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Miss Georgiana Darcy is need of a companion, and she would much rather not have Mrs Younge. The recently bereaved Miss Elizabeth Bennet is in need of a position. When she accepts the one Mr Darcy offers, she finds herself in his near-constant company and gets to know him at his best. Not as he would present himself to strangers in some remote corner of Hertfordshire, but aMiss Georgiana Darcy is need of a companion, and she would much rather not have Mrs Younge. The recently bereaved Miss Elizabeth Bennet is in need of a position. When she accepts the one Mr Darcy offers, she finds herself in his near-constant company and gets to know him at his best. Not as he would present himself to strangers in some remote corner of Hertfordshire, but as his nearest and dearest know him. An excellent brother, landlord, master. A wonderful man, noble, kind – and impossibly handsome. So who falls in love first? What of Mr Wickham and his dastardly ploys? And how is a lady’s companion ever to have a future with one who could marry into the best houses in the land? ...

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miss darcy s companion a pride and prejudice variation Reviews

  • Sheila Majczan
    2019-05-15 02:53

    Georgiana Darcy is thrown into company with Miss Bennet while G.’s brother, Fitzwilliam, and her cousin, Richard, make their annual trek to Kent…not knowing that Richard’s older brother’s wife, Lady Stretton, and her three children are also visiting at Malvern House, the home of Lord and Lady Malvern. Cousin, Amelia Fitzwilliam was to be her sole company, as she is of Georgiana’s age and of an open disposition akin to her brother, Richard. Upon returning Darcy reflects that he might not have left her there if he had known of Lady Stretton’s plans to also visit. (That Lady reminded me of Aunt Reed while her son, Hartfield, has an uncanny resemblance in his misbehaviors to Jane Eyre’s cousin, John Reed, in that novel.) A short time later we find Georgiana pleading with her two guardians to hire Miss Bennet as her companion rather than Mrs. Younge. Despite some misgivings due to the age and lack of experience on Miss Bennet’s part she is hired. Soon Georgiana and Miss Bennet are sent back to Pemberley while Darcy addresses business in town.When Darcy does join the two young ladies in the country he finds two things: Georgiana is relaxed, happy and very obviously has developed a warm friendship with Miss Bennet. The other thing he finds is that Miss Bennet is not afraid to speak her mind. But they soon come to an understanding and he finds himself enjoying evenings playing a game of chess or even debating a book with Miss Bennet as well as enjoying watching his sister and her interact. Imagine his puzzlement when, after a Christmas Ball during which he and Richard come upon the two hiding out near the orangery, spying on the ball and then being coaxed into a dance, Elizabeth seems to withdraw from his company, turning down games of chess and presenting a much more reserved mien while in his presence.We the readers find ODC have much angst as each cannot fathom ever overcoming the gulf between their positions in society to satisfy newly discovered feelings of attachment between them. Darcy soon departs for London to debate with himself how to reconcile those disturbances to his peace while Elizabeth makes plans for the near future to join Jane and her new husband at their estate, Netherfield, near her old home.Joana Starnes has a talent in relating the feelings of love to us. She doesn’t find it necessary to write graphic sexual details but every nuance of the heart is laid bare with words of tenderness, longing, mind-boggling depths of yearning that it brings me to dewy-eyed sighs of appreciation for her art. Georgiana rates much more page time in this book. She has her opinions and relates them to Darcy. She also is not afraid to correct miscalculations he has made. A vicar, Mr. Bradden, and his sister show an interest in our Elizabeth. We read of Wickham again, along with a Miss Fenton’s aid, plying his deceit in searching for that pot of gold, a dowry earned through seduction. Can Elizabeth, who knows nothing about his history with Darcy, intuit his intentions and his true character? Your heart will cry for ODG when Elizabeth’s quick thinking and reputation saving actions paint a picture completely opposite in Darcy’s mind.I loved this story and guarantee that it is one that I will read over and over again. Elizabeth is not immune to suffering the pangs of unrequited love in this variation…but Darcy does have his moments of longing also. Do read this story! All of Joana Starnes’ books have rated 5 stars for me. I look forward to her next release.

