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"I was all the things I had ever done. All the things that had ever been done to me.But I chose my path and I will be all the things I could be too."The Athanate meet in Los Angeles, the city that feeds on dreams, leaving nothing but dust and nightmares. They must forge a new Assembly and reach a consensus before Emergence is forced on them. They have to reach out and incl"I was all the things I had ever done. All the things that had ever been done to me.But I chose my path and I will be all the things I could be too."The Athanate meet in Los Angeles, the city that feeds on dreams, leaving nothing but dust and nightmares. They must forge a new Assembly and reach a consensus before Emergence is forced on them. They have to reach out and include the Were and Adepts, and they need Amber to do it.But Amber is deep in her own personal crisis. Can she find a resolution for herself as she takes on the tasks of the Assembly?Los Angeles. Where you can toss away your old life like a bad hand... Or man up and play the cards you've been dealt."Always made me smile, that phrase."...

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Angel Stakes Reviews

  • Ian
    2019-04-28 20:23

    After travelling to New Mexico to rescue Diana (Book 4, Cool Hand), Amber was on the brink of going rogue. With her kin's help she managed to fight it off but she still has a sickness in her soul that is poisoning her, a sickness she needs to deal with. She needs time. But time is the one thing she hasn't got, without even a moment to catch her breath she is called to Los Angeles to once again walk the fine line between the warring parties of Athanate, Were and Adept. Not only must she try to form an alliance with the Were, she has to hunt down and deal with an evil from her past. An evil which has been 10 years in the making.I have a lot of love for this series. It really is a shining light in Urban Fantasy. One of the weaknesses in Urban Fantasy (in my opinion) has been that stories are essentially stagnant. Authors just throw bigger and badder villains into the mix while the main characters essentially remain unchanged. It's why I start to lose patience with a series after two or three books. Not here. As this series has developed, so too have the characters, they become more, they mature and they learn. With each book my understanding of the world created by Mark Henwick has both evolved and changed. If there is a weakness, I think it is that you could read the early books in isolation, but as the series develops that's less the case. I'm a Mark Henwick junkie so I don't mind, but some might. Still, you could do a lot worse than jumping into this series. Start with Raw Deal the novella that introduces Amber Farrell, if you love that, your love will only increase as you continue.

  • RachelW (BamaGal)
    2019-04-30 00:13

    Good read. Two interesting stories intertwining each other. One is from Amber's human past come back to interfere in her present; the other her present as a hybrid athanate and where she's going in the future with her house, politically and personally. Very nice entry in a consistently good series.

  • So, I Read This Book Today
    2019-04-28 18:18

    Angel Stakes, book 5 of the series, is out on eReader and paper now.In Cool Hand, book four of the series, Amber's world is edging closer and closer to war. As I wrote in my review:As the story continues to wind tighter and tighter, and war becomes inevitable, Amber and her kin, her friends, and even her enemies, walk the razors edge – the edge of death, sorrow, pain and loss – and the brutal fires of a world war between humans, Athenate, were, and adept.And now, the war is here. First, within the halls of the Athenate assembly in Los Angeles as the Basilikos faction does its best to rip apart the assembly and push its plan of world domination into place. Uh, guys? You know the humans have things like atom bombs, right? Amber is carrying around her own bomb as well. After the fight in Carson National Park, she is barely holding onto her sanity as the possibility of her going feral becomes a very real possibility. She must find her way through the darkness in her mind, keep her people safe, and at the same time fight off the Basilikos and their plans to use her for their own gain. The world is spinning out of control, and it will take a concerted effort on the part of many - Athenate, were and human - to stop the world from descending into utter chaos. Everyone has an agenda, everyone has secrets. And this time? The bad guys have the edge.I was a beta reader for Mark for Angel Stakes but that in no way influences my determination that Mark Henwick is brilliant!

