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Maia It's hard to be normal when you see the dead everywhere. So I gave up. I just focus on staying out of their way. But the guy haunting my roommate is different. He’s impossible to ignore, and now other people can see him too.He says my roommate is the only one who can save him from an eternity of torment. But one night he follows me into my nightmare and rescues me froMaia It's hard to be normal when you see the dead everywhere. So I gave up. I just focus on staying out of their way. But the guy haunting my roommate is different. He’s impossible to ignore, and now other people can see him too.He says my roommate is the only one who can save him from an eternity of torment. But one night he follows me into my nightmare and rescues me from my demons.Now he’s all I think about. This must be what it's like to fall... for someone who can never be mine.Caleb A lifetime ago, I found my soulmate in the human world. But being angelborn means I don't have a soul. When I lost my one true love, I lost my future and my freedom. Now, I have a second chance — she's been reborn and I must gain her love again or serve out the rest of my eternal sentence alone.But this time I am a fugitive with powerful angels hunting me, and I'm running out of time. You only get one soulmate, and mine isn't the broken, scarred girl, who sees what no one else can. She's a distraction I can scarcely afford — but I'm unable to stay away from her.*** A standalone, new adult paranormal romance. 40,000 words....

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Angelborn Reviews

  • D.L. Smith-Lee
    2019-05-08 00:59

    So first thing's first.Jesse Williams as Caleb..PERFECT!I must say there are very few stories I've ever read that I immediately enjoyed. Firstly, I'm a fan of angels, fallen angels, Nephilim, and the like so I was enthralled by the concept of Nephilim children who are not born of a union between male angels and female humans but female angels and male humans (Angelborn). I love the fact that this is a paranormal romance that does not rely on the faux bad boy cliché, which those of us who have read enough paranormal romance can attest to (though his escape from the Wasteland and fugitive status can be dubbed "bad boy" to an extent). I found Caleb and Maia both to be very likable characters, though their cluelessness was a bit frustrating at times they're both very solid and well rounded characters. I found Genna to be annoying and kind of shallow, she means well but is a bit ditzy. The language of the book is very sophisticated and written almost poetically. I was hypnotized by the author's style of writing alone.The only bad merit I'd give this book is that it ended...It kept me on a rollercoaster the entire way.I'm really not displeased by the fact that it's a standalone or that it was a novella because it felt like a fully packed novel. This actually stands out very far from other angel novels I've read.Very well done, this will NOT be the last time I read this author.PS Chapter 13; HOT!!!

  • N.D.
    2019-05-05 06:39

    Simply BeautifulA wonderful story. I enjoyed it immensely - the characters, main and supporting, the narrative, the emotions, the fantastical elements and descriptions. Well written and conceptualized, simply beautiful storytelling in a sweet, short novella.

  • Shealea
    2019-04-24 06:00

    Read the entire review @ That Bookshelf Bitch!Before anything else, I received a digital copy of this book (via NetGalley) in exchange for an honest review. Thank you, L. Penelope and Heartspell Media!Angelborn is a standalone paranormal novel with a relatively short length of approximately 40,000 words. In this story, there are two kinds of Nephilim, or children who are half-human and half-angel: angelborn (born from an angel mother) and humanborn (born from a human mother). Humanborn Nephilim are born with souls whereas the angelborn are not. Caleb falls under the latter category.Personally, I found the angel lore in this story refreshing. I really liked how the reincarnation of souls was employed and how it played as an important role in this story. I loved the concept behind soulmates. I don’t want to give anything away; just know that I really, really liked how the angel lore was crafted. Additionally, I loved how the author approached the topic of souls:"Souls are beautiful and powerful, but not inherently good or evil. They’re just energy… the spark of creation in this world."Certainly, the author has quite the imagination, accompanied by excellent world-building. In this book, she introduced different otherworldly realms such as the Wasteland and Euphoria, which I liked reading about. Penelope was able to create an intricate history and solid plot regardless of the constraints due to her novel’s length – a feat that is beyond impressive.Character-wise, I liked Caleb and Maia individually. They’re both characters of color. However, I wasn’t convinced that the two of them had chemistry. Honestly, the romance between Caleb and Maia was underdeveloped. Aside from that, Caleb and Maia’s characters weren’t completely fleshed out either. Although the idea of Maia being able to see the dead was intriguing, I don’t think it was fully utilized in the story. In fact, a lot of elements in the book were left to be desired – the writing style, the depth, the character development, the romance, and the ending. Still, I enjoyed reading Angelborn. Definitely a could have been better, could have been worse kind of read.Actual rating: 3.5 stars

