled with plenty of twists. The story begins with the death of three persons in three different locations in India. In the beginning, these deaths appear to be simple cases of suicides. However, the investigations soon reveal that these are not just the simple cases of suicides but were the cases of murders. The investigations also reveal that these murders are not isolated incidents of human crime but are related incidents with a conspiracy beyond human’s imagination. The investigations then take us to an Ashram run by a well-known spiritual Guru Tapas. The Ashram somehow appears to be connected with these murders. Guru Tapas, known for his teaching of the Bhagvad Gita, Pranayama and meditation, is also involved in the philanthropic activities on a larger scale. However, it seems that these were not the only activities going on in the Ashram. What was really going on? Were these philanthropic activities just a veil to cover a heinous crime? And, most importantly, was the Ashram really, what it supposed to be? You need to read the book to find out the answers of these questions. The book throws a wonderful cast of colorful characters at your disposal. Some of these characters have been sketched really well. At the same time, some of the other characters were not delved into too deeply. Among all the characters, the character of Tapas (the main protagonist) certainly leaves an impression on you. Different shades of his personality have come out really well. The narration has been done well. It is lucid and provides enough description you needed to know. The teachings of Bhagvad Gita have been incorporated in the main storyline brilliantly. These do not stop the flow of the main plot. On the other hand, these add a certain charm to the storyline. While the book is quite enjoyable and the plot has good pacing, you somehow feel that it lacked the elements of surprises. As mentioned in the beginning of this review, there are plenty of twists in this book but these twists do not take the wind out of your sails. Inclusion of some shocking elements in the storyline would have certainly enhanced the thrilling component. I also feel that the description of explicit love making scenes could have been avoided. These scenes, in a way, do not add anything new to what I will call ‘a well-written story’. This, according to me, is unnecessary ink split on the pages. Note: I received a free copy of this book from the author in exchange of an honest review. Read more reviews on:

  • Aravinda
    2019-05-23 03:28

    I thank Sunil Sinha for sending me his book, Guruji’s Ashram. On one Monday evening, when I returned from office, this book was on lying on my table (courier had delivered it in the afternoon.) I thought I would read the book during the weekend. I had a very busy day - the next day. After dinner that night, out of curiosity, I picked up the book with an idea of only browsing through it. I started with Prologue. Next thing I realized that I had finished the book and time was 4am. I cursed both myself and Sunil Sinha.Although, I love reading the books but I don’t write reviews. However, this book covers so many important social issues that I felt to I should write something about it.Guruji’s Ashram is packed with Love, Sex, Drama, Emotion and Violence. Reading it was like watching a blockbuster Bollywood movie.India today is evolving socially. More and more rights are being given to men and women. Some section of people wants to reduce the age of consensual sex from 18 to 16. Today live-in relationships are common and slowly becoming more or less accepted by the society. I think, Sunil Sinha through his protagonists is trying to give following message to readers :1. Premarital relationship : Couple start living together with an idea of understanding each other before committing themselves to marriage. If, unfortunately, for some reason they break-up or couldn’t marry, then it is the woman, who suffers the most. It is even more unfortunate for woman if she realizes, after the breakup, that she is pregnant. In India, even today, single unmarried mother are looked down upon.2. Message to teenagers: Girls today are educated and at 18, they know their rights. They say – “It is my life, I will lead it as I want it, I know what I am doing, people are judgmental etc.” She falls in love (she thinks it is love). What happens when her partner is simply taking advantage of her innocence? Eighteen itself is a small age to take decision of life and bear responsibility of a child. Think about 16. Our social reformists who are advocating reducing the age of consensual sex to 16 should think about it. Reducing the age of consensual sex is not going to protect women in any way, instead it will harm them.3. Social Development: Majority of population of India feel that Reservation System in Higher education, Premier Educational Institutions and all job should be removed and in its place a better education system should be put in place for underprivileged, so that there would be no requirement of reservation system at all. (Students getting only 6% marks are getting admission in to IIT and good deserving meritorious students are left behind. What could be more shameful than this?I think this book must be read by all our politicians - including PM, Education Minster, CMs and Corporate houses. Guruji’s Ashram gives a very valid solution. If Politicians and Corporate houses join hands they can improve quality of life of people in India by providing quality education and jobs to the underprivileged.I thank Sunil Sinha once again for writing such an inspiring book. I recommend everyone to read this book. I give it 5 out of 5.

