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In Lost Girls, bestselling author George D. Shuman’s riveting new thriller, beautiful blind psychic Sherry Moore becomes embroiled in her most perilous and disturbing case to date and finds that the lives of hundreds of women hang in the balance.Sherry Moore would do anything for her confidant and best friend, retired Admiral Garland Brigham. So when he suddenly asks her tIn Lost Girls, bestselling author George D. Shuman’s riveting new thriller, beautiful blind psychic Sherry Moore becomes embroiled in her most perilous and disturbing case to date and finds that the lives of hundreds of women hang in the balance.Sherry Moore would do anything for her confidant and best friend, retired Admiral Garland Brigham. So when he suddenly asks her to assist a team of U.S. Navy SEALs in a daring high-altitude rescue on Mount McKinley, she doesn’t hesitate and soon finds herself flying across the country to hang vertically of an Alaskan cliff, tethered to Captain Brian Metcalf. Sherry, renowned for her ability to see the last eighteen seconds of a deceased person’s memory, takes the hand of a dead climber, hoping to ascertain the whereabouts of his missing climbing team. But what she sees leaves her with visions that will haunt her long past Alaska.While rumors of slave girls being trafficked around the Caribbean have circulated for years, little credible evidence has been uncovered about these “lost girls.” When detective inspector Rolly King George recovers the body of a young blond woman, naked except for a shocking tattoo branded onto her cheek, he knows she may hold the key to toppling this criminal underworld. Through delicate back-channel negotiations, Sherry arrives in Kingston, Jamaica, to see the deceased and finds that things are more complicated than she thought: the remains are of Jill Bishop, an American teenager last seen in a Santo Domingo marketplace.Carol Bishop, relentless in her pursuit to find out how her daughter died, and Sherry, the distressing images from Mount McKinley still fresh in her memory, embark on a frantic hunt for clues from the Dominican Republic to the remote jungles of Haiti, racing against time to save others from Jill’s fate. Along the way, Sherry must confront a legendary voodoo priest, who possesses abilities eerily similar to her own, and take on a man whose depraved practices give new meaning to the word evil....

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Lost Girls Reviews

  • Katy
    2019-04-18 09:48

    Please note: This review written and posted 10/2/2008, after reading a copy of the book I received from the Amazon Vine program in exchange for an honest review. Another thing you should know: this was the second book in this series I had read, and I absolutely loved the other one I read (book 4, Second Sight), so consider, when deciding yay or nay on this series, that at least one of the other books in the series was good enough that I'm willing to overlook the problems in this one and put the whole set on my wishlist.My Review: George D Shuman's 3rd entry into the Sherry Moore series (after 18 Seconds and Last Breath), while having a truly horrifying topic, suffered in the telling. The heroine of the series - Sherry Moore, a blind psychic whose ability to see the last 18 seconds of a person's life makes her famous and in demand - is barely seen. Additionally there were continuity errors concerning her blindness - such as a person offering her their hand to shake and she taking it, without any prompting or difficulty in finding the hand. This knocked a couple stars off, as it kept the story from being as engrossing as it deserved to be.I really don't know what to say about the story itself - I don't want to provide any spoilers, but it is fairly obvious from the dust jacket that the plot line would focus on the white-slavery trade. There are several threads to the plot, many of which seem irrelevant until later on in the text. The plot and idea have a great deal of potential, but I think the novel itself needed to be tightened up, as it meanders a great deal, and between that and the continuity errors it makes it difficult to stay in the story.Admittedly, I have not read the first two books in the series. I plan to remedy that as soon as I get the opportunity. In the meantime, I would say that those who enjoy a thriller or mystery will most likely enjoy this book, but I would recommend checking it out from the library first to make sure it is something you want to buy.

  • Goldenwattle
    2019-03-20 03:48

    Lately I have read several books with women being commodities and it's becoming annoying. This was another. Actually this was the worst of the examples, at least in the horror perpetuated. It was not the most effective though. Another book I read recently with females being used and abused by males made me angry and want to punish someone. This book in contrast just bored me. The writing needed a severe edit. I skimmed large sections. In the final part of the book Sherry became simplistic and naïve in her outlook with no reason to be.

  • Moriah Barach
    2019-04-16 08:44

    Didn't really care for Shuman's writing style. Subject matter was very intense. Wouldn't recommend it.

