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Matheus believes that getting Quin back will help him deal with the pressures of a vampiric war, but his hopes crumble after his soulmate fails to remember him.The tattered remnant of their mystical connection appears to drive Quin’s erratic suicidal behavior, threatening their bond and their very existence. While Matheus pines for his former love, a hurt and betrayed AlasMatheus believes that getting Quin back will help him deal with the pressures of a vampiric war, but his hopes crumble after his soulmate fails to remember him.The tattered remnant of their mystical connection appears to drive Quin’s erratic suicidal behavior, threatening their bond and their very existence. While Matheus pines for his former love, a hurt and betrayed Alastair must watch the man he loves chase another. Feeling inadequate as a leader, Matheus searches for a way to make Quin remember him, no matter the cost.With Apollonia is closing in on their home, he must act soon. And to make matters worse, his mortal―and pregnant―sister begrudgingly sets aside her contempt for vampires to ask his help to protect her unborn child from their insane father.Terrified of losing Quin for good and of facing his father, Matheus faces a damning choice: kill the man he loves or attempt an untested ritual that might destroy them both....

Title : Real Vampires Take No Prisoners
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Real Vampires Take No Prisoners Reviews

  • Kristen Burns
    2019-04-29 04:28

    4.5 StarsReview:*I received an ecopy of this book from the publisher. This has not influenced my review. Quotes used were from an ARC and may be different in the final copy.*It’s been a while since I’ve read a book that sucked me in so much that I kinda forgot real life existed until I finished and looked up in a daze, but that’s what this book did. And I’m surprised at how sad I am to say goodbye to these characters!I have developed a total soft spot for Matheus, Quin, and Alistair. I also feel oddly proud of them for how much they all have grown. Matheus matured and became not only a leader but also his own person rather than someone whose decisions were all influenced by his father. Quin learned how to open up a bit and trust Matheus and take a backseat sometimes. And Alistair grew a backbone and learned to stand on his own.This book in particular still had a lot of silliness and sarcasm and humor, but it also had more emotion and heaviness than the others, and to tell you the truth, it’s those emotional parts that stood out the most to me. I felt terrible for Alistair. The poor man was already struggling with the whole immortality thing (i.e. he’s outlived every human he’s known), and then *SPOILER* (view spoiler)[it’s like every man he has feelings for ends up leaving him, in some way or another. And probably the scene that affected me the most was when Alistair was begging and pressuring Matheus to have sex with him, and then, when Matheus complied and was kissing his way down Alistair’s body, Alistair just started sobbing and told Matheus to keep going. It was just heartbreaking because it was so painfully clear that Alistair was NOT ok. The author did a great job with that scene. (hide spoiler)] *END SPOILER* I also felt bad for Matheus. He was struggling with a lot since he was under so much pressure and felt guilty and stressed and worried about a lot of things, and then some of the stuff he went through in this book was AWFUL. *SPOILER* (view spoiler)[The author also did a great job in that scene when Matheus was being tortured and finally just couldn’t take it and started begging his dad in German. He knew his dad was a crazy SOB, but he just started begging… And his dad, being the crazy SOB he was, also couldn’t take it and seemed to truly believe that this wasn’t Matheus, that this was some demon wearing his skin, and so he couldn’t handle it speaking to him like Matheus, looking at him with Matheus’s eyes… (hide spoiler)] *END SPOILER* If he didn’t have any mental illnesses before this series started, he probably does now (he seemed to have PTSD and/or panic attacks by the end). Not to mention the physical scars (real scars, not pretty ones or ones that made him look tough) that will always remind him of that horrible time and probably make him feel guilty. So yeah. Even though characters and interactions in this series were often exaggerated a bit for the sake of humor, the emotional and intense scenes stayed realistic and well-written.“Alistair’s survived a lot. It makes you hard."Or you get brittle. Too many cracks, patches hastily slapped on. Alistair had a lot of cracks. Matheus didn’t know if Alistair had enough mortar to fix them all.Buuuut, on a less heavy note, this book also had more sexy bits than the previous two. It was a bit more explicit, and it even had some BDSM. Matheus really does have a kinky side ;-)Speaking of the romance, we finally got an explanation in this book for why Quin turned and claimed Matheus! And it only added to the swoon-factor of the original Sunshine nickname explanation.“Haven’t you ever met someone who stuck in your mind? Someone you couldn’t shake loose? Someone who glowed so brightly, you thought you’d never miss the sun again?”Also, I think Matheus has been taking psycho lessons from Quin because I definitely got a total Quin vibe when he was screwing with/terrifying the guards near the end.One last thing, please please PLEASE do not let that cover scare you off. I mean no offense to the publisher, but the cover looks very “typical angsty teenage vampire romance,” doesn’t match the book AT ALL, and looks nothing like the covers for the previous books.Seriously though, this whole series has been a kind of interesting combination of sarcastic humor mixed with darker intensity, and this was a great ending that wrapped up all the important loose ends without going overboard or being too perfect. These characters went through some tough stuff, they were bound to be affected by it, some people were bound to die, but there was growth and friendship and love and happiness too. Overall, I was sucked in by all the books in this series and am going to miss these characters!Recommended For:Fans of Books 1 and 2 in Amy Fecteau's Real Vampires Don't Sparkle series. M/M vampire book fans looking for something fun with sarcastic characters, slow burn romance, and some intensity mixed with their humor.Original Review @ Metaphors and Moonlight---------------------First Thoughts:Huh, it's been a while since a book has sucked me in enough that I kinda forgot real life until I finished and looked around the room lol. This was a great ending to the series! Full review soon.

