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For six years Anya Korbin worked with Del-Rey Delgato--the genetically altered rebel known as the Coyote Ghost--to free a group of coyote women kept in her father's lab. As Anya matured into a woman, she and Del-Rey grew close, but then he broke his promise and killed her father. Now she must deal with her animalistic desire for the one who betrayed her.For six years Anya Korbin worked with Del-Rey Delgato--the genetically altered rebel known as the Coyote Ghost--to free a group of coyote women kept in her father's lab. As Anya matured into a woman, she and Del-Rey grew close…, but then he broke his promise and killed her father. Now she must deal with her animalistic desire for the one who betrayed her....

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Coyote's Mate Reviews

  • Val ⚓️ ShamelessBitchySKANKY ⚓️ Steamy Reads
    2019-05-15 22:47

    5/13/16: I have been in the WEIRDEST book mood the last week or so...I blame escrow lol Need a re-read favorite to jump start myself...10/9/15: When in a book a favorite...One of my TOP READS OF ALL TIMEI LOVE this thing. AnyaDel-ReyMAGIC

  • Sophia Triad
    2019-04-28 22:42

    Breeds 18Coyote Breeds 2Featured Couple: Del-Rey (Coyote) & Anya (Human) Any badass and renegade man has a certain sex appeal in romance novels. Imagine a guy like that who also has coyote DNA and an army of coyote Breeds soldiers to command. Del-Rey is the number one ultra-cool, military genius, leader.Normally, coyotes are considered cowardly and untrustworthy animals and the attitudes towards them are largely negative among Breeds. They are the Council’s soldiers and have trained to torture and kill other Breeds. They are the lowest of the low Breeds.Well, Del-Rey is a rebel. He gathers his most loyal men, builds a base in the caves in the mountain above Wolves on the Haven territory and starts to help the other Breeds. Basically, they live above wolves watching their backs.Coyotes do not associate with other breeds any more than necessary and keep pretty much to themselves. Their base is totally military orientated and their living arrangements are harsh.I guess that with this introduction, you can understand why this book is one of the most popular ones among the Breeds’ books.So Del-Ray is some kind of tactical genius, but when he meets Anya he is completely clueless about the Mating Heat (What's that, exactly? Why Anya is keeps throwing things at me? Why does she keep screaming ‘what have you done to me?’, Why I cannot stop wanted her?). As a result, he handles the situation with his mate completely wrongly! Anya thought that Del-Ray was just a friend for many years and he helped her when she needed his help. But shortly after, Anya is kidnapped and later when she cannot handle Del-Ray anymore, she escapes to the wolves for help.Del-Ray screws up big time. From big badass, he transforms to big bad idiot. We even have the first case of divorce between Breeds. Del-Ray and Anya cannot live together and they cannot live apart.The only excuse Del-Ray has is that he and his men have been completely isolated and suspicious and they know as a result so little about the rest of the Breeds.The positive thing that comes from the whole situation between Del-Ray and Anya is that coyotes are forced to truly start communicating with the wolves and get on better with the feline breeds.What I did not like in the book: Coyote Kiowa and his mate Amanda from Soul Deep are not mentioned here, like no Coyote mating has been occurred before. This will be solved in the following books that are featuring coyotes.

  • Julie (jjmachshev)
    2019-04-26 21:10

    Lora Leigh's latest Breed book will singe your fingers and leave you begging for the next story set in her world of hybrid human-animals and the women (and men) they love. "Coyote's Mate" gives readers their first deep look at the Coyote breeds and their similarities and differences from the other Breed groups.Del-Ray is the Coyote Alpha who survived hell, refused to bend to his human 'creators', and fought his way to freedom taking as many of his kind with him as he could manage. When a young sixteen year old human approaches him with information on a Council coyote lab, he's intrigued by her fire and lack of fear. For six years, he and the human work together to weed out traitors and plot a careful raid and Del-Ray becomes enamored and finally possessive of his human. But when he injures her family in the raid and becomes lost to the mating heat, she turns her back on everything he offers.Anya is in love with Del-Ray and has been for several years now. But when she realizes he's been lying to her for six years, she's beyond furious...and hurt. Then the mating heat ambushes both of them and her virginity is lost in the fierce haze of mating lust and she panics. Once her fears subside, she quickly realizes there's nothing she won't do to keep her coyote safe...even if that means breaking his trust in her.Anya intrigued and infuriated me (a lot like she did Del-Ray!) through most of this book. But she does manage to 'put on her big girl panties' and begin acting like a woman and not a child a little less than halfway through the book. Del-Ray is typical of the Alpha breeds, arrogant and clueless about humans...especially human women. Which means that he manages to do just about everything wrong! But it certainly makes for a smoking story.Seriously hot Alpha coyote sex, murder plots, hilarious 'women things' discussions, and a wonderful happily ever after. If you like Lora Leigh, don't miss this one. If you haven't read her really don't know what you're missing!