  • Irmak Kockan
    2019-04-19 07:34

    Normalde bir seriye 3. Kitaptan başlamam ama babam bu kitabı kütüphaneden almış ve benimle paylaşmak istedi.. 😍.. kendisi tamamen bir macera okuyucusu.. sadece onun için bunun gibi kitapları 100.000 kere daha okurum, hiç gocunmam, o da okumaya devam etsin isterim.. bunlar hep ayrı.. Ama bu kitabı okudukça, bazı türkçe çevirileri okumanın türkçe dublaj izlemekten farkı olmadığını tekrar anladım.. Onu geçtim, Sherry Moore’un ilk iki hikayesini okumak dahi istemediğimi farkettim.. Neyse, bir çok şeyi eleştiremeyeceğim, gerek bile yok.. Neden mi 2 yıldız? (Bir taneden fazla sonuçta?!) Çünkü inanmazsınız ama çok daha kötüleri de var.. ama babama söylemeyin😊

  • Kelly Gillard
    2019-04-04 02:20

    Although this is a tough topic I found it to be a great look in the the systems of human trafficking. There are many different views from all sorts of levels of the exchange in this book.

  • Glenda Bixler
    2019-03-25 03:47

    Lost Girls: A Sherry Moore NovelBy George D. ShumanSimon & SchusterISBN: 978-1-4165-5301-4244 PagesLost Girls by George D. Shuman is one of those books you hate to love! The storyline of human trafficking is horrendous; however, the story created surrounding the topic is an exciting, fast-paced thriller that takes you from the cliffs of Mount McKinley to the jungles of Haiti! Shuman is a 20-year veteran of the Washington D. C., Metropolitan Police Department and he writes with the fascinating detail that comes from that experience!But then he added Sherry Moore as his main character—not somebody you’d meet on the streets of D.C. Sherry has one paranormal ability; she can touch the hand of deceased individuals and see their last 18 seconds of thoughts! Sometimes those thoughts are those that we would all expect to have—thoughts of our loved ones, or thoughts based on their beliefs about life after death. Surprisingly, many different thoughts can also occur within those seconds, and sometimes Sherry is able to discover those thoughts and use them to help the living!And it was based upon that hope that Sherry was whisked away to Mount McKinley where a sudden storm had caught many climbers somewhere on that mountain. One climber had fallen and was hanging from his supports, clearly visible from the ground. It was hoped that by taking Sherry to him, she would be able to see his thoughts and perhaps gain information on the location of those with whom he had been climbing. And, indeed, she was able to learn the coordinates of where the remainder of his group was and they were rescued!While that is just the exciting beginning, the remainder of what she saw in those 18 seconds, were so hideous that Sherry couldn’t just forget them! She had seen jungles, a castle, a red room, a chair with a woman who was being tortured—visions that were so terrifying that the man who had died had found himself reliving them as he, too, met his death.Little by little, things begin to happen. A policewoman is kidnapped. A young woman on a cruise does not make it back to her ship. News of drugs and human trafficking are whispered in the dark. Interpol is finally able to begin putting things together. One of the first solid leads is that the man who had died on Mount McKinley was the son of a major drug lord who had recently died! And then another death, this time in Haiti, brings news that his death was connected to having seen women being held in a prison in Haiti. When it is discovered that the young girl from the cruise ship is from a very rich and connected family and her mother refuses to accept not finding out where her daughter is, Sherry is once again contacted, joins together with the girl’s mothers to try to discover what she can from the murdered man who had seen the imprisoned women. When she reaches the location of the corpse, she soon finds herself comparing visions with the local voodoo priest! Needless to say, this novel is loaded with twists and turns as pieces of information are collected and molded together to find the location of the castle. While the gift of paranormal experience is part of the storyline, I found the overall action and adventure much more compelling. The book is well written, a page-turner, and just might be read in one sitting, as I did! Highly recommended! But please consider this book adult content!G. A. BixlerFor Amazon vine

