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Story of a girl Meera, who is unwittingly drawn into a conflict from where she finds it difficult to emerge unscathed. It’s her journey from being a simple, medical graduate belonging to a middle class family to the uncharted territories of corruption and caste-based politics. Her path is crossed by two men, both compelling yet completely contrasting characters, who are goStory of a girl Meera, who is unwittingly drawn into a conflict from where she finds it difficult to emerge unscathed. It’s her journey from being a simple, medical graduate belonging to a middle class family to the uncharted territories of corruption and caste-based politics. Her path is crossed by two men, both compelling yet completely contrasting characters, who are going to change her life forever. If it is Aman Sharma who can challenge her ideals, defy her resolves and make her the person she finally becomes, it is Abhay Bharti’s sublime love which enables her to go through the vicissitudes of life. It’s also the story of her loss as well as triumph against her own demons to find her true self....

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Seeking Redemption Reviews

  • Ananya Ghosh
    2019-04-26 23:33

    I received this book in the goodreads giveaway, and this was my first ever giveaway win, so I was pretty excited. Also, the summary at the back was quite good. But the book did not live up to my expectations. I want to give the book 1.5 stars but they don't allow it on goodreads. I've got just so many criticisms to make about this book that I've decided that the best way will be to enlist them.Positives-- The story is very current and the issues are very relevant.- The plot line works just fine. - The book is short, so saved me from the tribulations I painstakingly put myself through.Negatives-- The chapters were agonisingly long.- The editing was poor. I mean so poor I cannot tell you about it. I can write another article about how bad the editing was. Even a primary student can do better editing, I'm telling you. I have nothing against the author or editor, but believe me, the most trying thing for me is poor editing.- The article 'the' was missing almost everywhere.- The spellings were so misprinted it started feeling like a joke to me. - The word 'tea-shirt' was there. What more do you want me to say?- There was such repetition of ideas, dialogues, thoughts, situations, just about everything. Eg.- On this page it is mentioned that the boy was mediocre in studies but his parents still supported him. You get it. Then you turn the page and the same sentence is copied and pasted giving you the feeling that the author wants you to believe in this so bad. - The author tried to put on everything in one slim book. - A middle class family trying to make ends meet. - The mother discriminating between the son and daughter. - There being a whole central theme of caste- based political interference in education. - Evil businessmen who outrightly say "I don't care if middle and lower class people suffer, or if patients die coz of unqualified doctors, I just want my money". I mean, the guy doesn't even try to be subtle. - The fact that the family is poor and struggling to make ends meet is shoved down your throat so many times that you choke, but then they have this housemaid who is even poorer and has three daughters and an alcoholic and abusive husband. What more do you need now? - The absolutely non-sensical love story. The guy hasn't once talked to the girl, but comes and talks to her on the day of graduation and tells her he'd like to meet her. They meet once, he professes love, and she agrees and bam, they're the new couple in town. *applause* - The love triangle. So forced, god. This third person who works so hard in his life he never got a chance to look at a girl suddenly sees our female protagonist and falls for her complete 'love at first sight' and I gagged.- Just when things can't go worse, the father has to get paralysed, the romance has to go on, a few mishaps and loads of plotting for and against caste-based reservations happen, then the doting son comes home and rapes the housemaid's daughter and the protagonist files a case against her own brother and her so called lover marries another woman for money and she goes to US ( from where she got the money baffles me) leaving all drama behind, sees the other guy's love for her and decides to marry him. This was it. You don't need to read anymore.The worst thing about this book, or rather things, were that it was a melting pot of so much drama, unnecessary drama with the worst editing ever, I've never read any book worse edited than this. And then the author mentions in the introduction that this book was first published in 2003, I guess and re-published with "editorial changes that were deemed necessary". Imagine how I felt about that. And, on top of that, it is priced at 199 INR.I must sound really harsh in this, but I again apologise for this harsh tone, but I was really disappointed, to tell the truth.

