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New York Times bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn presents the second Fly by Night novel, set in the realm of the Otherworld.I'm Shimmer, a blue dragon shifter. Thanks to a mistake, I was exiled from the Dragon Reaches and sentenced to work for gorgeous, exasperating Alex Radcliffe, a vampire who owns the Fly by Night Magical Investigations Agency. Every time I turn arounNew York Times bestselling author Yasmine Galenorn presents the second Fly by Night novel, set in the realm of the Otherworld.I'm Shimmer, a blue dragon shifter. Thanks to a mistake, I was exiled from the Dragon Reaches and sentenced to work for gorgeous, exasperating Alex Radcliffe, a vampire who owns the Fly by Night Magical Investigations Agency. Every time I turn around, somebody's trying to kill us. But you know what they say: All's fair in love and bounty hunting...A serial killer is stalking the elderly Fae of Seattle, draining their bank accounts before brutally murdering them. When Chase Johnson asks for our help, Alex and I discover that the sociopath is also a doppelganger—able to change shape to match his victim's deepest desires. Our friend and colleague Bette volunteers to act as bait, but the plan goes dangerously awry. Now, unless we find her first, she's about to face her worst nightmare....

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Flight from Mayhem Reviews

  • ☕ Kimberly
    2019-04-21 06:54

    Galenorn continues to flesh out these characters and I found myself quite attached to this unusual crew. Bette the snake-shifter continues to make me laugh; even as she gets herself into trouble. Ralph has some issues with his pack and a friend from the last book needs help. Chai the jinn and Shimmer's roommate continues to aid them. He has some killer abilities and I enjoy the jabs between him and Alex.Chase Johnson asks Alex and his agency for help when elderly FAE in Seattle start showing up dead and missing body parts. The case was fascinating and introduced us to some unique FAE. This serial killer is downright scary and could be anyone adding a sense of unease to the tale. Poor Bette ends up involved creating some intense scenes as they race to thwart a killer. Other cases are worked simultaneously and featured a young witch who lets a creäture loose in our world, a ghost living across the street from Shimmer and a friend of Shimmer's we met in the previous book who may have a stalker.If you remember I was not very sweet on Alex in Flight from Death, but he turned things around. He was actually kind of adorkable. Watching their romance develop through Shimmer’s eyes was fun, but I am happy this thread was served as a side dish allowing me to enjoy the investigation.This series is perfect for fans of mystery wrapped in paranormal aspects. The crew kind of reminds me of Scooby Doo and his gang except we have a dragon, werewolf, jinn, and shifter working to solve mysteries. Copy provided by publisher. This review was originally posted on Caffeinated Book Reviewer

  • All Things Urban Fantasy
    2019-05-21 06:06

    Review courtesy of All Things Urban Fantasy.The Fly By Night series is quickly becoming one series I know I don't want to miss. Though categorized as paranormal romance, FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM reads more like an urban fantasy with a romantic subplot, with the mystery taking center stage. The characters are really what shine, making FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM a super enjoyable read.Look, even though this book is technically shelved under paranormal romance, you wouldn't know it by reading it. And this is not a criticism! I LOVED FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM. Galenorn pulls out all the creepy stops (were-spiders, anybody?) and had me thoroughly engaged. So there was a little sex, and a bit of romance talk between Alex and Shimmer. It was by no means the focus of the book, and I loved it regardless. So, I suppose what I'm saying here is don't go in expecting a straight-up paranormal romance, and you'll have a great time.Shimmer remains an enigmatic character. As we hear more about her childhood, and she relates how old she is, we also get to see her coming to terms with living on Earth, which is way different from the Dragon Reaches, where she's from. The rest of the characters make wonderful additions to the cast, each bringing something to the table, and none of them feeling like a caricature or one-dimensional. I love Chai, the djinn, and Ralph, the werewolf who's scared of blood, and Bette, the snake shapeshifter with secrets of her own.Galenorn does a good job of balancing reminding the reader of information from book one, and knowing what to leave out. This is a book that could easily be picked up without having read the first in the series, FLIGHT FROM DEATH. However, a lot of things are brought into this book that are likely to come up in future books, but no cliffhangers here! There's a nicely tied up storyline.All in all, FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM is a wonderful urban fantasy, paranormal romance, mystery read. Unfortunately I'll have to wait a bit for the next book, but in the meantime, Galenorn has some other series I've been meaning to pick up!Sexual content: Semi-explicit sex scenes

