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26-year-old Psychiatrist, Leah Adams has lived a hard life. Between raising her 15-year-old brother, her mother's death, and the fact that her father is currently serving time for the murder and rape of her childhood best friend...the last thing she has time for is a new patient. Especially a patient like Jacob Sand. Jacob Sand is the CEO of an internet software company...26-year-old Psychiatrist, Leah Adams has lived a hard life. Between raising her 15-year-old brother, her mother's death, and the fact that her father is currently serving time for the murder and rape of her childhood best friend...the last thing she has time for is a new patient. Especially a patient like Jacob Sand. Jacob Sand is the CEO of an internet software company...he's also the sexiest and most irresistible man that Leah's ever laid her eyes on. It doesn't help that he's a controlling, cocky, dirty talking, millionaire—who has a self-proclaimed sex addiction. However, as Leah will soon find out, there's so much more than meets the eye when it comes to Jacob. Jacob's hiding something, and when the truth comes out, the disastrous effects will change Leah's life forever. Jacob: I knew when Leah found out the truth it would change everything...I just never knew how much. Then again, I never knew how much meeting Leah would change me in the first place. The only thing I can do now is pick up the pieces while I live with the heartbreak and consequences of her actions—every single day. It turns out, there are some just can't control. Leah: The truth will set you free...but it's sure going to screw you up first. I never thought this would be my life. I never thought I would become this. My perfect, uptight, protective shell has been cracked and I can never go back again. Or so I think... This story is told in two parts. **WARNING** Adult Content: For readers 18 and over. Contains the following: explicit language, graphic sexual content, drug usage, and some violence. (However—this book does NOT involve graphic content with any minors.) Possible Triggers: Addiction...

Title : the best deception
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the best deception Reviews

  • Vee the Bookworm
    2019-05-05 14:16

    Ahhhh!! The new edition crazy good! 5 stars!Awesome book. It definitely makes you think (I won't go into everything, because I don't want to give too much away, it's definitely an experience...that's for sure.)I love Jacob's character (you hot cocky bastard you LOL!)I also love that in the second half of the book we get a chance to get inside Jacob's head too (as well as Leah's.) The romance and sex is hot, hot, hotThere was also a little bit of suspense and mystery thrown in...along with a little drama: Overall, he'll yeah, I'd recommend!

  • Lakshmi C
    2019-04-27 11:14

    This book is divided in 2 parts, I will be reviewing both parts separately.Part 1 This deserves 4 stars.This is pure, well written, romantic suspense.Leah has a rough past and has managed to build a new life for herself. She loves her younger brother Danny and is protective towards him. Jacob is her multi millionaire client with a sex addiction. This is where deception comes into play because Jacob has a hidden agenda and Leah is a part of it. The pace of the story is even and the characters are realistic. Both are dealing with past baggage and use control as a coping mechanism. This was a great, at times disturbing read filled with twists. You were always on shaky ground and the tension levels were off the charts.Part 2 (view spoiler)[ I'm a bit undecided about this as the story could have ended with the last chapter of part 1. This part focuses on addictions - the addiction itself, rehab, relapse and recovery. The author handles sensitive topics with care and we see perspectives of both Jacob and Leah. Both voices are distinct and easy to distinguish.I could not accept the decision of a certain lead character and will rate part 2 when I figure it out. My minor confusion aside, this part gives you a glimpse into the gruelling recovery of an addict with great accuracy. The second thing is this is not romantic suspense but is definitely related to the aftermath of the lives of the characters.(hide spoiler)]I received this ebook in exchange for a honest review.

  • Jamie
    2019-04-30 08:20

    Love prevails.The Best Deception, is a fun, intense, exciting read. Ashley Jade knows how to weave a tale that leaves you wanting more.There are parts of this story that some readers may have trouble reading, proceed with caution.