  • Bookish Indulgenges with b00k r3vi3ws
    2019-04-25 04:54

    Seeking Redemption revolves around Meera, a middle class medical student and her journey. From what seems to be pretty normal life, she certainly finds herself in the world of caste based reservation and corruption. Besides her immediate family, Aman and Abhay are the two people who managed to touch her life closely. Thrust headfirst into situations that reek of trouble and problems, Meera must find her feet amongst all the uncertainties and make a path for herself. Will she be able to finally find her footing? And of course, would she find love amidst all the chaos?The author has taken a great step to showcase one of the evils of the 21st century India – caste based reservation. It is a system that has been in place for years and even though it is now outdated, people still hold on to it. Politicians use it as a means to fill up their vote banks, officials use it as a means to earn some extra income and certain non-qualified people use it to gain employment. If you really think about it, the system is not helping those in need at all and at the same time causes a lot of people with merit to miss out on opportunities, which in turn is pulling the country back. I admit that I do not completely agree with the author about how she has treated the subject, but I cannot deny that it is one of the biggest problems of our present society. Thanks to the author for bringing it out in the open.The characters in the story had some promise. Meera for instance, is a strong girl. She realizes that something wrong is happening and does what she can about it. But at the same time, this was in a way a journey of self-discovery for her and as such she did make some mistakes and then learnt from it – which made her more human and easier to relate to. I loved her parents more though. Her father is everything that a girl needs in her life; someone to count on for support and some to glean off some wisdom from. Her mother is what most mothers are like – loving, caring, overbearing, irritating and absolute darling, all wrapped up in one. As for Aman and Abhay, they are poles apart – yet they have an important role to play in Meera’s life. I do not think that Meera would be who she is at the end of the story without either one of them.The book is not all doom and gloom and not all sunshine either. Lie real life, it has a bit of both just like it has things that I liked and things I did not like about it. Here’s the deal – I liked that the author has taken up a serious issue as the base of her plot for her debut novel. I truly appreciate that. But then the love triangle was overdoing it. The relationships seemed very abrupt and as such the growth wasn’t captured well enough. The plot, like the characters, held some promise too. Only it was not cultivated to its complete potential. The pacing of the story could also have been better as it really lagged in the middle.This is a book that can possibly be either a hit or a miss, depending upon the individual reading it. If you are someone who is tired of run off the mill campus love stories, you can surely take a chance with this.

  • Simran Kaur​
    2019-05-03 00:29

    The Review: When a country's political system starts taking a toll on the lives of innocent people. So much, as to nearly threaten all aspirations, opportunities, rights and even peace from their lives. Their only mistake is being a part of that vicious cycle. But then, from a league of common people only, there are revolutionaries too. Who courage to rebel and fight against the system. Has sacrifice been that easy? Yes. Only when your dream and sacrifice are entwined together, adding will and perseverance to it.Simran’s Desk…Seeking Redemption by Madhu Vajpayee is a deliberately written book in context to social issue which still persists strongly in the roots of contemporary society and that is - a combination of politics and increase in the number of reservation quota for backward class. The story revolves around Meera Mishra, a charismatic, intelligent, diligent and courageous doctor, who earns her M.B.B.S degree despite all the odds that her family face in terms of financial condition. Her mother constantly prob her to get married in a well-to do family whereas, her father be there to support her  during all her ups and downs. He believes in Meera's capability and encourage her to apply for post graduation. Aman Sharma, who is pursuing MD in medicine from the same college  admire Meera's beauty and falls in love with her. He starts contacting her and seek ways to meet but Meera being goal oriented ignore him. Though he is arrogant and demanding but gradually, she starts liking and accepts the way he is. Unfortunately, Meera being hard working and intelligent fails to qualify the post graduation medical entrance exam whereas, her best friends Priya and Kiran Mala who are comparatively less deserving  candidates, clear the entrance with the help of reservation quota. Meera is surprised and bewildered thinking what destiny holds for her in future and suddenly, her father gets terribly hit by an attack which paralyze one side of his body. He is the sole earning member in the family. Meera's younger brother, Raghav is an average student who aspire to study engineering. He doesn't qualify entrance for a government engineering college but his mother pester to get him admitted to a private college instead, that are expensive. In parallel to this, the government and the officials such as Prof. Rajaram, Samir Saxena, Rajesh Kumar and Rahul supports increase in number of reservation quota for their own benefits and agenda of winning votes whereas, on the other side, Aman, his father, Dr. Sanjeev and Dr. Abhay Bharti are against it, as they believe the gap between lower and upper castes has been filled and there is no more need of privilege. Meera, even after scoring well in her M.B.B.S doesn't get to work in her own college which she should have had got it by default. That's when she realize, the vicious cycle of politics and the system that runs blindly solely for its own benefits. Will Meera be able to get a job and continue her studies or would be married off to someone? Will her parents would agree Aman- Meera relationship? Will she be able to arrange funds for family and expense for her brother's higher education? Will Abhay Bharti and other rebellions get justice or will the vicious cycle would get stronger? Read the book to find it out.  What I liked?The author has well defined all the characters in the story. She has nicely narrated the story and has put almost every aspect of the situation (reality) very wisely. The story goes on more like a debate which I found interesting. The ending is quite justified and has not been hurried. What I disliked?Repetition of dialogues and grammatical/spelling errors were a bit irritating. Other than that, I felt the story lacked surprise element and it was a slow read. Why should one read this book?Are you too against the reservation system? Have you too been deprived of opportunities because of the ongoing reservation system? If yes, then it's a book you can relate yourself and realize how deeply it's affecting so many dreams and lives. 