  • Debbie Brown
    2019-04-29 23:06

    This is yet another gem from Joana Starnes! When I really, really love a book it's just about impossible to put it down, and I read this all in one sitting. The book is cleverly divided into two sections. Part One, "Darcy," is the beginning of the tale from Darcy's point of view, though still written in third person. At the urging of his cousin, Colonel Fitzwilliam, he hires Miss Elizabeth Bennet as companion to Georgiana. Step by step, it becomes obvious that the threesome of Darcy, Elizabeth and Georgiana have become a family unit. It also becomes obvious to the reader, through various hints, that Elizabeth has fallen deeply in love with her employer but that he doesn't have a clue. It becomes equally obvious that Darcy loves her but hasn't realized it himself. A turning point in their relationship occurs as this section ends. Part Two, "Elizabeth," picks up the story where Part One left off, but now the perspective is limited to Elizabeth's until close to the end. By the time we reach the book's climax and a horrible misunderstanding related to the despicable Wickham, the tale shifts back and forth between the two.I can't begin to convey how powerfully this story engages the reader's emotions. Elizabeth is in such an awkward position. Even more than in the original Pride and Prejudice, she is too far beneath Darcy's social strata to ever hope that he might develop feelings for her, but she can't bring herself to go away, knowing she would never see him again. When Darcy suddenly leaves Pemberley, she is bereft. Wickham enters the story, he is charm personified, of course, and he insinuates himself back into Pemberley very credibly.The plot is perfectly constructed, the characters are well drawn, the writing is flawless, and the entire book packs a whopping emotional punch. JAFF doesn't get any better than this!

  • Meredith (Austenesque Reviews)
    2019-04-26 04:43

    What If Elizabeth Worked for Mr. Darcy?TYPE OF AUSTENESQUE NOVEL: Pride and Prejudice VariationTIME FRAME: Several months before Mr. Bingley signs a lease for Netherfield ParkMAIN CHARACTERS: Elizabeth Bennet, Mr. Darcy, and Georgiana DarcySYNOPSIS: What if there was no Ramsgate, no overheard insult, and no surprise encounter in Kent? What if Darcy first met Elizabeth Bennet as a nursemaid/stand-in governess for his cousin’s children? And what if Georgiana expressly wished for Darcy to hire Elizabeth as her companion? With her father passed away and Longbourn taken over by the odious Mr. Collins, Elizabeth happily accepts this position, even though she has no experience. Will she find her new employer to be haughty and high-handed? Or will she see him as kind and generous?WHAT I LOVED:- Harmony and Happiness at Pemberley: This story takes us to Pemberley and stays there for nearly all of the book, with only slight mentions and visits to Netherfield and Rosings. I loved the focus on Pemberley and sense of idyllic contentment that pervaded this variation as we witnessed Elizabeth, Darcy, and Georgiana find pleasure, peace, and companionship in each other’s company with no interference. Pemberley is such a lovely setting for romance to blossom and I loved seeing the happiness and easy camaraderie between this trio.- Woven Into Canon: With no Ramsgate, no Mr. Bennet, and no extended visit to Meryton, you may wonder if any of the same events will take place in this variation. Will there be a first proposal? Will Wickham cause any harm? I loved how, even though this story started so drastically different with altered situations for many characters, Joana Starnes found unique and clever ways to tie her variation to Jane Austen’s original canon. Especially her in regards to our favorite foils – Caroline Bingley and Mr. Wickham!- Tempered Reserve: In many of Joana Starnes’s variations she delivers healthy doses of anguish and heartache to poor Mr. Darcy. But in this variation, the shoe is on the other foot! Mr. Darcy, being proper and honorable, does not give much romantic thought to his sister’s charming and lively companion and is quite slow to recognize his feelings. But Elizabeth, seeing Mr. Darcy in this different perspective, cannot help but admire him and think him “the best of men.” And her admiration easily leads to affection – an affection she tries to suppress and conceal because she knows there is no hope. I really enjoyed seeing Ms. Starnes explore these more reserved and private feelings of yearning and turmoil from Elizabeth’s perspective. AndI loved how she couldn’t resist giving Darcy a bit of torture and agony (which made us love him even more!).- Georgiana: It is lovely to see Georgiana blossom in this variation. She has her shy reserve, but learns maturity and confidence with Elizabeth as her dear friend and companion. I enjoyed seeing Georgiana grow, think for herself, and become more assertive. Definitely some admirable development for her character!- New Original Characters: Since we stay mostly at Pemberley, we don’t see much of the Bennets, de Bourghs, and the Bingleys. Instead we are introduced to several new original characters fashioned by Joana Starnes. These characters were well-constructed and interesting as they propelled the plot in various ways. (Note: I loved the helpful New Characters List in the front of the book!)WHAT I WASN’T TOO FOND OF:That now I will have an even harder time deciding which story by Joana Starnes is my favorite!CONCLUSION:Sensitive, poignant, and gloriously impassioned – skilled storyteller Joana Starnes gifts readers another stellar Pride and Prejudice variation that will once again inspire them to fall deeply and irrevocably in love with Mr. Darcy! While this story might have a little more quiet reserve and suppressed passion, I think it is just as beautiful and stirring! Another brilliant read from Joana Starnes!