  • Nounoune
    2019-04-27 10:12


  • Michele
    2019-05-03 12:17

    DNF....No direction and all over the place

  • Robyn Ewing fornili graves
    2019-04-24 13:28

    A little rushedI finished Complicated Hearts and the Shame series before I started this one. Probably should have started here. Leah and Jacob were.... I don't even know if complicated works for what they have. I wasn't a fan of his "dominance" it was borderline abusive. It was drawn out in some places and rushed in others. We never heard from Alan again, we didn't get a clear picture on Jamie's Spot and they work they were doing. It wasn't my favorite or Ashley's best work. I'm going to assume its one of her first stories.

  • Erika PBookHavenBookBlog
    2019-04-26 16:38

    "Leah was my deception. She was my best deception."Sucked right in like a drink through a straw...up till 3am just to finish....this book was not at all what I expected, it was more. It had it all....sweet romance, angsty suspense, emotional drama, and my favorite twists and turns that this Author never fails to deliver. Oh.....and H-O-T! Perfectly flawed alpha is our male lead, paired with his perfectly broken, strong as nails female interest. I did not move from my seat once I started!! ~~~Erika, Book Haven Book Blog

  • Antoinette
    2019-05-01 14:37

    Not what i was expecting!This book was a complete surprise and I mean that in a good way. Ashley tells the the story of Leah and Jacob. Its an heart wrenching, gritty , emotional roller coaster that keeps you on your toes. I found myself enjoying the second part more, but all in all a fantastic read.

  • Co
    2019-05-11 09:11

    Wow, what can I say. Once you start this book you def. will not put it down until you are finished. Best Deception will take you on an emotional roller coaster ride. You need to read this book to see what happens with Leah and Jacob.

  • doreen
    2019-04-26 12:23

    This was a good story. I liked the characters and the chemistry between Jacob and Leah and I liked Leah's brother. Nice stand alone book

  • Rhiannon Hall
    2019-05-22 09:20

    Leaves your emotions raw❣I enjoyed this book, i loved the characters even if they deserve to be slapped on occasion❣I love the way Ashley Jade plays with your emotions in her books and this was no exception.I was hooked from the beginning devastated during the middle and you'll just have to read it to find out the end

  • Nicola
    2019-05-20 08:21

    This was a really good read from Ashley Jade as usual. I loved Leah and Jacob despite their faults.

  • Marcy Posteraro
    2019-05-21 16:32

    Amazing book!! I couldn’t stop reading!!!

  • Clare
    2019-05-10 16:27

    What a great book. Highlights all the darkness that is addiction and the fact that no one can change you until your ready to give it up. Beautifully written!

  • Crystal Dorsey
    2019-05-06 09:31

    This wasn't my first Ashley Jade book. Definitely wont be my last. LOVED this book from start to finish. Lots of twists. Keeps you enthralled from the very beginning.