  • Rakhi Jayashankar
    2019-04-23 01:58

    HighlightsWritten in the background of the life of Meera, Seeking Redemption is the story about the malicious political play in using the cast reservation for conversion into votes. Authoress tries to make the point that reservation should not be based on caste but on eligibility. Instead of providing reservation to backward classes, it should be provided to the poorer sections of all classes. Authoress tries to prove the fact that in spite of the reservation, the poorer sections of the backward classes are still exploited and in the dark.The pace of the story is really fast, without any lagging or lose ends. The events happen one after the other. Hence, readers will be forced to continue reading to know what next? The character of Meera is well crafted but the one who impressed me is Ahalya, Meera's mother. I must say that Madhu came out in flying colors while portraying her. I would dare to say the Meera's mother is the representative of 99% mothers of India. Loving, caring, irritating, judgmental, selfless, soft, innocent, fierce- All in one.Abhay's feeling for Meera is subdued but strong. Authoress succeeded in portraying the same with finesse. I liked Rahul Dubey's Character portrayal. We can see one Rahul Dubey in every family.The dubious alliance between politicians, bureaucrats and the businessmen could not be written off as just fiction since we, as normal Indians, have witnessed the same. I liked the fact that she made it a point that redemption of the backward classes is necessary but not by just reservations. They should be provided basic amenities and above all, awareness. I wanted to speak more about the book but it would end up as a spoiler. Hence, I leave the rest to the readers.DrawbacksThe regurgitation of school life by Meera and friends in the first chapter was unnecessary. The relation between Aman and Meera could have worked upon a little more or they should have been introduced as already a couple. I dint not like the overuse of the word lower middle class family.

  • Jane
    2019-05-05 23:43

    It's obvious the author has a passion for writing and the actual idea behind the story is okay. I felt it required a lot more planning with the storyline and definitely a major overhaul with editing. The following points are purely to assist the author in presenting a more professional piece of work and what is expected from the reading audience as well as making it easier to read:* Sentences and paragraphs are often disjointed and don't flow, which makes it very hard to read.* There are spelling errors throughout (eg off instead of of, its instead of it's and many more).* Past and present tense collide within the same sentence or the same paragraph. Use one or the other.* Plurals are not used correctly throughout the novel (anyways is not a word!).* General spacing and punctuation needs to be corrected (eg full stops straight after the word and then a space).* Speeches do not need to be in italics. Start a new line whenever the speaker changes. Italics on every page are very offputting.* The use of quotation marks needs to be reviewed. Rather than finishing a sentence with a full stop within the quotation marks, it should be a comma (eg "He has already done enough." She said. should actually be "He has already done enough," she said.)* If using bigger words, ensure they are the correct ones: intimate and intimidate mean very different things as do depilated/dilapidated or permeate/penetrate, contended/contented etc. I often felt that a similar word was the one intended rather than the one used.* There are blank pages between pages 77 + 78.* Quite is not Quiet!* Emotive words shouldn't feel like they have been added in deliberately, they should flow with the sentence/story.I hope the writer takes this on board so that she can continue to follow her passion but also produce a more professional, higher quality work that can be enjoyed by the reader. Thanks to Goodreads for this copy.

