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When a daughter turns marriageable age, what should a responsible father do? Easy—wed her to the most suitable boy who comes knocking on their door. Jai Bharadwaj, Mili's father and owner of The Serenity Tea Estate in the idyllic Nilgiris would've probably liked to do the same, but being who he was, he had to ask her first. What would Mili say?...

Title : Milan (A Wedding Story)
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Milan (A Wedding Story) Reviews

  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    2019-05-17 18:45

    Set in the beautiful hill station of Connoor, Milan is the story of Mili, Ahaan and their ‘arranged marriage.Mili’s father, a tea estate manager in the Nilgiri Hills, finds a perfect match for her. Ahaan is an eligible bachelor in every way and the best part is that Mili and Ahaan are not strangers who are brought together in this blessed union. But Mili has her reservations about marrying Ahaan and as she gets caught up in the whole situation, can she hold on to the dorky image of Ahaan that she remembers or will she fall for the hunk that he has turned into.Mili is an interesting character with various shades. The first thing that I liked about her is her ambition to make a career in the music industry. Anyone who deviates from the traditional path of doctor / engineer / mba, has my respect instantly – especially the artictic ones whether fictional or real ;). She is enchanting for most parts except when she reacts badly to anything that doesn’t conform to her opinions. She sure did test me a bit. However, Ahaan is perfect for her… They complement each other so well that together they are complete. I liked Ahaan’s character and his convictions. The author paints a pretty picture throughout. Whether it is the backdrop of Connoor or the wedding setting, it is easy to picturize everything with the way she describes them. Though I understand that it is not always possible to round up everything perfectly, given the restrictions, I couldn’t help but feel a bit lost. There were so many questions in my mind and some characters were left without closure. This novella could have been really good if only a few loose ends were tied up.In the end, the story was good and so were most of the characters. As such it made for an entertaining read.

  • Maham
    2019-05-21 18:35

    Yet another epic tale by Simi K. Rao! I loved every bit of this book. The relationship that forms between Mili and Ahaan is described beautifully. Marriage is a scary enough thought for anyone and Simi describes all the pre-wedding jitters so perfectly. I loved how Mili's character shaped up from being this stubborn arrogant girl who didn't want to marry the nerd from her childhood to realizing that Ahaan was all that she wanted in a man, the end result of her falling completely in love with him was so wonderful. Also Ahaan's character was such a delight, he is everything a girl could want. The way he loved and cared for Mili and took all her feelings into consideration was so endearing and literally will make you want to break out into a huge smile. Ahaan's sweet gestures will literally make you go 'aww'. Simi does such a beautiful job at penning each emotion and makes you feel what the characters are feeling. All the wedding traditions were portrayed and described very well I felt as if I was transformed into that scene and could visual each setting. Take a bow Simi you've done it yet again with this outstanding story. Once again you have made smile from ear to ear and captivated me so much that I just couldn't put this book down without finishing it in one go. This is a must read for all those who've read Simi's 2 previous books and for everyone who hasn't read, I highly recommend all 3 books.

  • Sudha
    2019-05-19 23:51

    Fantastic book!!Loved it!! I really adored this beautiful couple... Loved the variation shown in their characters... Hero a nerdy gentleman & heroine a feisty sweet girl... Their love was not like a thunder storm... All wild & sudden... But like a cool breeze... So calm & pleasant... The story revloving in coonoor backdrop was like a cherry on top of the cake... Such a romantic place to fall in love with... Thoroughly enjoyed reading this brilliant story which beautifully portrayed the Indian culture & wedding... Kudos to the writer for her good works...ThanksLove, Sudha

  • Vinay Leo R.
    2019-05-17 15:51

    Review @ A Lot of PagesPoints in favor: + Interesting main characters – esp. Mili, and her ideas on her future+ Cover design as grand as a wedding, invites the reader into the story+ Simple plot, not many twists and turnsPoints against:- Incomplete threads, but does it leave room for a sequel?- Not much details of the characters’ past and backgroundA quick read, but which can definitely be better executed.