  • Nikki Brandyberry
    2019-04-23 04:48

    I love when the second book in a series is just as good as the first book, and that is definitely the case with Flight From Mayhem! First off, I just love the dragon aspect that Shimmer has going on. Even though she is unable to shift unless in the water due to her powers being binded a bit, I still enjoyed how Galenorn plays up her abilities as much as possible. Having been an outcast as a child due to not having any traceable lineage, an important aspect in the dragon realm, Shimmer was a loner. Now, stuck in the human realm, she’s having to deal with emotions she doesn’t know how to process. Being a friend, a pseudo sister, a worker and a girlfriend is a lot to throw at someone who hasn’t had much interaction over her lifetime. Even if she’s a bit slow in understanding the unspoken rules, she does eventually catch on to the nuances of those around her. She’s smart and takes a step back when needed but is right there in a minute if someone she is growing to love is threatened in any way.I adore Alex and Shimmer together. Not only are they hot together but the care Alex takes with her, so as not to rush her into something she doesn’t know how to deal with is so cute. He’s slightly old school in the dating regimen because of his age (hello, vampire) but that doesn’t mean he’s not up for some office sex either. Being more of a urban fantasy, the sexy times are few and far between but the smoldering glances Galenorn is sure to include make the waiting much less difficult. Alex also seems to have a bit of a hero complex, as is the case with his long time friend/secretary and his ex. I’m really hoping his eyes are truly open to what a horrible person his succubus ex is and Shimmer doesn’t find herself having to justify her hatred of the crazy bitch anymore in the next book. Because for real, what does she need to do in order for Alex to finally see who she really is? Stake him? Let’s hope not.There is a lot going on in this book. A giant, other realm lizard on the loose, a crazy ex-girlfriend bent on causing as much drama as possible, a stalker locked on a good friend, a serial killer praying on elderly Fae and a vengeful spirit in the house across the street with a sorrowful tale to tell. So when I say this book is nonstop from front to back, you’ll know it’s the truth. With so much going on there is also a ton of useful information divulged and some secrets uncovered. Some things that will become more apparent in future books I’m sure. Because there was so much happening, the characters spend a lot of time working outside the general office they share. Their interactions become more important as Shimmer because more accustomed to dealing with emotion and friendship.The only thing that left me slightly disappointed was the lead up to a show down with the vengeful spirit across the street from Shimmer’s house. The whole crew put some much into finding out info, there had been a few nasty run ins already, but when everything is finally brought to light and they confront the entities of the house…well, one spell later and bam it’s over. I guess I was expecting more on that front. However it may pave the way for a new neighbor to join Shimmer permanently, so I guess in the end it did what it needed to do, move the series along.Great continued world building, excellent character development and enough secrets to keep the series going for a long time, Flight From Mayhem will keep even the most picky reader invested!I give Flight From Mayhem by Yasmine Galenorn 4.75 stars!