  • Rajesh Singh
    2019-04-23 00:08

    Guruji’s Ashram by Sunil Sinha is a murder mystery and thriller novel, is published by Leadstart Publishing.Guruji’s ashram and Murder sounds like an oxymoron. But this is a fiction after all. The story has a gruesome and punchy start, which will make you grip the book harder and you will keep turning page after page to know why those murders took place. Story takes several twists and turns but you will keep your eyes glued to the book and will find it hard the put the book down till you finish the last line. This book will remind you of Sidney Sheldon, Harold Robbins, Jeffery Archer, Irvin Wallace and the likes.All the scenes are descriptive and some scenes are very descriptive, which may make you cringe (especially the love making scenes, sex, rape scenes and details of cancer treatment). On the other hand, you will find yourself doing Pranayama and Meditation. And the book will generate your interest in Bhagavad Gita.The story is about a young man Tapas, who had a good job, a bright future and was about to marry the girl he loved but fate suddenly turned against him. That's when he met a spiritual Guru who taught him Pranayama, meditation, and the teachings of the Bhagavad Gita. Soon, he started taking classes of Pranayama, meditation and started giving Gita pravachan for a small fee. With this modest beginning, he went on to having the largest ashram in India at Puri, Odisha and many ashrams in various countries around the world. An MLA, an American and an Ayurvedic doctor, were instrumental in his rise. Everything was going well for everyone until there was a murder in the ashram.Author has brilliantly used the protagonist of his story to give the message to his readers that anyone can bring changes in society and uplift the state of poor people. He also points out that most people turn to spiritualism when they are in trouble and look for quick fix solution for their problems and mental tension. One amongst millions of these people becomes a Guru and many others his followers.I would like to thank to author Sunil Sinha for writing this wonderful novel.It is an interesting book. I highly recommend this book.

  • Sunita
    2019-05-23 03:29

    Guruji’s Ashram by Sunil Sinha is one of the best books I have ever read. A very sensitive subject. The story is very very beautiful. This book is a true picture of our society, gives so many messages. Like, it is always a girl who suffers the most if things doesn't go as the couple had planned. Also it is always the girl who suffers the most if she loves someone who doesn't deserve her love. This book also gives a message to all the Gurus and Politicians that if they stop being selfish and greedy they can do a lot to uplift the society. I wish all the Gurus and Politicians of India started thinking like the protagonists of this novel - Tapas and Sarat. Everyone must read this book. Hats off to Sunil Sinha for writing such a beautiful book. Only thing I didn't like about this book is the description of erotic and rape scenes. Description is so vivid that it made my skin crawl and by body shudder. I would have given this book 5 star, but just because of these scenes I will give it 3 star.

  • Som
    2019-05-06 22:16

    I bought this week from Guruji's AshramThe story is well researched and the narrative is gripping. This is the first book by this author and he has done a great job. It is a thriller and kept me wondering what came next. It brings into light the real dealings that happens in God Men Ashram's and how innocent and helpless people are conned. The description is explicit whether it is a ‘Love Making scene’ or ‘Treatment of Cancer’ or ‘way of doing Pranayama and Meditation’ or ‘distribution of Drugs’ or ‘Torture and Murder’. I highly recommend this book.