  • Vishakha
    2019-04-27 22:51

    Got this book as a giveaway. A very honest book, decent plot. Vivid visage of moral dilemma and one's journey through it. Great read!

  • Saravana Murugan
    2019-05-23 01:52

    First of all, a very big congratulation to Madhu Vajypayee for addressing a social issue that’s in the roots of our society – reservation and the politics involved in it. Keep writing and good luck for your future.How often we read a book on social issues these days? The answer would be a single digit I guess. This book, Seeking Redemption by Madhu Vajpayee, is one of its kinds – a mixture of reservation, privatisation of medical colleges, ugly politics, and the people in power deciding the fate of everything. Just like how it happens in reality. I appreciate Madhu for attempting to write in this genre.This book had a promising plot, which later got mixed up with too many subplots that diluted the concentration of the book. The first few chapters drew me into the story, made me travel with the characters, only to read a diluted plot. For example, when Meera said YES to Aman, I expected to read a few romantic chapters, but what I offered was a complete let down. When the author wrote about anti-reservation movements, what lacked were the details, the complete setup, and facts to believe it. To be true, I was bit disappointed reading the final few chapters.The story had its own twists and turns, keeping me hooked till the end, but there was no surprise element. Still, this was a good decent read. If you are against reservation, then read this book to know the ugly politics involved in medicine industry, which the author penned wonderfully. What I liked?Only a few people know where to tell and where to show, I believe Madhu has done a decent job in this area. Her impeccable narration is what kept me hooked till the end. The plot and the characters are wonderfully plotted. The quick turn of events, the so-called good-luck factor, are well used in this book. Overall, this is a different decent read!What I disliked?Love and romance… the book lacked love and romance in those candid conversations between Meera and Aman, overuse of the words “Reservation” and “Caste”, lack of details or the setup of the subplots, repetition of the dialogues and grammatical errors. Why should one read this book?If you are against reservation, then read this book to know the ugly politics involved in medicine industry, which the author wonderfully penned. If you are victim of these ugly politics, for sure you will relate and applaud the author for plotting a decent read!You can read the full review here

  • Aldii - perfectioninbooks
    2019-05-09 00:28

    2.5/5 stars. *I was given a copy in exchange of a honest review*The Writing:The chapers were too long and I didn't like it that much. The writing was not the best. Sometimes it seemed like the scenes had no connection between them. And there are lots of POVs from different characters and someimes that was confusing, just reading in other POV not knowing from whom before you figure out. The POVs change easy and fast and sometimes its not like a whole part from a POV and just sentences. The Story:I liked the story. I like how this shows you the corruption that there is in he system, how is unfair and can change many lives. It also shows the reality of India, how hard is for some people to get what they want.I liked that the story starts and ends in the present but in the middle you are in the past. Then you forget you are reading the past and just keep reading. When the story starts, you are kind of reading the end, and I really liked that.The end was not totally complete, I mean, there are lots of things inconlusive but if I really think of them, at the same time they had an answer. The romance was rushed, it was like the first time talking and the 'I love you' was already said. They didn't know each other and started a relationship. I didn't like this. However they didn't meet right after the 'I love you' and Meera made Aman work for that meeting, and that was good.And someting happens that I didn't feel connected to the story but was the moment that started the story and gave a way to end the book like it did.I liked the end, it was just what the characters and story needed.The Characters:Meera: I liked her. She didn't doubt when she had to help her family or anyone. She faces what life gives her. Sometimes she was frustrating because she accepted everything the way it was,not changing anything. But at the end she fought some events. I liked how she ended up, and how she realised some things that weren't right for her.Aman: I never liked him completely. He had some good things but then there were others that I never liked.Abhay: I liked him, always. I didn't like to see him after Meera when she didn't noice him. He was so sweet and trustworthy.Meera has some really good friends and her father who will support her in everything and that is awesome.