  • Laurie
    2019-04-22 04:44

    Like the first book in the Fly by Night series, Flight From Mayhem has several things going for it but once again I’m missing the blown away feeling I got when I read the first few books in Ms. Galenorn’s Sisters of the Moon series. Although not completely necessary, I would recommend reading the first book, Flight From Death, before this one. Flight From Mayhem does give you some background, but it also references things that happened in the first one several times.Alex and Shimmer are going through the growing pains of a new relationship as they figure out how to navigate their world as a couple. With Alex basically being Shimmer’s parole officer and also her boss, things are getting tricky. I did like that even though Alex wants the relationship to move a lot faster than Shimmer, he is quick to reassure her that he’ll wait for her to catch up, and if things don’t work out with them as a couple, it won’t affect everything else, like her “parolee” status and her job. What I didn’t like was the way Alex handled his ex and her shenanigans. The minute Glenda got physical with Shimmer, he should have taken care of business. Instead, he was wanted to give her the benefit of the doubt and wasn’t seeing she was a psycho. This ticked me off.Shimmer was starting to find her way in the human realm which went a long way in making her seem more mature. As more of her backstory was given, I grew to appreciate how strong a character she actually was to have survived what she did. It also made me extremely angry with dragons in general.The side characters continue to fascinate me and make me smile. We’ve got the Melusine (she turns into a water snake) receptionist, Bette, who reminds me of the inappropriate grandma version of Flo from the old sitcom Alice. With her constant cigarette smoking, leopard print pants, bouffant hairdo, and her constant boy toys, she cracked me up. Ralph, another detective with FBN is a werewolf who faints at the sight of blood. The most interesting of all is Chai the Djinn who despite his species need to screw with anyone who asks for a wish or a favor, is so sweet and caring especially towards Shimmer.The same things I had issues with in the first book gave me pause with Flight From Mayhem. The Fly by Night team continues to just bungle around on the cases they are on. They head out to take on dangerous beings like a fire salamander without researching, therefore with no idea how to defeat it. Huge clues are just ignored, and opportunities wasted leaving me once again feeling like I’m in a sexed up fantasy version of a Scooby Doo episode. When things do get resolved, it’s in a too fast and too convenient manner leaving me feeling slightly disappointed. I found myself wondering if it was that easy, why didn’t they do that on the front end?Overall it ended up being a decent read, but again without the book buzz I was expecting.Things that I Struggled With:1. Glenda – how Alex handled her and that the issue was never really resolved.2. How dragons treat their orphans.3. Alex and his agency coming off as amateur detectives. I keep waiting for someone to call them “Those meddling kids”.Things I Liked:1. How Alex and Shimmer’s relationship is progressing.2. Chai3. Spending some time with Chase from the Sisters of the Moon series.Spice’s Rating: 3 I Want A Djinn of My Very Own StarsI received a complimentary copy of this book from Netgalley in exchange for an honest review.For this review and more, check out EDGy Reviews

  • Sheyla ✎
    2019-05-14 07:06

    I liked Flight from Death, the first book in the Flight by Night series and I was hoping to enjoy this one too.If you haven't read the first book, some of the details from book 1 are explained in Flight by Mayhem. I do think it would make it easier to follow the characters by reading this series in order. Shimmer is the main character. She's a blue dragon who was exiled to Earthside after she was caught stealing. Shimmer has started a romantic relationship with Alex Radcliffe, her boss at Fly by Night Magical Investigation Agency. Alex is an old vampire, who has fallen for Shimmer but she's still learning to cope with feelings and relationships. As a dragon, she has always being a loner. The other business associates include Bette who is Fae and Ralph who is a werewolf. Shimmer has started to make friends. She has Stacy and she has Tonya. Her roommate Chai is fabulous. He cares for Shimmer as a big brother. He came with her when she was exiled. I really liked Chai in the first novel and I'm glad he's falling for someone close to Shimmer. Besides the romance this novel has, I liked how many mysteries are happening around Shimmer's life and her job. The main investigation centers around a serial killer disposing of elderly rich Fae but there are several other plot lines. One involves a ghost in the house next to Shimmer. Shimmer and friends must find out more about the ghost and how to help her. There is Glenda, a succubus and Alex's ex-girlfriend creating havoc for the new couple. There are new revelations in regards to Bette's past and Ralph's love life. Last, there is a giant hungry salamander from the realm of Fire on the loose.As you can imagine, the action is nonstop. The world building continues and not all subplots are solved leaving them open for future books, I'm sure. If you are a UF fan, this book has everything you want in a series. Pick it up and enjoy the ride!Cliffhanger: No4/5 FangsA complimentary copy was provided by the publisher via netgalley in exchange for an honest review.MrsLeif's Two Fangs About It | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram

  • Diane Lynch
    2019-05-18 00:57

    Yasmine Galenorn’s FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM is a captivating and mysterious urban fantasy. Blue dragon shifter, Shimmer, and friends, try to apprehend a serial killer who is murdering elderly Fae in Seattle. This contemporary PNR/urban fantasy takes place in Washington State. It is suitable for adult audiences.This is the first book that I have read by Yasmine Galenorn. She is one of those authors whose name I keep seeing on covers and thinking, that book looks really good; I need to read it. I’m glad I finally read one of her novels. She is an excellent writer. She is creative. She does a wonderful job with her character development and plot. I will definitely be better about picking up her books from this day forward.I really like shimmer. I love that she is a blue/water dragon. I have a salt water fish tank built into a wall in my house that is my baby, so I felt that I related to her. Plus, I’m a certified scuba diver, so I get her loving to swim in the water. I enjoyed her encounter with the Orca whale. I felt bad for her childhood and was happy that she ended up in a better place with friends she can count on and trust.I like Alex Radcliffe relationship with Shimmer. He is a good boss and boyfriend to her. Alex’s ex-girlfriend Glenda is a piece of work. She is unstable and evil. She really had Alex fooled. I like Ralph. He is brilliant. I love his Halo design: what a great product. I felt bad for his predicament and am interested in finding out how that turns out. Every time I read about Mary Smith, the ghost, my arm hairs literally stood on end, and I felt crept out. Of course, it probably didn’t help that I was reading in a really dark room, the only light coming from my eReader. At least, I was in the right setting. Mary’s story was fascinating. I like how it tied in Tonya. FLIGHT FROM MAYHEM was very mysterious and well-thought out. Fly by Night Magical Investigations had a number of interesting cases throughout this story. There was so much going on that it held me captivated. Washington is one of my favorite states, so I enjoyed that the story took place there. It made it easy for me to visualize. This is an entertaining series that I will continue to follow.Complimentary copy provided by NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lyndi
    2019-05-18 02:56

    *reading chapter one*"His wheat-colored hair was tousled and shoulder length, and his eyes were pale—frosty as an autumn morning."*checks cover of book**checks chapter one again*"... wheat-colored hair ... eyes were pale ..."*looks back at the book cover*k....*********** REVIEW ***********3.5 starsI felt like there was a bit too much going on in this one. We've got a psycho ex-girlfriend, a stalker, a haunted house, a doppelganger, an elemental fire salamander... Well, I think that's it. It worked somehow, but I still felt like we were jumping from one thing to another too often.My other issue is that Shimmer seems to randomly have knowledge she shouldn't and also not have knowledge that she should. Spoiler-free examples: She's never even heard of doppelgangers before, but somehow suddenly knows they're from Germany. And she has repeatedly referred to Bette as a Greek water spirit and even explained this to other people, but is later like "uhh, she might be Greek, I'm not really sure"... Uh huh. Okay.Final issue - we're constantly reminded of Shimmer's awful and lonely past in the Dragon Reaches before she came Earthside. It's constantly mentioned that she's a dragon. Dragon this, dragon that, dragon past, dragon eating habits, etc and blah blah. But she literally does nothing special with her dragon-ness. The only thing she did in this book that others can't do is go swimming with an orca. She might as well be a human. Why does it even matter that she's a dragon if she can never use the qualities and benefits of being one? "Oh, she can swim and doesn't get cold easily." WOOOOW!Now, aside from all that, it's still an entertaining story. I generally like the main cast of characters and the magical beings are always interesting. The plot, though busy as fuck, is engaging. And the romance takes somewhat of a backseat to everything else. All of that is well and good, but I'm a bit disappointed all the same. I know this author is capable of knocking it out of the ballpark. I just don't see where she's going with this series or why Shimmer is special enough to be the focus of said series.

  • Nalla Reads
    2019-04-27 06:01

    “Queen of Otherworld Tales, Yasmine Galenorn’s latest Flight From Mayhem in her Fly By Night series is downright eerie.”**ARC received from NetGalley for an honest review**Things have been steady at Fly By Night investigations, but when cases fall into the team’s lap alongside a friend’s troubles and a ghostly neighbor, it goes hectic fast.Bette’s always been the rock steady go to gal at Fly By Night Investigations for Shimmer, but she’s worried a dear friend may be in danger, and her gut is right. Elderly Fae have been slowly going missing for weeks and Bette feels her friend has been this methodic criminal’s next victim. Things are much worse than anyone could’ve imagined; there’s a killer on the loose and it’s secret weapon for getting away with crimes this long will twist your mind!With a killer on the loose, Shimmer can’t shake the odd sensations she gets from the abandoned house across the street. With some of her own investigating she discovers a ghost named Mary, who’s family has a tragic past. Murder. Death. And an ominous presence in the house that doesn’t like Shimmer sticking her nose where it doesn’t belong. She may need to call on some friends in order to handle this case with care.Not only does Shimmer have to handle crazy investigations, her dear friend Tonya is down from Port Townsend with some disturbing revelations. She things she’s being stalked and fears for her safety. Add in Alex’s crazy ex-succubus girlfriend, Glenda, threatening Alex and Shimmer’s relationship and Shimmer is in for one stress filled ride.Yasmine spins her Earthside Otherworld tale once again! I love reading her books as everything comes alive right off the page. Not only does she have an incredible way of describing the environment, her characters are so unique and otherworldly (no pun intended!) that they create a sense of awe but their relationships and feelings are so relatable. The books had her classic fantasy and supernatural feel but the mystery and suspense involved with investigations and crazy stalkers kept the action up the whole book! I can’t wait for the next installment!