  • Charush Gupta
    2019-05-11 23:27

    A very very good story. Binds the readers from the very beginning. The narration style is very impressive and vocabulary is really great. A story of the journey of a common man to a highly respected and loved godman. Tapas the main character of this book represents many faces of an individual, from a careless college boy to a committed lover, an idol husband and then a great social worker. The suspense and thrill set in the beginning of the book binds the readers with the story till the end.A must read book n a very enjoyable story.

  • Nupur
    2019-05-23 00:20

    It was a good and gripping story and overall well written. It was hard to put the book down. Hats off to the author for the research work. All I can say is after reading Guruji’s Ashram, I have started doing Pranayama and Meditation daily. You must grab the book. I rate it 4.9 out of 5.

  • Kamal Paneru
    2019-05-05 20:12

    Review Point: 3.75 out of 5Author: Sunil SinhaPublisher: Frog Books, Imprint of Leadstart Publishing Pvt. Ltd.Genre: FictionISBN: 978-93-52013-14-2Edition: 2015Page Count: 301Platform:Tapas, who had a good job, had a bright future and about to marry the girl he loved. But fate suddenly turned against him. Series of misfortune made him frustrated and left him broken. That is when he met a Guru. From him learned about Pranayama and Meditation, and learned the teaching of Bhagavad Gita. With his Guru’s help Tapas started taking classes of Pranayama, Meditation, started giving Gita pravachan, and started charging small fee. Tapas had started this as a business to support his livelihood. As the time passes he became popular and more and more people started joining him. From a modest beginning, he went on to having a largest Ashram in India at Puri, Odisha and established many branches of his ashram in many countries around the world. A MLA, an Ayurvedic Doctor and an American were instrumental in his rise. Tapas was overwhelmed by the amount of money he had received from his ‘followers’. He started using this money for benefit of poor people of Odisha. His innovative way of thinking had given an uplift to the life of poor children of Odisha. As nothing, lasts forever… things started going wrong. What happens next to Ashram? What turning points come in Tapas’ life? Will he be able to conquer the adverse situations? To know the reason go through the “Guruji’s Ashram”.Strength of the Book:Discussing “Baba-World”, a very popular theme among Indian, this book stands well on the expectation of readers. Beginning of the book is really amazing which fills readers’ mind curiosity. Narration is quite well with interesting twists in each couple of pages. Dialogue writing is effective which does not let readers skip the pages. Writer has done proper justification with the character. Writer has described each and every point in very detail, which shows his hard work and makes readers completely familiar with only-heard terms such as meditation, Geeta, Aasna, medicinal plants, diseases. Ending of the book is really good. Weakness of the Book:Lack of literature. Sometimes narration goes down. All erotic parts of the story are elaborated too much which leave a negative impact. Dialogue repetition is also a major issue which is considerable as cause of lack of interest of readers. After the completion of one third part, book leaves its breath up to multiple pages because of weak narration in regular manner.Conclusion:Author Sunil Sinha has done proper justification with the book. Story is quite similar to its title. Cover page could be impressive. Consisting love stories and deep personal life of a man, this book is really touching and compels readers to shed the tears. Those, who really want to have mind peace while being entertained there is none better option than “Guruji’s Ashram”. Worthy to read, this book has enough to touch the heart of readers and let them feel huge respect for Sunil Sinha for creating such work.Reviewing Point:3.75 out of 5Review By:- Kamal Panerufollow Kamal Paneru atfacebook twitter google+

