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A stunning debut by first time novelist Kevin Brooks, this riveting black comedy wowed readers and reviewers alike. Now in a dynamic new Kevin Brooks repackaging!Meet Martyn Pig. His name may be bad, but his life is worse.Martyn's life is miserable, and it always has been. His mother is gone. His father hates him. But at least things can't get any worse. Or so he thought.WA stunning debut by first time novelist Kevin Brooks, this riveting black comedy wowed readers and reviewers alike. Now in a dynamic new Kevin Brooks repackaging!Meet Martyn Pig. His name may be bad, but his life is worse.Martyn's life is miserable, and it always has been. His mother is gone. His father hates him. But at least things can't get any worse. Or so he thought.When his father dies in a sudden accident, Martyn realizes that for the first time in his life, he has a choice. Sure, he could report what happened - and move in with his horrible Aunty Jean. Or he could get rid of the body and move on with the rest of his life. So Martyn comes up with a foolproof plan to hide the body. Hey, what could go wrong?...

Title : Martyn Pig
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Martyn Pig Reviews

  • Lisa
    2019-05-21 22:51

    Kevin Brooks! How does your mind work? That question remains, even though I am not as shell shocked as after reading The Bunker Diary, and felt the strong urge to try something else by Brooks. Martyn Pig conveniently fell into my hands. Well, it doesn't leave me raving in the same way. It is a good teenage book about mystery, guilt, and growing up, but where The Bunker Diary showed a complete micro cosmos of a brutal world, Martyn Pig just plays on bizarre choices and strange turns.It is very well-written, though, and some scenes are hilarious, so I'd say it is a worthwhile read.The most interesting thought expressed at several points in the story is the philosophical question of what is right and what is wrong. The teenage characters agree that as long as you don't hurt anybody, what you yourself think is right can't be wrong - as long as you don't get caught! Probably one of the oldest teenage mantras in the world, - and it leaves the adult reader with the question: how do you decide what is hurtful to others and what not? Disposing of the dead body of your father, blackmailing your girlfriend, stealing from a younger, vulnerable friend, is that all right if you don't get caught?And caught by WHOM? Obviously the teenagers get caught by each other, so the question of right and wrong is only valid if you apply it to the established order of the adult world (parents, relatives, police, social services).A strange book indeed, that leaves you thinking about the values we take for granted. I find it rather brutal as a teenage story, but then again, as I learned in Gaiman's perfect reflection on childhood fears, The Ocean at the End of the Lane, children live their own secret lives that they carefully hide from their parents not to hurt or scare them!Scary thought!

  • Jazmin
    2019-04-28 03:11

    Martyn Pig is about a young teenage boy (17 years old) named Martyn Pig who is very lonely and isolated from the world.He is the only child who lives with a single parent, and usually that parent is the mom. But for Martyn it's the opposite.Martyn's mother died, and because of this he had to live with his father.But there is a twist to this,and that is that Martyn thinks his father is a drunk moron. He doesn't care about Martyn and he is abusive.Martyn wakes up every day to bear cans and cigarettes all over the floor, and he comes home from school with screams and threats thrown at him from his father. One day Martyn gets sick and tired of it and does something that was going to change his life forever. Martyn was watching television one day and was interupted by his drunk father. They soon got into a altercation and Martyn's father punched him in the head. Martyn then flipped out and accidently killed his father with his bare hands. He doesn't get aressted or charged for murder.But Martyn does many things with the body to cover his death and he continues on with his life as if nothing happened.Martyn now has to deal with the guilt that his father is gone because of him. I recommend this book to people who like surprises and are interested in realistic mysterious type books.This book kept me wanting to know more and I'm sure it will for you.

