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The two ghost boys, Wilbur and Mortimer become bored with no-one to haunt, and so they decide to go to school. Pandemonium reigns in Wilbur's class for the first few days, but he eventually makes himself visible and becomes an accepted member of the class....

Title : Ghosts Who Went to School
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ISBN : 9780590428590
Format Type : Paperback
Number of Pages : 10 Pages
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Ghosts Who Went to School Reviews

  • Juli
    2019-04-23 01:01

    I love old books. Any sort. And there are few places better to troll for great old books than thriftshops. A couple times a month I set out with $5 or so in my pocket to visit all the local thriftshops looking for interesting books. Some of my best finds are old, often out of print, middle grade books...the type I used to beg my parents to buy for me from those book order forms in elementary school. I am in total nostalgic bliss when I find a bunch of old Scholastic books. I bring them home and read them, then donate the books to my local library. They resell them at their book sales I'm sure....then someone else gets to enjoy them! The library makes money to buy new books and someone else gets to enjoy a great kid's book! Win-win!My latest find is a Scholastic book, Ghosts Who Went to School, first printed in 1966, with a reprint in 1989. I checked and although the book is currently out of print, it is readily available to purchase online. I found prices ranging from 33 cents plus postage to $5.49 with free shipping. So, not expensive. My copy was well loved with three children's names scrawled on the inside of the front cover, dutifully crossed out when the book passed to a new owner. I hope they all enjoyed the story as much as I did!Ghosts Who Went to School was written by Judith Spearing. The book has a follow up, The Museum House Ghosts. The Author just passed away in January 2017 and is fondly remembered for her two children's books.The basics: Wilbur and Mortimer Temple are ghosts. They live in the old Temple House, the abandoned old house that everyone says is haunted (because it is!). Their mother and father live there too...a happy, ghost family. But, the boys are bored. Haunting the same house day after day can get a little tiresoome. They decide to go to school. Wilber joins Mrs. Hartley's third grade class. While he means well, having an invisible student in class can be disruptive. When Mrs. Hartley grades Wilbur's first spelling test she finds his spelling is atrocious so she knows even ghost boys need to be in school. They reach an agreement. Wilbur must be visible for roll call and while he is answering questions in class,but he can be invisible the rest of the time as long as it isn't disruptive to the other students. So Wilbur and Mortimer blend right in, despite the fact that they're ghosts. Can they also solve the problem of the local bank that wants to sell their house?The story is well-written and incredibly cute. Wilbur's classmates accept him and like having him as part of their class. Mortimer enjoys school as well. They get into a bit of trouble, but never for being mean-spirited. They help non-athletic kids make points in basketball, assist classmates with math and do a bit of invisible gardening to scare bankers. Nothing mean or destructive. It's just a happy, age appropriate story. This would be a great book for kids in 2nd to 5th grade. Lots of humor and great lessons! The book has cute illustrations as well.This is a book I think Scholastic should reprint again. Kids at my son's elementary would love this story! Now that I've reviewed it, my copy is going to our local library. I hope that soon it has a 4th name scrawled on the inside of the front cover and gets many more readings before it wears out! It definitely gave me a couple hours of joy. There's nothing like a happy, entertaining children's book! A fun, happy read!!I'm now on the look-out for the second book -- The Museum House Ghosts. I want to read about the other adventures of Wilbur and Mortimer!

  • Chelsea
    2019-04-29 01:10

    The story is very entertaining and wonderful for children from grades third to fifth. The ghost Wilbur attends school and all kinds of interesting things happen!I own the original version published in 1966. I bought the book because I thought the story would be fun to read. The catch? I lived in Puerto Rico and my English skills were very, very limited. :-) So, I actually didn't read the book until years later after I had moved to the United States.I am a collector of children's books.

  • Christina
    2019-04-28 01:00

    This was one of my favorite books growing up and also was one of my Mom's favorite books growing up. I read this book so many times cause it was just so imaginative, playful, and laugh out loud funny. Mortimer and Wilbur try so hard to fit in at their school and yet time and time again they cause scenes. I'm an author now, but this book inspired me at a young age to start writing paranormal.

  • Karin
    2019-04-28 23:55

    Loved this book. A story about a family of ghosts. The younger of the 2 sons is bored at home and so goes with his older brother to school one day. He has to learn to make himself visable and stay that way so teachers will see him. He goes to gr. 3 and has fun adventures with the kids. Not scary at all. I can't believe i never added this book in yet.