  • Kavya
    2019-04-24 20:32

    I thank the author for sending me his book in exchange for an honest review. So here it goes:This is the only book I have read without using my wordweb app (Dictionary) in my phone. It is a written in a very simple language and has no hard technical terms or basically anything that you feel the need to google so everyone can understand it. I have never really read any books about guru's anywhere so this was a new & thrilling read for me. The title of the book is very apt, it deals with everything you wanted to know about an ashram, shady dealings, conniving people and how a normal person from nowhere becomes very rich using his oratory skills, business acumen with the aid of other people & spirituality as his forte. The book also reminds us of our innocence and how gullible we can be, so I highly recommend it to all the readers of India & elsewhere. The starting of the book makes you cringe, I initially didn't like it but the pace gets faster later & it becomes a page turner. It's like you are reading a film script.What I liked about the book:1.The language being so simple. 2.The theme is interesting.(Addresses one of the main problems in India too)3.This can be made into a movie & I would totally watch it.4.The title is apt.5.The ending is predictable but still gets you glued to it.6.The narration becomes interesting in the second half of the book with the increased pace.7.Teaches you some meditation techniques & exercises to combat stress & depression.8.I enjoyed reading it.Infact I thoroughly enjoyed it.:)What I didn't like about the book:1.PHD professor saying "nothing yaar" (Sorry but this bugs me)2.From the writing you can easily say that it is the work of a novice writer and can also easily guess his gender so that's a minus.The writing is very average but promising.Honestly, there is no creativity or innovative capability seen in the book except for pointless observations.3.Sometimes it gets very repetitive & lots of unnecessary details are provided.4.Not to be harsh but a teenage girl can write better romantic scenes.They are nothing but cheap erotica that look they have been taken from anime porn.I say this because of usage of terms like organ, large thing, explosion etc.It is detestable!They are so mediocre and gross with medical terms & descriptions included.(It's a book not sexting!)5.Felt like a B grade action movie script but still got me glued to it.6.The writing has very much an Indian touch to it (Apparently something bad has to happen after someone has sex & is happy; just like in an Indian movie but who the hell says thank you after sex?)7.It sometimes loses track of the story & becomes preachy giving you a junk of info which you don't need and also is dramatic in it's approach.I don't think what I received is an ARC so there are few mistakes like 4th 'sage' cancer, his 'month' was dry & everyone 'was' looked at Tapas (I am only mentioning these so that you can correct it in your subsequent copies)Finally I liked everything about the book.I would love to read more stuff from this author provided it has no cheap erotica.Good Luck & Best wishes.-Kavya Seetala.

  • Raja Subramanian
    2019-04-22 01:31

    I do like reading debut novels. I was fortunate to get hold of this book when a friend of mine (who does not read fiction) gave it to me. Guruji's Ashram is a thriller, and I finished reading the book in a single reading session. The book has its GOOD, BAD and UGLY aspects.The GOOD* The story is reasonably strong and engagingly narrated.* The writing is simple and could have resulted in a virtual page-turner (See BAD for reasons that it stopped short of being a page-turner).* For a murder-mystery-thriller, the story has all the right ingredients - plot, narration, characters, and pace of the story unfolding.* The author appears to have done a fair bit of research on yoga, Bhagavad Gita, and other areas required for the story.* The characters are all well developed, and the story-line maintained at a credible level throughout.* The book cover is good, but probably not bright and attractive enough to catch your eye on an excessively crowded, often cramped, bookstore.* The paper, the printing and the quality of the paperback are better than the average that hits the market regularly.* The book would have easily merited 4-Stars rating had it not been for the few, avoidable, BAD and UGLY aspects.The BAD* The numerous typographical errors were distracting. Not probably the Author's fault. It was just sloppy editing!* I am not strong in Chemistry. But my friend who is a Professor tells me that Hydrofluoric Acid is very corrosive, but is unlikely to act on metals and concrete the way the author has assumed.* The language employed in the conversations involving Americans are far from authentic. I am not sure whether American kids and teenagers typically use the word "Uncle" several times (as Indian kids and youth do) while talking to, say, a friend's father. * Several sentences sounded a wee bit off. They are not really grammatical errors. The sentences, however, appear odd. "How did you have a doubt on ...?" instead of "How did you suspect...?" is an example, but there are several more. What was the editing team doing?* The presence of punctuation (when unnecessary) and absence of them (when necessary) caught my eye several times. I am not a "Punctuation Nazi”, but there were quite a few to distract me. * Details of “asana”, “pranayam”, passages from the Gita and explanations are probably included to lend a degree of authenticity to the characters and also show that the author has made significant research. A wee bit of trimming could have made the book a page-turner. Such prolonged details in a thriller would make this a page-turner for the wrong reasons.The UGLYThe sex scenes described in the early part of the book are unnecessarily explicit and prolonged. It serves no useful purpose in a book with an otherwise strong story. It just ends up making it appear CHEAP. SUMMARY• A great story that is narrated quite well.• Sloppy editing almost ruined the book. Luckily, a strong story-line makes the book a worthwhile read.• I will look out for the next book that comes from this author.