  • Morrighan Cybelle
    2019-05-18 22:19

    WHAT THE HELL! I had to read this book for school! FOR SCHOOLSchool: school is an institution designed for the teaching of students (or "pupils") under the direction of teachers.So why the hell are they teaching me that MURDER is NOT something BAD if you don't get caught?! WHAT THE HELL SERIOUSLY!!I mean many books are not the best influence but for someone to write a book for TEENS and show them how other TEENS of their same age murder other people in cold blood and have no regrets at all because OF MONEY is a little disturbing! They shouldn't have published this book AT ALL! They should have thrown the author in a madhouse! What kind of lesson are you giving the youth?! SERIOUSLY KEVIN BROOKS WHAT THE HELL WERE YOU THINKING?! It's all bad enough with the drinking, drugs etc. Now you teach them to become a MURDER?! What the hell?! I just can't get over this! I mean obviously what happened to Martyn's dad was an accident and he was afraid they'd blame him (I would have called the police anyway but I understand) so he got rid of the body, THAT was already wrong though! But Martyn was the most disturbed, weird, depressive and heartless kid I've ever read about!! I mean he lied ALL the goddamned time! He came up with plans that only a serial killer could think off! But that wasn't what had blown me away. Not at all! It was what Alex did, and with the help of her MOTHER! WTF?! Killing someone and than tell in her stupid filthy letter that it wasn't bad if she didn't get caught! SERIOUSLY WHAT THE F*CK!? I had to blink a few times when I read the last page! Normally it takes me about 3 days to finish a book of 600 pages but THIS book was so depressive that it took me more than 4 days to read it and it only has 177 pages! It was that depressive! I would have put it aside and stopped reading it if it wasn't for the fact that I have to make a test about it! I wonder how they can complain that this generation becomes worse with the time when they allow these kinds of books to saunter around for children/teens to read!

  • Mike Steven
    2019-05-18 19:58

    There's a new GCSE specification in English next year and this is one of the possible texts to study. I wouldn't usually read this kid of novel for pleasure because it's aimed at teenagers. Regardless, I'll judge it on its own merits.Basically, the characters seem to me to be a collection of cliches in modern teen fiction: alcoholic father, female friend who doesn't see the protagonist 'in that way', older boyfriend of female character with no redeemable features, single mother, strict aunt. Until later in the novel, the writer also makes these characters very two dimensional - the father is just a bad man. He's in no way a victim of alcoholism or even a human being, there is no subtlety in the characterisation at all.The plot itself is interesting enough - although the amount of money involved makes the whole thing a little ridiculous as it's just not enough to be a life changing amount. Also, Brooks is a competent writer and there's a couple fo set pieces where his style is imaginative and he does attempt something different which is to his credit.As a text to teach, I think that teenagers would enjoy it and find it easy to access. I also think that there are a lot of teaching activities that could be fun linked with the text. As a result, I will probably teach it - however I do have some regret that GCSE can now be based on such a text and not the classic literature that has been studied for years. Does this compare with Orwell, Steinbeck, Harper Lee, Golding, Salinger? No chance.

  • Sandra Strange
    2019-05-10 23:54

    This fifteen year old faces a miserable life: his mother deserted the family because his father is a violent, miserable alcoholic living on the dole. His only other relative is a dictatorial, judgmental aunt. He is forced to keep house and cook for his father and take his father’s emotional and physical abuse. Then when his father attacks him in a jealous rage, Martyn shoves him in self defense, resulting in his father’s death. The story deals with the consequences of not reporting what happens. The story moves well and includes suspense and drama enough, but the fatalistic attitude of “everything is already determined by coincidence and a malignant fate, so just go with the flow” and “nothing is objectively right or wrong,” makes the book not one I would really recommend wholeheartedly. The cover says it is “grossly funny,” but the humor is hard to see, though the grossness is definitely present. The story ends on a relatively negative note after a twist at the end. The protagonist is barely better off, with very little hope for the future.

  • Ali
    2019-05-18 20:16

    خب برای شروع باید بگم که این کتاب واقعا منو شوکه کرد. در جریان این کتاب به جملاتی جالب توجه برخوردم و نویسنده پایانی زیبا به کار خود داده بودمارتین ماجرای خودش رو با توضیح دادن در مورد اسم و فامیلش و این که چطور به خاطر اون مورد تمسخر دیگران قرار می گیره آغاز می کنه ولی این در برابر اتفاقاتی که قراره بعد از اون رخ بده چیزی نیست. مارتین از پدرش متنفره ولی نه این که بخواد اون بمیره و یک جسد رو دستش بمونه در حالی که نمی دونه باید باهاش چی کار کنه اما اوضاع از این هم بدتر می شه

  • Laura
    2019-05-15 20:16

    Martyn is a mystery-junkie, so it didn't surprise me that the book had double-crosses and betrayals. Martyn himself seemed more believable than the other characters, who just seemed to be stock mystery "types".And then I was disappointed with the editing: 999 is the emergency number in England, not 911! I hope they caught that before it went to final print.

