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Ever since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing—to have someone love her again and, more importantly, to belong again—until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes.Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will nEver since Viola's boyfriend broke up with her, she has spent her days silently wishing—to have someone love her again and, more importantly, to belong again—until one day she inadvertently summons a young genie out of his world and into her own. He will remain until she makes three wishes.Jinn is anxious to return home, but Viola is terrified of wishing, afraid she will not wish for the right thing, the thing that will make her truly happy. As the two spend time together, the lines between master and servant begin to blur, and soon Jinn can't deny that he's falling for Viola. But it's only after Viola makes her first wish that she realizes she's in love with Jinn as well . . . and that if she wishes twice more, he will disappear from her life—and her world—forever.Jackson Pearce spins a magical tale about star-crossed lovers, what it means to belong . . . and how important it is to be careful what you wish for....

Title : As You Wish
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ISBN : 9780061661525
Format Type : Hardcover
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As You Wish Reviews

  • Steph (Reviewer X)
    2019-05-12 23:47

    I just...what the FUCK were they thinking when they designed the cover?It seems to go from bad to worse in its progression from ARC to real book, frankly.

  • Kristi
    2019-05-07 21:59

    I’ve admired Jackson as a writer before I even read her novel. And now that I’ve actually read one of her novels, the admiration continues. She’s a genius. Funny, off the wall, talented writer. I loved Viola. I saw so much of myself in her, it was scary. Remembering how it feels to be absolutely invisible, and not even being able to see yourself clearly. Very real teen characters, dealing with even more realistic situations, you know, despite the whole magical aspect. As You Wish is a light and fun read, but at the same time it’s very thought provoking. That so me is what made it so great. I just thoroughly enjoyed it. It’s one of those books that I wouldn’t mind reading again and again. Exceptional characters, exceptional plot, exception writing. I can’t wait to get my hands on Jackson’s next novel.

  • Michelle
    2019-05-12 22:55

    With well-developed characters and a unique, seamlessly-written plot, Pearce lends weight to what could be, in less deft hands, a chick-lit cliche. Instead, As You Wish is a quick, enchanting read with unexpected depth and subtle but important messages about identity, self-respect, and what it means to really belong. A fantastic book for avid and reluctant readers alike!

  • oliviasbooks
    2019-05-11 23:07

    Reviewed on the first day of Christmas 2009: The year is almost over and, frankly, I did not expect to stumble across another perfect book. I believed my quota was full. Well, what is Christmas for, if not for miracles? 'As You Wish' is my kind of teenage urban fantasy love-story, Jinn is my kind of supernatural hero (I would have wished for him to stay as well, if I were sixteen) and Viola is the best kind of heroine (kind and funny with flaws).The story is told in turns by Viola and Jinn, who actually does not have a name, but Viola choses to call him that - although he grumbles that is the same as if he would name her "Human". Viola accidentally summons Jinn, because the wish in her heart to feel like belonging to someone or to some group wells up very strongly. Jinn appears and impatiently reminds his new and hysterically screaming master to get on with her three wishes so that he can return home to the world of jinns where he does not age and leads a carefree, fearfree and stressfree life. He does not expect Viola to start considerering her wishes with care. And he is not used to masters thinking beyond their own good and to be genuinely interested in him and his well-being. In fact, he breaks the first protocol in interaction with human masters when he agrees to call Viola by her name instead of "Master". After a few days he begrudingly has to admit to himself, that he wants Viola to wish for something that will make her really happy, that he cares for her and that mortality is not so bad when individuality and strong mutual attachment come with it. Can he go back to the jinn world having no name and no real friends, living one perfect, eventless day after the other, knowing that Viola has forgotten the time spent with him?Viola cannot pinpoint her disconnected feeling. If she made an effort, she could be part of the "Royal Family", if she wanted, she could hang out with the art kids, if she did not mind, she could spend all her free time with her best-friend Lawrence, former childhood-friend and first sweetheart. But somehow she knows these options do not give her back the piece of herself she thinks she is missing. So she is determined to find out what she really needs - after asking if wishing for world peace would make sense or not - although she resents keeping Jinn from returning home. An accidentally uttered wish with ill consequences makes her think even more: Can something that is to change her life permanently be forced anyhow? I love the normal and casual way in which Viola worms herself into Jinn's business-like heart. I love the fact that Jinn is the first to discover his feelings (no weak heroine with questionable taste in males pining after the bad boy who treats her like dirt). And I like the design of the situation: Jackson Pearce does not need to present a depressed heroine, an outsider, a loner. She hands us a perfectly normal girl, with friends, talents, nice parents. Somebody ro relate to - who gets to be heroine of an engaging genie story in spite of that.And ... by the way ... did you know that Keanu Reeves unfortunately wished to be a famous actor instead of for becoming a talented one, because good acting does not inevitably lead to popularity? "Surely you didn't think he made it on his acting skills? I grant wishes; I don't work miracles." (p. 50)