  • J. W. Garrett
    2019-05-09 04:40

    Loved this HEA, worthy of 5 swoon pointsThe journey to the HEA for ODC was long and difficult. There were several twists in this story that changed everything. First, while Elizabeth was in Kent, the Colonel was not able to mention Darcy’s involvement in separating Jane and Mr. Bingley. Second, Darcy was not able to make his proposal due to an express arriving from Longbourn. And lastly, Ramsgate never happened.The Bennet family realized their worst nightmare with the death of their beloved father. Mr. Collins was excessively cruel in securing his inheritance in a hasty manner that forced the women of Longbourn to leave his presence. Elizabeth and Jane went to live with the Gardiners. Elizabeth secured a temporary position with the Fitzwilliam family filling in for their governess. From there Georgiana requested her as a companion instead of Mrs. Younge, who she just didn’t feel right about and could not like her. Wickham was the same cruel, conniving and cunning snake that he always was. He still made his attempt to get at Georgiana’s dowry; however, since he didn’t have Mrs. Younge, he was forced to use a different accomplice. It was very creative how the author spun this new situation. Elizabeth was thrust into the society of the Fitzwilliam/Darcy families as she lived and worked with Georgiana. They spent a lot of time together and she soon fell under the spell of Mr. Darcy. There were parts of this that reminded me of Jane Eyre and how she sketched and drew pictures of the master of the house and secretly loved him. All the prejudice Elizabeth experienced in P&P was not present and didn’t taint Elizabeth’s picture of Mr. Darcy [landlord, master, brother, and she saw the true man]. Darcy’s journey to his HEA was also difficult as he came to misunderstand everything about Elizabeth Bennet and that created such drama between them. And, it gave us our hero moments where he raced after her and placed her on his horse. Yeah, you could hear the collective swoon from readers. Georgiana grew up right before our eyes. She wasn’t influenced and beaten down by the conniving Mrs. Younge. When the compromise attempt was thwarted by Elizabeth, she realized that her naïveté nearly ruined them all. She was able to stand tall, as the daughter of the House of Darcy, and admirably rose to the occasion. She was pretty cool. The house of Bennet was barely mentioned and we didn’t have to spend much time with them. As soon as Darcy could get out of their presence, he did. However, he bore it admirably. Thank goodness Pemberley was a good distance away, even with good roads. ***SPOILER*** (view spoiler)[' When Elizabeth went back to the inn to get Georgiana’s things, she ran into Wickham. I held my breath terrified that he might do her harm. I expected it since she had messed up his plans. He was angry enough to manhandle her at the least. However, she was nothing to him; little more than a Pemberley servant sent to fetch Miss Darcy’s things. Wickham had no idea who this companion really was in relation to Darcy. He let her go…unharmed, because she was nothing but the lowly companion. He did not realize that the woman standing before him was a treasure that Darcy prized above rubies.' (hide spoiler)] ****End Spoiler****

  • Rita Deodato
    2019-04-27 06:05

    https://frompemberleytomilton.wordpre...Joana Starnes is one of those authors whose new releases I’m always impatient to read, so it is no surprise that I could not resist to read Miss Darcy’s Companion nonstop shortly after its release date, and guess what? I loved it! But of course, that is also no surprise as Mrs. Starnes has become one of those authors whose books I always love to read.In this variation Mr. Bennet dies and Mr. Collins loses no time in sending his cousins to the hedgerows. Or that is where they would have been were it not for their uncles assistance and Elizabeth’s resilient character. Being thrown out of her house, Elizabeth seeks employment as a governess and her employer is none other than Col. Fitzwilliam’s sister in law, Lady Stretton.This is the point where the book starts and we soon realize that Lady Stretton is a snobbish, insupportable person who treats others as inferior beings. So, it comes as no surprise that when Georgiana Darcy requests her guardians to hire Miss Bennet as her companion instead of Mrs. Younge, and they acquiesce, Elizabeth finds herself in the position of Miss Darcy’s Companion.Joana Starnes starts this book by teasing us! She places Elizabeth and Mr. Darcy in the same house, in close proximity, and we spend the entire first chapter eagerly waiting for them to meet, but that pleasure is delayed, and we only see them together when the position as Miss Darcy’s Companion is proposed to her.From there, the book continues with a structure that I personally like very much. The first chapters will focus on the day to day activities at Pemberley and the interactions between all characters. The authors knowledge of all things regency is transmitted in these first chapters, and it is also during this first part of the book that we, as readers, get to know the characters and that they get to know each other. We are given the pleasure to see Elizabeth falling in love with Mr. Darcy by getting to know his true character, we see her pining for him (yes, yes, yes), and we see Mr. Darcy unknowingly falling in love with Elizabeth.After this pleasurable peaceful time, the twists and angst appear. And even though this is a lighter book compared to others Mrs. Starnes has written before, we do have action, suspense, fear and angst, or this would not be a Joana Starnes book.I could point out numerous scenes I loved in the book, but what I loved the most about it was Mr. Darcy. The character remained true to the original, and Joana Starnes created what I call the perfect imperfect Darcy! He was still proud, stern and firm, yet charming all the same.He was portrayed in this book exactly as I imagine Mr. Darcy to be, and that is something that doesn’t occur that frequently. I loved Mr. Darcy’s reactions towards unpleasant situations and his attitudes. The entire scene after he sees Elizabeth leaving the inn was just heart breaking. The carriage ride that follows was one of those scenes that pulled me into the book and made me read fervently! There was so much emotion present in that scene, his jealousy and anger so adoringly painful, that I knew I was reading a Joana Starnes book. Scenes like this are the reason I still love reading JAFF and they are a boost to my addiction and love for Mr. Darcy.Another detail that I enjoyed in this book were the letters from Mr. Wickham and Miss Bingley. They were clearly an added value, and it was interesting to see how Mr. Wickham applied to the Kympton Parsonage after having accepted the money instead of it. This is something we rarely see in JAFF novels, and Mrs. Starnes did a beautiful job in including it through a letter.There wasn’t anything I disliked in this book, and I would only add a few more self-conscious scenes between Mr. Darcy and Elizabeth to make it absolutely perfect.As always, Mrs. Starnes has wrote a book that cannot be missed by any JAFF reader! If you haven’t read this book yet, I highly recommend it.

