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Christian Sex and Marriage—It’s ComplicatedReal Stories. Real Pain. Real Help.Ignite passion and deepen sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy in your marriage. Inspired by the struggles, the shame, and the victories of Jesus Followers who asked,What does the Bible say about marriage and sex?I have no sex drive—am I broken?What can I do to better pleasure my spouse?How doChristian Sex and Marriage—It’s ComplicatedReal Stories. Real Pain. Real Help.Ignite passion and deepen sexual intimacy and emotional intimacy in your marriage. Inspired by the struggles, the shame, and the victories of Jesus Followers who asked,What does the Bible say about marriage and sex?I have no sex drive—am I broken?What can I do to better pleasure my spouse?How do I get my spouse to listen to me?How do I add romance in my marriage?Can Christians play sex games?How do I give and accept oral sex? Is oral sex wrong?What happens to our sex life when we get older?I had an affair; can my marriage heal?Every section begins with true stories. Every chapter ends with self-evaluation questions, conversation starters, and activity ideas....

Title : Christian Sex and Marriage: It's Complicated
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Christian Sex and Marriage: It's Complicated Reviews

  • Robin Morgan
    2019-05-17 14:04

    Growing up as a child of the 1950’s, I’d listened to music on the radio and one of the songs which has always resonated in my mind has been Frank Sinatra’s “Love and Marriage.”“…Try, try, try to separate themIt's an illusionTry, try, try, and you will only comeTo this conclusionLove and marriage, love and marriageGo together like a horse and carriageDad was told by motherYou can't have one, you can´t have noneYou can't have one without the other…”And for those of us who love to read romances, don’t we love it when two individuals finally come together in the HEA they’ve both always dreamt of having despite of all the hardships they might have had to face along the way.This all makes it appears that having love/sex in a marriage just happens and that it’s easy to achieve. While this might be truthful for many individuals; however, if a couple has religion in their marriage [regardless of their faith], this combination is far more complicated.The author of this, Rebecca Riley, has used her knowledge as a pastor, who has been working in the ministry for over thirty years, to write this self-help manual regarding sexual as well as emotional intimacy, all within the Christian faith.Ms. Reilly, starts off with the most basic question Christian couples can have after entering the “holy bounds of matrimony” which is simply: “What does the Bible say about marriage and sex?” She then dwells into those more personal issues of being able to please my spouse sexually, adding more romance into the married relationship and there’s of course the area of conflict many couples might have: “How does one spouse get the other to listen to what they’re saying?”In order to best help someone, regardless the subject, is by first giving actual examples of the topic, then moving on to some form of discussion, culminating with providing activities to put the ideas presented into actual practice; and course, the all-important self-evaluation component of any educational process.For wanting to help all Christian couples [and possibly some of other faiths] in the complexities of sex and marriage within the confines of their faith, I’ve given Ms. Reilly 5 STARS for this endeavor.

