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Theo:One, two, three…Six dicks! Six dicks are living under the same roof with my girl. My girl!How did we get to this point? How did one act of kindness, one act of lunacy, turn into this? I’ll tell you. Her bleeding heart. “I have to help him,” she said. “He needs someone.” Months later, she has five freaking more! Suddenly, she can’t come to my games or spend time with mTheo:One, two, three…Six dicks! Six dicks are living under the same roof with my girl. My girl!How did we get to this point? How did one act of kindness, one act of lunacy, turn into this? I’ll tell you. Her bleeding heart. “I have to help him,” she said. “He needs someone.” Months later, she has five freaking more! Suddenly, she can’t come to my games or spend time with me. Everything is about them. Well, guess what? I don’t care what level of asshole I have to resort to, I’m going to show these vets just who Anniston McCallister belongs to. My name has been written on those seductive little panties of hers for seven years and no amount of muscle is going to ruin what we have going. You may not like me. You may think I’m an ass. But understand that no matter what good deeds Anniston McCallister has done, she’s no angel. The girl craves rough and dirty debauchery. And I’m just the man to give it to her. Anniston:I found Cade near death, in a ditch. One look at those enchanting green eyes and I knew I had found my calling. Is it my fault that my newfound roommates threaten Theo to the point of insanity, causing him to parade around all angry and pissed off, marking his territory in every corner? Theo started this “just friends” game when he banged some skank right after he took my virginity. That kind of dirty play deserves payback, and I plan on making that phenomenal ass pay on his knees until he admits we were always more than, “just friends.” But in the meantime, I have a foundation to start and men to command. Someone has to manage these hotties, and I’m just what the doctor ordered. I am their Commander....

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  • SueBee★bring me an alpha!★
    2019-05-14 21:17

    ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2! Commander in Briefs (stand-alone). Theo resorts to cock-blocking, punitive sex & immature behavior after his best friend & fuck-buddy threatens their routine by taking in hot vets!“You’ll never fuck another man.”“I’ll bury a bitch that looks at you with more than a glare.”Commander in Briefs (stand-alone) opens up to a flashback in College. A life-long friendship forever altered.Fast forward seven years and professional baseball pitcher Theodore Von Bremen, Theo aka “Teddy” has spent the years regretting his mistake while enjoying the benefits of a fuck-buddy arrangement with his best friend. Sports medicine physician and ER doctor Anniston McCallister, Ans aka Dr. McCallister aka Commander in many ways has Theo by the balls and she knows it. But building her career around his baseball makes her feel vulnerable.To offset their frustration and fears they have settled into a comfortable routine of taking the turns at being the boss in the bedroom pushing each other’s buttons and owning each other’s orgasms. Well that is until Ans stumbles on a homeless vet and makes it her mission to start a non-profit. Theo is not exactly thrilled about having a bunch of sexy vets in close proximity. He tackles the situation by marking his territory with public sex and lewd, bossy and taunting behavior. LOL!“I blink. Lies are just not coming as fast as they usually do. What the fuck did they give me in the hospital?”Seven words to describe Theodore Von Bremen, Theo aka “Teddy: Cocky, aloof, oblivious, immature, a-hole, complex, caring, confused and whipped.“Don’t speak. You are done speaking for the day. Your mouth now belongs to me, Commander.”Eight words to describeAnniston McCallister, Ans aka Dr. McCallister aka Commander: Charismatic, conflicted, determined, smart, unpredictable, proud, stubborn and bossy!“Damn Theo and his macho bullshit. It makes me so fucking horny, and he knows it.”Commander in Briefs, told from multiple POVs, is a uniquely written mixture of steamy sex, sweet romance, witty dialogue and hilarious antics with a pinch of angst and a hefty dose of suspense.Under the façade of their sexual escapades, against furniture and walls, there is an underlaying heart-tugging love story. Two proud individuals held back by fears and circumstances in many ways have settled for seconds best by not allowing their friendship to grow. Story may look to be long, but after reading I feel this is the journey that Theo and Ans need to take and it serves as introduction to many of the MCs for upcoming books in this stand-alone series.Entertaining! Sexy! Heart-warming! Suspenseful! Kudos Kristy!“Brace yourself, Anniston, I am about to blow this friendship to hell.”***Hero: ★★★★★Heroine: ★★★★★Plot: ★★★★Storytelling: ★★★★★Sexual tension: ★★★★★Sex scenes: ★★★★★Story ending: ★★★★******************************************OVERALL RATING: ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️1/2Angst: | MEDIUM FOCUS |Darkness: | LOW FOCUS |Humor: | HIGH FOCUS |Kink: | MEDIUM FOCUS |Romance: | HIGH FOCUS |Sex frequency: | HIGH FOCUS |Suspense: | HIGH FOCUS |ARC provided to me by author Kristy Marie in exchange for an honest review.