  • Nidhi Author
    2019-04-24 01:41

    The book is quite an inspiring read which will teach you how to live in this cruel world, where sometimes you are being asked such terrible questions by the person we did not expect we need to prove our honestly and at that time a person becomes speechless and prefer to remain quiet and leave that place. Meera, the main character of this novel had faced many problems in her life.Whether it was financial problems or it was her personal relation issues. She always stood for everyone , no matter whether it was family, friends or a person working at her home. She did not differentiate between high class or poor people. Nor between higher caste or lower one’s. What mattered to Meera was everyone is human. The book start from her convocation day and ends with taking one of the most beautiful decision of her life. Before her MBBS, she never accepted any proposal, or in other words if said, no boy touched her heart. On her convocation day, she met Aman, the boy who loved her and after some days even Meera fell in love with Aman deeply. With every meeting,she would fall for Aman more. Meera never cared for what people would think. She always stood besides Aman in his most difficult times. There was no one who was ready to help Aman in his most crucial times and even at that Meera tried her best to save Aman by any mean. She even contacted Abhay and took his help to save Aman. On the other hand, Abhay also loved Meera. When things were getting fine, but one deal, a single deal made by Aman changed everything. Apart from Meera’s life, Madhu Vajpayee highlighted some aspects which need a change in this society. She threw light on one of the most prevailing aspect that is reservations. The reason why Indian choose other countries for doing job and leaving their own country. The character’s were very well presented. Priya and Kiran were best friends of Meera. The novel was a quick and one time read. G.K Mishra, father of Meera was one of the biggest strength in her life. Meera punished her own brother Raghav for the crime he did but then after some time even Meera’s mother accepted the truth. It was a perfect book and can motivate one.

  • Mahathi Ramya
    2019-05-06 04:35

    This is the story of Meera, an aspiring doctor and her turbulences in life because of poverty, corruption, caste reservation and politics around her.People who grew up in India can easily relate to this story. I feel pity for Meera and many students like her who couldn't do higher studies in spite of their intellect because of the reservation system that prevailed in our country for so many years. I have even personally seen/ met many friends who tried to crack MBBS/ PG entrance exams, but couldn't get a seat even with a higher score as their seat is reserved for someone with a caste reservation with a very low score. The story also talks about moral values through different characters. It depicts human emotions effectively.One thing that I didn't like about this book is that it becomes very preachy at some points. I understand, that building a story with this kind of concept is not easy. But, the reader might lose interest in the middle and may want to flip through the pages.The narration could have been made more interesting.Few lines from the book I felt, worth sharing:“Our birth might not ensure to which class we belong, but our deeds certainly do.”"A poor person is just a poor person. He doesnt need to be categorized to any caste or religion or race or gender to be designated as poor. Sir, hunger, pain and suffering transcend any of these manmade divisions of the society. Just because someone is born in a particular class, religion or caste doesnt make him anything more or less than a human being. He is a human being first, after which any other label follows."Overall, it is a good read.My Rating: 3/5

  • Sharah McConville
    2019-05-19 02:56

    Seeking Redemption is a story set in India. It follows the struggles of a woman named Meera, who is a lower-middle class medical student. I really enjoyed this story but unfortunately it didn't quite translate into English properly. I won Madhu Vajpayee's book through Goodreads Giveaways.

  • Michelle Perry
    2019-05-07 03:29

    This is the story of Meera Mishra, a new graduate from medical school. Although she is bucking tradition and her mother’s wishes, she is looking forward to starting her professional life. She finds herself getting overlooked for placement first in school then in jobs, when her goverment’s zeal to help minorities, by instituting quota laws, is usurped by those corrupt few who have found a way to work the system. She takes the setbacks in stride yet time and again ends up in the middle of the swirling debate as she supports those closest to her.The concept of affirmative action is not exclusive to India. It is a hot button issue all over the world and while it seems like a simple fix it is the age old saw of a government needing to protect its most vulnerable citizens while not impeding the rights of the rest of the citizens in the process. Tradition and inertia are hard forces to go against and the true story here is that Meera realize that she herself is important, regardless of the drama surrounding her, and that she find her way and learn to stand on her own.I have to applaud the amount of technical talk in his novel. It was just enough to add to the story and not so much that the layman would be lost. There were also a lot of really terrific characters in book. Whether one likes them personally or not, they cover a wide range of human traits and emotions and they added greatly to the texture of this story.I received a copy of this book in exchange for an honest review