  • Victor *we were on a break!*
    2019-05-05 09:59

    I don't know where to start with this review. There are so many things I could write about every chapter but that would be too long and the author would probably be the only one reading it :)Right off the bat and before I forget, I want to say that one of my favorite tips in the book is The Welcome Kiss, 10 secs to start your time together the right way. This is priceless.One of the only cons I found is that there were no pictures:o. (Just kidding, that's what duckduckgo and bing are for) Okay, seriously, the only problem I had was with the chapter on nutrition. This is one of the most important chapters in the book because your diet is very important to your sexual health, but I went from thinking about sexual intimacy to a screeching halt and thinking about food. There probably was no better placement for that chapter, maybe it would have worked as an appendix, I don't know. It just derailed me there are bit. No biggie.The fact that the author addressed oral sex is a big plus. There are adults that refuse or are misguided into thinking that subjects of a sexual nature are taboo. I'm specifically taking about pastors and elders in a church. So I'm especially grateful that this was addressed.Sex and aging was also addressed which was good.It was sad and at the same time eye-opening to read the stories sprinkled throughout the book of real people and their relationships. I found myself wondering how people could stay in relationships where they viewed each other as siblings; where sex occurred maybe 4 times a year; where the word orgasm wasn't part of their vocabulary. Then I remembered one relationship that I was in where something was said early in the relationship(4 months in) and little by little I lost all desire to have sex with this individual. We stayed together for 2 years. There were chapters that thoroughly explained the incompatibility that couples experience and comes across as if they are speaking different languages. One of them dealt with how we speak and hear love. Wow. It seems simple. On the surface. Some people may want to simplify and say that if there is communication, everything will be fine. Not necessarily, if you are communicating hateful things, everything isn't going to fine. Obviously it has to be constructive but above all honest. Straight from the book..."Intimacy requires communication. Both parties must be willing to bare all feelings, all fears, perceived inadequacies, anger, lack of trust and everything else". How many of us communicate at this level? Are you prepared for it? If your spouse approached you after dinner and laid this on you, how would you react?I love the exercises and conversation starters at the end of every chapter. These are excellent tips and actionable advice where you work on yourself and with your partner. Heck, one of the exercises even helped me with a non-romantic relationship.Word of caution: Be prepared to deal with some of the answers to the conversations starters if done correctly and honestly. What you hear may be a blow to your ego, but you (and it) will survive as your relationship gets better.This is a book that deserves multiple reads, and meditation on the scriptures the author uses to support her ideas. I received this book as a give-away and I'd like to thank goodreads and the author. To the author, I'd like to add that reading your book has been a blessing. From the exercises on evaluating oneself to the conversation starters and just an idea sections. I found myself truthfully answering some tough questions and guiltily putting others on hold for fear that I would not like the answers(I will get to them, eventually). I have a better picture of what I want in a relationship and a better idea of my role and responsibility in said relationship.I recommend this book to anyone that wants a healthy relationship with a real person. If your sexual relationship leaves a lot to be desired, you needed this book last month. Get this even if you think your partner will resist change and start identifying the underlying issues and working on a plan to resolve them. You don't need to believe that the intimacy in your relationship is in trouble to read this book. Just because there aren't any complaints doesn't mean there aren't any problems. It's never easy to tell your spouse that they're doing something wrong or not quite hitting the spot. If it's already great, read this anyway, you may learn some new tricks. Don't care for the religious aspect? then do what you normally do, roll your eyes, suck your teeth, just don't pass on this book because of some biblical scriptures(it won't kill you, promise;)). This may sound cliche but this book may even change your life. At the very least you can reaffirm that you have a healthy sexual relationship with your spouse. It may also keep you from the ramifications of adultery. "In the course of your marriage, your spouse will inspire you to feel red-hot passion, uplifting joy, comforting laughter, burning resentment, dark anger, and debilitating boredom. Passion in marriages rises and drops. The more you work, and work together, the greater the heights and the shorter the falls."

  • Brandi
    2019-04-29 10:55

    *I received this book through a Goodreads giveaway* I was not sure what to expect with this book, as I have not really read anything similar previously. It was fairly graphic [not in a bad way! just more than I anticipated :)]. As I am a pretty open person when it comes to the actual sexual stuff, I mostly enjoyed reading about the mental and spiritual aspects of intimacy. While I recognize marital sex as a gift from God, sometimes I forget that it is not simply the physical, so this book was a nice reminder.

  • Rebecca Reilly
    2019-05-03 13:01

    4 stars.Reviewed By Mamta Madhavan for Readers’ FavoriteChristian Sex and Marriage: It's Complicated by Rebecca Reilly is a helpful book for all those who are planning to get married as it will make them understand the deep emotional and sexual intimacy that comes with marriage. The book is honest and will be useful to everyone who wants to make their marriage strong. The tips and suggestions in the book will help them heal problems in their relationship, handle sexual intimacy in a better way, and keep the romance alive. The book covers the topic extensively, helping readers of all ages to handle their sex life in a better way.The book covers the emotional as well as the sexual aspect of a relationship extensively. The small prayers, evaluation, and conversation starters for couples to improve on their sex life are interesting and easy to incorporate into one's life. The stories shared are relatable and realistic, helping readers connect well with what the author is trying to convey. Each story is a good example of how one can work and improve on problems in a marriage and make it happy and fulfilling.The author reaches out to all types of people who have different personalities, and this book can be added to the personal collection of all couples and also to all those who are planning to get married. The self-evaluation questions, conversation starters, and activity ideas at the end of each chapter are helpful in reflecting on and looking into one's relationship and making it better than before. A helpful book for all those who are looking to improve their marriage.