  • Jessica-❥Chatterbooks Book Blog❥
    2019-05-02 02:07

    When you begin a book by a debut author, you never know what to expect. You have no idea what the writing style will be like, if you will love the characters, or if you will be able to connect with the story in a way that touches your heart. I was nervous going into this book for all those reasons, but when I started reading, that anxiety quickly faded. By the time I had finished, I was completely blown away.Commander in Briefs is unlike any novel I've ever read before. Having read over 300 romance novels in the past two years alone, that is really saying something. I started out reading it thinking I knew what kind of book it was going to be, but I was wrong. It was so much more than I could have ever expected. Theo and Anniston have been attached at the hip since middle school. They call themselves best friends, but their feelings for one another have always run deeper than that. When Theo has to move away to begin his career in baseball, Anniston decides it's time for her to take action. She wants Theo to take her virginity, and after some hesitation, he agrees. What he does afterwards completely crushes Anniston, and he winds up paying for it dearly.Years later, they are locked in a twisted game of friends with benefits neither of them can win. Despite his colossal mistake, Theo is still the most important person in Anniston's life. Her whole world revolves around him until she finds Cade, a homeless veteran, half dead in a ditch. Her true purpose becomes clear, and everything changes.Theo is caught off guard by the shift in Anniston’s priorities, and he begins to panic. When she takes in more hot military men, it completely freaks him out. He decides it’s time to stop playing games and prove to Anniston that she belongs with him once and for all.“Brace yourself, Anniston, I am about to blow this friendship to hell.” If you are looking for a nice, sweet romance with perfect characters that always make the right decisions, or a story that can you can fit nicely into a box, this is not the book for you.Theo is an asshole. I will tell you that right now, but I fell in love with him not only in spite of it, but because of it, too. His antics, jealous meltdowns, and crazy declarations of love had me cracking up and smiling the whole way through the book. I was angry at him for what he did to Ans in the beginning, but I was able to forgive him the same way she was. Underneath his cocky attitude, he is a good guy that loves Ans deeply and would do absolutely anything for her. There is no one more perfect for Anniston than Theo. To say I love his character would be an understatement. In fact, he has become one of my favorite heroes of all time.Anniston is the kind of heroine I adore, and one you will never forget. She is as strong as they come, sassy, playful, determined, and loyal, but what I love most about her is her incredible heart. Honestly, I think I’m in love with Ans as much as Theo is. I usually find myself more drawn to the hero than the heroine in a story, so when one makes me fall for her the way Anniston did, I'm pleasantly surprised. Anniston is an amazing character. She is who I want to be when I grow up.There are several other characters that play a big role in this story. The most prominent of which is Cade. I don't know how anyone wouldn't love him. Broken heroes get me everytime, and one as sweet and sexy as Cade is a guaranteed heartbreaker. We get to hear things from his point of view which just makes you want more of him. I can't wait to dig deeper into his character in the next book and to see him get the HEA he truly deserves. As for the other characters, they all burrowed their way into my heart, and I think they will do the same to you. I almost wish Kristy would have made this a reverse harem so Anniston could have them all. Then, I could live vicariously through her! Lol Commander in Briefs is a novel that accomplishes so much more than a typical romance. The first lines lured me in, the story held me hostage, and the characters stole my heart. If I didn't know this was the author's debut going in, I would have never guessed it. Kristy's writing style is phenomenal, the characters are well developed, the story is unique, and the romance is hot! Not only is this Theo and Anniston's love story, it's also a story about friendship, unconventional family, and love for your fellow man.  One of my favorite books of the year! Congratulations to Kristy on a job well done and a debut novel she should be incredibly proud of!ARC generously provided by the author in exchange for an honest review.

  • Natalie The Biblioholic
    2019-05-05 21:31

    Wanna know something? It may be hard to take, but I’ve gotta tell ya. So… I didn’t like this book when I first started. I actually cringed for the first little bit. I couldn’t stand Theo and I couldn’t understand Anniston. These two have been best friends since grade six. They had a friendship to be envied, for sure. At some point, they both started to feel ‘unfriendly’ feelings for each other, but neither made a move. Then one day, Anniston has the bright idea to ask Theo to take her virginity before he goes away. And things quickly went downhill.Thankfully, I wasn’t left in purgatory for long. And now I can tell you that I love this author’s writing. I ended up really loving this story! I found myself loving not only the main characters, but the side ones too! I cannot wait to discover how each and every one of them gets their own happy ending. Gah, who could really resist Cade or Hayes???I really didn’t think the author could get me to fall in love with Theo. I really didn’t. You should have seen my skeptical face. I wasn’t having it. I guess I know now not to underestimate the talent she has because here I am. In love with Theo. How??? While I’m not a huge fan of Anniston’s bossy ways, I absolutely adored her huge heart. How many people do you know who would do what she was willing to do for our veterans? Yeah, I thought so. If you’re looking for a hot, contemporary read, you’re in the right place. If you like a great story with a surprise twist, look no further. I’m telling you, buy the book. Theo’s immature azz will grow on you ;)Release Date: December 5, 2017Genre: Contemporary RomancePOV: Multiple - 1st personHeat: 4 out of 5Type: Book #1 of the Commander in Briefs series

  •  Sonya ♕Chatterbooks book blog♕
    2019-05-17 22:10

    If there’s one thing I love when I’m reading a story from a new author, it’s the uncertainty. Call me crazy, but I just love that feeling you get in the pit of your stomach when you open that first page. Your nerves are shot, and your excitement level is barely contained because you KNOW that this right here? Could be the start of something beautiful. That’s the way I felt about Commander In Briefsand even though I didn’t agree with certain things, you can never take away the fact that this was a well done debut novel.There’s this old time saying “You should never mix business with pleasure” and I think the same can be said for a life long friendship between the opposite sex. Anniston McAlister and Theo Von Breman has seen each other at their worse, shared heartaches, and loved each other unconditionally through it all. But one decision will change their friendship forever and ultimately alter their future. Now having established their own careers in Sports Medicine and being a successful baseball player, Theo and Anniston are still “Friends with benefits”. It’s been years since that night changed their friendship and because of a moment, Theo lost out on the chance to have something more with the only woman he’s ever loved. But it’s ok because they don’t call him determined for nothing and if it’s one thing he wants, is Anniston and he’s not going out without a fight. “Brace yourself Anniston, I am about to blow this friendship to hell".Taking care of people comes naturally to Anniston. When she finds someone in desperate need of her help, she drops everything to help the brooding green eyed stranger and unbeknownst to her, life as knows it, will never be the same again. Before I go into anything else, I have to say how much I loved the friendship between Anniston and Theo. Every touch, every wicked banter and unspoken moment was felt with a familiarity that could’ve only been between the two of them and I really liked that. These two loved each other so fiercely and without shame that I wanted nothing more than for them to hurry up and get their shit together. As much I loved their friendship, I did have some issues with it as well. Theo tested my patience on another level and I even thought about him getting lost at sea! I just couldn’t get on board with some of the things that he did and it made me mad. To say the dude was special, was an understatement but thank the Lord he redeemed himself a bit at the end. As for Aniston herself, I really liked her strength and her determination to help others and doing something for herself that didn’t revolve around Theo. She was making her own Mark, setting her own rules, and figuring out what she wanted and you couldn’t help but admire that about her. Did she get on my nerves a with her over excessive bossiness? She sure did. But I think that was what made her a different and unique female heroine and what didn't work for me when it came to her, others will love it. If you’re looking for a sexy banter, heartwarming story, then this one is perfect for you.   