  • Kim
    2019-05-11 01:02

    What a beautifully written novella! What happens when a halfling angel falls in love with a human but is unable to bind with her soul? In Caleb's case, it lands him in the Wasteland, a dark place where those with no soul wait for the rare chance to get a new soul. But Caleb escapes and goes in search of the soul of the woman he loves--a soul that's been reincarnated in the body of Genna, a college student whose modern sensibilities confuse Caleb. And then there is Maia, Genna's roommate, who is haunted--literally. She sees ghosts and is haunted by one whose anger sometimes physically manifests itself in violent ways. When Caleb and Maia meet, an undeniable connection is formed that leaves them both questioning what they want and why they want it. It makes them question the very nature of love. Maia and Caleb's story was captivating from page one. One of my favourite aspects about Angelborn is how L. Penelope writes about angels *without* adding biblical overtones. Her portrayal of angels is more reminiscent of deities from mythology, which allows a secular person like me to be able to enjoy a story without getting a lesson from the Bible. With finely etched characters and a compelling plot, Angelborn will leave you wanting to know more of Caleb and Maia's story. This was my first time reading L. Penelope and I am sure it won't be the last time.

  • Natshane
    2019-04-30 04:49

    Astounding. Angelborn is the kind of book that you just can't seem to forget about. The cover, the world building and the characters are all so uniquely and artistically crafted, it's a masterpiece on their own. I've read a lot of angel/demons related books, from the infamous Hush Hush series to the Fallen series, while I love how those authors portrayed angels as kickass heroes, Caleb was on a whole different level. I fell in love from the start! It's fantastic that I get to read about a black heroine for once, and the fact that Maia was such an alluring character just sealed the deal, making Angelborn my "Top 5 favourite book of this year". From forbidden romance to fast paced action scenes, I finished the book in less than 2 hours (I was flipping through the pages like a maniac!) While I love the plot, I have to say that the world building was probably my favourite part of the book. Purgatory is a place that is rarely explored and a world that fascinates me the most, it's wonderful that I get to read about that in Angelborn. This is the first book from L.Penelope that I have read, but I'm definitely going to hunt down her books in the future! Thanks Netgalley for introducing me to such an artist!

  • jericho
    2019-04-27 05:52

    I rated it 2 stars because it was okay. I didn't hate it because there were too many things that didn't work for me. The first being, I don't like romance that's based entirely on a person's physical attributes and that's what I felt Caleb and Maia's relationship was. I know it's a short book but we never get the idea that the two like each other for their thoughts.The writing left a lot to be desired. Because it's told from first person between Caleb and Maia, the writing did a lot of telling rather than showing. By that I mean, the writing would just have Maia and Caleb tell us their feelings about each other but never really showed us exactly why they felt that way. Now you could argue that it's because of the "true love" storyline; being someone's true love or being "the one" has this romantic view of a relationship being based on it simply being part of one's destiny, that these two individuals automatically connect because the universe wants them to be together. But I personally don't like that type of writing. Again, I understand that it's a short book but I like relationships to take some time. Caleb and Maia don't really have too many conversations beyond Caleb's situation and Maia being able to see ghosts (and her past).The main thing I can't get over is how it took the Vultures weeks to find Caleb. If the Vultures went to the Recordkeepers, they would've known what Caleb's human form looked like (since he's been in that form in the past and the Recordkeepers would know what he looked like) and they would've known where he'd gone to. The main reason Caleb was in the Wasteland was because he fell in love with a human. Logic dictates that would be the first person he would go to.I'm just saying, if a prisoner broke out of a jail, the first places you look are places where the prisoner has personal connection to, which would be Vivian/Genna.

