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Getting to know new kids and their families is one of the best parts of baby-sitting. So when Claudia goes to sit for the Nicholls kids, she's excited. Only something's not quite right at the Nicholls house. Joey and Nate are sweet, but they don't seem very happy. In fact, they seem. . .scared. Of their own father. Claudia thinks he's hurting them. But saying or doing theGetting to know new kids and their families is one of the best parts of baby-sitting. So when Claudia goes to sit for the Nicholls kids, she's excited. Only something's not quite right at the Nicholls house. Joey and Nate are sweet, but they don't seem very happy. In fact, they seem. . .scared. Of their own father. Claudia thinks he's hurting them. But saying or doing the wrong thing will only make matters worse. And what if she's mistaken?One thing is certain: Claudia needs to find out what's really going on. And if she's right, she needs to get help--fast....

Title : Claudia and the Terrible Truth
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ISBN : 9780590059954
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Claudia and the Terrible Truth Reviews

  • Logan Hughes
    2019-04-28 20:29

    Claudia begins sitting for the new kids in town, Joey and Nate Nicholls. They’re sweet kids, but their father is creepy. He’s all charm with Claudia, but he yells at the boys and calls them names. The boys seem overly nervous, freaking out about spills and expecting Claudia to pitch a fit about minor infractions, like getting a tiny tear in her book. Claudia can’t convince them to relax and, after she sees the way their dad yells, she figures they know best. One day, Mr. Nicholls comes home in a bad mood and dismisses Claudia abruptly. She’s in such a rush to leave that she forgets her coat, and when she goes back for it, she hears the sound of slapping.Claudia calls an emergency meeting and the baby-sitters discuss what to do. Without hard evidence, they don’t know if they have a case. Still, they strongly suspect child endangerment. Claudia decides to bring in her mother, who works with Mrs. Nicholls. The next day, Claudia’s mother tells her that she tried to talk to Mrs. Nicholls, but Mrs. Nicholls denied everything. Kristy calls and reports that Mrs. Nicholls has cancelled all her sitting appointments. Nobody’s sure what, if anything, to do next.Later, minor classmate character Erica Blumberg calls Claudia in a panic, saying she’s now sitting for the Nicholls boys and they’re pretty beat up. They told her they had accidents, but she suspects the dad, and Claudia agrees. She calls her mom at work. This is the point where things suddenly get adventuresome. The mom says she’ll be right over to the Nicholls house. Claudia goes over too, in case she can be of help. She arrives just in time to see the mom’s car (with Mrs. Nicholls) and the dad’s car both pull up! Mrs. Kishi and Mrs. Nicholls get the two boys and Erica out and rush them into the car. Claudia jumps in too. They drop off Erica and proceed directly to Mr. Kishi’s office (where Mr. Nicholls probably won’t know to look), where there is a tense planning session. Mrs. Nicholls decides to take the boys to her sister’s house in upstate New York. They head out right away. And that is where we must leave them.There is a subplot where the baby-sitters are planning a kids’ act, or whatever, for the Stoneybrook St. Patricks Day parade. I don’t know that a comic baby-sitting subplot is needed in a serious book about baby-sitting, but the parade planning sequences are actually rather nicely woven into the larger story, providing new environments for the various baby-sitters to witness Joey and Nate’s strange tidiness. Joey also once yells at Andrew Brewer, imitating his dad, which freaks everyone out. I also like the moment when Claudia comes home, freaked, from the slap incident, and tries calling almost every baby-sitter before realizing they’re at a planning session. In that moment, the St. Patrick’s Day parade seems like the least important thing in the world. If the two plots are going to be so different in tone, it’s nice to see it lampshaded.Come to think of it, there’s actually a sort of a C-plot, too, where Claudia is taking care of her baby cousin Lynn for a few weeks while Peaches and Russ are on vacation. Nothing really happens, and it’s wrapped up by chapter 6. There are vague attempts to use Lynn as a symbol of child-innocence and highlight protective instinct in Claudia, but it’s not really necessary, and the whole thing is really unnecessary. I’d like to have seen it developed more or dropped.Still, I pretty much 100% enjoyed this book. Mr. and Mrs. Nicholls were pretty undeveloped characters, as were the little boys, but it didn’t really matter; they were devices. Mr. Nicholls was suitably scary, the boys suitably sympathetic, and the mostly-absent wife suitably unable to be counted on. An atmosphere of gradually increasing foreboding and tension was effectively built, up until that horrifying, climactic slap. Events moved quickly after that and the escape from the house was exciting, with poignant moments of mundanity (Claudia playing with Mr. Kishi’s office supplies with the boys) contrasting the world-upside-down situation everyone found themselves in. The ending was both satisfying and realistically up-in-the-air, with Mrs. Kishi reminding Claudia that it was the beginning of a long road for the family and that they’d probably never know how it ended. Still, the boys were safe for the time being.Lingering Questions: There’s no time for the kids to buckle their seatbelts, but Claudia has time to wrangle her bike into the trunk of the car? Unlikely. I read this years ago (though as an adult) and distinctly remembered Claudia abandoning her bike at Mr. Nicholls’ house of hell. I guess that was just my mental edit.Timing: Early March, through to just after St. Patricks Day. Revised Timeline: March of the first year after college. Actually, I like this better as a kids’ story. I think it realistically models what an actual thirteen-year-old could and should do in the situation. If this were a Nancy Drew or any YA thriller with an 18- to 21-year-old heroine, she probably would have been taking a more active role--calling DCYF herself, driving the getaway car. I like it coming from Mrs. Kishi, though. We don’t see much of her, and she’s a superhero in this book.