  • Melanie (mells_view)
    2019-04-27 02:15

    Wow! I’m so shocked that this was Kristy Marie’s first novel. It was so well written, and really dives deep into all of the characters. Sometimes when a story is told in multi-POV’s you can get a bit lost, but Kristy did an amazing job giving each character a distinct voice. I don’t want to say much about the story, because it will definitely spoil it, but if you like contemporary romance that dives deep mixed with a second chance sports romance and a bit of a military contemporary, then you should DEFINITELY pick this one up and hang out with Anniston, Theo, and Cade! You won’t be sorry.^check out a fan teaser I made on Instagram!

  • Karla
    2019-05-09 01:08

    4 stars!"Commander In Briefs” Was a pleasant surprise that took me on a while ride of emotions. I love friends to lovers/second chance books but this one was a different and I loved that. The relationship between Anniston and Theo is crazy and intense right from the start we get the feel of how into each other they are. Don't get me started on their sexual chemistry, super hot. usually I find myself loving the H more but with this story I loved the h was my favorite. Anniston was such a great h strong, smart, she doesn't take crap from anybody I guess you can say her only weakness was Theo, but imo she gave as good as she got. Theo was your typical alpha male sexy confident with a dirty mouth but he did frustrate me a lot but he grew on me and he did learn from his mistakes. I enjoyed this story so much, the banter between the characters had me cracking up especially Theo and Cade and the rest of the guys. I also loved the heart of this story how Anniston helped these guys gave them hope and a new beginning. I was really impress to know that this is KM first book. I'm looking forward to reading Cade's book. ❤**ARC provided by author in exchange for an honest review**

  • Malene_D *BadAndDirtyBooks*
    2019-05-09 19:13

    DNF @60%This pains me so much to DNF but I struggled during Commander In Briefs. The writing was great and the character Cade was definitely a highlight. What it all boils down to are the many storylines and the character Theo. I couldn’t feel any chemistry between him and Anniston and couldn’t connect with them. They’re suppose to bring out the best in each other but I felt it was they other way around. They’re adults but their behavior was just juvenile. I needed an emotional connection between them but it came off as being only sexual. The other thing is the book had too many storylines going on that I lost focus and interest.I tried my best and put up a fight but it’s just one of those times where the book and I aren’t compatible.Don’t let this deter you from reading Commander In Briefs.I voluntarily read an ARC provided by the PA for the author

  • KceeReads •°°•.UnboundBookReviews•°°•
    2019-04-27 19:13


  • aNneMarLi - Chatterbooks Book Blog
    2019-04-30 21:10

    Asshole heroes are a turn on for me. Add up a strong, feisty heroine who do not take orders from men and rather orders them, who knows what she wants and who definitely raises the girl power flag and I am drenched. Dripping...panties soaked only to realize it melted in no time. Commanders In Briefs is that book for me. The author had no qualms in throwing a hero with asshole painted in the forehead, bold, underlined, all caps you wanted to kick in the shin then french kiss at the same time ass grabbed afterwards and a heroine you wanna slap in the ass cheering for more girl power and "You can do more girl! Don't hold back! Be who you are! I am living vicariously through you!When I learned about this book months ago, you bet your ass I had my eyebrows raised because Kristy who? Kidding, definitely kidding because for those who knew me knows exactly how I have a soft spot for new authors. And you bet your ass I was raising my hands and feet just to have a chance reading this book. I might have begged the PA and the author to give it to me stat because I am soo excited I could not wait for the release day. And I am ecstatic that I made the right choice reading it and supporting Kristy because she did not disappoint. For a first timer, Kristy made me in awe. For a first timer, this woman rocked my world. The journey I had with Commander In Briefs, evoked a lot of emotions in me. So to Kristy, A BIG FUCK YOU TO YOU! I was a mess at work, a wrong move in my part when I chose to finish it.The first thought that came to my mind the moment Commander In Briefs landed my kindle was, Jessica (Kristy's PA) never mentioned it being an encyclopedia. I should run because there's no way I can finish it without getting bored. But hooray! How I wish it's longer than this, I needed another volume of an encyclopedia because I want more of this book. It doesn't mean I wasn't satisfied but more like, I don't want this book to end. It was an incredible journey, one I had the pleasure of reading and won't mind rereading until I can get my next Kristy fix.You cannot blame me. Commander In Briefs is nothing I ever expected. The tone, suggests a love triangle and as much I wanna say I am a glutton for punishment I wasn't in the mood to have my heart broken this time. Menage, well? Try me and I am up even for may be a RH. ;) But I am so glad I rooted for this book until the very end, because as I said the book was not I expect it to be. It was EVERYTHING I thought it would be and MORE.Commander In Briefs is a journey unlike no other. With an asshole hero and a strong heroine, I had a blast. I was drawn into the story, hooked and engrossed the moment I read the first line. Lo and behold, aside from the blurb that caught my interest, it was what fueled me to go on further with my reading. Theo and Anniston aren't your ideal best friends/ friends with benefits hero and heroine. I love their dynamics and I love the thought of them together. The character they portrayed was easy to get into that I had no hard time riding in their journey. Their chemistry was off the charts hot, hence several ruined panties. The author did not hold back with their scenes. She did not even hold back with their characters. Anniston may seem too much but no, she's not. She's the "it" heroine for me. I love her to death and being paired up with Theo, my asshole lover ;) , I was in heaven for all things' goodness and delish treats. If there's such as thing as "asshole coma" I sure was in that state reading this book. I was given with not just the scorching scenes but with laugh out loud moments and all things only asshole Theo can do. But hold up, remember this, asshole Theo is not just fuckable Theo. Hell! He is the sweetest and lovable asshole! Together, they are as explosive as fireworks gracing us in the night sky. I love the love they felt for each other, with their antics, Lordy my journey was one hell a crazy ride!Now, I mentioned love triangle. Made no mistake as this story is not. In fact it was far beyond a love story involving a man and a woman romantically. If you get to read this book, the journey is quite different but I assure you there was so much love involved. For what it is, I need you to read it. See for yourself what I am gushing about.Anniston was a Commander in her own ways. What she did was honorable enough for her earn a badge of honor. What she did made me love her even more. If there's top list of heroines, she easily earned the number 1 spot. I adored her because beneath her strong nature, lies a perfectly imperfect woman. Through her, I met Cade, the one I thought would break the love and friendship built and cemented over the years between Theo and Anniston. Cade, had my heart and really at first I want him for Ans. He's an enigma to me , but in the end I realized one thing. He is really not meant to be Ans lover but I still love him like any hot blooded woman will do. Aside from Cade, I met more men that made my journey even more interesting. They did it for me. I may have teared up several times and my heart sure did almost burst with so many emotions. Each have brought a different meaning to this journey, each and one the same goal --- family, belongingness and love. In totality, I highly recommend this book. If you're as crazy as me who loves asshole heroes and strong heroine, then this book is for you. I would love for you to read, savor and devour it. There's no doubt you'll love it as much as I did. Commander In Briefs was addicting and hard to put down. It was easy to get into and the love story, their journey, was one I am glad I rooted until the very end. For a debut, this book is brilliant! Kristy was so clever weaving this tale of family, friendship and love. Her excellent writing and stellar imagination was on point. I love the heart she poured into this gem because you can clearly feel it as it seeped through its pages. And that EPILOGUE!!! Holee-mother-fucking mess it made me, snotty crying like a baby. It was AMAZING and pretty much paved what await's us to the next books Kristy is planning to write.Great job Kristy! Now, get your ass back to writing! I need Cade in my life!