  • Deva
    2019-05-13 00:41

    Full review at http://urbanparanormal.blogspot.comThis is going to sound weird but ... I hated the book. Still ... I highly recommend it.Caleb is angelborn (half angel ... human father) and without a soul. Many years before, he and his soulmate died before she could share her soul with his. That sent him to the Wasteland. He ends up escaping thanks to a friend I hope to see in book 2. Anyway ... His friend gives him the current name of the reborn soul he's looking for and he finds out she's a student at Douglas University.This is where things got confusing.Due to the POV changing with every single chapter, I literally forgot whose eyes I was seeing through when it came to Maia and Genna, the roommates. Maia is your typical goth girl while Genna is your typical black girl. There was nothing that really stood out about either girl except for Maia's background and the fact that both girls (Or maybe just Maia, I was insanely confused) could see the dead. I think maybe just Maia because she spent the most time hating that ability. Anyway, Caleb shows up in their dorm room and Maia introduces them. This is where Caleb starts trying to win Genna's love so they could bind.

  • EbonyMonae
    2019-05-18 01:54

    A good read. I wish it could be a little longer. I haven't read a good angel paranormal in a long time. This is the first book I have read by the author I will read more. She did a good job. Read this book won't be disappointed. Happy Reading!!

  • Stephanie White
    2019-05-12 02:42

    http://bookreviewsandknittycreations....Caution I do spoil the book in my review :)

  • Constance Burris
    2019-05-05 01:59

    Such a great story. Characters Maia and Caleb were so well done and fleshed out. The writing was immaculate. I was so sad when it ended. I hope the author releases a sequel soon.

  • Mystie
    2019-05-02 04:45

    Started reading the blurb on storybundle, and before day's end I finished the book. This is a delightful twist on the usual boy meets girl. I will not spoil it for you, but the story building sucks you in and things do not go as planned. Which always makes the best stories...right? Try this author, you will not be disappointed.

  • Dani St Clair
    2019-05-05 07:48

    3.5 stars(rounded to 4 stars)Altered from review posted on Romancing the Social SciencesI'm mourning the fact that Angelborn was a novella and not a full-length novel - the format left me feeling like I accidentally got an appetizer instead of a main meal. I'm still hungry and that's a testament to Angelborn, really. It was SO GOOD, but it all got wrapped up too quickly and I never really got to know the hero as much as I'd like and the epilogue was too short and now I want to cry.Angelborn was a fresh combination of New Adult and Paranormal. Half-angel, half-human Caleb found his soulmate once, but she died before he could ensure they would be reborn together, and he was banished to the nether realm of the Wasteland. Now, by some miracle, he's escaped back to the human plane and to his reincarnated soulmate, Genna.Being able to see and interact with the dead has defined Maia's whole life. She's managed to keep a relatively low profile at college, but then Caleb starts hanging around her roommate; sometimes Genna can see him, and sometimes he's invisible to everyone but Maia. Caleb's running out of time, and Maia's running from everything, including the boy who is clearly not meant for her.Frankly, I found another character, the angel Helix, to have much more personality than Caleb, but I understand that he is an inherently amorphous character, having had his experience as a human constructed around his soul mate and then being stuck in limbo for 70 years. I loved Maia though; she was witty and tough, and yet all too vulnerable.The world Penelope built for Angelborn was distinct, and I respected that it did not rely on a Judeo-Christian framework. The idea that angels harvest human souls because they act as power sources for their realm of Euphoria was neat, and, like many aspects, I wished there had been more detail.Partly because Penelope's worldbuilding was so absorbing, my list of unanswered questions is massive. How did Caleb's angel dam meet his father? Why did Maia have the ability to see the dead? How did Wren, who brought Caleb back to the human realm, know how to escape the Wasteland? I get that a lot of these things are meant to be ambiguous and that the character themselves don't understand, but there are so many interesting titbits I want to know! Hopefully, Penelope chooses to expand this world, but even if she doesn't, she's a wonderful storyteller and I look forward to reading some longer works of hers.

