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STYLE STATEMENT is an inspiring take on the power of style and authenticity. Deemed "style psychotherapists," Carrie and Danielle are the creators of the Style Statement: a two-word compass that helps you make more confident choices in life -- from your wardrobe to your relationships, your living room to your career plans. Part workbook, part inspirational narrative, STYLESTYLE STATEMENT is an inspiring take on the power of style and authenticity. Deemed "style psychotherapists," Carrie and Danielle are the creators of the Style Statement: a two-word compass that helps you make more confident choices in life -- from your wardrobe to your relationships, your living room to your career plans. Part workbook, part inspirational narrative, STYLE STATEMENT presents a series of inquiries that lead readers to the personal words that guide the spirit, look and feel of their life. The first word represents your foundation, your 80%. The second word, your 20%, is what motivates and distinguishes you. Via Carrie and Danielle's Lifestyle Map, readers then explore how their own unique Style Statement can generate momentum in every area of their life....

Title : Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design
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Style Statement: Live by Your Own Design Reviews

  • Møstʌfy̍
    2019-04-26 04:16

    It basically tells you to choose two words that describe your whole. And the rest of the book is examples and some questions that will not guide you to those words but would give you an idea of who you are, in case you don't know already.Sooo... I don't know.. I'll see how much my style statement will help me.But I liked that the book reminded me of old and vintage and grandma-ish things!

  • josaleeni
    2019-04-20 02:09

    This is so much fun!! So 5 stars for fun -- not to be compared with the 5 stars of literary fiction. The title of this book is deceiving. It makes it sound like it's all about design and style, but it's actually a workbook to help you discover what is authentic for you in all aspects of your life. After completing all sections of the book, you arrive at a 80/20 style statement... the 80% is the foundation and the 20% is the creative edge or flair.My Style Statement is Natural RefinedNATURAL is genuine, free from artificiality, affectation, and inhibitions. Natural is known for being spontaneous and easygoing. Natural hates to be fenced in and riles against conformity and unreasonable rules, though they are rooted in moral certainty and a strong sense of justice. Very much at ease with their essential selves, Natural is ofen very instinctive, sensuous or highly sexual. They aren't strangers to hedonism or pleasure seeking. They love to get down to basics and can be graceful and direct communicators. Down to ear, literally and figuratively, Natural has a deep reverence and respect for nature and ecological systems, which delights and replenishes them, and an appreciation for supernatural forces. Look and feel: All things generated by nature: wood, minerals, gems. Natural coloring, textiles, and produce. Rustic, primitive, flowing, native or common to its surroundings. Associated words: Being oneself, candid, childlike, direct, easy, elemental, folksy, forthright, framk, genuine, green, handcrafted, homey, impulsive, innocent, instinctive, laid-back, leather, minerals, native, open, organic, plain, primitive, provincial, pure, raw, real, rustic, simple, simple-hearted, sincere, spontaneous, straightforward, trusting, unassuming, uncontrived, unpolished, unpretentious, up-front, untamed, wilderness, woodsy, wild, water, warmth, light...REFINED: aesthetic, civilized, clarified, clean, courteous, courtly, cultivated, delicate, discriminating, elegant, enlightened, exact, fastidious, finespun, genteel, gentlemanly, gracious, highbrow, high-minded, polished, polite, precise, proper, purified rarefied, restrained, sensitive, snazzy sophisticated, suave, sublime, subtle, tasteful, urbane, well-manured, glamour

  • NattyD
    2019-05-05 02:13

    It's not as much a book as it is a workbook and a getting to know yourself guide. I really enjoyed writing out answers to some deeper questions and seeing the connections throughout. I was surprised at how clearly my "style" come out at the end. You definitely have to do the work and think through the answers though or else the book will have very little worth for you. My style is "Genuine Contemporary". Putting it together yourself really helps to claim it and I find that it does help me in my choice making. It helps me accept myself more and to understand my motivations when I do things.

  • Laura
    2019-04-23 22:06

    I liked this book but didn't love it. I think it rambled a lot and gave a lot more examples than necessary, but there were also a lot of good questions that got to the heart of what this book was about: defining your own style statement. I ended up skipping over large portions of this book... I would say I probably only read about 50% of it in the end... but I was still able to come up with a style statement that I think really defines who I am and captures everything the book intended. So, mission accomplished and it was definitely helpful to me! But I can't give this book 5 stars.