  • Reshma Dave
    2019-04-28 23:45

    I can relate to the characters of this story. As someone who has witnessed the process of an arranged marriage and how those relationships and bonds are formed and strengthened; Simi's story portrays that authenticity. The journey of Mili & Ahaan is a beautiful that I enjoyed taking with them. Beautiful story!

  • Samarpita
    2019-05-15 20:58

  • Nikita (NjKinny's World of Books & Stuff)
    2019-05-05 16:53 3.5 out of 5Milan (A Wedding Story) is the story of Mili and Ahaan whose match has been arranged by their parents. The book takes us on a journey of two people who are virtually strangers but soon to be husband and wife as they try and understand each other and fall in love before their wedding day. The story encompasses the duration from the first meeting to the wedding.I have read Simi's books in the past and enjoyed them. Like her previous books, this one also has Indian arranged marriage in the mix but unlike the previous books, this is a Wedding Story!The cover is beautiful and reminded me of the fun and happiness that comes when I attend a wedding in India. The blurb is interesting and instantly peaks our interest.The plot is interesting and had great potential. The execution is entertaining but the story left so many questions behind in my mind. So many story lines were hinted at and then never developed which left questions in my mind like it is told that Mili's father is struggling to keep his business and Mili is determined to help her father but nothing is later elaborated on it neither is it mentioned in the story again. Then Mili's friends' angle is also hinted at but then left hanging and so on.Despite these loop holes, the story is well narrated and had me engaged throughout. The arranged marriage customs, rituals and the whole festive atmosphere is beautifully captured by the author. The insecurities, rebellion of the modern youth against this age-long custom is also admirably depicted and then the virtues of the arranged marriage custom in the present time is also very expertly conveyed by Simi.The pre-wedding jitters, insecurities and rebellion is realistically portrayed. The scenery of Mili's hometown is so beautifully described that I felt like I was right there!I could connect with Mili's parents anxiety for their daughter, their sadness over the fact that she would soon go to a new home and their pride in her. There aspirations of giving their daughter the best parting and their endeavours to secure for her a loving and dutiful husband is so commonplace in India where parents dream of ensuring a happy married life for their daughters and make great efforts towards this end.I loved Ahaan. He is mature, sophisticated and yet connected to his roots, humble but still sometimes manages to look like an arrogant brute who doesn't care about anything but making Mili his bride but is overall in love with Mili and determined to make her his bride. His actions to secure her love and also make her fall in love with him are heartfelt but still somewhere I felt like something was missing. I wanted more background on his life in Delhi and an insight into his everyday routine but nothing much is told about him which somewhat made picturing him as a real person difficult.Mili is sweet, innocent but childish. Initially, she looked matured when she thought about her father's business difficulties and dreamed of her future where she would help her father keep his business secure and also their home but then she suddenly turned into this childish, too innocent and silly girl who just didn't look like someone who is twenty plus years of age! But despite this her moments with Ahaan where she slowly and steadily went from resenting marrying Ahaan to realizing that he was the perfect match for her is heartfelt and had me smiling.This story is like an episode in two people's lives. Only the wedding part is covered here. The loose ends left in the book and the questions like did Mili follow her dream of becoming a famous sitar player or did her father manage to save his home and his ancestral business or what happened after the revelations about her that she got from her friends etc. rankle a bit when you are reading the book and left me wanting to know the answers to these questions.All in all, Milan (A Wedding Story) is entertaining and fun to read but don't expect a novel like story where all subplots are closed. Read it like a wedding episode and you will enjoy it. 3.5 out of 5 to it and recommended to all readers loving festive stories.I received an ARC from the author and the Tour Organizers and I am very thankful to them. The above review is my honest and unbiased opinion and in no way influenced.