  • Emma Radford
    2019-05-11 00:08

    A good read! Lots of twists. Not my favourite by Brooks but a great debut.

  • Jared Shilts
    2019-05-09 19:51

    plot:Martyn Pig is a book about lying, stealing, and killing. The book is named after its main character, Martyn. He is a socially awkward teen with a drunken father. Near Christmas, Martyn and his father get into an argument and his dad attacks him. Martyn ducks, sending his father into a wall by accident. The impact kills his father and Martyn does not know what to do. He heads up to his dad's room and discovers checks for 30,000 pounds. When he sees his ultimate plan, Martyn goes to see his friend Alex. She is a few years older and they don't really talk, but Martyn does not know where else to go. With her help, Martyn disposes of his father. The only problem now is Dean, Alex's boyfriend. As it turns out, Dean overheard the whole plan to cover Martyn's fathers death. With all these problems, Martyn will need a miracle to get away with his deceased father's money.Characterization: Martyn's only friend in the book is Alex. Alex helps Martyn with hiding his dad's corpse. During the early chapters, Alex is just a person that Martyn used to know. Her character changes when her boyfriend, Dean, places a tape recorder in her bag. Dean hears all about Martyn and Alex's plan and threatens to frame them if he does not get the money. Alex turns from a relatively quite girl to a calculating and tactical thinker. She is always one step ahead of everyone, even Martyn. By the end of the book, Alex manages to kill Dean, protect Martyn while he is in custody, and take the 30,000 pounds and head to America. Her character is very interesting and smart throughout the book.setting: The book is set in the United Kingdom during Christmas week. The visual setting is mostly dreary and dark. Sometimes it snows but most of the time it is raining. Martyn says he does not like the hustle of Christmas shopping. The main impact that the timing has on Martyn is his two day window to hide his father's body before his Aunty Jean arrives. Martyn's plan to get away with the perfect "murder" means that he has to make it so his dad appears to be sleeping in his bedroom when his Aunt shows up. When she finally comes to Martyn's house she does not see anything unusual, thus giving Martyn an alibi with his Aunt's depiction of his father.Recommendation: I did not enjoy reading this book at first, I thought there would be a pigman, but I soon appreciated its rising action and overall plot. I recommend it to younger teens that enjoy crime mysteries and small bits of drama. I give Martyn Pig a 4 out of 5 stars.

  • Ruth
    2019-05-16 01:06

    Well, it kept my interest long enough to finish it, I guess that's something. It had a few twists and surprises here and there, not the least of which was Alex, the most interesting of the characters. If she hadn't been studying acting, her turnaround would not have been believable, but she was and good at it. I can understand Martyn's total lack of moral character -- look who he had as a model. The rest of the characters are pretty flat, which is only slightly acceptable because Martyn is telling the story and he is completely self-absorbed, even with his view of Alex. The only way we see anything else of her character is through his descriptions of her actions. He likes her and pays more attention to what she does and how. I suppose there are places and neighborhoods like the one in this book, where it rains or snows all the time and everyone is drunk (or maybe with that weather, drunkenness is a foregone conclusion), but I'll be happy never to run across it again, in real life or in a book.

  • Amaranthos
    2019-05-19 23:03

    Los cuatro libros de Kevin Brooks que he leído, me han encantado. Es perfecto. Merece más reconocimiento. Martyn Pig mata a su padre, un borracho que odia. No lo hace apropósito, es un accidente. Sólo le cuenta a Alex, su amiga. Y en todo el libro se narran los problemas que tienen con la policía y para deshacerse del cuerpo. No puedo decir más porque diría el final.Kevin Brooks sabe crear los personajes, cada uno tiene ideas diferentes, y una historia que los hace estar donde están. Los personajes de Brooks no están para rellenar ni de adorno.Altamente recomendable.