  • Erika RS
    2019-05-13 05:21

    A style statement is a two word phrase that is meant to be a guide to help bring your life together. It is meant to be freeing not limiting. A style statement should apply to all areas of your life. It helps you answer questions from "What was I thinking when I bought this shirt?" to "Why do I get upset when my partner behaves in a particular way?" to "How should I shape my career path?".The first word of the style statement is the foundation word. This describes your inner essence. Your foundation may not be very externally prominent, but it represents your roots. When you wander too far from your foundation word, you feel uncomfortable and disoriented, but too much can make you inflexible. Your foundation word can apply to your deeply held principles as well as your essential clothing pieces or choice of couch.The second word of you style statement is your creative edge. Your edge word often controls the impression you give (or would like to give) to others. If your foundation word is your roots, your edge word is your wings. Too little creative edge leaves you feeling empty and flat, but too much can be overwhelming and lead to burn out. Your creative edge may guide your hobbies as well as your choice of clothing accessories.The bulk of the book consists of a series of exercises to help you explore your preferences intermixed with sample style profiles. The exercises are broken into sections based on 8 focus areas: home + stuff, fashion + sensuality, spirit + learning, service + wealth, relationships + communication, creativity + celebration, body + wellness, and nature + rest & relaxation.If you are willing to take the time to do the exercises and really think about your answers, it is a revealing experience. Answering individual questions is sometimes revealing and sometimes a statement of the obvious (e.g., I know what my dream house would be like, but I have never thought about what parts of my culture I feel most connected to).The real insights come when you do the filter and interpret exercises to find themes across each section and then start to see the themes that span the different focus areas. For example, I started to see themes of simplicity, precision, inquiry, energy, and optimism, among others.Once you have gone through all the inquiries, the book leads you through some exercises to discover the overarching themes. After that comes the most exciting and difficult part: boiling all of these themes, some of which may seem contradictory, into a two word statement that captures your essence. The authors provide some guidance for choosing those words, but for the most part, the process consists of reading lots of definitions, finding candidate words (they provide a starting list, but it is just a start), and trying different combinations until you find the one that feels right.And what is my style statement? Refined Elemental. I knew "elemental" would be one of my words as soon as I read the definition in the style vocabulary. Finding "refined" was difficult. I initially passed over the word because it seemed snooty and standoffish. When I read the definition after completing my inquiry, I realized that "refined" actually captures a lot of the qualities that had come up as persistent themes. I am particularly fond of the combination Refined Elemental because both words have connections to rocks and minerals, something I have always loved but was not really thinking about during my inquiry.

  • Jenny Wells
    2019-04-19 22:12

    I found this book confirming, thorough, thought-provoking, and fun. It provides open-ended exercises I would enjoy exploring with friends or in a workshop environment. As a word person, I couldn't imagine distilling all my exploration down to a two-word style statement, and wrestled through the narrowing down process quite a bit. But once I did, the end result felt strong enough to stand up to their charge, "Live by Your Own Design". I took a number of weeks to pick up the book and work through the exercises at will. Bottom-line, I believe our Creator makes us each with a unique essence and the exercise of uncovering and guarding who we are is extremely valuable. Thanks to the authors' guiding process in this book and the Spirit's confirmation, I can carry a new clarity about who I am into different life situations.

  • Debbie Zubrick
    2019-05-16 01:17

    A nice introspective that inspries the creation of a "style statement" that is a two-word phrase that defines Me. I was skeptical, but had read glowing reviews of the original process that takes place via phone interview. Not wanting to pay $400 for the personal telephone version, I settled for the book. I found my style statement and have found that it has helped me make decisions about clothing and decor -- but the amazing part is that the style statement has also encouraged my personal life on a non-material level. I highly recommend this book for those who wish to bring clarity to their personal preferences.

  • Jenni Pertuset
    2019-05-06 02:10

    After sorting out several items from my closet that just seem like they aren't "me" I was attracted to this book in the hope that it could help me say what is "me" and avoid unfortunate purchases in the future. The book's objective is to create your own two-word "style statement" that describes your approach including not only the things we think of as expressing our style (clothing, household) but also things of greater depth. It's non-amazing, but it does offer some food for thought about the congruence between self and image.

  • Xenia
    2019-05-16 01:10

    A great workbook to distill the essence of who you are at the core and how to best build an authentic life. So much more than "fashion", Style Statement is about a holistic approach to all aspects of you, your surroundings, your relationships, your home, and so much more. The only warning is that to get the most out of it you will need to spend a lot of time going through and answering and thinking about the exercises. It took me a few weeks but I'm so happy I did!

  • Emily
    2019-04-21 01:19

    Feel free to find me corny, but I'm way into this book that makes me think about who I am and how I would describe it. Also, there are all these cool profiles of people - beautiful portraits, with pictures of their favorite stuff and questionnaires. It's a calming, beautiful book, and it's not just about things. I'd actually really like to own this book and do some of the exercises on my own time.

  • katie
    2019-04-27 03:12

    How I love a workbook! Enlightening guide to elucidating and articulating your personal style in two key words, from the way you present yourself to others to the way you interact in your world. Interesting questions I've never asked myself before. Fascinating revelations about who I am. A reminder to choose to surround myself with only what resonates with me, to live with intention. I'm Sophisticated Kooky.

  • Shanna
    2019-05-01 03:09

    This book is very inspiring. It makes you feel good about being true to yourself and being who you really want to be. It's a fun journey in self-discovery. However, I didn't actually find my style statement, and I think it's because I am just so indecisive and I still don't really know what I like and what I don't like. I will return to this book, hopefully with a clearer picture of who I am.