  • Kimberly
    2019-04-28 02:12

    This book was amazing, and I wish I had read it back in the day.

  • M.M. Strawberry Reviews
    2019-05-01 02:06

    I remember being touched by this book because the BSC has never encountered this kind of thing before. Yes, there was the share of imperfect parents, but when Claudia babysits for a pair of boys, she notices oddities in their behavior, such as being too polite and fearful. This book shows you what to look for in some signs of abuse, so it gives kids a lesson in spotting abuse without being graphic like more adult books or movies would be. Overall a really good book, the BSC series is good for teaching its readers about different things.

  • Nancy
    2019-05-22 00:18

    Very Special Episode book in which domestic violence is addressed in a lame way. The best part is Mr. Nichols calling Caludia and screaming, "Give me back my wife!" This is one of the few times the Cult doesn't go head first into a problem and actually asks an adult for help. As well they should have.

  • Kristina
    2019-05-20 00:16

    A pretty realistic book with a serious tone for a BSC book!

  • Brooke
    2019-04-30 00:23

    I love BSC books! I haven't picked one up in awhile and I am glad I did, :D

  • Alice Massacre
    2019-05-12 00:34

    made me cry...

  • Ciara
    2019-05-02 23:33

    i think this book takes the prize for the most special of the very special episode babysitters club books. when the addisons moved away in abby & the best kid ever, the nicholls family moved into their place. there was some foreshadowing in the abby book about mr. nicholls being a little bit gruff & uptight & having a lot of rules. the addisons recommended the babysitters club to the nichollses, should they even need a babysitter for their sons (joey & nate, ages five & seven). mrs. nicholls is working at the public library with claudia's mom & apparently mr. nicholls is out of work & always going on job interviews. he does indeed call the club & claudia takes the first job.she notices that the boys are kind of meek. she suggests that they go next door to play with stephen stanton-cha, & the kids are like, "um, we're not allowed to go anywhere without dad's permission." claudia's all, "whatever, i take kids i babysit for to friends' houses all the time. it'll be fine as long as we leave a note." i do have to say that that's maybe something you'd want to check in with the parents about, especially if it's your first time babysitting for new clients. anyway, she finally talks the boys into it, & they have an okay time until they get really nervous & start peering out the window for their dad's car. claudia gets the hint & takes them home. mrs. nicholls arrives home first & has no problem with claudia having taken the boys next door--until she admits she didn't get mr. nicholls's permission first. mrs. nicholls mutters something about how "what he doesn't know won't hurt anyone." claudia thinks this is weird, but doesn't comment on it.the nichollses call the club again & specifically ask claudia to be their regular sitter. apparently the boys took a shine to her. she agrees...oh, & i almost forgot. there was all this weird shit at the beginning of the book about peaches & russ going on vacation & leaving baby lynn with claudia for the week. even though the school year is in & claudia has to go to school every day, plus babysitters club meetings, plus these jobs with the nicholls family, plus homework. janine is also in school, & both mr. & mrs. kishi work. who the hell is looking after this baby? we only really see claudia taking care of her for like an hour right after she is dropped off, but there's all this build-up (several chapters' worth about claudia's big sitting job for her niece). & then suddenly lynn is gone. what the hell is that about? claudia does make some comment about how she finds it hard to believe that anything bad could happen in a world with lynn in it. well, believe it claudia. maybe that was supposed to be foreshadowing or something? let's just assume that claudia stuffed lynn inside a hollow book & forgot about her.okay, so now claudia is the regular sitter, & things are still weird. mr. nicholls comes home early-ish one afternoon while claudia is making the boys a snack of peanut butter celery, & he completely hulks out about the penut butter jar being left on the kitchen counter. he is all smiles & rainbows again as soon as claudia admits that she left it there, though he adds that he though one of his "slobby, stupid sons" had been the culprit. claudia is shocked to hear him talk that way about his kids, & is also alarmed when he yells at his wife & calls her a "slowpoke". he asks claudia to report back to him if the boys ever misbehave in any way. the boys