  • Audrey Edits
    2019-05-07 00:12

    OMG y’all...this book is f’in amazing!!! I cannot believe this is the author’s debut seriously, there’s no way! I finished reading it about 3 hours ago before going into town, and I’m still trying to figure out how to adequately describe just how much I loved this book without giving any spoilers! I’m gonna give it a shot, though! Lol Anniston—a dr in sports medicine, beautiful inside and out, vibrant, crazy as hell (in the best way), very outspoken, strong, determined, smart, witty, likes to be in control, tough as nails, and loves hard with all that she has! Theo—a pro baseball player (pitcher) with adhd, strong, hardheaded, has an a-hole personality...yet he pulls it off in the sexiest way somehow, funny, very much an alpha who likes to be in control, sexy as hell, doesn’t give a damn about what others think of him, but also loves hard with everything in him!As you can see, there are numerous similarities between the two, but yet they are still very much their own person. They met at a really young age and have been attached at the hips basically since then. As time goes on, their friendship grows and develops...and not in the typical, ordinary way you may be thinking. Which is fitting because they are not ordinary people whatsoever! Lol Through the years, they still remain just as close as ever, happy with their arrangement....and then Cade shows up.Cade—veteran (was a major in the military), homeless, at the end of his rope, feeling helpless and defeated...until he finds his angel, his redemption, then that all slowly begins to change.I don’t wanna say too much more because it will really ruin the story line so I’ll just say that this book turned out to be NOTHING like what I was expecting!! It was full of everything you look for in a gripping 5 star romance—love, lust, hurt, pain, healing, joy, fear, tears, growth, redemption, salvation, a ton of laughs, and of course, a whole heck of a lot of hotttt, steamy action!! There are other characters that play a big part in the story as well and between them all, I was on an emotional rollercoaster the entire time!! I laughed so hard, got all hot and bothered, got emotional, and so much more! From the very first page, I was sucked in completely and I devoured this book every spare second I had! There is so much heart and feeling packed into this story, I just want more! I am absolutely in love with Theo and Anniston!! I wanna be her and have him, and then hang out with the whole “family” everyday! Lol I feel like I’m rambling and not getting across to everyone how amazing this book is, but I really can’t say much more without spoiling it, and I refuse to spoil such a great book for anyone! Just please believe me when I say you have got to read this book and then you will see where I’m coming from with all this! Lol Definitely have found me another favorite author that I will continue following and reading her books! A funny/sexy/heartwarming 5 star must read novel!!!

  • Tianna✸loves books✸
    2019-04-28 18:35

    First Scene: The H and h are best friends. And before heading to their respective careers the h wants to lose her virginity to the H. He is quite reluctant at first but gives in. They fuck. And after that he gets a call from a girl to meet her. He goes right away.(Eww...what an asshole)But anyways they become Friends with Benefits. And over the years they maintain this relationship. So basically the H is a Dirty Dog (No offense to Dogs). And h is horny bitch. Both H and h are sex addicts. They fuck each other and they also fuck other people. Like they have days assigned for that. Monday and Thursday they have sex with each other. The other days they can have sex with anyone that they want. (view spoiler)[There's one scene where the H is fucking a random girl. But he is unable to come. Luckily the h calls. He asks her to help him to come.......And then the h helps him another woman 🤢(hide spoiler)]One day the h tries to save a homeless guy and bring him home. He is a veteran. He settles pretty quickly with her. This I found quite unbelievable. I mean she just takes a homeless guy at home and than orders him like he is her boyfriend. Then the H comes, who obviously gets jealous. When it's time for him to return, the h takes the other guy with her like he is some kind of a thing and she has ownership on him. So to know what happens, like do the H and h admit their love for each other? What happens to the veteran ? Read the book.I didn't like this book. It's too stupid. And the h's bossy ways and ordering around was too much. But what kept me reading this book was the writing. This is not a bad book for a debut author. I'm sure the author will write some interesting books in the future which I hope will be good.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-21 20:13

    Arc provided by author for honest review. When my girl Jess message me about Commander In Briefs I asked her to send the blurb right away. Just by the title I was interested, then I read the blurb. Let me tell you how I was itching to read this book. Now that I just finished it wow, Kristy you blew my expectations away, from what I thought. I knew it was going to be good. But damn girl it was one of the best book I have read this year! I freaken couldn't stop reading it. I was hooked. And Cade omg Cade omg I freaken loved him from start. The man is just a God. Looks and all. Theo had grow on me but he did. And Hayes omg he's just so damn funny. Annistin she is my idol and hero. Thank you Kristy I moved it can't wait for Cades book!

  • Shannon
    2019-05-10 02:18

    I received this book as an ARC for an honest review. At first I saw this book and was a little daunted by the amount of pages. However, that didn’t matter the book was so well written I wish it could’ve gone on forever.Omg this book, I loved all the characters. Anniston is a bad ass woman who knows what she wants and doesn’t take no for an answer. Theo is kind of a jerk, but it works for him in a way. Cade was my favorite character in the book and can’t wait till he gets his own story. This is definitely a must read. Thank you Kristy and Jessica for sending this to me!