  • Samantha
    2019-05-03 19:57

    Why do I keep picking up Lora Leigh books? I've never given one of her stories a rating over a 2 and yet, at least once a year, I'll breakdown and buy one of her novels. This is mostly because her futuristic world featuring genetically altered humans (aka Breeds) is fascinating. I always go into her books hoping that this will be the one that I absolutely love, but that never happens. Mostly because the relationships featured in the series are pretty disturbing. I hate how little control the heroine has over her life and body the minute she comes into contact with the hero. But my biggest problem is how the line between consensual and forced sex are extremely blurred due to the "enzyme" the Breeds release that sends both parties into a sexual frenzy. Typically, neither the heroine nor hero want to have sex, but are compelled to due to the "enzyme", which leads to some pretty disturbing sex scenes. My other problem is that every single one of these books, that I've read, relies on the captive heroine trope. So, the stories come off as extremely formulaic.In this one, Anya has been working with Del-Ray for years planning to bring down a company that's been experimenting on coyote breeds. When Anya first approached Del-Ray she only requested one thing from him, that her family (who works at the lab) not be harmed during the take-down. Del-Ray not only breaks this promise to her, but also kidnaps her and unintentionally claims her as his mate. What proceeds is a really disturbing first sex scene, followed by Del-Ray being a rather spectacular ass for the rest of the story. I have to give Anya credit for showing some backbone. Once she's within the Breeds compound she takes Del-Ray to court for his actions and verbally wipes the floor with him. The court eventually rules in her favor, which wins Anya a reprieve from Del-Rey for half a year. However, the points Anya earned for that stunt quickly deteriorated once Del-Ray reappears in the story after his half-year mission/exile. Del-Ray returns from his exile to find Anya has been running his compound extremely well and has gained the respect of almost everyone who works for her. After seeing everything Anya's done, Del-Ray is committed to undermining all her work. He demeans Anya, keeps her in the dark, and essentially just shits all over her. But its supposed to be okay because he's doing it for "her protection" which was such a flimsy and ridiculous excuse for him being a bastard that I got tired of reading about their shenanigans pretty quick. It didn't help that Anya constantly forgave Del-Ray at the drop of a dime and turned into a big ole martyr half-way through the story. All this led to Del-Ray never having to atone for his actions and my wishing that Anya would just take her friends' advice to hightail it on out of that toxic relationship. Hopefully, I will not find myself being lured into picking up another book in this series.

  • Asounani
    2019-05-12 23:40

    Re-Leido /*EDITADO**Realmente una pareja curiosa, creo que cuando lo has leido solo despues de un tiempo le agarras más el gusto (seamos sinceros es el número 18 de 33 si fuiste como yo y los leiste corridos para este momento o estadas cansado o todos te parecen igual oooooo ya abandonaste y lees esto porque te aparecio en el muro), se distruta y es mayormente interesante, es eso o la versión mia de Marzo fue más sinica con el libro porque mi sinopsis anterior fue bastannnnte ambigua, asumire que era porque en ese momento embotada.Tenemos intriga, traición, drama y malentendidos lo que no es nada nuevo en estos libros, pero tambien tenemos profunda lealtad por parte de 'La Coya' sin importar cuantos golpes bajos reciba de su Alfa (compañero, el único como quieran llamarle), confusion y tambien camaderia como no ha habido en otros libros la coya, sus guardaespaldas y sus coyotes rusos demuestan ese lado de hermandad y lealtad, nada común en esta saga, lo cual es refrescante.*Quien diría los últimos capítulos fuerón bastante interesantes.

  • Megan
    2019-05-09 22:00

    Even though I am a big fan of Lora Leigh's Breed series, this particular novel was a disaster. Or at least it was to me. The reader is constantly told how "strong" Anya is, and yet we never see any evidence of it. Ever. She completely let's Del-Rey walk all over her, and the "mating heat" is used as an excuse for this. Instead of standing up for herself, Anya is so overcome by her hormones, she can't help but jump Del-Rey as soon as he says or does something atrociously sexist.In short, the characters exhibit a severe lack of depth, making the reader question the emotion and plot of the entire story. After reading Mercury's War, I cannot put into words my disappointment. I can only hope that Bengal's Heart does not continue down this same path.(And yes, I realize this is erotica -- a genre which is not known for it's riveting storyline. Yet it's a slap in the face to be continuously told the character is this way, or that way, when they most obviously aren't. To me, it portrays an immature writing style.)

  • Celeste
    2019-05-04 19:51

    Loved, loved, loved, Lora Leigh's newest edition to her Breed series! Smoking HOT! It was an absolute roller-coaster ride. You go through an entire gamut of emotions with this one. From anger, to happiness, to shock, to frustration, to relief, to everything in between! I can't say enough about how much I enjoyed this book, there wasn't one thing I would change, except maybe make it longer! If you're a Lora Leigh fan, you won't be disappointed with this one!