  • Merril Anil
    2019-05-13 02:13

    Its sectionalFirst of all a huge thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of the book and introducing me to his work Guruji's Asharam moves in sections. There are various section to the book and unfortunately each of these sections take on a character of its own and tends to go completely detached from the rest of the book. At times everything seems to be part of different entities.The core theme of the book is really interesting and makes for a great thriller but the only trouble is that the basic thread that can pull it intact gets a little weak in betweenThe book starts with an extremely engaging opening and just when it hooks you in, the story moves into another section and then completely change its mannerisms. For example from a high powered investigation it will soon jump to a slow paced emotional drama carrying flashback upon flashback and you get so caught up in those flashbacks and backstories, that you end up forgetting the main story that started this all until you reach the final chapter where everything is forcibly tied up to give it a comfortable ending which is fine but to the end of all, it feels that you were reading multiple books instead of one story that had so many layers to it.While that remains one aspect the other thing that irate me about the whole book is the forced erotism to an otherwise decent and simple story. So just to be clear i am not being excessively prude and saying that i cant tolerate a bit of erotic snippets in the book. My entire book collection is crowded with young adult and new adult romance which is filled with nothing but erotic content. so no i am not being prude i am just being irked at the way everything in the book stops to extensively describe an intimate scene.. why?? what is the point of stopping a thriller just so you can creep out the readers with uncomfortable narration when it isn't even supporting or adding to the overall story In sections the book is really good but in retrospect and in comparison to the whole book, there is a serious multiple personality disorder happening to it and the one who enjoys erotic scenes a bit too much..Just skip those erotic portions (which would be a lot.... and i mean ..a lot) and the rest do have a decent story for you...

  • Komal Priyani
    2019-05-10 00:25

    GuruJi's Ashram Written By Sunil Sinha & Published By Frog Books (An Imprint of Leadstart Publishers ) Quote :- It is the biggest Cliche in the world, the person who teaches others to give up all material possessions, turns out to be the richest man.India is very famous for two things :- one for its Ever-Lasting population and other is for its "GuruGiri Or BabaGiri" . Nowadays these Self-proclaimed Gods are Trending in our society, What if their is a Saint among these thieves ? Sunil Sinha's "GuruJi's Ashram" Promises to expose the other side of the same story with an interesting set up, So here are Glimpses of the Book:-From Tapas Sankar's "Casanova image" To GuruJi's Enlightening Pravachan's , From Rashmi's unconditional Love to Minakshi's Dedication, From Mark's "Greedy" Mind to Tamanna's "Beauty with Brains" Trait, From Sarat Nayak's Tremendous support to Rahul's "Sherlock Holmes" Aspect, From Amar's "Intelligence" to Dr.Kiran's & Arundati's Bold initiative, From the Two BHK house in Rourkela To the huge Ashram in Puri, From the soothing Pranayama to the disturbing strategic Murders ,From the Erotic Beginning to the Sentimental Ending...this book is a tranquilizing read. Wow And Oops Of The Book :- Content :- The Language was simple and understandable but there were printing blunders with the names plus the episode of "three murders" were repeated several times. Concept and Execution :- After reading the blurb i was hopeful and excited to read this one because the concept was fresh and controversial but the diversion from the main genre to the irrelevant erotic nonsense was disappointing (Its like we came with our families to watch yoga but we were shown Poonam Pandey Stripping insteadSpeed :- This book is a bouncy ride where "Beginning" was like bang on than it loses its pace &charm in the middle but that "Tragic twist" accelerated the speed towards the end. A Strong Controversial concept, bouncy speed, simple language, realistic ending pretty much sums up this book .Rating :- 3.25 + .25 ( For the strong concept) / 5 ©Komal Priyani 2015