  • Hilda
    2019-05-01 19:10

    Viola Cohen wants to feel like she belongs to something bigger, someone special, someplace amazing. Ever since her boyfriend Lawrence broke up with her and announced that he’s a gay, she never feels the same anymore. She’s the Invisible Girl, the kind of girl who has a handful of close friends and many acquaintances, but doesn’t belong to anything. And now, she’s just sad all the time.He’s a genie who comes to grant Viola’s wish. He’s good in genie standard: never breaks out rules, never gets too attached to human, and always leaves human world as soon as possible. Like a fairytale, he gives Viola three chances to make a wish. He doesn’t have name, so Viola gives him name: Jinn. Jinn wants Viola to wish quickly, but how could Viola wish for something if she doesn’t even know what she wants?“I mean, I know what I want to wish for--to belong somewhere, to something, with someone. But I want to belong only so I can...feel complete again, instead of broken apart from losing Lawrence—“As You Wish is a lovely and quick read. I meant to read only a few chapters, but I found myself finishing the book in one sitting. Viola and Jinn are wonderful characters. I really like books with characters that grow up throughout the story. Viola is such a relatable character. Her flaws make her even more real. She’s too kind to wish for Lawrence, and she refuses to be so pathetic by wishing to belong. It’s very easy to connect with her. I love Lawrence’s character too, and how supportive he is to Viola and Jinn’s relationship. The moment when sparks flying between Viola and Jinn makes me want to go ‘aww’.I’m not usually a fan of multiple POVs, but I like both Viola and Jinn’s voices in the book. Things that might seem confusing to Viola seem crystal clear for Jinn, and vice versa. They live in very different worlds, but both care for each other deeply. The ending is perfect, and the message behind the story is so powerful. Wishes can give you anything you want, but it all depends on you to be happy.I like As You Wish very much and this makes me want to read more books from Jackson Pearce. Totally a recommendation. As You Wish is a book that digs deeper beyond a story between a girl and a genie that fall in love. It’s a story about finding your own happiness and discovering the real you."I can't go away unless you wish!" I shout, my temper finally at its breaking point. "And what happens if I don't wish?" she wheels back. My breath freezes in my lungs. It was a direct question, so I have to reply. I swallow hard, hoping my voice won't quiver when I answer. "Then I die."Read other reviews in my blog! :)Catch the Lune

  • Nic
    2019-05-11 23:45

    Loved it! When I bought this book, I just expected a sweet and fun read which it was but it also had alot of heart. It was not only a story about love but also about belonging and self image. It is an effortless read that I didn't want to put down. I love the dual narration, allowing us to get to know both characters thoughts and feelings as they developed a friendship which then grew into love. Viola is a likeable and realistic character, feeling broken and invisible. Watching her grow and become more confident and believe in herself was wonderful. Jinn is gorgeous and funny and I liked the way he dealt with his new feelings and emotions. Their romance was really sweet. And the ending ahhh... it was perfect!A great feel good book!

  • Yan
    2019-05-19 21:57

    Wow! It just seems that in the short of a few days I’ve uncovered a lost treasure trove of books. As You Wish was sweet but with a touch of sadness. Viola goes through a breakup with a best friend since childhood because, you guessed it, he’s gay! It seems that all the good man are always gay, taken, or, you know, “mythical”. She goes through a change that leaves her sad, but just lonely. She can’t find her place where she belongs, giving herself the nickname Invisible Girl. Sure everyone’s nice to her but it felt that she’s not whole when Lawrence broke up with her. Then Jinn comes along…Viola was a perfect main character. She grew throughout the entire novel. Jinn was such a swoonful man. In general I thought the progression of the storyline was smooth. This entire setup was nicely done that gave an ease of effortlessness. Magically delicious. Honestly there isn’t much I can say about this book, just pick it when it comes out!Overall: Awesome!

  • Rebekah
    2019-05-12 16:05

    TThe story was captivating and completely original. The writing was humorous in some areas and deep in others. It's on of the most perfect "light" reads ever! I wanted to read it again once I finished. I recommend this book for anyone.