  • Jane
    2019-05-08 21:21

    Actual rating 4.5 stars.Fecteau does not disappoint with the final (?) instalment of the series as it is as funny as engaging as the previous two. There's more of Quin than in the second book and I was really glad for it as I completely adore that Roman. His interaction with Matheus (and other characters as well) is simply priceless and I would love, love it when Fecteau decided to write something from Quin's POV as well.“You keep shouting at me. It’s not an especially effective form of communication.” “And threats are?” “Usually,” said Quin. “You seem oddly immune.” “It’s a gift,” said Matheus.Although there were a few elements that I predicted rather early on, it was still engaging, intriguing, and all in all, a damn good reading experience for me as there was plenty of action and plenty of funny banter between various characters. Who knew a reader could fall in love with sidecharacters almost as easily as with the main characters? I didn't and it came as a total surprise for me as to how much I liked Joan and Milo. Juliet was a great character as well and I think that there's so much to her story. I also still love Alistair and it is really rare when I love all three people in a love triangle, BUT I am still team Quin.“You just can’t help yourself, can you?” “It’s a defense mechanism.” “Against what, exactly?” Quin asked. He plucked a stray thread off Matheus’s shoulder, then smoothed away the slight wrinkle he’d created. Matheus shrugged. “The universe and its varied and multiple insanities.” “Does it work?” “Well,” said Matheus. “I could have sublimated my rage, hopelessness, and confusion into great works of art, but instead it’s sarcasm and mockery.” I don't think it's actually possible to express my love for this sarcastic, witty story as it really did blew my mind. It made me laugh like a lunatic. It made me fall over heels in love with the characters (but especially grumpy Quin) and it made me want to chew on my fingernails because it was damn exciting.I don't think I have any complaints with this book other than the cover photo ... What is up with that cover photo? Definitely the worst in the series, in my opinion, as it does not invite people to read it unlike the previous two. The Book Challengers blog // The Book Challengers Instagram // The Book Challengers Twitter

  • Alhena Rouge
    2019-04-29 21:46

    I'm sad. I'm sad this is over. Is it over though ? I would not be against some more books in this series.I really enjoyed it. Actually, I loved it. It was different than the usual vampire and paranormal stuff and totally entertaining. I ate this book like there's no tomorrow. Didn't take a break. I really couldn't guess where the story was going. It was fun and sad and sometimes hard. I was surprised and shocked and I cried a bit. Oh, I cried. It was not all glitters and unicorns (and definitely not perfect beautiful vampires who shine in the sun). Not at all actually. It was weirdly realistic. People were not perfect, people died, people loved. There's a lot going on in these three books, I never got bored. The author built a really interesting world. I feel there would be more to discover about it. There was some interesting and mysterious species aside the vampires. I loved the snark and sarcasm, I loved all the characters (well, not all, because there's some mean guys in there). They all had flaws but they were all amazing in their own ways. And I think I want to marry Joan. That woman was totally crazy. Laughed my ass off. I kind of really wish for a book about Alistair. He's a really nice and cute guy, a bit nutty but that was totally part of his charm. So, my conclusion : A great series and if there'll be more books in the future, I'll read them without a doubt !I received an ARC from Curiosity Quill Press via NetGalley, in exchange for an honest review.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-12 04:42

