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Vampire Slayer She stalks the lonely back alleys of Boston, the deserted industrial docks of the harbor, seeking revenge on the vampires who killed her mother. Rashel Jordon knows where they live. But they don't yet know that the black-haired, green-eyed girl is as deadly as she is beautiful, killing the Night People one by one. Armed with a wooden stake, martial arts, andVampire Slayer She stalks the lonely back alleys of Boston, the deserted industrial docks of the harbor, seeking revenge on the vampires who killed her mother. Rashel Jordon knows where they live. But they don't yet know that the black-haired, green-eyed girl is as deadly as she is beautiful, killing the Night People one by one. Armed with a wooden stake, martial arts, and the will to resist a vampire's mind control, she is safe as long as her true identity remains a secret. But when she rescues Daphne Childs from certain death, she's suddenly swept into the Night World Slave Trade, gateway to the vampires' secret enclave. Here Quinn is the gatekeeper... dark, dangerous, irresistible. He decides who is chosen. He holds the keys to the realm Rashel is desperate to enter. She looks into his eyes, stunned, to see her soulmate-- a vampire whose entire she has vowed to destroy......

Title : The Chosen
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ISBN : 9780671551377
Format Type : Paperback
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The Chosen Reviews

  • Evelina
    2019-05-22 00:53

    To 'Τhe chosen' είναι μαζί με το 'Daughters of darkness' το αγαπημένο μου βιβλίο της σειράς μέχρι στιγμής.Η Rashel,είναι κυνηγός βρικολάκων,γενναία,αφοσιωμένη και επίμονη ενώ ο Quinn είναι ένας από τους πιο ανηλεείς βρικόλακες του Night World και ίσως ο αγαπημένος μου!Αυτό που μου αρέσει στην L.J. Smith είναι ότι οι κακοί χαρακτήρες παραμένουν κακοί. Υπάρχει η περίπτωση να αλλάξουν με τον καιρό,όχι όμως για κάποιον ρηχό λόγο όπως παρουσιάζεται στα εφηβικά βιβλία συνήθως, αλλά επειδή υπάρχει ήδη κρυμμένη καλοσύνη μέσα τους.Οι σκηνές όπου η Rashel δεν μπορούσε να σκοτώσει τον Quinn παρόλο που είχε την ευκαιρία,καθώς και το ότι κι εκείνος το αποδεχόταν αμαχητί,ήταν σχεδόν συγκινητικές(ειδικά η τελευταία). Η δράση,ο έρωτας,η αγωνία,η προδοσία ήταν πλήρως ανεπτυγμένα και σε σωστή ισορροπία. Αυτό που μου έκανε εντύπωση,ήταν ότι παρόλο που τα βιβλία της Smith είναι γραμμένα τη δεκαετία του '90 ,το συγκεκριμένο έμοιαζε πολύ με τα σημερινά βιβλία φαντασίας. Το μόνο αρνητικό είναι οι λιγοστές του σελίδες που ολοκληρώνουν βιαστικά μια τόσο όμορφη ιστορία!

  • Aileen
    2019-04-25 00:45

    First off, the character. I felt that most of the character were very real and believable. There was quite a bit of character development, especially compared to L.J.Smith's other Night World books and considering its size. I loved how Rashel actually tried to do something about her bad situation. I also loved Daphne. She was a real breath of fresh air in this series of hunters and fighters. She's not a fighter. She's not a hunter. She's just a regular teenage girl. And the relationship that blooms between them is great. It really goes to show that you don't have to live the same style of life to be friends. I had a bit of a problem with Rashel and Quinn's relationship. It felt rushed and wasn't very fleshed out. I do understand the soulmate principle, but unlike most of the relationships before, Rashel and Quinn had only talked to each other for less than 2 hours. The plotline was also really interesting. There was quite a bit of action, compared to most of the Night World novels. There was never really a dull moment and all of the scenes were absolute necessary to get to the end. The love story didn't overpower the real plot line of the kidnappings, but I think it was pushed back a little too much to the point where it wasn't really there anymore. The plot twist at the end with Hunter was very different. After thinking about it, I can see where it comes from, but had you not finished the book, you probably wouldn't have guessed it at all as there was no foreshadowing.The world was very interesting. I definitely liked the fact that L.J.Smith took the idea of vampires, werewolves and other things and really took it to a different level with the Night World. I also found it a very good surprise that there were the lamia. I have always wondered by vampires had to be bitten and it's obvious that L.J.Smith had also thought about that. It's also very interesting how they just live beside humans, but they don't suspect anything. It's like an entire community inside of another. There are laws of its own and even a hierarchy, which can be seen in this novel.The pacing was pretty fast, maybe a little too fast, but the swiftness of the pacing covers up other flaws of the novel. But I do love that time keeps going on in this novel. Unlike the other Night World novels were time sort of stops while explaining things, this installment keeps time feeling realistic. However, this may be because of the amount of action there is in this novel compared to the other ones.The writing style of L.J.Smith is great. It really flows with me and is quite a quick read. The dialogue between characters felt believable. There were some errors in grammar, but nothing that really hinders the story.Overall, this book was awesome. There were really strong characters that mostly had great relationships, the plot was great, and you really wanted to keep reading.

  • Leeanna
    2019-04-27 23:55

    Night World #5: The Chosen, by L. J. SmithWhen she's 5 years old, Rashel sees her mother and her friend killed by a vampire. The vampire tries to get her as well, but even at 5 she's strong enough to resist his mind control. Fast forward twelve years and Rashel is a vampire hunter, existing on the fringes of the Day and the Night worlds, keeping humans safe. Rashel is a very strong character, comfortable in her body and determined because of her past. She's a great fighter and has a sense of honor. When she and a group of vampire hunters capture a vampire, the others want to torture him, but Rashel can't stomach torturing a defenseless being, even if he is a vampire. So she decides to let him go...and then discovers he's her soulmate. To add to the mix, the vampire is Quinn, known throughout the Night World as one of the most soulless, human-hating vampires around. While Rashel is one of my favorite Night World characters, I find the plot of this book a little weak. Rashel stumbles into a Night World slave trade of humans when she rescues a blonde bunny, but then Daphne, the girl she helps, is willing to risk her life to help Rashel take down the operation. The ending is very abrupt as well, without taking care of some loose ends that I would've liked to see resolved. But overall "The Chosen" fits very nicely into the Night World series, and uses the soulmate principle that ties all the books together very nicely. Rashel and Quinn are iconic of the opposites attract cliche, but it works for them and they grow over the short time period of the book. I really want to see more of them.3/5.

  • Daniellesof2014
    2019-04-29 22:59

    Rashel is a vampire hunter. She started training ever since her mother and brother died when she was 5, and so she had been killing vampires at the age of 12 and getting a reputation making her be known as the cat, because she would leave a mark on the vampire she killed that looked like a cat had scratched it. She was one of the most feared vampire hunters in the night world. Well since she is the most feared vampire hunter there was also the most feared vampire and his name was Quinn and he killed a lot. But what happens when these to deadly opposites meet when Rashel is on mission to find out what's happening to missing teenage girls? The reaction they will have will surprise both.This book reminds me of the hunger games a little even though both stories didn't end the same. These books relate together because to me it’s the relationship of the characters.I give this book 5 stars because even though the authors endings are always the same with everything always being a happy ending and someone falling in love I like the fact that she told it a little different this time.