  • Shannon
    2019-04-22 00:03

    This is a book with more twists and turns - it will leave you stunned. In the novel, Martyn accidentally causes his father's death. he knows he doesn't want to get put into the foster care system, so he decides to try to hide that he's alone. Unfortunately, things go from bad to strange to... worse? I had a class of "hate-to-read" students read this book and everyone was thoroughly engaged.

  • Ben
    2019-04-28 22:54

    Martyn Pig a teenager living with a father that is drunk and mean. One day Martyn accidentality killed his father now the boy is running away. From cops and himself. I recommend this books because it teaches us about our seleves like Martyn he hates his dad and now his dad is dead. So it show us what we really want, the darker side of our sevles it's kind of strange in a way.

  • Angela
    2019-04-27 00:02

    Excellent murder mystery aimed at the YA/teen audience.I absolutely adore Brooks' style of writing. It's witty, quirky, intelligent, moving, sad. He is fast becoming one of my all-time favourite authors, he's already my favourite YA author. Everyone should go check him out.

  • Laura Leonard
    2019-05-16 01:10

    Martyn's father is a fall-down drunk. One day he falls down, hits his head, and dies. Rather than live with his dreadful aunt, Martyn decides to cover up the death of his father. There are many twists ad turns along the way, as in any good mystery.

  • Jennifer
    2019-05-04 21:13

    Delightfully Dark

  • Neha
    2019-05-12 19:59

    This book was really good. It was a page turner.

  • Anabelle Lucia
    2019-04-26 04:11

    Unsatisfactory ending. I like the blackmail part though.

  • flajol
    2019-05-15 03:53

    I was completely swept away by this. Very well written.Re-read January 2004, shortlisted for Lancashire Children's Book of the Year.

  • Luis Reyes
    2019-04-22 02:12

    He accidently killed his father. Now he's all alone.

  • Ohana
    2019-05-12 21:52

    "Did I hate him? He was a drunken slob and he treated me like dirt. What do you think? Of course I hated him, but I never meant to kill him." This is a quote from the novel Martyn Pig. This book was prodigious. The twisting and turning of events, and how you it tells you all of Martyn's thoughts was amazing. This book is unlike any other murder mystery I've ever read. Not just that it's realistic, but it's not one of those book where the character is a detective or the murderer and their trying to either find out who it is or get away with a few bumps in the road. In the end, it always turns out ok. The good guy wins, and the bad guy gets what he deserves which is jail time. Not this book. I felt how the character was feeling and the situation he was in felt so real. No details were left out, and it unfolded as it would in the real world not in the world of fictional murder mysteries. The main character of this book is Martyn Pig. He always got made fun of for his name, but eventually he got used to it. His neighbor Alex was his best friend. They would always play Scrabble together and she would teach him things about acting. Martyn's dad was a drunk. There was never a time he wasn't drinking or smoking. The house was a mess, Martyn would get beaten, and his life was miserable with his dad there. Until one day thing went wrong. Martyn didn't mean to kill him, it was an accident. He slightly pushed him that's all, and he was off balance which brought him falling into the fireplace. The crack of his skull on the brick still plays in Martyn's mind. All he had to do was call the police and tell the truth, but he couldn't bring himself to do it because he was too scared. Now Alex knows and she is trying to help Martyn with what to do. Things turn for the worse.I gave this book a five out of five stars. It was unbelievable how deep it got into Martyn's emotions and thoughts, I seemed to be thinking of it myself. The infinite battle of Man vs self. How depressed and terrifying his mind came to be. The things he would see. He couldn't remember if they were actually real or not. His dreams were coming alive. The author also described everything down to the bone. He nailed every detail. He made each character so liable for the part they played, that it made the story line even better.I didn't find anything wrong with this book. Everything was there and more that I always wish to find in a murder mystery book. There was one slight problem with it though. The book was a little short for my liking, but there is a good part to this too. The author new exactly where to end the book and how to carry on in the epilogue. Yes, I understand not many people read the epilogue, but in this book it's somewhat necessary. After reading what happens your wanting to find out where he ends up. Also, in the epilogue there is another plot twist that you would've missed. It changes everything, and gives you an answer to what really happened with Alex.I can not wait to read other books like this. This is the first time I was able to find a book of this genre that fits all my needs. The author new just what to right down on the page, and it seemed like such a real story. I feel a theme for this book is to trust nobody. In the end, Martyn tricked someone when he was also being tricked himself. This changed how the story could've ended. You never know if someone is really trying to help your, or just trying to help themselves. People will take advantage of you, and you always need to be on your toes. People who would like this book are people who read murder mysteries and enjoy getting into deep thought. I hope I have encouraged you to read this. (P.s. What makes this book even better is that its setting is in Britain.)