  • Anna (Bobs Her Hair)
    2019-04-23 18:22

    4 - 4.5 stars "Angel Stakes" deceived me with its slow start but then it was time to buckle up the five-point harness and hold on tight. Amber reminds me of Kate Daniels; she just can't turn her back on people. She tries to save everyone at great peril to herself. Then, there's the complex politics she has to navigate. One false move could majorly damage relations between the faction or top the scales in the wrong direction. Amber also contends with unresolved emotional issues from her late teens. A warning - it is dark. The nature of Amber's past trauma has been hinted throughout the series. There's resolution and redemption. This book kept me awake and reading until 4:00 a.m. There were time I alternated resting each eye until the burriness faded. Seriously! I had to know how "Angel Stakes" ended! After a five-book binge, I am now in the position where I have to wait until book 6 releases. O.o

  • Llaph | No Frill | No Shill
    2019-05-05 22:55

    I wish I had written a review right after I read this book—I would have had a lot more specific stuff to go on about. This book was … awesome.I knew that there was going to be a lot going on in this book thanks to events at the end of the last book, but wow did Henwick weave them all together nicely. I thought the fact that there were so many packs in LA was rather intriguing when compared to the packs in the more eastern parts of the US. I really liked the all-female pack of bikers. I liked how they were the more sensible of the weres, lol.The politics … were just I don’t know what to say. It built up over the series and it culminated in … well it is something you should really read for yourself. I know I can’t explain them that well. Some of the decisions were really surprising and shocking and I look forward to seeing what comes of them.The revelations about Amber’s high school … I had an inkling and was totally not expecting that turn of events. I was also not expecting what it led to. Despite the dark subject matter it was done tastefully and informatively. I’m probably using the wrong words, but I’m having trouble coming up with words to say period. It is something most people don’t think about. Since most people don’t think about something unless it deals with them or is shoved in their face. When she read off the title for the second tape I just went “omgomgomg that makes a lot of sense now” in my head.I binge read the entire series and I’m sad I have to wait for the next one—not even a teaser blurb yet.

  • Christopher
    2019-05-03 19:19

    This is number 5 in one of my favorite urban fantasy series, and I'm writing this after a re-read.The story moved right along and cleared up a few loose ends from previous books, and the new characters were as fun as the veteran characters to read about. As usual, our heroine kicks ass and collects more house members, with plenty of snark to go around.One of the things I've always liked about these books is that they are FUN, and as you move through their world, it is more about people-as-people, working toward practical goals but subject to human flaws. It is a different feel from many of the other UF series, where the fantasy creatures are all alien and almost unknowable. Another thing is that the main character actually manages to personify aspects of the military veteran that I don't often see in the usual run-of-the-mill UF series. She is not a Twilight-style victim prior to UF upgrading. Her new abilities simply augment who she is already. Make sure you read the series from the first book. :)

  • Art Lueder
    2019-05-12 21:15

    Amber continues her journey into Athenate, Were, and Adept politics as she recovers from going rogue after rescuing Diana. Her mental strongbox is fully open and she must deal with all the things that have happened to her in the past. Great writing, fast paced, fantastic action.

  • Rakki
    2019-05-21 23:00

    Not as good as the othersThere are minor spoilers ahead. I waited a few days after finishing the book to write this review. I was a big fan of this series, reading the first couple books multiple times. In the beginning I liked this series because Amber was smart, skilled, and not quite part of the supernatural world. It was different from most other stuff out there. I think in this book that uniqueness is more or less gone. I like long books but sometimes more isn't better. The story does move forward. Things that have been lingering get addressed. What I didn't like was what the main focus was. With the backdrop of problems with Amber's sister again. I am so tired of that lingering through every single book. Its around more than the supposed main story of emergence.In this book Amber is in recovery after going crazy from all the repressed crap in her head. Which makes sense after the end of the last book. Where the book goes wrong is that the big issue. The one that Amber focuses on for her mental recovery isnt all the experiments that the government did to her. The very thing that made her go rogue in the first place. Nope, its when she was victimized in high school. All those experiments after she was bitten. The ones so bad tge government tried to seal them away in her mind dont get addressed in the slightest. Its implied that Amber deals with them but nothing ever really happens. Instead the man that victimized her grew up to be a human monster that does bad things to people and hes got a small army to protect him.Im not making light of the subject material. Rape and sex slavery should not be ignored. Is this really the right forum to bring attention to them? Considering the Baskilos do tge same thing to humans and that doesn't seem like a big deal, I dont know what the author wanted to accomplish. Amber does put a little time in being a diplomat with lycanthropes but that feels more like stuff thrown in. There is also a shift where there seems to be a lot more attention given to romance. Which wasn't the way it used to be. She's just another hybrid with a growing harem. Is thus what the focus is now? The twist ending is not a surprise at all. Unfortunately it puts focus on something that shouldn't be an issue at all and has nothing to do with the story that has been building over several books. As much as I used to look forward to these books, I might be done with this series.