    I forgot how funny this series is. The snarky comments between all of the MCs.I know they are Vamps but even I found some f the battles a little on the gory side.I think the series was left in a good place, the war with Appollina is over and Mathieus is even growing a pair in his negiotations with other vamps.I would however, have loved to see a HEA for Alistair.

  • Steph ☀️
    2019-05-05 01:25

    ***4.88 stars (rounded-up)***Please say it ain’t so! Tell me that the series will continue or that there will be a spin-off involving Alastair. Or that the bad men in Europe will start some trouble in the states now that Matheus’ father is out of the picture. I refuse to believe that this might be the end!However, if it is in fact the end to the series, then what a wonderful ending it is for a surprisingly spectacular series. I cannot say it enough, but I LOVE the dry humor/sarcasm that is Matheus. Not to mention the chemistry between Quinn and Matheus is all full of crazy angsty goodness. I find this story does a one-eighty from the first book. I went from wanting to strangle Matheus in the first book, to wanting to beat both in the second book and finally wanting to beat Quinn in the last book. Of course, in the end everything seemed to work out between the couple thank goodness! Unfortunately, some of the characters are not so lucky. Here we say goodbye to some characters we have grown to know and like, maybe even love. The war with the hunters, Apollonia and Matheus' father does eventually come to an end with the help of Matheus' merry band of misfits. In addition, he is able to start the process of having a relationship with his sister Fletcher.The author does such a wonderful job with this urban fantasy, and all the characters within. I really did end up falling in love with the sordid group of characters. Joan, Drew, Freddie, Thomas, Juliet, ... The list goes on and on.I mean how can you not fall in love with their witty sarcasm? With things like....."How about instead of leaving, you get back into bed, and I’ll fuck you until you forget everything you ever knew about yourself, and you’re reborn, like a phoenix."and like....."We should probably take away the sword. Let’s wait until she maims someone. Having the loyalty of a person that batshit crazy really helps win over the undecided."For those of you that are wondering, yes these books need to be read in order. Seriously, there is no lag in time from one book to the next; so you're forewarned. However, I promise you that you will not regret this series at all! In Summary:Yeah, this book is awesome, the series is awesome, and yes you should go buy it or KU it now! I Highly Recommend this series!I am one of many reviewers at Gay Book Reviews and can be found here: received an ARC of this book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review.

  • Sonia
    2019-04-30 22:35

    *He recibido una copia de este libro a través de la editorial, pero en ningún caso ha influido en mi opinión*Más que el tercer libro de una serie, esto es la tercera parte de un libro. En serio, si no has leído los otros dos, no te molestes en seguir leyendo. Ya estás tardando en comprarlos.Pasó tanto tiempo desde la publicación de la segunda parte hasta la de ésta, que tuve que leerme de nuevo las otras dos para no perderme nada de la trama. De hecho, ya casi había desesperado de conocer el final de la historia.Pero por fin, ¡por fin!, llegó el momento de leerlo y debo decir que ha valido la pena.Si ya leíste las dos primeras, ya sabrás que esta no es la típica historia de vampiros para adolescentes. Si no lo has hecho, ¿qué estás haciendo aquí?, ¿no te he dicho que las leas primero? Tiene violencia, sangre, muertes, sexo y acción. Tiene tanta acción que no te da tiempo a respirar desde que lo empiezas hasta que lo acabas. Pero sobre todo, lo mejor, lo que me enganchó desde el primer libro, son los diálogos. Ese sarcasmo, esas pullas constantes entre los personajes, a veces me hacían reír a carcajadas.Sin destripar el libro, aquí se ve que Matheus acaba madurando al fin, debido a las mayores responsabilidades que ha tenido que afrontar, y que Quin se muestra como más imperfecto, y por tanto más cercano y accesible. En conjunto, todos estos vampiros son de lo más "humano" que he leído del género.Lo que menos me ha gustado del libro ha sido la utilización de BDSM, ya insinuado en los anteriores, pero eso es una cuestión de preferencias y seguro que a muchos lectores les encanta. Por otro lado, la edición deja bastante que desear, con algunos errores ortográficos y sintácticos.En definitiva, lo recomiendo encarecidamente si quieres pasar unas horas enganchada a la lectura y olvidándote del mundo. Espero que Amy Fecteau siga escribiendo libros tan entretenidos. Pero que lo haga más rápido.