  • Margaret Stohl
    2019-05-01 19:52

    I read Jackson Pearce's AS YOU WISH back to back with Malinda Lo's ASH, and I'm going to write more about what an interesting experience that was when we review the books at length next week on the Beautiful Creatures site. Quickly, though, it's amazing how smart and how different and how completely excellent two talented twists on loosely the same genre can be. More on that to come. Jackson Pearce is a lightning-fast genius, funny, slick, who puts very real teen characters in the midst of a rollicking magical adventure. That's hard to do. When you're reading, the book itself is the jinn, serving up so much wish fulfillment that it rightly earns the AS YOU WISH title. Don't be fooled into thinking that the lightness of the tone or the likeably comic beats of the story imply in any way that Jackson Pearce is a lightweight;JP is nothing if not clever. She's a structural craftsman, she's blazingly good at what she does, and she's here to stay.

  • Alyssa
    2019-05-12 23:01

    Viola’s story was one I’ve heard much about. I’ve never read genies before – but loved Aladdin! – and was curious enough to finally pick AYW up. I can’t say I’m regretting my decision, but I do have a few qualms.I’m not sure why this was rated YA lit. In all honesty, Viola, despite being a teenager on the brink of adulthood, just seemed plain and a little young for her age. Her quest for belonging was, although one every teenager struggles, a little immature. That being said, I don’t know anybody who’s been recently dumped by a guy because of his sexuality, so I could be judging her a little harshly. Still, I found Vi a tad on the young side and boring. Jinn was a pretty decent character. I don’t absolutely love him – would never fall to my knees in absolute awe – and actually thought him a bit bland. Nothing was unique about him, in comparing him to all the other amazing literary characters out there. Which brings me to the writing style was another one of my misgivings. I don’t like dual narratives. As I think back on every dual-narrative I’ve ever read, I realize I’ve never outright LOVED any book with two characters in the spotlight, both with their words being spilled upon the pages in first person. *To name a few: Shiver, Personal Demons, Tempted. It reflects upon the authors writing poorly, in my eyes. I wonder why they don’t write a third-person story – is it because the market isn’t as great? – and then, not only do the voices begin to sound the same, but the scenes are often cut in poor places and I get confused between what just happened and what’s going on now and who’s doing the talking. In this case, Vi and Jinn sounded identical and had no difference between them to tell them apart.And oh, am I sick of this storyline. I don’t know why I continue to read YA paranormal romance. I love the paranormal aspect – each author tends to have a unique take on X-named lore and I love figuring and piecing the pieces of their puzzle together – but the romance is beginning to fall flat. I know, I know: everyone wants to be a NYT bestseller and they think that writing something drier than Twilight will bring them to their happy place at the top. NEWSFLASH: IT WON’T. I don’t know how many more times I can take a boring male X-species character, one more otherworldly and opportunity-blessed than the drab human girl, falling quickly in love with, yes, that drab human girl. Do you catch my thoughts? I’m surely not the only one out there tired of the whole “I-love-him-but-it-goes-against-both-our-species-/natures-/lives.” Please. Enough already.It was a quick read, but boring. I couldn’t keep my eyes on it and the ending was a total letdown. I picked up other books between reading this one and forgot what was going on here because it was so average. I never, ever do that. I’m always in either one story at a time or on top of both. It’s only redeeming qualities was the new type of paranormal – GENIES! Or, jinns. Whatever the name, though, it was a fresh take on the alien species and more fun than another vampire story – even though I love the newest vamp lore as much as the next person.AS YOU WISH by Jackson PearceAudience: 10+ (okay. A very MATURE 10 year old, please and thank you. There’s some sex talk, but nothing a kid in fifth grade can’t take.)Rating: 2/5Recommend?: No.*Of course, there are many wonderful additions to dual-narrative (Perfect Chemistry, Taken by Storm)