  • Kris Saluga
    2019-05-14 02:09

    DISCLAIMER: I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review......Oh my Gosh!!!!! Shimmer and Alex are back and boy are they badder than ever!!!!! When Bette, their beloved friend and co-worker gets kidnapped by a serial killer, they have to race against time to find her before she meets the same fate as the killer's other victims. Little do they know that the killer is a more powerful enemy than either of them could have anticipated. Amongst all of this, Alex and Shimmer are trying to figure out their relationship while dealing with Alex's crazy ex girlfriend while dealing with another haunted house and a few other twists and turns. A couple of Otherworld characters make cameo appearances and the twists and turns kept me guessing. The main theme of this book to me, was the theme of family and what truly defines it. Home is where your heart is and your blood family may not always be your true family as Shimmer learns. The only criticism I have and it may be answered in the future is that Yasmine touches on a secret of one of the main characters (I won't say which for spoiler reasons) and the hints she gives are a bit vague and again it may be revealed fully later on. I'm glad Tonya is back but the situation she is in has me a bit confused as well. Is it just to add a sense of a normal situation in an otherwise supernatural story? Or is something more sinister on the horizon?(Again won't say more because of spoilers)This book is a most excellent sequel and I am begging for more!!!!

  • Elisa
    2019-04-28 03:39

    I enjoyed this one a bit more than the first, though there are a ton of story threads they have to untangle in this tale. More ghosts, supernatural bad guys, relationship issues and more. Entertaining and the characters started to grow on me. They all speak a little too stilted, with long sentences, but whatcha gonna do.

  • Dena
    2019-04-24 01:41

    A intriguing and satisfying story line full of complex, interesting, and relate-able characters. I especially appreciated being able to chill with the book each night during my three intensive days in Sacramento.

  • Minx -The Genre Minx Book Reviews
    2019-04-23 03:46

    This review is based on an ARC I received from NetGalley. It is an honest review and the advanced receipt of it in no way affected my review or rating.Supernatural creatures, sexy times and a murderer on the loose, this is a page turner! At first this was a little hard to get into without having read the previous book in the series, which in this case would have been helpful. Once the background information had been established I did come to find myself enjoying this book very much.Shimmer is a blue dragon with a special connection to water from the Dragon Reaches who had been exiled, sentenced, to five years Earthside for being a naughty little dragon. As part of her sentencing she is bound in her human form unless she is in water, which is almost a curse for this dragon. Living in Seattle, Washington, Shimmer has begun to adjust to her new life with the help of her friends.In dragon society lineage is everything and if you did not have a clue to your heritage well then you were a social outcast, a pariah. Being a foundling who grew up at the Lost and Foundling Orphanage Shimmer has never had friendship or companionship. Now six months into her sentence she is beginning to learn the nuances about relationships and starting to feel more comfortable with the people she finds in her life as well as her role with the Fly by Night Magical Investigations Agency.With things heating up with Alex, her boss, parole officer and lover, Shimmer has to juggle a personal and work relationship, which might prove too much to handle. With Glenda, Alex’s ex-girlfriend, setting her sights on making their lives miserable, Shimmer has to decide where her heart lays. To add on to that drama there is also a serial killer targeting the elderly Fae. With the body count adding up the FH-CSI, Faerie-Human Crime Scene Investigation Unit, head has come to Alex seeking help with the investigation before the serial killer starts stalking other supernaturals or worse….humans.There is also a matter of a loose Salamander from the realm of Fire who has a voracious appetite for any source of meat, be it human or other. Luckily Shimmer’s best friend a djinn named Chai is able to help out as he is also from that realm. With all these situations going on, finding the time to hunt a serial killer is going to be challenging.After several unsuccessful attempts to find the killer, the team hatches a plan that is a long shot but with their backs to the wall the team has to try. Unfortunately before they are able to put the plan in action they are thwarted and have to come up with a plan B before their friend Bette is murdered herself.If you enjoy supernatural creatures then this is the book (series) for you. There is a dragon, vampires, werewolves, fae, djinn, and other supernatural beasts. If that is not enough there is also a witch, ghosts, a haunting, and a stalker. This is an action packed book with good pacing that keeps the page turning until the end. There are some parts of the book that get an eye roll from me:“It’s been a long time since I felt this was about someone. I can’t say the words yet….I won’t say then yet because I don’t want to jinx it, but…..” I pressed my fingers to his lips. “Shush. Don’t. I’m not ready to say them either.”I feel like this dialogue belongs in a high school drama sitcom. So there are moments with the dialogue that makes me roll my eyes but overall it is a really good story with a well-developed protagonist, rounded supporting characters, and subplots that are nicely tied together that add to the overall plot. This is definitely a series that I want more of and now I have to find the first book and read it!*Thank you to Berkley Publishing Group & NetGalley for this ARC of Flight from Mayhem*Find this review and more at The Genre Minx Book Reviews