  • Claire Botman
    2019-05-05 01:55

    This is one of my favorite books from my own childhood (it was published in 1966!) and I remember being quite touched by Wilbur and his adventures, but my kids were not interested at all, I think too many other wonderful books to compete with. Off to the new school library because I don't want to forget it.

  • Becky H.
    2019-05-16 18:52

    Fun book to read to your children!One of my husband's favorite books from his childhood. He read it out loud to our children and I was very surprised at how much they loved it. They could follow the storyline and even tell me what I had missed on the evenings that I worked late.

  • Heidi
    2019-05-02 19:12

    I won't talk about the plot of this book because other people have done so also I don't want to ruin the suspense for people who have not read it.I will just say that I first read this book when I was about 10 years old and I really enjoyed it. Just very funny and very cute.

  • Swankivy
    2019-05-11 02:03

    So I read this as a child and enjoyed the sort of Casper the Friendly Ghost feeling it had. There was really no spookiness or anything except that Wilbur and his brother Mortimer happen to be ghosts and they decide they should go to school instead of just haunting their house with their ghost mom and ghost dad. Wilbur can make himself visible if he wants to, but it's something of a strain, so having to think about that and about being "normal" is very difficult and it's not long before his secret is discovered. Imagine how cool it is when the class is accepting of their new ghost student! Besides that, the ghost brothers have to deal with being from an earlier generation and trying to learn about how to be friends with today's kids.Most of the story is just fun little vignettes about being a ghost and having sort of a supernatural version of the outsider experience, and starting a new chapter was more like reading a new short story than continuing a cohesive story, but there were some common threads and I think I remember Wilbur having to pretend to be a living child for a while for the benefit of a substitute teacher or something. The episodic feel is good for kids who have recently made it into chapter books and aren't likely to read it all in one sitting.

  • Julie Decker
    2019-04-23 20:12

    Mortimer and Wilbur are ghost children who decide it would be better for them to go to school instead of just haunting the old house with ghost Mom and ghost Dad. Wilbur pretends to be a living child--he can make himself visible if he concentrates--but his secret is soon found out. Happily, the class does not reject him, and he goes on to pursue his education in the afterlife. The book follows the stories of the siblings trying to have an everyday experience despite being ghosts from an earlier generation, and even though there are some spooky pranks and some hangups, these kids get to learn a lot about life in spite of being dead.The chapters are short and somewhat independent of each other--great for children who won't read it in one sitting--and the ghost children's quest for acceptance is authentically rendered and enjoyable.

  • Linda
    2019-05-06 20:00

    This was a fun story about a family of ghosts where the two ghost children are bored so they are allowed to go to school if they avoid standing out. When I read it aloud to my two youngest siblings, they didn't want me to stop when I was going hoarse.

  • Sarah
    2019-04-29 23:08

    I adored this book as a kid. I don't even know how I came to own a tattered copy from the '60s, but I read and reread it. I think I liked the anachronistic way the ghost family lived compared to the "modern" world around them.

  • R.
    2019-05-01 20:52

    Saw this on the shelf at the Friends of the Library book sale room - smiled in acknowledgement of childhood reading and then thought: But it couldn't have been that good if it took me 25+ years and serendipitous shelving in order for me to recall its existence.

  • Dee-Ann
    2019-05-03 00:49

    Got this book from school bookclub, many years ago. This was so much fun.

  • Amber Hodges
    2019-05-06 18:50

    I found this book at my house and I had never even seen it before. It was okay, not a great story but it was a good quick read.

  • Shannon
    2019-05-01 18:59

    I read this in elementary school and loved it. I haven't been able to get my own kids interested.

  • Holly
    2019-04-22 19:04

    I remember this book from elementary school. I bought it on Amazon and re-read it to AJ. It is cute! I can't believe it hasn't been made into a movie.

  • Devi
    2019-05-09 01:02

    A very cute story for its age group. I liked the illustrations as well.

  • CindyLulu
    2019-05-06 00:59

    Very delightful story. Found a very old edition in my aunt's basement while on vacation. Simple but very creative storytelling!

  • Anita
    2019-05-14 18:51

    Very cute children's book. I borrowed this book from an elementary school teacher and forgot to give it back... I still love to read it from time to time.

  • Kristy
    2019-04-19 19:08

    Yet another one that was read to me as a child! Good memories are tied to this book!