  • Ana Palitroche
    2019-05-06 23:02

    Tres deseos. Sí, al parecer he salido de mi mala racha de lecturas con este librito que me prestaron. Pues simplemente es bonico. Así no’ más. Qué bueno que me decidí a leerlo. Vale, que ya les digo las razones. Si pudiera descubrir porqué se encasillan, podría averiguar por qué yo no lo hago, por qué me he convertido en una chica invisible. El tipo de chica que tiene unos cuantos amigos y un montón de conocidos, pero no pertenece a nada en concreto. Supongo que ser invisible es mejor que fingir formar parte de algo; pero no te hace sentir menos solo.En primera, “Tres deseos” me conquistó por su protagonista: Viola. Una chica invisible que quiere ser parte de algo. Me gustó que analizara al resto de las personas, que intentara plasmar el porqué se tiende a encasillar a las personas en grupos y con etiquetas, que quisiese al mismo tiempo ser parte de un grupo no por ser popular, sino por estar completa. Eso sí, la chica no es perfecta y en algunos muchos momentos sacó a relucir aspectos de una Mary Sue, pero fueron tan mínimos que la verdad no les tomé mucha importancia.En el momento en que Viola desea ser parte de algo, un genio le es asignado. Tiene la oportunidad de pedir tres deseos que serán realizados por el genio. No importa qué, lo tendrá. Y es aquí donde viene lo chuli, porque Viola no es tan patética como para pedir deseos directos que le hagan parte de un grupo. Lo piensa muy bien y, mientras tanto, comienza a ser amigable con Genio.Ahora es tiempo de hablar de Genio. Él era un genio, simplemente uno más en su país, hasta que conoció a Viola. Fue ella quien le puso un nombre: Genio. Ah, qué ciencia. Por supuesto, lo inevitable comienza a ser y él, aunque al principio ni siquiera lo nota, se enamora de su ama Viola. Pero no es por su belleza, sino por el trato que ella le da, por su forma de ser.Ambos personajes me encantaron. Ambos dieron una voz amena al libro que me permitió leerlo fácilmente. En ocasiones hubo momentos desesperantes, pero no porque los personajes me hayan jodido, sino porque las cosas tomaron su tiempo para darse, como en la misma vida real.Algunos otros personajes también fueron buenos, de rellenito pero agradables. El ritmo fue lo suficientemente equilibrado como para que la lectura fuese placentera. La sencillez en la narración es también algo notable, porque a pesar de eso fue un buen resultado y no todas las obras llegan a tener eso con descripciones tan aguadas. En conclusión: tres deseos me gustó mucho por su sencillez, por los dos personajes principales y por las voces que los dos usaron para narrar la historia. No es un libro espectacular, pero sí es de esos agradables que te sirven sólo para pasar el rato o salir de una muy mala racha de lecturas. Además, Genio es un geniazo para las frases, ¡rescaté un montón!(...)es imposible ser una persona rota por completo. No eres más que una persona. Solo puedes existir. Solo formas parte de ti misma, tú eres la única responsable de tu felicidad o de lo que sea. Ese sentimiento de estar rota o completa no es más que un truco de la mente mortal. Los tres deseos no te harán sentir más completa de lo que eres ahora. Al menos no por mucho tiempo.

  • thebookblogger
    2019-05-06 23:59

    I was blown away. Seriously. Jackson Pearce has written an amazing debut novel. I'm already a fan. The story is new, original, surpring, and shocking. I read it in one sitting.The story is told from both of the main characters' points of views, Viola and Jinn, so you get an understanding of the differences between their worlds and thoughts. Most of my favorite novels are with alternating views. It's amazing to watch their relationship grow from both sides and to watch as their hidden longing for one another becomes undeniable as it slowly coaxes its way out of them.The romance in this novel was genius. I'm convinced that Jackson Pearce thrives in this topic, because occurences that I only wished (pun intended) would happen actually did, things that most authors wouldn't dare to write. It's like she personally asked me what I wanted, and I was surprised by that!Jinn, Viola, and Lawrence are astounding characters. They were developed fantastically and were very pleasurable to read about. They're the kind of people I'd love to have in my life. They had such wonderful characteristics and opinions. There was a special connection between all of them and it shined radiantly through the pages. I especially liked the unique relationship between Viola and Lawrence. I so badly wanted Lawrence to have mutual feelings toward Viola, but at the same time, didn't want him to change. Plus Jinn was irresistable :)Overall, an alluring romance of intrigue, longing, and desperation. As You Wish is brilliant, an impressive debut! I loved it.