  • Drew Salas
    2019-04-29 19:45

    Debo admitir que ya me había rendido con esta escritora. Había leído sus anteriores trabajos y los odie.Pero entonces conseguí este libro y lo pensé muchas veces antes de leerlo y debo decir que no me arrepiento.El mundo que creo la escritora me encanto, todo oscuro y misterioso. Te hace pensar que estar criaturas sobrenaturales pueden vivir cerca y no te darías cuenta, me pareció fantástico. La protagonista me pareció muy bien estructurada y profundizada. Me encanto que era todo una BAD ASS caza vampiros. Lo que si no me gustó y con gusto hubiese arracado esas páginas del libro, fue el intento de romance que hubo. Fue patético, he leído acerca de almas gemelas, y me han encantado pero esto fue extremadamente absurdo, no diré nada porque sería spoiler, pero la verdad. Lo odie.No sé si seguiré la saga, pero al menos sé que esta escritora si tiene algo que decir.

  • Claire Frances
    2019-05-09 03:59

    I liked this book but I wouldn't say I was crazy about it. I liked the first few chapters best and I liked the outcome. But I was a tad annoyed by Nyala's character, but then I suppose every book has one character you don't quite gel with. On the other hand I really liked the character of Daphne, I could relate to her and she was just nice. The kinda girl you could imagine being friends with. I have to say its not as good as Secret Vampire or Dark Angel. But its OK. A quick read. I was sometimes irritated by Quinn and Rashels relationship. I don't know why but at one point it was like them connecting went on for like two pages and I just wanted it to end, it was a bit cringy. But that was just two pages of the book, so apart from that and Nyala I really enjoyed it.

  • Summer
    2019-05-08 22:08

    One star may be considered a bit harsh... but it's really because the book had so much PROMISE. I absorbed the first half of this book, excited for how it was going to unfold, how it was going to be less predictable than the other books in the series. I felt... well, I suppose I felt that the book had a sense of maturity that the others lacked due to the YA audience focus.*Sigh* But the ending just had me so terribly disappointed by shattering my expectations that I just couldn't give it two stars. I just _couldn't_.

  • Kendall [Kenny]
    2019-05-14 00:14

    This is the second time reading the book, but I needed a way to have it on my reading challenge, since the first time I read it was sometime last year.

  • Kushnuma
    2019-05-01 20:12

    The Chosen is book 5 in the Night World series.This book is one of my most favourite books of all time. I absolutely love the relationship between Rashel and Quinn.