  • Ruchi Singh
    2019-05-08 19:38

    Milan is a journey of a girl from the time she reluctantly agrees to an arranged match till she get married—truly a wedding story. The author explores the insecurities, doubts, desires, longing of a would-be-bride who wants everything but is scared of things to come. She knows her life would change irrevocably but still desires to be with someone who will cherish and love her forever.Mili is a twenty-something, who has finished her education and is ready to embark on the life’s journey of excelling in the field of music, but her parents want her to get married and settle down as is the case in most of Indian families. In comes handsome Ahaan, her childhood mate, who has set his eyes on Mili the moment he saw her again after years. Instantly attracted to Ahaan, Mili agrees. And then battles the eternal struggle between her ambitious dreams and desire for Ahaan.The novella is set in a Tea plantation on Coonoor and the author has done an excellent work in describing the setting of a small, beautiful hill-town. It is as if one is right in the middle of the action.Mili is simple girl, sheltered and pampered by a loving family. One is able to relate to her jitters and fears about stepping into a new life. But for 21st century girl I found her to be too childish and immature, a person who flies off the handle every time someone utters something which is not to her liking. Sometimes it becomes a tad unrealistic. Ahaan is perfect in his character of a loving fiancé and a mature bureaucrat in the External affairs ministry. His job profile added to the character’s sophisticated persona. Mili’s parents figured quite a lot in the story. It was a little odd that they were practically privy to all their (main characters') thoughts and rendezvous.There are certain things with didn’t set well with me. One is about Mili’s mother asking her to sort out her room, and take whatever she wants back to her husband’s house so that the room could be vacated. Why? The girl is anyway emotional about leaving her parent’s house and instead of consoling her that everything would be alright, her mother was uprooting her childhood room as well. Second thing was Mili forgetting about her Sagai date. Can someone forget the very date they have been preparing for weeks? Leaving aside these few oopsies, I liked the story.Ms Rao has a way with words and it was entertaining to read the simple happenings in a family when a girl is about to get married. Language and narration is tasteful.The cover is simply fantastic, it attracts the readers attention and makes a person curious about the story. The story does justice to the expectations.‘Milan’ is a simple, breezy read, I would recommend it to people who are looking for a clean romance and a glimpse into Indian wedding scenario.Note: This review is part of B00k R3vi3ws tours.

  • Mahathi Ramya
    2019-05-16 15:57

    ‘Milan’ is a story of a bubbly, straight forward young girl ‘Mili’. This novel captures the changes in her life from a marriage proposal through the weddingMili is a graduate in Music and an aspiring Sitar artist. She wants to pursue her career in music and visits her home-town ‘Coonoor’, which is a hill station in Tamilnadu to meet her parents who own a tea plantation there. Marriage was not in her thoughts at all until a sudden proposal comes from Mrs. Kapoor for her son ‘Aahaan’. Aahaan was Mili’s classmate who she used to tease a lot in school days and she doesn’t have any inclination towards him at that time.Beautiful and innocent love blossoms between them as Mili accepts the proposal and they try to understand each other gradually. There are no twists and turns in the story.Every girl is afraid about how life might change after marriage – will she have to ask permissions for every small thing from in-laws or spouse, will she have freedom like earlier to be naughty, to enjoy, to meet her parents whenever she likes, Will the new family welcome her with love, will they encourage or support her career and other ambitions?.. Mili also goes through all these but gets assurance from Aahaan that he will support her always. The story ends with the union of their souls through marriage.The author tries to explain the institution of arranged marriage and how it works still in India. At the end, she says,There is no concept of divorce. Marriage is a sacred relationship and once married, a couple is wedded for life.What I liked:Thoughts of a young yet to be married girl are captured very well and every girl/ woman gone through this phase can relate to it very well. Characterization is too ideal to believe, but it’s good. There are no villains/ bad people portrayed in the story except for a friend of Mili.What I didn’t like:The story is romantic and too rosy. Doesn’t look very practical as Mili and Aahaan are shown as made for each other and very much like an ideal couple. We can see this kind of characters only in movies. Since there are no twists and turns in the story, at one point, we will feel very bored. Mili accepts the proposal very quick after meeting Aahaan twice, which is surprising. Even though he is a childhood friend, usually, Mili should have had many questions to ask him before accepting the proposal.My rating: 3/5I would recommend this to teenage unmarried girls.

