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William Myers feels it’s his duty to answer the call to fight for the Union Army—but his wife, Susannah, doesn’t agree. How does he expect her to survive with four small children in the cold Ohio winter during the three-month enlistment period? Angry and abandoned, Susannah learns soon after William leaves that she is also pregnant again. Raoul Lafontaine is a half-Ojibwa,William Myers feels it’s his duty to answer the call to fight for the Union Army—but his wife, Susannah, doesn’t agree. How does he expect her to survive with four small children in the cold Ohio winter during the three-month enlistment period? Angry and abandoned, Susannah learns soon after William leaves that she is also pregnant again. Raoul Lafontaine is a half-Ojibwa, half-French-Canadian drifter who is more Indian than white. Also known as Lone Wolf, he has recently left the Ojibwa village in search of a fair-haired woman both he and his grandfather have seen in visions. She is important to him—but how? He will never allow himself to care for another—not after losing the wife he loved so much.But Raoul could not have planned for the sizzling emotions that surface when he comes near Susannah, nor the love he feels for her children. When he realizes that Susannah returns his feelings, he knows he must leave—for how can he stay close by knowing she can never be his? William will return to his homestead, and they’ll once again be a family. One in which Raoul has no place. Or does he?Will Fate relent and grant the love between Susannah and Raoul in this DANCE WITH DESTINY?...

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Dance With Destiny Reviews

  • Rachel T
    2019-03-27 08:43

    5 out of 5 for this reader folks!OH this has to be a new BECKY fave of mine! I absolutely adored this read! :)Dance With Destiny by Becky Lower is a stand alone historical romance that is set during the American Civil War. This was a different read for me however, as I have never read a romance that featured a half French Canadian (Canadian here myself.. lol) half Native American hero. As usual Becky does her homework and weaves in true historical events with believable characters set in that time. This story was heart breaking and freeing all at the same time. I always know that when I dive into one of Becky's books, I will set it down feeling like I was smacked in the gut, wiping a runny nose and 100% completely satisfied. If you are an emotional reader like I am, you will appreciate her kind of writing!William and Susannah are a married couple with children living in Ohio. When The Civil War commences William opts to leave home and fight much to Susannah's dismay. Like many women during this time, she does what she has to do in his absence .. SURVIVE. Left with children, limited provisions, isolated living and a pregnancy, Susannah is left to stew in her anger. She is having trouble making ends meet and is feeling very alone.Raoul is our Native American/French Canadian hero. He has set out on a journey of sorts. A journey that will hopefully enable him to heal from his own broken heart. When he comes across Susannah and her family he is smitten but decides to stay back .. until ... winter sets in and he must help them survive the harsh conditions. Stepping up where her husband should have been, it's hard for Raoul to not fall in love, but it is even harder to deny it.Raoul and Susannah are beautifully matched. I know Sussansh is married, but I have to say that I was so mad at her husband for not just leaving, but making other decisions that greatly affected this family. I was proud that Susannah was mad about it as well. She didn't sit in a corner and play "poor me", she was honest with herself and decided she was meant to live and if her husband had no concern for her welfare. then maybe it was time to be true to her own feelings. Raoul has got to be one of the strongest most endearing characters I have read in quite a while. He struggles with his sense of right and wrong. This family already has a man, but how can this man be acknowledged when he has clearly disregarded them? Raoul and Susannah soon must decide if their love is truely forbidden or if they say "to hell with it all" and go for it.I am really am not doing these characters justice in my review here and maybe that is because it wasn't;t so much the characters that made this story for me. Don't get me wrong, they are very strong characters and so deserving of "gushy words" but I have to say Becky has this incredible talent for writing visceral scenes/imagery. When I read her books, I feel like I have jumped right into the daily living and times of that era. I was a pioneer who struggled, who was married and fell in love with another man who assisted in my survival. It's absolutely fascinating and I really believe that there are not many authors out there who can extend this kind of experience to their readers.I feel like this review may be a little scattered, but that is how I usually feel after a Becky Lower book. LOL If you want a break from many of the European historical romances out there, I strongly recommend you read anything that Becky has written. You will be taken into a completely different world where you will be indulged in some strong romance and history.HIGHLY RECOMMEND and bring more Canadian to me Becky! LOLHAPPY READING! :)

  • Gena
    2019-04-17 04:49

    Sigh. One of those books where most of it is in the main two characters heads as they "yearn" but you know, husband.