  • ~Tina~
    2019-05-21 16:47

    Entertaining, Amusing, Heart Warming, Brilliant. Perfect!I can't believe how much I absolutely love this book!!It has this over-whelming, amazing, ear-to-ear goofy grin, feel that just makes you want to curl up and read it all over again!This was just suppose to be a random book I picked up, a chaser, to take a break from my paranormal shots. But this was so much more! As You Wish is a beautiful story that makes you think about what really defines the real you. It takes you on a journey of self-discovery and growth. It makes you believe in the power of friendship, truth and love.This is a book that Disney needs to get there hands on! I laughed my ass off, I cried like a baby, and I jumped up and down! These characters are amazing! The plot is incredibly smart and fresh and the writing takes your hands and leads you front and center with a big bag of popcorn on you lap.Viola and Jinn are thee sweetest thing!I've never came across a book that would be defined as perfect, but As You Wish is simply that!A Master'ful Read;)

  • Nomes
    2019-04-29 21:54

    I was so pleasantly surprised by this one. I got it for a light, relaxing read and therefore was not expecting something of such high quality. The writing was flawless with crisp, lovely prose. The characters were all nuanced and 3D and flawed and likeable. Pearce shows so well all their struggles and aches and feelings without ever once stepping into clichéd territory.The romance was not an over the top paranormal love but a lovely tingly crush and blooming love. The world-building was flawless - it read effortlessly and likewise the pacing felt spot-on with rising stakes and an unpredictable climax. A smooth contemp with no sex, language, etc. Good times. I would have loved this as a teen. I liked it as an adult

  • Estefanía Álvarez
    2019-04-27 18:04

    3.5/5 la verdad es que me ha sorprendido jeje es un poco simple, pero es bonito.

  • Lid
    2019-05-04 15:47

    Reseña en el blog:ía mucho tiempo que tenía apuntado este libro y al fin me decidí a leerlo sin ir con grandes expectativas, más que nada porque no me acordaba ni por qué quería leerlo. Nada más empezarlo me gustó,la protagonista era una chica que se jactaba de no querer pedir deseos y ser auto-suficiente -acordaos de eso-. Por otro lado Genio le daba un toque mágico y distinto a la historia. Esto hacía que todo fuera bastante ameno y ligero.Así que podemos decir que empezó bien. La historia cuenta con pocos personajes pero los dos principales me medio gustaban al principio, el tercero no tanto. Sin embargo, cuando se pide el primer deseo noto que decae de una forma abrupta porque todo cambia y mi historia amena y entretenida pasa a ser una historia más pesaday con una protagonista que me mintió.Tenía tanto enfado como HarryTras este lapsus Viola empieza a ser un personaje muy distinto a como lo pintaron al inicio, una chica insegura que hace cosas sin querer hacerlas y pues este tipo de protagonistas no me gustan... -me quedé con una cara cuando empezó a comportarse así que vamos...- Genio por otro lado sigue gustándome pues es un personaje sincero en todo momento, y es necesario después de la chica que tenemos. Y Lawrence empieza a gustarme muchísimo más a partir de entonces, se convierte en un personaje que es sumamente bueno y distinto a lo que creía. La verdad es que los personajes no tenían gran trasfondo,tenían su papel y tal pero no han destacado en nada.La historia, por otro lado, es bastante corriente. Una historia típica con una pequeña magia que hace que las cosas sean algo distintas. Y la verdad es que no me ha transmitido mucho la historia en sí, me ha dejado indiferente.El ritmo es bastante normalito, al principio se lleva muy bien y hay en cierta parte -cuando más odio a la protagonista - que se me hacía cuesta arriba. El hecho de que Viola se compadezca de sí misma es algo que me mata por dentro, y que se contradiga ya ni digamos... La prota ha sido un timo y me ha aguado toda la fiesta.En resumen es una historia que al cerrarla se pasa a otro libro y se olvida. No es imprescindible ni mucho menos necesaria.Se deja leer y es semi rápida pero personalmente no la recomiendo. He acabado sintiéndome timada por Viola.