  • Michelle
    2019-04-22 19:07

    *ARC provided by the author for an honest review*God Theo pushes so many of my button in this book. I enjoyed this story. The story plot was good. I luvd Cade he is so kind and gentle. The way he protects Anniston is so sweet. The lil arguments he has with Theo are so funny. As soon as he came into the story I knew I was goin to luv him. I need more of this man.Anniston I m a bit on the fence about. I really liked her in the beginning but as the story went on she annoyed me. She was a lil bit to much for me in some parts. I understand why she needed to do what she does. But sometimes i think she could of been less hard on them. I do think the relationship she has with Cade is very sweet. They work so well together there a great team. Then there is the relationship that Anniston as with Theo. They have been attached at the hip since they were young. Even after things got a lil tense with them they still couldn't be apart. Theo is just the typically sport man. Luvs women and living life to the max. The only person how he needs is Anniston. The only thing is he messes up quite a lot. The feelings he as for Anniston are strong and he knows she feels the same. He just didn't do anything about it. But once things start to change in Anniston life he has to start making his feeling known. He's wouldn't let her go and he wouldn't let any man near her she was his end of story. I did like this book. There was so much goin on that had me dying to know what was goin on. I do enjoy military and second chance story. I did find parts a lil slow i just needed to know what was goin to happen. But I do get inpatient sometimes. Parts of the book were funny I did like how jealous Theo was of the guys Anniston work with. It was so funny. I would recommend this book. Even for Cade you just need a Cade in your life. Even though Anniston and Theo are great together and very sexy together. Theo just doesn't care about anything or anyone bar Anniston. She is his whole world.

  • Dee Montoya
    2019-05-04 18:24

    3 Thursday Stars***This is a romantic comedy about best friends who become roommates, co-workers, friends with benefits? Well I guess we could call Anniston and Theo’s relationship complicated.Theo and Anniston met when they were just kids and even from the start their connection was powerful. They became best friends, thick as thieves and by the time it was time to go to collage they moved in together as roommates. From very early on their friendship they both realized they had a attraction for each other, but both were very scared to make a move that could ruin their precious friendship. Tired of waiting , right before they are supposed to graduate college, Anniston cooks up a plan to loose her virginity to Theo, hoping that would finally bring them together as a couple. Well, she was wrong cause sex only made things between them even more complicated. Now in their adult lives Theo is a very successful Baseball player and Anniston became a doctor who specializes in Sports medicine, and now works for Theo’s baseball team. These two are always together, they have their routine down to a science. They have fun and amazing sex together, and let me tell you these two are not only explosive but also very kinky in the bedroom, or outside of it, when it comes to sex they are the adventurous kind. (*wink)Even though they love each other and they have amazing sex together, these two continue thru the best friend path. But one day Anniston rescues a gorgeous homeless man from the street and Theo is definitely not happy about having to share his girl’s attention with another man.Let me tell you that I thought that the writing style in this book was fantastic, the way Kristy Marie writes you wouldn’t think is her first book. My problem with this book and the reason why I couldn’t rate five stars lays on the plot. The plot in this book was a complete mess, so much so, I almost dropped the book completely on a couple of occasions. It was as if the author had two hundred ideas about what the book was going to be about and maybe she couldn’t settle on just one or two so she used them all. For example; there’s the best friends to lovers, there’s the sports aspect, there’s also a military side, also a bit of a love triangle going on, there’s kidnaps, friends with benefits and many more. If this author would have just settled on one route and focus on it, instead of having an overwhelming, all over the place plot, this book could have been AMAZING. Sometimes less is more.

  • Kate Hastings
    2019-05-05 22:35

    Based on the title, the blurb & several Instagram book teasers, I started Commander in Briefs with an “idea in mind” of what I was about to read - a military romance with a possible ménage.What I read however was kinda this, but also way MORE than this & at the same time nothing really like it at all. (Full confession: this threw me for a hot minute, until I got my head in the game, and ignored all of my preconceived notions.)For me, it’s a combination of a few genres: mostly sports romance, meets starting over, meets second chances, meets post-military.The story hits the ground running, giving you what you need to begin to understand the motivation of both Anniston & Theo, before quickly moving into “present day”. Both leads are larger than life, with theirpersonalities unapologetically beans-to-the-wall, particularly when it comes to pushing each other’s buttons.All of this makes for a quick & sparring dialogue & not always your usual standard romance outcomes - which makes a great change. For me, this was true to not just who Anniston & Theo are as people, but to how their relationship works for them.Anniston’s “handling” of Theo had me chucking many times, until their undeniable chemistry turned their little clashes scorching... and suddenly I was no longer laughing. #FansSelfJustThinkingAboutItAnd then... enter Cade.This new dynamic / plot development is both simple & complex, but isn’t easy to explain as I don’t do spoiler reviews. I will say however, that if Anniston & Theo’s antics were entertaining, Cade & Theo’s were alpha-gold. From here, we learn so much more about each of them, what drives them & why they make the choices they do. We’re introduced to a rich cast of supporting characters, and the story again takes a deeper turn.A full of all the feels and then some read, I really liked that no character was “totally shiny”. Many of them had challenges to battle as well as a few of life’s dings and dents, all of which makes them much more complex and realistic, and easier to relate to as people not characters.Congratulations to Kristy Marie on her debut novel.*I was provided an ARC of this book, with no expectation on the part of the author that they would receive a positive review in exchange. My review reflects my genuine opinion of this book.*

  • Maida»-(¯`v´¯)-»
    2019-05-07 18:11

    RATING: DNF @25%Commander in Briefs has the makings of a great read, however unfortunately it falls short in its execution. While I am a huge fan of friends to lovers romances, in this I couldn't connect to either protagonists. Both Theo and Anniston have potential to become dynamic characters, but their immature personalities and actions—for two individuals who are supposed to be in their late twenties—render them off-putting rather than likeable. Their relationship (if it can be called that) is a tangled web of sex, buried emotions and the push-and-pull drama, making the romance almost insignificant in its banality. Admittedly since I did not read much, I will refrain from talking about Cade. On a positive note, Ms. Marie's writing is decent enough and with a good sense of flow that perhaps I'll give her another try in the future. Overall, while the foundation of this read is promising, there are one too many factors that keep Commander in Briefs from being enjoyable. ~ARC provided by PA on behalf of the author in exchange for an honest review~Posted: November 20, 2017

  • Shari Kay
    2019-05-20 22:10

    What the... She did what? He did what? Are you kidding me?