  • Leslie
    2019-05-18 22:04

    In this P&P what if we are asked to imagine what would happen had Mr. Bennet shuffled off his mortal coil long before Mr. Bingley ever heard of Hertfordshire. And the eldest Miss Bennets went to live in London and Lizzy went into service. First she is working as an undergoverness for Col. Fitzwilliam's witchy sister in law. Then Georgiana begs Darcy to hire Lizzy as her companion and Mrs. Younge gets the thanks but no thanks and Lizzy is off to Pemberley with the Darcys.Once there she quickly finds herself falling in love with Fitzwilliam Darcy and since she knows as far as she has fallen in her social standing there is no hope of his reciprocating her feelings and even if he did he would never act upon them. So she throws herself into caring for Georgiana while all but snubbing Mr. Darcy. And of course Darcy is falling in love with the darling Miss Bennet but his better judgment, his family's expectations, the inferiority of her birth, his rank and circumstance have him running off to London to avoid her. This opens the door for Wickham to do the voodoo that he do so well and he is soon a frequent caller at Pemberley. Luckily Mrs. Reynolds warns Lizzy that Mr. Wickham has turned out very wild. But Mr. Darcy misinterprets the whole thing and thinking he is warning Lizzy off Wickham while she thinks he is warning her against him. So we have some more gross misunderstanding to get through before we can all live HEA. My pet peeve: the use of the word Pray as an adverb. Pray was used so much I started to feel like I was at a tent revival. I used the search feature on my Kindle and it is used 82 times. That averages out to once every 3 pages. Again it doesn't take a month and half to read this book, I was enticed away and finally forced myself to clean up all my 1/2 read titles.

  • Mary
    2019-04-29 22:56

    Dear reader,Those familiar with P&P know of the unrequited love on Darcy's part for Elizabeth. We are all too aware of how ardently he loves her,of his disastrous proposal and the poor reception he receives from Elizabeth. But,did you ever think,dear reader,of what would happen if the roles were reversed? If it was Elizabeth who found herself unconsciously falling in love with our dearest Mr Darcy? She,the one to ride the emotional roller coaster of seeing him each day,conversing with him on a host of common subjects, debating and verbally jousting with him in her own unique manner,to have it all lead to naught? Can you imagine the pain,anguish and sheer desperation suffered by one who is close to their loved one,but heartbreakingly,remains so far away? Yes,dear reader,such are some of the emotions you will encounter as you travel the path on this beautifully crafted, heartrending,yet ultimately fulfilling journey with Darcy and Elizabeth. You will find yourself so absorbed in this tale that you will hear yourself loudly exclaim and protest at words spoken in haste,woeful misunderstandings,and actions undertaken with devastating consequences. This is a fantastic read,one that is utterly compelling,one that speaks to your heart, one that is sprinkled with such descriptive words that their sheer eloquence will serve to take your breath away.Needless to say,I loved it! I cannot recommend this tale highly enough and urge all Austen lovers to treat themselves to this delightful,literary gem. I trust you will not be disappointed! My sincere thanks to Ms Starnes for penning this delicious distraction! Enjoy!!

  • Christina
    2019-05-06 06:00

    Always a fan of Joana Starnes' books! I read this latest over a few nights. The first few chapters were a bit slow while setting the scene--despite the fact we find our beloved Lizzy Bennet in reduced circumstances or the scenes of how she came to be the governess of a mini-tyrant to paid companion of Miss Darcy. But once the story arrives at Pemberley (about Chapter 6), I found myself absolutely invested and finished the rest in one night. Lots of heart pounding action, tender moments of retrospection, hope, and angst. I was whole heartedly satisfied and thought "Miss Darcy's Companion" a delightful read. If you are new to this writer, I must recommend some of my favorites: "The Falmouth Connection" and"The Unthinkable Triangle." I look forward to Joana Starnes next work!