  • Caitlyn
    2019-04-22 19:32

    I recently was invited to join in on the book tour for Milan (a Wedding Story) by Simi K. Rao.I'll be the first to admit that I have a very very limited knowledge of the traditions and such of India so I was pretty confused throughout this story when they went through their traditions or talked about food or anything like that. A lot of pages had little footnotes at the bottom that explained words and that was SUPER helpful!I really love arranged marriage stories. Honestly it's like my (horrible) love for student/teacher stories. I probably read too much fanfiction(jk theres no such thing as too much fanfiction!). I was super excited when I saw that this was an arranged marriage story and I'm pretty sure that was 98% of the reason I said yes to the tour(I'm telling you, it's all that fanfiction!). So this wasn't like the arranged marriage stories that I'm used to reading, usually the parents force the marriage and neither person in the marriage wants anything to do with it and then they learn to get along and eventually fall in love. That is not what happens in this story. In this story Ahaan, the groom, wants the marriage. He has had a crush on Mili for years and he's the one that suggested the engagement. Mili on the other hand, does not want to get married. She's 24 and an amazing musician who wants to go far in her career. Marriage is the last thing on her mind. So that was totally new to me and I'm not sure how much I liked it like that. Ahaan seemed pretty pushy to me and even though he had good intentions it was still odd.Mili kind of bugged me. Sometimes I liked her and agreed with her and sometimes I was like STOP you're being annoying. I'm still not totally sure how I feel about her. She seemed a little bit whiny to me but I guess that's to be expected when you're being somewhat forced into a marriage.As I said before, I know next to nothing(practically nothing) about how things are done in India so even though I did learn a bit while reading this book I'm sure I would have enjoyed the book more if I knew more about the country and traditions.Simi K. Rao's writing style isn't my favorite but I was able to read it pretty easily and I have definitely read worse so I'm not going to complain!

  • books are love
    2019-05-09 18:43

    This was nice. Mili and her childish ways at times were grating but Ahaan was wonderful. What made this story was how we got to see the culture and their practices. Also the kindness and patience of Ahaan as Mili found her way to him.Mili is a independent girl with headstrong ways. She believes that she shouldn’t get married because it will stop her from doing what she wants. Her freedom will be gone. Suddenly she is now thrust into a marriage proposal with a man she finds irritating or so she thought. We always are told hate and love are the same coin but different sides with a fine line between them. This is one of those cases. Ahaan shows Mili nothing but kindness and patience. He understands who she is and despite her brashness and rash behavior, her temper and tantrums he finds her endearing. He loves her. What makes him different from others is he doesn’t want to change her. he loves her innocence, rash behavior and temper. He wants her to explore who she is and wants to support her in her career. This does confuse Mili as does Ahaan. She doesn’t want to fall for him but he slowly breaks down her barriers and walls.This is a sweet book of a boy who has always liked a girl and asks her to marry him. The girl is stubborn and temperamental but agrees. She goes on her own self discovery journey of herself and her culture as she begins to see the boy as more. She realizes that he wants a equal partner and not to change her but to just love her. They fall in love and this is their journey to marriage. It is a wonderful look at the customs followed in getting married in the Indian culture and a great look at the growth of one girl from being stubborn to seeing that loving someone and being married to them won’t take away who you are or what you want to be but enhance that and make your accomplishments more special for you have someone along the way encouraging, supporting and loving you. It is a boy who loves wholeheartedly and is kind and patient as he helps the girl see him for him and helps her find him as her equal partner in life and love.

  • Divya Vijayan
    2019-04-27 20:56


  • Adriel Wiggins
    2019-05-08 20:49

    **I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review.**Milan by Simi K Rao is a novella about an arranged marriage in India. Mili finds out one morning that her parents have been approached by the mother of her childhood rival, Ahaan. This is a fun little story that explores how people change as they become adults. Although the novella could have used some fleshing out, it had intriguing details. Admittedly, I am not deeply familiar with Indian culture as a whole, nor this particular region specifically. But it seemed to me that the characters were very Americanized in their slang and attitudes. I might have been projecting too much into the story, though. I liked the teasing and flirting personality of Mili, but her sudden mood swings into huffy impatience seemed not quite right. I have decided that Ahaan is an angel to have consistently responded with loving patience to Mili’s mercurial ways. The large appendix that details arranged marriages and wedding ceremonies in India is an excellent proof that Rao is a thoughtful and accomplished author. I just wished this could have translated a little more into the fiction part of the story. Over all, I enjoyed this novella as a happy little afternoon read. People who enjoy light-hearted romance may enjoy this book.