  • Emiliano
    2019-04-22 23:52

    This had a lot of potential to be much better than it actually was. I've only read one of Kevin Brooks' novels before, the desolate yet enthralling "The Bunker Diary", which is one of my favorite books I've read in a while. So understandably, I had somewhat high expectations for this, despite the fact that this book is much, much older than "The Bunker Diary." I was quite let down.I was kind of hooked at the start of this. Kevin Brooks has this way of writing that makes you feel like you are on a rollercoaster ride, and at any second you may come upon an amazing revelation or shocking, gut wrenching twist. The problem is, they never really come. This kind of plods along, and right as it's building, right when you feel the twist coming, the story peaking... it just falls flat. It was constantly inching forward, yet it ultimately lead nowhere.I also wasn't a big fan of the writing style. Kevin Brooks was really going for a nihilistic, observational, Chuck Palahniuk-style writing style, but sadly it seemed as if Kevin Brooks had a lot to say, but no real proper way to say it. The overall writing, specifically the poetic, reflective bits just seem so self-satisfied and kind of pretentious. It's supposed to be deep and philosophical, but in actuality they read like late night musings on an edgy 14 year old's Tumblr. The characters also remain faceless drones who are mere props of deus ex machina. It really feels like the ending was created first, and the characters were just thrown in there. And instead of growing and naturally progressing things, they instead just do whatever is necessary to get us to the already decided conclusion. The motivations make no sense to me. The way things happen, the conclusion, it doesn't make sense to me. I felt like a bunch of things kept happening for no reason, until the author decided that no more things needed to happen. It sadly made reading this feel like a waste. There was so much wasted potential here. This story really could've gone some amazing places. But instead, it goes nowhere. I'm just left feeling like I missed something, some detail that would miraculously cause the pieces of this unintentionally fractured narrative to come together. I am still interested in reading more of Kevin Brooks' writing, as maybe reading more of his novels will give me an insight into the choices he makes in plotting his stories and characters. But needless to say, this is not a book I'll be picking up to reread any time soon.

  • Adam Hattach
    2019-05-01 22:14

    This novel by Kevin Brooks, introduces fourteen year old Martyn who struggles during his horrible daily life. His mother died and he lives with an alcoholic father who is not able to take care of him. Even worse, his father is a belligerent, abusive alcoholic. It seems like his life can not get any worse. However, it gets much worse when one day his drunk father starts a fight and Martyn accidentally kills him. Now Martyn has a terrible choice to confront reality, call the police and go live with his horrible Aunt or hide the body and pretend that nothing happened. His choices lead him in down a dangerous path with a lot of suspense and mystery. Even worse he has to deal with growing up and learns the hard lesson about consequences for your actions. Martyn must swim through many complications with difficult choices, he is suspected of a murder and is scared of telling the police what happened. This mystery novel will open your eyes to new ways of thinking. You might be amazed at what you will discover. I think you should definitely read this novel because this story is filled with mysteries and adventures. Also this story will make you realize how a little thing can kill or cause extremely bad consequences if you try to hide your errors instead of owning up to them. This book gives an important lesson in growing up that is good for any teenager to learn.In conclusion, this novel is for those who are interested in following in the footsteps of Sherlock Holmes who said, “eliminating the impossible, looking over the improbable remains and finding the truth.” which is a bit of logic we all need to negotiate our lives. Overall you should try this lovely and mysterious novel which leads to a shocking plot.