  • Linda Smith
    2019-03-21 04:43

    Life is hard in the Ohio Hill country in April, 1861. Susannah Myers and her husband, William, struggle to work the land and provide for their four remaining children. Two babies are buried on their farm. But the young couple is getting by - until William volunteers to join the Union army with an Ohio regiment. He tells Susannah that she is strong and will be fine without him for the ninety days of his service. Raoul Lafontaine is the son of a French Canadian fur trader and an Ojibwa mother. He had left his Missouri family to join his grandfather's tribe in Canada and explore his native roots. But visions of a fair haired woman were haunting him and his grandfather says that he must pursue his destiny elsewhere. He is drawn to Ohio where he finds the abandoned family struggling to survive. Raoul stays in the background and tries to help without intruding. He is discovered by nine-year old Hannah who agrees to keep his secret. After ninety days, most of the volunteers return. However, William has stayed with the army and signed up for three more years. Susannah is desperate. She knows that it will be impossible to keep her family alive through the long, bitter winter. Once the pass is snowed in, she will be unable to get to the town for months. And William's parting gift was to leave Susannah pregnant with another baby. It is now time for Raoul to make himself known to the woman and children that he has been watching all summer. They will need his help to survive. Raoul must fight his growing love for Susannah. She belongs to another man and can never be his. Becky Lower has painted a vivid portrait of the hard-scrabble life of pioneers and the pain of a forbidden love. Her characters come to life on the pages of Dance With Destiny.

  • Joann Maggio
    2019-03-21 07:47

    Dance With Destiny ⭐⭐⭐⭐⭐ by Becky LowerThis was a very good read. The story depicts the hardships of the families that remained behind as their men folk volunteered in the Union Army in 1861. Susannah Meyer is devastated to learn her husband William enlisted for a 90 Day stint in the Union Army. William would be leaving her to maintain their farm and care for their four children, all under ten years of age. Her anger is palatable, she believes William does not care about his own families welfare.Shortly after William leaves for his assignment Susannah learns she is carrying her five child. Although a strong spirited woman she just finds herself overwhelmed by her new circumstances. It is during this time Raoul Lafontaine, a half-Ojibwa and half-French Canadian finds himself in the mountain area near Susannah ranch.Raoul is on a quest to find the fair haired white woman in his visions. He is not sure why but he is urged to locate her and feels he must.Raoul befriends the oldest child Hanna and she in turn brings him home to her mother. He has been observing the harsh situations on the ranch and trades his work for room and board in the barn. Soon Susannah learns her husband has signed on for three years in the Army and becomes quite bitter.It is an immediate connection felt on the part of Susannah and Raoul that makes you want to never put this book down. A forbidden but pure love. They each find they must fight this magnetic attraction. If you enjoy reading about the West this book has it all. I would highly recommend it.A Book Obsessed Chicks Review Team Selection

  • Maia Silverdagger
    2019-04-13 01:29

    This was a really excellent read! I was completely absorbed from the very beginning and found myself quite unable to put it down for the life of me! I really loved Susannah and how she stayed strong and tried her hardest to care for her children and the farm while her husband basically abandoned them for the war. I thought it was pretty shoddy of him to choose the army over caring for his family! But Susannah tries her hardest to survive preparing for a harsh winter in the mountains with her children and little food or resources. When Lone Wolf, a half French, half Native American wanders onto their homestead, he decides to observe and hope to live quietly nearby for the winter until circumstances endeavor him to step in and help the desperate family survive. The storybuilding was just spectacular! The author completely immerses you in the daily life of the time period and how it really must have been for families abandoned at home by husbands that were called off to war. The palpable emotions really grabbed me with the story and I truly felt for the characters and the trials they had to go through. I really, thoroughly enjoyed this story and can't wait to see what else the author has out there!

  • Wanda
    2019-03-23 03:39

    Frontier RomanceNicely written romance novella. Easy entertaining read with HEA ending. Liked the loving family attention. A bit too much introspection that slowed the pace for me, but got a kick out of the vision angle. Wished I had that insight. Would have made life easier.

  • Micah Persell
    2019-04-12 07:43

    I adored Susannah. Here was a woman I could relate to. When her husband essentially abandons her without discussion to fight in the Civil War, she gets angry. It's exactly the same reaction I would have, and I found it so refreshing that she wasn't some missish, man-knows-best, retiring woman. This romance novel also takes some risks and pulls them off beautifully. In Outlander fashion, Susannah is married when she falls in love with Lone Wolf, and we see her--in love--with both men, which adds a special tension to the conflict. In my opinion, this is Lower's best work.

  • Katie Wilkerson
    2019-04-02 05:29

    Very good bookIt does get very explicit... But the storyline is good. At least I enjoyed it. She is a beautiful author and her books are easy to read. The words just flow. Not all authors have that ability.

  • Becky Lower
    2019-04-09 02:51