  • Parker Skye
    2019-05-07 23:43

    I too had convinced myself there just wasn't going to be a third book. I actually wondered if the author had died as I could find no evidence of her existence past 2016. I'm so glad I was wrong! This book needed to happen and I can sleep better at night knowing Matheus gets his HEA in the end. Now I only wish there could be more for Alistair. While I generally disliked his character in book 1, by book 2, I loved him. Here's hoping there will be more from this author, just maybe don't make us wait so long next time? Please? I'm not sure my heart could take it again.

  • Lea
    2019-05-01 04:29

    WowThank you, I honestly thought there wouldn't be a book 3. I had convinced myself OK it ended there and that's OK. I was wrong, I needed this book. It ties up everything so well but its not a perfect bow. It has all the snark but there are curves, keep tissue. If you read 1and 2 stop now and read this book. If you are new go get 1 now. You will not be disappointed. This is not a fated mated, can do no wrong, life is great series. It is also not full of angst and hand wringing. It is fast, funny, violent and smart.

  • Monica
    2019-05-21 22:40

    Waited A Long Time!The book was good. It held some of the usual sarcastic comments that I came to love. Quinn and matheus relationship kept me laughing. The book had all the the requirements of a book I love to read but it felt rushed. I wanted Quin's and Matheus first time to be very special. Quinn did have to wait two books. When it did happen it was just there. I did enjoy the book, just wanted more just like in book 1 and 2..

  • Lauren
    2019-05-06 01:42

    I didn't want the book to end - I dragged it out two weekends just because of that. I was delighted when the author started the third book just after the events that ended book 2. (Now I can only hope if/when they do the audible they have James Patrick Cronin doing the narration again.) It was so great to have Quin and Matheus back together (and I don't think that's a spoiler because Quin is so vital to the story). Things really took off but I can't help feel that there is another book coming because there seems to be more to tell: Juliette's relation to Matheus, Quin's children, Alistair...poor Alistair...he deserves a HEA, and the ending was rather abrupt. The book, as are the others, quick witted and I loved the banter between Matheus, Alistair and Quin. I would hope some day we can join them again further along in their lives - getting their new house/compound set up. You just know Matheus can't stay out of trouble for long. (And the long slow burn of books 1 & 2, gas was added to the flames in book 3 - ahhhhhh.)

  • Dana
    2019-05-23 21:36

    I love this series and the narrator is really fitting for the story. It took a long time for the what might be the conclusion and I thought it was worth the wait. Only, I really want more. There is a whole cast of characters that make this series special instead of two main characters. It makes it a series that will stay with me for awhile.

  • Mak
    2019-04-29 03:19

    3.4 stars. I wish I could give this book 4 stars because the scenes between Quin and Mattheus were great. However, they were too few and far between, the end was unnecessarily gory, and Mattheus' foolish choices were grating on my nerves by the end. Also, I hate Fletcher, but that did not impact my rating.

  • Vicki
    2019-04-28 00:17

    What a snarktastic series. The action was off the charts. The creep and gore factors were high. The lovin...oh the lovin. I wish it wasn't over but I am completely satisfied with the ending. Again, James Patrick Cronin's narration was excellent.

  • Andrea
    2019-05-01 23:42

    KUNice ending to the series.

  • Myla
    2019-05-22 01:17

    Please, please, please write more of this witty series.

  • F.
    2019-05-22 04:44

    A brilliant series. A totally different take on vampires and other paranormals. Highly recommended.