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Subject: Ransom Bennett, Delta Force OperatorCurrent status: Injured but still hot-bloodedMission: Regain crack military reflexes. Prove he's ready for active duty.Obstacle: Hannah Hartwell. Fascinating. Tantalizing. His new neighbor.All Ransom wants is to get healthy enough to return to the field. But sexy Hannah is testing his composure. The woman is under his skin...butSubject: Ransom Bennett, Delta Force OperatorCurrent status: Injured but still hot-bloodedMission: Regain crack military reflexes. Prove he's ready for active duty.Obstacle: Hannah Hartwell. Fascinating. Tantalizing. His new neighbor.All Ransom wants is to get healthy enough to return to the field. But sexy Hannah is testing his composure. The woman is under his skin...but she's also fleeing a shady past. Damn Hasn't he learned not to play with fire?Still, Ransom can't help exposing her secrets...and a lot more Then it's on to his post-injury mission. The highly clandestine operation will involve delicate negotiations, complex maneuvers and fiery explosions.And that's just in Hannah's bed...

Title : Able-Bodied (Harlequin Blaze #451) (Uniformly Hot!, #2)
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ISBN : 9780373794553
Format Type : Mass Market Paperback
Number of Pages : 224 Pages
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Able-Bodied (Harlequin Blaze #451) (Uniformly Hot!, #2) Reviews

  • Dina
    2019-05-15 23:43

    Wow, I'd give 5 stars to this book for its cover alone, LOL, but that's not really what matters, is it? Wait, let me take another look at the hottie... Yup, this is one 5-star hunk, no doubt about it. *drools*Anyway, moving on... This was a fast paced and enjoyable read, with a hot and sexy H/h (Ransom and Hannah) who set the pages on fire. I had to suspend some disbelief to enjoy the story - Hannah's "healing touch" was somewhat hard to swallow considering this isn't a PNR novel - but I read HQ Blaze novels exclusively for mindless fun and, of course, for the love scenes. So as long as the H/h have good chemistry, I'm in for the ride. ;) On that count, Ransom and Hannah delivered. They were very likable characters, and the attraction and sexual tension between them were well written and believable. I'm not sure I bought the love between them, though. At one point, I wondered if he didn't find himself so "connected" with her only because she could get rid of his debilitating migraines with her touch.There was also a secondary plot involving a dirty cop who's after Hannah. It provided a good action scene near the end of the book, but it made me think Hannah was a bit TSTL. I mean, if you're on the run, you don't open your new shop in your new "hiding" location using the same name it had before, do you? Thankfully, Ransom and his team were there to save the day when the bad guys came after her.All in all, I had a lot of fun reading this quick, hot book. And I might even keep it, just for the cover. ;)

  • Shawna
    2019-05-20 20:43

    4 stars – Contemporary Romance/Romantic SuspensePair a sexy, hard-edged, cynical alpha Special Forces hero recovering from injuries sustained during his recent assignment with a sunshiny-sweet, new agey, pixieish Reiki practitioner with a gift for healing through touch, and you get this scorching “Uniformly Hot!” HQ Blaze story. Delta Force operator Ransom Bennett is impatiently waiting for medical clearance so he can lead his team on a hostage recovery mission in Afghanistan, but is dogged by debilitating migraines as a result of head trauma. Pain medication and Jim Beam are Ransom’s latest companions, that is until Hannah Hartwell moves into his building to set up a Wellness & Healing center and agrees to treat him personally in exchange for some handy-man help to meet her shop opening deadline. Hannah arrives in Cliftondale, North Carolina seeking a fresh start and hoping to hide from a troubled past in Boston. She senses that there’s more to Ransom’s injuries and military job than he lets on, and he knows Hannah’s got secrets of her own. Of course, once she lays her hands on him, all either of them want is some healing of a more intimate nature...Yowza! They have an explosive attraction to each other and her touch brings relief that he’s not willing to give up, but what happens when it turns into something deeper? This is one of the steamiest Blaze stories that I’ve read, and in fact, there were moments that read more like an erotica story...verrry hot! The plot is a tad far-fetched, and the H/H are polar opposites and I had a hard time believing they had more than just intense sexual chemistry or could really make a relationship work. Still, I got exactly what I wanted from it, which is a 212 page quickie read with an alpha military hunk hero and a spirited heroine scorchin’ up the sheets and a decent story to boot...Blazing h-o-t! 4 stars!