  • Marsha Spohn
    2019-05-06 06:54

    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfAngelborn will take you into a world of wonder, of halfling angels, soul mates, and a young woman who really does see dead people.. all the time.Caleb is a halfling angel – his father was human. As a halfling he had no soul, until he could find his soul mate and she would share her soul with him making him complete. But Caleb’s soul mate died before she could share with him and now Caleb has been sent to the Wastelands to stay or to wait for the chance to return and search out his love in her reincarnated body. When he escapes and finds his love – he also finds another young woman with a tormented life, a young woman who he cannot help but feel something for but he will not be turned away from his desire to reunite with his soul mate.Maia has seen ghosts for as long as she can remember. Waking, sleeping she can never escape them. She’s learned to tune them out somewhat and tries to live a normal life… but that’s not easy. When she sees what she believes is a ghost near her roommate – this feels different. As Caleb explains what has happened to him and his soul mate, Maia is already starting to fall for him. And when he becomes her champion she is certain that he is the man she could love forever. But he is destined for another or is he?I enjoyed my time in the world of Angelborn. The world building has a mystical feel to it, and the characters are a fascinating mix. The plot will twist and take you places you never expected.I gave it a 3 star rating for a couple reasons. Good story = 3 stars. While I enjoyed the story, I simply never connected with the characters. I didn’t fall into the story, but I did enjoy the experience. And that’s what a good story should do, give me a satisfying experience while visiting the author’s world.*I received an e-ARC of Angelborn from the publisher and NetGalley in exchange for an honest review. That does not change what I think of this novel.*

  • Wall-to-wall books - wendy
    2019-05-04 05:43

    Woohoo! This book was great - I loved it!I love a good paranormal book, especially one that's original and fun. This one had all that and a slight touch of evil to it, just to make it even more fun.There was excellent character development! I loved Maia! Absolutely loved her. And of course one thing I loved about Maia was her snarky attitude! You know I love a character with snark. I wasn't too sure about Caleb, but did end up liking him too. And then there is another scary character thrown in there - Helix - there's a whole twist with him I can't tell you about! But I even liked him - he added a kind of bad boy/scary element to the story! The book wouldn't have been complete with out him.I really liked this new-to-me author's writing. She kept it exciting, original but also fun. There were quite a few laugh out loud moments. Here are a couple quotes from the book I liked - "This world has changed a great deal since I was here last. There is so much to take in. People walk by, speaking into small glowing boxes. The automobiles on the clogged street are quiet and sleek. Two men kiss openly on the sidewalk, and no one seems to bat an eye. "When are we, and where?" I say. A woman at a cafe' table, typing on what appears to be a tiny typewriter with illuminated paper, looks up at me and frowns." "Yeah, I see dead people," I whisper. His blank face doesn't register the pop culture reference. "I guess you died before that movie came out." - Haha love it!I am very much looking forward to the next book - Angelfall. I already have it - it's just waiting for me to read it! I will prob read and review it in the month of April, so keep your eye out for it.A huge thanks to the author - L. Penelope for giving me this book for my honest review!

  • Miranda (MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It)
    2019-04-28 05:59

    Novellas are always difficult. They either rush the romance, or leave me wanting more. I felt like this novella had a bit of both. I would have liked the novella to be longer so I could have connected with the characters more. I didn't dislike any of the characters, but they didn't really stand out either. They were all a little bland. I definitely would have enjoyed seeing more development of all the characters.I thought the plot of this book was very interesting. The paranormal aspect really added an exciting aspect to this book. I would like to learn even more about it. I think L. Penelope did a good job at creating a unique paranormal world.The romance was not what I was expecting. I don't want to spoil anything about the romance, but I will say that I didn't like the romance as much as I was hoping I would. My main issue with the romance was that it felt like it was based mainly on looks. I didn't feel the emotional connection. I really didn't feel like there was one? There were some good romantic moments, but I didn't really feel it as a whole. The changing of the POVs in this book was a little confusing. I would not know what POV I was reading, and I would always get confused. I wish the changing POVs would have been a little bit clearer.I wouldn't say this was a bad novella by any means, and I have nothing against this author! I just think that this novella wasn't for me.2 / 5 Fangs*This ebook was given to me in exchange for a honest review. *MrsLeif's Two Fangs About ItFacebookTwitter