  • willaful
    2019-05-14 01:57

    3 1/2 stars. I don't really think it's very good, but I love the suffering!

  • Megan Fall
    2019-05-19 02:02

    Really enjoyed this book. I love the breeds!!!

  • Sammy Loves Books
    2019-05-08 21:02

    **** 3.5 Growling Howling Stars****Del-Rey Delgato, Cougar Breed AlphaFull Review To Come!!

  • GuisBell
    2019-04-28 22:49

    Del Rey Delgado me hiciste sufrir un montón con tu terquedad, y me hiciste pensar en mucha, mucha, mucha violencia contra ti, muchas veces.

  • Ashley
    2019-05-17 23:57

    Lora Leigh continues to reign supreme! I fall more and more in love with this author and her amazing writing with each novel she releases. 'Coyote's Mate' brought forth within me a surge of emotions while satisfying my insatiable need for great erotica. While humor is easy to open within me, bringing tears to my eyes is a much more difficult endeavor. At first I feared that I was going to have to grade 'Coyote's Mate' really low because the hero, Del-Rey, really pissed me off on several occasions and in all honesty I don't believe that he groveled enough for his heroine. Maybe I should revoke my assigned A grade status...? Nah, this book made me cry! It deserves an A. Besides, emotion in the reader is what authors hope to inspire and Lora Leigh did her job splendidly.Anya Korbin is a familiar character in Leigh's large collection of heroines. Young, beautiful, and of course - terrified of the strong and abundant sensations brought upon her by the hero. But Anya was the first heroine, to my knowledge, to truly show the hero what he was losing by way of his ignorance. Raised in the Council Labs by her father, head of security and Breed training, Anya befriended five Coyote females. In hopes of their rescue, Anya contacts the Coyote Ghost, a.k.a. Del-Rey Delgado and Coyote Alpha. At sixteen, first contact is made. It's not until six years later that Anya's hopes finally come to fruition but at a price. Del-Rey's previous promises that he would not kill or harm Anya's father and three cousins unless the outcome of the exraction necessitated it, is tested. Yet when all hell breaks lose, Del-Rey breaks the trust and faith that his previous pledges instilled. Instead, Del-Rey not only unnecessarily shoots Anya's family, not to kill but to wound, but he also kidnaps her and forces her to accept his hormone laced kiss. Plunged ruthlessly into foreign sensations, Anya can't refuse when Del-Rey acts upon the lust riding them both so hard, leaving Anya cold afterward.Now, in the U.S. and at the Wolf compound of Haven, Anya petitions the Breed tribunal for separation from her mate, Del-Rey, a petition that has never before occurred. Claiming that not only can Anya not trust her mate, but that her emotions and willpower have been raped by the mating heat and thereby taking away her rational. Granted: Anya will receive one year to acclimate to her new role as Coya to the Coyote Breed and mate to Alpha Del-Rey Delgado.Now eight months later, Del-Rey misses his mate and is ready to fully claim her. The agreement never stated in writing the full amount of time for acclimation. Back at Base, Del-Rey has arrived to claim what's his whether Anya is ready or not.The hurt of Del-Rey's betrayal has receded for the most part over the last eight months and Anya's heart no longer feels like it's breaking in two. Except the ever present cold that had seeped into her bones since Del-Rey's enforcer position had taken him away from her has become more than she can bear. Reconciled to the fact that they needed to work things out, Anya stays on Base for Del-Rey's arrival as opposed to transferring to Haven each time before.And of course when these two get heated up they scorch the sheets in bed. Del-Rey is quite the lover and he certainly makes up for the pain of their first time. But his arrogance soon seeps into their burgeoning courtship. Bound and determined to protect Anya at all costs, Del-Rey feels that by publicly rejecting Anya as his Coya he will keep assassins at bay. It's a known fact that the high ranking wives and lovers of the Breeds are the most targeted. Of course he'll be sure that in private Anya knows her true place and that she will slowly come to understand his decision and agree that her protection is what's most important. Boy does his plan backfire and it's very outcome brought this reader to tears.Publicly rejected, Anya becomes known amongst the Breed as Del-Rey's whore. His systematic rescission of all rights and duties once held as the Coya allows suspicion and separation to brew within the Coyotes at Base. Left only to be a glorified housekeeper, Anya's bright light within her soul has begun to grow dark with pain. And as disrespect is thrown her way and tempers snap, Anya soon finds herself in a very dangerous situation and a physical altercation takes place with one of Del-Rey's Coyote soldiers. Del-Rey's ignorance had created a conspiracy of betrayal within his ranks against Anya for surely no Coyote Alpha would reject his mate unless she had done something truly wrong to deserve it.Broken hearted once again and physically hurt, Anya flees with her bodyguards to finish one last task that will probably leave her locked in cell forever. Going against her Alpha's express orders, Anya has gone behind his back to contact two Council scientists that she worked with in the Russian labs. The genetics of the Coyote Breed are just different enough from Wolf to make treatment of them difficult and sometimes life threatening. Thinking ahead and the possibility of a child, Anya wants to make sure that Base and the Coyotes have their own qualified medical staff. But this is something that Del-Rey can't allow because the only thing that he hates more than humans is human Council scientists. Having put a bullet in every previously known Coyote scientist, Anya, fearing their lives, asks Alpha Wolf Gunnar to grant them asylum and housing at Haven. Asylum granted. But when personal contact is made by Anya, a traitor shows himself and his plans aren't pleasant.Some of my favorite characters in 'Coyote's Mate' were Anya's hilarious but brutally loyal female Coyote bodyguards, Sharone, Emma, and Ashley. While as Breeds, one would assume that one of their kind would hold the rank as leader, but it's the little human Anya that leads this pack of fierce ladies. But it's not only her leadership that the girls need, it's Anya's companionship and sheer light that she's brought to their lives. Horribly abused in the labs, Anya promised the then young girls dressed in rags, that she would make sure that one day they would wear pretty clothes, have nice beds to sleep on, and good food to eat. It's the fact that Anya kept her promises even though those very same promises could have brought upon her death.On the other hand, Del-Rey is not my favorite Leigh hero, but in the end he did make sure that things were put to rights again for his mate. Oh, and I forgot, he does get down on his knees at one point. But still, he was cruel in his complete ignorance of what Anya needed. Some of this was of course due to his Council lab upbringing but he really did piss me off a number of times. Ms. Leigh does dangle the bait for this obsessed reader at the end of the novel with a glimpse of our next hero: one very sexy Bengal and his mate Cassa, a journalist. His story, 'Bengal's Heart', is scheduled to release this August.'Coyote's Mate' was a fabulous addition to Lora Leigh's Breeds and I can't wait for the next installment.