    2019-04-28 03:01

    I had difficulty getting into this one.The He was intense. I get that at least some of it might have been because of his military position. He had his moments that I wanted to you know, knee him one.The h OTOH... Ok, she comes from a well-off family. She's a reiki healer whatever that is - she has a gift, so this is how she chose to work with it. Why she didn't take up therapeutic massage, I dunno. Seems like being in a respected medical field would have been safer. She ran into trouble in her home "town" of Boston in that she set up shop as a new age healer, her shop was vandalized, and the cop who approached had mob connections. Eventually, she snuck off during the night. She really didn't do much to cover her tracks though - any half-assed internet search could have found her.I don't know that I would necessarily say TSTL, but pretty danged naive and clueless anyway.So she moved into the apartment below the H, and set up her shop next door. His pacing (he was on leave due to injuries) woke her up, so she goes to visit him - in a tank and a pair of boxers? She did have the thought briefly that she maybe should have covered up more but nah; all her parts are covered, she's good. He assumed she was offering.She gives him a treatment the next day, they kiss, and he makes some derogatory remark about her not being exactly stacked. He comes onto her the next day? That evening? Whatever, she's once again wearing sleep clothes.She suggests sex like...the next day...because of the chemistry ya know. Much making out happens. He gets back from training and bangs her again - with his buddies working in the shop next door. Of course, he's had a background check run on her because something seems off. Funny that if he'd grabbed those newspapers she had packing her stock, he could have connected at least one dot.The bad guys move in, because she had done such a good job of covering her tracksthat it seemingly took them a few weeks. Of course she's concerned that the H and his buddies might be in trouble (delta force? not likely) going against the crooked cop and his mob buddies. I had to laugh at that one.I'd probably knee him harder if I didn't suspect he was trying to scare her off. Since she didn't seem to pick up on what he was doing, I just want to smack her with a clue-by-four.

  • Sally
    2019-05-03 03:13

    Able-bodied is the second instalment of the Uniformly Hot series and this is written by Karen Foley. This is another excellent easy read, there is lots of passion between the two neighbours, Ransom and Hannah and when sparks fly between the two, it is clear this is going to be a hot sexy read. Ransom is in the Delta Force and trust is a major issue for him. Hannah has special healing powers and also ghosts from her past that she would rather keep locked away.Ms. Foley has written this story well, there is plenty of action, passion, humour and suspense to keep the reader entertained right to the last word. There are plenty of likeable characters and I love how the Delta Force brotherhood comes to save the day. An excellent addition to the series and I will enjoy reading more from Ms. Foley in the future.

  • Kim Vanravenswaay
    2019-05-13 00:50

    I like these Harlequin Blaze books. They never fail to give ma great romance.Ransom's commitment to his team is what keeps him going. He believes in no man left behind, and will stop at nothing to get his two Delta Force team members back. In order to do that he's going to have to believe in Hannah's abilities to help heal him or else he'll be sitting behind a desk for the rest of his military career.Trust is a hard concept for both of them. Hannah has an ability that she was told to keep secret for her own good. She all to soon trust Ransom with her secret though. It takes longer for Ransom to completely trust Hannah. Luckily for her he does just in time.

  • Elaine
    2019-04-29 23:56

    This is a hot, satisfying read, a short novel but longer than a novella.Story of recovering Delta Force soldier Ransom and his neighbor, Hannah, a Reiki practitioner who has a gift of healing (PNR element, but not a PNR story). She also has a crooked cop after her, and moved in the dark of night cross country to escape him. You can already guess what happens, but Karen Foley writes up this sheet-scorcher so nice, you should read it for yourself. Ransom is one hot lust-worthy hero, and the chemistry between H and h is just right.

  • Marran
    2019-05-06 03:05

    a pretty typical blaze book..its fun to read sometimes and a man in uniform is always nice..and I like that the hero doesn't give up his military life..In so many books the hero retire when he meets his love but this hero doesn't

  • Shanelle
    2019-04-23 01:52

    Really enjoyed this story.

  • samantha
    2019-05-11 21:46

    Able-Bodied ( Uniformly Hot) By Karen Foley Love this book! It's very steaming hot! I've read it five time and will read it more I'm sure. Very good book for everyone over 18.