  • Mstcat
    2019-04-27 03:47

    Angelborn isn't a very long book, but what it lacks in length it makes up for in storytelling and creativity. I haven't mentioned covers in awhile, but it was the beauty of this cover that first captured my attention, followed by the many positive reviews. Typically, wealth of positive reviews isn't always a selling point for me, but in this case, Angelborn met the hype head on and survived!The story offers a unique twist on angels and centers around two people - Caleb who is a half angel, and Maia a college age woman who is haunted by visions of dead people. It captures your interest right out of the gate, with events that leave Caleb trapped after a failed attempt to garner the trust of the human woman that he loves, and with whom he needs to share a soul. He escapes his wasteland prison to find the latest incarnation of his love, yet he finds himself drawn to her roommate Maia instead. I don't want to tell too much about this story, because it is really such a good read. The characters are well developed and as a reader I felt their emotions were honest and believable. The storytelling was descriptive and the author's voice unique. Although I do wish it were longer, it is a story that I highly recommend. I'm giving Angelborn 4 out of 5 stars.

  • omightykaye
    2019-05-17 08:41

    *sigh* I want so much to be in love with this. Why did it go so fast? I didn't get to savor any moments, didn't get to anticipate anything. I know it was a novella but good grief. I was also put off by the show-tell-show quality of the writing, like when Maia tells Caleb she can see dead people and angels after having seen them for a chapter or two and then a boy dies in the middle of the cafeteria full of college students and angels show up and then M and C finish their lunch while the paramedics gather up the body and she rushes off to class like NBD. I just have too many questions and the world was not built in a way that would let me reason them away. Why is Maia like she is? I know a lot more about Caleb's supernatural past than hers and it's a little hard to swallow that she encountered 3 angels (maybe 4 with Rosie), they each can feel how different she is, but none of them has even an off comment by way of explanation. Anyway, who am I kidding? Like I said about the first book, keep writing fantasy romance featuring Black/brown lovers and I'ma keep reading for better or worse.

  • Daniela
    2019-05-07 03:55

    When I first read the blurb for 'Angelborn' by L. Penelope I was not sure whether to read it or not. Previous reading experiences with books about Angels were a bit hit and miss, but seeing as this is only a short novel I decided to go for it. I have to say, I was pleasantly surprised and even would have liked the book to be longer! Maia is girl who keeps to herself. Everywhere she turns, she can see the ghosts of dead people who never moved on and it is often not easy to distinguish between the living and the dead. All she wants is, to make it through university, but her roommate is being haunted by a ghost who seems different.Caleb is Angelborn, which means his mother is an angel and his dad was human. It also means that he had no soul. When gets a second chance on earth, he is determined not to waste the opportunity and goes in search of the only person who can safe him...his soulmate.The characters are lovely and likeable and the theme of angels and soul mates well thought out. There really is not much I can fault and I enjoyed reading the book. I shall be getting myself the second book soon, to find out what happened to Caleb's friend Wren!

  • This books
    2019-04-27 04:47

    I got to say when I first started reading Angelborn, I didn't know if I was going to get along with the story but when I got some more insight on what was going on I thoroughly enjoyed it. In Angelborn you get to read about the past and present, within doing so you get to learn so much more about the characters. The character's are well established and very likeable. Maia is hunted, everywhere she looks she's greeted by lost souls or ghosts if you will. Maia is socially awkward, she keeps herself hidden or tries to at least. Until Caleb enters the scene. Caleb is an angelborn (half human, half angel.) hoping to bind with his soul mate. After years of being banished to the wasteland, will he get his second chance? The only thing that I was disappointed with was how short it was. I wanted more. I'm looking forward reading more from this author

  • Monica
    2019-05-06 01:44

    This book is Everythang! Full of interesting characters that are fresh and unique, a story that is unlike any that I have read, and fun. I couldn't put this book down and really rooted for the antagonists to win.The good:Maia. Such an amazing heroine full of complexities that draw you to her like a moth to a flame. She feels genuine, I felt her pain and wanted her to get a win.Well developed plot with the right amount of emotion and action.Caleb. Despite myself I liked him. he is good and honest, yet still an alpha maleHelix. I want to date him. is that weird?The bad:I want more!!!!Overall: This is one of those books that I wait for, a pearl amongst coal; I literally go through 20+ books a month hoping to find something like this that is full of well written complex characters that make me laugh and cry. This book was everything!