  • Thorbjørn
    2019-05-18 22:08

    I love this series. Mark Henwick is an excellent writer, and his character's manage to be realistic. The main character is not just the classic hero where everything is either for or against her through the hole story. Instead there are ups and downs, which makes the story irresistible, and makes it impossible to put the book down. I read through the series in 2 weeks

  • Elusive
    2019-05-15 16:58

    +Okay so I have been putting of writing this review. Mainly because I needed time to come down from the high, the best book in the series so far gave me. I am now halfway down :P. Mark Henwick serious respect to you for the amazing books you write!!! I am now a really huge fan of yours and will be singing your praises to anyone who will listen XD. Now on to the review! Okay so here goes. Ladies and Gentleman hold on to your hat for this heard is gonna blow it of. The books starts up right where book 4 leaves us. Amber is in trouble she has gone Rogue but she was brought back by her kin this we know. But it's not her hybrid nature that is the trouble that's threatening to make her go rogue. It's whats been done to her by Obs when she was turned in Africa among other things. We find out what happened to Diana early on. But are things really as they seem? The Empire of Heaven gets involved and now the stakes are higher than ever in the Anthene political world. As usual Amber is flying by the seat of her pants and is blind to the bigger picture because no one is telling her what she needs to know. We get to meet new characters as well as old ones. The action is as always bloody and great. The twists and turns in this one is way more interesting and shocking than in the other books. Finally I get an answer to a few questions I'd been asking since the end of book 1. I loved it and if any of you have any doubt don't you will love it. Simply because there is no other alternative. Love interest, action, drama, scheming, betrayal, twists and plot development. What more can you ask for? Well a lot apparently since Mark Henwick gives you way more than just this.

  • Henry Lazarus
    2019-05-20 23:56

    Amber Farrell spent a decade in a black ops military, until she was bitten by the vampire who killed her unit and she cut off his head. Then she lasted three months as a police officer until she went in and took out three vampires holding a young girl. In the first tale by Mark Henwick, Sleight of Hand (paper) she discovers the world of living vampires, or Athanate as they prefer to be called. There are also werewolves, and magic using all adepts. She is turning into an Athenate, but also a werewolf. They athenate don’t age, but need blood. The live in houses with kin who not only donate blood, but also don’t age. Over the next few books: Hidden Trump (paper); Wild Card (paper); and Cool Hand (paper). She helps deal with problems facing friends and kin using not only her new abilities, but the abilities honed in her years of dangerous service. The basic problem is that of emergence, the revelation of the supernatural to human authorities. In the latest Angel Stakes (paper from Marque) she is in the middle of a major power struggle in the Athenate world, while discovering that the highschool senior who drugged and raped her had become a white slaver after some of her friends and new members of her kin. The series provides edge-of-the-seat excitement. I got the first one and kept buying until I reached this latest. Now I have to wait for the next.Review printed by Philadelphia Weekly Press

  • Zack
    2019-05-21 16:15

    Great follow up to book 4. I loved 4, but it really felt like Amber was unraveling, and I dreaded how this book might start. I don't want to spoil it, but it was nice to see Amber start to be put back together, instead of pulled further apart. My one criticism of earlier books in this series is that they don't have endings. They felt more like someone hitting pause during the smallest lull in the action to run off and make popcorn. This had a much more satisfying wrap up, a much better balance of conclusion and cliff hanger.So bottom line, if you've read through 4, what are you waiting for?? If you've stumbled onto this review without reading any of them, then I'm jealous, you have an amazing series ahead of you.