  • ShabbyBookBistroBlog
    2019-05-16 09:11

    It's a phenomenal story. A hot sexy psychiatrist , is visited by a breathtakingly good looking patient. Here the mundane endsThey're two people trapped in a Web of lies.Both have been thoroughly betrayed by their heartless parents.Both have been looking after their own. Both have had a lonely death filled childhoodBoth don't trust anybody.So they both turn to addiction. ....of their own kindThey both battle love, addiction, relationship and fate.Both lose....oh so heavily's so sad, they could cure each other , complete each other. Yet they tear apart and hurt each other .The story travels at warp speed in the first half, Leah Adams, The Doctor treating Jacob Sands for sex addiction is very attracted to him, but he's not here to seek help, he's here to destroy her. Ends up destroying her life. Secrets about their fathers tumble out of the closet, her friends murder, her mother's murder, HIS mother's murder and Her brother Danny is in danger. That gets taken care of in speedy events in exactly 50% of the book.So I'm wondering what?But ashley surprises you when the stpry turns anti-clockwise , with the next half of Leah''s life where she's reduced to a pathetic masochistic drug addict who thinks she's making the ultimate sacrifice to save her brother. With near death brushes , she's jolted back to life and has to face some really tough choices It's crazy how being dead, makes you want to live. It makes you want to fix and feel everything. It makes you want to do the unthinkable. It makes you want to save yourself.The realization that I’m going to have no choice but to actually feel each and every emotion for the rest of my life hits hard. There will be no ‘little miss perfect’ façade and no drugs to hide behind. I muster up some more tenacity and tell myself not to give in this time around.The biggest apology you need to make... is the one to yourself . And until you learn to do that , you’ll never be able to see the forest, or the woods, through the treesThe struggle addicts face is very real, as so starkly pointed out by ashley in this story. they not only have to earn back their friends and family's trust and confidence, they have to learn to forgive themselves by facing their inner demons. Stop running away from everything all the fucking time. That's how you get people's forgiveness . By staying and facing the bad shit. By taking responsibility for your actions.”Loving someone means forgiving them, even after they hurt you. Not wanting to continue punishing them for their mistakes— because love isn’t perfect— it’s real, messy, and raw... it leaves you vulnerable…and sometimes it fucking hurts like hell.The battle is dual front fought-inside and outside.I loved the well written story, the setting, the characters. Jacob turns out to be the pillar , her centre of gravity who holds down the fort as her life's spins crazily out of control around him. She spins into the orbit but he doesnt let her stray far. Being there for her always, pulling her towards himself. Good job ashley !!

  • Tanaka K
    2019-05-16 14:32

    Pssssttt!!I got something to tell you. I freaking love Ashley Jade. I mean wow, she blows my mind every time with her books. They are just amazing. I always fall in love with her writing all the time because they affect me like no other. They give me a certain hype that sometimes it is difficult to shake it off at times. The Best Deception was just the book that truly affected me a lot. It was freaking mind blowing and I was just in awe of everything about this book. It was truly AHHMAZING!!!!!The Best Deception was a beautiful written story of lies, deception, love, pain and heartbreak. It truly touched me the depths of my heart. I was so captivated. You now when you read a book and it makes you scream or shout or cry or make you stop and think deeply then you know that the book is truly a special gem of a story. I was just in a book trance. The story in this book truly pulled me in that I completely devoured it like a crazy person. I was just blown away by the plot. It had some mystery. It had some suspense that had me reeling and frantic. It had action. It had some dark elements that gave me so many shivers down my spine. I was so excited. I am literally the most emotional person ever. The Best Deception made me shed some tears. It almost broke me. That's so magical about it because it makes you react in the best possible way.The writing was flawless that the story felt like it was coming alive. I was so wowed. The writing was so clear and concise that I was able to follow the story so well like I follow the plot when I am watching the movie. I was so into it. I felt so overcome with joy and euphoria because Ashley Jade wrote a book that made my insides curl up, my mind blown away, my cheeks blushing and my ovaries bursting. Yep, this book is crazy hot. Wow, I had to fan myself a lot. Ashley Jade can write a sex scene full of red hot passion. Mesmerizing. Yep. Ashley Jade always gives us amazing characters that simply make me fall in love with them. They just bring an extra spice into the story. Leah was such an interesting character. I was so sad for her. She had gone through a lot in her life and it was so awesome to see her so strong and fighting. There were times I wanted to slap her to wake up. LOL. Sounds harsh. Oh Jacob, le sigh. Jacob was so awesome. Control freak, alpha, crazy, protective, possessive and loving. Those traits made me love him more and more. I want to lick him. He made me swoon and hot all over. Ugh and his sexy dirty mouth was unbelievably hot.The Best Deception was definitely a story like no other. It certainly making me fall in love more and more of Ashley Jade's books. I am a huge huge fan.ARC gifted to me by author Ashley Jade.