  • Rich Stoehr
    2019-04-15 09:48

    Lost Girls is a hard look at human trafficking, sex tourism, voodoo, and slavery. What it is not is what it says on the cover - it's not a Sherry Moore novel.It's a serious subject that George Shuman tackles in Lost Girls, and a subject worth looking at. It's modern-day slavery at its absolute worst and something that is largely ignored today. It is a sad and shameful truth of the modern world, that the buying and selling of women as property goes on unpunished. It's a tale worth telling well, in a way that makes people pay attention, and nothing does that better that a viewpoint we can understand and sympathize with. In Sherry Moore, we should have had one ready made.Sherry Moore - the blind woman who can touch the dead and see the final 18 seconds of their lives, the featured character we've come to know through two good stories so far. We've come to know her and understand her unique situation and to feel for her. I've come to expect good stories from her.In Lost Girls, however, Sherry is barely in the first 100 pages of story (almost half the book), and still isn't the focus in the latter half. I would have liked to see a lot more of her in this story. Told through her eyes, this could have been even more harrowing, frightening, and shocking. Instead, what we have is a tale diluted by multiple viewpoints and narrative voices, one which struggles to find its center the whole way through, while Sherry Moore herself is reduced to little more than a literary device used to advance the plot.There was potential here - there was a dramatic story to be told (perhaps one that needed to be told), and a character that could have been a great vehicle for it. Through Sherry Moore, the unforgivable crimes of human trafficking, sex tourism, and slavery could have been revealed to us as they were to her, layer by disgusting layer, a whole world of depravity gone ignored for too long. When the result is a bland, unfocused story that limps from point A to point B and struggles to cross the finish line, I can't help but be a bit disappointed.George Shuman deserves credit for trying to take on a hard subject. In the end, though, I came for a Sherry Moore story, like it says on the cover, and I didn't get one. If I had, it would have been a much better way to tell the story he wanted to tell.

  • Paul Pessolano
    2019-04-07 09:42

    This is a Sherry Moore novel, and for those of you who do not know Sherry Moore, let me give you a brief resume.Sherry Moore is blind but has the ability to touch a dead person's hand and relive the last 18 seconds of their lives. The first Sherry Moore novel was called "18 Seconds".In "Lost Girls" Sherry is drawn into a mystery that stretches from the Russian states to the Caribbean. She has to deal with the dregs of society that are trafficking in drugs and prostitution.Jill Bishop is a young girl that is visiting the Dominican Republic with he mother and sister. Jill is abducted and sold to a major drug dealer in Haita, who also deals in selling young women for prostitution. These women are enslaved by their captors by addicting them to drugs and taking all of their self-esteem away.Jill, who has gone through all of this is unable to take anymore, throws herself out of an airplane. Her body is discovered off the coast of the Dominican Republic and Sherry is asked to see if she can discover what happened to Jill. She is also being asked if she can find clues to Jill's captor and where she was being held.Jill's mother and Sherry find that they only way to uncover the truth is to go to Haiti and touch another dead body. This body belongs to a man named Pioche, who has been working for the drug dealer and because he tried to help Jill was murdered.A very satisfying mysteryh that is based on incidents that are actually happening in this part of the world. The author gives a candid portrait of what life is like in the countries of the Dominican Republic and Haiti.

  • Novel Destination
    2019-04-16 05:20

    The author undertook some very tough issues----human trafficking, drug trade, political corruption, behind the scenes power brokers and also voodoo in this book. I commend Mr. Shuman. I really picked this book up because of the premise that a blind woman (Sherry Moore) could intuit or "see" the last thoughts a person had at their death. Sherry Moore holds the cadaver's hand and sees images that can then be utilized to find the killers or, perhaps, save others. The work is tiring and difficult. Some believe and some just harass her so she takes "jobs" sparingly and with much thought. Connections to various governments and multi-lettered groups, sway her decisions somewhat. Since research has tried to see if images might be left on retinas at the time of death, I felt the premise for Sherry's character was plausible. My problem with this book is that the author moves between so many locations and characters that it is hard to stay with the story. Maybe his point really is that these nefarious groups are all interwoven and slippery to hold on to. If so, I get it. His writing is not bad but I would have appreciated a more linear approach to the novel. 3.5 stars.

  • Shonna Froebel
    2019-04-02 02:23

    This is the third book in the series featuring Sherry Moore. Sherry Moore is blind and has a special skill. When she holds the hand of a dead body, she can see what was going through their mind just before they died.Here, she is asked to hold the hand of a dead man who died while coming down from Mount Denali during a storm. The hope is that what she sees will lead them to the other members of his party. She does see information that helps the searchers, but she also sees something that she can't just forget: a castle where women are sexually abused.Sherry's friend Brigham gives in to her request and helps her make contact with those who might help her find information to make sense of what she has seen. The plot leads Sherry to Haiti and a large-scale criminal organization.The theme of human trafficking is a gripping one, and Shuman has based the information in the book on the reality of this terrible phenomenon. The story is well-told and the victims are given a voice that rings true.