  • Na Dine Bookaddict
    2019-05-03 20:11

    Commander in Briefs was my first book by Kristy Marie and I had no idea what I got myself into. I dove in, not even reading the blurb, even though it sounds intriguing. The blurb gives you a really good sense of what is about to come for you if you give this book a chance.I really had a good time reading it. However I'm not quite sure how to rate it. Compared to other books I've read I would say it's more like a 3.5 star book. Why? Mostly because the story takes a big turn (even though you could have sensed it coming) and I suddenly got the feeling I'm reading a totally different book as the one I started. That was a thing that didn't really sit well with me. However, with this turn the book got a little more suspenseful."Three thousand, seven hundred, and seventy-nine. That is how many days I have known I love you."Anniston is a great heroine. She is strong, witty, self-confident, beautiful inside out and has a big mouth. She's not taking shit from others and says/takes what she wants. So yes, she's indeed a good commander! Sometimes her boldness feels like she covers her self-consciousness but I think this might be a totally normal thing. That makes her even more real."But, I can promise you that I will never stop trying to be the man you deserve. I have always loved you."Theo is an easy lovable a-class a-hole . Man, he really marked his territory well. From time to time it got a little annoying, his a-hole behavior. He cares deeply for Ans and even though he's a star baseball player he's got complexes he tries to cover with his bold a-hole behavior. "Let me love you like you love me. Let me be your biggest fan."And I have really no idea why Ans put up with this. Well, actually I do. Because she loves him an he loves her so deeply that it hurts. They really are good together and have a great chemistry. Right from the beginning you could feel these two where made for each other. They are pushing and playing each other's buttons like no other could do. That leads to a lot of hot sex scenes that made me blush."Be my teammate in this game of life."A thing that surprised me was the fact that the book was not only written in the POV of Ans and Theo but of Cade as well. I'm not really used to read a love story with more than two POVs. Not really sure if I like it here or not. It might fit. And I might have fallen for Cade so that I'm really looking forward reading his story/book soon!Commander in Briefs is a witty, hot, hilarious love story that touches your heart.I voluntarily reviewed an Advance Reader Copy of this book.

  • Candece
    2019-05-11 23:33

    This book just completely stole my heart!!! This is was soooo wonderfully amazing. It had everything a great story should have. Action, sexy people, and real life problems. I love that this book brought to light serious problems facing our military members. I enjoyed the love and powerful connection between the characters. Anniston was my favorite, I love a strong heroine who knows what she wants and stays the course no matter the adversity. I loved Theo too!!! Such an asshole but in the best way possible. And Cade... handsome, modest Cade, there are no words!!!! I love him so much! This book made me laugh, cry, scream and I loved each and every minute of it. Easily my favorite book of the year!!!!!

  • Claire Wright
    2019-05-10 02:07

    What an excellent debut novel. This was as close to perfect as you can get. The storyline was well thought out. The writing was on point and the characters were completely adorable. Thank you Kristy for writing a book whereby both the main characters had disabilities. I have first hand experience of them, being the mum to 3 registered disabled children so to see that projected into words was amazing. Theo is such a cocky but loveable asshole. He is funny, sexy and so alpha. He is pretty much perfect as a leading male. Anniston is my new girl crush. She has so much fight and she grew so much in this book. Not to spoil the story but the ending was fitting. Would buy anything this author does in future as this standard of writing is rarely seen. Can not wait for Cade's book.

  • Nova
    2019-05-05 18:09

    So I started this book not sure what to expect but was pulled in from the first page. It was so much more than I expected in a good way. It’s a fab read and cannot wait to read more from this author. Theo and Anniston are a complicated pair. Both in love with each other forever but after Theo majorly messes up (which I have to admit to thinking you arsehole) things between the pair are pushing and pulling of control never wanting to give in but belonging to each other in every way. Theo needs Ani to function but they hide behind being fuck buddies, that is until Cade arrives! He threatens everything Theo wants which is Ani he just needs to tell her. Ani is such a wonderful character I loved her from the start. After her bright idea that Theo should take her virginity things take a turn for the worse after Theo breaks her heart. Their friendship is never the same. She’s looking for redemption for something she had no control over but when she meets Cade she knows there is nothing she won’t do to keep this man in her life as much as it upsets Theo she stands by her convictions. Theo is the only man she will ever love in that way but Cade brings with him the spur Theo needs to finally make his move. Cannot wait for Cade’s book. But I highly recommend this book it is brilliant and I admit to crying a little too! 🌟🌟🌟🌟🌟

  • Hayley Wakenshaw
    2019-05-22 00:08

    *received as an arc for an honest review*Holy shit balls!!! Where do I even start?! I thought it was going to be complicated love triangle, not a huge fan of them but what we got was something so beautiful. Theo & Anniston were just made for each other. I did at one point want her to end up with Cade but I’m so looking forward to his book!! Sounds promising. Plenty steam, a good dose of drama, marines & a baseball player, what more can a girl want?! This book was amazingly written for a debut novel, read the whole book in one sitting, could not put it down. Excited to see what Kristy brings us after Cade’s book.