  • Selan
    2019-04-30 20:14

    A short but moderately interesting read. Martyn Pig is the main character (what a name) and being a Kevin Brooks book, it's a bit like his other titles. Dysfunctional family once again, his father's a drunk, life's not great, no friends, just accidentally killed his dad - Wait what he accidentally killed his dad?And in a similar way to a character death from the last book I just read, too.Yes, his father is drunk and he loses his temper and tries to hit his son and Martyn has had enough of this and pushes his dad and his dad falls drunkenly against the fireplace...and bam he's dead.And he doesn't tell the police immediately. He's scared, and the only other relatives are his auntie (who tried to gain custody of him years ago, and who is apparently worse than his dad was).Oh, and the cheque for £30,000 that he finds in his dad's post, delivered the next day. More incentive not to tell the police what happened.Overall it did keep me reading, it had a great twist at the end (no, the twist is not that the dad is suddenly alive the whole time, he really is dead lol) what with trying to hide the dad's body and all sorts of thing. It wasn't amazing or anything but it was rather good.

  • SCRM
    2019-05-07 21:04

    Personalmente este libro Debut como autor de el gran Kevin Brooks y en mi opinión descendiente de Arthur Conan Doyle a su manera, nos presenta la historia de Martyn Pig un muchacho de 14 años cuyo nombre es bastante inusual y esto le causa muchísimo conflicto social y personal, su padre es un borracho de 24 hrs y su madre los abandono cuando el era muy pequeño. La historia de desarrolla en la víspera navideña, en un comprensible accidente en casa el padre de Martyn muere poco después llega Alex, vecina de Martyn de la cual esta enamorado a la que acude para ocultar el cuerpo y conseguir 30,000 euros que le fueron heredados a su padre poco antes e morir. Pero un cierto impedimento que tendrán que atender. Personalmente ame el libro que es corto y expresa muy bien lo que para mi importa sobre la trama y los pensamientos del muchacho.

  • Gab Ri Elle
    2019-05-15 00:20

    Ši knyga nėra pats stipriausias autoriaus kūrinys , jei lyginant su visomis , kitomis gal net pats prasčiausias . Kaip jau įprasta vaizduojama netradicinė šeima , keistuolis paauglys ir žinoma tada prasideda detektyvas / trileris . Istorijos mintis be abejo nenuvalkiota ir unikali , tik jos pasakojimas neišpildytas iki galo , vietomis pernelyg neįtikinamas , vaiko motyvai pernelyg silpni ir aplamai neaišku ar autorius bando paversti jį blogiuku ar vis dėlto reikėtų jį užjausti . Aleksės motyvai taip pat neįtikinantys , bet už netikėtumą autoriui žinoma aplodismentai . Pasigedau K.Brooks būdingų pabaigų , kuriose paprastai daugiau klausimų nei atsakymų . Ši knyga su normalia pabaiga , kas nuvilia , nes iš šio autoriaus visada tikiesi mįslių ir ne pačių laimingiausių pabaigų .

  • Raelynne
    2019-04-30 23:20

    I am a Y11 student and our teacher made us read this. It was an amazing read. Loads of twist and turns. I loved all the characters, not necessarily because they are kind and nice--but because they have their fates. I think this book is so clearly constructed and the author is quite a odd thinker lol.(no offense)I kinds of suspected Alex when Martyn is not feeling right, but I never thought that she REALLY did it. Anyways highly recommended!!! I just told my parents the plot and they were shocked lol.I love this book, its strange and weird and good.

  • Timo Locher
    2019-05-06 01:03

    I liked Martyn because it has a lot of tension and there were jokes too. At first the book is a bit boring but after his father’s dead it becomes a very nice book. I decided to read this book because the author has written a very exciting text on the back of the book. So the story is very good but some things in the book are a bit indistinct and that’s why I give it three stars instead of four stars. But if you like thrillers I can really recommend this book!

  • Alice English
    2019-04-23 19:56

    This book was so good really made me want to read more of it

  • Tina
    2019-05-10 01:02

    I had never seen an idiot like Martyn Pig. No wonder he has " Pig " in his name.