  • EM Clark
    2019-05-03 04:51

    FantasticI can't believe I have never heard of this before, because it is absolutely excellent. The same Elizabeth and Darcy but in very different circumstances. Such a fresh and promising variation that never attempts to use the same tired plot devices that we all have read a thousand times, it still stays true to characters without ever being more than slightly 'canon'. I cannot recommend this enough.

  • Carole (in Canada)
    2019-05-12 05:47

    "Memories of an intangible perfection, that pierced her heart." Ms. Starnes, you have pierced my heart with this beautiful story. For me this story was poignant, sweet, funny and extremely engaging. Even my husband noticed, as he said I had that small smile on face which tells him I am thoroughly enjoying a book. The premise of Miss Elizabeth Bennet being the companion to Miss Darcy delighted me. This may have changed the dynamics of the story from canon but the characters were held true in essentials. The first chapter alone captured my attention and I had to chuckle when Miss Elizabeth gently admonishes young Lord Hartfield by saying, "Perhaps. But a gentleman should practise from an early age to navigate the triteness of civil conversation." As Darcy is present, "A brief smile fluttered on Darcy's lips. He might have grown to bear the drawing rooms of the 'ton' more cheerfully, had his own nanny exposed similar views." Isn't that the truth! Another scene later on at Pemberley brought tears to my eyes and a constriction in my throat for Miss Elizabeth's pain as she explains to Darcy her tears over a book. I was so moved by this and the late night harp playing by Elizabeth. Oh yes, Ms. Starnes certainly tugs on our heart strings. But don't think there is all smooth sailing. Wickham is a sly fox and Miss Bingley does her part to try and cause dissension. There are other not so honourable characters as well. Mr. Bingley was more decisive which I loved and the Colonel well who can ever complain about him!I highly recommend this book to all but a word of warning, it's difficult to participate in dinner conversation when you just want to get back to reading this book!

  • Donna
    2019-04-26 02:43

    A Wonderful, Deeply Emotional BookThis is a truly outstanding variation of Pride and Prejudice. There's only a few minor slips in editing, but the book is so outstanding I hardly noticed. For some reason I love books in which Lizzy is either a companion or friend to Georgiana. Here she becomes a companion to Georgiana and is mostly in Pemberly after her father dies unexpectedly and her family is quickly removed from Longbourne by Mr. Collins whom she had rejected. He is still unmarried. Events occur differently and Lizzy's family is mostly in the background.How well Joanna deals with the problems of a paid companion who is not quite a servant and not family while having to be with family. The death of her father and removal from her estate and acceptance of paid employment lowered Lizzy in the eyes of many snobs in society. Georgiana loved Lizzy and regarded her more as a friend while she and Darcy were attracted to each other but uncomfortable with their growing feelings because of snobby family and friends. This Lizzy is more accomplished than in P&J with more musical, artistic, and language ability. Caroline tried to make trouble in a letter to Georgiana, but this version of Darcy was forceful in keeping Caroline out of his life. I like the more forceful version of Bingley whose response to Caroline was to marry Jane Bennet shortly after meeting her, and their love match and blissful happiness made Darcy look more critically at marriages of convenience.It became more challenging and awkward for Elizabeth and Darcy to be in one another's company while he was glad to see Georgiana so happy and more outgoing. When Darcy went away to get away from his love, George Wickham made his appearance with the help of deceptive neighbors. Mrs. Reynolds explained to Lizzy the real wild nature of Mr. Wickham so she has the challenge of trying to keep him apart from Georgiana and Pemberly while Wickham uses neighbors to try to get to Georgiana and remove her from Lizzy long enough to compromise the naive girl. Darcy returns and he and Lizzy misunderstand each other when he sees her leaving an inn where Lizzy caught Georgiana alone with him and promptly removed her charge before she could get away herself. Then comes the heart rending climax with Lizzy and Darcy misunderstanding one another and Lizzy trying to flee. What does Darcy do? Oh, he is ever so romantic.Lizzy's mother and sisters are in the background here. Her mother is silly, but she is not pushing her or any other daughters toward Mr. Collins. He seems to be still unmarried and disliked, as well as lacking in Christian principles. I could not put this outstanding book down. You will fall in love with this Mr. Darcy and Lizzy. There is also deeper social distinctions and real depth of social understanding and emotions. Do not miss this book. It is great to have a book where Lizzy and Darcy can fall in love without Caroline or other admirers fawning and pawing him. Lizzy had a worthy admirer here but her feelings for Darcy were too deep though seemingly hopeless.

  • Anna Fitzwilliam
    2019-05-13 03:10

    I must say that the ending felt a little rushed, I mean, after all their drama, everything seemed too easily resolved. But I will not complain, the story is wonderful and full of sentiment. Probably my favourite book of Joana Starnes. A well deserved 5 stars!