  • ✰ D r i ✰
    2019-05-09 20:14

    ★1 star!!!★ Esse livro me trouxe tantos sentimentos ruins e eu só terminei a leitura porque queria saber qual seria o final. Pra mim, Theo e seu comportamento infantil, egoísta e idiota estragou completamente todo o livro! Não consegui ver conexão emocional nenhuma entre ele e a Anniston. Onde o amor deveria trazer o melhor de cada um, aqui pareceu trazer a tona o pior dos personagens. Algumas cenas de sexo dos dois beirou o ridículo e eu simplesmente comecei a pular essas partes.Meu ódio pelo Theo começou desde o prologo, pensei que com o desenrolar da trama talvez eu sentiria alguma simpatia, no entanto continuei odiando e sentindo nojo da maioria das suas atitudes.As “marcações de território” foram totalmente desnecessárias e grotescas.Achei a Anniston forçada, irritante, exagerada e infantil, mas claro que não ganha o troféu de infantilidade, esse prêmio é completamente do Theo. (Já disse que odeio ele?)Não senti empatia nenhuma por ela, principalmente pelo fato dela não dar a mínima sobre a forma como Theo a tratava, porque pra mim, quem ama cuida, valoriza e acima de tudo RESPEITA... e não vi isso acontecer aqui. Entendo que pelo fato de anos e anos de amizade você se acostuma com o comportamento da pessoa e releva, mas mesmo assim, ao meu ver, não foi nada legal. Acho que a única coisa nesse livro que ganhou meu coração foi o Cade e os vets. <3 E é pra eles que dou essa 1 estrela. Porque sinceramente, a história toda é uma bagunça, os dois personagens principais infantis, chatos e sem carisma.Outra coisa que me incomodou aqui foi que, o livro todo é narrado em povs alternados entre três personagens, o que eu não soube distinguir, já que a narrativa feminina e masculina ficaram iguais. Os do Theo principalmente, se não tivesse o nome dele no início do capítulo, não falaria que era um pov masculino.Resimindo, leitura nada agradável e mais uma vez a curiosidade me “matou”.Porque ao finalizar cada leitura, mesmo que eu não tenha gostado eu procuro refletir e extrair algo de positivo da história ou dos personagens e esse livro aqui não me trouxe nada. Porque pra mim, não vi crescimento e amadurecimento nenhum na Anniston ou Theo. PS: Sorry pelo desabafo, mas a raiva que ainda estou sentindo precisava sair de alguma maneira, rs.

  • Coco.V
    2019-05-16 19:31

    💝 FREE on Amazon today (2/19/2018)! 💝Blurb:Theo:One, two, three…Six dicks! Six dicks are living under the same roof with my girl. My girl!How did we get to this point? How did one act of kindness, one act of lunacy, turn into this? I’ll tell you. Her bleeding heart. “I have to help him,” she said. “He needs someone.” Months later, she has five freaking more! Suddenly, she can’t come to my games or spend time with me. Everything is about them. Well, guess what? I don’t care what level of asshole I have to resort to, I’m going to show these vets just who Anniston McCallister belongs to. My name has been written on those seductive little panties of hers for seven years and no amount of muscle is going to ruin what we have going. You may not like me. You may think I’m an ass. But understand that no matter what good deeds Anniston McCallister has done, she’s no angel. The girl craves rough and dirty debauchery. And I’m just the man to give it to her. Anniston:I found Cade near death, in a ditch. One look at those enchanting green eyes and I knew I had found my calling. Is it my fault that my newfound roommates threaten Theo to the point of insanity, causing him to parade around all angry and pissed off, marking his territory in every corner? Theo started this “just friends” game when he banged some skank right after he took my virginity. That kind of dirty play deserves payback, and I plan on making that phenomenal ass pay on his knees until he admits we were always more than, “just friends.” But in the meantime, I have a foundation to start and men to command. Someone has to manage these hotties, and I’m just what the doctor ordered. I am their Commander.

  • Sophie
    2019-04-26 23:37

    3,5 stars This ARC has been kindly provided by the author in exchange for an honest opinion. First work by this author. I love discovering new authors! The lower rating has nothing to do with her writing but rather with my personal taste in male characters. Kristy Marie sent me the prologue to give me a taste of her book. I was hooked. I loved being in Anniston’s head. This is told from three POV; Anniston, Theo and Cade. It had me very hopeful about the story. But past the prologue I sometimes wondered if I was watching Geographic channel or some David Attenborough ‘s show because it was mating season with head butting between angry and possessive males very determined to win or keep Anniston.I practically growl. “Stay away from my girl.” He smiles, pushing me back with his chest, and whispers, “Make me.”Honestly if Theo could have peed on her leg to mark his territory he would have. He did it in fact, kind of…. I was sometimes bewildered!If you love books with male characters fighting for the female’s heart this is just your next fix! Theo and Anniston have been friends for a looooong time but secretly harbored amorous feelings. Theo made a huge mistake some years ago hurting Anniston in the process and now he is in the dog house or rather “friends with benefits” house even if he wants more.I have to say that the girl can hold a grudge like a champ! Make him grovel for what he’s done. I love a good groveling 😊 Anniston is what you would call “one of the boys”. Is it weird that I heard Katy Perry singing “One of the Boys” in my head many times while reading????Anniston is gorgeous inside and out. She is a badass chick used to hold her ground with big bad males. As Theo’s personal doctor (I forgot to mention that he was a pro playing baseball) she constantly flies between her home town and wherever Theo has to play.She’s been orphaned and without family for a long time and she has organized her life around Theo’s. Now she wants to do something for herself not always for Theo. She needs it. It will happen when she’ll meet Cade. When Cade came into the story I was ready to hate him! I don’t like love triangle. But Kristy Marie chose a character impossible to hate! I won’t tell much about him as I don’t want to spoil your fun but just know that the situation he was in had me going all mama bear on him.Don’t get me wrong, I’m grateful. I just don’t want this woman wasting her time and money on someone like me. There are other people who deserve her kindness.Cade has feelings for Anniston and Theo won’t be pleased at all. Hence the pissing contest.As the time passed I became tired of Theo’s antics and his caveman attitude.“You want Anniston, but you demean her and parade her around like some kind of trophy. She gave up her life for you and you don’t even care. You are the most selfish person I know.”I love alphas but it really felt like chest puffing… until something changed in the story. New players came in the field and Theo could relax his stance. That’s not to say I fell in love with Theo unfortunately as the competition was not even. I love broken heroes and Cade had his share of drama impersonating my perfect fantasy book boyfriend. Sorry Theo but Cade is my personal winner. As far as Anniston is concerned now I loved that girl! So much more mature than Theo in my eyes. She is the kind of female character that I love: all badass, commanding and kicking ass. She had all these big hunks licking her hand like good dogs LOL. What I could not understand is why she accepted Theo’s antics? I guess the heart wants what the heart wants. Cherry on top what Anniston achieved was truly commendable and I really liked that side of the story.To spice things up the author added a threat and the second part of the book had me more invested. I wanted to know what would happen not only between Anniston and Theo but with all the men in the story. More men in the story you say? Yes! And these side characters were really interesting and loveable. I wanted to know more about them. I wanted them all to have Anniston. An orgy maybe? I’m joking here but what I mean is all these men deserve their HEA and their own story. Conclusion: hot and cold story with strong heroine making the hero grovel and work for it. I did not like the hero but it’s a matter of taste. The second part flowed better than the first 50 %. Maybe the author needed some time to find her mojo?Recommend it? I would say it depends on what floats your boat. This book already got some very good rating so give it a chance and make your own opinion. A big thank you to Kristy Marie for her trust and to Jessica who worked her behind off to have this all ready and rolling! Find me on:Wordpress:Beware Of The ReaderFacebook:Beware Of The Reader Facebook besties:Best Reading Blogs Ever Instagram:@bewareofthereader Twitter:@BewareOffReader