  • La Coneja de Papel
    2019-04-23 23:54

    Me apetecía algo totalmente distinto a lo que suelo leer y, la verdad, me ha gustado mucho más de lo que me esperaba. No acostumbro a dar puntuaciones altas a los chick-lit, pero este casi llega al 3'5/5. Tres deseos es la historia de Viola, una chica invisible y desesperada por encontrar su lugar en el mundo, y Genio, un chico desesperado por cumplir sus tres deseos y largarse de vuelta a Caliban, su mundo invisible. Es un giro original al tradicional no podemos estar juntos porque somos de mundos distintos. Literalmente, son de mundos distintos. La premisa me llamó la atención, porque nunca había leído nada de genios y, por lo general, no me suelo encontrar chick-lit con componentes mágicos. Lo que más me gusta de este género es la forma tan sencilla que tiene de presentar la historia. La pluma de la autora no es recargada ni exige esfuerzo por parte del lector. El libro se lee prácticamente solo. Además, los dos puntos de vista, tanto el de Genio como el de Viola, están bien diferenciados. Me han gustado especialmente los capítulos narrados por Genio; me han hecho soltar una carcajada y, al mismo tiempo, sentir nostalgia por el mundo perfecto que describe, donde las flores, la comida y los atardeceres son, para él, tan especiales. Sin embargo, los capítulos de Viola me han resultado bastante normalillos: adolescente americana de clase media que solo desea ser popular y salir con el chico guapo de turno. El final me ha parecido un poco flojo y previsible, incluso he sentido que en algunos momentos la autora intentaba forzar el drama (sobre todo en las partes que conciernen a Lawrence y Viola). En conjunto, una historia bonita y divertida, con buen ritmo y nada pesada. La recomiendo para desconectar de las obligaciones mundanas (léase universidad, trabajo, familia y vida social) y pasar un buen rato.

  •  Tina (Fantastic Book Review)
    2019-05-21 21:03

    Have you ever wanted something so bad…What if all of a sudden you had 3 wishes to grant your heart’s desire?Viola has been granted 3 wishes by a genie called Jinn and all she’s ever wanted was to belong. Viola soon finds herself spending a lot of time with Jinn which consequently develop into something more than friendship. With only 2 wishes left, Viola has to decide what she’s willing to do to keep Jinn in her life.Jackson Pearce’s As You Wish is a delightfully fun story where wishes do come true by finding oneself through friendship and love. This book was entertaining and I enjoyed reading about Viola. She’s a typical teenager trying to fit in high school and figure out where she belongs. I also enjoyed reading the different viewpoints of Viola and Jinn and how they took in different situations which approximately lead them into falling in love.I’ve been following Jackson Pearce through her blog and on twitter and I have to say if I want a good laugh, I go visit her. That’s what I enjoyed most about her book, It’s a light and fun read and I was also able see her personality shine through her work too.I look forward to reading more of Pearce’s books!

  • Kate
    2019-04-23 22:13

    I had high hopes for As You Wish and I can safely say that Jackson Pearce did not disappoint. As You Wish is told in alternating chapters between Viola and Jinn. Jinn by the way is the name Viola calls him but he is really a jinn and has no name. Jackson Pearce kept me hooked onto As You Wish from the first page. Viola has this fresh honest voice which I love. Her thoughts and feelings were evident and heartfelt. Reading the book in Jinn's POV gave me a good idea on how he was feeling and his intentions. Character development for both Jinn and Lawrence were exceptionally good. The time the three of them spent together were the best moments in the book. Jackson Pearce did an marvelous job weaving the story together and capturing the emotions perfectly. The story was witty and very very funny. Fantastic characters. FULL REVIEW ON MY BLOG: You Wish comes out today. Get it now on Amazon or wherever books are sold.

  • Lamia
    2019-05-11 20:53

    Okay, so you may think the synopsis looks ridiculous. You may be right. But the delivery was surprisingly well-done. I mean, don't get me wrong, this isn't a deep, insightful read with a progressive build-up of the main protagonists' relationship. But the narrator was relatable and actually learned from her mistakes, and I liked her relationship with Jinn. It was all super cute and adorable, if a bit rushed (but like I said, the tone is deliberately light so depth is not what you're looking for here.)I just feel like this book could have been more. Like, if it happened over a longer period of time and if Jinn's dilemna near the end had been dealt with properly (I mean, there was potential for at least a little bit more introspection there), this would have been a 4 star read for me. But never mind that. If you want a quick fix of fluff and happy, this is the book for you.

  • Parajunkee
    2019-05-10 20:58

    Surprise! That was the general feeling once I got hooked in this book. Bad PJ judged this book by it's cover and the silly little synopsis on the jacket...but what was I supposed to do?Both the cover and synopsis screamed candy coated teen chick lit. As You Wish while giving the impression of a shallow, quick little read, was anything but. Well, yes, it was quick, but I wouldn't call it shallow. As You Wish is a very poignant tale of a young girl struggling with her social standing and her self-image. She believes she is broken and therefor has disappeared from the world. As You Wish surprised me with the depth of emotion and the hidden messages strewn throughout it's pages. I was expecting light fluff, and in the end I actually shed a bit of a tear. Or at least my left eye watered, slightly.