  • Retta
    2019-05-18 21:16

    Another great readMark I must commend you in this series it has everything you would want in a good series and so different from the other vampire/were's/ adepts stories out there I could not put the book down until I was finished and when it ended I so wanted book 6 to keep me up.

  • Shirley Cooksley
    2019-05-04 23:21

    Hard hitting seriesUtterly brilliant. The bringing together the paranormal with the military background is so unlike any books I've read before. It's hard and gritty and the story grips you from beginning to end. Fast paced and the growth of Amber is extraordinary. VVG.

  • Don Insalaco
    2019-05-14 19:56

    Pure entertainment!Well worth the wait. Wanted to read on my vacation next week, but couldn't wait. When will the next novel be published?

  • Jeane
    2019-04-22 21:10

    'Bite Back' is a spectacular book series. I think I can honestly say it's flawless. (Damn!!! I really wish I had the next one right NOW!)

  • Joseph Kramer
    2019-05-14 19:19

    Good story. Amber is recruiting werewolves from around the country, especially New Mexico and LA. Amber also tackles her old nemesis, Forsythe, and his criminal organization.

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-28 17:59


    2019-05-10 17:08

    Good writer, good story....I think the main character questions herself too much. give yourself a brake. once you learn something just go with it.

  • Sara
    2019-05-06 18:05

    To much going on, as in previous books.

  • ParaUrban Review
    2019-05-12 20:02

    Absolutely freaking fabulous!! And SO well worth the wait!Seamlessly picking up from where Cool Hand ended, the story continues with the reader following Amber into a vortex of spiralling insane memories as her gut-wrenching, painfully suppressed past is brutally exposed in all its gory detail. We finally get to see what's inside her mental strong-box - it's dark, horrifying, and in Ambers opinion, shameful. With the support of her Kin and mentor, Amber succeeds in rising up out of her madness with a somewhat murky clarity of who - and what - she is " … And we are such stuff as dreams are made. Or nightmares." Brilliant!Emergence has always been the underlying back-bone of the Bite Back series and Angel Stakes remains true to form. This author, unlike others, has not deviated from the clearly defined end-game and the usual politicking, subterfuge and Athenate strategies continue to simmer under the emotional blanket that make this series so spectacular: that of Amber and her Kin, her continued growth and increasing stability and how her actions influence the world around her, circling around again to influence the speed and dependencies for Emergence. Beautifully entwined, developing together yet apart.This story is primarily based out of LA and Amber has the difficult, if not impossible, task of developing associations between the many werewolf factions and Athenate. We see her confront challenges in her usual spectacular upfront, spur of the moment style, and succeeding … mostly! The stunning, emotive writing made me catch my breath on numerous occasions and the beautiful, descriptive world building brought the city of LA alive in my mind. I found myself re-reading sections throughout the book just to get another literary emotional 'hit'! Henwick is an anomaly - it's not every day you find an author who can write as easily about love and emotional conflict just as well as political intrigue and machinations; a writing style and content that appeals to both male and female readers alike. Mark, once again you opened the door into Amber's world and wrenched me in! And just like the previous books in the series, I didn't want to leave when the last page was turned! And while there was one helluva cliff-hanger which potentially opens a door to another multitude of storylines for Book 6 (which I can't wait for) this book successfully ended on a high enough note to keep me sustained while I wait for the next instalment. Congratulations!