  • Amy
    2019-05-11 03:08

    (Im a spoiler(and 'spoiler' is just an understatement)!!..Beware)-PERSPECTIVE OF RASHEL AND QUINN-A vampire hunter known as 'The Cat'..Mostly scared of in NightWorld..Always leaves marks on the victims she kills..And A ice cold vampire named Quinn..The vampire who all vampire hunters knew by reputation..Deadly..Pitiless.. Are soulmates.Ending: Timmy turns out to be alive.Rashel and Quinn are soulmates till the day they die.Characters:Rashel Jordan: human,her mother and brother died when she turned five on the night of her party,dark hair,eyes were green-green as emeralds, tall,saw a vampire drain timmy and knock her mother dead,when the vampire set her aunt's house on fire rashel made it out..but aunt didnt,seventeen,a vampire hunter(in memory of her mother),killed her first vampire at the age of twelve,goes to Wassaguscus High,known as 'The Cat' to Night people..the one Night people are scared of the most(she always leaves marks on vampires she kills..5 slashes),taking a little expedition out to some warehouses in Mission Hill(there might be another vampire lead there),kills vampires with her special bokken(jappeneese sword),starts feeling sympathy for vampires when she knocked out Quinn,felt a electric shock when she tryed to kill Quinn(soulmates),distracted the Lancers so Quinn could escape,since she let Quinn escape the first time she has to find the kidnapped girls herself(so she goes back to the warehouses),is mind-control resistant,comes up with a plan to get chosen and kidnapped along with other vampire hunters(but none would help her so she decides to go alone but then daphne wanted to help rashel at the club and agreed to get chosen again with rashel) and taken to the vampire enclave(so she can wipe out all the vampires and stop the slave trade),agrees to let Daphne go with her to the club and get chosen, uses a fake name when she goes to the club(Shelly),gets chosen by Quinn with daphne,stepped on Ivan's foot before leaving,makes a plan to free every girl and get them off the island in boats(is sucessful but she doesnt leave with them),finds out hunter redfern was the vampire that killed her mother.Timmy Jordan: human,Rashel's little brother(one month younger),silky black hair, blue eyes,and a very sweet smile,'Okay. I'll wait' were the last words he ever said to rashel,killed by a vampire man on rashel's 5th b-day,turns out to be alive as a vampire,hunter got timmy to believe humans are worthless and that rashel never cared for him,gets forced out of the burning mansion by rashel and onto a wharf, trapped in a four-year-old body.Mrs.Jordan: human,timmy's and rashel's mom,'Okay, kitten,but take care of Timmy.He's not as fast as you are.' were the last words she ever said to rashel,heard rashel scream and came looking for her..then got mind-controled by a vampire and then killed on rashel's 5th b-day,dark hair.Aunt Corinne: human,the only family rashel had left after timmy and her mom died,old,died the night of rashel's 5th bday(the vampire came back and set the house on fire and aunt corinne never made it out).Pal: Rashel's dog.Elliot: human,few years older than rashel,thin, with intense eyes and little shiny glasses that were always slipping off his nose,knows about the NightWorld,vampire hunter,started the Lancers.Vicky: human,brown-haired girl,pale blue eyes,vampire hunter(member of the Lancers),was the leader of a group on the south shore,Elliot's new second-in-command,taking a little expedition out to some warehouses in Mission Hill(there might be another vampire lead there),likes to kill vampires slowly and make them talk(torture).Steve: human,member of Lancers,blond hair, muscular shoulders,and a steady expression,taking a little expedition out to some warehouses in Mission Hill(there might be another vampire lead there),a guy of few words.Nyala: human,member of Lancers,skin like cocoa and a faraway look in her eyes,had a small queenly head, with hair piled on the back like Nef-ertiti's crown,lost her sister(thats why she wants to be a vampire hunter),taking a little expedition out to some warehouses in Mission Hill(there might be another vampire lead there),got kidnapped for the feast,turns out to be still on the island and she set the whole mansion on fire,saved by Quinn.John Quinn: made-vampire,from boston,eighteen,about Rashel's height and compact,pale,dark hair,the Redfern heir,good-looking,clean features that were strongly chiseled but almost delicate,charming,body that was lithe and flat-muscled,loved the sunny pastures and the clear blue water of the wilderness,had a crush on Dove Redfern,pitiless as a snake,is the one the Lancers are chasing(the one on Mission Hill), kidnapps human girls that wouldnt be missed and left them in warehouses on Mission Hill(for the feast..which is a day where vampires come and feed),suprised Steve and Vicky while they were on the lookout(got into a fight with them), was knocked out by rashel and taken to a cellar by vicky..steve.. nyala..and rashel,started talking to rashel when he regained conciousness,was almost finished unwrapping rashel's scarf off her face but got interuppted(so he doesnt know what she even looks like yet..except that shes tall),one of the most dangerous vampires in all the Night World,every vampire hunter knew Quinn by reputation,when he was going to kill rashel she shoved him and he felt a electrick shock(soulmates),had to run away because the Lancers were after him,hasnt been to the club since the day he kidnapped daphne but then decides to go back there the night rashel goes there to be chosen,saves rashel from rudi then gets knocked out by her(she was going to kill him but couldnt)..but gained conciousness later and catched up to rashel,wants to turn rashel into a vampire(b/c the NightWorld law says u cant love a human),bit rashel without getting her approval,when the mansion went on fire he went back in the mansion for Nyala to save rashel for doing it.Ivan: vampire,is in charge of taking care of the kidnapped girls in the warehouses every few hours,kept the girls and fed them to do the slave trade later on,taking the kidnapped girls to a secret vampire enclave..then on a boat,was about to drain rashel but Quinn stopped him(the humans had to be in perfect condition for the slave trade).Lily: vampire,evil,striking girl with dark hair,very pale skin,and eyes like amber or topaz,takes care of the girls in the warehouses and then takes them to an island for the feast,cold-hearted.Hunter Redfern: vampire,was the one to turn Quinn into a vampire, Quinn's adopted father,the upholder of Night World law,the one who colonized America with vampires back in the sixteen hundred,vampire, tall,handsome,had hair as red as blood and eyes that shone gold,golden hawk-like eyes,drained timmy and knocked rashel's mom dead in front of rashel,was trying to mind-control rashel into going to him so he can kill her(just like he did to timmy),ran away when parents started walking after him cause rashel was screaming,killed human kids foolishly,was the one who set up the bloodfeast.Maeve Harman: the witch who had mingled her blood with the lamia, mother of dove..roseclear..lily..and garnet,raising roseclear away from hunter.Roseclear: growing up as a witch,lives with Maeve Harman,youngest of dove..garnet..and lily. Garnet: vampire,the oldest daughter of hunter,was about as interesting as a stick of wood,wine-colored hair.Dove Redfern: vampire(lamia),pretty,soft brown hair,gentle,loving,was Quinn's lover,agreed to go with Quinn for quinn to tell his father the truth about what happened to him(that he got turned into a vampire), killed by Quinn's human father(the father was a minister and he had to get rid of evil anywhere) when the father realized vampires were real, died in front of Quinn looking up into his eyes for the last time.Rudi: werewolf,stays on the island and watches over the chosen girls,about Rashel's age,had bushy brown hair,Rudi meant "famous wolf" in Hungarian,gets forced to unlock the doors then knocked out by rashel but got concious again and went after rashel(but Quinn stopped him from killing her).Maya: the legendary first vampire.Daphne Childs: human,slender,blond hair,big and innocent cornflower blue eyes under heavy lashes,face was round and sweet,small,was one of the girls that were kidnapped by Quinn and stored in warehouses, partying girly-girl kind of girl,knows about vampires(since she got kidnapped by some),live in Somerville,was saved from the vampires by rashel,sixteen/seventeen yrs old,got four sisters and two brothers,is mind-control resistant,tells rashel all about the club and how to get chosen and gives rashel a poem and helps rashel get a look so she could go to the club and get chosen,knows rashel needs help at the club so daphne goes there and agrees to help rashel get chosen and her also again,rashel's first friend ever,gets chosen by Quinn again but this time with rashel,didnt want to leave rashel behind at the island but rashel made her go.Mamie: human,about rashel's size,one of Daphne's friends.Juanita: human,wavy bronze hair and bee-stung lips,goes to the club, been chosen and kidnapped for the feast,knows about vampires.Missy: human,towhead,with flyaway hair and Bambi eyes,about twelve,been chosen and kidnapped for the feast,knows about vampires.Fayth: human learning how to do spells,flaming red hair,wistful eyes, and a diffident manner,been chosen and kidnapped for the feast,not scared of whats going to happen to her,knows about vampires,a Daybreaker.Annelise: originally a native of Denmark,done the race circuit in Antigua,can handle a boat,eighteen/nineteen,blond, long-legged, and built like a Valkyrie,was one of the girls kidnapped for the feast.Keiko: was one of the girls kidnapped for the feast,young(Thirteen), grew up around boats,tiny,with hair like black silk and a rosette mouth,born on Nantucket,parents have a Ciera Sunbridge.Facts:-Lancers-one of the most of vampire hunters on the east coast.-Night World slave trade had been banned a long time ago-back in medieval days,the Council apparently had decided that kidnapping humans and selling them to Night People for food or amusement was just too dangerous.-The Feast: a feast for vampires. A big celebration, a banquet.Three courses each.-Spring equinox: The day Maya bit Thierry(the first made-vampire known in history).

  • Roser
    2019-05-12 02:59

    General review, spoiler-free:The Night World is the world with every dark creature you can imagine. Every "fictional" creature you know came from somewhere: The Night World. Now, something weird, even for the Night World, is happening. Soulmates are appearing again. Two beings so connected, they are just meant to be. Every story of this series meant to culminate with the end of the world as we know focuses on different characters and how all these end up meeting. Amazing narrative. Interesting characters and quite outstanding the the 90s (if I say so myself). Love stories for love sick people. Awesome mythology.Here my rating of favorites (A to C). All of them are good, but some are better than others. So I have A) the ones I love most, B) the special ones and C) the rest, the lovely ones but now outstanding in comparison.Secret Vampire (#1) - C: Nice introduction to the world and a good view of how the series work, if you read after book 2. Daughters of Darkness (#2) - A: Special pairing and development for me personal, I adore it. The one I've read the most. CUTE ROMANCE ALERT 1!Spellbinder (#3) -Dark Angel (#4) - B: Most interesting development of independent plot, this is a special.The Chosen (#5) - B: Really good subplot and secondary characters, makes you want more!Soulmate (#6) A: I love the characters and how the idea of soulmates is explained. CUTEST ROMANCE ALERT 2!!! And one more mystery but it's a spoiler. Huntress (#7) C: So much fun!Black Dawn (#8) B: Lovely characters and idea. Cute romance alert!!!Witchlight (#9) B: Good character development and a better feeling about shapeshifters. Strange Fate (#10) -

  • Daphne
    2019-05-09 22:51

    Okay, so I read this skipping a few books for the Night World series- the only one I read before this one was book 2- Daughters of Darkness, and this one has got more of that dangerous vampire feel that that one. The MC, Rashel, is interesting, strong, and likable while having a messed up past, some demons of her own, but also determination and honor despite being a vampire killer. The first two chapters actually kind of freaked me out just a tiny bit- the horror of her situation, especially as a five year old. It was interesting to read the life of a vampire hunter, seeing Quinn who was briefly in book 2, again, and learning of Circle Daybreak, and the mystery of what was going on with the girls disappearing. Quinn seems like he's a got a lot of problems, but he and Rashel are similar, while being on opposite sides. Of course, the whole soulmate business was pretty abrupt and resulted in a sudden change in behavior, like Ash from book 2. I have hope for Quinn in the change to a better person, and for healing. Same with Rashel, with the bitterness and pain, and maybe instead of violence, working towards peace instead. Daphne was an unexpected and pleasant surprise- I thought she was going to be a dumb girl, but she turns out to be brave, smart, and a loyal friend in the brief time she and Rashel know each other. There's action and an interesting plot in this pretty short book, and I enjoyed Rashel's strength, but also compassion. Further mystery on why Nightworlders are finding soulmates with humans all of a sudden?