  • Zeek
    2019-05-01 00:52

    You know the kind of book that so good it wraps you in a thick blanket of warm fuzzies so that even when you put the book down your so consumed with the story it's difficult to focus? Coyote's Mate is one such book.If you've read Leigh's Wolf Breed book, Aiden's Charity, you've already been introduced to the hero/heroine in this book.At that time, Del Rey, Alpha of the Coyotes, needed the wolf breeds' Doctor to check on his woman exhibiting strange symptoms. Since the coyotes have isolated themselves from the other breeds, they have no idea that Del Rey's woman is in fact in heat, until Aiden informs him of the phenomenon known only to a select few of the genetically enhanced creatures known as Breeds. Once Del Rey realizes that Anya is his mate- the one woman to complete him- the pieces start coming together for the stubborn coyote.Coyote's Mate occurs before and a little after these events and continues Anya & Del Rey's story, following them through some intense personal struggles.Anya's been intrigued by the silent, deadly coyote breed Del Rey, nicknamed the Coyote Ghost, since the age of sixteen when she approached him for help in rescuing the coyote breeds being held captive in a Russian compound. Though Anya's the daughter of the scientists who work for the big bads who keep the breed imprisoned, she knows what is happening to the coyote's is wrong and she means to do something about it- with or without the enigmatic breed's help.When Anya makes contact with Del Rey in a seedy bar, he thinks she's a fool and dismisses her immediately. But something about her draws him and he eventually agrees to help her, if her story doesn't prove false.Years later, Anya is still waiting for their ultimate rescue. Although the Coyote Ghost has pulled some of the breeds from the fire of captivity, he hasn't finished the job. When she questions him for the final time, little does she know that he's planning the mission for that very day- and that he means to take her captive in the process. (Much loved by the people of the compound in Russia, especially by those of her family, Del Rey knows they will not fight if Anya is with him.)Afterward, she of course cannot believe the man she trusted all those years, betrayed her in such a way. After all, he promised to pull her family out too. When he leaves them behind, wounded but alive, she vows in her heart to never forgive him, even though some mighty strange things are happening in her body that she knows is somehow tied to the hard-nosed breed.When the Coyotes arrive in America, and Haven, the wolf breed compound, discovers their existence, Anya formerly requests a separation from her mate. A consul is convened to decide what to do and after some deliberation they agree to the separation, even though it is unprecedented. Del Rey, upset and unsure what to do about his mate's reticence, agrees to stay away for one year, but he knows full well after that time he's coming for her- reticence be damned.He lasts eight months and in that time Anya has grown into the leader she's meant to become. She has learned to administer the bunch of breeds who live at Base, the coyote compound, even though the lot of them tend toward laziness while in down time.When Del Rey arrives back at Base it doesn't take long for Anya's mating heat to make a reappearance, despite the fact she's been on hormone supplements to keep a lid on the worst of the mating heat symptoms.Anya loves Del Rey with all her heart and she's working to get over her mate's previous betrayals but when he- the man who shares such intimacy and claims she is the soul of one who everyone thought had no soul- refuses to give her the official ceremony that will make her his Coya, the mated second of his pack, Anya has had enough.Oh, she sticks around for much longer than she should have, imo, and even goes back to his bed- because she cannot deny the other part of her heart. But when the coyotes start dividing and a breed close to Del Rey makes it painfully evident they don't trust her, she decides its time to leave.Still, Anya has one last thing to take care of despite her mate's refusal to grant her demands for the breeds at Base. She has to get to the people who know the coyote's best, the scientists left behind in Russia, because more than anything the Coyote's need their own doctor- those who knows their physiology which is so different from the other breeds- and little does she know that she will need them most of all.In the meantime, a group of men are doing their best to break the back of the Breed alliance the three groups of breeds are working toward. (Feline, Wolf & Coyote.) And they mean to do so, by breaking the most vulnerable- the Coyote Alpha.Will her sacrifice make the difference or will Del Rey's stubbornness be the end of both of them as well as the breed alliance?I cannot tell you how much I enjoyed this story. Both characters are wonderfully defined and it's very easy to get a grasp on them. At different times I wanted to wring Del Rey's neck, even though he thought he was doing what was best for his mate, and at other times he just melted my heart. Long told that the coyote's had no soul, it made for some uber romantic reading when he finally realized he did- and it was Anya who held it.He does some stupid things under the guise of protecting her from his enemies and it made me cry and then rail at her as well for giving in to him so often. But, in the end, she does make a stand. Anya's growth throughout the story is seamless and a joy to watch.Heart wrenching and sensual, this book is a romance lovers dream. 5 out of 5 from me! If your following Leigh's Breeds, you won't be disappointed with this one.