  • Anna
    2019-04-22 22:56

    Miss Darcy’s Companion is a Pride and Prejudice variation by Joana Starnes, and it imagines Elizabeth Bennet as a temporary governess for Colonel Fitzwilliam’s nieces and nephew, which is how she meets Mr. Darcy. The Darcys and Richard feel bad for how Lady Stretton treats Elizabeth, and Darcy thinks about how he would feel if his sister, Georgiana, were in her shoes: the daughter of a gentleman thrown out of her home upon the death of her father.Convinced by Richard that Georgiana needs a companion closer to her age and that, despite her lack of experience, Elizabeth’s liveliness will do her a world of good, Darcy agrees to hire Elizabeth as Georgiana’s companion — and the three settle into a comfortable friendship at Pemberley. That is until Elizabeth becomes withdrawn, and Darcy realizes he wants the love and passion he witnesses between his friend Bingley and his new wife, Elizabeth’s sister Jane. Forced to distance himself from Pemberley to get his feelings under control and make a life-changing decision, Darcy must rush back to Pemberley when a ghost from his past arrives and destroys his hopes for happiness.In Miss Darcy’s Companion, Starnes puts Darcy and Elizabeth in entirely new situations with entirely different misunderstandings but stays true to Jane Austen’s characters, namely Darcy’s pride and Elizabeth’s impertinence. She also portrays a Darcy whose true character is known almost immediately by Elizabeth, and a more solemn Elizabeth who is more difficult for Darcy to figure out. I really enjoyed seeing Georgiana blossom under Elizabeth’s watchful eye and Richard relentlessly tease his cousin. There also were plenty of original characters to liven the plot, from the obnoxiously arrogant Lady Stretton to the vicar’s sweet sister, Miss Bradden, to Fitzwilliam’s charming nieces Margaret and Hetty.Miss Darcy’s Companion is the third Pride and Prejudice variation I’ve read by Starnes, and it’s another winner. (Check out my reviews of The Subsequent Proposal and The Unthinkable Triangle.) Starnes has quickly become one of my favorite authors of Austen-inspired fiction. She never lets me down with her beautiful writing style, tenderly drawn characters, and imaginative plots.Review posted on Diary of an Eccentric

  • Katherine
    2019-05-16 21:53

    Elizabeth is hired to be Georgiana's companion and comes to know Darcy in his own comfortable environment. She quickly falls in love with him but knows her position as a paid employee will never make her equal to him. Then you throw in Bingley and Janes love in the mix along with troublesome Wickham and you get an interesting tale. I loved getting to know Darcy from Elizabeth's view in this novel and the friendship with her and Georgiana was beautiful as well. An enjoyable read!

  • Talia
    2019-04-20 22:03

    I really liked this one. I haven't read too many of these E as working girl stories where Mr Darcy did not know her beforehand. I liked the new-to-me angle. My only wish was to have more info at the end as to how they coped with everyone else. It seems that they were a scandal but that was it.Reread: Loved this one. I agree with what I said in the first reading. It was left that our couple would be permanently shunned from society. Not the best ending but so well written and Darcy was adorable. :)

  • Becky
    2019-04-19 23:57

    Another wonderful offering from Joana Starnes. A unique view with a Lizzy of reduced circumstances. Couldn't put it down!

  • Laura
    2019-05-18 05:48

    It didn't hit my top ten list to get a 5 but it was very well written. What I really liked about this story is that the entire story really only involved three players. We get to see a bit of Fitzwilliam of course, who as always, is Darcy's right hand man. We also see a bit of Jane and Bingley and there are scenes with members of the Fitzwilliam side of the family as well as a few new acquaintances, so don't get me wrong, the other characters are there, but the bulk of the story revolves around Elizabeth and Georgiana with Darcy interwoven into their budding relationship. The story was well written and enjoyable and I found myself devouring the book in anticipation. Oddly enough, what bothers me about Joana Starnes books is also what makes them so wonderful. Its always this slow, almost tortuous build-up of Elizabeth and Darcy finally coming together. The build up is seamless and captivating, but I often feel a void for 50-60% of the book waiting for them to finally realize they love each other. More often than not, Darcy is always aware that he loves Elizabeth and we get to participate in this constant foreplay between them for most to all of the book until the climax of them finally coming together. In this particular version, Elizabeth comes to love Darcy first but Darcy doesn't come to realize his feelings until later on. The. So for me, thought excellently written, the first half of the book lacked passion. One other thing that bothered me was this version of Elizabeth. Where is my pertinent, headstrong Elizabeth??!! There were moments of her but more often than not we see a timid, head down and looking away Elizabeth. Not my favorite version of her. Still a great read and a great author to go to for Pride and Prejudice variations.