  • AMC
    2019-05-17 09:28

    The story is deception....but not good I'm afraid.I was lucky to be introduced to this author through Blame it on series. I honestly could not put it back so amazing and gripping it was. Having that as benchmark I just cannot believe what a weak storyline this book is. As if it was not written by the same author. My only explanation would be that it was her early work and therefore not her best attempt.Where do I start? There are issues with almost every aspect of this book. The heroes and in particular Leah so badly created. She does not behave as psychiatrist or at least as an intelligent woman she should be, the constant crying, and apologizing for everything (including for her very existence on earth), inferiority complex she suffers with is just ridiculous (and she is a psychiatrist for god's sake!). Jacob on the other starts as alpha male and within zero time becomes the exact opposite clinging to Leah and falling instantly in love with her. They both are so off trying their hardest to convince the reader about their chemistry although it feels alien. Their dialogues at times so childish it surprises me that the author believes this is how adults communicate with each other in real world and in fact it surprises me, and I can hardly believe, that she wrote THESE dialogues at all. The story line.... just to add another failure. The whole idea so very good with such a great potential to become truly dark, gripping romance or not with twists and turns that could keep the reader on their toes. What do we get instead? An immature, underdeveloped, poorly executed and naive version of the above. The whole mystery is explained by Jacob within the first 30-50% of the story, and so conveniently his dying father confessed to him every single detail of his dirty business. Well that was the cherry on top of my cake of patience and understanding for the author's effort. This is not well thought out idea that pays attention to details in the story development, in the form it is now it needs serious editing work. The idea of Leah' drug dependence induced by her father so ill thought, for me so not appropriate almost stupid.The list of problems and details in the story that bothered me long, too long to write about. All in all I'm personally disappointed with the story it certainly did not live up to 5 stars it was awarded. Ironically this IS deceptive. I liked the previous work of this author and out respect for that I have awarded generous 2 stars.

  • Alina
    2019-04-30 10:37

    I expected a whole other story. Something like a billionaire with a problem who falls for his doctor, the doctor who tries to keep a straight professional relationship and yadda, yadda. Oh boy, was I wrong.It does not say in the blurb, but please do NOT read this one if you do not like really emotional stuff. Their fathers were pedophiles, her mother was a heroin addict and his mother commited suicide after she saw her husband with one of his victims. His father rapes and kills her 12 years old best friend, Jamie. I mean it, do NOT read this one because the first part is focused mostly on finding out the truth. I cried like a kid each time Jamie appeared in her dreams and each time Leah went in the woods to talk to her. I didn't like the fact that after her father makes her a heroin addict, she choses to leave him. Although, I tend to understand her. She thought she was doing the right thing, she thought she would have hurt Jacob more if she staid. Yet, once she was right about to die, she realizes Jacob, Danny and Lilian are more important. The second part is focused on her rehab. It hurt like a bitch to know what kind of person she became. My heart hurt for Jacob. He was there for her, he saved, he did all he could. And she chose drugs over him. However, as soon as she recovers and is on right about to take a dose again, she realizes it's not worth it. She realizes that even if Jacob hurt her, she still loved him and she just couldn't choose drugs anymore. That was the moment she finally let go of her past and chose to love herself instead. It was a really emotional story. I have never cried so much. That's why I am advising not to read this if you can not handle this kind of stories. However, the author succeded to express their feelings really good. Jacob is a really complex character, his love for Leah develops and grows strong even after that year when she is away getting naked for drugs. This story marked me, but it was not their love that is going to settle with me. And I am not really sure this is a good thing.