  • Jacque
    2019-05-08 02:08

    The minute I read in the blurb for Flight from Mayhem I knew I was going to have to read this book. Vampires. Investigations. Friends in danger! Everything here a PNR addict could possibly want and then there is the icing on the cake…dragons! And did you see that cover. Oh yeah, happy dancing here.I love Shimmer! Dragon shift raised as an orphan having no knowledge of who her parents are or why she was abandon, now she is learning to live in the human world. That makes for many layers with having her be badass as well as fragile and somewhat naïve. It made for a character not only did you want fighting by your side but you just want to give her a hug. Alex is quite the boyfriend material. Strong, sexy, in charge yet completely respectful to Shimmer’s upbringing to love her and not rush her. These two, while not perfect, were certainly made for each other. There’s also quite a few extras floating around that make this character mixture very appetizing. Ralph, Bette, Chai and Tonya are good friends and I thoroughly enjoyed their interactions. Cannot wait to learn more about them.Now the whole plot revolves around serial killer stalking the elderly Fae of Seattle. As the blurb suggests it a sociopath who is also a doppelganger – let’s just wrap your mind around that one. The mystery as they solved that quagmire lured me in from the very beginning. No way did I ever figure it out until the surprise ending. Add to that were all the little sub-plots that were like little bonus stories for me. Salamanders on the loose, stalkers, a haunted house, and let’s not forget, an evil ex! Her name may be Glenda but she is far from a good witch. All this plots weave in and out of each other with a nice steady pace. You would think would be too much but instead made for the perfect mixture of excitement, humor, intrigue that made Flight from Mayhem pretty darn hard to put down.I’m not going to lie and say this was a perfect read for me, but it was pretty darn close. The problem does not lie with the author or the book. Nope, it’s my fault. Flight from Mayhem is my first book in the Fly By Night series and just this taste has me wanting to start from the beginning. Yasmine Galenorn has created something stellar here and I’m wondering why I am just discovering her now. I’m most definitely bumping her into my ‘must read’ author bucket. Anybody who is into paranormal books is going to love this book!I received this book from the JeepDiva for the express purposes of an honest review. The opinions and rating of this review are solely mine.Stars - 5, Flames – 3

  • Melissa
    2019-04-20 00:51

    I was selected to read an uncorrected proof of this book, pre- release, from Yasmine Galenorn, the author. I agreed to an honest, unbiased opinion.Flight From Mayhem is book #2 in the Fly By Night series, and what a book it is ! Sit down and be prepared to stay there , as you won't be able to put this tale down. It's just that incredible. I love Dragons, and one of the main characters is Shimmer, a blue dragon shifter. Shimmer works for Alex Radcliffe ( an insanely hot vampire that I'd love to meet in a dark alley), at the Fly By Night Investigations agency. Something is killing the Elder Fae in Seattle . Alex, Shimmer, and friends Bette, Chai, and other supernaturals are tasked with finding the killer before the killer finds them. This story is filled with characters that jump off the page at you with their complexity . Yasmine Galenorn makes you feel as if you are part of the magic you are reading . I would highly recommend this as a must read to any fan of Yasmine Galenorn's multiple other series , as well as anyone who loves an urban fantasy, supernatural genre . This multi- talented author creates her own genre . Dragons, vampires, werewolves, djinn, fae ,and more.. it's all there.Jump into this book ~ you'll be entranced instantly.