  • JMarcy
    2019-04-26 04:07

    What if Darcy first meets Elizabeth while she is an interim governess for his eldest cousin's children, whose wife treats her deplorably? What if Georgiana decides she would rather have Elizabeth as her companion than Mrs Younge? From here they travel to Pemberley rather than Ramsgate. After a despicable neighbor tries to take advantage of Elizabeth, Darcy realizes his love for her, but in his struggle between love and duty decides to leave for London. Enter Wickham, with the help of the dastardly neighbor's sister.The road to love is still bumpy for our characters, despite the changes. I found Elizabeth fairly out of character at times, and with her being the same age as canon at the time of her father's death, could not really see the reasons. Yes she is no longer of her old status, but she seems at times too willing to almost embrace the lower status. I would have hoped her strength would have maintained her confidence a bit better. But when it counts, she rises to the challenge.

  • Sheryl Gordon
    2019-04-27 05:51

    Story content ends at 91% followed by promosI have always loved this author's work. I believe I've purchased all her books to date and so I did not hesitate to do the same, again. This time I regret the decision, not because it isn't well written and engaging, as it is, but perhaps that's the reason. The story held my interest all day, through the disparaging relatives, the deceptions, the misunderstandings, etc. Well done, Ms Starnes. So, why only three stars? Simple: By nature of the genre, a HEA is a virtual guarantee so the suspense is thereby mitigated but a romance reader needs some reassurance. This book ends- abruptly. HEA, the end. No resolution to the difficulties elaborated, no celebration, no reactions at all. Sadly, I thought we had another 10% to read, but instead I was greeted with 15-20 pages of promotion material for other books by the author. And this concludes the "Public Service" portion of this review. Thought you should know.

  • Ceri
    2019-04-21 23:10

    Review to follow.

  • Suzan Lauder
    2019-05-03 05:00

    Virtually perfect. Unable to provide feedback more due to conflict of interest.

  • Erika
    2019-05-04 04:49

    Mr Darcy rarely disappoints ❤

  • Jenny
    2019-05-07 00:42

    I loved this story! In a turn of events following the death of mr Bennet, Elizabeth ends up working as Miss Darcy's companion. Very soon after, Darcy, Elizabeth and Georgina become a very close little family and there is a lot of fun times to be had.... but...Obviously, it cannot all be plain sailing! Elizabeth begins to develop feelings for her employer, he has never been happier but does not associate this with any particular regard for Elizabeth. A serious misunderstanding threatens to separate them forever!I love Joana Starnes books. There is so much attention to detail and consideration to the thoughts and feelings of the characters that as a reader I feel I know the characters and am a part of what's going on. Funny, romantic and heart breaking, this is a brilliant story!!

  • Samantha
    2019-05-19 02:06

    I FREAKING LOVED THIS BOOK!!! Whew! Now that I have gotten that off my chest, I can review this book in peace. The plot starts off with Darcy being introduced to Elizabeth who is working as a paid companion to his relations and when georgiana insists on having her as a paid companion that's where it kicks off. I loved seeing this new darcy without too much of his reserve and pride, with openness and charming disposition. Witnessing this avatar of Mr. Darcy, poor Elizabeth couldn't help falling for him. I felt her hesitancy, her silent longing, her hopelessness with the entire situation. Darcy being able to offer for her seemed next to impossible and she struggled with her unconquerable love for him. It was deeply satisfying to see her love for him, I have not yet read a JAFF book depicting Elizabeth falling for Mr. Darcy first. When Darcy finally realizes his love for her, he struggles with it. His attraction to someone in his employee adds to the forbidden thrill in this book which was delicious. And ofcourse we had Mr. Wickham being the usual villian for our favorite characters. The thing I loved most in the book was the friendship between Elizabeth and Georgiana. It was a real breathing thing.All in all 5 excellent stars, this will forever be one of my favorite books.

  • Annie
    2019-05-03 01:54

    I am not in the habit of reviewing fanfiction on goodreads but this one was such a disappointment I had to warn others. I really liked all the other books by Joanna Starnes, especially The Unthinkable Triangle (the last before this one). But here... First : where is the angst? The first half of the book is so sugary I had to skim through at the end of it. Second: the dramatical impact of the conflict when it happens is very much lessened by the fact that we are reading both pov. This is not a good way to write a misunderstanding. The instant it happens we know how it will be resolved.Third : imo, both Darcy and Elizabeth are ooc. Where are the Prejudices? Where is the banter? Where is Elizabeth's free spirit?