  • ~*~Happy Hour Prez~*~
    2019-05-04 09:09

    .MAYBE 3 STARSFirst 30%: 1 STAR - I almost DNF'd it but I soldiered on because I HATE not finishing books and I figured there had to be something better coming that was eliciting these 4+ STAR reviews. (FYI: Definitely NOT worth 4+ Stars)Second 70%: 3 STARS - A whole lot better, but still not great. The plot thickened nicely, but the dialog was just so corny & hate when the author writes in unrealistic yet recycled & redundant extremes, for instance, I'm SICK of reading about:Poor, Abused Twenty-Something-Year Old Virgin (with a rockin' body) who has Had the Worst Past Meets the:Sexy Billionaire with the Biggest Cock in the Land who is Cockier than Fuck. Courtship Begins / Pissing Match / Pushing & Pulling of Pigtails / Threats of Spanking ensue. The only thing that was missing in this book was the Twenty-Something-Year Old Virgin, but she might have well as been as she was an uptight psychiatrist who had been with only one man and it was years ago... She was basically a Born-Again Virgin.Anyway, it was pretty bad for awhile but the plot twists really helped make the story better. Because like I said, I almost chucked it. But at around 30% things started getting more real (not much, but a little bit) & I managed to finish it. Yea Me! Ha ha.BTW: I LOVE Ashley Jade's other work so we'll just say that was her start & that she's gotten better with time. SIDE NOTE TO AUTHOR'S:I know most of you authors think we fantasize about the BIGGEST cocks in the world, but really, we don't. In fact some of your dick adjectives kinda scares us. I would rather read about a hero who has a "thick" "gorgeous" cock or "(way) above average sized" penis...but doesn't have something that would make a pussy tear or bust at the seams. Just thought I'd try and give my 2 cents.

  • Tanya from Get Your Book On
    2019-05-15 15:26

    Wow!!! This book started off so freaking intense. Wealthy, sexy as sin, extremely dominant, and completely irresistible CEO Jacob Sand walks into Dr. Leah Adams office demanding she focuses her attention solely on him. She knows it's not normal, that she should refuse it, but she doesn't. The money he's offering is too damn tempting, especially, since she's the one left to raise her teenage brother.His reason for needing to see her. He's a sex addict. Okay...where do I sign up? He pushes her boundaries, and she does little to resist. They quickly fall into an intense, sexually charged relationship, one that is so damn hot, my kindle almost melted. But it turns into so much more than that, she's finally beginning to trust someone. Little does she know that Jacob has ulterior motives. Ones that stem back to her childhood. A past that she'd much rather forget about. Unfortunately, her demons come back to haunt her. And everything's destroyed. I adored this story!!! You might be thinking, "Why did you only give it 4 stars if you loved it so much?" Without going into detail because I don't want to ruin the story, something horrible happens to Leah. Something that was forced upon her, but it ultimately consumes her. She loses everything: her license to practice medicine, her brother, the love of her life. But the anger and hatred that Jacob and her brother Danny hold against her, seriously made me want to scream! If I could reach into my kindle grab their heads and bash them together, I would have.Thank god for Lillian! If it wasn't for that wonderful woman, Leah wouldn't have had anybody to lean on when she turned her life around. She wanted her life back, and more importantly the two men who meant the world to her, Jacob and Danny. Do they get their happily ever after. I can't say. Read it and you'll find out for yourself. ;)

  • Frances
    2019-05-08 15:12

    True Love Conquers AllThe Best Deception is a book of deceptions and love. Jacob and Leah are two bodies that represents lost and guilt. They have issues in their lives that has molded them into the people that they are. When Jacob meets Leah they are under the circumstances of his lies and guilt. She sees him under those issues and tries to help but with the chemistry between them it's hard. They both have their past but when it comes back she can't believe how much they are involved with each other.

  • Kathy
    2019-04-25 12:32

    This book is most definitely an angsty read. You're going to need some tissues on hand for this one because it's going to make you cry every other chapter. You won't regret it though. In the end you'll cry and be happy about it. Absolutely love. My first Ashley Jade book, but most definitely NOT my last.

  • Terri Oconnell
    2019-04-24 10:27

    You really need to check Ashley Jade as her talent to weave a dark and twisty story is beyond amazing. Her characters are well developed. The writing was perfect, and with the twists and turns, you feel a lot of different emotions all at once. Please read only if you like dark stories as it could contain triggers for some. This story has borderline dubious consent, violence, and explicit drug use, including addiction so be aware that all these elements are included before you read.We start with a hot sexy psychiatrist and a breathtakingly good looking patient. Both trapped so far in a Web of lies they can only destroy each other. Then once they are left abused, used and broken by each other are they going to be able to pick up the remaining pieces to get their lives back together or have they lost everything and everyone they held deal. Including themselves.