  • Darcy
    2019-04-27 08:01

    With this book it seems like Shimmer is getting more at home at Earth and ends up realizing that her punishment of being sent to Earth was the best thing for her. She has found great friends and a place that feels like home, something that as a foundling she lacked in the Dragon Realm.The cases that the group worked were interesting. I especially liked the one with Mary the ghost. I was glad that they were able to help her find her peace. The other case was disturbing, mostly because of how the bad guys were able to get control. The relationship dynamics between Shimmer and Alex made me smile. I liked how Alex kept pushing Shimmer for more and how Shimmer reacted to the pushes.

  • Summer Mason
    2019-05-02 03:41

    Disclaimer: I was privileged with an arc of this book and n exchange for An honest review actual book will be released on August 2nd, 2016This is the 2nd book in the fly by night seires by the very talented Yasmine galenorn. In this sequel we learn more on Alex and shimmer relationship,Ralph's surprise and the dangers of a serial killer preying on the elderly fae. A few members of the otherworld seires are involved with finding the killer. When Bette gets more involved and the plan goes dangerously south. It's a race against time to find Bette and the killer.. Will she be found alive? Will the killer be stopped? To find out buy flight from mayhem by Yasmine galenorn to find out :) this book will keep ya on the edge of ur seat

  • jennifer
    2019-04-25 04:41

    I was selected to read and review this book in arc form. Not yet for purchase. Mark your calendars.This book has kept me up far later then I should be. What I love is that this can be read as a stand alone. Its full of the most amazing characters, and keeps you turning pages. Also cameos from already loved characters. Running with shimmer and Alex, feeling the brotherly affection from chain. Don't pass this one by, monsters run rampent and ghosts a plenty, keeping the fly by night agency busy. And seriously, what's not to love about Bette?

  • Jonathan Cody
    2019-05-13 04:07

    DISCLAIMER: I was given an ARC in exchange for an honest review......Shimmer and Alex have returned in a very big way. Most series are known for having a slow start, but this is not one of those. Immediately out of the gate with just the second book, they have already come across something else that I have never heard of before. When it decided to take their friend, that is when the gloves comes off and anything goes. Definitely cannot wait to see what new creature will appear next.

  • Nicki
    2019-05-05 03:40

    As always this author is a must read. I started reading her Otherworld series a few years ago, and In this new series she doesn’t disappoint. Her characters are enchanting, strong. They have flaws that make them seem more real and give you more reasons to care about them. I can honestly say I will read whatever this Author puts out

  • Jeanne M. Jacquet
    2019-05-18 04:01

    The New World.I can't wait for the next book. I really like the characters and am glad that they are part of the Seattle world along with Chase and the characters in the Otherworld series. They seem so real.

  • Natasha
    2019-05-16 00:39

    loved how characters from sisters of the moon novel is also mentioned in this book, as i read the second book i started to enjoy the story more as it starts to unfold, looking forward to the next book to see what lies ahead

  • Lynn
    2019-04-27 23:42

    Loving this series

  • Louisa
    2019-04-26 02:06

    Wow, this book was fantastic! Shimmer is just plain awesome, and I love the crew at Fly by Night, they're amazing!

  • Chad
    2019-05-14 02:06

    Review Coming Soon

  • Johanna
    2019-04-24 06:46

    **I received a free book and I am reviewing it voluntarily**Alex and Shimmer make a powerful team and every new story makes this series better and better!

  • Christopher Gosvener
    2019-04-25 07:50

    to bad there isn't more.

  • Brittney
    2019-05-14 23:57

    I'm throwing this out real fast since I see no one else mentioned/warned right off the bat that not everything is resolved at the end. Also, I almost this this book should have been called Flight From Abuse, since the main, reoccurring theme was domestic abuse. Just a FYI.