  • Catherine
    2019-04-30 01:54

    4.5 StarsThis is one of my favorite stories in the Breed series. I think one of the big things that fixes my attention on it is the fact that it is so unlike the other books in the series so far. Anya and Del-Rey mated, but due to his manipulations, and her her rage about said manipulations, ended up granted an official order of separation from the breed council. This was the first order of its kind and although it didn't please Del-Rey, it gave Anya some much needed breathing room.I didn't always agree with Anya and thought she could be occasionally petty, but I totally got where she was coming from and why she wanted the separation. Fated mates have always rested uneasily with me because the issue of consent seems so murky to me. When you're compelled by a hormone to be in each other's company and have sex, it makes me kind of uncomfortable and always leaves me with a little niggling doubt about whether it was love or the character just giving up the fight that made them so accepting of the relationship. It's especially pronounced in this series because the heroine is the one that feels the actual pain and agony of denying the relationship. The guys are affected, but nowhere near as bad, and it doesn't pain them to touch other people, so they do have other options. Because of this setup, I found it refreshing to see an installment in the series where the heroine refused to submit and took her power back. She may not have been able to undo the mating, but it was completely in her hands to dissolve the separation.Del-Rey screwed up a lot and Anya was left to suffer for it, but I was fine with it because he was genuinely in the dark about how his actions would turn out. They both grew to honestly care about each other and I admit that I got a dark satisfaction out of seeing Del-Rey completely upset over Anya refusing to fight and giving him exactly what he wanted. I have to be honest and admit that I get complete satisfaction out of watching characters crumble once they're given exactly what they've been demanding--no matter how stupid it is. We are introduced to a ton of great side characters in this one and I really enjoyed getting to walk on the dark side of this series and actually get to see a coyote romance. There seems to be fewer sex scenes in this one than a lot of the earlier ones, but that provides a nice opportunity for the tension to ramp up for a change. Plus, as I said before, it gives us a chance to actually see these characters work through some issues and grow to know each other.The only reason I dropped the grade from a straight 5 stars is because for some reason the author felt the need to throw in a completely unnecessary (and intrusive) section at the very end of the book to show Anya and Del-Rey having sex one more time, but this time with butt play and spanking. It felt completely jarring when you consider the rest of the story. I really wish that had been cut because it served no purpose and didn't fit with any of their earlier intimacy.

  • Alex is The Romance Fox
    2019-05-11 00:44

    I absolutely love the Coyote Breeds and I am so happy to see the development of their community. Great plot development. Kick butt action and oh so very hot, smoldering explicit sex. But it’s more than that….it’s the two mc’s in this story that worked for me and not forgetting the three female coyotes…I adored adored Ashley……………Del-Ray & Anya are a formidable couple. This is no helpless female. She’s strong, independent, loyal, loving….I mean, she’s the Coya and she can run Haven, the Coyote community, very well on her own!!!!!!!! The author just brings these characters to life and they seem to weave their way into my heart.Loved the dialogue and the connection between the Breeds. Discovering more secrets and meeting known characters and new ones as well is such a bonus for me.Erotic, funny, powerful, intriguing. Can’t wait for the next book.