let claudia win at checkers & other board games, & they take care not so get their clothes dirty or leave anything in the house anything less than totally perfect. mrs. nicholls also seems very quiet & meek around her husband. claudia doesn't totally know what's going on, but she's not a fan. one day claudia reports for a sitting job & learns that the boys are being punished. their punishment is to clean the entire house. claudia tries to work with them & turn the cleaning into a game, but she is very disturbed to learn that the transgression in question is that one of them touched mr. nicholls's briefcase. that's it. he just touched it. mr. nicholls comes home in a bad mood & shoos claudia out of the house. she runs upstairs to grab her jacket, & comes back down just in time to hear what she thinks is the sound of mr. nicholls hitting one of the boys. mr. nicholls turns around & sees her & acts all nice, but claudia can tell that the boy's face is all red.she runs home & calls an emergency meeting of the babysitters club. kristy is all, "accusing someone of child abuse is a really big deal. you didn't actually SEE mr. nicholls hit his son." right. & NOT reporting suspected child abuse & just letting it continue on until you have hard & fast proof is also kind of a big deal, kristy! claudia decides to tell her mom, who goes to work the next day & asks mrs. nicholls about it. mrs. nicholls denies everything, & then calls kristy to cancel the rest of the jobs she'd booked with the babysitters club. claudia tries to put the whole situation out of her mind, but maybe a week later, erica blumberg calls. apparently the nichollses hired her after firing the babysitters club. she's sat for the family three times, & today, mr. nicholls told her the boys were being punished & had to stay in their room. she went up to check on them & noticed that one had bruises on his arm & the other had a black eye. claudia tells her mom, who grabs mrs. nicholls from work. they rush over to the nicholls' house (claudia stays home, but eventually becomes so curious that she bikes over to see what's happening). unfortunately, mr. nicholls has beat them home. mrs. kishi collects the boys & ushers them & erica out of the house. mrs. nicholls & claudia join her & they drive to mr. kishi's office in stamford. mr. nicholls yells at them a little, but doesn't try to stop them. claudia stays in her dad's office & watches the boys (they dropped erica off in stoneybrook, promising to call later) while the kishi parents go back to stoneybrook for mrs. nicholls's car. they gas it up & grab some snacks & mrs. nicholls takes the boys to her sister's place in upstate new york. she also calls child protective services & takes out a restraining order against mr. nicholls.that evening, mr. nicholls calls claudia in the middle of the night & screams, "give me back my wife." um. scary. seriously. kristy is all, "if he does it again. we'll change your number. the clients will just have to live with it. you need you getting enough sleep so you can babysit." how about, "we need you to not get stalked by the violent crazy man"? jesus.there is no real conclusion to the book. claudia doesn't know if the nichollses will get dirvorced or if mr. nicholls will seek counseling or what. i guess it's nice that they didn't try to tie it up in a nice little bow. it's just too bad that nate & joey didn't get to have any personality at all outside of "abused children". the B-plot is all about some stupid st. patrick's day parade. once again, the babysitters never met a holiday that they didn't feel the need to meddle in. they arrange for their sitting charges to make totally shitty costumes (misshapen shamrocks, leprechaun hats, & a blarney stone) & do some kind of culturally offensive irish jig in the parade. i am so goddamn sick of these kids feeling entitled to march in every parade that comes down the pike. fucking give it a rest, y'all!

  • Samantha
    2019-05-15 23:17

    It's nice to see the BSC come up against things now and then that they can't just deal with on their own. It's a good change of pace, and makes things a little more "real". Sure, it was a little bit cheesy, but the message here was actually a good one. Things aren't always perfect, sometimes bad things happen for reasons we can't always fathom. Child abuse is one of those things, and it was nice to see them need an adult to intervene for a change.

  • Hezekiah
    2019-05-01 23:12

    This is extremely intense and gripping in comparison to other BSC books in the series. I had to stop several times to emotionally process it. Abuse is very well researched and described in an age-appropriate way that still presents it with nuance. I didn't feel like this book was preachy or contrived at all.