  • Sarah Cole
    2019-05-04 20:26

    Kristy's debut novel was beautifully written, and had me completely ensnared from the start. Her writing is witty and compelling, and I found myself turning page after page. I knew as soon as I read this blurb that I had to read the book. However, what I got in the book is nothing like what I expected but so much more. I normally don't care for asshole heroes, but this book changed my mind on that as I kept turning page after page. I know some have said that Anniston and Theo's relationship is a train wreck of epic proportions, and while that may be true, that is what made this story so beautiful. It was a taste of how real love and real life is. Real life love isn't perfect or clean... it's messy, heartbreaking, infuriating, and its beautiful in its own way. That is Anniston and Theo and I am addicted. Kristy did an outstanding job, and I simply cannot wait to read more from her. Well done -UNPUTDOWNABLE! ( I made my own word b/c there wasn't anything else I could say) :)

  • LiliMarcus
    2019-05-20 22:15

    RATING:Awwww, this book. It's like a roller coaster with this one.Me on Prologue : Oh my, this is good,Me on ONE : Ahm no!!!, this isn't for me.Me on 6% : Sh*t, not for me.Me on 8% : I trust the author and the PA who provided me this arc.Me on 10% : I love Jessica so much (the PA)Me after 10% : I should thank Jessica for this and maybe private message the author for this journey. I love it.Theo and Aniston's relationship was very complicated. Best friends? Girlfriend-boyfriend? Flings? Fuck Buddies? I think by now, you already guess that this is why I called reading this a roller coaster.Commander in Briefs opens in a flashback, Ans and Theo were college students, bestfriends and housemates. It was the day before they decided to branch-out not only because of their separate future careers but also because one of them felt that they just have to. Thee next morning though, they separated, friendship already stained...Seven years later, Theo is now a professional baseball pitcher, Anniston, an ER doctor and sports physician. Theo is still the same asshole, jerk, immature, sexy hot as hell, possesive but caring, that he was seven years ago. Anniston, on the other hand, is this strong, determined, outspoken, smart and witty woman I want to be. She knows what she wants and would get it. She knows how to deal with people like Theo not because she loves him but because she's really that kind of person who will stay because she knows she can help.And did I mention she definitely has a great big heart? Well she does have. Thus enters CADE, a homeless vet that I thought would threaten this fucked-up but precious relationship Theo and Ans has, but no. That wasn't what happened. I really liked how the author inserted Cade, making him not only a possible third wheel but his existence in the novel actually made Theo's and Anniston's characters blossomed. They matured more and well-developed by the end. I don't think that would be as good as it was without Cade. In the end you could see how things work all together for the better to all of them and it's amazing.PLOT: It wasn't new but it wasn't that cliche too. The author added some bits here and there to make the story a little unconventional which is good. The romance was okay, Theo is sexy as hell when he professes his love and demonstrates his possessiveness of Anniston. And this as an erotica is even better. There are times that I even stop reading and maybe skip a bit because it's too much for me.So, overally, if you want a hot sexy novel with alpha males, caring other males (lol), sand tough females with a story somehow touched me, you might wanna grab this book. :) The only reason why I had to cut a half star is because there are cases of repetitiveness, which is usually the problem with multi-narrative. There are also times where everything is being told and not shown. :) But other than those few cases, this book is good, especially for a debut novel :)Congrats Kristy Marie. :)Check out my book blog: Lili's Blissful Pages

  • Amy Michelle
    2019-05-18 02:23

    Omg I absolutely loved this book I will definitely be reading this author when she writes more books !! I loved everything about it . It’s a friends to lover story it’s a heartwarming story it’s got Hot alpha men and men that served our country and did I mention it has a hot ass baseball player too, all this with a feisty woman they all call commander to keep them all straight. This author knows how to write a story. I was in a book funk and I started reading this the first page in I knew this was the one to pull me out of my funk and boy did it !! Theo was hot and bossy and a baseball player and then there is my future book husband Cade oh dear I can’t wait for his book !! I say if you haven’t read this yet I suggest you get to it you want be disappointed it will pull at your heartstrings and it will make you laugh and shed a tear or two and you will absolutely fall in love with all the characters in this book but one thing you want do is put this book down and DNF it because I’m telling you this story is amazing!!

  • ~ Stéphanie ~ Tied up in Romance ~
    2019-04-25 21:25

    DNF 36%I don't like doing this en even more when it's a debut novel but this book was not for me at all.I was intrigued by the blurb, I was anxious it would be a love triangle but the author makes it clear by announcing Cade's book in 2018 that this is not. So I started this one with all the chills I have when meeting new characters and a new author. Save to say I was already stunned after the prologue & the first chapter.To say after 36%, Idon't connect and I don't like Theo and/or Anniston is an understatement. Their relation is a mess and fucked up. The upside: they know it, the downside: they act like children all the time.What bothered me the most was not really knowing how old there were. The way they acts is so childish that I couldn't picture new adults to behave the way they did. Moreover the way Anniston is, in general, was really a turn-off. Theo was somewhat charming but I couldn't keep my eyes from rolling every time he opens his mouths. I decided to stop at 36% because one more time these two acted like children. I didn't see the purpose of the book when both MC loved each other already but were too dumb to let their defence down to see what was right in front of them. ~I voluntary read a part of this book offered by the author ~