  • Denise
    2019-05-21 02:58

    Is it me or are these just getting better?! This was cheesy, but less so than the other books. Like I always say, I just wish these could be longer..*Minor Spoilers*I'm hesitant to give this book a 5 stars because of the "shortness". I really love the soulmate theory, but sometimes I just feel like it's an excuse to not write more conversations and interactions between characters. I mean the two characters barely spoke casually, they always argued about death.. They really didn't know each other, but they were deeply in love at the end. It's cute, making my eyes roll slowly. I just wish there was more for us, as readers, to also fall in love with their love. Make sense? Don't get me wrong, I love these books and will continued reading. This was another great addition to the series!

  • Amanda
    2019-05-10 21:46

    This is definitely my favorite so far. I loved the main character. She's so badass. Her backstory was super dark, and I liked that this story went much darker than the others. It's also the first one to leave on a bigger cliff hanger, which I appreciated. The fact that this book was about the humans who know about the Night World was also great. I liked getting to see a perspective that hasn't really been addressed before. I also really liked that these people weren't weak and cowering. They were strong, and knew how to deal with Night World people. This was great and now I'm more than halfway through the series!

  • Ady Hq
    2019-05-20 23:05

    Amo éstos libros, por más que lo vuelva a leer me siguen atrapando. Éste libro me sorprendió la primera vez que lo leí ya que esperaba un nivel de romance que abarcaria gran trama de las historia y Bom! salen escenas de acción y eso me encantó. Y me encanta el mundo, casi, el único detalle que no llega a gustarme del todo es todo el poder que tienen los vampiros, pero bueno...

  • Alan D.D.
    2019-04-21 20:00

    3,5Fast, entertaning, fresh and interesting, but very short for me.Rápido, entretenido, fresco e interesante, aunque muy corto para mi gusto.

  • Megan Liau
    2019-05-05 21:03

    oh Quinn...

  • Zander Nelson
    2019-05-12 03:45

    ... i mean... it was really fast... i would of liked it more if... i dunno... it was slower... ;-; meh...

  • Kate
    2019-05-04 22:13

    Re-read! I have reread this one, I think, three times and I still love it! The best part is that I have forgotten bits and pieces so it feels all new to me!

  • Madeeha Sookheea
    2019-04-25 23:52

    One of the best book in the Night World series.

  • Brina
    2019-05-14 22:10

    "Night World" geht in die nächste Runde! Nachdem ich den ersten Band "Engel der Verdammnis" bereits recht gelungen fand, musste ich natürlich auch die Nachfolger lesen. Da die Reihe nicht unbedingt von einer Reihenfolge abhängig ist, habe ich mich direkt dem dritten Band gewidmet. Der zweite Band "Prinz des Schattenreichs" wird aber selbstverständlich auch gelesen und rezensiert.Die "Night World"-Reihe kann in beliebiger Reihenfolge gelesen werden, da jedes Buch in sich abgeschlossen ist. Zwar kommen in jedem Buch immer 1-2 wiederkehrende Namen vor, diese werden aber immer wieder vorgestellt, sodass es dabei keinerlei Probleme gibt. "Jägerin der Dunkelheit" ist erstmalig in den 90'ern in Deutschland im Cora Verlag erschienen, 2009 wurde die Reihe bei Randomhouse erneut aufgelegt.Lisa J. Smith konnte mich wieder einmal mit ihrem Talent überzeugen. Sie beschreibt die Situationen und Charaktere immer so genau, dass ich mir stets alles bildlich vorstellen konnte. Dazu werden die Charaktere niemals langweilig, obwohl es quasi immer nur um Geister, Dämonen, Vampire und Werwölfe geht. Allerdings merkt man stellenweise doch sehr, wie alt diese Reihe doch ist, denn oftmals haben die jeweiligen "Kreaturen der Nacht" nicht mehr viel mit dem gemeinsam, was man aus eher moderneren Büchern kennt, dennoch: Mir gefällt es sehr!Rashel ist eine Protagonistin, mit der ich zunächst ein paar Schwierigkeiten hatte, da sie mir stellenweise zu hart und zu abgeklärt erschien, jedoch hat sich dies im Laufe der Geschichte verändert, denn sie wird etwas zugänglicher und man erfährt doch mehr über sie, als sie selbst wohl zulassen wollte. Ihre Mutter und ihr kleiner Bruder wurden vor mehreren Jahren von einem Vampir umgebracht und seitdem will sie sich für alles, was der Vampir ihr weggenommen hat, rächen. Dabei ist ihr auch fast jedes Mittel recht. Für ihre 17 Jahre ist Rashel sehr reif, kann Situationen sehr gut einschätzen, ist aber auch verdammt einsam, da sie keine Menschen an sich heran lässt, da sie vermeiden möchte, dass diese in Gefahr geraten. Bislang hat sie Vampire immer verabscheut und schnell getötet, bei Quinn macht sie jedoch eine Ausnahme, denn dieser zieht sie auf eine gewisse Art und Weise in den Bann.Quinn ist ein recht interessanter Charakter. Zwar lernt man ihn nicht wirklich kennen und kennt auch nur recht wenig über sein Leben, bevor er zum Vampir wurde, dies ist jedoch nicht weiter schlimm, da er eine unglaubliche Ausstrahlung hat, die fehlende Informationen schnell wett macht. Er ist als blutrünstiger, eiskalter Vampir bekannt, der in der Nacht Welt ein hohes Ansehen hat, schnell merkt man jedoch, dass er vom Leben als Vampir gelangweilt ist und mehr als nur Menschen jagen und töten will. Ausgerechnet Rashel, die ihm bereits einmal das Leben gerettet hat, erregt dabei ihre Aufmerksamkeit, aber kann eine Liebe zwischen Vampir und Vampirjägerin wirklich bestehen?!"Jägerin der Dunkelheit" ist dazu deutlich düsterer und vor allem blutiger als z.B. "Engel der Verdammnis", was nicht nur an den Vampiren selbst liegt. Die Geschichte spielt in dunklen Lagerhallen, nachts am Hafen und auf einer Insel voller Vampire, sodass genug Spannung und Nervenkitzel vorhanden ist. Dazu ist das Verhältnis zwischen Vampiren und Werwölfen sehr interessant, denn anders als bei "Twilight" oder anderen Büchern, sind diese nicht untereinander verfeindet, sondern arbeiten stellenweise Hand in Hand zusammen. Obwohl Rashel durch Quinn etwas abgelenkt ist, lässt sie jedoch ihr eigentliches Ziel, entführte Mädchen zu finden, nicht aus den Augen. Mehrere Mädchen sind innerhalb eines Zeitraums verschwunden und sie ahnt bereits, dass es bei den Entführern, bzw. Mördern um Vampire handeln kann. Zusammen mit einer Gruppe von weiteren Vampirjägern macht sie sich auf die Suche nach Antworten und gerät dabei selbst in den Verdacht, mit Vampiren zusammenzuarbeiten. Die Entführung der Mädchen und die Gefangenschaft auf der Insel werden zudem sehr spannend erzählt und durch die düstere Stimmung kam es mehr als einmal vor, dass ich eine Gänsehaut bekommen habe. Dazu werden die Gefühle und stellenweise auch die Gleichgültigkeit der entführten Mädchen sehr gut dargestellt, sodass diese Thematik trotz aller Fabelwesen sehr authentisch erscheint. Das Cover konnte mich jetzt nicht so sehr von sich überzeugen, da hat die Reihe durchaus schönere und beeindruckendere Cover zu bieten. Wieder einmal ist es sehr düster und auch die Augen sind ein wichtiges Merkmal, aber leider hat mich die Mimik nicht beeindrucken können. Die Kurzbeschreibung ist dagegen vollkommen okay und fasst das Wichtigste zusammen, allerdings hätte man auch bereits auf die entführten Mädchen eingehen können, denn auch diese sind ein wichtiger Bestandteil in der Geschichte.Insgesamt konnte mich "Jägerin der Dunkelheit" von sich überzeugen. Interessante Charaktere und eine düstere Stimmung machen das Buch zu einem spannenden Leseerlebnis, auf das ich mich immer wieder einlassen würde. An Lisa J. Smith komme ich einfach nicht vorbei und dies wird sich wahrscheinlich auch nie ändern. Absolute Kauf- und Leseempfehlung.