  • Nana Prah
    2019-05-20 03:57

    As soon as I finished this book I bought book two of the series, Angelfall. I couldn’t believe how good it was. I love a great paranormal and I definitely got one. The romance between Maia and Caleb was amazing, subtle until it wasn’t anymore. I enjoyed the growth and complexity of Maia and how she learned to deal with her gift and gave so selfishly of herself. Oh the power of love.Although Maia has a dark personality because of what she’s gone through in life, she brings quite a bit of humor to the story.I’m so happy I found a new author to love. I purchased this book from All Romance eBooks.

  • Re8ecca
    2019-05-14 07:47

    Surprisingly enjoyable. I wasn't sure what to expect as PNR has been letting me down lately, but this was refreshing and different and I really liked it! I'll avoid spoilers, but I have to say the take on angels and soul mates is something you likely haven't seen before and I really appreciated the author not going for the easy old tropes and instead bringing something new and interesting to the table. I love a bad boy, so Helix was my man, but Caleb stole my heart, too. Maia was a heroine I would root for and her powers were done just right. In fact, all the characters were done well. A great story and a quick read. Recommend!

  • Mindy Lou's Book Reviews
    2019-04-24 02:49

    ARC received via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.What a great story! This is very different to anything I've read and I was highly engrossed with the characters. I was rooting for Maia the whole way. Her life was so tragic with the ability to see the dead and then to fall for a halfling who was a soulmate to another was heartbreaking. I was so intrigued to find out how it would all come together in the end. I'm so glad to find out Wren has his own story just because I want to read more about this world.

  • Jackie O'Donnell
    2019-05-05 00:51

    This book was awesome! At first when I started reading it I wasn't sure if I would like it. But the way this author weaved the story through the characters had me racing through the book to see what would happen next. It is a love story with a mixture of adventure as well as a bit of mystery. Caleb and Maia will take flight inside you and make you long for more. If you didn't believe in angels this book will make you second guess yourself. I can not wait to read Wren's story! I was given a free copy for an honest review.

  • Manee Stewart
    2019-05-16 02:51

    Another work of art!!L. Penelope has done it again!! She has become my favorite author. Angleborn was pure perfection from the very beginning! Her story was believable and beautifully breath taking! I couldn't put it down!! I loved this one just as much as I love her Earthsong series and I'm impatiently waiting for the next in both series!!! PLEASE HURRY MRS. PENELOPE!!!! UR KILLING ME!!

  • Natacha
    2019-05-06 03:36

    I read this amazing book in just one sitting very late last night AND I REGRET NOTHING. So many feels in so little time. I loved everything about this book AND I had no idea how it was going to end and that was almost a first for me. The characters were well-written (Caleb is soulmate goals to be honest and Maia is my antisocial best friend in my head) and my only critic is that I could have read the story for 200 more pages. I just couldn't put it down.

  • Belfemn
    2019-05-04 05:01

    Finished it in less then 24 hoursSo this book was a surprise. I was starting to get use to how the current paranormal mix because just about very author had the same mixture. Yet this book was different it had me hooked from the first page to the last page. Did not disappoint at all.

  • InD'tale Magazine
    2019-04-23 01:33

    3.5/5.0With a refreshing take on angel lore and the concept of soul mates, “Angelborn" offered solid world-building.Read full review in the 2016 April issue of InD'tale Magazine.

  • Salju January
    2019-04-29 03:52

    4,5 stars (I get this arc from NetGalley) A story about an angel, fallen angel, and or nephilim.. sign me in. I really enjoyed reading this books. The story hooked me until the last page. Why oh why this is just a novella. Because it’s short. Need more Caleb and Maia.

  • Kimberly
    2019-05-01 02:51

    Insanely goodOther than the above caption I don't know else to say about this book. This is a must have in any library. I hope this author has more books.