  • Banaja Prakashini
    2019-04-28 20:29

    The genre being Realistic Fiction the story reveal the reality about life.The plot revolves around Meera Mishra who is a medicine graduate. Her simple middle class life goes through a lot of ups and downs when her paths meet the path of Aman Sharma, a P.G senior.The story deals with the turmoil in Meera's living when she is pulled into a conflict which wasn't even related to her , her suffering because of the filth fattened up in the hearts of the corrupted doctors in authority and caste based politics.Aman Sharma and Abhay Bharti, the two men who leave their footprints in her journey. One with her and the other away from her You just need to read and find out who is who.In the beginning of the book, thete is a debate about educational system being based on merit or reservation. The readers will be able to relate to it because that's the current issue, whether we should be paying for something our ancestors did generations ago or is it time for it to stop .The prologue creates the anticipation in the reader as he/she will stick to the end to find it out. The story is not predictable at all making it a postive aspect.Ratings - 3.5 out of 5 stars.The fact that Meera is in love with Aman is confusing, because how Meera developed feelings for him was never mentioned.Despite being the re-edited version, the book does have errors.The book at its start gives hope to the reader that the book has a cause, it isn't just a story about a girl, it is much more than that. Alas , it is just the story of the girl , beautifully written though.

  • Rajalakshmi Prithviraj
    2019-05-13 02:45

    There are times when one is forced to stand up for what is right, lose a lot in the bargain and attempt to redeem lost favours through whatever means are available. Seeking Redemption is a story which revolves around a similar theme. The plot of the story is meshed amidst the gamut of corruption, caste-based politics and human values. It talks about reservations and corrupt practises. It brings out how the people who voice the truth become a minority and get targetted. In fact, the author attempts to portray issues relevant to the Indian society with the medico-political fraternity as a backdrop.As far as characters go, its heartening to find Aman, Abhay and Meera with well-etched personality. The story is narrated through the eyes of Meera. Aman and Abhay are opposites but exceptionally depicted. Meera is a strong-willed yet sensitive individual who stands up for the truth. To be specific, Madhu has got all her characters right. The narrative is really flowing, however, the use of italics for dialogues and making them a part of a regular paragraph, is distracting and hence resulted in reduction of a star in the rating.To sum, the book is a very good read. If the few unavoidably visible glitches are overlooked, the book is a narrative that merits a reading.P.S- This book appears to promise a sequel. Only the author can tell.

  • Tracey Taylor
    2019-04-22 23:54

    Thanks to Goodreads I was able to read this novel.While the plot had merit I found the editing to be lacking.The sentence structure is not easy to read.This is due to the author having English as a second language and knowing this the editors should have refined and corrected the sentence construction,grammar and flow.

  • Hemantkumar Jain
    2019-05-02 00:31

    A good subject for a book but poorly executed in terms of writing. Wish the language had been reviewed and refined further. It would have definitely made the book much more readable. The perspectives presented in the book are indeed worth the read but surely it could have been better presented.

  • Karen
    2019-05-10 01:55

    I won this book in a Goodreads giveaway. This wasn't an easy read as the grammar was very lacking. Perhaps the author should have got someone to proof read this aspect before going to publication. I did find some aspects of the story interesting but was relieved it was only a short book.

  • Sadhna Saxena
    2019-04-27 00:38

    Amazing Novel!

  • Vinay Leo R.
    2019-05-23 01:28

    2.5 stars.

  • Arush Mehta
    2019-04-25 03:45

    A very compelling story! Shows the reality of cast-based reservation!

  • Shaaer
    2019-05-10 21:44

    Received the book as part of goodreads giveaway. Thanks to the author.!!!Will be posting the review once done with the book.

  • Nikhil Dave
    2019-04-30 03:30

    Wonder full book.Clearly highlights the current problems faced in India as a result of reservation! Though the ending could have been different.

  • Girish Kumar
    2019-05-21 22:37

    A great novel, which highlights the problem of caste based reservation in India

  • Madhuri Varma
    2019-05-01 20:45

    An intense story-line with a pinch of reality. (3.5/5)Full review-

  • Cassy
    2019-05-23 02:47

    Didn't really like the story and just couldn't get past all the grammatical errors.