  • Anya
    2019-04-23 18:47

    The only reason I want to read this book is because the h and I share the first name. Yeah, I'm shallow like that. :')

  • Fre06 Begum
    2019-04-25 18:43

    Loved this! It had so much passion love and loyalty between the main leads but the friendships between the female lead and her three coyote bodyguards was just the sweetest

  • Heather
    2019-04-23 23:56

    Initially, I thought I would really like Coyote’s Mate. I suppose that I did, in one sense. It’s certainly a roller coaster of a story.Anya Kobrin meets Del-Ray Delgado at a bar in Russia when she’s sixteen. She works in a lab with Coyote Breeds but is secretly working to free them. She works with Del-Ray, as long as he promises not to harm her friends and family when he goes to break out the coyotes. He promises her, but fully intends to break that promise. And he does. He doesn’t kill anyone, but he does shoot her family up and wounding them. He has his reasons, some valid, some not so much but even at this point in the story, I was okay with Del-Ray. He seemed smart. I was wrong.After the rescue, Del-Ray kidnaps Anya and ends up mating with her unintentionally, not knowing what he has done. Anya is in love with Del-Ray and has been for years, but the fact that he betrayed her hurts her deeply and it takes her quite a while to forgive him. The mating heat only complicates matters, as it makes her body long for his touch but her heart is another matter. The angst that permeates 90% of this story, consequently made the sexy stuff come across as somewhat disturbing to me. At times I felt like I was reading some kind of psycho-sexual horror novel or something. It was hot but at the same time, almost kind of gross. LL tends to be over the top in that regard though.Once Del-Ray learns that Anya is his mate, he quickly develops into an irrational, over-bearing, arrogant a-hole. Anya wants none of it, and requests a separation from him from the Breed Council, who have never issued such a separation before. They grant it, and Anya is given a year of reprieve from her Alpha, but works as his coya (alpha female) running his military base while he is away on a mission. She excels at this and is given the respect of all the other coyote’s who respect her as their alpha’s mate. Then Del-Ray returns 4 months early and proceeds to sh*t all over everything that Anya has done, and even takes away her title as his coya, thinking he is protecting her and keeping her from being a target. Essentially, Anya has to ask his permission to do anything, which is humiliating and upsetting to her, because she realizes that he doesn’t see her as his equal. As a character, Anya was alright. She wasn’t exactly consistent in her behavior at all times but who is? For some reason her martyrdom act after Del-Ray returned and took over, didn’t bother me so much, when I could see it doing so in other books. I think its because Del-Ray was so stupid and stubborn that the only way she could get through to him was by accepting everything that he wanted, so that he could see how tortured and unhappy she was. Del-Ray was probably one of the most irrational and arrogant “alpha” males LL has created so far. We get his perspective which is nice, because if we didn’t, I highly doubt that anyone would like his character. Getting to see where he was coming from was a definite plus, and kept me from totally outright hating him, because he was trying to do everything to protect his coya. BUT at the same time, I don’t think that’s love. And honestly, his paranoia and the constant rehashing of the same issues over and over got annoying and repetitive after a while. He just didn’t come across as alpha to me, but more as a teenage boy abusing his power and making everyone on the base feel miserable. And while he comes around in the end after nearly losing her because of his bad choices and decisions, it wasn’t quite enough for me. I wanted to see him suffer more and maybe even step down from his position as alpha. Overall, this book isn’t terrible, I just get sick of the same kinds of conflict over and over with this series, with the same kinds of tiresome characters that grate on my nerves after a while. I think LL needs to step it up and actually make things happen…bad and good.

  • Jim son of Jim (formerly PhotoJim)
    2019-04-26 20:58

    This is my first Lora Leigh book (I might have read a Blaze or two) and I'm just not sure how to take it. The story is that of Anya and Del Rey. Anya is a young human that is kidnapped by Del Rey (a Coyote Breed Alpha) and forced to be his mate. How they work together and how they overcome the roadblocks each throws in the path of their relationship is what the book is supposed to be about. However, the Coyote breeds are also waging a war with the world at large. This is the far more interesting story. As far as the writing style goes, I hated the choppy stilted transitions from one thing that didn't matter to another thing that did. It's almost as if after reading the rough cut lines were put back in to explain how they got from point A to point B with no further transition.As for the sex scenes... First, there are quite a number of them. Second, I'm not really into the animal sex thing. I think I'll just leave it at that.To summarize, I liked the story, but not the writing style or sex scenes.