  • Dhivya Balaji
    2019-05-08 23:23

    FIRST IMPRESSION:Guruji's Ashram is one of the most simple yet diverse titles. The summary gave me enough reasons to pick this book up and when it was offered as a review copy, I took it up. The cover is simple - way too simple to tell you anything about the story. It was a deceptive illusion to veer the readers away from realising the story was anything but. The font and print were clear and easy on the eye and that is a rarity nowadays. REVIEW:Ashrams are usually defined and assumed to be places of religion and sprituality, calming environments that people go to when they want peace of mind. Ashrams are also the places where man connects with God, or at least that is how they should be. But of late, the reality is shockingly different and no matter how benevolent the Gurujis seem to be, or no matter how pure the ashram looks, due to a few unsavoury activities involving a few fake religious leaders, the ashram life is looked at with a bit of scorn by a large part of the society. But even amidst this skepticism, a large number of people still believe in Gurujis. Such wide disparity has led to unscrupulous people taking advantage of the name and fame of some real leaders and use the huge following to their benefit, monetary and otherwise. So it was not much of a surprise when Guruji's Ashram - a seemingly innocent title had a far deeper meaning. Tapas is leading a normal life. An enviably normal life. He is about to marry the love of his life. But fate has other plans for him. His life falls apart and like most people, he is attracted towards the spiritual guidance. Pranayama and meditation give him peace of mind and Bhagavat Gita puts his life in perspective. Soon, the pupil becomes the teacher and Tapas starts preaching what he learnt to others. His rise is meteoric and he becomes the guruji of one of the most popular chain of ashrams. How was this rise possible? Who was behind this success? And how could the murder of three 'unrelated' people make sense and have a common threads. What if suicides were strategically planned murders? As it is, the book has enough content to keep the reader's interest alive. The shenanigans of few 'respected' people are distasteful and sometimes horrific. The story moves at a steady pace that maintains the suspense. It does not drag even when certain philosophical content is thrown in. The narrative seems well researched and various topics are discussed at length. But the trouble with writing detailed procedures in a book is that real readers have more options and chances to find plotholes. Experts in their own fields would find and point out certain vague inconsistencies in the narrative (not mentioning them because they might spoil the story). But these are not factors that would deter an average reader who likes a good book that moves at a steady pace and keeps the interest going. While the book is not entirely 'un-put-down-able', it can be read at a go without feeling the strain. What this book needs to obtain that elusive status is tighter editing. A few glaring typos and sentence construction errors ruin the pace. Explicit detailing in certain lovemaking scenes leave the reader cringing and wondering whether the details were necessary for the flow of the story. The adverse effect is what it gets - it greatly reduces the adrenaline rush of reading a thriller. Certain scenes do not fit in the thriller genre, at least not to the extent where they seem like additions the story could do without. Overall, a satisfying book, though cliched at some places, it gives you your time's worth. WHAT I LIKED:•The summary and the plot•The narrative that manages to hold the readers's interest despite the distractions•The extra information given and the research that has obviously been done to make this book more believable.WHAT COULD HAVE BEEN BETTER: •Explicit detailing in certain scenes that bordered on eroticism - they did not give any credible value to the story•The sense of foreboding given by the abovementioned scenes - a sense of disaster waiting to happen.•The cover is way too simple and might deter a few prospective readers who would hesitate to read the back cover.VERDICT:A book that will surely hold your interest. RATING: 3.5/5

  • Sunil Sinha
    2019-05-20 00:16