  • Denise
    2019-04-13 03:32

    4.0 out of 5 stars Wow -- this one was really good!, October 10, 2008This review is from: Lost Girls: A Sherry Moore Novel (Hardcover)I really liked this one. I had been so disappointed by Last Breath - so I was afraid to even try it. The story was really interesting. The background info about Haiti and the corruption and crime there was fascinating. The plot regarding the kidnapped girls for the sex trade was very well written. Funny though, Sherry was really not the focus of the book and that was fine with me. That worked though for the story. I was intrigued reading what happened to Jill, a rich girl kidnapped from the Caribbean and locked in the dungeon of a castle in Haiti and about Alexksandra and her toughness to survive. The description of torture and inhumanity was sickening. All in all, this was a great story. I really had no idea of the scope of the torture and the plight of the victimized women. I'm all but certain that this exists today and would wish to know more about what I could do. I highly recommend the book!!

  • Gitte
    2019-04-01 07:48

    Sikke et skræmmende plot - virkelig noget der får tankerne til at flyve, for hvor er det dog grusomt, hvad disse kvinder bliver udsat for, nogle bliver lokket i en fælde pga uvidenhed og fattigdom, andre er uheldige og være på det forkerte sted på et forkert tidspunkt. I dette her plot, er det en fordel, At man også er med "hele vejen" på forbrydernes/gidslernes side, da man på den måde, får indsigt i den organisering der finder sted, men også ser de - desværre - uhyggelige, kyniske, pengebegærlige mennesker bag hele denne grusomme kriminalitet. Og får kendskab til hvor lidt der tidligere blev gjort for at begrænse omfanget af denne form for kriminalitet. Sherry Moore er tilbage i go form, omend hun indimellem er en tand for egenrådig og naiv mht hendes egen udødelighed. Det ene offers familie kommer vi tæt på, og følger deres frustration, og ukuelige søgen efter livstegn, og nægten at opgive håbet. Spændende og uhyggelig plot.

  • εlﻨբ ツ
    2019-04-03 05:47

    Normalde sevdiğim bir seriydi ama bu kitap için aynı şeyi diyemeyeceğim. Çok havada kalmış bazı yerler. Vur-kaç yapar gibi konulara fazla değinilmeden olayın sonu getirildi. Eğer bütün kahramanlara -en azından tatmin edici- yer verilseydi kitap bir bu kadar daha kalın olurdu. Üzülerek söylüyorum ki fazla beğenmedim.İlk başta mahsur kalan dağcıları okuyoruz. Neyse Sherrry devreye giriyor tabi. Sonra hoop Haiti'de insan kaçakçılığının içine dalıyoruz. Kadına yapılan adiliğin sınırı yok maalesef. "İnsanların bu kadar kötü olabileceğine inanasım gelmiyor..." diyor kahramanlardan biri. Çok haklı. Bu tarz şeylerin yaşanması can sıkıcı. Ki bu durumlara göz yumulması tamamen ayrı bir pislik! Kadın bedeni üzerinden para kazananların Allah belasını versin !!!

  • Christine
    2019-04-18 01:39

    Third book about Sherry Moore, the psychic who, by touching the hand of a deceased person, can “see” the last 18 seconds of that persons thoughts. This ability leads her to the top of a mountain in Alaska to try and help a group of stranded mountain climbers. What she sees however, is far more sinister than she expects and leads Ms. Moore and the reader from the deep freeze of Alaska to the tropical heat of Haiti, and right into an inside view of human trafficking. I thought this was a difficult subject to handle in a work of fiction and Mr. Shuman did it admirably. I couldn’t wait to get back to it when I had to put it down, so finished it in a couple of sittings. The introduction of a new character had me curious enough to want to read the fourth Sherry Moore novel right away.

  • Liz De Coster
    2019-03-23 09:29

    I enjoyed the first book in this series, mostly because of the premise. The second book raised some interesting moral and legal questions related to the premise. What I have found, though, is that by the third book this series has reached the sensationalistic limits of storytelling. This is the sort of wall reached in many long-running series, where each book has to "top" the previous book with any number of ludicrous coincidences and preposterous plotlines. This is only the third installment of the series, and already it's dealing with an international human trafficking/drug smuggling cabal. I have a hard time imagining the next book, if there is to be one, will fall in the realm of believability.

  • Suzan
    2019-04-13 08:46

    I picked up this book because the title Lost Girls reminded me of Peter Pan and because it was set in the Caribbean. What I found was a thriller that left my heart pounding and broken. This book is a sad story of the human trafficking (aka sex trade) business with a mystery as a means to present the story. Not only are the descriptions of the horrors done to girls and women affecting but they will live with you forever. It was ironic that Brazil won the honor of being the site of the next summer Olympics seeing that it has become the world's capital for the sex trade. Sad, terribly sad. There are few countries that have laws prohibiting this horrid practice. That needs to change.