  • Ang -PNR Book Lover Reviews
    2019-04-27 01:56

    Where do i begin?? This is another Fantastic read in the Breeds series!! Yes Del-Rey is an ass, but he is an Ass you love!!Anya, Freaking kicked As in this one, she was awesome. The best Coya.. I love her girls Sharone,Ashley and Emma They were Damn good, I hope they all get a story!!Even Brim, Oh i Liked him!!There were lots of ups and downs, alot of downs but a great story fantastic HEA!! So many funny moments.."cuddle bunny""I have,Del-Rey?Slam, Bam, knot you ma'am it sucked."LMAO!! Anya was a blast!!But They had a great bond with each other they just had to get threw all the BS!!!"I love you, Del-Rey,"she whispered sleepily."with all my soul."I about Screamed when she got shot, and then before that when Jax was being a dick towards her, and Del-Rey!! But It all worked out thank god..."I love you Anya,"he said "You are my soul"So damn good!! Loved, i cried i laughed and got so mad,what a ride!!!Cant wait to read the next one :)...

  • Cristina
    2019-05-11 22:01

    Decent read. I've read the previous books (at least most of them) and this one was slightly better than the others. However, it does get repetitive at times. (You've been warned) So if you've read the others, there's really nothing extraordinary about this one.

  • Denise H.
    2019-05-08 20:03

    Lora Leigh has this whole Breed series that is fabulous ! Love the amazing characters, action packed tales, and awesome hot sexiness ! You will love this paranormal, futuristic concept and be hooked like I am. I've read them all, and loved each one. Highly recommend ! ENJOY !!!

  • Paloma Beck
    2019-05-20 21:45

    If I had to choose, I would say that Lora Leigh's Coyote’s Mate is my favorite Breed book. I read all of the Breed books, one immediately after the other, over the span of six weeks. I started in order (always recommend you do that with a series!!) with the Ellora's Cave books which were steamy, had a basic premise that held me but the story was woven around sex scenes as opposed to the sex scenes being integrated into the story. Still, yummy reads – I can’t deny I didn’t eat them up. But then came a change in the publishing company and Lora Leigh’s Breed books focused more on the story of the Breeds, their pasts, their struggles, their need to build a community and be accepted. I really liked this shift since it draws the reader more into the characters... and Coyote's Mate became my favorite because it has a unique storyline with strong, real characters including a few hilarious girlfriends to make you laugh. The story of Del-Ray and Anya gives readers their first look at the Coyote Breeds with their similarities and differences from the other Breed groups. Finally the Coyote Breeds are taking their place beside the Feline & Wolf Breeds at Haven, one of the protected Breed communities. Yummy coyotes!I can’t help myself; I need a strong Alpha Hero (who knows how to love his woman). While Del-Rey is far from my favorite of Lora Leigh’s heroes, he is a strong alpha male. Though his arrogance is like other Breed males, his disregard for his mate’s needs at times is unprecedented. I was angry with him throughout the book but assumed his struggles with assimilating into a loving relationship are because of his early life in the Council lab. Still, Del-Ray defines “stupid male”.Del-Ray is the Coyote Alpha who survived Council captivity and now rescues others. When Anya approaches him with information on a Council coyote lab, he works with her to eliminate any traitors and plan a raid while steadily growing attached and possessive of her. But as a typical Alpha Breed, Del-Ray’s arrogance and cluelessness about women leads him to do just about everything wrong. Herein lies the premise of the entire book.How stupid is he? Let me count the ways… first, he lies to her, then he mates with her so forcefully that she is terrified, injures her father, kidnaps her and steals her virginity. Then he leaves her with his pack only to return and claim her, denounces her as his mate and Coya, but expects her to act as his mate in private. This is the part of the story when I threw the book across the room only to quickly pick it up again because the book has great action and mystery which I love. I can’t help myself; I want action, mystery and suspense. Coyote’s Mate has it all. The story moved fast and every page was a turn in their love story.I can’t help myself; I need to feel the love to love the book. Despite everything they go through, the reader can sense the connection and love between Del-Ray and Anya. Anya is similar to many of Leigh's heroines... young, beautiful, and of course, she’s overwhelmed by the loss of control brought on by the mating heat. But here’s what I loved about her: Anya was the first heroine to stand up to the hero for what she believed in and was willing to walk away to stay true to herself. Her strength was amazing, helping to free the Breeds, stepping into the role of Coya and fighting for her mate while still doing what is right. I found myself wondering if I could’ve been as strong as she was. Anya intrigued me. And I figured if any woman can deal with a man like Del-Ray it would be her.Hot alpha sex, murder plots, suspense, good secondary characters, quick action, the full emotional spectrum and a happily ever after - it’s all here. I blog at http://guiltyindulgencebookclub.blogs...