  • Kerri
    2019-05-04 22:21

    🍕This book was a good one but at the end Mr. Nicholls wasn't arrested which I think would have made a more exciting ending. Another thing would be if Mr. Nicholls had chased them to Stampford but they got away! Reviews always by Daphne

  • star_fire13
    2019-05-04 22:25

    Okay, so I was planning on reading these books in order. At least, as much as I could. But when I found this in the used bookstore the other day, I couldn't help but start reading it on the bus ride home. I totally devoured it.I only read it once before (I borrowed it from a friend who had THE ENTIRE FREAKING SERIES OMG), but I remember really liking it. I still look back fondly on it. I tend to really like the SERIOUS ISSUES books in the series.So in this one, Claudia gets new charges who she thinks are being abused. It's all circumstantial, but it's pretty much all the signs people generally look out for. Claudia waits for ever before telling someone about it, but when she does, everything pretty much escalates and just happens.I'm glad Claudia told her mom. I like seeing Claudia interact with her family more. She always acts like they're made of ice or something. It was nice seeing her realize how lovely her mother is. I always felt like Claudia's perceptions of her family were horribly skewed.This book really makes me miss the California Diaries series. I feel like they would've handled this issue much better. Essentially this book takes place in the span of a month. In one month, they meet a new family, realize there's something wrong, convinces Mrs Nicholls to take the boys and run, and then they're out of there. Diaries would've probably introduced the family in an earlier book, and then the issue would've been the focus of one book, with the main conflict happening over the course of a month, and then they'd probably do some follow-up stuffs in a later book.I'm pretty sure the Nicholls never ever ever get mentioned again.What I especially hate is how unrealistic it is. In reality, it would've probably taken another month (at least!) of prompting for Mrs Nicholls to admit that there's a problem, let alone for her to actually do something about it. And of course, there's no mention of all the times escaping tries to fail. I also would've loved to have seen Mr Nicholls harrass Claudia and her family more about it.The subplot in this one is that St Patrick's Day is coming up, and the charges of course want to be in the parade. This sounds like the dumbest thing ever, but of course the BSC is full of saints, so they help the kids come up with an "Irish dancing" act and costumes and walk diligently beside them as the parade goes down main street. Baby-sitting is neither cool nor uncool; it's a way to make money and nothing to be ashamed of. Walking in a parade while your charges do a dumb, unrehearsed, poor planned, slapped-together act in front of everyone? Embarrassing haha

  • April
    2019-05-10 23:28

    Fantastic books for young girls getting into reading!! Great stories about friendship and life lessons. The characters deal with all sorts of situations and often find responsible solutions to problems.I loved this series growing up and wanted to start my own babysitting business with friends. Great lessons in entrepreneurship for tweens.The books may be dated with out references to modern technology but the story stands and lessons are still relevant.Awesome books that girls will love! And the series grows with them! Terrific Author!

  • David
    2019-04-28 22:29

    Claudia, a member of the baby sitters club, was baby sitting a brand new family, Nicholls. The kids she was baby sitting were very obedient, one trait that was rare in all the other kids. Claudia was suspicious and decided to come earlier next time. She heard a loud slap and it was the father. he was performing child abuse to his children. Claudia told her mom and the cops were called. The problem was settled when the father went to a help institution and the kids went to live with their aunt.

  • Jenny
    2019-05-05 23:27

    Stupid. No one thinks to call the cops or CPS. Instead Claudia's barely functioning mother saves the day. It's good that the bsc covered this issue but it was handled horribly. Ann Martin is an idiot.

  • Dana Salman
    2019-04-26 23:13

    'Shudder'. I'm not really a fan of child abuse stories, like that thing called A Child Called It. Haven't read that, but the title alone sends shivers down my spine. I am fervantly glad my parents love me

  • Sally
    2019-04-30 01:16

    This one was pretty well done, I thought. For once the drama is actually something serious - new clients have an abusive father. All done very simply of course, but nonetheless done quite well for the age bracket.

  • Maria Elmvang
    2019-05-10 04:20

    I'm giving this 5 stars because Ann M. Martin took a very difficult topic and handled it well. It's always risky to tackle heavy topics because you have to do it well, or it's better not to do it at all. Here she managed to give an age-appropriate solution to a dangerous situation. Well done.

  • Amy Holcomb
    2019-05-17 03:28

    The Baby-sitters Club series was my favorite growing up! :)

  • Carley Adair
    2019-05-20 21:27

    Ann m Martin wrote this very wellThis book was very sad but ended happy. Ann m Martin wrote this very well and sensitively .it was one of the more serious babysitter club books .

  • Ali Afsahi
    2019-04-27 04:16

    Louisiana greengrove Amazing bookThis book really interested me when I saw it's summary. When I bought it and read it The story was amazingI think many people should read this