  • Sarah Leenart
    2019-05-05 23:20

    This is without doubt one of the best contemporary urban fantasy series available at the moment. Mark Henwick outdoes himself with every instalment of the Bite Back series. The writing is slick and witty and very very clever. If Angel Stakes were a movie it would have a deep, heart pounding base tune to it to match the very dark feel of LA, which almost takes on a persona of it's own. If you like drama that keeps you on the edge of your seat with a surprise around every corner then this is definitely for you.Amber finally starts with her therapy and is on the journey towards healing herself. The things that come out of the strong box in her head are not for the faint hearted, but she is surrounded by her house which starts to really grow, both in size and strength. Her Athanate House/Were Pack are cemented by love and the feeling of family so whilst the story line is deliciously gritty, there is an air of coming home and finding her place for Amber. There are complex and interweaving story lines as always and enough previous threads are tied up to satisfy my curiosity in Angel Stakes yet we are, as always left with some big questions. Questions that make me want the next book already!Amber is doing a lot of growing, as are those around her. Jen and Alex are awesome as always and form the perfect support team. Bian, well she's Bian, one of my favourite characters who never fails to disappoint and gets some of the best one liners! Yelena continues to grow on me and makes a wonderful partner to Amber, and I can't wait to find out more about the Carpathians. The usual suspects from the Athanate houses appear and dare I say it but I think I am beginning to like Naryn, just a little! Although we do not get to see much of the Adept, the Were play their part and there are some jaw dropping revelations and some kick ass new characters.All in all I don't have the vocabulary to describe how good this book is. If you haven't tried it, you're really missing out, it has everything I highly rate, fantastic characters, brilliant plot, incredibly well thought out and complex world and did I mention how clever the writing is? Sublime. It doesn't get any better than this.

  • Dee DenBleyker
    2019-04-23 17:16

    I was given an advanced copy of Angel Stakes for review and it was a thrill ride from beginning to end. Mr. Henwick has a unique take on the paranormal world that completely held my interest. Amber has recovered from rescuing Diana and having gone rogue and is once again her kick-ass self. She has been officially appointed the liaison between the Athanate and Shifter Communities and is in LA working with the LA were. She also discovered that Tanner is in LA and is hot on his trail. Mr. Henwick has given us a great many threads to follow not the least of which is all the political maneuvering of "Emergence".I am such a huge fan of this series and I highly recommend it not only for it's paranormal interest but for the mystery and intrigue as well.

  • Alfred Durrance
    2019-05-20 20:21

    This is an awesome book. This book is a story of Amber's redemption of some her deepest buried wounds and the concomitant growth. Of course, the series arcs are advanced in the process, setting up some very interesting interactions in the following entries in the series.I started reading it and could not lay it down until done. I had to make a second pass through it at a slower pace to make sure I got it all.

  • bunn3hh4x
    2019-05-14 00:19

    I almost felt like throwing my iPad when I thought Diana would no longer be a part of the series. I already missed her character so much after the initial disappearance and was so excited when she was back at the end of book four. This plot was much darker and heart wrenching than any of the previous four books.

  • Elsie Bertram
    2019-04-28 18:59

    What a FANTASTIC readI waited a long time for book 5. I wasn't sure how easily I would get back into the story but it was so easy. This book didn't disappoint at all, it was absolutely brilliant, fast paced, great characters, such a good story and I want MORE and as soon as possible. There is more to come and I highly recommend this book and series to you.

  • Justin
    2019-05-01 23:08

    Loved it, Called it.Book 5 is the the best so for in the series and I loved the way you kept on surprising me. Spoilers called it on both Daniels and KF. Where you hide the dragon did catch me by surprise, Mr Henwick. I had some slightly different theories on both Tula and where the lizard went.

  • Dave Shaw
    2019-04-30 17:11

    The best in this series so far. The twists and turns in the plot were enthralling and never felt forced, and the way the author tied the various sub-plots together, both the new ones in this story and the continuing ones through the series, is brilliantly done. Mark Henwick is definitely hitting his stride!

  • Vincent
    2019-04-27 20:02

    IncredibleAgain an Incredible story that gets you hooked up all along! Great characters and plot, I will definitely read it again (like the 4 other books...)

  • Valerie Joyce
    2019-05-21 18:19

    Great bookYet again Mark Henwick has delivered a great book. Full of twists and turns that gives you answers but leaves you wanting more. Impatiently waiting for the next book.