  •  Ashwini Gopalkrishnan
    2019-05-09 17:44

    I received the copy of Milan from the author herself via you Debdaata for the same .'Milan' is first book that I have read written by Simi K. Rao for the first time . Hopefully I will catch with other book written by her sometime later . The story is simple when a girl grows and turns up of marriage then how parents gets worried and when they find a perfect match for the girl .What are fears , anxiousness she has cross over is described in this book effectively by Simi .K. Rao. It is story of Mili Bhradwaj and Ahaan Kapoor .The book is based on how arranged marriages takes places in India. The girl 's fears of leaving familiar surroundings to an unknown destination with the person whom she knows yet does not much about him .Simi has weaved the story very well in a masterful way .I like the way in which Mili Calls Ahaan 'TOI ' the name which she had given him when they were school buddies .I love the part where Mili feels guilty of her actions .... to know more about this party please read the book .Overall the book is a good read book .

  • Anita Kumari
    2019-05-07 20:57

    As the title of the book is “Milan – a wedding story”, it is a story of union of two very different individuals. A story of how a one-sided love blooms and becomes a love story of two people who are very opposite to each other. The protagonists Mili and Ahaan, play their parts very well and their characters are well portrayed. The character of Ahaan is so good, loving and caring that his character seems very hard to get in real life. I feel every girl needs a lover or hubby like Ahaan. He understands Mili’s feelings and dilemmas and never forces her for anything, another good quality of Ahaan.....Read more here.....

  • Amita Sehrawat
    2019-05-20 22:40

    Read complete review at - was one of those books which I finished reading in no time. It's a simple and straight story of a girl being getting married.Most of the marriages in India are arranged where the couple decides to spend test of their lives together on the basis of one or two formal meeting. They hardly know anything about each other except the facts as on resume - name, formal parental history and education. It is but obvious for both families to have some insecurities about the future ahead. The author has very carefully expressed those hidden feelings in written words - specially the girl and her parents.

  • Priyanka Roy Banerjee
    2019-05-20 16:35

    Read the full review here: being ‘A Wedding Story’, had expectations raised to give us a good peek at a grand Indian wedding. The author is already writing a series on Arranged Marriage and this novella is probably an offspring of the same.Firstly, the cover is gorgeous. It kind of glowed on my reading device and looked dazzling, much like an Indian wedding. The book started with a lot of promise giving the readers a glimpse of beautiful Connoor and into Mili’s life. Mili is an aspiring musician who wants to make something big out of her life. Just then, comes a marriage proposal from someone she considered a dork in school. He’s Ahaan and her parents as well the entire town is enthralled by him.

  • ALOP - A Lot of Pages
    2019-04-25 17:38

    Link to the Book Review at ALOPLeo rates the book 3 stars and reviews the book as a quick read, and can be a lot better. He feels the best point about the book are its main characters and cover design, and a point to work toward are the sub characters, who haven't been dealt with enough.

  • Sonali
    2019-05-10 17:56

    amazing tale highlighting the true nature of arranged marriages in the modern setting. Enlightens readers about arranged marriage, which is the journey of a girl and boy accepting each for life, along with adjustments they must face along with their families in this important journey. A delightful tale by Simi K. Rao, kudos and congrats on another masterpiece!

  • Meenal Vardan
    2019-04-22 19:30

    Loved it. Sweet love story without any drama. I kept thinking OK something sad will happen now but It kept surprising me. Overall I loved it. Bring back a lot of memories from my own arranged marriage 9 years ago.