  • Tammie
    2019-05-10 23:56

    I loved the message of happiness and feeling whole coming from within oneself and not from external influences that was found in As You Wish. The romance was sweet and I got the sense that Jinn really did love Viola. I liked the way he just held her in his arms, instead of rushing into passionate kissing. The one part where Viola tells Jinn, who doesn't sleep, that he can stay but that he can't watch her sleep all night, because that would be weird, really cracked me up and made me think of Twilight and Edward Cullen’s stalker-like behavior. This is a light YA read and I wasn’t expecting much from it, but it ended up exceeding my expectations

  • Jessica
    2019-05-17 20:07

    Rating clarification: 3.5 starsA very cute but slightly clichéd YA love story.I don’t have much to say about this one but if you’re looking for a funny, sweet and light read, a cute romance that will make you smile and go aaaw, then this is the book for you. A perfect pastime for rainy days.

  • Jessica Dillon
    2019-04-30 00:12

    MY ALL TIME FAVOURITE ROMANCE STORY!!!Thats all I need to say. Except maybe, I LOVE JINN!!!HAHA

  • TheBlueBookworm at
    2019-05-04 16:01

    Full Review | Picture taken by yours trulyThe book’s plot is relatively simple. Girl meets Jinn, Jinn has to grant her three wishes and then POOF, disappear forever. Things start to get complicated when both of them starting falling for each other and realize that it’s impossible for them to actually be together because the minute she makes that last wish, he’ll disappear forever and she’ll lose any memory of him that she had.This book was a quick light read. That’s all. Nothing more and nothing less. Though it had some moments of introspect, they were quickly overshadowed by the somewhat shallow plot and the simple writing. Don’t get me wrong, there’s nothing wrong with simple writing. It was an easy read, and it left me feeling good by the end. Despite this, I still felt like there was something missing from the book (or many things missing).The characters were weak and forgettable. All of them. Each and every single one of them. Even Jinn, who had so much potential, was so two-dimensional and boring. Viola was mopey, boring and had no real personality. Where the author could have explored depression and other issues, she chose to waste that potential and characterized Viola as self-pitying and ignorant to her surroundings.Don’t even get me started on the thinly veiled homophobia in this book. Yes it’s sooooooo groundbreaking that you choose to have a gay character, but all the little homophobic jabs and comments started to get on my nerves.The world building was mediocre at best. The book showed some glimpses of the Jinn’s world, but aside from that, there was nothing that actually helped contribute to book. I had so many questions about the Jinn world, and the book didn’t answer any of them.But still, I gave this book 3 stars. It was quick and I didn't have to force myself to read.

  • Amelie
    2019-05-22 00:12

    Viola ist totunglücklich seit ihr Exfreund, den sie sehr geliebt hat, sich geoutet und mit ihr Schluss gemacht hat. Besonders schwer ist das, da dieser Exfreund auch ihr bester Freund ist und sie ihre Gefühle nicht einfach abstellen kann. Als sie dann auch noch einen Dschinn heraufbeschwört, weiß sie nicht so recht, was sie mit ihren drei Wünschen anfangen soll.Drei Wünsche hast du frei ist eine wirklich tolle Fantasy Geschichte für all die Leute, die mal was zwischendurch lesen wollen =) Der Hauptcharakter ist wirklich sympathisch und man versteht auch ihre Weigerung, Wünsche auszusprechen wirklich gut. Ich hätte auch keine Ahnung, was ich mir da wünschen würde O.o Toll fand ich es, dass für sie gar nicht in Frage kam, sich zu wünschen, dass Lawrence (der Exfreund) sie liebt. Das fand ich so super hier!Schön war es auch, langsam dabei "zuzusehen", wie Dschinn sich etwas für die Menschen und ganz besonders für Viola erwärmen konnte und dass er eigentlich zurück in seine Heimat möchte. Seine Wünsche verändern sich aber mit der Zeit immer mehr, bis sowohl er als auch Viola sich vor dem dritten und damit letzten Wunsch fürchten, der zur Folge hat, dass Dschinn für immer aus Violas Leben verschwindet und seine Erinnerungen mitnimmt.Dadurch, dass man Dschinns Sichtweise hatte, wurde Viola und ihr Umgang mit ihren Wünschen sehr kritisch betrachtet. Dschinn begegnet ihrem Unwillen einen Wunsch zu äußern nicht gerade mit Verständnis, während man als Leser sie nur allzu gut verstehen kann. Violas Probleme lassen sich eben nicht mit drei Wünschen mal so eben lösen. Ganz ähnlich wie sich auch die Probleme aller anderen Menschen nicht so lösen lassen.Der Konflikt zum Ende hin, dass die beiden von den Dschinn aus nicht zusammen sein können und auch gar nicht wüssten, WO, war einfach super aufgebaut und ist wie ich finde auch sehr gut und nachvollziehbar gelöst worden.Die Charaktere waren auch herrlich sympathisch =). Deshalb kann ich das Buch wirklich empfehlen, obwohl der Verlauf ja nun nicht unbedingt super neu ist ;) Aber trotzdem war es toll! =)