  • Traci
    2019-05-10 21:58

    Constructive Nostalgic. It sounds hokey, but finding my style statement has been really helpful so far. It makes editing your life just a little bit easier, and decisions come a little more naturally. Worth the time.

  • Heather
    2019-04-24 22:10

    I ended up putting this on my wish list at amazon because I want to use it as a workbook. It helps you figure out what you're all about so you can convey that to the world in your style - clothes, home, etc. loved it!

  • L'Tanya Durante
    2019-04-24 21:56

    If you're familiar with the style statement work of Carrie and Danielle, you'll love this book.I took 30 minutes each day to do the exercises. It was well worth the effort to discover (re-discover) what really makes me tick. I was introduced to Elemental Sacred.

  • Y
    2019-05-04 21:56

    Great Book about developing your own style and giving it a unique name that fits not just your image but also your personality. It does feature many truly insightful questions that become increasingly tedious to answer.

  • Jenny (Reading Envy)
    2019-05-12 06:04

    I like the idea of having a style statement, and felt the questions McCarthy and LaPorte pose are a good way to help you along on the journey of discovering what yours might be. I'm still mulling over a group of words that might become my style statement, but I think I'll get there soon.

  • Terry
    2019-05-20 04:00

    Love, love, love this book! Makes you really explore yourself - what you love and don't love. It's not just about the clothes you wear or how you decorate your home, but identifying your true self. I am still working on my Style Statement - the two words that define you.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-11 23:08

    Gorgeous book, and finding my statement was fun. I wrote about the experience here:

  • Brandy
    2019-04-25 22:15

    I'm using this book as a creative exercise. It's been fun so far.

  • Lisa
    2019-05-05 03:16

    i am LOVING this book and what i am learning about myself. i'd love to hear from anyone who has read it. what's your style statement?

  • Elizabeth
    2019-04-21 06:02

    Little style, less content.

  • Rebecca Walker
    2019-05-06 23:57

    Fun. Deep. Aesthetic as map of the soul.

  • Kristine
    2019-05-11 06:00

    My review is on my blog: kadyellebee blog: Structured Fanciful.

  • Laura Paulisich
    2019-05-04 03:09

    Super thoughtful❣️”Live as Art!”

  • Karen Blanchette
    2019-04-22 23:06

    Rooted Delight. After months (years?) of reflecting on myself, I have come up with a phrase that I believe suits me and can help me edit my style and life. I liked the comprehensive viewpoint the style statement encompasses. I found the process to be meaningful. THis is the sort of book that you can only get out of it what you put in. If you are into this sort of thing, I would recommend it, if only to get a good idea about the image that you want to portray and create a more streamlined authentic expression of who you are at your core.

  • Amy
    2019-05-16 22:22

    Flipped through this last night. Decided that my style statement is Sophisticated + Luminous.Reading this kind of reminded me of being twelve and taking those "who are you" quizzes in Seventeen.

  • Sibyl
    2019-05-06 00:54

    I need a little more time to get to my own personal 'style statement' figured out. Maybe 'confused agression' ...its difficult for me since it requires you to know what you might want to choose if you spent much time making choices for yourself in a retail environment...I think its an interesting approach to the whole self-definition process and it specifically resonated with me since the authors focused a little on women who were facing the challenge following the birth of a child. Those little creatures just suck the life out of you.It is a bit gross, though. The authors work very hard to 'sell' their service and in the end they are consultants for living: adult nannies if you will....similar to the personal trainer, life coach or paid organizer in repulsive qualities. So I give it 3 stars because it is a book that encourages staring at your own navel and once I finished answering the questions, the book was about me. And I like me enough for 3 stars.

  • J.J. Johnson
    2019-04-20 03:53

    Brain and eye candy. Introspective, delightful, interesting alternative to lifestyle gurus who tell you how to pronounce the designers you *should* like... and then... hmmmm, why do you feel just as empty after buying that LV purse as you did before? This book is about zeroing in on who YOU are and what's important to you in two words, using the 80/20 rule. Sure, it's still kinda ridiculous, and definitely profiles some wealthy dang people, but you can take these lessons right into your next shopping trip at the thrift shop. Or just to your closet to weed out what's not working, because now you'll know why. ***Five stars for a super fun weekend diversion... Not to be confused with a five star literary testament.

  • Shelley
    2019-05-15 06:11

    This wasn't exactly what I was expecting - the workbook is pretty open ended and I probably would have gotten more out of it doing it in a conversation with another person like they did. Still, it's an interesting theory and I enjoyed it. I'm still not quite sure what I'd call my style and I'd have appreciated more insights, suggestions and concrete ideas. They used story as an aspect of cherished, and while I only sort of see that, I definitely use stories in my style in all areas. So cherished playful? Brightly feminine? Brightly cherished? I dunno. But I definitely have an idea in my head, even if their words are failing me.