  • jai (Lilith Incarnate in Feminism-Miss Tarzanie in Manners-Greek Amazonsto men-Princess of wilderness)) justjaya
    2019-04-29 20:50

    Another typical hunter-falling-for-the-prey book. But it was good to read. Rashel was pretty badass. I'm not much of a fan of him😑

  • buchverliebt
    2019-05-14 03:01

    Als die Freundin von Maggies Bruder eines Abends auftaucht und behauptet dieser sei beim klettern abgerutscht und verunglückt sollte eigentlich ihre Welt zusammenbrechen. Aber sie kann Syvia nicht glauben und folgt ihr um die Wahrheit zu erfahren. Was sie schlussendlich dabei selber in Gefahr gerät hätte sie natürlich nicht vermutet und trotzdem stellt dieser Abend ihre komplette Welt auf den Kopf und sie gerät in die Fänge von Sklavenhändlern, die sie, zusammen mit anderen Gefangenen, in das dunkle Königreich bringen. So muss Maggie bald feststellen, dass es auf der Welt mehr gibt als Mensch und Tier: Sie landet in einer Welt von Vampiren, Gestaltenwandlern und Hexen und hat bald mehr als eine Mission zu erfüllen, denn ihren Bruder zu retten ist zwar wichtig, aber was, wenn man herausfindet, dass die gesamte menschliche Welt auf dem Spiel steht?Ich muss zugeben, dass ich die ersten Seiten einfach nur langweilig fand. Es war alles beinahe durch und durch vorabzusehen was als nächstes geschieht und, dass Maggie hier irgendwie "Heldin" spielen soll war auch von Anfang an sicher. Mir persönlich gefiel der Anfang einfach gar nicht, denn Maggie legt weder das Verhalten eines Teenagers an den Tag, noch zeigt sie irgendwelche Emotionen als es heißt ihr Bruder sei verunglückt. Sie schien mir anfangs einfach komplett flach ausgearbeitet und der Plot begann in einer solchen Geschwindigkeit, dass ich das Gefühl hatte die Autorin wolle einfach schnell zum wesentlichen kommen. Generell ist dagegen nichts einzuwenden, aber die Art wie es geschrieben wurde hat mich nicht begeistern können.Als Maggie dann im dunklen Königreich landet und die Geschichte endlich richtig losging legte sich auch meine Langeweile und es kam Spannung und Aktion in's Spiel. Schnell kritallisiert sich für den Leser heraus, dass Maggie mit einem ausgewachsenen Helfer-Syndrom ausgestattet ist, denn sie kann ihre mitgefangenen nicht einmal in der gefährlichsten Minuten alleine lassen. Diese Behauptung stützt auch die späteren Geschehnisse, dass sie einfach jeden um sich herum beschützen und retten will - als Teenager ein wirklich hoch gesteckten Ziel will ich meinen!Aber ich schweife ab ...Das Königreich an sich ist ein sehr interessanter und düsterer Ort und mir gefiel die Vorstellung, dass es ein solch verstecktes Reich gibt und dennoch Vampire, Hexen & Co unter den menschen leben. Erschreckend und trotz allem denkbar ist die Versklavung der Menschen unter den Geschöpfen der Anderswelt, wobei der Mensch nicht mehr als solcher gilt sondern schlicht als Sklave mit einem Namen seiner zugeteilten Tätigkeit (Wäscherin, Spülerin, ...). Erschreckend aber wahr werden diese Sklaven bei gelegenheit auch als Jagtbeute genutzt um die Adeligen zu bespaßen!Wie nicht anders zu erwarten gibt es an diesem düsteren Ort natürlich auch die Liebe! Diese wird hier in Form von Seelengefährten sichtbar, denn an ihrem ersten Tag im Königreich trifft sie auf den hochnäsigen, kalten Prinz Delos zu dem sie direkt eine Seelische Verbindung herstellt. Natürlich kann man hier einwerfen, dass es sich aufgrund der schnellen Entwicklung und eine dieser Klischeehaften Schnellentwicklungen handeln könnte, aber ich möchte darauf hinweisen, dass eine Seelenpartnerschaft noch keine Liebe voraussetzt. Diese entwickelt sich hier sehr langsam und wirkt dadurch doch glaubhaft!Delos ist hier der Schlüssel zu scheinbar allem! Und Maggie ob und wie Maggie es durch seine harte Schale schafft solltet ihr selber lesen, liebe LeserInnen. Ich will nur noch sagen, dass das ende zwar als Zwischenergebnis akzeptabel ist - für mich - ich aber finde, dass hier so viel mehr Potential drin steckt als verwendet wurde. Was ist schlussendlich mit der Rettung der Welt?Ein haufen Prophezeiungen in einer Welt von Vampiren, Gestaltenwandlern, Hexen & Co. bietet eine nette Lesezeit. Ich bin nicht ganz von diesem Buch überzeugt, da doch viel offensichtliches Potential nicht ausgeschöpft wurde. Dennoch ist der Schreibstil gewohnt locker und auch ein roter Faden ist erkennbar. Wer also auf Heldinen mit Helfer-Syndrom steht und auch einem gutaussehenden Prinzen nichts abschlagen kann ist mit "Prinz des Schattenreichs" auf der sicheren Seite.3,5/5 Sternen.