  • Steph Su
    2019-05-02 19:59

    Sounds like the synopsis for the next Disney movie, right? Maybe—but it’s one that would appeal to both the children AND the parents. AS YOU WISH took me by surprise with its sincere charm, lighthearted humor, and the best kind of romance.The development of Viola and Jinn’s from master-genie to romantic love was extraordinarily well done. It was subtle and likable, like a romantic comedy movie unfolding before your eyes, except in words. It seemed completely natural for them to start off wary of one another and then to develop into friends, and finally something more. It is rare nowadays to find a romance that doesn’t start off from insta-connection and physical attraction, so Viola and Jinn’s relationship stands out to me in the best way.Likewise, supporting characters are also realistic. With the exception of maybe Aaron, I could believe in the genuineness of the characters’ interactions with one another. Lawrence in particular is a standout secondary character, one whose fate post-story we can actually feel ourselves caring about.Perhaps the greatest thing about AS YOU WISH, however, is Jackson Pearce’s effortless narration. How many authors can truly tell a charming story out of a concept that rides the fence on being sweet and too saccharine? AS YOU WISH didn’t read like a forced novel to me, but more like me experiencing a good friend’s story, or living out my favorite romantic comedy. I found myself crying through the ending, so involved was I in Jinn, Viola, and Lawrence’s story.Don’t be fooled by its childlike cover and fairy tale premise. AS YOU WISH makes you believe in wish-granters and the fact that love can triumph all. This is magical realism at its best, completely worth the list price, and one of the best love stories I’ve read all year.

  • Rain Misoa
    2019-05-01 15:48

    I am very disappointed with this book. First let me say that I love Jackson Pearce as a person. I watch her YouTube videos all the time and I think she's hilarious. I've always meant to read her books ever since I've heard of her. Unfortunately, this book doesn't do it for me. It's like every other YA novel out there... except with genies. The story was mediocre and I didn't really care for the characters. Especially Viola. Oh my God, was she annoying! She did nothing but complained about how lonely she is and how she wanted to belong. She did absolutely nothing to improve her happiness. Also, what upset me most about her was how she was willing to change herself to be "popular." She was disgusting. She wanted people to pay attention to her at all cost. I really can't understand how Jinn fell in love with her. He was a better character but still... nothing amazing. He was nice, at least. The only character I cared for was the Ifrit but I can't say much there because of spoilers. As for the writing... it was okay. I wasn't wowed or anything. And it's a shame because I really wanted to be amazed by this book since I like Jackson so much. But oh well... I hope her other books are better than this one. Still, I think you should give it a try. You might end up liking this romance novel a lot more than I did! ^_^

  • Abby Johnson
    2019-05-10 18:04

    When Viola's best friend and boyfriend came out to her and they broke up, she felt like she would never be whole again. All she wished for was to stop being Invisible Girl and find the group where she fit in. But when a genie arrives to grant her three wishes, Viola can't decide what will make her happy. And the longer she puts off wishing, the more she grows to like Jinn. But she has to wish eventually and when she does, Jinn will leave her world forever.I was really afraid that my expectations would be too high for this book because I've been following Jackson Pearce's vlogs and looking forward to AS YOU WISH for so long. I shouldn't have worried because this book is fabulous! Funny and sweet, the perfect blend of romance and magic. I really, really enjoyed it. Highly recommended. Full review on my blog:

  • Gabriela Tate ♡
    2019-05-05 23:59

    Lei este libro hace mucho tiempo y no lo tenia marcado en Goodreads ¿Porque? ni idea.El punto es que la protagonista no me gusto nada.Genio si me gusto mas como personaje, a el no le gustaba estar en la tierra porque envejecia.. y eso le dio algo a la historia.Pasa algo como que mega magico al final. Y bueno el libro es bueno, si quieres pasar el rato, este es tu libro.Si le pongo dos estrellas, es porque el libro no es nada memorable, los personajes no te dejan huella, y no me deja un valor sentimental ni nada.En si el libro no es malo, esta mas para pasar el rato y ya. ♡