  • Evelyn
    2019-04-03 07:44

    Blind psychic Sherry Moore travels to Haiti to find the murderous kingpin of a human trafficking network after "seeing" horrific images from the man's son who died on the slopes of Denali. There she finds that she must confront a blind man who shares her talent for seeing the final moments of a dead body's life in order to locate a missing young woman from Chicago. Tightly plotted and fast-paced. The action scenes on the slopes of Denali are breathtaking. Shuman explores a touchy subject in human sex slave trafficking very realistically. Not for the squeamish

  • Jacqui Gordon
    2019-04-02 03:44

    3rd book in a series featuring Sherry Moore a consultant who is blind and when she touches a dead person's hand she sees the last 18 seconds of their life. Lost girls is about slave girls being trafficked in Haiti and because of the the political situation how hard it is to gather evidence and convict those responsible. I like these books because they are written well and I find the descriptions of the last 18 seconds fascinating. I wonder what my 18 seconds would be?

  • Kathie
    2019-04-17 02:43

    First time reading one of George Shuman's novels. I found the subject matter to be very intense. The changing of perspectives was interesting, and although it was meant to be a Sherry Moore novel, she was hardly mentioned for the majority of the middle of the book. I found the ending to have been wrapped up very quickly, and I still had questions about Aleksandra's story.All in all, it was quite a captivating read, and I feel that I need to read the earlier novels in the series.

  • Olivia J
    2019-03-21 07:31

    Very Engaging and written brilliantly.This book, for me, was almost impossible to put down. A great thriller that is based around crimes that still occur today, with a fierce main character who has an “ability” that helped make this book stand out from all the others. I loved it, and thought it was excellent.

  • Lou
    2019-04-09 04:20

    The storyline was exciting and horrific at the same time. The book moved along at a good clip and the characters were very real. The story was moving in different areas yet was always keeping my attention and the horrible things were just that too. So if you like Sherry Moore novels then this is a winner.

  • Linda
    2019-03-20 09:22

    This is the third, I think, in a series, and I liked it so might have to go back and read the first two, if I can find them. Our library quite often has the middle of series but have either never had the first books or have sent them to the Friends book sale. It is hard to find all of books in a series and it seems like there are many series of books out there.

  • Reggie Alexander
    2019-04-05 05:20

    I enjoyed the story and the premise but thought it could have been edited a bit better. The main character is a blind psycic who can relive the last 18 seconds of a dead person life when she holds their hand. She uses this to help solve an international human trafficing story. It was an interesting way to dive into a dark subject.

  • Melissa
    2019-04-19 05:28

    I love this author. He usually catches my interest with serial killers, but this book was a great surprise. I read it one day. Another Sherry Moore novel where she tries to find a castle with women in Haiti that are being beaten and trafficked to Brazil and South America. Gross detail, but great background in history and religion! loved it.

  • Nikki
    2019-03-29 06:22

    This book is an eye opener.. though it is fiction, the story it unwinds about the trafficking of women is devastating. I can't believe human trafficking is a reality, I can't believe we don't know more about it. Read this book.

  • Heidi
    2019-04-07 05:21

    This is my first time reading one of his novels, I am really enjoying it. * Finished this quickly. It was a good book. I was fascinated by the details of human trafficking. I probably would have gotten more out of the characters if I had read Shuman's previous novels.

  • Anne
    2019-03-25 01:36

    Third in the Sherry Moore series, this story begins thrillingly with a mountaintop rescue in Alaska and ends with human trafficking in Haiti. Hard to put down, but very gritty. Three and a half stars.

  • ✿ ♥Heather ♥ ✿
    2019-04-12 08:23

    Very addictive, I just couldn't put it down. It was quite horrifying and in the beginning I was hesitating whether I should read further because of what I was reading about, but it was actually worth reading on. Educational really.

  • Becky
    2019-04-04 03:42

    Don't go out alone in a foreign country. The books mainly deals with trafficing a women for sex. The abductions and happens to these women & girls. A real eye opener. The main character, Sherry is not a key figure in this book as she was in 18 seconds.

  • Garryvivianne
    2019-04-10 09:44

    This was a pretty good story. Story about Sherry Moore, a psychic, & apparently there are other books about her, which I would also like to read. This involved trafficking of young girls from all over the world, being smuggled into the Carribean & South American countries.