  • H
    2019-05-19 00:11

    Rashel the vampire hunter The Chosen did not excite me. Perhaps it was because it revolved around a vampire hunter and it was not the type of book I was looking for. After telling us the background information of the protagonist, the story seemed to start later on. I kept zoning out when I was being told of Rashel’s vampire hunting adventures. I thought it was interesting that there was a secret club that teens went to who were really into death and darkness, and I also liked Quinn the vampire. On Rashel’s fifth birthday party, inside a tube structure, she saw a man with red hair who seemed to be devouring her friend, Timmy. She managed to call for help, but when her mother came, the vampire broke the mother’s neck. Rashel then got sent to her only relative’s house to live, but that same vampire set the house on fire, and Rashel’s relative died. After that, Rashel started moving around a lot, going from one foster family to the next. But what she knew most was that she must learn to protect herself from vampires, and that she wanted that very vampire, the one that killed her mother and Timmy, dead. In the future, Rashel becomes a vampire hunter, and has a few vampire hunter friends. They are observing a warehouse area because they suspect something is going on there. Rashel has knocked down a vampire named Quinn and they have taken him to a room. She tells her fellow vampire hunters that she will look after the vampire until go run an errand. Secretly she is thinking about staking him and not letting the others see this happen. May contain spoilers ahead: But she can’t stake a vampire that hasn’t done anything to her, especially one that’s knocked out. Nothing goes according to plan. Once she starts speaking to John Quinn the vampire, she starts to see him as a person, not as a rogue vampires that she often kills, and she doesn’t want to kill him. When Quinn escapes from his wooden handcuffs, Rashel fights him with her hands because she doesn’t want to use her blade. And once their hands brush together, she feels a shock going through her and everything changes. Quinn starts to take the scarf off her face to see how she looks, just when her fellow vampire hunters walk in. Rashel doesn’t want Quinn to get hurt and tells him to leave, and eventually he does. But with this, she has lost all respect from her fellow vampire hunters who start to think that she is in fact a vampire lover. Now, Rashel is all on her own to discover what’s going on in the warehouses and to win back the respect she has lost from her fellow vampire hunters. They no longer believe her when she finds out that something big is actually going on in those warehouses. QUOTES (MAY CONTAIN SPOILERS) Definition of ‘rogue’: “a depraved monster who killed human kids foolishly close to human habitations.” (233) Rashel: “The night has a thousand eyes.” (234) Elliot: ““And the day only one,” came the reply from the intercom.” (234)Poem written by Daphne: “There’s warmth in ice; there’s cooling peace in fire, / And midnight light to show us all the way. / The dancing flame becomes a funeral pyre; / The Dark was more enticing than the Day.” (307) Quinn’s thoughts: “He let the cold air soak into him, permeating his body, mixing with the cold he felt inside. He imagined himself freezing solid—a rather pleasant thought.” (342) Quinn to Rashel: “Besides, now that I have seen your face, I can’t stand the sight of myself in your eyes. I know what you think of me." (379) Quinn to Rashel when she’s unable to hit him: “I told you before. You’re an idiot.” (379) Quinn to Rashel, speaking in her mind: “It’s the idea that everyone has one and just one soulmate in the world, and that if you find them, you recognize them immediately.” (399) Rashel’s description: “It was as if a dragon had breathed suddenly into the room, sending a roaring gale of fire through it.” (415)

  • Tania (Real-Listen-Feel)
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    Avis sur mon blog: Bon, bon, bon. Déjà le cinquième tome de la série. Vous trouvez pas que ça va vite. Moi oui... Enfin bref! Je dois dire que même si je n'aime pas vraiment le style d'écriture de L. J. Smith, j'aime bien cette petite série. Chaque tome se lit facilement en une journée, lorsqu'on n'a rien d'autre à faire. C'est un bon petit divertissement, ou dans mon cas, un bon entre deux. J'ai lu ce tome de la série Night World en attendant ma commande de livres VO il y a quelques temps déjà. Ça passe le temps et c'est facile à lire lorsque tu ne veux pas trop te casser la tête avec une série de livres dont tu dois attendre la suite pendant un an.Ce cinquième tome de la série Night World raconte l'histoire de Rashel qui, après le meurtre de son meilleur ami et de sa mère, va devenir chasseuse de vampire dans le but de retrouver leur assassin un jour et de l'éliminer. Elle est la meilleure dans le domaine et tout le monde le sait. Mais un soir, alors qu'elle allait donner le coup de grâce à un vampire, elle en est incapable. Elle ne peut tout simplement pas se résoudre à tuer Quinn et le laisse partir. Mais lorsqu'elle apprend qu'il serait mêlé à la disparition de plusieurs jeunes filles, Rashel se demande bien ce qui a pu lui passer par la tête en laissant la vie sauve à un vampire.Je ne sais pas trop quoi penser de ce tome en fait. Le résumé me plaisait au début lorsque je l'ai lu, mais dès que j'ai commencé ma lecture, je me suis rendu compte que l'histoire était beaucoup moins entraînante que ce que j'avais imaginé. Je ne sais pas pourquoi, mais j'ai toujours tendance à penser qu'un jour je finirai par vraiment aimer un roman de L. J. Smith. Qu'il m'éblouira, me captivera du début à la fin. Je suis pourtant toujorurs à la recherche de cet oiseau rare. Alors pourquoi est-ce que je continue de lire cette série et à m'entêter? En fait, je ne sais pas.L'idée des âmes soeurs m'a toujours plu et il y a quand même quelques couples dans cette série que j'ai su apprécié. Celui de Rashel et Quinn n'est pas mon préféré, mais je l'aime bien. Encore une fois, je déplore que les choses se passent si vite et qu'on ne laisse pas le temps aux sentiments de s'installer. Tout arrive d'un simple regard, alors qu'ils allait s'entretuer. Si ce n'est pas du déjà vu, je me demande bien ce que c'est.Même si l'histoire est racontée du point de vue de Rashel, c'est à Quinn que je me suis le plus attachée. Il avait tout de même ce petit côté mystérieux et torturé qu'on trouve tous attirant dans ce genre de roman. Rashel, quant à elle, est fade et sans grand intérêt. Peut-être que je me trompe, peut-être suis-je la seule à penser ainsi. Mais c'est comme ça. Les personnages féminins de cette série se révèlent très souvent être de petites pleurnichardes. Pauvre Rashel qui a perdu sa famille, pauvre petite fille sans défense. Je ne suis pas capable d'avoir de la synpathie pour ce genre de personnage.Pour ce qui est de l'histoire et de l'intrigue en général, j'ai trouvé ça... passable. Des filles sont enlevées et Rashel va essayer de découvrir ce qui leur arrive en tombant volontairement dans le piège du ravisseur, c'est à dire Quinn. Elle se jette carrément dans la gueule du loup, mais je trouve ça un peu bizarre, que Quinn ne la reconnaisse même pas. Enfin...Pour conclure, je vous dirais... Ne m'écoutez surtout pas! Je ne voudrais pas que vous vous empêchiez de lire la série parce que moi, je ne suis pas vraiment fan. Je sais qu'il y a des personnes qui adorent le style d'écriture de L. J. Smith et qui adorent aussi cette série. Ce que je veux dire, c'est: Forgez-vous votre propre opinion. On n'est jamais mieux servi que par soi-même.