  • Sharon ∞❥ is an emotional book junkie ❥∞
    2019-04-23 18:07

    Carrying on my "Disclaimer":"See, here's the problem...I have a love/hate relationship with the Breed books. I really need more plot than porn sex and I was ready to cross this series off my list but my bff, V, told me to give her four favorite books a chance and I'm glad I listened to her."I've been posting that on all the book's V has told me to read and so far she's batting 3 for 3! Wtg V!! For this book, we have Del-Rey who is the Coyote Alpha but at the beginning of the book, he is known as Ghost. He's out searching for coyote breeds still in the labs when Anya shows up with some information. Del-Ray hardly gives her the time of day since she is only sixteen but there is just something about her. They have contact now and then and a few years later, he realizes she his mate. Finally when she is twenty two, he proceeds with the information she gave him, betraying her and pretty harshly takes her as his mate. She can't forgive him and his coldness and files to have a petition of separation. This book was pretty emotional. I really felt bad for Anya most of the time but it would seem like she of all people would have a better understanding of how coyote breeds are. They were breed to have most of their humanity taken away and to be manipulative and cunning. How could she expect the Alpha to be any less. Poor Del-Rey is confused about most of his feelings concerning Anya and what to do with her. But I really enjoyed them together and I liked seeing them learning about each other. I really enjoyed Anya's bodyguards...all four female coyotes. They each have distinct personalities and I couldn't help but try to figure out any angles for future story lines! There were also some interesting male coyotes as well. Brim, Cavalier and Jax were my three favorites. The plot was okay as far as someone being out to assassinate Anya and cause a war. Mainly, it just made me feel really sad for the coyotes and how they lived. I'm glad Anya was taking care of things. Besides that, I really enjoyed it. This one was a bit heavy on the cheesy sex terms than the previous two I read but all in all much better than the earlier books. And Yay for the epilogue!Favorite quotes:♦ “Hmm,” Hope murmured. “Dash is put out. He must not have gotten his memo either.”♥ “I love you, Anya,” he said. “You are my soul.”

  • Hollie
    2019-05-14 01:57

    ~ 3.5stars ~The pros:* The secondary characters were great* Once the sex started it was steamyThe cons:* I tired of the heroine constantly fighting her bond to her mate* 22 year old book virgin (although she wasn’t the annoying book virgin type...thankfully) It just felt unrealistic*There were some long spells where I felt it were too political - a lot of time was spent discussing Breed Laws etc. but it seemed to be too much. This book was 368 pages long and it almost felt "too long" at times. Lots of spells with little to nothing happening. * I was left wanting more between the hero and heroine - they really didn’t spend much time together other than getting it on - it left me feeling a lack of connection to them as a couple. Overall, it was a pretty good. Nothing unexpected, out of the ordinary in this genre etc. but it made for a nice hot paranormal read.

  • Michael
    2019-05-03 19:57

    I was somewhat disappointed with this entry in the breed novel series. The writing felt rushed, the plot contrived. I didn't find Del Rey's miscalculation of how is coya (Anya) would be mistreated by his soldiers after his rejection very believable. He's the alpha, after all, and should have been aware of many of the consequences of that rejection. I think it would have made for a better story if someone close to Del Rey convinced him that these consequences wouldn't of happened and then turned out to be the traitor. That, I would have believed.I also felt some of the erotica missed the mark. Lora Leigh is gifted when it comes to graphic sex scenes but these came off as stock sexual encounters. "I've seen these before" kept ringing through my head as I read them, although it was interesting to see a little BDSM introduced at the end to freshen things up a little.

  • Marialys Scarano Rodríguez
    2019-05-09 18:52

    Hablando de relaciones tormentosas. Mal entendido tras falta de comunicación más ninguna empatía entre ellos terminan en una locura de "relación".La mitad del libro es ella odiándolo y él odiándose pero no por la misma razón, luego hay un cambio sin motivo aparente -madurez, quizás- y ella quiere intentar una verdadera relación, para surgir otros problemas que por miedo al amor y al compromiso -que aunque se respetan, y es el prototipo de héroe- llevó a una serie de situaciones donde la heroína es "fuerte" pero termina cediendo y perdonándole todo a DelRey. ¿La situación con Sofía era necesaria? Creo que ya Anya y DelRey tenían suficiente, y ¿Brim? nunca lo comprendí. Amo a la doc.

  • Renee (Reneem1)
    2019-04-21 22:55

    This wasn't fun to read.The male & his choices were frustrating and hurtful.There was some touching/sad moments...that weren't fun to read but were written well.Delray/Anya (couple)Delray realized the errors of his ways & made up for them in the end.However it is hard to read 90% of book as one way...and only 10% at end happy.Anya was turned away & not given her due the whole book...she is fighting to prover herself.She is a victim in so many ways even though she is a strong woman.Hard to read that.

  • Dani
    2019-04-27 18:09

    Great continuation of the Breeds.. Del-Ray was such an ass for most of the book! But I'm glad everything turned out good! I forgot how long her books can be..and after reading so many in a row.. they all seem the same after awhile..especially the sex scenes. I may take a break from her for a few books and then come back to Bengal's Heart.. the teaser in the epilogue was good!

  • April
    2019-05-13 18:10

    I have been waiting for this book as well!! Anya and Del are a super hot couple!!! Really liked the story arc and all the wonderful steamy scenes!! I can not wait for more coyote breed books!! They are the bad boys of the breeds world and what girl can resist trying to reform a bad boy!!