  • Heather
    2019-05-15 23:47

    This Pride and Prejudice variation begins with very different circumstances for the Bennets. Mr. Bennet has passed, Mr. Collins has inherited Longbourn, and the Bennet family has been thrown into the hedgerows. Jane is in London with the Gardiners, Mrs. Bennet and the other girls living with the Phillips in Meryton, and Elizabeth has gone to work as a governess for Col Fitzwilliam's nieces. It's there that Elizabeth meets and befriends Georgiana. When Elizabeth is about to leave her position, Georgiana begs her brother to hire Elizabeth as her companion. Darcy hires Elizabeth and they happily settle at Pemberley. Elizabeth has daily proof of Darcy's kindness and worth as she witnesses his interactions with his sister and the people on his estate. And Darcy delights in Elizabeth's intelligence, wit, and her kindness towards his sister. But Elizabeth is no longer a simple gentleman's daughter, equal in standing if not in wealth. She's a paid companion in Darcy's employ, and any future between them seems impossible.This is a lovely Pride and Prejudice variation with just a pinch of Jane Eyre sprinkled in for extra sweetness. The book is broken into two parts. The first half is told entirely from Darcy's point of view, and the second half switches between Lizzy and Darcy's points of view. This is my favorite type of variation, one in which the characters' personalities are true to the original, but the entire story and setting have changed. Most of the book is set at Pemberley, which means that we don't see much of Mrs. Bennet and the other girls, the Bingleys, the Gardiners, or Mr. Collins. The author puts our favorite characters into a completely new plot, and not a single scene is repeated from the original. She subtly weaves sentences from the original into her work and each time I recognized one it made me smile. The author writes such wonderful dialogue, and there are so many sweet moments between our couple. Of course, this wouldn't be a Joana Starnes novel without heartbreak and a lot of tears. She never disappoints. There are several emotionally charged scenes that had me frozen motionless while I listened. Lizzy and Darcy's series of misunderstandings are painful, and their journey to happiness isn't smooth. This book is well written, passionate, and emotional, a special story that's so worth the read. I can't decide whether to just buy every Joana Starnes book published so far, or wait for Stevie Zimmerman's narration to bring them to life. Her performance is outstanding. She has the perfect voice for Darcy, deep, vulnerable, and intense. Her regular speaking voice is so pleasant. She makes listening effortless, and really brought the story to life.I requested a copy of the audiobook, and I'm voluntarily leaving a review.

  • Maria Thomas
    2019-05-21 02:09

    Rounding up from 3.5 stars.I enjoyed the book overall since I was in the mood for some Darcy and Elizabeth but found I liked the first 3/4 or so of the book better than the last 1/4. In the last bit I felt like the writing changed. Suddenly there were several usages of deity and everything heated up. It wasn't overly explicit but Darcy was definitely lusting and really anxious to get to his wedding night. Passionate kisses... I feel like we could have skipped from Elizabeth accepting his proposal to them riding off for the honeymoon as the last scene and not have missed anything important. I enjoyed Lizzy's relationship with Georgianna but missed some of the biting banter between Lizzy and Darcy. It was almost too easy for them to fall in love. Still I was entertained. Sex: some passionate kisses and lustful speculation about the wedding night. Not too explicit but there. Language: a few deityViolence: Lizzy is kissed against her will and defended with the man being shoved away and knocking him out. Wickham is threatening.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-08 01:08

    Oh my goodness, I LOVED this book! It was one of those books where everything else was pushed to the back burner - cooking, cleaning, etc. I was at about 80% on my Kindle and had to go out. While I was out, all I could think about was getting home and back to reading. When I got home, my Kindle has deleted all my Kindle Unlimited books!! Re-downloaded it. Since it took me back to the beginning, I started the book over again, and STILL LOVED IT!Lizzie is Georgiana's companion. Darcy is not proud at all. They spend time together with Georgiana and get to know each other that way, though they are not equals. When the author described how each felt about the Christmas gift they had received from the other...wonderful!My only thought (not a complaint, actually): why in the world doesn't Darcy tell Georgiana ANYTHING about what a jerk Wickham is?This is the first book I've read by this author. I now need to go see what else she's written!

  • Abbey
    2019-05-05 00:40

    Yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn, yawn. How are we still doing the old 'characters don't bother to talk to each other properly even though they're on a pretty decent length carriage journey with nobody else but themselves' chestnut? I was kind of on board until that point. Ludicrous misunderstandings that could be sorted out in ten words are just not my thing. Lizzy was not Lizzy. Actual Lizzy would never have forgiven Darcy for his disgusting assumptions so quickly. And all the romance stuff with the horse and blah... bah. Why do I do this to myself? P&P fanfiction is never good. Never.

  • Staciel
    2019-04-20 03:08

    I may be upgrading my rating later-- I'm going to sit on the four stars for a bit.This was a gift from Santa on Christmas morning, and proof that I was a good girl in 2017.My first JAFF book by Joana Starnes (how is that possible?!), and one that has been on my 'tbr' list for quite a while. I enjoyed this book so much that I bypassed watching the ball drop on New Year's Eve to stay up and finish it.A nice way to end 2017 and begin 2018-- if you haven't read this one yet, I recommend it.