  • Bibliotropic
    2019-05-22 23:07

    Vampire hunter meets vampire, and they all live happily ever after.Rashel decided to become a vampire hunter because when she was very young, she saw her mother and her friend (or possibly a kid her mother was babysitting; I don't think the book was very clear on just who Timmy was in relation to Rashel) killed by a vampire, and decided some payback was in order. Then one night, on a mission, she runs into the vampire Quinn, and, true to the theme of this series, the two discover that they're soulmates.Now, I have to say that Smith did make a point of having Rashel deny the connection at first, refusing to believe she could be so bonded to something she despised so very much. But what really got to me was a scene in which Rashel and Quinn are mentally joined, and she senses darkness and fear in his mind so she (and I'm paraphrasing here) "dances through it kissing sunlight into the dark corners."Let me just point out that Rashel has spent over a decade at this point hating vampires with a passion, and being shuffled from foster family to foster family and refuses to form emotional connections, trying to cut herself off from others and keep her emotions cold, her mind removed. I understand that this is teen fantasy with an emphasis on romance, but honestly, I find it incredibly difficult to suspend my disbelief long enough to accept that "twu wuv" really heals all wounds in a heartbeat like that. It was trite, and horribly out of character, and it didn't do anything but make me roll my eyes and wonder if Smith even understood the characters she was creating.Nyala's transition from mentally scarred to completely unhinged was also something that felt odd and out of place, like the author just needed a plot device to work in a little more tension.Many parts of this book felt clumsily executed. Some scenes were powerful and touching, incredibly well done, but for every good scene there seemed to be one that was equally bad, and it made for a very poor experience. While this book wasn't one of my favourites when I first read the series, my opinion on it has certainly dropped upon reading it again.This novel also shows how dated it is by mentioning Buffy the Vampire Slayer and then adding that Rashel "missed the movie." The vast majority of teens who read this book now will likely only know Buffy as the TV show, and may not even know that the multi-season show was based on and a continuation of a movie in the first place. It's only a minor mention, but much like a previous book in the series mentioning Walkmans, it's something that the audience doesn't come across these days half as much as they used to. The stories are not timeless, and moments like this really underscore that.Ultimately, I'd have been happier skipping over this book during my series reread, given all the problems I had with it. It needed serious work on the character development, the twist ending made only marginal sense, and it was far from the entertaining read I remember from my teenage years. Sadly, I came away rather disappointed.

  • Domika
    2019-05-09 03:09

    Rashel je nebezpečnou a hledanou lovkyní upírů. Stejně jako většina lidí lovící upíry i ona touží po pomstě. Upír zabil její matku a i kamaráda Timmyho. Rashel pracuje sama na vlastní pěst a nemá ráda, když se jí někdo plete pod nohy. Své oběti probodne dřevěných kolíkem, nebo speciální dřevěnou dýkou, na kterou je opravdu hrdá. Poté mrtvého upíra označí kočičími drápky, proto má Rashel přezdívku Kočička.Všichni upíři se Kočičky bojí a na její hlavu je dokonce vypsána odměna. Lovci upírů Rashel obdivují a někteří se od ní snaží naučit co nejvíce. Když ovšem pustí chyceného upíra, začnou si někteří klást otázku, zda-li s upíry nespolupracuje.Rashelin dětský život se změnil v den, kdy potkala upíra. Ten zabil její matku i kamaráda. Od té doby začala bojovat proti upírům. Vyhledává je a zabíjí.V Bostonu se začnou ztrácet mladé dívky a policie si neví rady. Pro Rashel je to ale jasný signál - upír. Vydá se tedy do města, kde navštíví své přátele, taktéž lovce upírů. Ti zajmou jednoho z nich a chystají se ho mučit. Ovšem Rashel upíra z nevysvětlitelných důvodů pustí na svobodu. Všichni jsou překvapeni její zradou a už s ní nechtějí mít nic společného.Večer, když Rashel hledá upíry, uvidí ze skladiště utíkat mladou dívku. Zachrání ji a dozvídá se, že ji aispoustu dalších dívek unáší upíři do jedné ze svých enkláv. Kdyby našla upíří enklávu, což je takové malé upíří město, byla by první lovec, kterému se to podařilo. Rashel má v plánu se upíry nechat unést a enklávu zničit. Avšak je tu ještě upír Quinn, kterého Rashel osvobodila.Poprvé se setkáváme s vyprávěním z pohledu jednoho z odpůrců Říše temnot - lovkyní upírů. Rashel má od tragické události k upírům odpor a snaží se je vyhubit. Hrdinka mi byla sympatická, ačkoliv se místy chovala namyšleně. Vypravování z jejího pohledu dalo příběhu nový směr. Ve většině případů byla kniha popisována z pohledu někoho, kdo do Říše temnot patří. Příjemnou změnou byl proto Rasheliny názory na tuto tajnou organizaci. Jelikož má s upíry špatné zkušenosti, logicky z toho vyplývá, že její přístup k upírům byl hlavně negativní. Podle ní se jedná o monstra, která nemají duši a dokážou jen zabíjet. Ale co Quinn? Je i on vraždící bestie?Říše Temnot není konkrétní místo. Trvale nás obklopuje a řídí se jedinými dvě pravidly - neříkat lidem o této říši a nezamilovat se do nich.Všechny knihy z této série vypráví o tom, jak byla tato pravidla porušena. Hlavní hrdinové jsou většinou spřízněné duše, což znamená, že jakmile se potkají vědí, že patří k sobě. I když se vám tato myšlenka může zdát sebevíce klišoidní, opak je pravdou.Ačkoliv začátek byl trošku pomalejší, závěr knihy byl jedno velké boom. Vůbec jsem nevěděla jak celý příběh skončí a autorka mě opravdu překvapila. Nečekala jsem nic z toho, co se stalo!Říše Temnot je skvělá série. Nehledě na to, že díly na sebe moc nenavazují... v určitém směru ano - autorka pouze zmíní některá jména, a pokud jste četli předchozí díly víte, o kom je řeč.