  • Venus Blancia
    2019-05-09 15:12

    The Story of Jacob and Leah started literally with the deception of revenge. Leah is one strong heroine to her brother and best friend. And Jacob the sent to give Leah the problem and the solution to everything Leah wanted answers and solution to the mystery she had in her life. The love affair of Leah and Jacob had gone a long wayyyyyy especially in the last part, that really both characters had went through catharsis to find their own self before facing the love and confidence to one another. What I love about this story is the also the protectiveness of Jacob and Leah to Leah's brother; that I am glad that the author did not make him a stereotype like father like son...though it happened to Leah, but at least the brother remained as the good and untouched character in the story. What a nice story but be warned of all the triggers in this story.

  • Julie hillier
    2019-05-22 13:19

    This story was such a yo yo for me. The very first therapy session between Leah and Jacob was intense. So much so I was left in awe of her. He was the most beautiful man, with so much desire pouring out of him Leah couldn't think straight. She let her attraction to him take over.Then everything fell apart. Her and her brother kidnapped and she being forced herion until she willed it, she craved it, she needed it to survive. She lost the three most important people in her live because she choose the drugs instead. She needed it to forget everything about her childhood and best friends death. She thought it was the only way. Until it was almost her undoing.Second chances are seldom given without fight. And fight she did. She wasn't stopping until she got her life and those she loved back.

  • Michelle Brown
    2019-05-17 09:32

    I just can't even tell you how much I love the fact that this author can draw you into any story.I didn't like the male characters but that's my personal opinion. And the author knows why. I won't tell you why that is because I want you to make up your own mind about them. However I will tell you that only Ashley can mess with your emotions so much that you don't even realize you like it until you are already there.There is a trigger warning on this book as with most if not all of Ashley Jade's books. Heed the warnings, the female character in this book deals with some hardships that may be hard to deal with. It's worth reading, if you can handle it.

  • Lofty
    2019-05-07 08:29

    5*Leah is Danny's sister she has had custody of him since her dad is in jail for the involvement in murder of her best friend Jamie, her mother had died of a drug overdose. Jacob is a CEO who's hired Leah as his psychiatrist as she's newly qualified he makes her sign a contract before they begin.However things are not as they seem Jacob makes it clear he wants more. There lives are more connected than Leah know's Jacob knows about her past. The emotional pain of the characters is written with such feelings I couldn't put this book down. Just wow!!I voluntarily received an advanced reader copy of this book for my honest opinion.Another must read ASAP

  • Tammy
    2019-05-18 13:25

    This book drove me crazy (in a good way!!) Life has not treated Leah well and you get to read the horrible details, and it only gets worse because there are things she does not know and finding them out from Jacob only makes the details even more shocking!! The back and forth with Leah and Jacob is excruciating but becomes better. I'm not telling you how or what actually happens so you can experience it all, the highs and lows!! I totally recommend this book and the rest of this authors books because she is truly talented!! You become a fly on the wall of all that is happening and you can feel the emotions they are going through!! I don't think you can go wrong reading any of her books!!

  •  Charlie✰ WLTB Blog ✰
    2019-05-02 16:17

    Great read,This book is in 2 parts. it had hooked me from the start. It really does makes you think, Leah and Jacob, I loved them from the start although in part 2 they did kind of wind me up I was shouting at the kindle just bloody talk to each other, but it was a great read and the struggles they went through from the pasts they both had. It was Raw, emotional in parts. I loved how in the second part we got more inside Jacobs head. this book deals with hard topic addiction. isn't always easy read, but Ashley did a great job, I really connected with the Characters.This is just another great book from Ashley Jade.