  • Lucy Dosch
    2019-05-14 04:03

    This story wasted time on romance issues which took away time from an actual story and then left the romance issues hanging unresolved after taking away from the plot. Best I can give this story is a great big “MEH!”The Fly by Night Detective Agency is a Private Investigation firm for paranormals to deal with paranormal issues. Release a Salamander from the fire realm while practicing your portals without your teacher’s permission? Call Fly by Night.Fly by Night gets a call from Detective Chase Johnson of the FH-CSI. Chase is cross-over character from her Otherworld Series. Chase has a paranormal serial killer on the loose and not enough resources at the FH-CSI to investigate. There is someone killing elderly fae and stealing all their money. The problem is that bank cameras are showing the fae withdrawing their own funds. How could this be since forensics is indicating that they were dead at the time they were supposedly at the bank?Why did it take a conference between the Fly by Night investigators in the next scene for someone to go? Isn’t a doppelganger able to shift into anything and wouldn’t they be able to imitate the victim? That thought went through my head as soon as Chase said they showed up at the banks when they were already dead. Hey. Duh! Is there a supe who can mimic people? Chase especially should have that kind of basic knowledge of what is out there especially since people tell the cops all the time “wasn’t me.”The one thing I can’t stand is when an author repeats information over and over again. We know Shimmer’s background from the last story but you can give us a basic overview of her life as an orphan in the dragon realm, that they have a caste system based on dragon color and which also involves who your family lineage includes. As an orphan, Shimmer would have no family lineage and was an outcast. All those circumstances made her unmateable and a loner. Please assume at this point that I have read the information presented and I am smart enough to retain that information for the total of the 336 pages you have written. I do not need to be reminded over and over again that life was different there. She was a loner, now she had friends. Alex wants to be her boyfriend. Boy, she was always a loner. It would be so different. No one would want her in dragon realm. She’s never had a relationship. GOT IT! I REMEMBERED!It was the relationship part of the story which bothered me here. I love a good romance so why are you making the romance painful. Although it was probably not a great idea to become sexually involved with Alex Radcliff, vampire and Shimmer’s boss and parole officer while she was booted Earthside, it is Alex who comes off pathetic and needy this entire book. He has a stalker ex-girlfriend who is a succubus and who decided Alex is her possession and wants him back, or at least doesn’t want Shimmer to have him. So she is destructive and dangerous. Alex’s response. I’ll go talk with her. I just need to explain it to her in person. She just doesn’t understand that we’re over. Even Shimmer, who admits to being naive about relations, doesn’t think that it necessary or smart and Alex needs to be a bit firmer. While the succubus makes trouble, Alex is whining “I want to be exclusive” to Shimmer. It’s okay if you don’t. Be honest, but do you? do you? do you? do you? Shimmer eventually gives in and maybe I’m in love, I’m not sure though, but the whole succubus stalker stays up in the air and I guess will be dredged up for the next book.With a story line of fae serial killers, a hungry fire Salamander on the loose downtown and a haunted house across the street for Shimmer, plus an old friend showing up with a stalker of her own, there should have been real excitement to this story. But everything was settled with a whimper instead of a bang. Everything except for both stalker matters which no one can do anything about. Ghost, salamanders and doppelgangers – 0/Stalkers – 2.And let’s not forget that werewolf Ralph was asked to marry his sister-in-law because his brother abandoned her and the kids. The brother brought shame to the pack and the only way to make it right is for Ralph to step in. So….werewolves are part-Amish? Who knew.The romance was awkward and pathetic, the action flatlined, stalkers are left stalking and the incessant droning on of Shimmer’s backstory leaves this story firmly in the “Meh” pile and I am uncertain if I even want to bother with the next installment.See more at

  • Aisling Van Dam LaBauve
    2019-05-17 01:42

    Another Great Book by Yasmine GalenornI loved this book; it kept me wanting to read on from beginning to end. I love the way the author incorporates the magical elements into the story.

  • Meagan
    2019-05-04 00:01

    This is the second book in the Fly BY Night series. I was so excited to read this book! Yasmin's writing style is just so interesting, she certainly knows how to make amazingly detailed books. Her characters are so vivid, it's like they pop right out of the book. There is just so much depth to this world that she has created. I love how this series crosses paths with the Otherworld series. Filled with monsters, haunted houses, and a hateful ex-girlfriend this book is just one twisted adventure after the next. I give this book a solid four and a half stars!