  • Desiree M ~*~*~ LiveReadCollect
    2019-05-17 02:00

    3.5 stars. Not quite a 4 stars but I bumped it up because I enjoyed it more than the previous 2 installments. Rashel is a vampire hunter and has been for many years after her mother's death by a vampire. I wish LJS had (view spoiler)[also mentioned that Timmy, Rashel's little brother, had died instead of making it so obvious that Timmy was turned. Rashel never says (to my recollection) that Timmy died too, in fact it's rare for Rashel to talk/think about Timmy at all. As I was reading Rashel kept saying her mom died but she rarely mentioned Timmy being taken by the vampire. It was obvious that he would come back later turned. (hide spoiler)] Her world becomes complicated when she starts feeling sympathy and compassion for a vampire she and another group of vampire hunters capture. Quinn is a vampire, turned a few hundred years ago by Hunter Redfern. Quinn was in love with one of Hunter's daughter's Dove. One major thing is that Quinn doesn't like Hunter because Hunter turned him, however despite that he still respects Hunter and believes he is honorable. Quinn's life (unlife) changes when he's captured by a group of vampire hunters and the vampire hunter he's left with causes him to feel things he hasn't felt since he was turned. Overall this story was all right. Like I mentioned it was better than the previous 2 for me. The love story part was shaky though, yes there is the soulmate principal but when Quinn stated that he was in love with Rashel it seemed to come completely out of the blue. They had been fighting just a few moments before and even though it was clear they couldn't kill the other it still wasn't love in my opinion. The main story line deals with Quinn, Lily, and Ivan being the gatherers for this bloodfeast that made vampires are having. Q, L and I's job is to get twenty-four girls for this feast to form an alliance. Rashel, (view spoiler)[by choice, is captured and gets information about what's going on. Eventurally she and Quinn face the gathered vampires, Quinn tells everyone that he'll tell Hunter what they are doing, which is illegal, if they don't leave now. It's then revealed that Hunter already knows what's going on and he's in on it. However there is another wrinkle, Hunter is also the vampire that killed Rashel's mother and turned Timmy. (hide spoiler)]This is an installment that I'd recommend. It gets back to the Night World, where the last one kind of let it go to the background...the far background. This one I enjoyed reading again, the action was good, the story moved a fairly good pace, and I liked Rashel's character. My only complaint was the love story part, it wasn't as prominent as I remembered.

  • Sumando Libros
    2019-04-22 00:06

    ¡Hola a todos!!Aquí tengo la reseña del segundo libro de Night World y como si fuera poco no me canso de mencionar que Crónicas vampíricas (la primera parte) no fue muy de mi gusto por lo cual en un inicio no le tenía mucha fe a la continuación de esa saga bajo la visión de Damon... pero que agradablemente me lleve una tapadura de boca jajaj al igual que con esta saga de historias cortas.Night World como dije anteriormente se compone de historias cortas emplazadas en nuestro tradicional mundo, donde humanos y humanas se mezclan con diferentes personajes del mundo oculto, ya sean vampiros, hombres lobos, hechiceros o lo que pueda llegar aparecer según la historia.En esta ocasión el titulo en ingles habla de Almas Gemelas, y es lo que precisamente vamos a encontrar. Cuando Rashel de niña pierde no solo a su madre a manos de un vampiro si no a todos los que la rodearon en menos de un dia… decide vivir de forma independiente y ser lo más autosuficiente dentro de lo posible. De hecho muchos que lean este libro les parecerá que Rashel a quien ella misma ha denominado ‘la Gata’ en honor al apodo que le daba su madre, nos recuerda o nos da la sensacion de ser una inspiración de la tan famosa (Buffy). Ok, hasta aquí todo va bien, Rashel es una cazadora letal que siempre deja la marca de unas 3 garras/uñas en la frente de sus victimas… hasta que… (Siempre hay un ‘hasta que’) comienza a investigar la desaparición de varias chicas adolescentes y se ‘electrocuta’ con Quinn, un vampiro muy conocido por su crueldad y su visión del mundo se ve ‘trastocada’.Como dato anexo les cuento que hace un tiempo me dijeron que esta saga viene “revuelta”… el primer libro si recuerdo bien ‘Hijas de la Noche’ al parecer es el segundo pero se publico primero, por lo mismo en aquel libro se habla de esta pareja y se explica que algo extraño esta sucediendo en Night World, ya que los vampiros están encontrando sus almas gemelas en humanos y esta conexión se materializa a través de un Choque de energía.Regresando al libro, la historia es corta, muy ágil y fácil de leer, son libros light que tienen el beneficio de leerse de forma independiente y disfrutarse sin mayores complicaciones. En fin, a mi me gustan así que espero que lleguen los otros muy pronto a Chile (porque se tardaron lo suyo en llegar :/), al menos ya podemos contar con Cazadora, tercer libro de la saga.¿¿Y ustedes que opinan?? ¿¿Le gustan las hitorias cortas?? O esos libros que traen mini historias fr diferentes autores?? Al menos yo me repito, me encantan jejeje :DRachel.

  • HannahCassie (PSIloveThatBook)
    2019-04-28 20:08

    MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book! EXPECTATIONS: Off we go continuing the famous Night World series. THE WORLD: We are back to vampires in this book. Actually, vampires and vampire hunters to be more precise. CHARACTERS: So this time it is Rashel that we follow. Hmm I wonder if there will be a male main lead, that would be really cool. Anyways Rashel is a vampire hunter. When she was little her little brother and mother were killed by a vampire. She was left to live with her uncle and aunty but they were killed in a fire by the same vampire and so Rashel ended up being a vampire hunter. She is also known as a Cat, the best vampire hunter there is. And I agree, Rashel is good at what she does. One night she goes out with other vampire hunters on a killing mission and it is like a teacher with bunch of kindergartens. But then she meets Quinn and all hells breaks lose. I believe we have met or at least heard of Quinn in previous books but he was very side character. Well no more. Quinn is a mega super famous and all powerful vampire with big daddy/family issues. And of course when Rashel and Quinn meet it clicks. Why? Make a guess! Yes of course! They are soulmates. I liked Rashel to be honest up till the point they go to this slave house...then she just gets annoying as hell. And Quinn...such a powerful name...or okay whenever I hear Quinn I see my favorite male from True Blood....rrrrr....but anyways yeah back to this Quinn...yeah nope not anywhere close to powerful alpha male unfortunately. Just too much drama. ROMANCE: Well I already spilled the beans that Rashel and Quinn are soulmates so gets intense. GOOD: I liked how Rashel was kicking ass. Normally I am a fan of vampires and vampire hunters for me are just...well fanatical freaks but not in this case, Rashel was gooooood.BAD: A few things. 1) Rashel's brother! He was what 5??? The ending really shocked me! I wonder how it will go on, I really need more just for his sake. 2) How fast Rashel abandoned her believes when she met Quinn. Girl if you hate vampires, for crying out loud you are best vampire killer out there, and then boom you actually consider becomes one of them...nah just nah. OVERALL: It was definitely better than Dark Angel but not as good as what will come next. Yes I have read future books by the time I am writing this reviews. With this just cannot resist. MORE? MORE! @ P.S. I love that book!